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Full text of "Blower's Architect's, Surveyor's, Engineer's and Builder's Directory"

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iMHSNBRY ¥m W0BK9)li& IH W0039, 



(New Patent.) 


POWIS, JAMES, & Co. beg to caU the attention of oil who use 

Sawing Machinery, to their New Patent, 

(Dated August 2*, 1858,) being an 

Elastic Compound Adjusiing Lever-Motion Endless Band 
Sawing Machine, 

By which the H TPATW upon the SAW USES is bo HEOULATEI), that 

Breakage of Saws is Entirely Bone Away With. 

One of tkete Machines, upon a Large Scale, in Full Work, at Her 
Majeity's Dookyard, Dept/ord. 




Of which npwards of a ThonfltLod have heeii Sold in England Alone ; and is ths 

Only Machine which is Self-Feeding, ajid doing the Three kindB (^ Work by 

One Machine. Also 



And Patent Planing, Tongueing, Grooving, and Moulding 




Elm Street, Gray's Inn Lane, and 
Borough Road, London. 

Three-quarter Flooring, at - - lis. 6d. per Square. 
Inch do. „ - 148.6(1. „ 

Spruce Deal - £16 10s. per 120 12ft., 2s. 9d. each. 
Yellow Battens - £11 10s. „ „ „ 2s. Od. „ 

Pine Flank - £21 Os 3s. 6d. „ 

Mahogany 6d. per foot super. 


See " Builder," " Building Newi," and 'guilders' Wedily Bqtorter." 
laimtry 1, 1860. 

" A diing of Beauty U a Joy for Ever! " 


The GBEAPEST HOUSiS for erer; description of fRinES aud BOCLDlNfiS. 

The Art Union of London and Glnagow beautifully Framed and Glared at IGa. Neat 
Gold Frames and Glass, 10 by 13, Is. 4d. ; ditto, IS by 11, Is. 6d. ; ditto, 18^ by H\, 
2s. 6d. Drawings elegantly framed, and mounted wiUi ornamental comers, 16 by 12, 
4«. 6d. { very masBiTe gold &ame8, 4in. wide, for oilpaintinga, 30 by 2S, 25a. ; ditto 21 by 
20, 19s. Old re-gilt on the moat moderate terms. The trade supplied with every 
description of gold and fancy wood moulding in the lengths. 10,000 feet of gold room 
bordering always on stock. J gold beads, 7s. per doz. Sft. lengths. Packing cases lent itee at 

QEOBOE BEES, 129, Drury Lane, 

(^ipasite Drury Lane Theatre. EstnUished 1800. 


rive Minutes from the Great Northern Railway Station. 

■ Professor VameU's Enamelled and Wrought- 
Iron Stable Fittings. 


Every description of Plain nnd Ornamental Iron Work for Building ^jnd other 

Purposes. Illus/raled Lists on appUcalion, See large advertisement page at end 

of Directory. 



ron TTPWiEDs OP poarr lEua, of (utkhior 


Leatherseller's Bnildings and 62, London Wall, 

About 100 yards north of the Royal Exchange and Bank. 

Large eize Eight-day Marine Cbranometers, with AuxQlnry Compensatiaa 65 Oiiiueu 
Ditto, plain, but fine rate - - - - . . -fiO„ 

Large size Two-day ditto ditto --.... gfi Pounb 

Ditto, ditto, with Auiiliary Compensation - - . - - 40 Goineaa 

One-day Chronometers, from ...... 26 Polindi 

Fine Gold Pocket Chtonometer», from - - . . . 40 „ 

Gentlemen's LcTer and Duplex Compensated Watches, from - - 20 OiiineAa 

Ditto, ditto, plain and strong, &om - - - . . - 12 „ 

Silver English Lever Watches, i Quineaa and upwards. Geneva ditto, 2 Ouineiis 

and upwards. 

Ladies' Gold Watchea, English, 10 Guineas and upwards. Qeaeva ditto, 

6 Guineas and upwards. 

Superior Turret and Church Clocks, on correct icientiflchprinoiTiles, made to obdbb ; 

and Aslionomio Regulators on the most perfect principle, which obtained the Prisa 

MedalinClasBlOattheBxhibitionof 1S61, as well asthe sanction of all acientificohssrvera. 

CHBOHOKETEItS, with Tine Bates, also 


/. O. fully warrantt all the work told by him. 

And all kinds of Jewellery, and Oold and Silver Piste to order, on the lowest possible terms. ■ 

J. G. respectfuUv suggests to bis Friends and the Public the great advantage they securs 

in their purchases by Uie constant supervision of one who caaboast of nearly fifty years' 
close practice and study of those delicate instruments, on the accuracy of whidi so mudi 
latB, PKOFBETT. snd even lifb is dependent. 


Of ell kinds, and of the most improved constructions, supplied to Captains on the lowest 
terms ; also Bepaired, Cleaned, and Adjusted. 

JAMBS GOWLAND is also Agent for his nephew, GEORGE GOWLAND, 76, South 
Castle Street, Liverpool, Livmtor of the Patint VbbtioaIi and Btsbl Cabd Coiipabsh, 
as well as the recent patent and most valuable Astipioial Hokizons, which have proved 
to be perfectly steady and true by sea and land. 

Chnmometeri cartfaUy Cleaned, R^aired, Timed, and Rated. TFaicfiw of eoery ifeier^rtion Ra- 

pairtd and CItaned. Turret, Chvrch, and other Clockt Repaired, CUanec^ Wound tj>, and k^l 

in order by iht year m the moil mwfcnWe ttmu. 








u«T or 


f Oblished by the fbofbibtok, 

Priet, It. erf. 


> ADTmuMuiKn AMD SoBiaaniBa' Kau MaatmD /a m FnuiHn'* 
rok 1HI Nmzt Tbu's FuBuunnr. 



The compilation of a work of tbis description cannot iroll be free from a 
few errors when it first appears. The greatest care lias been taken, attended 
with much perseverance ; therefore it ia with a degree of confidence that this 
Directory ia placed before its numerous subscribers. 

The Proprietor takea thia opportunity of returning hie thanks for the 
libernl patronage ho has received from the many leading firms connected with 
the Building and Engineering Trades, several of whom have kindly suggested 
various important improvements, and he begs to say that ihey will, as fur as 
practicable, be carried out iu next year's publication. 

London, January, 1S60. 





From April, 1657, to Afoil, I860, &11 ineomea •maanting to ud ouMding £1M per umiilB, ■» 
tttzed at the raU of Td. in the pound. 

Foi the same period, all income* between £100 and £150 y» aonnai, an taxed at the rate of 6d. 
in the pound. 

EmcFTiOK or FKnouiis raoic Inookb Tax. — Under a recent Act of Paxliameot, the praninmi 
paid bj a person for an Msnnmee od hJe own life, or on th« life of bis wife, or for a deferred aunni^ to 
bis widow, are declared free from income tax, provided such premiuma do not ezoeed one-iizth of hi* 
letnnwble income. 

For £2 and upwards, Id. Per«i»u receiving tbe monej ate to pay the duty. 


All drafts, warrsnts, or orders for tbe payment of money are chargeable with • stamp duly of 14, 
by using an adhesive receipt stamp, which mnst be cancelled by the person drawing tbe cheque, dr«ft, 
or order, br writing his n&me on the stamp. 

Inland bill oi promissorf note payable otherwise than on demand. 

Foreign bills (not drawn in sets) drawn in, but payable out of the United Eio^om, or drawn oat 
of and payable within, or payable out of, but endorsed or negotiated wilhiQ the United Kingdom — 

Exceeding £5 and itot exceeding 

And Is. for every £100 up to £600. 
• Promissory notes for £100 or under not to be drawn payable to bearer o 
bankers' reissuable notes, whi^ require a difierent stamp). 

Where no money given 

Under £30 

For £30 and under £50 


The duty is 6d. in tbe pound in respect of dwelling-houses occnpied by any person in trade who 
shall expose to sale and sell any goods ia front and on the basement story ; or by a person licensed to 
sell, reti^l, beer, &c, ; or as a farmhouse, and boaajide used for the porpose of husbandry only. The 
duty is 9d. in the pound in respect of dwelling-houses not occupied as above. 

B. d. 1 s. d 

Duty la., «nd (or every £100 3 And for every £100 6 

Oo property beyond seas 2 6 | 

Detached buildings, or goods contained therein, or plnraJity at risk, are not to be valued or insured 
in one risk, under tbe penalty oS £100, unless there be on average clause. Fanning stock free. 


Not exceeding £600 for every £60 and for any part of £50 

Exceeding £600. and not exceeding £1,000, then for every £100 and for any pact o{ £100 

Exceeding £1,060, then for every £1,000, and any part of £],000 

■■L.o<-M;k-- 10 


JANUABy, 81 d*y». 


UASCH, 31 days. 

Full Moon .. Bd.8h.S3m. p.m. 
UilKiiarar isd. «h. ssm. am. 
Hew Moon ... 9Sd. Ob. ITm. i-m. 
FliJl (Jaarter aid, Bh. Ilm. ..m. 

FnllMoim... Id. !h. Ufa., am. 

N^t^S"^" 2id,' lb! »!^: 1!:°: 

Flr.l Quarter aid. lb. Mm. p.m. 

FuU MooB .. . Id. Ml 4lni. 
LulQnaner. l4iL *h. Sm. am. 
New Moon ... »1 Ih.SSm. p.iB. 
FlmQnartar . 30d. «ta. {ilm. ..m. 











lit Sonday after Cbristmaa. 
Satoni lllia 7.41 pjn. 



Fieiich NaTQnard'dlsbd., lUt 

Oifotd Lent Tenu begin. 
2nd ennJay after Epiphany 
naltleof Comnna, ISO! 
FrankUn bom, ITOS 


Fabian. Mus rites 8.8 am. 

Agnei Si. Pierre died. 1SI4 

Indian Mutiny iUHnmeneedl(87 
Prinow Koyal married ISM 
Sunday Soboola eitab. II_!4 








Blaise. ParilaoientmetlPM 

Battle pt Duthtre, 18ST 
Plymoulb Docks opened ISil 
Quf^D Victor la iDirrled 1840 

Feet-DlB. tc Ur. Llibigitflne 18SI 

Dr. KKtedied le-i; 

It Is. Dam 

F St. Chad. Snip.IIIetaa.dladlR3 
3 Wesley died 1 Till 
D MS.indayinLent 

■ Dr. Clark died 1828 
a West died l8tD 
D 3rd Sunday In Lent 

T oJJi^'piert guillotined ISS* 
w|Ref«m 11^11 carried 1831 

[> 4ib Sunday In Lent 
M St. niomaa'a School iquncd 1837 
T Hogan dieJ 1SS8 
V Benedict. Parliament dlt. I8SI 
T HntiiuuBlleg.dlsblBST 
F Empeiw Paul died 1801 

D 5th Sunday in Lent 

P Cambridge Lent Term audi 
S Oifotd Lent Term ends 

Cambridge lent Term dWde* 

eartbduahein Greece 1818 

At\ Weilneed^y 

SlrJ. KeynoldsdledlTDa 

Trial of Oraini at Paris, I8S8 

Ht. HalthUs 

QuaHminalma. IstSon. In Ijen 

lerby Reform DIU lutrod. 1869 i 
Venus tela 9.3 ; 


APHIL, 30 doy«. 

MAY, 31 days. 

JUNE, 30 day* 

FttWQuartec SSd. Sh. 3«m. p.m. 

Lad Quarter ISd. Tb.' ISm.' pm! 
Newfloon.. W.1. 6h. «m. a.m. 
First Quarter Id. 8b. 4m. p.m. 

Foil Moon ... M. tb. 4bin. p.m. 
.ait Quarter lid. 111. 4ni. p.m. 

rirrt ftuarler 2«d.' 6h.' 30m! a.m. 









Palm Bunda; 

Coprnbagtn bombarded 1801 

Rlahaid Heber died IS^G 

Utter Sunday 
Eaater Monday 
eaiter Toceday 

)de.ei. bombarded I8S4 

lanjoon 9^«ned7sf 3 

(Emter Term beglna 
Battle of Cullodeu 1748 
Camb. ft Oif. Easter Term beglnt 

JSK, «...»- ,™ 

Bold dia™.. al Eraser River 18SI 
^>d Sunday after Euter 

u| Bounty 1788 
Ird Snndiv afler EaMsr 




St PbillpandSt.Jamai 1 
HutinyBtOudel897 i 
Invemlon of LbaCrc.. 3 
Seringiipilaro taken, 17M 4 
tenaparte died Km s 

Sepoys laHe DsIM iSS7 11 
Malt duty Imposed 1867 1! 
Rogation Sunday 13 

Manialbin-nrocl.atMcernt I8S7 IS 
Venui»eUll.«p.m. Ifi 
Ascension Day. HolyThnrsday 17 
Frencb Empire estabilsbed 1881 8 
Dunstao. Jupiter oets <.t mldn. 19 
lunday afler Ascension i« 

YinUyTerml.eglnt 13 
IrJ.*s 13 
|ueen Victoria bora 1819 !4 

)iftird Eiiter'Tcnn ends 8 
Pentecost. WbitSunday 7 
Mutiny at Nuai^erabad 1867 t8 
King Charlea U.roatored W 
aibrdTrinltTTerra begins 

F Nicomede 

8. Donatl't Comet of IBM dUcorena 

D Trinity Sunday 

F Douglas Jerrold died I8S7 


V St. Ulraaboi 

T Trinity Term ends 

a Ary3cb8BMdi«118!8 
D 2nd Sunday after Trinity 
dBauleo^ Waterloo ISIS 

V Acoeailon of Queen Vlelorfa 

> 3rd Sunday after Trbjlty 

r V™^a Croaa'^iSribSwd'sST 

■ "uXTiS'o^a^^^SM 
F 3'. Feter. Japlter sets 9 SI p.n. ' 



JOLIT. 81 d^t 

AUanST, 81 dm. 

B£P TBHBXIB, SO daya. 

Flnt Quarter Ssd. Bb. 4Din. a.m. 

FuUUoon... Id. Dh. 83ni. i).m. 
Laat Quarter 9d. Hh. 23ni. p.m. 
New Moon ...I6d.l0h.i™.p.n.. 

laUQuarter... ad, lib. TnLam. 









ilh Sunday after Trinity 


Cambridis Eastet Term endi 
9th"s'^jnday aflerT.uiity 

lloyal VieL Aajlumcom. 1857 

s" GC^mpbell lea., f. India 18SJ 
Kaujlle destroyed 1789 
Sth Sunday after Trinity 
MaisBcie at Cawnpore lesT 

[BerangHdIe.] 18^7 
MQllnyatHjderabad, lasj 
HaKloeb del Nana Sahib at Rl 
Mareatet, [iboor 18; 
rih Sunday arier Trinity 

C"nndianPBrlla.di56ol.ed 18.8 
Capt, Cook's arsl voyage 1T68 








BaiiH of EDgandesubL ITSa 

HH Sunday alter Trinity 
Atiantlo TelcEraph opened 1838 

IJriUsb Porlrult Gallery com- 
[inei^ 1367 
lOlh Sunday after Trinity 

Geor^ Combe died 1338 
Gas first u«d in London 1807 
Ha.elook's nUiib vielory at ni 

B'lnine. Ttef. by Turkey 13^ 
lltb Sunday after Ttlnlly 
Daoubiau Prinoipal Conyention 

[Ptosld Dt of America I8!;( 
St. Boriholomew 
Indian Mutiny Food B.ra.l8i7 

Oen SirC. Napier died 1303 
Loins Philippe died 18iD 
Solillilos of .Inpllcr visible 



}? ■■ 





Einlratien of £a« India Co. IS9S 
13.h Sunday after Tibiity 
A dantic leitgrapb felled 1SS3 
New siylelnlr,duced 1793 
Comte died 1367 

(jueen Ttotorl'a vlBiied Lsedi laii 

Itlh Sunday oiler Trinity 

S'lmon Gshine ends 

SiB(o of Delhi cmuiencedWSI 

Siega of Vienna 1381 

The Ai.^-ia hut 18M 

Holy Cr«., Duke of WeUlngton 


llaltio of the Alma 18j4 

[Nawwo, Grantham, 1863 
lOtH Sunday after Trinity 
Boorbaave died 1739 
Cyprian. Old Holy Bood 
Order of JosulU founded lUD 
Naiv/Rlrer completed Ihla 
SMillohssL Mlehaelmas-diy 

OOTOBEB. 31 days. 

NOVEUBBB, 30 daya. 

DECEMBEB, 31 d^a. 

Le« Quarter 7d. llli. im, | 
New Moon... Ud, !h. 37ra. p.m. 

rllu'Mi!^' lad. It ism. l'.m. 

Last q.,,rier M. Eh. 17m. a.m. 
New Moon... ISd. Oh. aUm. a-m. 

Last Quarter .M. fh. Om. p.m- 
how Moon ... lid. Oh. JSin. pm. 
First Quarter !«d. 6h. lo.n. a.m. 
Full Moon .. SSd. 3b. ITm. a.m. 










Cbolcra reappeared 1B4S 


*. Yorii Crjslal Palace dest. 1BJ8 

<ua rises 8.12. sets 9.90 

CmbridKe * Oxford M. T. begin 
West Indiei dUcoyered U»3 
Foundling HosMial BBtab. 1739 
Tranr. of Kins Edward the Coo. 

9lh Sunday after Trinity 
Baula of Leips e 1813 

riic at Hoiues of Par]lBn)en(1834 

Ic^dent at (be Surrey Uuale 

0th Sunday after Trinity 
Uukborn Park opened 1867 

tt. Crispin. [1831 

»t« Sunday after T«nlly 
Jd./voacdled 1397 
Worionmi's CoUeea opened I8S4 
Money Panic 1347 "^ 








Cora. DistroM at New York 18ST 
J^chselMs Term begins 

Ke of 'iVk^^l'^J^ 

Mrd Sunday aOer Trinity 


Salura risa. aio a.m. 

St. hlocbutus 

aairison at Lueknow rellcted 1397 

Robert Owen dlisll6.'.8 

2)tliSimibty after IWnily 

Edmnnd.Tliig and' Martyr 

l;r. Fred. Wir. of Prussia b. JM( 


llallon of Kan. 185.1 
St. Andrew 





Commercta] P«,lc utHamb. 1817 
Ist Sunday ill AdMirt 
Coupdetat l!»2 

Jupiter ria*s9.« 

31 Nlcbolas 

Sun riae. 7.54. sets 8.49 

2nd Sunday In Advent 

Dr. Lirinestono arrived 1336 

Uttneslone, eitab. 1S5T 


Havover B. Jewels reeloicd 1397 
Louis Napoleon proclaimed 1343 
St. Thomas 


Thomaa a Beckett aiUlJl 
lit Sunday after Chriuoas 
ByHoilor. NawYeafiEn 

list of Bifltricts, District Oflftces, and BiBtrict Surreyors. 


Sooth West DivisioD of tlie Citf of LoDdoD. 10 New Btreet, square, ErC^ iao. Puntei 
Western Division of the City of Loadou, 1 Baquet eonrt, Fleet street, BawlinBon Pukinscm 
Northern Division of the City of Londou, -iSi Baiinghall street, E.C., Ednnmd Woodthoipe 

St.tieorge, HAno*«r aqnare, BelgniTe and Fimlico Division, H W«stboani« place, Eaton sqna 

George Legg 
St Jimei, Westminster, 14 Argjle street, Begeat street, W., Charles Majihew 
t. Martin-in-the-fields and St. Ann, Soho, 1 Spring gardens, S.W., Heiuj Edward Kendall 

SooUi Divisicn, Muyleboue, 1 1 Longham street, W., Joseph Jennings 
St Puicras, 1 1 Upper Gower stieBt, New road, W.C, Henry Baker 
Paddington (St Morj), Forteos house, Forteus road, Faddington, George Ooteh 

West Islington, 5 Wakefield terrace, Caledonian road, N., WQliam HoseUy 
East Islington, 3 Buerdin villaa, Tollingtou pork, N , Joliti Tomer 

ClerkenwBll (St James and St. John), Great Oraiond street Bloomsbnry, W.C, Robert Lacon Siblej 
St, Luke (Old street) and the Liberty of GlaEshoiise yard, T Finsbury sq. E.C^ Henry Jobn Hsmmon 
St. Giles-in-the-fiel^ and St George, Bloomsbnry, 69 Lincoln's-inn-fielda, W.C, Chas. Fowler, jon. 
Bolbom and East Strand, compreheDding St. Andrew, Holbom, above the Bars, and St Oeorge-the-. 
Martyr, and the Liberty of the Bolls ; the Liberty of Safiron hill, Hattou garden, and Ely rents ; St 
Clement Danes and St Maiy-le-Stiand, the Precinct of Savoy, St Sepulture withont, and St Fanl, 
Covent Garden, 5 Tavistock street, Covent Garden, W.C, Frederick William Porter, 

St. Leonard, Shoreditch, and (lie Liberty of Norton Folgate, 64 Old street road, E.C^ Robert Waiion 
St. Matthew, Bethnol green, I Paradise row, Bethnal green, N.E., Edward Norton Cliftou 
Mile end Old town, 1 Stepney green, MQe end Old town, N.E., John Davies 
St. George-in-the-Eaat and St. Botolph vrithout, Aldgale, 27 Princes sqaare, St George's East, E., 

Jno. Billing, F.B.1.B.A,, F.S.S. 
St. Marv, Whitechapel, 40 Leman stieet, Wbitechapel, E., Hany Oliver 
Christ Chnrch, Spitalfields, the Hamlet of Mile end New town, and St. Faol's, Shadwell, 8 Osborne 

street, N.E., Charles Hamor Hill 
Tower Liberty, 5 Wells street, Wellcloso square, E.. John Babjry Redman 
St Anite, Limehouse, St. John, Wapping, the Precinct of St Katherine, and the Hamlet of Batcliff, 15 

Stepney causeway, Batclifi, E., Efdmund Woodthorpe 
St. Mary, Stratford-le-Bow, and All Saints, Poplar, 64 High street, Popbir, B., Joseph Henry Good 
St. Leonard, Bromley, Bromley house, near the Church, Bromlev, Middlesex, E , John Blyth 
St John, Hackney, Chnrch street. Hackney, comer of i^chmond road, N.E., Thomas Henry Wyatt 

Lambeth Highirays, 11 Park place, Kenningion cross, S., Jno. Charles North 
Southern Division of Lambeth, and detached portion of Streatham, 20 Devonshire road, Wandsworth 

rood, S. H. Parsons 
St. Mary, Newington, the Central Division oE Lambeth, and the Northern Division of Batteisea, 7 

Princes place, Sennington. 8., John Henry Taylor 
St Giles, Camberwell, IT Addington place, Camlmrwell road, S., Henry Jar 

, Google 


3, and SL Thomu, Southwvk, 3^ BertooaiMj 

Tire, SB., Bobert UeBketb 
rioor, St. Cleorge th« MMitrz, and ChriBt Church, Southwa^ and the Northeni Divinon o[ Lam- 
beth, 11 Stamford street, Blackfriars road, S^ David Boper 
-,. -K, I... I .J.-.. J u-i..! — „ II rtion of SL Faul'a, Depttoi^ in Sairey, Honnumth 

St Nicholas, Dspttwd, and the portion of St Paul's, in Kent, 46 Donglai strset, D«pUord, B^ Jcdic 

Whiohcorf, F.S.A. 
OieeDDioh, IG BOTal place^ Bojal hill, Greenwich, SJK, Bobert Falmsi Bnmm 
PlnlDltetd (uid iathajn\^S5 Boirage road, Plimutead, S.E,, Q«orga Bamea Williama 
^oDlnieh, High slnet, Woolnicb, S.E., George Aitchison 


Stisathun, G St John'* grore, Btixton road, and SbeaUuun place, BiiEton hill, S., John Mnllina 
dapham, and the Southern Uvisiou of Battereea, the Terrace, Ckpbam common, S., Edward rAuon 
Wandaworth, 2 Oak terrace. Bridge road, BatUnea, S.W., David William Yonng 


Fnlham, Eden Hunt Hnrlingham lane, S.W., Andrew Moeeley 

Chelsea, St Lnke, 10 Bobert terrace, Chelsea, S.W., Samuel Beachcroft 

Bonth Eemdngton, 4, Felhua street Brompton, S.W,, Thomae Leverton Donaldson 

North Kensington, 2 Htuhnrj terrace. Netting hill, W„ Choilee BeachCToft 

Hamprtrad, SS Bmnswiek square, W.C., Henry Edward Kendall, Jan. 


If there baa not been a written agresment spedfyiDg the time when a tenant is t> give up poscea- 
sioi, or when he is to giTe notice to qoit a jearly tenant nmtt give notice to quit his premises half a 
yeai before the time of the expiration of the cnnent jeaj of his tenancy ; thns, sapposing he entered 
tiie hoTise at Cbriatmaa, he most leave at Chiistmas, giving hig notice on or before the previoas Mid- 
anmmer-day. If rent commences from Lady-day, notice must be given from Miohaeliiias in every case, 
so that the notice may terminate at the hidf year corresponding with that for which the house was 
taken. If, by a^eement a OTiarter's notice is to be sufficient such notice must also expire vith the 
tenancy, if that is yearly. Want of attention to this rule is often a source of trouble or oipense. 


Sir, — / her^g gi'tw you natic» that it i» my inleation to quit the hoxse and premisti I noip hold of 
vou, aitaate and being No. — , — Strtei, in the parish of — , in fAe town of — , in thecomayof — , on or 
litfitra (Midtammer) next. 

To Mr Tenant. 

A copy of this notice should be kept "i^ ^^b person who serves it at the landlord's house Bhould 
eodoiBC on the hack — 

Served bv — , upon , on the dag of , 186 . 

If a landlord neglects to repair the premises, according to bis covenant^ the tenant may maintain 
an action agaiast bii", but such neglect does not absolve the tenant from payment of rent 

A landord can legally dispose of goods taken under distreaa for rent ^J appraisement withonl 
putting them Dp to atiettoii. An mtder-tMunt who baa left the pnmuM in arrear of rent must pay 
tbe Buna to hia immediate landlord. 

Postal RegulatioiiB. 


Th«ae mdade letters passing betireeD places in the United Kingdom, including the OricneT-, 
Shetlitnd, Scillf, and Cliaiuiel Idands, and the Isle of Han. The rate of poatege ia tegoltted bj 
veight. irrespectlFB of ilistuic^„and, if paid in advance, is as fotlava; — 

Letter weighing not more than i oz Id. 

„ more than ^„ bnt not exceeding I oz. ... 2d. 

" " 2 ," " a " ... 8d. 

And so on. Si. being cliarged for tnerf additional oz. 
Except in rc-directed lettei^ the postage, if not ptid in advance, is doable the foregoing ; aed if 
the payment in advance be insufficient, double the deticiencj must be cliarged. No letten con bs 
received which there is reason to l>eLev3 contain anything explosive or combuslible, or glasi, liquids, 
gunpowder, shaip instruments, &c. 

Beqnisition forms for money orders are sold by postmasters at the rate of ten forms for Id., or fire 
or fewer for ^d. Bveiymoney order must contain ia full the surname and one Christian name, both of the 
person itho sends the order and the person to whom the money ia to be paid, together .with the 
remitter's address When application is made for a money order payable in London, or in any town 
where there is more thin one mouc^ order ofGce, the remitter sboald say at which office he wishes it to 
be paid, otherwise the order can be paid at the chief oEGcs uione. Money orders do not require a 
receipt stamp. No money order business is trausacted ou the Sunday, Chriatmas-day, or Good Ii'iday ; 
but, lor the convenience of the labouring classes, the office is kept open on Saturday night till eight 
o'clock, or as near that hour as the despateh of the m^ will allow — except when the surveyor of tha 
district considers such an arrangement njineaessa;y. 


Stahfed. — Must be folded so that the whole stamp may be exposed to Tiew ; they most be posted 
within fifteen days of Iho date of publication, either without cover or in a cover with the ends open, 
(md must contain no enclosure, mark, or writing. Irregularity in any one of these respecfa will causa 
the newspaper to ba detained for a short lime, and dealt with according to the regulations for the book 
post, eicept when the only deficiency is a neglect properly to expose the stamp in folding, in which 
- case H penny will be charged at the place of delivery. A stamped paper addressed to any person 
within the free delivery of the place where it is posted is liable to the additional postage of a penny, 
which mnst be prepaid by an affixed stamp, for otherwise it will be reckoned as a letter. 

UaEtamped newspapers, or stamped papers, which have been issued more than fifteen days, con bs 
forwarded within the United Eingdom, and to most of the colonies, under the regulations of the book 
post, that is, unless the weight exceeds four ounces, they will be conveyed free if a penny postage 
stamp be affixed. Nemspopers sent abroad, whether stamped or not, must have a penny postage stomp 
affixed to them. Should they be required to pass through a foreign coimtiy, the additional postage 

LnAND. — Book packets may be sent by post to any place within the Doited Kingdom 4t tha fol- 
lowmg charges : — 

Weighing not more tlan4oz Id. 

„ more than 4 „ and not exc«eding 8 oz. * ... 2d 

„ „ 8 „ „ le „ ... 4d. 

„ „ 1 lb. „ IJ „ ... ed. 

And so on, 2d. being charged for every additional } lb., or any less weight. The postage moat ba 

prepaid in full, by means of postege stamps affixed outside the packet, and sent without covers, or in 

covers open at the ends. If sent vrithont stamps it will be cliarged the donble rate of pottage ; but if 

not stamped of sufficient value, it will be forwarded, charged with the deficient postage, and an 

addi^onal rate of 4d. A book packet may contain any numbffi of separate books or other publibaUona, 

prints, or maps, and any quantity of paper, parchment, or vallum, bat no no kiteri, uihelAer staled or 

open ; and the books or other publications, prints, mapa, &c., may lie either printed, viritten, or plain, or 

any mixture of the three. The regular binding oi Mver of a book will be allowed, OS also roUen for 

prints or mapi. No book packet can be rt«av^ if it ezoeedg tvro f«et in length, widtii, or depth. 


Itcjiittrta', Inrnqnta', Iniliira', anii fnpera' 


For London and Forty Miles Round. 



See aiao SoarETOBB. 
Aduns Junee, Staines 
jUlom Thomas, Lonsdale road, Baraes 
Andre 1V8 Hen^, Epsom 
Andrews Jas. H. High street, Eochester 
AnGConibe Joba, Liodiield, Suasex 
Badger Chas. B. Blackheath road, Greenwich 
Bennett Josepli, Hatflcld road, St Alban's 
Bain B. FreEt^n, 7 Coleman street, Bomford 
Bemej Jno. North end, Crojdon 
Braj Thos. New Bridge street, Chelmsford 
Brewer Richard, Hill street, Eichmond 
Brock George K. Nile terrace, Rocheater 
Brown William, Friar street, Reading 
Browne Robert J. Rojal place, Qreenwich 
Bnlmer Martin, High street, Strood 
Bulmer Martin, Weatbocough, Maidstone 
Bnigesa Wm. Wray Park, BeiMte 
Bnistow Edward, West street, Horsham 
Butcher Wm, Epsom 
Center Chae. West-street, Mailow 
Chart Edwin, Upper Mitcham, Surrey 
Chriatopher J. T. Marlows, Eemel Hempelead 
Clacj John, Berrv and Son, Brood street, Beading 
CocrperJ. l;<g Windmill hill, Gravesend 
Corbett Charles J. White house, Pitlate, Crojdon 
Corbett Wm. Edgeware, Middlesex 
Cross Alfred, Blackheath road, Greenwich 
CumberlegB Chas. N. Abbott's Langle; 
Dangerfield Edwin J. Gipsj hiii, Upper Norwood 
JJibtle Fred. J, South street, Dorldng 
Daneombe Edward C. Quartj street, Guildford 
Bjcgar Fred. Boro', FanUiam 
Ellis John, Arlington farm, QuUdford 
Fimch Chas. High street, Gra;^ 
E^ilku Thomas, Forburj, Beading 
Qodnun John, St. Stephen's, St. Alban's 
Ooodchild T. Honor Oak, Forest hill, Sydenham 

Gosaet Bobeit, Church street, Edmonttm 

Gotto Fred. Aylesbory road, Tring 

Gonid John. Jiio. Parrock street, Omvesend 

Gwilt Joseph, Gray's hill, Henler-»n-Ilame» 

Hairis James, East street, Famham 

Hanison James, Marlows, Eemel Hempstead 

Hayward Charles F. St. John's terrace, Colchester 

Hill Thomas, St Peter's siieet, St Alban's 

Holmes Josepti, 4, Richmond terrace, Twickenham 

Holjoak Henry, Stuart street, Luton 

Honywood John, Carfar, Hm-sham 

Honie Thomas W. Maiie biU, Greenwich 

Howdl Charles, Portsmouth road, Guildford 

Humphreys & Walleu, High street, Romford 

Jackjnan James, Ealing woe, Old Brentford 

Joues Chas., Ealing. Jmddlesex 

Eimpton Thomaa Yale, North Crescent, Hertford 

Lankston Felix W. High street, Croydon 

LarmerGeo. High atreet, Eeigata 

Lees Joho, High street, Reigate 

Lower Edward W. South Mil, Guildford 

Marshall C. Bow, Famham 

Uatthews John F. London road, Beigata 

Montier John, Marston lodge, MonntEphraim rd, 

Tunbridge Wells 
Ifoigau David, Ware road, Hertford 
Mosel^ Andrew, Elysium row, Falham 
Moss Wm. Mount street, Guildford 
Mnggeridge Fredk. Souti street, Dorking 
Myhew Joseph, Trinity terrace, Halstead, Esiex 
Nash Wm. T. and Sod, Baldock street, Hoyston 
Noble Samuel, London street^ Greenwich 
Page ThcKuas, Eeston, Hounslow 
Page Thomas, High street, Dorldng 
Peak Heni7, WoiSbridge road, Guudford 
Feck and Stephens, High street, Maidstone 
Perry GeOTge, Wind hill. Bishop's StortJord 
Flumer John jun. Middle street, Horsham 
Fowlter Wm. 33, Spital street, Guildford 
Poulton and Woodman, Friar street, Beading 
Fritohett George K North st. Bishop's Stortford 
Beed Wm. Prospect place, Woolwich 



Kelph C. 91, Milton rotid, Qntvesead 
Boberta Wm. Marlowe, Hemel Heoipstead 
Bqmball John, St Peter's street, SL Alban's 
Runuactca John, Haltte&d, Essex 
Saundere Hen. Elm pi., Woodbridge rd. Guildfoid 
Shearbom Wm. South street, Dorking 
Smitli Charles, Friar street, Heading 
Smith Geo. Alex Marlowa, Hemel Hempstead 
Smith Thomas, North road, Hertford 
Smyrk Charles Fredk. South Hall, Guildford 
Tann Edward, New read, Bamet, Hurts. 
Taylor John j nil. Sptiu^ ^ove, Houuslow 
Webb Stephen, Oin Huilmgs, Chelmsford 
Walls Henry, Bichmond terrace, Horsham 
WMchcord and Blandford, Week street, Maidsti^ne 
White and Song, High street, Dorking 
WUdfl Wm. St Andrew street, Hertford 
Wood Wm. 41 WiudniiU street, Gravesend 
Woodman Thomas, Marlowe, Hemel Hempstead 
Woodjer H. North street, and Bramlej, Gmldford 
Wren Wm, Bock mount. Mount Ephraim road, 

Tunbridge Weils 
Young Wm. Wateiford road, Fulham 
Abnett Joseph, Union street, Maidstone 
Allen George, High street, WatJord, Harts 
Andrews Charles, High street, Hoddesdon 
Ajles Wm. and Son, Church st Bickmansworth 
Ayies Wm Lee bridge, Lewisbam, Kent 
Baker John, Priory street, Tunbridge 
Baldwin George, Godstone 
Ball Ambrose, Godstone 
Barber Hichard, Hill rise, Bichmond, Surrey 
Barker Francis, Maldon 
Barnes Alfred, Whittoker place, Chatham 
Barnes Wm. Fourth cross road, Twickenham 
Bartlett Samnel, New Town, Bishop'e Stortford 
Basing Hemy, South etreet, Greenwich 
Basing Wm. sen. Marlboro' street, East Greenwich 
Bath Samuel, George street, BoviJhill, Greenwich 
Baxter fiobert. High street, Maldon 
Baxter Samuel, Union street, Maldon 
Baxter Wm. Mill lane, Maldon 
Beard John, LindJield, Sussex 
Benham John, Colhom green, Eillingdon, Middx 
Bottom Mis. Charlotte, Park street, St Alban's 
Bowler James, Esher, Surrey 
Bowles Bichard, Causeway, Halstead, Essex 
Bray Jno. Strand-on-tJia-Greeu, Middx 
Bray Joseph, Strand-on-the-Green, Middx 
Bridie John, Holland ter. Wheeler st. Maidstone 
Bnstow Ben. Chertfey street, Guildford 
Brookes John, Dnlwich 
Brooks Edward, Ashurat wood. East Cfrinstead 
Bronghton Charles, Epsom 
Browton James, Gro™ Wharf, Watford 
Buck Geo. &Bowlaud,Kmgbfshill,Low. Norwood 
Bnck John, Springtield, Horsham 
Bndgen Joe. East Grinstead 
Bull Jos. Potter street, Hwlow 
Bull John, Rye street, Bishops Stortford 
Bnrchett Charles, Grove road, Hoonslow, Middx 
Carley Thomas, Stoue street, Gravesend 
Casa Chaa. 127 High street, Bochester 
Castle Wm. Queen street, Hemel Hempstead 

Charman Edward, Cranley, Smrey 

Chester John, Church street, Heniion, Middx 

Cheslerman William, Horn street, Reading 

Child Henry, Chapel street, Hemel Hempstead 

Claik John, Ealing 

Clark Thomas, Hertingfordbury nL, Hertford 

Cock Wm. Dunmow 

Collings George, George street, St Alban's 

CoUins Ambrose, Kew road, Bichmond, Surrey 

Collins Charles, Castle street, Hertford 

CorbT Thoma;, High street, Marlow 

Cowluian John, Suids end, Fulham 

Covley James, Brent street, Hendon, Middlesex 

CrothaU William, 24 Bath street, Qraveeend 

Cmmp John, Gold hill green, Hadlow 

Curtis Samuel, Billeiicay , 

Curtis Bobert, Bomford 

Darby John, Moulsham street, Chelmefofd 

DawsoD William, Loose road, Maidstone 

Dennis and Sturl, East street, Dorking 

Dermis David, Bom alley, Dorking 

Doncy George, Pinner, Middlesex 

Dudley Charies, Church street, Doiking 

DuDstal! John, Rhode street, Chatham 

Dniisnt William, Lowfield street, Dartford 

Elgar George, Albert street, Maidstone 

Etheridge George, Bishohpric, Horsham 

Everest Thomas, Brook, Chatham 

Fairchild James, Hoddesdon, Herts 

Pledger William H. Brook-hill rood, Woolwich 

Ford George, Biver street. Putney 

Ford John, Church street, Beading 

Fox John, Sands-end lane, Falham 

Francis Charles, Tnmham green 

Fuge B. Carlisle, *6 Cutmore street, Gravesend 

FnUjames James George, 4 Queen at Gravesend 

Gardiner William New Brentford 

Gamett George, South street, Guildford 

Garrett Joshua, Adelaide place, Chatham 

Gentry Thomas, Billericay 

George Thomas, Peascod street, Windsor 

Gill George, Bromley 

Gray Charles, 2 West rd. cott. North end, Fulham 

Gray Charles, Union street Maidstone 

Greenfield John, North street, Horsham 

Griffiths Thomaa, Chiswick, Middlesex 

Grimwood Edward, Pinner, Middlesex 

Groom George, Marlows, Hemel Hemptteld 

Groom James, Henry street, Woolwich 

Orover James, Chatham street, Beading 

Grover Jobn, Garrard street, Beading 

Hadler Kobert, Tovil, Maidstone 

Hammond Horace, Ephraim ler., Tunbridge Wells 

Harrie Bichard, Wantz rood, Maldon 

Harris Samuel, Goose pool, Chertsey 

Hatch Robert, Carshalton 

Headington Jamee, Mortlake lane, Bichmond 

Heath Henry, Epping 

HiUier Daniel, Guildfoid street, Chertssy 

Hills William, Church street. Lower Mitcham 

Hinder Heni^ the Village, Lewisbam 

Hoare John, Traf al^ road, Greenwich 

Hollidaj John, Powis street, Woolwich 

Eollis Joseiih and Henry, Blackhoath 

Hollis Thoiuas, Old Dover riMd, BtoeUiMth, 

Botmei WilliuD, Ajce street, Barking 

Eooef George, Dniou sbeet, Woolwich 

Hooper Joeeph, Orchaid nL, Old Brentford 

Hooton Thomas, Sydenham grr. Lower Norwood 

Eowaid Henrj, Bridge street, Hslstead 

Enbin Oeorge, Lnton, Chatham 

Hmitm^ord Je»e, Hampton-wick 

Huntingford Bobert, Hamptoa-wick 

Jarvis John, Homchurcb 

Jay John, London rottd, Bomford 

Jinks William Tbomos, WesCow st Up. Norwood 

Jotauum James, Donmow 

Johiiaon John, Donmow 

Johnson Sam. Dnnmow 

Johnson Thomas, Bochford 

Jones Junea, Oxford lane, Marlow 

Kemp James tmd Oeorge, Daitf ord road, Dartford 

Kemp John, Bochford, Essex 

Knowles Daniel, Addlestone, Chertsej 

Lawford J. Ealing, Middlesex 

Leadbetter Samuel, Lower road, Woolwich 

Little Bobert, the Hyde, Hendon 

lijmt and Dudley, Church street, Dorking 

Lymi Charles, Kast Orinstead 

Lynn Oeorge, East Orinstead 

li^jor Henry, Kasher green, Lewisham 

Mallett WiUiam L. High street, Bromley 

Marlow Win. Twickenham green, Twickenham 

Mason and Sons, MiU-moad, Guildford 

Mbeou James, Manor road, Qravesend 

Mason Thomas, Albioc road, Gravesend 

Mead George J. Enfield Highway, EnReld 

Mercer & Camfield, Railway rd Tnnbridge Wells 

Michell Bobert, Baker street, Enfield 

Mi l ham Henry, Esher 

Milbom Bobert, Market place, Bomford 

Mills Chules, Quarry stivet, Guildford 

Mills Charles, Howid road, Dorking 

Mills Henry, Trinity chorohyard, Guildford 

Mills Thomas, Back road, Twickenham 

Millwood J, Ealing, Middlesex 

Moore William, Lodge lane, Finchley, Middlesex 

Morgan Jeffery, Seveooaks 

MuDeoger George, Nortb end, Fulham 

Neale William, Blackheath 

Ntnris Edward, Cuekfield, Sussex 

Nye George, Tfing slreet, Troy town, Hocherter 

Nye John P. Watts place, Chatham 

Oakley Bichard, X«ndoii street, Cherlsey 

Page Jas. W. Witham 

P^ner Charles, Tuniham green 

PattisoQ John, Blackheath toad, Blackheath 

Pavelj Kohert, Waterloo rood, Bomford 

Pearce John, Lodge lane, Pinchley 

Penfold John, Mush gatie, Bichmond 

Pepper Frederick, Stoke road, Guildford 

Peters Edward, Epsom, 

Peters James, Westcott, Dorking 

Peters Thomas, Westcotl, Dorking 

Peto John, Bock place, Godalming 

Pitman James, Bridge street, Fulham 

Plowman Cbaiks, Church eud, Finchley 

Plowman Mark, Jan. Bull's lane, FlDchley 

Pope William, Twickenham green, Twickenham 

Potter Peter, Carfax, HoTsbam 

Prior George, Back sb«et, Harlow, Essex 
Prior Willjam, Sawbridgewortb, Berts 
BawlingBOn Wm. Market place, Bromley, Kent 

Beid Thomas, Cobham, Surrey 
Rhodes Richard, Hampton, Middlesex 
Boper William, Broonmeld road, Chelmsford 
Bowland John, Albion terrace, Horsham 
SaltneU James, Potter street, Harlow, Essex 
Samuels John, Dumnow 
Savage Daniel, Catherine lane, St. Alban's 
Searle George, Eing's-road street. Beading 
Shackleford Abraham, Cross street, Beading 
Shorpe C. F. Lower road, Woolwich 
Siggins James, Q«otge sbeet, Hertford 
SimmoDs and Constable, Lindfield 
Smith Henry, Wants nwd, Maldoa 
Smith James, Guildford street, Chertsej 
Sonnex James, Powis street, Woolwich 

StiU Frederick, the Village, Lewisham 
Stiibling Alfred, Jackson s lane, Woolwich 
Strong George, Cavecsham road, Beading 
Strong William, St. Mary's Butts, Beading 
Suckling William, Market place, Romford 
Sudbury William, High street, Halstfiid 
Sutton 'Charles, Oak pi. Gipsey td. Low. Nomoud 
Sweet William, Marsh gate, Kchmond 
Taylor & Son, Woodcod:-hill & Church street, 

Theobald Richard, High street, Eltham 
Turner William, Church street, Chestutm 
Vale John, Sawbridgewortb 
Vass James, St Peter's street, St Alban's 
Wade Robinson, Enfield Highway, Enfield 
Walker William, High street, Hemel Hempstead 
Wollis Thomas, Godstone 
Webh Thomas, Nursery place, St. Alban's 
Weller Joseph. Helmwood, Dorking 
Wells George, Hadlow, Kent 
Wells William, New road, Woolwich 
West John, Cooper's arms lane, Putney 
Whenman Charles, Bath road, Hounslow, Middx. 
Wicken Willisjn, Dulwich 
WilUains William, Beresford street, Woolwich 
Willgoss William, Batchworth, Bickmansworth 
Winrh WiLiam, Churchgite street, Harlow 
Woodrow William, High street, Fulham 
Woodward James, 6 iUlton rood, Gravesend 
Wright James Willioin, Chiswick 


Andrews, Jeremiah H. Wisbech 

Andrews, J. C, Gpsom 

Arley Pottery & Firebrick Compimj, Arley Works, 
near Bewley, Union Passagii, Birmingham, & 
22, Ludgate street, London, (see adi-ertisevieat) 

Arnold, Geo. F. St, Petor'j street, St Alban's 

Barnett Henry, East Griustead 

Best F. Guckfleld, Sussex 

Bills Geo. LowGeld street, Dartford 

Bloorafield Chas. Wash Farm, Ilalstcad, Essex 

BoDsey John, Brox, Chertsey, Surrey 

Booth Geo. Grays, Essex 

Box Jno. jun. Hamilton grove, Hamilton road. 
Lower Norwood 

Bradley, the ComnKm, Hadlovr, Kent 

Broc^ Wm. King rtjeet, Maidstone 

Brown John, Ja kson'a lane, Woolwich 

Brown Bobt. SurbltoD hill, Eingston'On'Tbatiiea 

Bryan Geo. &. Wm. Tilkay, CoggeBbal], Eeeex 

Burchett J. Caswell cottage, Boaiulaw, Middz. 

Barrage Edward, Umsham 

Buirefi Thomaa, Dulwich 

Bnrbridge Thoa. Loose road, Maidstone 

Cann G. T. Piincea id. PlDmateod com Woolwid) 

Cartney Wm. Knighthder street^ Maidstone 

Catling James, Brnitwood, Eewx 

ji Stephen, Cherteer lane end, ChertMiy 
Child, Coles and Go. Greenwich 
Christf and Son, Bloomileld, Chelnuford 
Clayton & Wright, Bamet Common, Bamet, Eerta. 
Cobb Wm, Mushan etreet, Maidstone 
Collier Samuel, Coley tHU, Beading 
Collis Itichard, Broad green, Croydon 
Corby Thos. High street, Msrlow 
Comwell Wm. Kye street, Bishop's Btottford 
Cove Charles, Homchorch, Eeaex 
Crystal Palace Brick Company, (J. Bowan,SM.) 

Lordebip's lane, Dolwich 
Curtis Tbomas, Bford 
Davis John, Selhuist road, Croydon 
Death and Palmer, GKllingham, Kent 
Denton & Sons, Forest hiU station, Srdenliam.. 
Doubledee W. & F. iBleworth ro<ui, Twickenham 
Ih-er Francis, Week street, Msidst«ne 
Elliott Chas. E. London road, Tnnbridge Wdli 
Ellis James, Liodiield, Sussex 
Brerest Henjy. Strood, Kent 
Fisher Wm. Baker etieet, Enfield, Middlesex 
Formby James, Frinsbury, Kent 
Foster Charles, Epping 

FWicis Wm. Calverley fields, Tonbridge Wells 
Freeman H. Chorby wood, Eickmansworth, Herts 
Gibbs & Canning, Tamworth, Stafford (sec advt.J 
Glasscock John L. Bishop's Stortford 
Goodman Chas. Greenwood plain chase, Enfield 
Gransby Jobn A. Common, Bamet, Herts. 
■ Haywaid Wm.&Son,Port]andrd.SoQthNorwood 
Hedgecock John, East end, Sittingbonme 
Hickman Thos. West street, Mailow, Bucks. 
Hill, nford, Essex 
Hilton John, Ftindsbury, Kent 
Hiscock Thomas, High street, Hounslow 
Hitch & Co. Baldoek street, Ware, Herts. 
Hone Wm. Luton, Chatham 
Honey Thos. Gillinghiun lane, Gillingham, Kent 
Huggons John, Crown quay, Sittingboume 
Jackson Geo. Wm. Lnlon road, Chatham 
Jeeves Geo. Queen street, Hitchin 
Jelleiy Joseph, Cuckfield, Sussex 
Johnson John, Fulham 
Ketisett David, West OrimEteud 
Kent Wm. ChertMy tone enil, Chertsey 
Kinder Thos. Peter street, St. Alhan'a 
Ijack Geo. Hounslow 
Leach John, Beading 
Loe James & Sou, Spital street, Guildford 
Looker Ben. Kingeton-oa-Thaines 
Low Wm. Dunmow 

Lucas Thos. Guildford street Chertsey 
Lvnn Geo. East Grinstead 
riaofleld EUjah, Craidey, Snney 
Mankelow Geo. The Common, Uadlow 

Matthews John, Stevenage 

Meeu} Wm. Merton lane, Miteham 

Me«(i»i and Co. Grays, Essex 

HitcbeU Henry, We^ street. Horsham 

MitcbeU Wm. Enfield Highway, Enfield 

Huddle John, New Brompton 

Munuy Samuel K. Stevmase, Herts 

Nash John, Potter's end, Berkhampetead 

Nash W. Hyde Hoose, Edmonton , 

Newman Edward, Bed lane, Enfield 

Nightingale Thoa. N(»th end, Hrasham 

Nighti.igale Whl Crawley, Sussex 

Norris Henry, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstoad | 

Norton Henry, High street, Oxbridge ' 

Oades James, Egham hill, Egham 

Oathwaite Bobert, Henley-on-Thame* . 

PaAa Ben. Loampit hill, Lewisham 

Fa^KAzoff place, PMllandrd.Boatti Norwood '■ 

Fany Wm. Deptf ord bridge,jGfeenwich 

Pascal! Joseph, Pricking, Ctudehnist I 

Paacall Joseph, Bromley I 

Pascall Thomas, South Nwwood 

Phelbrock John, Kate's grove. Beading 

FolUiil and Evans, London rd. Tunbridge Wells | 

Pratt John, Benet'a end, Hemel Hemp 
Pnnnett Geo. St Mary's-lile-house, Tu: 
Qnarrington Charles, Luton, Chatham 

Band Wm. High Ongar, Essex 

Bansom Alfred, Hitchin, Herts («M adverliatuKntJ 

Eeynolds Mrs. T. Dartf ord 

Eichjudson George, liadluw 

Boake Bichard, Wobum hill, Chertsey 

Boots Geo. Brougham place, Chathajn 

Boots John, Luton, Chathun 

Boper Wm. Broomfleld toad, Chelmsford 

Konse John, Egham 

Boutledge Chnstopber, Lower Sydenham 

Latter &WBid & Co. Kate's grove. Beading 

Saunders Thomas, Nag's head lane, Enfield 

Scott Wm. High street, Sittingboume 

Scriven Samuel, Falkland road, Dorking 

Selfe John, Surbiton hill, Kingston-on-Thames 

Sergison Warden, Cuckfield 

Skinner John, High street, Berkhampetead 

Smeed George, Sittingboume 

Smith Thomas, The Heath, Dortford 

Snow John H. Hadham road. Bishop's StcctfonI 

Sta:ey James, Colhom, HJUingdon 

Stacey Wm. High stteet, Eton 

Stokes Wm, Boxley road, Maidstone 

Stone 4 Cook, Watford fields, Watford 

Stone & Swallow, Epsom 

Studda Wm. and Joseph, Yiewsley, HiUingdoo 

Styles John, Epping 

Sutton, Walter, & Goodwin, Westboro', Maidstmie 

Talbott Bobert, Grays, Essex 

Taylor and Son, Chnrch street, Woodcock bill, 

I'hompEon John, Dolwich 

t ISflO. 

Th-iunwood Haii7i High street, Windsor 

Thnilow T. L, Cranley, Surrey 

Tooke Arthur, Pinner, Middlesex 

Torlej John, Elast Orinstead 

WBJTBn Thos. T. StaTBnaga 

Wsiren Wm, Brentwood 

"Walkina Charles, New Brentford 

Wickenden Thos. Frindibory, Kent 

Widmore Brick and Tile Works, Bromley, Kent 

Wilkin James, New Writtle road, Chelmsford 

Winter Jamea, Brentwood 

Wright David, London road, Matdon 

Yoniig Eannan, Holmwood. Dorking. 


Adams &, Co. Forest-hill, Sydenham 

Adams & Son, George-st Roysl-hill, Greenwich 

Adams Goorge, Edenbridge 

Adamson & Sons, High-street, Fatney 

Adamson & Sons, Turnham-green 

Adkins Frederick, Victoria-rMd, Snrbiton 

Adkius Henry, Victoria-road, Sorbiton 

Alchin William, Simmer-road, Croydon 

Aldridge Hobert, West-street, Horriiam 

Allen George, Higb-stieel, Watford 

Allan Wmlam, High-rtreet, Dunstable 

Amer George, Peny-hill, Sydenham 

Anderson QuirleB, Fark-stieet, St. Alban's 

Andiens James, Akeman-street, Tring 

Andieng John, King-street, Watford 

Andrews J. C. Epsom 

Andrews J. H, 7 Medwaj-ifirrace, Bochestei 

Andrews Smnuel, Caatle-street, Hertford 

Amiett James, Hampton 

Anscombe Amon, Lindfield 

Anscombe Mre . Elirabelh, CnckfieM 

Anscombe John, Hayward's-heath, CackJield 

Anster Bichard, Union street, Bamet, Herts. 

Arden James, 1 Waterford terrace, Fulfaam 

Arnold Geo. F. St. Peter's street. Si Alhan'a 

Ashmole Wm. llford, Keeex 

AvisB William i. Bobert, High street. Putney 

Ayles Wm. & Son, Church street, BickmanswoH^ 

Aylott J. A. Slerenage, Herts. 

Ayres, Park field. Putney 

BnckhurstWm.Surbitonrd. Kingston-on-Thames 

Baker Geo. Church street, Edmonton 

Baker Thos. Bailway street, Chelmsford 

BaU John H. Stiood, Kent 

Barber Alfred, Portland tUIbs, Richmond 

Barke Saml. Kichmond road, Twickenham 

Barlow James, Chipping Ongar, Esex 

Barnes Oeoi^ East street, Beading, 

Barrett Wm. & F. Lower Sydenham, Kent 

Barrett John, Wai«r side, Chesham, Bucks. 

Bartholomew J. & ^^^. Up. Stenc st Maidstone 

Bartlett ChristophBr, Brighton road, Croydon 

Bartlett Thos. High street, Kingetcn-on-Thames 

Baas James, Merton road, Mitcbam, Surrey 

Bates Joseph, Stevenage, Herts. 

Bathurst J. St Margaret's bank, Bocheeter 

Batlow Oliver, Kennet street. Beading, Berks. 

Beadle Geo. New Selhurst road, Croydon 

Beard Geo. & J. Church street, Ct^tgeshall, Bssex 

Beard John, Cambridge grove, Norbiton, Surrey 

Beeching John, Carfax, Horsham, Sussex 

Belcher James, Linsan street, Beadi.ig 

Bells John, Boyal hill, Greenwich 

Bennett, Brady & Co, Fowls street, Wodwich 

Bennett Wm. St Peter's street, St Alban'e 

Beveridge Charles, Union Btreet, Chatham 

Bidden & Son, Onnond row, Richmond 

Bigg & Son, Verulam street, St Alban'H 

Biggs Sanil, jun, Qneen's road. Beading 

Bills Geo. Lowfield street, Darfford, Kent 

Bird George, Pinner, Middlesex 

Birch F. Castle street, Famham 

Birch W. Castle street, Pamham 

Bland John, Blackheatb 

Bothwell Sam. & Alfred, Weet street, Dorking 

Bottom Wm. Park street, St Alban's 

Bow Edward, Knightrider street, Maidstone 

Bow Wm. Coonty road, Maidstone 

Bowden & Cheshire, High street, DunetAble 

Bowes Wm. High street Milton 

BoKall Jus. Clarence street, Kingston on-Thames 

Bnyce Thos. High street, Bamet 

Brewer John, Paradise road, Eichmond 

Briant Samuel, Cowley road, Uxbridge 

Brickford Wm. Upper Hill street, Ridtmoad 

Bridge John, Wheeler sti'eet, Maidstone 

Brooke Wm, Queen Ann street, Maidstone 

Brooks Edward, East G)rinet«ad 

Brooks Jas. Clarence sbeet, Kingston-on-Thames 

Ovwn James, Fore street, Hertford 

Brown John, Spring Gardens, Beading 

Brown W. C. Esher 

Browtan Jamea, Grove wharf, Watford 

Brunsden Thos. New Brentford 

Buck Geo. & Rowland, Westow st. Up.Norwoud 

Buckle Thos. New Hampton, Middlesex 

BaU Thos., Bell green, Sydenham 

BuDiBtead Stephen, St, James's road, Croydon 

Bnnker Jonathan, Waterside, Chesham 

Burbridge Henry, Hill rise, Richmond 

Burcbett Chas. Grove road, Hounslow 

Burge Thos. Hounslow 

Burge Wm. Lower Norwood 

Burgess James, Brentwood 

Bnmineham Thos. & Son, Park row, Famham 

Burton Bryan, Vine, Sevenoaks 

Burstow Ed. & Walter, Springlield road, Horsham 

BuTstow James, London road, Horsham 

Burton John, Sawbridgewor^ 

Bushell John J. Ham^n 

Butler Edward, New Hompton 

Butlerfleld Henry & Wm. Bancroft st. Hitchiu 

Canharo James, y, James's terrace, Newmarket rd. 

Cambridge (see adofriisenKnt) 
Cami Wm. J. Brewer street, Woolwich 
Carey Jonathan, High street, Watford 
Carlesa Thos. Jas., George slieel, Richmond 
Carpenter Henry, Hampton- wick 
Carruthera Wm. West street Reigato 
Carter & Son, Caversham road, Reading 
Carter Wm. Hochf oid, Essex 
Chalkin and Son, High street, Tunbridge 
Chambers Gieo. Wyalt street, Maidstone 
Champness Geo. Lpping, Essex 
Chapman James, HatUdd 
Chatfield John, Broad green, Croydon 
Chesher John, Hendon / - , . t 


* 1S60. 

Cheshire Wm. High street, Dniutable 

Chilton Jno. High street, Chesham 

Chaat Richvd, Boddow rood, Chelmifrad 

ChurchmBU John, Broad street, Wokinghun 

Chnter S. J. & T. High street, Epsom 

Cleaie & Underhar, Sheet street, Windsor 

Clemeots & Son, High street, Boehealer 

ClemontH Thoa^ tVindsbnrf road, Strood 

CliSord G. Union street, Maidstone 

Clother <J., Meeting hooM lane, Chatham 

Clont Hum. C. Bailira; road, Tunbridge Wells 

Cobb Wm. Manham street, Maidstone 

Cobham Geo. Fredk. 1 Edwin street, Onmeend 

Coiegate Thoe. R Borne lane, Chatham 

CoUius Charles, Castle street, Eeitf<»d 

Collis Mis. Maiy, Stone street, Maidstone 

CoUjer Eobert, Dagnail's Park, Croydon 

Colville Geo. 6 Selhntst road. South Norwood 

Coney Junes, George street, Watford 

Cook Samuel, Chislehoist 

Cooke John, Weatcott, D<^ing 

Cooke Robert, Witham 

Cooper George, High street, Croydon 

Co<4>er Heniy, Maidenhead 

Coi^r Jno. Sigh street, Haletead 

Cooper Wm. W. King street, Twickenham 

Cook Jno. Chipping hill, Witham 

Corbett Geo. Fredk. near Uft Eailway, Lewisham 

Corlwtt Mra. Sarah, the Village, Lewisham 

Corby Thomaa, High street, Marlow 

Cornell William, Devoil's lane, Bishop's Stortford 

Comer Heniy, CSiapel road, Lower Norwood 

Corner Thomas, High street, Lower Norwood 

CoulsoQ Peter, Fim^ley eommoo, Finchley 

Cousins George, Hish street, Hoddesdon 

Covil Edward, Poms street, Woolwich 

Cowley iTames, Brent street Hendon 

CrewdsoQ Charles, Cmnley, Surrey 

Crouch James, Alexander terrace, Putney 

Cnrtie George, jun. Billcricay 

Curtis Robert, North street, Bomford 

Gushing Francis, Enlield town, Enfield 

Dainty John, Cowley road, Utbridge 

Davey Abraham, Market place, Bomford 

Davies Charles, Oxbridge road, Ealing 

Davis William, Epping 

Dawsun John, King's rood, Fulham 

Deacon Mark, Compel rtmd. Lower Norwood 

Dean J. Hiver street. Putney 

Ueony Joseph, East street, Coggeahsll 

Deut«n and Sons, Forest hill station, Sydenham 

Dew Frederick, Staine's road, Hoonslow 

Dewdney William, East parade, Horsham 

Dexter Edward, Church street, Staines 

Dicken Edward, Grove, Ealing 

Dickenson H, A. Hadham road. Bishop's Stortford 

Dickersin Samuel, New road. Ware 

Dodd Arthur, Upper Mitcham 

Downer George, St. Alban's road, Watford 

Downing John, Edmonton 

Dowsett William, High Ongai 

Draper Benjamia, Stevenage 

Draper Hetii?, Silver street, Enfield 

Drew and Son, Upper Hill street, Bichmond 

Duke William, East sbeet, Famham 

Dunham Benjamin, Hatfleld 

Dunham John, Fishpool ttraet, Bt. Alban's 
Dunn John, Southampton street. Beading 
Eadee Jamee B, Church street, Croydon 
Easton Charles and Oe^ge, Bell stnet, Beigale 
Easton Bichard, Aberdeen place, Honnslow 
Ebliutt Thomas H. Hi^ sD«et, Croydon 
Edwards T;i i B ", Mount Ephraim, Tonbridge Wells 
Ekins and Son, St. Andrew atrMt, Hertfind 
Eblerdisw Thomas, North end, Croydon 
Eldon John, Gold bill green, Hadlow 
Eldred Daniel, Mount pleasant, Lewisham toad. 

Ellirton Edward, Ballingdm 

English Jamas A. Arundel road, DoiUng 

EvBDS Bichard, Wellesley road, Croydon 

Everist W. Parroek street, Graveaend 

Eves Bichard, 70 Pepprarroft street, Graveeend 

Etob Bichard, jun., 18 Russell street, GraTesend 

Evdmann Henry, Tnmham Green 

Fairhead Allen, Enfield town, Enfield 

Faithf oil James S. Water lane, Dulwich 

Farr Arthur R. High street, Baldock 

Fan Bobwt, Chase side, Enfield 

FassDidge Mid Son, London street, Uibridge 

Fanlkner Fredeiidt, Park field cottages, Yn.tnej 

Faolks William, Seveooaks 

Field and S<m, Pender's end. Enfield 

Fisher James, Bell street, Rei^te 

Foord and Sons, High street, Chatham 

Foord John, Tranqoil place, Rochester 

Foreman George, High street, Watford 

Forster William, High street, Milton 

Foster William, Esher 

Franklin Henry, Hadham road, Bishop's Stortford 

Franklin Willi™, Dunmow 

Fraser William, High street, Eton 

FVewing James, Maidenhead 

Fulljames James George, Queen street, Oravceend 

QardeuMM^ Church street, Coggeshall 

Gamer Edward, North street, Horsham 

Gamham John, Weston stieet, Upper Norwood 

Gascoyne Thomas S. Park road, Bichmond 

Gates Robert and Kichard, Crawley 

Gates John, Frinsbuiy 

Gee Walter, Kingston hill, KJngston-on-ThameB 

Gilder Charles, &ncroft street, Hitch in 

Giles John, Brighton rood, Sorbiton 

Giles Robert, Church road. Upper Edmonton 

GimeoD Luke, Baldock street, Boyaton 

Ginger George, New road, Bomet 

Glascock John L. Bishop's Stortford 

Goatham George, On the wall, Sitttngboume 

Goddard John and George, East stxeet, Famham 

Godfrey Henry, 6 Albert place, Gravesend 

Godfrey Leoniud, New street, Uenley-on-Thajnes 

GdS William, 94 High street, Guildford 

Gomm Thomas, High street, Chesham 

Goodwin Daniel, Edenbridge 

Gouid William, 20 Princes street, Gravesend 

Goulter James, Victoria rd. Eicgston-on-TJuunes 

Grand Joseph, Fore street, Edmonton 

Grand William, Fore street, Upper Edmonton 

Gray John, Uaion street, Bamet 

Greenfield John, North street, Horsham 

Grifiath William, Upper Sydenham 

Grinsteod Wilhum, East street, Dorking 

Groom Q«orge, Marlow^ Hemat Hempstead 

GioTGr Dtml. and Jas. St John's hill, S«venoaka 

Grorer John and Fraa. Ealing 

Gnmbrell WiUiam, High etr^ Darttotd 

HadleT Robert, Tovil, Maidstone 

Hall John, New Brentford 

Hall William, High street, Orajs 

Hammond John, Worlej, Bcentwood 

Hanunond Joseph Samuel, Bomford 

Hampton William, High street, Hoddesdon 

Hancock Thomas, Ealmg 

Hasdcock Qeorge, Station rood, Sittingbonme 

Hardily Chailes, Thomtjin heath, Croydon 

Hards James, Victoria road, Snrbiton 

Hardwick Jos, T. Eden st, Kingston-on-Thamea 

Haid^ and Son, Cowlej, Uxhridge 

Hairmgton James, Chnrch st Bishop's Stortford 

Harris John, Botbsa; villia, Itichmond 

Harris Joseph, High street, Berkhampstead 

Harris Samuel, Goose pool, Cheiteey 

Harris Thomas, Heme hill, Dolwich 

Harrison William, Charlewood, Pntnoj 

Hatch Robert, Carshalton 

Haws Thomas W. High street, Brentwood 

Head Philip, Station road, Egham 

Hedgis Thomas, Hedges Tard, Croydon 

Hemnan ltd. Kingston hill, KingstoD-on-Thames 

Hicks WiUiam, Doncan place, Oiatham 

Higgs William, Dunstable 

HUl and Ladds, High street, Bamet 

Hill George, Station jard, Twickenham 

Hill WillSm, Charlton Wharf, Woolwich 

Hinder Hearj, the Village, Lewisbam 

Hiscodc Arthur H. Bowling green row, Woolwich 

Hiscock John, Circns street, Greenwich 

Hiscock Thomas, Hounslow 

Hitch Qeorge, Star lane. Ware 

Hitch James, Star lane, Ware 

Hitch Walter, Baldock street. Ware 

Hoare Henry, WealoK street, Uppet Norwood 

Holden G. & Sons, CranZey 

Holding William, Church street, Oteenwich 

Holdsworth John, West street, Iteigai« 

HoUedge Frederick, Leslie park road, Croydoa 

HoUidee James, Portland road, South Norwood 

Hollis William, Shuts end, Wokingham 

Hollowaj F. W. Cuckfield 

Hoiioway William, Brewer street, Maidstone 
Holmes James, Chipping hill, Witham 
Holmes Thomas B. Church street, Twickenham 

Honour George, Parsonage lane, Tring 
Hormrood John M^ South street, Horsham 
Hooker Edward, Forest hill, Sydenham 
Hopkins James, Park street, Luton 
Hopwood Thomas, Cooper's lane, EnJield 
Honghion Eteniy & Son, Momit pleasnt. Bichmond 
HowGeow, Serenoake 
Howard Heniy, Cottage place, Chehnsford 
Hoi^jd John, New town, Chesham 
Howard Thomas, Church street, Chesham 
Hudson George, Fowls street, Woolwich 
Hall William, Hulybnsh, Enfield 
Homphrej John, West stroot, Croydon 
Hnmpbris Bichard, Old Dover road, Blackheatb 
Hunt John, High street, Hoddesdon 
Hunt Bobert, London sjreet, Chertsey 

Hontingford Jesse, Hampton wick 

Hutson George, High street, Upper Sydenham 

Hyde Charles, Derby road, Creadon 

Ingaltan Henry, High street, Eton 

Iveiy John, Maideubead 

Jackson James, Back street, Boyston 

Jackson Cbailee, Hall street, Chelmsford 

Jackson William, White Horse street, Baldock 

Jacob Joseph Phelps, Dnlwich 

Jags Walter, Dunroow 

James William H. Cowley road, Uxbndge 

Jeeves George, Quean street, Hitchin 

Jennings John, New road, Bamet 

Jennings Stephen, Maidstone road, Bochester 

JohnBoD& GUbj, Snrbiton hi. Eingston-on-Thms. 

Johnson Benjamin, Ami's place, Fnlham 

Johnson Frederick, Fowls stieet, Woolwich 

Johnson William, the Green, Kichmoud 

Jones P. H. High street, Fujham 

Jordan Bichard, Edeubridge 

Jojner Daniel, Church street, Hitchin 

Eidner William, Windsor street, Chertsey 

Killick Samoel, Lower Mitcham 

King, Bnrton, and Hopwell, Chnrch st. Croydon 

King Edward, Bordyke, Tunbridge 

Kiog James, Lindfiold, Sussex 

King James, George street, Croydon 

King Jno. High street, Halatead 

Kii^bury HeniyJL Windsor street, Uibridgs 

Kirk and Parry, Warren lane wharf, Woolwich 

Knight Bichd. Mitcham road, Croydon 

Lambert James, 1 Albion terrace, Oravesend 

Langlands Lawrence and Son, Epsom 

Larkin Wm. High street, Egham 

Last George, King street, Chelmsford 

Lawford ^0. Uibridge road, Ealing 

Lawrence James, Epping 

Lawrence Thomas, Bailway street, Hertford 

Leeds John, Hadlow, Kent 

Le^g Jas. Ballard's lane, Fiochley 

Lei^ Edward, Edenbridge 

Loigh Spencer. Edenbridge 

Leigh Wm. Edenbridge 

Lester Jno. Broomfield-road, Chelmsford 

Lilley Joseph S, High street, Stiood 

Lilleystone Robert, Peacock straat, GraTesend 

Lindley Charles, Mansfield, Notts 

Lines Wm. Manchester place, Dnnstable 

LittlewDod Tbos. MiKtary road, Hounslow 

Loe James and Son, 6 Spital stieet, Guildford 

Long Wm. Bed Lion street^ Richmond 

Longman Jonathan, High street, Watford 

Longs S. E. & Son, Maishgate, Bichmond 

Lowe John, 13 Damley road, GraTesend 

Lncas Thus. Guildford street, Cherts^ 

Lunim Caleb, Pembroke road, Baldock 

Lnsb ThoB. New Hampton 

Lynn Chules, East Grmstead 

Lymi James, East Grinstead 

Lyon Samuel, Water lane head, Sitringbouroe 

Mackey Wm. 7 Crescent, Edmonton 

Macrostie James, Eden st., Kingston-on-Thames 

Major HentT, Bnshey preen, Lewisham 

Marrable Charles, Eppmg 

Marshall Geo. Stoke road, Guildford 

Marshall Rd. H. Norwood pottery, Low. Norw^ 


Hutiii Homy, Koitli stiMt, Barking 

Martin ThoB. Peach street, Wokincham 

Martin Thot. Chnich etreet, CtotOdd 

Masou Wm. & Son, Mill mead, Quildionl 

Mason John, Bnij fielda, Ouildf<Hd 

Mason John Jan. Mill mead, OuUdfotd 

Mason Samuel, Eden street, Eingeton-on-Thamet 

Mason Thoa. Albion tec. Oraveaend 

Mathews T. &. J. Castla street, Berkhampstead 

Matthews James, King's nwd soutli. Beading 

Matthews J. Mead comer, Chertsey 

Mercer John, Swan lane, Tunbndee 

MerrallB Wm Bhode street, Chatham 

Middleham J, SurbJton bill, Kingtton-on-Thamea 

Miles Wm. Pomona place, FiUham 

Miller Geo. W. High street, Bamet 

Hillax Joseph J. Witham 

Miller Wm. Bnahej green, Lewisham 

Milliiwton Jaa. Brentwood 

MUb Henrj' & Son, Ggham hill, Egham 

Mills Fredk. High street, Chatham 

Mills Jonathan, Old Brentford 

Milstead Joseph, High street, Bromley 

Milton J. & S; Waterside, Dartford 

Uinall John, Church street. Beading 

Miskin Christopher, Fi^pool street, St. Alban's 

Mitchell John, Baker street, Enfield 

Mitehell Thos. Hish street, Watford 

Moon Henry, Ocklord road, Qodalmine; 

Moon James & Son, High street, Qoddming 

Moore Mrs. E. & Son, West street, Dorking 

Moore (Deorge B, Brewhouse lane, Patuej 

Moore Joseph, Snrbiton hill , Eingston-on-Thamss 

Moorey and Carman, Bed Lion st. Richmond 

Moreham, Wm, Bromley 

Morris Jno. Hi^ street, Upper Sydenham 

Morteo Davidl, Bockingbam street, Uxhridge 

Morton Eeoiy, London street, Cxbiidge 

Momn Wm. Bromley 

Moss James, High sbeet, Chelmsf oid 

Moss Thos. Mil£nay road, Chelmsford 

MouU Joseph H. Fore street, Edmonton 

Modie Wm. Victoria road, Surbiton 

Mufiett Charles, High itnet, Bromley 

Mnmford Bichard, Billeiicay 

Mnncey Samuel E. Stevenage 

Myring C. Ealing 

Nash Wm. High street, Berkhampstead 

Naylor Jas. Maidstone road, Eocheeter 

NmI Wm. SoQth street, Greenwich 

NeaTe Boberl, Hampton Court 

NewLmd Abraham, Cobham 

Newman James, 4 York Tillaa, Twickenham 

Newnham Charles, Burrill street, Bcoheater 

Newnham Edward, Cackfield 

Newton Henry, Tilehouse street, Eitchin 

NichoUs John, High street, Hoddeedon 

Nightingale EdwtL & Thomas, Park lane, Beigala 

Noble Bichard, Capping Ongar 

Norman Bichard, £^ Qriiutead 

Norrie Edward, Cuckfield 

Norris Henry, Railway street, Hertford 

Nye Richard, Woodbiidge rood, Guildford 

Nye T. Ealing 

roKf roB ISSO. 

Oades and Son, Egham hill, Egham 

Ockendon Henry and Son, Crawley 

Osbom John, Frogmore street, Tring 

Owen Charles, Fishpool street, St. Alban'a 

Owthwaite BbL Market place, Henley-on-ThamM 

Palmer Charles, Enfield highway, Enfield 

Pankbnrst Thomas. Colver street, Chatham 

Fanaett Bichard, Mayward's heath, Cui^field 

Parsons John, Ifigh street. Putney 

Paterson John, Hadley, Bamet 

Patman Mrs. A. Enfidd town, Enfleld 

Patman Jn. F. Clatence st Kingston-on-ThanMis 

Patrick William, East stnet, Famham 

Pauley Charles, Springfield, Sydenhniu 

Payne WQIiam, Vemlam road, St. Alban'i 

Fe&cuck John, Station road, Sontb Norwood 

Peak Bichard, Wood street, Bamet 

Pearce John, London road, Guildford 

Pearcy Geo. Char. & Ths. Downing sL Famham 

Pearson Edward, Vemon street, Fulham 

Ponn Charles, Hampton 

Penny Wm. Charles, Lewisham hjll , Lewisham 

Perman George P. Staines road, Honnslow 

Pickcel! George, Wharf street, Godalmiug 

Pilbeam Frederick, Tamworth road, Croydon 

Pilcber Thomas & Son, Ibe Village, Lewisham 

Pink Robert, East Grinstead 

Piper William, Iiower Norwood 

Pibnan James, Bridge street, Fulham 

Pitt William, Bath road, Slongh, iteai Windsor 

Pittifer John, South end, Croydon 

Pit^ Oliver, Walhiuu green, Middlesex 

Plowman C^iarlea, Balbtrds lane, Finchley 

Plowman Mark, sen. East end, Fincbtey 

Pollard William & Co. North end, Croydon 

Pollard Thomas, Woodbridge road Gmldford 

Poole James, Greenwich mad, Greenwich 

Pope Wm. Twickenham green, Twickenham 

Potter Peter, Carfax, Honliam 

Potter Thos. Eart street, Hoisbam 

Fottef Wm., London road, Fulham 

Potton Thoe. Ickneld terrace, Dnnetable 

Potton Thos. Marlows Hemel Hemprtead 

Price, James, Lower Madow^ Hennel Hempttead 

Pullen Wm. New street, Chelmsford 

Pulmer John, Gastlebai hill, EiAling 

Pnnnett Geo. St. Marys tile bouse^ Tonbridge 

Barea Stephen & Jas. Bridge street, Eitchin 

Rayment Jas., Hythe street, Dartford 

Rayner & Buimactes, Colchester road, Halvtead 

Raynbam Wm. Honnslow 

Read George, Caveisham street, Beading 

Beid W. & Danl. Hillingdon 

Bemnant Cbas. Church street, Chatham 

BichardsoD Jeese & Son, Car^ialtou 

Bicbardson J. Mount Bpbrmim, Tonbridge Wells 

Bicbardfl Josbaa, Addlestone, Chertsey 

Bicbardson WnL High street, Baldock 

Robins E. & Son, St. Margaret's bank, ' 

Robinson Jas. Albion road, Ihmstable 

Robinson Joseph, Chase grMiH EnHeld 

Rolfe Robt. miit& Dnlwicb 

Booke Joseph, Richmond road, Twickenham 

Boper Wm. Bloomfleld rood, Chebosford 

Rowland John, Albion terrace, Honham 

Rowley John, Fore street, Edmonbn) 


Sowlej John Wright, Fora street, Edmootoa 

Buffell Wm. BiUericay 

Bninens Heurj W. l^tcham 

Bunnacles Haicourt, High stieet, Ealstead 

Bufbridge Thos. Upper Stoae Street, Miudstone 

Busaoll Thos. NuctlieDd, Fulham 

Eussell Thos. Chatch atieet. Lower Mit^hom 

Saltauj^'&BcaninoDt, MouUhani Et , Chelmsford 

Sanham Bichard, Spital street, Dartford 

Saunders Solomon, Church street, Stainas 

Sawford, Hon. J. Sew Foot lane, Richmond 

Soarborongh George, Chapel street, Fmchley 

Scholes Jabez, Camden road, Tunbridge Wella 

Scott Biclmrd, Bell Btieet, Henley- on-Thamea 

Seaget Wm. Old Dover road, Blackheath 

Seimians .[oseph, Fambridge road, Maldon 

Sear Wm. Marlows, Heniel Ilenapstead 

Sedger Geo. Church street, Maidstone 

Seiton Wm. New Brorapton 

Seymour Edwd. Lansdowno place. Up. Norwood 

Seymonr Wm. Eailway street, Hitchin 

Sharp Charles, Hythe atreat Dart/ord 

Shatp James, Water lane, Dartford 

Sharp Thos. Bath road, Hoansloir 

Sharp William, Marsham stroat, Maidstone 

Shaw Qeorge, Wells road. Upper Sydenham 

Shearbnrn William, South street, Dorking 

Shoppee and Son, High street, Uibridge 

Shuilodi George, Taniworth road, Croydon 

Simmons Edward, Trafalgar road, Greenwicli 

Simmons William, Common, Lindfield 

Simpson Andrew, Egham hill, Eghiun 

Sims Joseph, Church row, Kiohmond 

Skelton William G. Hornchurch 

Skillun Thomas, Lower Eiimonton 

Skipp George, Market place. Bishop's Storlford 

Slegg Marljn, Cage lane, Strood 

Smith W. T. & J. Faraham road, GuUdford 

Smith Henry, Wanti road, Maldon 

Smith James, Farnham roaij, Guildford 

SmiUi John, Baslow street, Bisliop's Stortford 

Smith Kobert, Brewer street, Woolwich 

Smith Robert, High street, Luton 

Smith Thomas, Blackheath 

Smith William, St. Peter's street, St. AJhan's 

Smith William, Sydenham road, Croydon 

Smithei Henry, West street, Farnham 

Snelling Mrs. M, A. & Wm. West si, Farnham 

Snow John H. Hadham road. Bishop's Stortford 

Snowball George, Slough, near Windsor 

Sonne! James, Powis-street, Woolwich 

Sorrell John, Great Baddow 

Sorrell Jno. & Robt. New London-rd. Chelmsford 

Speakman & Haines, West-street, Farnham 

Spicet Wm. Strood, Kent 

Spiers William T. FowiB-street, Woolwich 

SpraUy Henry, ilaidenhead 

Springham (Aaths, Barrack-eround, Romford 

SpurgeoQ John, High-street, Maldon 

Spurway Jamea, High-street, Fulham 

Spnrway William, Windmill-road, Croydon 

Squire William, High-street, Watford 

Stacey William, High-street, Eton 

Stalley John, Sawbndgeworth 

Steer James, Tamworth-road, Croydon 

Stevens John, New-road, War* 

Studwick George, Nwtli-street, Guildford 

Stump Alfred, Bromptoa 

Sudbury John, Ualstead 

Sugden John, Lower Sydenham 

Sutor Janiea, Royal-hill, Greenivich 

Sutton & Vaughan, Waterside, Maidstone 

Sutton, Walter i Goodwin, Westborough, Maid- 

Swayne WilEam, Stoka-road, Guildford 
Sweet WiUiam, Old Palace-terrace, Richmond 
Syrae James, Wells-road, Upper Sydenham 
Taft John, Colham, Ilillingdon 
Tarrant George, Lion-yard, Sittingbonmo 
Taylor & Son, Church-streat, Rickmanaworth 
Taylor Edward, the Village, Lewisham 
Taylor John, Kimj-streel, Woolwidi 
Taylor Thomas, High-street, Staines 
Thick Jamts, Nortb-road, Old Brentford 
Thorn W ill jam, Broad-green, Croydon 
Thornton Henry, West-Street, Raigate 
Thornton Richard, High-stieet, Beigat» 
Thorpe John, Mount Kphralm, Tunbridge WaUi 

Treadaway George, Handcroft-road, Croydon 

Trigg John, Clarence-street, Kingstan-on-Thamea 

Tugwell James, New-street, Horsham 

Turner William, East-street, Coggeshall 

Tyler William, Hatfield 

Vickers John, Church-street, Dunstable 

Wakelin W. H. Ealing 

Walker Thos. T. London-st. Engston-on-Thamos 

Walkey William S. St. James's-road, Croydon 

Waller J. &. Thomas, Waterside, Dartford 

Waller David, Cburch-streot, Croydon 

Watdle Henry E. Colomau-Btreet, Woolwich 

Warner Samuel, Dell-lane, Bishop's Stortford 

Warner Samuel, BUekheath 

Warren Thos F. Stevenage 

Warwici William, Biyanatoo larrace, Beading 

Watchurst and Sons, Brompton 

Waterman James, Higi street, Watford 

Waters Wm. Searsbrook road, Croydon 

Wayt Chas. Fulham fields, Middlesex 

Webb Francis, Blackheath 

Webb James, Dagnal lane, St- Alban'i 

Webb James, Hatfiiild 

Webb William, Ballington 

Webber, George, Wanti road, Maldon 

Wells John, Ki^'s rood. Beading 

Wells Thomas, Hammond place, Chatham 

Wells William, New road, Woolwich 

Wenbom Thomas, Chisleburst 

Went John, High street, Strood 

West John, High street, Strood 

West Bichard, Prentice street, Strood 

West Samuel, Stoke fields, Gniliford 

West Thomas, Handcroft roail, Croydon 

Wheeler William, Twickenbam gm., Twickenham 

White Henry & Charles, Chisleburst 

White Henry, High street, Dunstable 

Wbite James, High street, Dunstable 

White Jamea, Brentwood 

White John, Fnlham fields 

;, Google 


t 1860. 

White Thai. North iliMt, Bomtord 

WhJt« Yincrait C, Pinner 

White WlUiMn, Boee rtreet, WokinghMn 

White W. Hom»rd streets Koadiog 

Wickens George, Slough, near Windsor 

WiggB A. S. Knee l«r. Dock l&ne, Edmonton 

Wilcoi Mis. M. A- & Son, W^h-st FaUuuo 

Wilcox Benjamin, Enight'B hUl, Norwood 

Wilkins Junes, fiigh atreet, Chatham 

Wilkins ThomaE, Sgb street^ ChatJiam 

Willana Oeoige H. &twler roao, Hilling;doD 

Willianu Job, E^eld hiebwar, EnfieU 

Williama William, Beretiord street, Woolwich 

Willicombe Geo. Camden road, Timbridge Wells 

Willieombe,Wm.CBlTBileypl. Tanbridge Wells 

Willia George, Bobne lane, Fulham 

Wilson Wilfiain, Ttoj town, Boebester 

Winter Jameo, Brentwood 

Winteibom John, Strenfield, Brentwood 

Witt Thos, J, Witley place "" " " 

Wood Francis, Chislebnnt 

Wood George, Coohara 

Wood Samnel, Fore street, Edmonton 

Wood, WilliaJU, 41, Wmdmill street, Graresend 

Woodbndge Cbarlw, Roner 

Woodbridge Jason, Pinner 

WoodbridgeWilliftm, Maidenhead 

Woodroffe William H. Bridge street. Beading 

Woods Williani, PalawlTOad, Snrbiton 

Woodward George, St.tetor'a street, St. Alban's 

Woolger Thos. Eahor 

Wren, Wm. Bock mounl^ Mount Epbraim road, 

Tunbridie Wells 
Wright WiSiam, Twickenham green, Twickenham 
i^att James, Boiley road, Maidstone 
WjeCb John, High street, HoudbIow 
Tonng Edward, St Peter's street, St. Alban's 
Tonng Henry, South street, Bishop's BtodJord 


Abraham John, tlford 

Adams George, Bdenbridge 

Adams Peter, Handercroft road, Croydon 

Aldiidge Sobert, West street, Horsham 

Allen Philip & Jas, Bancroft street, Hitchin 

Allen Alfred, Crow lane, Bochestn' 

Allen George Henry, Maidstone rd. Boehester 

Allen James, George street, Greenwich 

Allen John, Bocbf ord 

Altman, John, High-street, StAines 

Amey James, Spital road, Maldon 

Anderson Joseph, Pork street, St. Alban's 

Andrews Isaac, Town field street, Chelmsford 

Andrews J. C. Epsom 

Antiiii William, Military road, Chatham 

Anseombe Amon, Lini^eld. 

Apps William, hatou, Chatham 

Arnold George Fan-. St. Peter's street, St Alban's 

Arnold John, Calrerley toad, Tanbridge Wells 

Arnold William, CalTerley road, Tnnbridge Wells 

Arrow James, HeaHi street, Barking 

Ash Henry G. Cambridge groTe, Norbiton 

Ash William, High street Tanbridge 

Ashdown William, Lowfield street, Barttord 

AUuDs George, Farwi^ B«imley 

Attfleld, West street, Famham 

Aniton William, Ephiaim ter 'nmbridge Well* 

Anstin William, Bnghton road, Sarbiton 

Bacon Benjamin, Brentwood 

Baker Charles, North end, Fnlham 

Baker Henry, Cbatham 

Baker James, Union street, Uaidstone 

Baker Jobn, Sevenoaks 

Baker John, Arandel road, Dorldiig 

Baker John, Colebrooke place, Tanbridge 

Banked JunM, 6 Feppercrof t street, QiaTcsend 

Baptie WiUiun, Coldbath street, Qreoiwich 

Barber Alfred, Foriltiid villas, Bicbmond 

Barke Samael, Bichmond road, Twiekaiham 

Barnes Tliomas, Hadlow 

Barret William, Tnmham green 

Barton John, Hadlow 

Bate Biehard, Delce lane, Rochester 

Bates John, Wheeler street, Maidstone 

Bates John, Union street, Maidstone 

Bates Sha^ack, Charlywood, Bickmansworth 

Bathorat Henry, Five Bell luie, Boehester 

Bathurrt Josepli, 8 New Covenant pi. Boehester 

Beagley, Stoke road, Guildford 

Bea^ Mrs. Mary Ann, Qrove lodge, Moont Sion, 

Tnnbridge Wells 
Beard George & John. Chnrch street, Co^eehall 
Beavington James, High-street, Fulham 
Beckett James, Zuoilingplace, Marlow 
Beeching John, Carfax, Horsham 
Belcbamber Robert, Hampton wick 
BeL Giles, 1 Orange terrace, Boehester 
Bell Giles L. High street, Chatham 
Bell WUliiuii, Boyal hill, Greenwich 
Beves Thomas, London road, Tnnbridge Wells 
Bevington William Jss. 81 East ter. Oravesend 
Bidden & Son, Oimond row, Bichmond 
Bitton William, Enfield town, Enfield 
Bint James, St. Andrew's street Hertford 
Birch WiUiam, Castle street Famham 
Blackwell Edward, Boley hill, Rochester 
Bond Henry, Blackheath 
Bone John, High street, Staines 
Boniwell Bafus, Dake street, Richmond 
Bonghton Wm. Red Lion street, Chesham 
Bowshall Robert Boward road, Dorking 
Bozall Stephen, Wood street, Woolwich 
Bradshaw Williani, King street Maidstone 
Breens George, Dford 
Brewer John, Paradise road, Richmond 
Brickf ord William, Upper HiJI stieet, Richmond 
Bridge Henry, Camden road, Tnnbridge WcUs 
Bright Thos. New road, Boraford 
Brooks Edward, East Qrinstesd 
Brown John, Silver street. Beading 
Brown W, C, Eshec 

liomas. New Brentford 

Bnttaidge Henry, HUl rise, Bichmond 
Burgoine Williun, Fishpool street, St Alban's 
Bumingham Benjamin, Greenwich rd. Greenwich 
Burmingham Edwin, Castle street, Famham 
Bnrton John, Sawbridgeworth 
Caddy Henry, Five Bells lane, Boehester 
Canham Jamea, 3 James terrace Newmarket road, 
Cambridge (we advertiteauHt) 

Card Cornelias High itreet, Tnnbrid^e 

Carleaa Thomas James, George street, Richmond 

Carpenter Hemy, Hampton wick 

Gaii>eiiter James, HadloB road, Tnnbridge 

Carpenter J. L. Gage green, Hadlow 

Carpenter Richard, Addlestone, Chertsey 

Camithers William, West atreet, Reigate 

Carter James, Oreenawaj place, Lewisbam 

Carter Robert, Quoiting place Marlow 

Castle John, Viller-B road, Hertfonl 

Canatoo Sobert, North street, Barking 

Champness Samnel, Epping 

Clare Eobert, Upper Sydenham 

Chart George, Boxhai, Dorking 

Chatfield Biohard, Sevenoaks 

Cheek JoEeph, Church road, Upper Norwood 

Chesire James, Low. Mailows, Hemel Hempstead 

Chiffej Thomas, King st. Troy town, Rochester 

Chilton John, High street, Chesbam 

Chitty John, Mai^ g^^ Richmond 

Chnter S. & J. Epsom 

Clark Arthur, Wtite horse street, Baldock 

Clark George, Carshalton 

GlaA Samael, Nurton street Baldock 

Clark WiUiijn, Lemsf ord mills, Hatfield 

Clothar George, Meeting house lane, Chatham 

Clontt Tbomas, Ashford road, Maidstone 

autt«rbuck W. Ealing 

Cockett Charles, Union street, Maldon 

Colbran Walter, Calverley road, Tnnbridge Wells 

Coles James, High street, Rickmansworth 

Collins Philip, Saveooakfl 

Combes William H., Chapel street, Woolwich 

Cook Thomas, Lonsdale cottages, Finchley 

Cooke John, Wesleott, Dorking 

Coomber Samuel, Sevenoaks 

Cooper Thonua, Caveishimi road, Reading 

Corpe Thomas, Baker street, Enfield 

Cornell Willioio, DeToil's lano, Bishop's Stortford 

Cotton Andrew, FrovidoQce place, Loampit bill, 

Couchman John, High street, Stiood 
Coveney Richard, Chatham 
Cos James, Brand street, Greenwich 
Crake Robert, Chapel itoeet, Marlow 
Crane William, Chase side, Enfidld 
Cropley William, Duck lane, Edmonton 
Darwell Richard, Church street, Chesbam 
Davis Thomas, Powia street, Woolwich " 
Daris Thomas, New Brentford 
Davis William, Baker street, Enfield 
Davey Abraham. Market phice, Romtord 
Dawson William, Albion street, Croydon 
Day Mark C. High street, Croydon 
Day Wiiliom, Whitehall Line, Maidstone 
Day William, Romford 

Dellar John, HoystoL 

Dew Frederick, Staines road, Hoanslow 

Dewdney Wm. East parade, Horsham 

Dickenson H. A. Hadhom road. Bishop's Stortford 

Dicker John, Edenbridge 

DockeriR Robt, Honiohurch 

Dome H. Wm. Breotstreet, Hendon 

Donmall John, Chistehorst 


Dove Thos. St Matguvt'a street, Rochester 
Draper Henry, Silver street, Enfield 
Drew & Son, upper Hill stiiset, Richmond 
Dunk Thos. Railway road, Tunhridge Welb 
Dunn Benjamin, Sonthampton street, BeAding 
East Francis. Dulwich 
East John, Edenbridge 
Easton Chas. & Geo. Bell street, Beigate 
Easton J. London road, Hounslow 
EdridgeMiB.S. Enfield highway, Enfield 
Eldred D. Mount pleasant, Lewisham rd. Gmwch. 
Eldred Geo. Lower Marlows, Heme! Hempstead 
Ellis James, Fore street, Harlow 
Elmore John, King street, Maidstone 
Emery George, Minster stieet, Reading 
English Jas. A. Howard road, Dorking 
Everet Edwin 2 Bentley street, Graveseud 
Everindon Geo. Union road, Maidstone 
Everist Geo. Duppas hill place, Croydon 
Evershed Wm. Dolwich 
Eydmann Chas. J, Turnham green 
Farley John, Weston hill, Upper Norwood 
Farr Robt. & Son, Chase side, Enfield 
Fair Fredk. Tembroke road, Baklock 
Field Saml. Tovil, Maidstone 
Fisher Jos. Bell stieet, Reigate 
Foreman Wm., High street, Watford 
Forstor Wm. Higi street, Milton 
Foster & Mulvy, Hampton wick 
Foster W Esher 

Foster W. Church street, Lower Mitoham 
Poster Wm. Tilehouse street, Hitchin 
Franklin Henry, Hadham road, Bishop's Stortford 
Freemonile Henry, Church end, Finchley 
French Charles, Wimbush lane, Hitobin 
Fry Thomas, Gt. George street, Godalming 
Funaell Charles, Ely lane, Tnnbridge Wells 
Gale James, Turnham green 
Gale Richard W. Turnham green 
Gallup Richaod, Hanworth road, Honnslun 
Galyer John, Godstone 
Gardener M., Church stteet, CoggeshalJ 
Gare Samnel, Friar street, Beadmg 
Gamer Edwu^ North street, Horsham 
Garrard Samuel, Bochford 
Gascoyne Thomas S. Park road, Richmond 
Goskin Wm. Addiscombe road, Croydon 
Gates Stmheo, Crawley 
Gateum Wm. East street, Famham 
- Gaie Robert, Hare street, Romtord 
Gee Walter, Kingston hill, Kingston-on-Thames 
Giles Jno. Brighton road, Snrbiton 
Ghisscock John L, Bishop's Stortiord 
Godfrey L. New street, Henley-on-Thames 
Goodwin D. Edenbridge 
Gobs William, London road, St Alban's 
Ooswell Thomas, King's road, Reading 
Oreenstreet James, Parroei street, Gravesend 
Griggs Henry, Amwell end. Ware 
Groom Geoi^e, Marlows, Hemel Hempstead 
Grover, John and Francis, Ealing 
GnmbellWiLiam, High street, Dartford 
Guy Thomas, Ballard's lone, Finchley 
H^ George, High street, Woolwich 
Hall Thomas, Windsor sbeet, Ujcbridg* 
Hammond Thomas, Camden rd. Tunbridge Wells 

i 1S60. 

Harding Thomas, W«st atreet, Famhant 

HarrinrtoQ Jamca, Church st. Bishop'a Stortford 

EarriB John, BoUuaj villas, Kichmond 

Haxris Thomas, Dulwich 

Hanis William, Downing stzeet^ Faroham 

Hartwell John, Jonior, London road, St. Alban's 

Eaira Thomas, Brentwood 

Hajwaid Henry, Falbridge, MaldoD 

Heath and Sons, Ealing lane, Old Brentiord 

Heatley James, Portland road. South Korwood 

TTp nnin g Charles, Church street, Chiswick 

Hicklin Hency Myrtle street, Croydoo 

Hickmott Tim. J. Victoria rd: Tunbridge Wells 

Hoad William H. High street, EHbam 

Holding William, Church street, Qreenwich 

Boldsworth John, West street, Beigale 

Holgate Joseph, Ihinmow 

Holmes James, Chipping hill, Witham 

Holmes William, High street, Cliatham 

Holt Thomas, Mill end, BicVunans worth 

Henley William, Park street, Hor^bam 

Honywood ilohn. South street, HorBbain 

Hooker Edward, Forest hill, Sydenhara 

Houghton Hy. & Sou, Mount Pleasant, Kichmond 

Hoose John, Quarn cottage, Qodstone 

Howard Ezra, High street, Hemel Hempstead 

Hull Heniy, High stieet, Uibridge 

Hull Kobert, Wanti road, Maldon 

Humphreys Henry W. Green, Twickenham 

Hunt Bicbard, Addlestone, Chertsey 

Hunt William, Guildford street, Chertsey 

Huntley Thomas. Chatham street. Beading 

Hutt Thomas, Hiil street, Richmond 

Izard John, Peter street, Harlow 

Jackion Henry, Farm pi. Walham gm. Folham 

Jay Frederick, Nets road, Chathura 

J^ery Benjamin, Cucltfield 

Jeftery Henry, Frant road, Tunbridge Wells 

Jenkins George, Common, Finchley 

Jennings Wifiiam, Delce lane, Rochester 

Johnson Thos. Cburch street, Gtodalming 

Johnson William, the Green, lUchmond 

Jones William, Go New road, Gravesend 

Jury Edirard, Brook, Chatham 

Kemp James, High street, Bromley 

Kimber James. Guildford road, Farnham 

King Henry, Silver street, Edmonton 

King James, Liodtield 

King James, Portland road. South Norwood 

King Thomas, Wantz road, Maldon 

King William, Edenbridge 

Kitchener Sam. Bury mill end, Hemel Hempstead 

Knight Stephen, Cuckfield 

Laugland Lawrence & Son, Epsom 

Langridge Sam. Selhurst road, Cioydoo 

Lawrence George. Epping 

Lawrence John, Falkland road, Dorking 

Lawrence Thomas, Merton lane, Mitcham 

Lawrence Thomai, Railway stieet, Hertford 

Lbm James, Ballard's lane, Finchley 

Leigh Edward, Edenbridge 

Leigh Stephen, Edenbridge 

London John, High street, Tunbrideo 

Long William, Hcd Lion street, Eichmond 

Longs S, E. & Son, Marsh gate, Richmond 

Lock J. Ealing 

Mace GeoTgB, Laton, Chatham 

March Henry, London road, Fulham 

Marlow Fred. Twickenham greerk, TwiekeahMn 

Msnh Jamet, Eniing 

Maacall George, Bloke road, Qnlldford 

Martin Alfred, Warwit^ road, Tunbridge Wella 

ManhaU Williun, Bochfort 

Mason and Son, Mill mead, Gatldford 

Matthews Thos. & Jas. Cattie St. Berkbamptteiid 

Mailed John, High-slieet, Elthara 

Mead Joseph, London road, St. Albaa'a 

Mead Simesji, Cowbridge. Hertford 

Merral William, ^ode street, Chatham 

Middencroft John, Grays 

Miles John, East Grinstead 

Miles William, 7 Pomona place, Fulham 

Mills Frederick, High street, Chatham 

Mills James, Garden ro»d, Tunbridge Wells 

Moon, Mrs. Jane & Sons, High street, Guildford 

Moore Elizabeth and Son, West street Dorking 

Moore Philip & John, Mead row, Godalming 

Moore Cliarfes B. Artillery place, Woolwich 

Moore George B. Brew house lane. Putney 

Moore Jos. Surbiton hill, KiDgBlon-on-Thamed 

Moore William, Addiscombe road, Croydon 

Mooiey and Carmain, Red Lion street, Richmond 

Morgan Henry, High street, Tunbridge 

Morris James, New Brentford 

Morris William, Deptfcsrd bridge, Greenwich 

Morun Williani, Bromley 

Moss Robert, 10 Edwin street, Gravesend 

Monid Lestock, Poudcr's end, Enfield 

Moolden George, Stevenage 

Myriog C. Ealing 

Nash Mrs. H. West street, Farnham 

Naston Francis, Fore street, Harlow 

Naylar, Wm. Queen's row, Troy town, Rochester 

Neighbour Edwd. H. Orleans road, Twickenham 

Newman Jaa. i York villas, Twickenham 

Newstead R. Goose poole, Chertsey 

Newton Joseph, Fore street, Harlow 

Nicholls W. P. Potter street, HarUiw 

Nightingale Ed. Thos. Pork lane, Reigate 

Noakes Edmund, Railway toad, Tonbridge Wells 

Norman Richard, East Grinstead 

Norris Henry. Hertford 

Norris James, Albion street. Heading 

Oddsn Thomas, 19 Bmcswick road, Otaveeend 

Owens Charles, George street, St. Alban's 

OwthwaiteRbt. Market pla-e, Henley-OD-ThMUce 

Fainter Francis, Burroughs, Hendon 

Palmer George, Hadlow 

Pankhurst Thomas. Colver street, Chatham 

Farfitt William, Shirley 

Parkins Thos, Villiers road, Hertford 

Parsley Edmund R 6 Trafalgar road, Greenwich 

PascaU William, Colver street, Chatham 

Fearless Peter, Lindfield 

Perry John, Farson's lane, Halstead 
Petfirs Leonard, Primrose hill, Tunbridge 
Picknell George, Wharf street, Godalming 
Piddlesdon John, London toad, Tunbridge Wells 
Pitcher Thos. and Son, the Village, Lewishm 
Pink Robert, East Grin£tea4 


PointM George, 3 Tetrace street, GraTesend 

Potter John, Wanti road, Maldon 

R»tt William, High street, Harlow 

Priestley Abrahajti, Bercsford atreet, Woolwich 

Pdlen Wm, New street, Chelmsford 

Qainnel Ecocb, Hartaliind. Sevenoaks 

Rajfield George Toyil, MiidalOM 

Bedgrave John, 3ij, Wrothatn road, OraTeseod 

Bead Samnel, Old Waddon road, Croydon 

Richard Joshua, Addlestone 

Richardson Je^se and Son, Carshalton 

Richardson William, Powis street, Woolwich 

Kdley James, * Qnosn street, Qnvesend 

Robins H. Unioti street, Troy town, Rochester 

BobioEOn Francis, Dulwich 

Booke JoHpb, Richmood road, Twickenham 

Rose George, Lnton, Chatham 

Bo89 T. EaUng 

Ronse Johc, High itjeet, Rochester 

Russell John, St. Michael's, St. Alban's 

Russell Richard, Market pkce, Finchley 

Russell Thos, Church street, Lower Mitcham 

Saggers, Robert, Heath street, Barking 

Sau± George, Ealing 

Sawyers Henry, London road, Dorkiog 

Scott Jomea, Norton street, Baldock 

Scntt, Samuel, Sonthwater, Horsham 

SeamsJis Joseph, Fambridge rood, Maldon 

Sear Wm., Ficcot's end, Hemel Hempstead 

Shelley Mark, Butt lane, Maldon 

Shipman Isaac Moalsham street, Chelmsford 

Shipway Dartd, Common, Finchley 

Shirley John, Waddon New road, Croydon 

Shoploud William, Halford place, Richmond 

ShOTt John, Carshalton 

SiilitAe John, Victoria road, Chelmsford 

Simmons Edward, Trafalgar road, Greenviich 

Simmons Henry, C'.ic}:tield 

Sima Joseph, Church row, Richmond 

Skipp Gebrge, Market pi. Bishop's Stortf ord 

Smith Chariea, Lyndhnrst stieet, Reading 

Smith Geo. A. High street, Eltham 

Smith John, High street, Marlow 

Smith John, Silver street, Maldon 

Smith John, Baslow street, Bishop's Stortford 

Smith Samuel G Beleigh alley, Maldon 

Smith Thos. Blackheath 

Smith William, Stoneham street, Coggeshall 

Smith William, Merlin's cave, Chase side, EnJield 

Sudling William, Guildford street, Cherlaey 

Snow John H. Hadham road, Bishop's Stortford 

Sorrell Robert, Railway square, Chelmsford 

Southam William, Coiiley green, Hiotmansworth 

Squire William, High street, Watford 

Stalley John, Sawbridgeworth 

StandenWm. Little Mount Sion,Tunl)ridge Wells 

Stanford Hany P. Hampton wick 

Staples Geo. Park road. Lower Norwood 

Stapley Alfred, Dale street, Tnnbridge WeUs 

Stedbun James, North end, Fulham 

Steere Alfred G. Kew rosd, Rielimond 

Sfilwell George, T^imham green 

Stilwell John, Fisher's lane, Turnham green 

BtOQB Geo. Park, Bromley 

Stone James, Park street, Hatfield 

Stone Wm Cioriey green, Riokmanswortb 

Stringer John, East stnet, Dorfciog 

SfanidwJek Geo. North street, Goildfoid 

Summers John, 1 Sheppy place, Qraveseod 

Sweet Wm. Old Palace tenvce, Richmond 

TarTKut Geo. Lion yard, SittingboDine 

Taylor Chas. Holmwood, Dorking 

Taylor Geo. Holmwood, Doiking 

Taylor Geo. T. Trafalgai rowl, Greenwich 

Taylor James, Royal Hill, Greenwich 

Teeter John, Spital street, Dartford 

Thompson Jesse, Grays 

Thonilon Henry, Weat street, Reigate 

Thornton Richd. High street, Reigate 

ThoTogood Geo. High street, Roml<^ 

Tiller Alfred F. George street, Richmond 

Tink John, Fulham fiehla, Middlesex 

TdU Robt Stevenage 

Tompkins Sam. St. James's road. Tnnbridge Wells 

Tnckwell Geo. 12 Royal HiU, Greenwich 

Turner & Wooster, Ecowle green, Staines 

Turton Robt. Back street, Bovston 

Wales Epbraim, Woat gteea, Crawley 

Walliugton Nathan, High street, Rickmansworth 

Walker Fdward, South street, Dorking 

Warner Samuel, Dell lane, Bishop's Stortford 

Warren Thos. Hampton wick 

Warren Wm. Haughfield, Hadlow 

Webb Francis, Blackheath 

Webb Thos. Cartridge lane, Cheaham 

Webb Wm. Hillingdon 

Weeks Geo. Grove hill rood, Tnnbridge Wells 

Weller James, Cariax, Hor^am 

Wenborn Thos. Chislehurst 

West Sam. North place, Guildford 

Workham David, Howard street, Reading 

Wheeler Wm. Twickenham green, TwitkeLham 

White John, Fulham fields, Middlesex 

Whittle Ohver, Ilealh lane, Twickenham 

Wilkins James, Uigh street, Chatham 

Willingaie Joseph, Wantz road, Maldon 

Willis George, Bontine lane, Fulham 

Willmott Gen. Blackheath 

Wilson Wm. Calverley fields, Tunbridge Wells 

Winlield Wm. Castle street, Hertford 

Winniford Henry, Camden road, Tnnbridge Wells 

Wood Francis, Cbislehnist, Kent 

Wood Joseph. Ilford 

Wood Sam., Fore street, Edmonton 

Woodbridge Stephen, Birkbeok rd. Low. Norwood 

Woodroffe Thos. St. Margaret's Tunbridge 

Woolger Thos. Eshtr 

Wooiley Thos. Rome lane, Chatham 

Wrifiht & Son, High street, Eton 

Wright Henry, Hill street, Woolwich 

Wright Wm. Vale, Blackheath 

Wyatt Jno. Forest hill, Sydenham 

Young Charles. Walham green, Middlesei 

Young Hen. South street, Bishop's Stortford 


Naylor Vickers & Co. Sheffield (fee adv.) 

See LmE xsD Cekskt. 

, Google 



Tye John, BO Moland street, BirmmghBm^MeaiJv.j 

HodBon &. Son, Stntford Toad, Stratford 
FoisUr & Co. New Brentford, Middleeex 
Johnson G. J. High elieet, Chatham 
Johnson John, Eew bri^e. Old Brentford 
North British Cokinr Company, Norih British 
Colonr Works, Leith, near Edinburgh (see ade.) 
Smith T. Corel lane, Chelmstc«i3 


Carter & Co, Stratford road, Stratford 
Canch S. P. MaldoD 
Dann Qeo. High street. Maidstone 
Jones Thoe. Snibiton Hill, KingBton-on-Thamei 
Eiddill James, The Wash, HecUord 
Favrson Saml. Sevenaaka 
SimmonB Thoa. Coonty place, Maidstone 
TronghtoD & Beran, Grareaend 
Wbite R. High street, Sittingbonme 
Willett John, Batii street, l£idstone 
Williams John & Son, Bneklersboiy, Hitchin 
Arlej Pottery Comp., Alley, woris, near Bewdley, 

Union passage, Birmingham, & 22 Ludgate 

street, London (see advertUemeiilJ 
Blaahfietd John Marriott, Terra Cotta Manofac- 

tarer of Chimney Pots, BilustetB, Vaaea, Coping, 

Trasses, &c. Stamford, Lincolnsbire ; sjid 1 

Praod street, Paddington 
Boumo VaU^ Pottery Co. Poole, Dorset 
Clayton & Wright, Bamet Comjnon 
Cove Chas, Homchnrch 

Gibbs & Canning, Tamworth, Stafford, (^«e adv.J 
Gilbert Wm. Twidale, Tipton, South StaffordshirB 
Looker Ben. jnn. Kingston-on-Thames 
Marshall oJseph, Brent street, Hendon 
Marshall Ed. H, Norwood pottery. Low. Norwood 
Matthews John, Sterenage 
Miller John, London road, Tnnbridge WeUs 
Montane DaTid, Leigh, near Bochford 
Pascal! Thoa. South Norwood 
Bichardson Wm. Cage green, Tnnbridge 
Stone and Swallow, Ejuom 

Fenton Sas. High street, Croydon 
Forde Henry Charles, Wimbledon 
Gosling Wm. & Son, Wellington street, Woolwich 
Homersham Samuel Colletl, £Imhouse, Bidgway 

place, Wimbledon 
Johnson Wm. 16<> Bachanan street, Glasgow 
Marshall J. G. B. Oxford street, Reading 
CHagan Ben. Doncan pL Chatham 
Shaw Thos. L. Ivy cottage, Pnlham 
Spice Bobert Poulson, The Green, Bichmond 
Williams Jno. S. Alma pL Now Hillingdon 

Alabaster Boger, Barrack ground, Bomf ord 
Applegarth Augustus, Daftford 
Bamsley Thos. John, Henley'on-Thame) 

Baale Joshua T. East Oreanwvh 

Bloom and Chalklers, Brand sbeet, Hitchin 

Brown and May, Nort^ Wilts Foundry, Denies 

(iee adnertuemerU) 
Brown J. & Sons, MaAet street, Maidstone 
Burgess & Key, Ongar road, Brentwood 
Cair John, Bulway station, Hitchin 
Carrett Marshall, &. Co, Sun Fonndiy, Leeds 
Carter John, North street, Romford 
Carter Joseph, Peak hill, Sydenham 
Cartwight Wm. Moore park road, Fulham 
ClaA utchard, Farrock street, Gravesend 
dayton, Shattleworth, & Co. Stamp end wcrics, 

Coleman & Sons, New London rood, Chelmsford 
Davis Jas. Low. Marlows, Hemel Hempstead 
Dnnlop John M. Gt. Marlborough st. luncheater 
Easterbrook and Allcaid, Albert works, Sheffield 
Gddington Alfd. A, Wm. New sL wiks, Chelmsford 
Edwards Walter, Vemlam st. St. Alban's 
Fletcher, Jennings & Co. Lower engine wcAs, 

FVoet Wm. Brewer's lane, Hertford 
Gardiner Bobert, High sbeet, Kttingboume 
Qurett B. Maidstone 

Qongh Charles H. Camden Honse, South Norwood 
Hall John & Edwd. Eythe street, DarUord 
Harconrt Thos. St. Peter's street, St. Alban's 
Haprood Jos. jun, FhiBniz foundry, Derby {tee 

Hillsdon John, West eod, Tring 
Hnrren Edwd. & Bon, Market pi. ffishop's Sbxtford 
Leach John, High stieet, Hounslow 
Lewis Geo. Honnslow 
Marshall John, High street, Dartf ord 
Martin & Purdie, Kent Iron Works, Fowii street, 

MUeB & Co. Forest MU station, Sydenham 
MUliiigton Jonathan, Toril hill, Maidstone 
MitcheU Wm. L. Waterloo road, Uibridge 
Moore Joseph, Sevenoaks, Kent 
Moss John, Qugiting place, Marlow 
Newton Hemy, Market pL Bo'mf ord 
PascaU Charles, South Norwood 
Penn & Son, Greenirich 
Piper Henry, Hevock street, Maidstone 
Pooley & Son, Albion Foundry, Liverpool 
Prentis & Qaidnei, Waterside, Maidstone 
Priest and Woolnongh, Kingston-on-Thamea 
Eauflomes & Sims, Ipswich 
Baatrict Henry, Woking 
Bawlings James, Eneeeworth street, Boyston 
Byott Anthony, 17 High street, Eochester 
Scott Thos. BUckheath road, Blackheath 
Skerman, John, Turkey Eitreet, Enfield 
Smith & Coventry, Chapel sL Salford. Manchester 
Siuith & Hawkes, Kagle Foundry, Birmingbam 
Soames & Evans, East Greenwich 
Spencelayn W. & R, Medvray works, Bochester 
Stacey Geo. High street, Uibridge 
Sudbury & Son, Bridge street, Halstead 
Sworder 'G. Ed. Nortt street. Bishop's Storttord 
Taylor Charles, Bridge road, Chertsey 
Taylor Thoa. New &nipton 
Taylor Thos. Market pL HerUoi^ 
Thixnos Jno. High slnet, Strood 

, Google 

> ISflO. 

Tidconbe Geo, Wstford 

Todd & Co. ftidge street, Greenwich 

Tmver Owen, North end, CrojAan 

Varty N«th. Kneesworlh street, Hojeton 

Vernon Gnoige, Armourjf lane, Enfield 

Wturen Wm. Barrack ground, Bomford 

Watte JameB, Fottw srteet, Bishop's Storttotd 

Webb John, New Hamptwi 

Wedlake & Deady, Homcharch 

We^ Wm. Maidstone 

Williamson Brothers, Canal Icon Works, Kendal 

(tfe adutrtisanaUj 
Willi* & Co. Cowlej rosd, Uxbridge 
Wileon Wm. Lily Bank Boiler Works, Glasgow 
Woodboase Wm. Little Trieg 


Porter J. T. K & Co. Mannfactnrera of the National 
Coat Gaa Apparatus for PiiTste ReEidenc«9, &c. 


Graings Hy. & Daniel & Co. High it. TJxbridge 
Oxlej' & Co. St. Mary's Faisonage, Manchester 
SteeU George and William, Kew road, Richmond 
Walker WiUiam, Victoria Iron Foundn", York 
West George, Victoria street road, Surbiton 
Naish Wm, Newp<»t, Monmouthshire (^Set adv.") 

Alabaster Boger, Barrack Ground, Bomford 
Applegaith AngoetaB, Dartford 
Ashby John, St. James's Works, Croydon 
Anster Ey. W. Skinner la. Dean st Birmingham 
Barrett, Snail, & Andrews, Kate's grre, Riding 
Barrett Thos. Hertford 
Bartlett George, West street, Dorking 
Beale Joahuit T. East Greenwich 


BeTan Siae. 15 High street, Gravesend 
Bh>om and Chalkleys, Hitcbin street, Baldoek 
Bozall Richard, East street, Horsham 
Brigg Thos. Luton 
Bro<m & Gheen, George street, Lntou 
Brown and May, North Wills fonndiy, Deviies 

Ciee advertUenictit') 
Catt & Son, Borne lane, ChatJuun 
Clark Jsa. Farrcck street, Gravesend 
Clayton, Shnttleworlh £ Co. Lincoln 
Coleman & Sons, Now London road, Chelmsford 
Crawley Wm. West end, Tri^ 
Davis Jas. Marlows, Hemel mmpstead 
Dnnlop Jno. M. Qt. Marlborongh st. Manchester 
Eddington Alfd. & Wm. New st wtks, Chelmsford 
fibner & Mason, 119 High street. Oaildford 
Fletcher, Jennings &, Co. Lowca Engine Works, 

Garrett &. Sons, LeistOD Works, Saxmnndham, 

BuHolk; London Warehouse, S4 St John si 

Bii<lhuie,N.B. C^ adetrtittnifnl) 
Garret B. Maidstone 

Gill Thos. e9 High street, Onildftnd 

Greenwood Fredk. Falbridge, Maldon 

Quest Chiimes, Rotherham 

HaU Jna & Edward, Hythe street, Dartloid 

Hanier & Co. Albion works, Willenhall, Stails. 

Harris Stephen, Hisbst Kingston-on-Thames 

Hawkins James, BtUlingdou 

Haywood James jun. Phmniz foundry, Derby (iei 

Hill A, Smith, Brierley Hill Ironworks, Stafford- 
shire ^M oAertiaement) 
Hodges John, High street, Tunbridge , 

Hughes Wm. Causeway, Bishop's Stortford 
Ingold John, Bishop's Stortford 
Isaacs Jno. Bull pi Bin, Hertford 
Isaac Robert, Kneesworth stzeet, Royston 
Kirkham Ricbd. Bridge street, Coggeshall 
Maciaren & Co. Eglinton foundry, Glasgow 
Marks Israel, Bridae st Greenwich 
Marshall Jno. High street, Dartford 
Martin & Purdie, Powis street, Woolwich 
Moss JohD, Northfield end, Heuley-on-Thamea 
Newman Glea. Dagnall lane, SL Atban's 
Pooley & Son, Albion Foundry, Liverpool 
Priest & Woolnongh, Kingiton-onTThames 
Prentis & Gardner, Waterside, Maidstone 
Robinson Joseph, High street, Berkhampstead 
Ryott Anthony, 17 High street, Rochester 
Salter Job Jeffery, Great Butstead, BiUericay 
Seale John, High street, Tanbridge 
Smith T. & Sons, 4 New Bartholomew street, 

Birmingham (jm advtrlisement) 
Smith & Hawkea, Eagle foundry, Birmingham 
Stacey Geo. High street, Dibridge 
Swmnock Edwi North stieei, Guildford 
Taylor Thos. Market place, HertJord 
Thomas Jno. High street, Strood 
Tidcombe Geo. Watford 
Todd & Co. Bridge street, Greenwich 
Troaghton and Bevan, 16 High street, Gravesend 
TniBtiam Joseph W, Fishpoorst St Alban'a 
Walker Wm. Victoria Foundry, Walingate, York 
Watson Fredk. Church street, Bishop's Stortford 
Weeks Wm. Maidstone 

Wedlake and Dendy, Union Foundry, Homchuich 
Wells Mrs. S. High street, Ware 
Wilder Mrs. Bell street, Henley-on-Thamea 
Wilder James, Hall place, Beading 
Willis Jno. Pudding lane, Maidstone 
Wood Jas, High street, Berkhampstead 
Banks James, Derby sqnare, Liverpool (see adv.) 

ntON BOOFINO, &c. 
Morton Francis & Co., Manufacturers of Corrugated 
& Oalvanized Iron, andof Iron Roofs &Buildings; 
alSD of the Patent Cable Wire Strand Rail- 
way Fencing. Weigh Machines, Suspension 
Midges, &c, &c, James Street^ Liverpool 
Kridge & Son, Milt«n, Sittingboume 
Greenwood Frederic, Hish sUeet, Chelmsford 
Hammond & Furrott, High stnet, Cn^r^on 
Kirkhonse T. W. FaverBham 


Hariu loul, Biidge itraet, Greenwich 
Portwaj C. High sheet, Halstesd 

Ad«ms Chailee J. 9 Catherine pi. Blkckheatli 
road, Greenwich 

Allcorn Edtrd. Stone Btieet, Uaiditone 

Allen Qeorge, High street, Eoddesdon 

Alhnond Wm. West street, Mailow 

Allnork Wm High street, Beigate 

Andrews Cbas. M&cket hill, Boyston 

AnEcombe Amoo, Lindfield 

Aehbj Edwd. High street, Staines 

Anlt C1urle«,'ll Granville terrace, Lewidun 

Aoster Hen, W. Skinner la. Dean Et. Birmingham 

Baker Geo. Albion road, Woolwich 

Bainea Charles, High street, Patnej 

Bames Fredk. Epping 

Batting Alfred, West street, Marlow 

Berridge Wm. High street, Windsor 

Bessell William, (Builders' Wholesale) Mannfae- 
torer of Locks, 4c. Patentee of Flooring Cramp, 
Lifting Jack, and Proprietor of Haigh's Patent 
Mortising Machine, Union sizeet, Wolverhamp- 

9. IS High street, Gkavesend 

Bishop Charles, Powis street, Woolwich 

Bissell John, Broadway, Barking 

Blacknoy James, Chiselhnrst 

Boswell G. High street, Bickmansworth 

Bowen Charles, Trafalgar road, Qreenwich 

Breens George, Hford 

Bnce John, High street, Eltham 

Brigden Mrs. Sarah, CuckReld 

Bromlej Wm. G. S. Nelson street, Gieennich 

Bum Bobert^ Epsom 

Bnirell Thouas, Eieh street, Msrlow 

Bnsbnell Joseph, Week street, Maidstone 

Complin Kobert, High street, Bamet 

Cane George and Son, Gay street. Putney 

Catchpool Kichard, Duke street. Beading 

Catt William, GalTeriey road, TDnbiidge Wells 

Canch Stowers P, High street, Maldon 

Chambers John, High street, Dunstable 

ChesawHS Wm. London road, Twickenham 

Christy Joseph, Potters street, Bishop's Stortfoid 

Clarke James, London road, Twickenham 

CoUey Mrs. Ann, Esher 

CoUitig Wm. Gabriel's hill, Maidstone 

CoUis Samoel, High street, Chelmsford 

Coltman John, High street, Godalraing 

Comiisbee Alfred, Cubham 

Cooper James, East Qrinstead 

Cooper James, Maidenhead street, Hertford 

Cooper Richard, East Qrinstead 

Copeland Frank S. Hart st. Henley-on-Thames 

Dallej Edwd. Hio-kst place, Wokingham 
Davis R Bomf ord 

Deacon Alfred, Chapel road. Lower Norwood 
Dear James, Middle row, Baldocfc 

Edwards Daniel, West stiset, Fomham 

Edwards Edmund, Church stieet, Greenwich 

Ellis C. and Son, Gabriel's bill, Maidstone 

EthertuD Mrs. Elyth, West street, Honhom 

Evett George, Spitol street, DartTord 

Fletcher James William, Market place, Bomford 

Flide Thomas, Trafalgar road, Greenwich 

Filkard George, Market place, Hertford 

Pnuiks William, Sevenoaks 

French John, Maibet hill, Coggesball 

Gardener and Son, High street, ^ham 

Gates John, High street, Heme! Hempslead 

George and Son, George street, Kchmond 

Ge^ Mrs. 1/Utj, Hatfield 

Gilbert George, High street, Tunbridge Wells 

Gil)ert Henry, 8 Grosrenor road, Tunbridge Wells 

Gilson T. J. High street, Hounslow 

Gimson Lnke, High street, Boyston 

Gladwin Frederick, Billericay 

Golding George H. Bank street, Maidstone 

Goldring T. 4 J. Clarence st. Kingston ■on-Thames 

Grainge HenJT & Daniel, & Co. High st. Unbridge 

Green L. C. Epsom 

Grigsley Stephen, Stone street, Maidstone 

Gumey Joseph, Maidenhead 

Hamilton James, Guildford street, Chertsey 

Hammond & Parrett, High street, Croydon 

BardingWiUiaro, High street, Chesham 

Harms Henry, Middle street, Hoisham 

Harrison James. Cbmi:h street, Twickenham 

Hart Chorlee, West street, Farnham 

Hatley James T. Boyal hill, Greenwich 

Hawkes Henry. High street, ReodiiiK 

Haynea&Son, (viha/etaU,) Week st. Maidstone 

Heath and Bachelor, Church street, Keigate 

Herring & Son, Hounslow 

HCTiing W. & Son, Guildford street, Chertsey 

Hockley H. C. Dnmoow 

Hmillej & Boone, London street. Beading 

Jackson Samuel, Common, Finchley 

Jackson William, Bridge street, Hitchin 

Jamea Henry, Gun street, Heading 

Joceljn William, Sawbridgeworth 

Jones B. Ealing 

Jordan Chailes, jun. Kingstreet, Milton 

Jordan Joseph, High street, Croydon 

Kiddill James, the Wash, Hertiord 

Kirkman Eobert F. WiUiogton street, Woolwich 

Killick Jamca, Bell street, Rcigata 

King John, Gabriel's hill, Maidstone 

Knight Charles, Cuckileld 

Knight Edward, High street, Maldon 

Lampard Robert, High street, Strood 

Lampen Charles, King street, Oravesend 

Lane Frank P. Edenbridge 

Lawford George, Church lane, Finchley 

Leigh Mrs. Bebecca, Tylers' green, OodstMie 

Lunbny J. H. West street, Dunstable 

Litch jfrilliam. High street. Grays 

Mabbett & Pink, C«>ielaaltO mgii it BomTot^ 



Maclean Jftmeg, Hi|^ stroet, Morlow 

ManloTe Bobt. & Bichd. Market place, St Alton's 

Mann, Baker street, Enfield 

March TTilliam, Nortli street, Bishop's Stortford 

Marriage &, Wood, Ijlarket place, Reigate 

Marshal & Sons, Blackheath 

MaHJn E. Manns, 12 Milton road, Grayasend 

Martin Noab, High street, Dsrtford 

Martin William, 14 New rood, Oraresend 

Mflflon John, High street, St Alban's 

Millard James, King's Rood, Reading 

Miller Ezra, High street, Berkhamp^ead 

Mills Frederick, High street, ChaUum 

Mills James, Heath street, Barking 

Mooie James, Old Brentford 

Morlef WiUiam, Corshalton 

Mjring G. Eoliog 

Neal UBorse, Market Place, Chesham 

Neadhun l^omas, High street, Eton 

ffewhaU John W. Powie street, Woolwich 

Nolcntt Qeoige, Hatfield 

Norris John, mgh street, dodalming 

North James, Illord 

KmiiL & Son, Fore street, Hertford 

Oulton William, Powis street, Woolwich 

Farhei? Thonuu, Nag's Head lane, Enfield 

Fossmore W.& J. Market pi. Kingston-on-Thames 

Farrott & Co. High street, Tonbridge 

Fanl Thomas, Brentwood 

Favej Charles, Dumnoir 

Peirce J. Keir road, Bichmond 

Pendry William, Addleatone, Chertsey 

Penn Qeorge, 29 High street, Bochester 

Fenson James, Chipping Ongar 

Peppercorn it Co. ftpAofesais,) Hirii st Maidstone 

Perkins Thomas, Exchange bniidjngs, Hitchin 

Pescod John, Bell street, Henlej-on-Thomea 

Phillips George, Brood street. Beading 

Phillipa Samnel S. High street^ Chelmsford 

Pickett George, West street, Horsham 

Pickett Hsmy, Calveriej road, Tonbridge Wells 

Poppleton Henij, West street, Famham 

Portwaj Charles, Halstead 

Pmdames D. W. High sbeet, Berkhampatead 

Pmdden Samnel, Market square, Hitchin 

Pryot WHIiam, Hitchda stieet, Baldook 

Pnkbam J, C. Blaokheath hill, Greenwieh 

QnT William, Kochf ord 

Ralph Hemrf, High street, Chatham 

Randall John & Son, 66 High stieet, Bochesl«r 

Richardson William, Brentwood 

Robinson Hen^ Wm. Weslow st Up. Norwood 

Rose William, Hi^ street, Chesham 

Rossiter William, High street, Dorking 

Rash William, High street, Dunstable 

Rossell Bichaid, Moilcet place, Finchley 

Sackett Edward, Bichard street, Woolwich 

Sambergne Peter L, High street Dorking 

Sampson James B. King street, Gravesend 

8eale John, High street, Tnnbridge 

Sell Beuben, Potter's street. Bishop's Stortford 

Sharp Oeo^e, Hi^ street, Bamet 

Shave ^^Uum J. East street, Horsham 

Shrewsbury Geo^e, Lower Norwood 

Sibln Jose^ Broadway, Barking 

Skeeb John, Church street, Bickmansworth 

Skinner Alfred T. High rtreel, Tonbridga 

Slater Bichard, Fore street, Edmonton 

Smart John, Breut sheet Heodon 

Smith and Co. Blackheath 

Smith John, Billericaj 

Smith John G. High street, Hemel Hempstead 

Spoucelayh Wm. H. High stzeet, Chatham 

Sporle William, Royston 

Slocey George, High street, Uxbridge 

Stan&fd Wmiam, fisher 

StoTold Thomas, Hampton 

Stiinger Thos. Upper Mitcham green, Mitcham 

StubM JoBCj^ Mudenhead 

Stoehbery Thomas, Maidenhead 

Sworder Geo, E. North street Bishop's Stortford 

Tagg Charles, Bell street Henley-on-Tbame« 

Taylor Thos. Market place, Hertford 

Thomas Edmnnd, High street Milton 

Thon^Bon Geo. Q. Nelson street Greenwich 

ThnijpMd Thos. Middle row, Baldock 

Thornton Bichd. High street, Reigate 

Tice Geo. Erham hill, Egham 

Tidy Mrs. t&ij, Epsom 

Tily Mrs. Mary and Jas. Castle street, Famham 

Toomer Bros. Hi^ street, Chatham 

Towlson Joseph, High street, Tnnbridge Wells 

Troughton & Bevan, fui^i!fsa/e) Gravesend 

Tucker Wm. Old Brentford 

Wade & Badley, Ilf ord 

Walker Abraham, High street Barcet 

Waller Jas. B. High street, Bromley 

Warner Thos. Woodcock, Dumnow 

Warren Josmh, Canaeway, Moldon 

Watte Jas. H. & Joseph, Richard street, Woolwich 

Watla Joseph, 7 Bichard street, Woolwich 

Watts, Potter's street Bishop's Slortfoni 

Weaver Bichd. Walham green 

Weekes John, High street, Dartford 

Weeks Geo. High street, Bromley 

Wells Chas. High street Wore 

West Geo. (inha/es'ile) Victoria road, Surbiton 

Whale Geo. Jas. High street, Woolwich 

Wheeler Thoe. Westow street. Up. Norwood 

White John, Union street, Barnet 

Wickenden Jno. Edenbiidge 

WUkin Hen. Calverly road, Tnnbridge Well* 

Willet John, East street, Coggeshall 

WiUet Thos. Church street, Coggeshall 

Williams Edwd. High street, Brompton 

Williams Thomas C. London street. Beading 

WUlson Geo. 6 Boyal hill, Greenwich 

WinscrBros. Hadlow 

Winter Fredk. High street Godalming 

Wintarbon Geo. Kocliford 

Wise Geo. Gardener's lane, Putney 

Wood Geo. High street, Chelmsford 

Wood jas. High street, Berkhampstead 

Woodger Edwd. ^gh street Chatham 

Woodward Edwd. Church street, Coggeshall 

Wright Mrs. H. High street Maidstone 

Wright John, Chipping Ongor 

raos LOCK Am) safe uaitufac!- 



Imperial Iron Tube Compuij, Qm itnet and 

Berkeley street, Birmingluji) 
Bnasell and Sow, Wedneetmr7 and 81 Upper 

Ground street, BUckfrian 


Ue^a J. Stratford road, Stratft^ 

Cronl Wm. Suffolk place, Sereaoak* 

Cmnawell Geo. WUton toad, Maiditon* 

Db.™ Hemy, CasUobar hill, Ealing 

Duckworth John, Hadlej 

Haonam Edwd. Ooildfwd 

Harda & Vsugbui, Chorch street, Qreenwich 

Heron & Sons, H[gh street, Uibridge 

Humbert Chos. F. Little Nascott, Watford 

Kermock Edirin, Clarence st. Eingaton-OQ-Thame* 

Lavender Thoi. High itreet, Waliord 

Lees Jno. High streiBt, B^gate 

MatOD Sam. Eden sti«et, ^Dgaton-on'TbaniDi 

Nash Joseph t John, Church street, Reiple 

P^ & Cameron, St Albui's and Old Broad st. 

Plaj^orf Geo. East Grinat««d 
Smith Chas. Church stre«, Coggeshall 
Sommerfield Bicbd. Week street, Maidatone 
Snnidge Joseph B, Church street Coggeahall 
ThonLton Wm. Market place, Bcagate 
Winding Jno. Steranage 

Creaaj H. Hitchin 
Homsby Wm. Old C 

Meale J. New CoTeni 

Newman C. Villa road, rlumstead 
South J. Bedbonm, St. Albau's 


Arnold O. V. St Peter's street, 61 Alban'i 

Atkins & Son, Wulingham, Crojdon 

Austeii Richd, Chalk-pit tana, Chatham 

BorneeOea. Chatham bill, Chatluuii 

Bills Geo. Lowfield atavet, Dartford 

BothweU 8. A: A. West street, Dorking 

Bowler C. Godalming 

Bnsbridge Luka, Chatham hill , C 

Chapman J. North rood, Hatfleld 

Cbirier J. Seale, Famham 

Coles Child & Co. Greenwich 

Cooper Mrs. E. Uibridge 

D ilHstone J. Market hSl Boyston 

DaTis & Son, Stratford, Qnildford 

Fennell Wm. Bishop's St^rlford 

Freeman Hen. C^ioiiey Wood, Bickmaniworth 

French David, Holborn whati, C " 

Oloier J. Boxmoor, Heme! HMnpstead 
Hitiili J- Star lane. Ware 
Kemp J. 0. Dutford 

Kiallmarfc & Co. Dimball, Bridgwato, & » Wharf, 
North aide, Faddington basin, London ; Depots, 
Ranugate, Dnblin, and Liverpool (« ado^ 

Matthews John, Stevenage 

Medland W. Laboom, Ooitalming 

Peters Wm. Wonldham, Bocbeetei 

Fetifer J. Sonth cod, Croydon 

Bamom Alfred, Bancroft ■tK«t,Hitdiin 

Boat J. Great Amwell, Ware 

Snow John, Bishop's Btoitiord 

Taylts JoBajdi, Woodcock hiU, Biekinanmerth 


Allen B A. Brainlree 
Aihby and Son, IsUwoitb 
Barrett Thomas, Luton 
Beck E. Islewodh 

Beadle Charles inn. High street, Erith 
Bennett W. Gillingham lane, QMtham 
Biggs B. B. Strood, Bocbceter 
Blundell W. Cbislehurst 
Boonnan, Wild & Co. Lower Hailing, Soeheriar 

Bow Edwd. Eni^tridec stioat, Haidsttwe 
Bow Wm. Connty road, Maidstone 

Bright E. Market hill, Maldon 
Cleaver K M. & E. Sittingboume 
Coles, Child, &. Co. Qreenwich 
Coles, Shadbolt, & Co. Ftindsbnry, I 

Coles, Shadbolt, & Coles, Strood, Bocheeter 

Crundell G. Seal, Sevenoaks 

Dana Thos. High street, BtHgnU 

Davis Geo. & Soa, Guildford and Shalford Lime 
Works, Gnihlford 

Davis Henry, High street, Strood 

Earle George and Thomas, Mannfactnrersof Light, 
Dark, and Portland Cements, Lias Lime, Plas- 
ter, Mastic, &c Marble Merchants, Hall 

•Rllin & Bverard, Hitchin 

Fanii^doQ J. Beigate hill, Beigate 

Fear 'fbos. J. Bailwaj station, Staines 

Freen & Co. 8 Canal road, Kmgsland road; and 
Patent Ptn^Iand Conent Works, Fliadsbal7-0D- 

Form^ C. Lower Hailing, Bochestra 

Fox Kehard C Clattem wharf, Kingiton-on- 

GHadish W. T. N. Undeishore, Oiavesend 

Glover John, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead 

HaU Brothers, Cherry Orchard lane, Cnydm 

Hall Wm. (Jnany Farm, Godstone 

Heathom John, Maidstone 

Hillier Daniel, Guildford street, Chertoey 

Hilton C. J. Faversham (ie» adv.} 

Holliday T. Station road, Bgham 

Hinchliffo D. Bromley 

Hopkins Jas. Park street, Luttn 

Howard T. S., Powisstr«s^ Woolwid) 

Hnggena Jno. Orown qoay, Sittingbonn* 

Jessup G. Otltod, Sevenoaks 

Jessnp P. Soudridge, Serenoaks 

Johnson ft Co. Clile, Bochcrtw 

JobnscaJno. Fnlham 

Coot^lc , 

BLoWBs'a DisicroKt ro> ItM. 

depots, Banugate, Dablin, & Liverpool ((m advt) 
Knight, Sevan, & Stnrge, Northfleet 
Laikin Henrv, Medway wharf, Tunlwidge 
Laj Capt Ml J. Wonldbam, Socbwter 
I^eaaej & Ctiej. Old BtatioD rd. Tunbridge Weill 
I«e, Son, & Smith, Loirer Hailing, BochMter 
Iioe & Son, Spital street, Gnildford 
Meeoon & Co. OraTS 
Mtmio Jno. B^way street, RicbmODd 
Nash John, Potter's end, Beikhampstead 
North ftitish Coloni Compy. Leith, near Edin- 

bnrgh ($ee adoertuement) 
Oliver T.O. AylesFoid, Maidstone 
Parry Wm. Deptford bridge, Greenwich 
Part Jdo. C, Duke etieet, Derby, and IBS Dnrj 

lane, London (we advirttKnieBl) 
Payne John, FtUbridge Moldon 
Pitcher Wm. TJndra^ore, Northfleet 
Poolly Thos. Bozley road, Maidstone 
Pratt John, Bennetft'e End, Hemel Hempstead 
Bansom Alfred, Hitchin (see adverlitimint) 
Bead and Shan>, Boxle; road, Maidstone 
Beed Henry, East Qreenwich 
Bobina & Co. Creek, Northfleet 
Bosher H. & E. Undetsbi^e, Northfleet (»m adv.) 
Bowland John, Albion tmace, HocBbom 
Samels A. Mortlake 
Sankey W. Wouldham, Bochester 
SkinneF John, High street, Berhampstead 
Smith, Shepherd, & Adams, Qreenwich 
Snnuners J, Jnn. Frindsbiuy, Bochester 
Tapp & Aston, 203 High street, HnU 
Watkins Chaa. New Brentford 
Weekes T. Lower HaUuig, Bochester 
Wells & Perry, King street, Chelmsford 
Wells Henry, North street, Horsham 
Westover T. Lenham, Maidstone 
White Bros. Dartft^ 
White & Co. Deptford bridge 
Winkfield & Co., Bast Greenwich 


Ashby J. Croydon 

Beimett Cbas. Borough, Famham 

Best Chaa. Hi^ street, Godalming 

OrfKDgsWni. Borne lajie, Chatham 

Johnson J. East Feckham, Tunbridge 

Lloyd Bichsrd, 186 Steelhonse lane, Birmingham 

Martin & Pnrdie, 16 Powia street, Woolwich 

Monkley W. New London road, Chelmsford 

Morchaiit James, Barrack ground, Bomford 

Wanen W. Romford 

Whittafcer J. Flanworih, Honnslow 

Willis H. Bwell, Epsom 


Emannel H, Old Brentford 
Garlick F. North end, Fulham 
TweUs Fhfllip M. New street, Birmingham, and 
Bndet) street. Long acre, London (iee arhij 

Ashby Tfaoa. Canhaltoa 

Best Charles, High stzee^ Oodalming 
Bloom & Chalkleys, Brand street, Hitchin 
Boiall Bichd. East street, H(»sbam 
Boilings Wm. Borne lane, Chatham 
EddingtoD Alfd. & Wm. New st w^ Chehnsf ord 
Frost Wm, Brewer's Une, Hertford 
Qaxdiner Robert, High stieet, SittiBsbonnie 
Oarrett & Sons, Leiston woAs, Sazmundham, 

Suffolk ; London warehouse, 34 St. John street. 

Brick lane, N.E. <'■« odB.) 
Golden Thos. Townfield street, Chelmsford 
Gall Juo. & Fdnd. Hythe stieet, Dartford 
HiUsdon Jno. West end, Tring 
MiUington Jonathan, Tovil hill, Maidstone 
Moore Joseph, Sevenosiks 
Phillips Jamea, King's road, Beadinff 
Piper Henry, Havock lane, Maidstone 
Squires John, Bedftsd road, Hitchin 
Tidcombe Geo. Watford 
Todd & Co. i^dge street, Greenwich 
Wfflard Ja.. Lindfisld 
WilliamsonlBrotheis, Canal Iron Works, Kendal 

(see adi>.) 
WilliB &. Co. Cowley road, Uxbridge 
Bianchi Francis, Begent place, Birmingham, & 16 

Qreeham sfreet, London (tee adva-tiieineiU) 
Hammond & Purrot, High street, Croydon 


Marshall Mrs. £, A. High street, Maldon 
Portway C. High street, Halstead 
Barham Alfred B. Plaster Mills, Bridgewater 
Boorman, Wild & Co. Tunbridge Wells 
Cleaver E. M. & E. Sittiiigbonme 
Hilton C. J. Favershani (get advi.) 
Allen Geo. High street, Watford 
Barber KcharcL Hill rise, Bichmond 
Barnes Alfred, Whit«ker place, Chatham 
Brist«w Benjamin, Chertsey street, Guildford 
Brawt«n Jas. Grore wharf, Watford 

Collms A _ _ 

Crothall Wm, 34 Bath street, Qraresand 
Crouch Wm. Villiers road, Hertford 
Dunstable. Jno. Bbode slxeet, Chatliam 
Evarist Thos. Brook, Chatham 
Fuge B. Carlisle. 46 Catm<H« street, Graveeend 
FuUiamea Jas. Geo. 4 Qneen street, Qravesend 
Gardiner Wm. New Brentford 
Gamett Geo. South street, Goildford 
George Thos. Peascod street, Windsor 
Qridley Robert, New horse road, Richmond 
Hardwick Joseph T. Eden st, KingBtoD-on-Ttiames 
Headington Jafi. Mortice lane, Bichmond 
Hicks Wm. High street, Low. Norwood 
Kemp Jas & Geo. Dartford road, Dartford 
Mallett Wm. L. High street, Bnonley 


Manm and Sons, Mill mead, Onildf ord 
Mason James, Manoi road, Gravesend 
Mason JobD, London rood, Tunt»idn Weill 
Mason Xboe. Albion road, Oravesend 
Mead Geo. J. Enfield highwaj', Enfield 
Micbell Bobert, Bakei i&eet^ Enfield 
Mills CIus. Quarrj street, Guildford 
Mills Henr;, Trinity chnjchyard, Onildftsd 
Moore Wm. Lodge lane, Ftncblej 
Nje Jno. P. Watts' place, Chatham 
PearM Jno. Lodge lane, Finchley 
Peafold Jno. Manh gate, Richiwind 
Pepper Fiedk. Stoke road, GDildford 
Plowman Chas. Chnrcb end, FincUej 
Plowman Mark, Jan., Bnll'l Uuie, Finchle; 
Qnin Win, Kew foot lane, Richmond 
Sfatterthwaith Junes, East End, Finehlsf 
iSweet Edwd. Kew road, Rictunond 
Sweet Wm. Marsh gate, Richmond 
Van'ett Josoah, Adelaide place, Chatham 
Wade Robinson, Enfield Highwaj, Enfield 
Woodward James, 5 MUlon road, GiaTesend 

J/ortai If) art Paprrhangrri and Mamtfatturtrt. 
Adams John, Dulwich 
Adams Joshua, Milberrj green, Harlow 
Aldridge W. and H. London road, Horsham 
Aldridge Wm. 213 High street, Rochester 
Allen and Son, High street, Bamct 
Anderson Cliaa. Church street, Maidstone 
Andrews Joseph Howard, Uigb street, Greys 
Anscomhe Joseph, Cuckfield 
Ashdown Levi, Stone street, Maidstone 
Asbej Robert, Rochford 
jiAtkinson Geo. J. Richmond groTe, Surbiton 
Austin Thomas, High street, BerkEunpstead 
Bacon William, Sawbridgewocth 
Baker Frederick, Bath road, Hounslow 
Baker Henry, Friar street, Beading 
Baker James, Brand slreet, Hitchin 
Baker Kajner, Se-. enoaks 
Ball Dtuuel, High street, Bamet 
Bargman John, Sonth sbeet, Dorking 
Barnes Charles, llford 
Bashford Edwin, Lindfield 
Baasom Mrs. Susan, Billericay 
Batchelor George, Carfax, Hmnliain 
Bateman WUEam, High stieet, Bromley 
Beacon Isaac, Shenfield, Brentwood 
Beamish John, High slieet, Pntney 
Beard Wm. Hen. BUmond hill, Chatham 
Beckett Jolm, Sonth slieel, Dorking 
liBedf ord H. New street, Chelmsfori 
Beldham John R. 99 High street, Guildfon] 
Bennett Cfaorlss, High street, Croydon 
Bennett Geo. Heo. 28 Queen street, GraTesend 
Bennett James, Bell street, Beigato 
Bidgood Wm. J. Edward street, Woolwich 
^iggt J. W. London street^ Uxbridge 
Biggs Thomas, Turkey Uue, EnGetd 
Bines J. H, Chatham 

Bint Edward, Qaeen's row, Tamham green 
Biishopp Cecil, Crawley 

Blaynej John, Windsor street, C 

Bowman Jcdm, High street. Bishop's ^bitfoid 

Bene Alfred, TO Star street, Gravesend 

pBone S. Prospect place, Greenwich road 

Bonfidd Edwd. B. Brisleya place, Bocbeiter 

Biveluun Charlea, Richmond road, Twickenham 

BotUm Robert, Chapel street, Uibridge 

BotterU WiUisin, West ttreet, Donslable 

Booghtoa Fraa. Cobham 

Bonlter Edmd Hirii sbeet, Staines 

Bonltou Bichird, Korth street, Barking 

B<^ James, Mitcham 

Brazier Frederick, Market end, Coggsthall 

Brett Thos. F, Hanworth road, Htninalow 

Kett S. W. Hornchnrch 

Bridges Samuel, Walh am green, Fulham 

Briggs Jam^ 4 Feppererolt street, Graresend 

Bright Fiedeiick, Btuiack ground, Bomtod 

BriD D. Baling 

Briiter and CutOT, High djeet, Bromley 

Bntttm John, Oxford stieet, Reading 

Broad John, King's road. Beading 

Broad Samuel, S Sonth street, GravesendJ 

Bronilj Tbo& C. High street, Chatham 

ftown Charles, Unioa street, Bamet 

Brown Hen^, Common, Finehley 

Brown Joseph, Vict»ria road, Kingston-on-Thames 

Brown Samuel, Duck lane, Edmonton 

Brown W, Church road, EdmcmttHi 

Brown Wm. Bridge street, Halstead 

Bryon Benjamin, Walham green, FnUuun 

Bryon Robert, Walham green, Fulham 

Buckingham James, Guildford street, Chertsey 

Burford Thomas, High sti<eet, Bickmansworth 

Bnrgess George, Bochtord 

Burton, I/ondon street. Beading 

Burtwell George, Brentwood 

Burley Jesse, 169 Parroek street, Gravesend 

Burr Mrs. Ann, Pudding lane, Maidstone 

Burtwell Charles, Hamilton road, I«wec Norwood 

Butcher Jolm, Epsom 

Butcher John, Chase side, Enfield 

Botcher Richard, Eraom 

Bjng William, TO Wrotham road, Gravesend 

Cain Edward, King street, Richmond 

;>Cale W. St George's tenace, Lower Edmonton 

Carington Charles, Bhickheath bill, Greenwich 

Carpenter James, Ashbumham grove, Greenwich 

;jCarpenfer John, High street, Old Brentford 

Carpenter Williojn, King street, Richmond 

Carpenter William, 27 Parroek street, Graveeemd 

Catt Edward, Railway road, Tunbridge Wella 

Cawston John, Market end, Coggoshall 

Chalkley Wm. E Church street. Woolwich 

Cballis William, Church stieet, Greenwich 

Champion John, Hill street, Woolwich 

Champion William, Church street, Woolwich 

Chant William, Upper Kchmond road, Painej 

Chalton Mrs. Grace, Southampton streiet, Beading 

Charslej John, Church lane, Hendon 

jiCheek S. J. High rood. Lea 

Clark Samoel, Eppiug 

Clark Thomas, Epping 

Close and Dartnetl, North end, Croydon 

Coates Samnel, High street^. Halstead 

t 1S60. 


pCoA Qeorge, Great Danmow 

Collett Thos. & Heaiy, Kiog eti«et, Twk 

Collier Mra. S. Ui^ street, CheaUm 

Coaqneet Joseph, Wind hill. Bishop's SUirtford 

Cook Q«orge, St John's hill, Sevenoaks 

Cooke Henrf, High (treat, Lowsr Norwood 

CoCHOln Junes, ^lEoia 

Cooper & nnd Son, High street, Windsor 

Coopei Charles, Bell street, Heolej-on-Thames 

Cooper Frederick, Maidenhead 

Cooper James, Addlestona. Chertse;' 

Cooper John, Qaeen's road, Beadine 

Coplestooe Thomas, Union street, Maidstone 

^jCorbettH. Steor'a place, Fulham 

Corke Hriuy, High street, Tonbridge 

Coeson (Jeorge, North end, Finchlay 

Coster John, High street, Chatham 

Conit Thomas, Week street, Moidst me 

Cri^ Richard, Hill street, Ki^hmond 

pCnspt J. W^att stree^ Maidstone 

Crnodowell Joseph, Upper Stone street, Maidstone 

Cmttenden John, Week street, Maidstone 

Cntbush Thomas, EnSeld town, Enfield 

Dallow Wm. S. South street. Bishop's Storlford 

Darter William, London street. Residing 

DarCnell Thomas, Ajlett place, Croydon 

Darvell Charles, Choqoer street, St Alban's 

Davey George, Wanti road, Maldon 

Daria James, 87 Brunswick street, Gravcsend 

pDtmi F. Moiilake 

pDawson W. T. High street, Chathiun 

Daj John, Bomford 

Deards George, Back street, Harlow 

Deards Thomas, Potter street, Harlow 

^)eiiiie W. Station road, Sittingboorne 

Deiter W. Lower Edmonton 

Dickinson & Javia, Vale road, Tonbridge Wells 

Diggens Geo. Calverley road, Tonbiidge Wells 

DoTe Thomas, Highsbcet, Tunbridse 

Dowsing Herbert, High stieet, Btnmord 

Driffill William, High street^ Dnnsl^le 

^)Dnn J. London road, Twickenham 

I^er George, Pricking, ChiElehnrst 

I^er Thos Wanrick road, Tonbridge Wells 

DTinock Cbarlea, H^b street, HodiSadon 

Edmead Henrj, Bar? street, Guildford 

Edwards Darnel, West street, Famham 

Edwards Hemy, Epsom 

Bgerton & Sons, Pricking, Chislehorst 

Eldredge Wm. Old Dover road, Blackheath 

Ellerd Alfred, Boxmoor, Eemel Hempstead 

Elliott James, High street, Betkhompstead 

EJmy William, Witbam 

Everest Wm. t Orosvenor road, Tonbridge Wells 

Fibbins William, Qaarry street, Goitdford 

Fildes John, Maish ^te, KichmoDd 

Finch Edward, 204 High street, Bochestu 

Fisher James, Bell street, Beigat« 

Fisher Willioin, Mm Villiige, Lewisbun 

? Fisher Wm. Mount Ephratm, Tonbridge Wells 
leet William, High street, Maldon 
Fletcher Jonathan, T High street, Oravesend 
Foord William, Old Brentford 

Poster Charles, Epping 
Foster Char'es, Chipping Ongiir 

? Fountain Mrs. M. A. l^ndon street, Greenwich 
owler Ewd. Q. East street, Famham 
FoiweU William, High stieet, Watford 
France John, Bosh Causeway, Causeway Cottages, 

East end & Fortis green, Finchley 
Francis Thomas, Hampton 
Freeman, Mrs. SL Ma^'s Butts, Beading 
French Alfred, East Grinstead 
Frieker Wm. & Hen. the Square, Kichmond 
pFuller W. Kelredon, Witiam 
pFunneU Henry, Chen^ Orchard road, Croydon 
Furlong James, Fambridge road, Maldon 
Furiong Murdock Broomei, North end, Fincbley 
Funninger William, Chatham intra, Chatham 
OaiTood Jesse, Bochf ord 
Garrood John C. liailway street, Hertford 

Geere Henry, Duke street, Uonley-on-Thames 

Ooorge John, London street. Beading 

Gibbons Joseph, Castle street, Famham 

GQder Thomas, Lowfield tbeet, Dartfotd 

Giles George, High street, Eeham 

Oion Eich^ Castle Street, Hertford 

Glasscock John L. Bishop's Stortford 

Goddard, Casllo street. Heading 

Oodman George, Park street, St. Alban's 

pGoodrham H. & R. London road, Tonbridge Wells 

Goodman Thomas, High street, tTfi.l);t<wl 

Goodwin W. Waterloo road, Bomford 

pGoulter James Victoria road, Noititon 

Goymor Wm, Henry, Epsom 

Graveley Thos. W. Chapel street, Woolwioh 

Graves Thomas, Common, Finchley 

Gray Job, Pinner 

Gray Wm. Old Palace terrace, Richmond 

Griffin H. A. Oak cott Hamilton rd. Low. Norwood 

Grimes Wm. & Jss. Park place, Finchley 

Orimley John Wall, Fore street, Edmonton 

Qriosl^ Geo. West street, Dorking 

Qrundwell James, Upper Stone street, MaiJituiio 

Grondwell Jas. ion. Alma place, Maidstone 

Gude Thomas, Pinner 

Gulland WiUiam, Lower Mitcham 

Qyatt John, Bnry fields, Guildford 

Haddell John, High street, Chatham 

Haines John, High street, Egbam 

Hales JoGiah, Marlowa, Hemel Hempstead 

Hall JohQ, High street, Bromley 

/iHalsey Wm. Richard, High street, Hadley 

Hamlet James, Church end, Finchley 

Hancock Jas. & George, Fore street Hertford 

Hancock Henry, High street, Uemel Hempstead 

Hancock Thomas, Savenoaks 

Handford George, Charch road, Upper Norwood 

Hands Benj. Knowle green, Staines 

Harding William, High street Godalming 

Hardum Mrs. F. Hadfield 

Hardy Jonathan, Kocbford 

Harbroo Thomas, South street, Dorking 

pHarmer G. Parsons mead, Croydon 

Hams & Aldridgc, West sticet, Horsham 

Harradine H. Eialui^ 

Harrington Wm. Fisher's lane, Tnmhsm green 

, Coot^lc 


1 1860. 

Eairia John, Perc; Hill, Sjdeaham 
Hanison Willjaio, Whuf street, Godalming 
Harwood ChaiUs, Fonnd lane, GodaJmiiig 
Hatfield HeniT, Blackhoath hill, Qrcennlch 
pHavell Hen. Eden street, KinffitOD-oo-Tluiiun 
Hawbea Samuel, High stieet, Slaldon 
Hawkins Frederick, Fioner 
Hajdon Henry, High Etreet, Upper Mitcham 
Eeam George, High street, MaJdon 
Bedgee •Tolin, FanoKa^e luie, Tring 
Hendri John Hngh, High stree^ HoddMdcn 
HiggioB Edmd. King street, Maidstone 
BiKioB Geo. B. High street, Royttoa 
Hins Bobt. Week street, Maidstone 
Hills Walter, Stone itieet, Maidstone 
Hitchcock Qeo. Pinner 

Hitchcock Jo3. High slieet, Homel Hempatead 
Hobart Sdwin, King street, Rochester 
pHobbsW.A Son, Enfield tonn,&Silrer St. Enfield 
Hulden David, Craolej 

Eollambj Jas. BelgraTS teiTace, Timbridge Wells 
Hollingnm W. 26 Stone street, GrsTesend 
i^olma W. T. Nt^th end, Fnlham 
Holmes Edwd. the Village, Lewisbam 
Holmes Jno. Chnrch street, Cbiswick 
Holmes Jno. Tambam green 
Holmee Wm. P. Tnmhani green 
Hooks Wm. W. 63 Quany street, Gnildford 
Howe Heniy & Co. High street. Bishop's Stutioid 
Hnbble Jno. J. BlacklieBtb hill, Oreenwieb 
Hudson Chas. Churcb street, Oreenwieb 
Hudson Mis. Esther, Borronghs, Hendoa 
Haggett F. High st. St. Margaret's, Bochntei 
Hughes Qeo. Stevenage 
Hughes Joseph, Park row, Famhsm 
Hughes Tbos. Bridge street, Godalming 
Hunt John, High street, Hoddesdon 
HntcbinsoD John, High street, Chelmsford 
Hjles Jas. Earl street Maidstoae 
Ingram Oeo. High street, Hoddesdon 
Ireluid Wm. Oforge street, Richmond 
Jarvis Bobt. StaSoid place, Tunbndge Wells 
Johnson Fredk. Fowis street, Woolwich 
Johnson Bobt. Rojal bill, Oreenwieb 
Jones Chas Joseph, Walbam green, Fnlham 
Jones Geo, Hampton 
Jones Parkins jun. High street, Fulham 
Jordan Chas. jun. King street, Milton 
Jordan Lawrence, High street, Millon 
Joy Fredk. High street, Tunbridge 
Joyce Hen. Dunmow 

Kearley Tbos. & Hen. London street, Uxbridge 
Eearlej Qeo. B, London street, Usbridge 
EearW Hen. Hillingdon 
Kent Jas. Sun streel, Hitcbin 
Kent John Walter, Chequer street, St. Alban's 
Kerry Bobt. Church stiMt, Croydon 
Kilby Henry, Dpper Sydenham 
Eillick Bichsjd, Church street, Beigate , 
King Tbos. High street, Halstead 
Knight Qeo. High street. Lower Norwood 
Knowles Mrs. Ann, Cuckfield 
Knowlea Henry, High bL Sittingbonme 
oLaocasterH. High street, Tunbridge Wells 
Xeese John, High street, Hounslow 
'■vj, VemlMU street, St Albon'i 

Lindsey W. East street, Farnham 
Lofting John, High stieet, Hounslow 
Long Hen. Sydenham road, Croydiui 
Lovejoy James, Kennet road, Beading 

£Lang Hen. Sydenham road, Ooydon 
ovegroTe James, Haideahead 
Lovegrove Jaa. Thoa. West itraet, Marloi 
Loregiove John Q. Chnrch street, T 
Locas Bobeit, High street Hadlej 
Lnkn Geo. Kew road, Biduwmd 
LnkoT Henry, The Sqaere, Biehmond 
Hackaneai Alfred, Stereoage 
ItTMiUanJamea, EpKxn 

□Macroatie James, Eden st Eingitoa (wMaak) 
Mar^iant Wat Oodatone 
Martin Biebaid, High sta««t Strood 
Martin Tfaos. Homebnieb 
Martin Thos. High stnet, Booif ord 
Mason Bichard, Spket atteet, St Alban's 
Matthews C. Bakia atrsat, £n£eld 
Mayea Wm. H^eU hill, St Alban's 
Heggitt Ji^m, Cihnrch •tniet Bichmond 
Men? Wm. LttUe Honot Sum, Tunbridge Well* 
Millar Wm. Ifiwg street, Bidimond 
Miller Geo. The^illi^e, Lewisham 
Miller Jas. K. High l&eet, Guildford 
Miller Jno. Week atteet, Maidatime 
Mills Wm. W. Stone street Maidattme 
iiMilch^ T. Hi^ alieat, Watford 
Moffat WiJIianik, Riar atreet^ Beading 
Moore Chariet, pier's green, Oodstona 
Moore Charles, E^aom 
Moore Sam. Bedford street, Hitchin 
Moore W. EaUng 

Morley Wdl Boyal hill, Greenwich 
Morris John, Sawbridgeworth 
Morris Tbos. High street Hounslow 
Mortimer John, Windsor street Putney 
Mortis Wm. ^gh street Wocdwicb 
Mmtis Wm. J. H%h street Eltham 
Mmm Mis. Ajun, Dp. Stone street Uaidstoue 
Neal Wm. Market pL Chesham 
Newman E. Ponder'a end, Enfield 
Newman Jamea, Mill lane, Qodalming 
Newton Bobt ft Thos. Tildionse st Hitchin 
Nichdls Wm. High street Dunstable 
Noble Fredk. Chipping Ongar 
Nottage Mrs. S. Back street Harlow 
;>Oakley Wm. High street Halst«id 
;iOsboni Qeo. Oraveeend 
Otben Wm. High street Qodalming 
Otherons Fredk. Hatfield 
Oliff James, High street Chatham 
Oliver Jonathan, Eijing lane, Old Brentford 
Orbell John, Billericay 
OrrenJohn, High street Chatham 
Padgett Edwaid, High street Hounslow 
Page John F. SouUiend, Croydon 
Famphilon Jas. Bull plain, Hertford 
Famphilon Thoa. Bnll plam, Hertford 
uPatlrey Jno, Westfieli road, Surbiton 
Parker Qeo. Cobham 

Pedler Jas. Cluipd street Heme! Hempstead 
Pedley John, High street Hemel Hempstead 
Peek Henry, High street Baldock 
pPeel E. Brigbt^ road, Surbiton, Kingstsn 

Feaj Benj. North stieet, Kehop's Sbntford 

Feny Jobii, Fraty hill, Enfleld 

Peny Peter, Church atreet, Bishop's StoHford 

Feny Mis. Sarah, Yemlam street, St. Alban's 

Petty Joseph, Kn^ht's hill load. Low. Norwood 

Petty Thos, Lower Norwood 

Phillips Geo. Lowfield street, Dartford 

Pitta OUtbi, Walham green, FoUiam 

Plowman Henry, Boll's lane, Fiochley 

Poeock H. i High street, Fnlhun 

Potter Balph, ^u^tet place, Cheebam 

Powell ThoB. Watenlde, Cheshma 

Potter Wm. Btncher street, Cbeeham 

Pratt Fredk. Walham green 

oPreseott Edwd. Boll plain, Hertlord 

Qoelch John, Nnth row, Lewisham 

Backstraw Joeiah, TS West street, Gravesend 

Kandall & Son. 149 High street, OuildFord 

Bashbrook Jas. Troy town, Bochester 

Barenor and Croshaw, High stnet, Darttord 

Bay Bichaid High street, Croydon 

Bay Wm. Sonthend, Croydon 

Bayment Joseph, Maidenhead 

Bedshaw Joieph, Finner 

Beed Geo. Belt kne, Twickenham 

Beeve Sam. Bi^oL hill, Greenwich 

Bidiaid Sam. London road, St. Alban's 

Bingham Wm. Chorch street, Croydon 

BiTers Hen^, Broad street. Beading 

Bolmuon Hen. J. New Brentiord 

Bobson Geo Dunmow 

Sogers Geo. New London road, ChelmiCord 

BtwereOeo. HigTi street, Staines 

BoUe FMIip, l^e Village, Lewisham 

Bot« Alfred, High street, Guildiord 

Bowland Thos, Hill stieet, Bichmond 

Bussell Wm. North stieet. Barking 

Sabine Thos. 1 Portland road. Sooth Norwood 

Sanders Geo. Old Brentford 

Sanderaon Aiidrew, Powis street, Woolwich 

Sanda Ricbaid, High street, Tunbridge 

Self Thos. Church stieet, Woolwich 

Seller Geo. Bford 

Sellman Wm. West street, Marlow 

Sendell & Bichaidaon, North street, H(»vham 

Skewing Geo. Dnivtich 

SimmoudB Geo. Low Norwood 

Sinmions & Sons, West street, Dorking 

Simmons C. George street, Bichutond 

SlortLB Jas. Broad green, (^ydon 

SloAe Sam. Addinombe road, Croydon 

Blatter Kchaid, Bell street, Henley-on-Tliamea 

SmithA Son, Blackheath 

Smith B. & Sons, Edenbiidga 

SmiUi Geo. 126 High street, Bocherter 

Smith Geo, High street, Bramley 

Smith Geo. Wm. Chnnh stieet, Croydon 

Smith HeniT, St. Peter street, St JJban'l 

Smith Josiah, High street, Grays 

Smith Bobert, Carshalton 

Smith Bobert, Knight's hill, Norwood 

Smith Thos. George street, Htchmond 

Smitheis Thos. Hadlow 

Soan Thos. & Horry, Crawley 

Soggan & Heath, Si Peter street St Albut'i 

p^ier Henry, Chnrcb rood, Tnnhridge Wallt 

pSoper Hen. Hadlow 

SpumiN Un. Tennear, Hew road. Woolwich 

Spurge John, High Ongar 

Stacey Jno, High street, Fulham 

Stannaid Jamea, Serentiks , 

Steer Wm. J, ffigh street, Epsom 

Steward Qeo. High street, BoyBton 

Stock Wm. Conduit street, Chelmsford 

StollBry David, High street, Haistoad 

Stollery Wm. East street, Coggrahall 

Storey Joa. Sun hill, Boyston 

^liange E. J. London road, Tunbridge Well* 

Strange Edward J. London road, Tnnbridge Wells 

Stripp John, Eaher 

Sturt Wm. 7 High street, Gnildfwd 

Sntton, Walter, & Goodwin, Bower pL Maidstone 

SucUing Geo. Market place. Wore 

Swsjinell James, Stevenage 

Swayland John, Maidstone road, Bochester 

Sweeting Geo. High street, Bromley 

Swinnoi* Wm. Shirehall lane, Hendon 

Tanner Henry. New street, Chelmslord 

Tayior John, London street. Beading 

Taylor John High street, fiickmonsworth 

Taylor Jobn Englimd, Sawhridgeworth 

Taylor Bobert, Grove hill road, Tunbridge Wells 

Teague Wm. Windsor street. Putney 

pThody Geo, White Hcree street, Boldock 

Thody Samael, High street, Baldock 

Thranpaon Thos. 'Tumham ^reen 

pTibballs L. J. New road, Bichmond 

Tilley Thos. J. High street, Sitlingbonme 

Tilling David, Handcroft road, Croydon 

Timberley Wm. Pound lane, Qodaltning 

Tisoa Wm, Chas. MoidenhMd street, HerUoid 

Titmuss Edwd. Stevenage 

Tomkins John, High street, Berkbampstead 

Tooth John and Son, East Grinstead 

Taeker Geo. Esber 

Tyler P. Brentwood 

UnwinWm Wanli road, Maldon 

Valsler W. H. Morden st Tr^ town, Bochester 

Tickers Henry, High street, Dmistable 

Vidler Major, Lower Mitcham 

Tinall Jomea, Church n>ad. Upper Norwood 

Wagbom W. 11, Calverley ri. 'Tonbridge Wells 

Wi&den Hemy, Lower road, Kchmond 

Walker James, Hampton Court 

Wall Wm. Bichard, Brentwood 

Waller John, Ki^ street^ Putney 

Waller William, Hatfield 

Walter Geo. M. Edenbridge 

Stratford, E. 
Word Wm. High street, Boyston 
Watson Henry, Castle street, Beading 
Wellicome Jomi, Spitol stieet, Marlow 
West John T. Fifth cross road, Twickenham 
Wharton James, London road, Bomford 
pWhibley B. High street, Sittingbonme 
White, Bobert, High stiert, Dorking 
White Thomas, EsW 
While Thos. East street, Doikiug 
Whittakei William, Bomfotd 
Wiffen Joseph and Frederick BrNitwood 

1 18B0. 

Wiffen Bobert Artlmr, MaAst pUc«, Bomford 
Wiffsn Thoe. C. Monliham street, Chelmiford 
Wilder Josepli, New street, Chelmsford 
pWilder ThoB. High street, Haletsad 
WilliamB Jas. W. Brook, Chatham 
WilliamB John, Park lane, Famham 
pWilliamg W. Walham ^ceeo, FnUum 
Willonghhy WiUiwn, High atrset, Danstable 
Wilts j: Ealing 

Wills, Wm. Stone street, Maidsfons 
Winbnm Jas. Oba<wster-ia»d, Croydon 

iWinnifrith Geo. LondoQ-roaut, Tiinbridge Weill 

Vood Chaa. High street, Chatham 
Woodgate Wm. Blackheath 
Woods Har. Bristow, Chnrch end, FIncblej 
Woodward Chaa. Weston stieet, Up. Norwood 

? Workman J. Market place, Bomford 
Trenn Chas. Church street, Cbiswick 
Wright A. and Son, Hamptcn Wick 
Wri^bt Edwin, Twickenham ^rwn, Twickenham 
pWnght Honry, Powis street, Woolwicb 
Yonng Jobn, Dnmnow 
Yonng Botmrt, Clupel place, Staines 

AUman John, Milton 
Btowa and Sons, Market street, Maidstone 
Gwdiner Bobert, High street, Sittmgboonie 
Eorsley William, Station road, Barking 
Ingold George, Norti street, Bishop's Stortford 
Price Henry, Loto lane, Milton 
Smith John, Flnshing street, Milton 
Watson Frederick, Church street. Bishop's Stortford 


Oauntlett WrrL Beory, South Bank, Middlesbw'- 

Andrews Samnel, Bailwar street, HertFord 
Boulcott and Co. Amwell end. Ware 
Coles, Child and Co Greenwich 
Dawbam and Co. Princes Basin, Liverpool 
Fletcher, Elkin & Co., Commercial Wharf, West st. 

OUsscock John L. Bishop's Stortford 
TTull Brothers, Cherry Oii^atd lane, Croydon 
Johnson John, Fnlham 
Kemp James and George, Daiiford 
Larkm Henry, Medmj whaif, Tnnbrid^ 
Leaney & Cirej, Old station rd. Timbridge Wells 
Lethbridce and Bon, Friary street, Guildford 
M'lntyreThos. Qaeens rd. Kingston-on-Thames 
Nicholson T. and J. B. Oloncester 
Norton Daniel, Uzbridgs 
Osborne, Stevens and Co, High street, Uxbridge 
pQimett George, St MaiVa tJe house, Tunbridge 
Bitchie Alfred, Greenwich 
Sadd Jobn and Sons, Market hill, Maldon 
Smythe W. &, J. Maidstone 
Taylor Thomas, ^gh street, Staines 
Watkins Charley Cibridge 
Wells Henry, Bicbratmd tciraM, Horsham 
Weill Thomas, High stoeet^ Chatliaiu 

Allen Oeoige, High street, Watford 

:&own J. Springfield road, Chelmsford 

Browton James, Watford 

Qittings J. Swan lane, Gnildford 

Ousterson W. Hochtord 

Hardwick Joseph T.EdensL Eingston-on-Thamea 

£emp James and George, Dartfoid 

Mc'ln^e Thos. Queen's rd Eingslon-on-Thames 

Head Geofge J. Enfield Highway, Enfield 

Scott C Bochester 

Snelling S. East end, Sittingboume 

Watkins Charles, New Brentford 

Wright William, Coleman street, Woolwich 


Bansome & Co. Ipswich, (lee advertutmenit') 


Bensted W. H. Bocstow, Maidstone 

Buckwell William, East Greenwich 

Cawley James, Bedhill 

FuUer G. W. Aylesford, Maidstone 

Glasscock John L. Causeway, Bishop's Stortford 

QodaloiiB Stone Company, Godstone 

Hall Biothera, Mer^am, Beigate 

Howard T, L. Fowis street, Woolwich 

Mowlem, Bart, & Francis, East Greenwich 

Monro John, Bailway station, Bichmond 

Nash John, Potter's end, Berkhampstead 

Nicholson T. and J. B. Gloucester 

Fnnnett, Q«o. St. Mary's tile house, Tnnhridee 

BandeU and Saunders, Cor^bam, Wilts ; and Great 
Western. Bailway, " Mileage Btatjon," Padding- 
ton, W. (see ndverlutmeM) 

Bitchie A. Greenwich 

SUls John, Thombills, Maidstone 

Sills Stephen, Albert street, Maidstone 

Skinner J<^n, High street, Berkhampstead 

Smith H. G. and "f. S. Deptlord bridge, CFreenwich 

Stone Henry, Wedcombe. Bath 

Trigg John, Clarence street, Kingston-on-Thamc3 

Tufi T. Sittingboorae 

Turner and Gwdyear, Pulham 

Watkins Charles, Hxbridge 

Welsh Granite Company, Town Hall Chambers 


Andrews J. C. Epsom 

Barnard 6. R Brentwood 

Barnes Thos. N. Qaeeu street, Woolwich 

Blackat«ne, East Grinstead 

Blaxland Juo. High street, Hilton 

Bothwell Sam & Alfred, West street, Dorking 

Bower Benj. sen., FincUey common, flnchley 

Brooks Edward, East Grinstead 

Burgis John, Epsom 

Burt Thos. Eew horse Boad, Bichmond, 

Carmichael and Laing, Torkshiie stone wharf, 

Globe lane, Woolwich 
Chalkley Biehard, Dognall lane, St. Albany 
Chamb^ Geo. Brewer street, Alaidstone 
Cobhett James, Lewisham bridge, ' 



Corbett Jwnes, LewUhain bridge, LewiBk»m 

Cox Qeo. WeliingtoD road noitii, HoDinloff 

Coahing Fras. B^ld town, EnSeld 

Banieli Jas. FiQchlay 

Ekjm Q. and Son, St. Andiew Etr«el, Hertford 

Ekina Geo. Amwell end, Ware 

Savta Chas. Brentwood 

Fisher Sunoel, Hun road, KingBtoa-on-Thamea 

Oem Matthew, Bochester 

Gillian Riehard, West street, Dorking 

Gleavea W. and B. Lewisham read, Lewisham 

Gregory Abraham, VemUm road, St. Alban'B 

Grover Daniel, inn., Serenoaks 

Hartand Thos. London, road, Tnnbridge WeUt 

EjLjea Jamw, ^entwood 

Henderson Jamefi, Sevenoats 

Hollowav William, Brewer street, Moidatone 

Holmes WiUiam, New Bteatford 

Ire/ John, Strood, Boehester 

Jago Walter, Dniimow 

JarviB William, Brook, Chatham 

Joj John, Uoiun street, MaidEtooe 

Kelley Strong, Windsor 

Knight Thomas, London street, Chertsey 

Knight William, Egbam Hythe, Egham 

Lamb Thomas, Maidenhead 

Lane William, Vicloria road, Snrbiton 

Lee Edward, Albion terrace, Hoisham 

Lindley Charlee, Boleorer Beds of Magnesian 
Lime Stone, the Quaniea, Mansfield Wood, 
honae, Mansfield White Stone Quarries, Uana ' 
field Bed Stone Quarries Mansfleld, Notts. 

Loe Heni7 John, Woodbridge street, Ooildford 

Lytm George, East Gnnstead 

Ablcolm Alfred, Market hill, Maldon 

Marshall Tbomas, Beal street, Dunstable 

Martin and Jordan, Crown street, Beading 

Ma&on, Geo. A. Hampton 

Mason John, Heath lane, Twickenham 

Middleton A. B9, Milton road, Gravssend 

Mites James, Spilal street, Durtf ord 

Moon Mrs. Jane and Sou, High street, Guildford 

Moon Henry, Ockford road, Godalming 

Nicholls Jas. Bye street, Bishop's Stortlord 

Patman Mrs. Ann, Enfield 

Patman J. P. Clarence street, KingshmHjn-Thsmee 

Peck David, Fore street, Hertfoid 

Feck Geo. Bailway street, Hertford 

Perry Edmnnd, Walham green, Fulham 

Philips W. John, Chorch walk, Richmond 

PhrippWilliam, Hounalow road, Hounslow 

Piper WiUiam, Lower Norwood 

piumley James, Upper Sydenham 

Plumley James, Queen's road, Reading 

Price Jas. Lower Marlowa, Hemel Hempstead 

Price James, Maidenhead 

Savage George, Bridge street, Beading 

Scholes Jal>ez, Camden road, Tnnbridge Wells 

Searle Hannaniab, New Brentford 

Shaw Mrs. M. A. Bell street, Henley-on-Thames 

Steel C. and J. 84, New road, Gravesend 

Snter James, Boyal hill, Greenwich 

Sntton and Vaughan, Maidstone 

Sutton, Walter, and Goodwin, Maidstone 

Thorpe John, Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells 

Tomlinson John, London street, Uzbridga 
Tomlinson W. £. High street, Uxbrid^ 
Warren John sen. (^«an street, Hitchm 
Watkins Charles, New Brentford 
Webster Charles, Richmond road, Twickenham 
Weller William, Church street. Woolwich 
Wheeler and Sons, St Mary's Butts. Reading 
Williams John, Portland read, South NoTMOod 
Wray Jas. H. Springfield road, Chelmsford 
Young, South street, Bishop's Stortford 
Cauch S. F. High street, Maldon 
Collins & Green, BoUierham, Sheffield, Patentees 

of the Cryalal Son Stove 
Hammond cud Purcott, High street, Croydon 
Holman WiUiam L. Mortice 
Pecover Henry, Broad street, Reading 
VerraU C. High street, Chatham 
Weat George, Victoria road, Snrbiton 
WiUia H. Ewell, Epsran 
Wood James, King street, Maidstone 

Abrahams Henry, Eden at. Eingston-OQ-Thamw 
Andrews and Ford, Church street, Cbesham 
Andrews Heniy, Epsom 
Andrews Jas. H^h street, Bochestei 
Anseombe Jno. Lindfield 
Aahccmbe Joseph, Enlleld 
Atkins C. 2, OliTer pL Boshey green, Lewiahaa 
Badger Chas R. Blackbeath road, Greenwich 
Baker and Son, New street, Chelmsford 
Ball Gorge, Friar street, Beading 
BaU James, Queen's road, Beading 
Barrett William, Bromley 
Beimett Joseph, Hatfield road, SL Albaa'a 
Bemoy John, North end, Croydoa 
Biggs Chas. F. Upper Sydenham 
Blay Francis, Blay's lane, Egham 
KondeU Jas. High street, Tmibridge Wella 
Bone J. A. Eare street, Maidstone 
Bray Thos. New Bridge street, Chelmsford 
Brewer Richard, HiU street, Bichmond 
Brown William, Friar street. Beading 
Buckland William, High street, Windsor 
Bolmer Martin, WestboTongh, Maidstone 
Burgess William, Wray 'pitk, Reigate 
BursLow, Edward, Wwt street, HoisbgO) 
Burton ^yan, Vina, Sevenoakg 
Butcher WiUiam, Epsom 
Cartwright WiUiam, Moore park road, Folham 
Center Chas. West street, Mailour 
Champnesa Geo, Epping 
Chart Edwin, Upper Mltcham 
Cheffins and M'Keniie, High street, Hoddesdon 
Christopher J. T. Marlows, Hemel Hempstead 
Clacy John, Broad street, Reading 
Clemmana Thoa. Frindsbntj 
Craistable Joseph, Lordship lane, Dulwich 
Cooper HeniT, Maidenhead 
Cooper J, 139, WindmiU street, Gravesend 
Coote and Abrey, Witfaam 
Cousins Geo. Tr'gh street, Hoddesdon 
Crawter Thos. Hen. and Co. Cobham 
Cree Jno. ^land and road) Addlestone, Chertsey 
Crispe Thos. S. High street, Croydon 


FUR ll«i;i>. 

Cant Alfred, BUekheath road, GreeDirieh 
DoDgerflsld Edwin J, Qipa; bill. Upper Norwood 
DsTiMB«ai. WiUittm Btreet, Woolwich 
Dariea Chas. Uxbridge road, Ettliog 
Dibble Pradk J. SonUi stnet, Dorkuig 
Doncombe Edwd. C. Qiunjr itieet, Guildford 
Djer Joha, BlaeUuath 
Djmioad Qea, F. St. Junea'« road, Croydon 
^1 Abraham, BiUecieaf 
Egmn Fredk. Borongb, Famham 
EUls Jobn, ArtiagtiHi faim, Qnildford 
Eits, Qto. High street, Oxbridge 
Figg John, Obi BrenUord 
French Chaa. High street, Qiejs 
Fuller Bobert WT High street, Croydon 
Fuller William Ueorj, Friar street, Reading 
Godman Jobn, St. Stephen's, St. Alban's 
Goodchild T. Hoaot Oak, Forest hill, Sydenham 
Goodchild Thoe. 15 Spital street, Qnildford 
Gosling W. and Son, Wellington sL Woolwich 
Oosset Bobt. Chnicb street, Edmonton 
Ontto Frederick, Aylesbury road, l^ing 
Qonld John, Parrock street, Otaveeend 
GnhuQ Geo. H. Brewer street, Woolwich 
Green Cornalioa, Ripple side, Baiiiig 
Gwilt Joseph, Qray's hill, Henley-on-Thames 
Harding James C, High street, Ware 
Harding William, Stevenage 
Harris JameH, £ast street, Famham 
Harrison Henry, Eton wick road, Eton 
Harrison James, Marlows, Hemel Hempstead 
Harrison Samuel C. High st. Uemel Hempstead 
Hashlam James, Friitr street, Keadiug 
Heard Wm. Thos. Park street, Hitchin 
Hill Thos. St. Peter's street, St. Albao's 
Hitch Walter, Baldock street. Ware 
Holmes Joseph, i Bichmond ter. Twickenham 
Holyoak Henry, Stuoit slreot, Luton 
Honjwood John, Carfaj, Horeham 
Horn Thos. W. Miiiie hill, Greenwich 
Hudson George, Brewer street, Woolwich 
Hudson Stephen, Brewer street, Woolwicii 
Humphreys and Itobiusoo, London st. Greenwich 
Hnrrell R Bridge wharf, Chertsey 
HuttoQ James, North street, Ouildfoid 
JackmsD James, Enling lane, Old Brentford 
Jackson and Bassett, lugh stjeet, Sittiagbourue 

. ._ss Charles, Ealing 

Jones James, Qarrard street. Beading 

Kermock E. Clarence st Kingston-on-Thames 

Kiinpton Thos. Yale, North crescent, Hertford 

King and Son, Old Brentford 

Kirkman Arthur A, Blackbeath 

Ijaimer Geo, High street, Heigate 

Lavender Thos. High street, Watford 

Lees John, High street, Iteigate 

Lingham Jamce T. Albion road, Woolwich 

Loe Geo. J. Baddow road, Chelmsford 

Loe James and Son, Spital street, Guildford 

Long Wm. High street, Hounslow 

Lower Joseph it. High street, Tunbridge 

M'Kensle Alex. High street, Iloddesdon 

Marsball C. BurougU, Famham 

Matthews John F. London-road, Beigafe 

Hay hew Joseph, Halstead 

Melleah Frederick ,11; AlFre-l, High St. Gjd^iuiug 

Morgan David, Ware road, Herlfurd 

Moeelev Andrew, Elyiiium row, Fulha:ii 

Mois Wm. Mount stntet, GuQdford 

Mnegeridge Frederick, Soath street, Dorking 

NadTWrn. T. and Son, Baldock street, Bojiton 

Noble Samuel, London street, Greenwich 

Page Thomas, High sUeet, Dorking 

Page Thoma^ Heston, Hounslow 

Patnun J P. CUrenee st. Kiagston-on'Thames 

Fazim 0«o. K. Sonth street, Dorking 

Peak Bmry, Woodl»idge road, Onildford 

Peisley John, High stieet, Homulow 

Perry Q«o. Wind hUl, Bishop's Stortford 

Plato Chailaa, Waterside, Cbeaham 

Plato John, Cborch sttMt, Chesham 

Plajf ord Geo. East Oiinste«d 

Plnmer John, jun. Middle street, Honham 

Poolter Wm. 32 Spital street. Guildford 

Ponlton ami Woodman, Friar street, Beading 

Pritcbett Geo. E. North street. Bishop's Slorlfuid 

Belph C. 91 Uilton read, Graveaend 

Richardson, James M. 1 Wilton pL Grosrenor rd. 

Tunbridge Walls 
RichardBon J. Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells 
Roberts Wm. MaHows, Hemel Hempstead 
Rumball John H. SL Peter's street, SL Alban'a 
Bmmadee Jno. Halgtead 
Sargeant Henry, Slough, near Windsor 
Sargaant Wm. Church A, Slough, near Windaor 
Saunders H. Elm pL Woodbrid^e rd. Guildford 
Saiby Wm. Eden Midge 
Sbeaibum Wm. South street, Dorking 
Sheppard Robt. Albion terrace, Horsham 
SkiUer W. D. Maidstone rd. Ro,:hesler 
Smith Q. Alexander, Marlows, Hnuel Hempstead 
Smith Jno. N. South street, Greanwich 
SmiUi Thomas, North road, Hertfoid 
Smyck Chas. Fredk. South hall, Gnildford 
Steer Geo. Godslone 
Stransom J, H. London street, Uxbridge 
Summeitield Richard, Week street, Maidstone 
Taylor John jun Spring grove, Hounslow 
Taylor Wm. G. Hounslow 
Terry and Cail, T^laidenhead 
Thome Abraham John, Billericay 
Thome Abraham jun. Brentwood 
Thomton Wm. Market place, Beigate 
Tootell Joseph, Stone street, Maidstone 
Waghom Chas. St. Stephen's, St. Alban'a 
WiJker Henry, Hampton wick 
Webb Stephen, Gay Harlings, Chelmsford 
Wells Henry, Richmond terrace, Horsham 
Whichcord and Blandford, Week st. Maidstoue 
White and Sons, High street, Dorking 
Wilds Wm. St. Andrew street, Hertford 
Wildiog John, Stevenage, Herts 
Winch James, Bancroft street, Eitchin 
Wood Wm. il Windmill street, Qravesend 
Woodbridge Jason, Finner 
Woodman Thos. Marlows, Hemel Hempstead 
Woodjer H, North street, Bramley, Guildford 
Wren Wm. Bock mount, Mount Ephraim nwd. 

Tunbridge Wells ^ 
Wynn Wm. N. Thornton row, Gieemrit^ 



Alley Pottery Compimy, Alley Works. neMiBewd- 
ley ; Union posBOge, Binningbam ; and 22 Lnd- 
g&te street, London («» adiieittseiaeril') 

Bingh&m E. jus. Halat«ail 

Boome Valley PoUary Company, near Poole, 
Dorset, and Belmont pi. Nine ebiu, London. 



2 Ludgafe Btr, 

OD msufe, 
et, IiODdon 

Barnett Henry, East Gringtead 

Bonsey John, Broi, Cbertsey 

Brown Eobt Surbiton hill, Kingstcn-on Thuna 

Burrage Edward, Horshun 

Champneas Qeo. Eppicg 

Chartton Dennis R. Eton placr, Tunbridge 

Collier Jamea, Old Brentford 

Core, Chas. Homeborch 

Elliott C. B. London road, Tunbridge Welle 

Poster Chas, Epping 

Hitcb and Co. Baldock street, Ware 

JeeTes Geo. Qneen street, Hitchin 

Looker Beoj. iun. Kingaton-on-Thames 

Uannington .Tohn, Oodstone 

Maw and Co. (encaustic tile and geometrical 

mosaic mannfactnrers) Bentball worfs, Broseley, 

MeesoD and Co. Greys 
Mioton, Hollins, and Co. (encanstic and other 

patent tila manof antaters) St'>ke-npon-Trent 
Mitchell Henry, West street, Horsham 
Nightingale Thos. North end, Horsham 
Nightingale Wm. Crawley 
Oadca James, .E^am bill, Egham 
Fascall Joseph, Bromley 
Pascall Thomas, Sonth Norwood 
Pnnoett Geo. St Mary's tile house, Tnnbridge 
Rand W, High Ongar 
Bansom Alfred, Bancroft street, Hit«hin 
Roberts John, Dpnor, Frindsbury 
Selfe John, Surbiton hill, Einfflrton-on-Thamea 
Snow John H. Hadham road, Bishop's Stortford 
Stone and Coote, Watford fields, Watford 

Stvles John, Epping 
Tf^bott Eobert, Greys 

Watkins Chas. Unbridi 
Widmore Brick and Tile Works, Bromley 
Wilkin James, New Writtle road, Chelmsford 
Winter James, Brentwood 

Alesander Thos. Edenbridge 
Allen Geo. T. Troy town, Rochester 
Allen Henry, High street, Rochester 
AUwright W. J, and J. H. Mount Nod place, 

Lewuham road, Lewisham 
Andrews Samuel, Railway stre«t, Hertford 
Ainoid Geo. F. St. Peter's street, St. Alban's 
Arrowemith Thos. Clewer street, Windsor 
Barrett WnL & P. High street, tJppcr Sydenham 

Beaumont G. Mount Epbnia rd. Tnnbridge WetU 

Bessent Chas. Chatbam 

BoS G. Frogmore st. St. Stephen's, St. Albau's 

Boulcott and Co. Amwell ^id. Ware 

Brightman J. sea. 25 Princes street, GraTesend 

Brightman J. jim. 54 Wrotham road, GraTesend 

Budd and Smeed, Blake's wharf. Beading 

Castledine W. North end, Croydon 

Cheesman Thos. Norti parade, Horsham 

Chuter S. J. and T. Hirii street, Epsom 

Clark James and Son, Westeott, Dorking 

Collier Stephen, High street, Romford 

Creswell Wm. Marlow, Bucks 

Dunk fl. Brook, Chatham 

Pricker K H. High street, Kinsston-on-Thaiues 

Galea Kohaid, London load, Horsham 

OlaaKodk Jolm L. Bishop's Stortford 

Glaysher Benj. Addlastona, Chertaey 

Gumbrell W. lligh stieet. Daitford 

Hallett Joseph, Tamworth road, Croydon 

Hampton Chas. Marsh gate, Rjcbuiond 

Hedge and Co, Market place, Staines 

Hills V. Chatham inira, Chatham 

Holden O. and Sons, Cranley 

Holledge Predk. Leslie park road, Croydon 

Hall Geo. Jas. Westbroofc park, Godalniiug 

Huirell Alfred. Staines 

Hunell Alfred, Kidge nharf, Chertsey 

ileal Jno. Edenbridge 

JeBrey Joseph, Cucktield 

Kebhell William, Church road, Watford 

Key Wm. High slxeot, Berkbampstead 

King James, Lindfield 

Knight Richard, Mitcbam road, Ctoydon 

Knight W. Cherry orchard road, Croydon 

LangUjn and Co. Greenwich road Greenwich 

Larking Henrv, Medway wharf, Tunbridge 

Law Geo. St. Faith's green, Maidstone 

Leaney & Carey, Old station rd. Tunbridge Wells 

Liber^ T. Weybridge road. Cbeitsey 

Lowin Chas. Pore street, Edmonton 

Maishall Murray, Bridge street, Godalming 

Mason, Samuel, Eden st KingEtjm-oa-Tham°E 

Matthew and Boffey, Sou thbridge-luie, Croydon 

Messer J. Qoeen's road. Beading 

Miskin Chris. Fisbpool street^ St. Alban's 

Montgomeni James, High street. Old Brentford 

Moon and Son, High street, Onildford 

Mould Joseph. Fore street, Ednonton 

Monro John, Railway station, Biohmond 

Naylor Henry, Luton road, Chatham 

Newnham Edward, Cuckfield 

Nicholson Thos. Brook, Chatbam 

Norton Daniel, Uxbridge 

Orton Benj. Lewisham road, Lewisbam 

Osborne Stevens, and Co. High street, Vibridge 

Owthwaite R !^tic wharf, Henley-on-TliaQies 

Perrin Charles, Dulwicb 

Follatd and Co. Addiscombe road, Croydon 

PoultoD Richd. S. Maidenhead 

Pratt Wm. Holywell street, St. Alban's 

Ratley Thomsf, Dial post, West Grinstead 

Redley and Son, Abbey whaif, Reading 

Roads Samuel, Hillingdon 

Rogers and Sons, High street, WaUord 

Rouse Benj. New Bromptou 

;, Google 


t I860, 

Rowell H. and Co.Wilsworth road, Hitchin 

Buck Robt Upnor, FmublmiT 

Sadd John and Sons, Market hill, Haldon 

Salmon Ricbard, Lowfleld street, Daitford 

SampBOtt Wm, Mditary road, C^iham 

Scott John, Bell street, Henlej'-an-Thamea 

Selling William, Guildford rtreet, Chertaey 

Simonde George, Bridge stieet, Heading 

Simpson, Bobt. Bridge wharf, Fnlham - 

Smfthe W. and J. Maidstone 

Stenning John and Son, Eut Ocinstead 

Stenning Wm. Qodstone 

Sviitt Jamea, Want^ road, Maldon 

TasseU T. and Co. Haidslone 

WanUe Hen. E. Coleman street^ Woolwich 

Waiew Wm. Searebrook road, Crojdon 

Webb and Son, Waterside, Henl^-on-Thames 

Weeks Chaa. Shooter's hiU road, Blaekheath 

Weller Wm. Sooth end, Croydon 

Wells Henry, North street, Hoisham 

Wells Thoe. Homoad place, Ch&tham 

Wheatley Jas. Middle hill, Egham 

WiUiajng Job, Mitchom road, Croydon 

Willis John, 46 Weat stieet, QrATesend 

Winn Chajlea, BaTanaboonie street^ Qreenwicb 

Winter Janjes, Kenttrood 

Wood Geo. Cobham 

Wynn Wm. N. Thornton road, Greenwich 


Fitber and Co. Hoyle street works, Sheffield (so 

Jackson and Co. Sheaf island works, Sheffield 
Lloyd Bichard, Steelhouse lane, Birmingham 
Mbolacn Biothers, Sheffield (ite adul.J 
BoGsell and Co. Columbria steel and furnace 

WiJcock B. uid J. Bolton works Nnrssij lane, 
Sheffield («e« advertisement) 


Addington Paol, Phipp's bridge, Mitcbam 
Fisher i Co. Edmonton,, &, 17 Pinsbory maitet, 

Harland Wm. and Sons, Phipp's bridge, Milcham 
Latham Wm. Merton lane, Mitcham 
Mander Brothers, Wolverbiimpion, and 37 Upper 

Baker street. New road, London {see advi.) 
Noble, Lower Mitcham, Snrrey 
North Britdah Colour Company, North British 

Coloor works, Leith, near Edinburgh (see advl.) 
Bolls Henry, Wellington street, Wodwich 
Smith Thomas, Cav^ lane, Chelmsford 

Bachelor Henry, Luton, Chatham 
Dorman William, Moulsham street, Chelmsford 
Poend DaTid, SelsdoQ road, Croydon 
Friend John, Seledon road, Crojdon 
Humphreys Edward, Delce lane, Bocheater 
lugold George, North street, Bishop's Stortford 
Page Chas. New Hillingdon 
Spiller James, Gardeners lane, Pntney 
Watson. Fredk. Churoh street, Bishop's Stortford 

Allen Geo. High street, Hoddasdon 

Arthur John, HUlingdon road, Uzbridge 
Balls 0«o. Conduit street, Chelmsford 
Bartktt John. Fruit rood, Tnnbridge Wells 
Birmingham Chas. New st Henlej'On-Tbainea 
Catt Wm. Calrerley road, Tuubridge Wells 
CladsoD Wm. Silver street, Edmonton 
Coltman John, High stieet, GFodalming 
Costin Wm. Churdi street, Dunstable 
Foster Mrs. Lucy, 7 Church street, Gravesend 
Fuller Edward, Dorking 
Gamester Chas. Egham hill , Egham 
Gardener and Son, High street, Egham 
Gepp William, Market hill, Haldon 
George and Son, George street, Bictunond 
QUbert Geixge, High street, Tunbridge Wells 
Gilbert Beniy, 8 Grosrenor rd. Tnnbridgs Wolla 
Gilbert James, Herrey town, Tunbridge Wells 
Goodcbild James, Biggin lane, Hitchin 
Grainge H. & D. & C^. High street, Uzbridge 
Beath Wm. Churoh street, Heigate 
Johnson John, High street, Haktead 
Melboish R. 31 Peppercroft street, Grareseud 
Money W. High street, Dunstable 
Nichohi Geo. Bell street, Reigale 
Page Chas. 80 North street, Guildford 
Pecoser Henry, Broad street, Reading 
Peiree J. Kew road, Richmond 
Prudden Samnel, Market place, Hitchin 
Saobetgue Peter h. High street, Dorking 
Slark George^ Heath lane, Twickenham 
Spencer John, Broad street. Beading 
Squirrell Joseph, Portland road. South Norwood 
Tice Geo. Egham hill, Egbam 
Towlson Joseph, High street, Tunbridge Wells 
Turner Bichard, High street, Reigate 
Wallis Chu. Egham hill, Egham 
WeUs Matthew, Bell street, Henley-on-Thamea 
Willdier Wm. North stieet, Romford 
Allen M B. Little Wymondley, Slevenage 
Brazier J. High stroet, Halstead 
Brewerton S. Sorthfleet, Gravesend 
Cogger W. Upper Norwood 
Davies Robert, Mawuej'a lane, Bomford 
England W. H. Maidenhead street, Hertford 
Faulkner J. and C. Wolton-on-Thamee 
Groomhridge J. London street, Greenwich 
Hawkins Tbos. P. 27, Dale end, Birmingham (see 

Jonss H. C. High street, Tonbridge Wells 
Meades J. Union street, Maidstone 
Mopkley W, New London roai Cbelmstord 
Moriorty C, Nelson street, Greenwich 
Newoll & 'Co. Wire Hope Makers, Gatesheod-on- 

Wflfion J. Hitchin 
Wood J. High street. Greet Berkhampstead 

Banks Francis W. Blaekheath road, Greenwich 
BayldoD John, Church street, Croydon 
Bdl, Alfred C. Lewisham road, Greenwich 
Boswell George, High street, Bickmansworth 
Collins T. Lower Marlows, Hemel Hempstead 
Kemisb Henry, New Brentford 
Kitchen Chas. King street, Maidstone 
Springall Samuel, Hanworli road, Hounslow 


lrr!iitert0/ $wm\nxs\ aBniteif', anh f nptna' 




Amdt Albert, 8 Todor st BUckfrUra, E.C. 
Leibina E. (artista) 31, Great Buali Una, B.C. 
Ohlenachlager Jnlins, 2 Fowkes' boUdiDgB, Gra&t 

Tower street, E.C. 
Randolph F. 118 Oreehitm hojise, Old Bri>itd st 
SmiUi Josiah (Eatcourt's Indian blue), 28 H&tton 

garden, E.G. 


(^See aisB Agents — Load and Estate, ArcAiiecii. 
Builders, ^ Surveyors i those marked (*) are 

Alexander Wm. I Wlieelet plftce, HaTerstoek liill, 

*Allcook T. F. II Welbeck street, W, 

Allen T. M. 96 VanzhaU walk, S. 

Archibald W. 129 Qreat College rtreet, Camden 

town, N.W. 
Aimitage J. 17 Florence ter. New cioai rd. S.E. 
Aspinwall W. TO Grosvenor street, W. 
Atkinson B. 81 Bridport place, N. 
AnctioQ and Estate Co. (Limited), Tboe. Brandon 

Fleming, Begistraj), 3ii Cannon street, E,C. 
Baker KicWd, 118 Fore street, B.C. 
Baker Saint Thomas, 18* King's road, S.W. 
Barnard J. 1 Cottage pi. Salmn. la. Limehonge, B. 
Barnes E. 1 Ooulden Cer. Bamsbniy road, N., and 

31 PentoQ street, FentonTille, N. 
Barnes F. F. 80 Lower Thames street^ B.C. 
Barrett D. 109 Spathwad bridge rd. S.E. 
Batchelar D. 4 Dnrham ^ W. Hacknev id. S.E. 
Bellringer, Pilbeam uid Speck, 2 Lonsdale place, 

Bennett W. T. and Son, East India chambera, 

Leadenhal] street, E.C. 
Berriman W. Albion cot WeUe street, Cambar- 

Bindw J. and W. 75 Fark st. Gtosv. sq. W. 
Bishop O.and C. 3 Bennetfs hDl, E.a 
Blake A T. 3 Mount row, New Kent rd. SJE. 

Booth W. 22 Abb^ rd. St John's wood, N.W. 

BonltoB S. 24 Lacey ter. Kennington id. S. 

Bowring N. 78 Pearson sL Kingaland id. I4.E. 

Boyle, Bryden & Co. 10 Albion pL Hyde park so. 

Boyle and Co. 60* Pall mill, S.W, 

Bradley J. 4 Dowgate hill. City, B.C. 

Briant J. 12 Seonington row, Kennington park 

(gee advertiseineni} 
Brook F. and W. 12 Frmeess's tenace, fieeent's 

park, N.W. 
iBrockj and Beal, 209 Piccadilly, W. 
Brown a. 10 Walbroot row. New North rd. N. 
Brown G. 60 Brompton tow, S.W. 
Brown W.Jun. 60 London rd. Sonthwark, S. 
Bnckland W. 5 Beresford street, WalwOTth, S. 
Biinyatd J. 2QQeeu street, Clerkenwell, E.C. 
Borcbam K. 22 Paiadise row, Botherhithe, S.E. 
Burden J. W. 4 Conunerdal street, N.E. 
Bon R. & Son, 12 & 13 Westbonine pi. Pad. W. 
Bnscall J. 6 Bdward stieel. Bkckfriais road, S.E., 

and 62, Broadwoll, S. (see advl.) 
Batt J. 1 Bully's place, Marlboroagh rd. Chelsea 
Cathiill W. 20 Cromer st. Brunswick sq. W.C. 
Calt G. 1 Richmond ter. East si. WalworUi, S. 
Cattell W. Harfo-.d cot. West at Walwcith, S. 
Ceely J. T. 6 Montague pL Poplar, E. and Oair»- 

way's, Comhill. E.G. 


Chapman W. A. 35 fienaington High street, W. 

and 1 Queen's row, Pimlico, S.W. 
Charlton, Allen, and Co. 128 Mount street, W. 
Cheeterton A 21 Low. Fhillimore pi. Kensintrton 
Clifford J. B. 151 Blackfriars road, S. 
Coggin J. 8 HoUand pi. Denmaik st Camberwell 
Coles G. 19 Queen's rd. Bayswater, W. 
CoUmann & Davis, 53 George st Portman sq. W, 
Cook G. 65 Westboume gro. Bayswater, W. 
Cook J. J. B Wills ter. Lonimore square, S. 
Cooper J. 4 Catherine st Limehonse fields, E. 
Comer T. W. Cottage green, Sonthampton street, 

Camberwell, S. 

Cooto B. 8 OiafUm sL TiUtoy sqnorB, W. 

Coide^ H. 2 Chapdpkce, Stratfiml, B. 

Coniell W. £ Co. 2 fflgh at Newington Botts, S. 

Cox A. 64 New Bond atreet, W. 

Craft W. H. 24 Litchfield st Soho, W.C. 

Cravrlejr W. 10 Soflolk place, Hackney rd. N.E . 

Cribb and Wolkei, 14 & IS St Swithin'a la. B.C. 

Cripp J.Catherioe cot. Cathaiine pi. KeiiBinK.rd.W. 

Cross W. 5 Pratt slieet, Camden town, N.W. 

Croton T. 4 Artichoke row, Mile end road, £. 

Dale J. L. 5 A&semlilj row, Mile end road, £. 

Dalgety J. 16 Oeorge't tenact^ Crimscot stteet, 
Bermondsef, S.E. 

Dallor' J. 7 Little Charlotte at BlacUiais, S. 

Davis B. I Clarence place, Clapham road, &. 

sDeedy John, 40 GfL Dover st. Borongh. S.B. 

Dennis Geo. 11, Hanover street. Long aire, W.C, 
sjid 35 Long acre, W.C. 

Diacfc Geo. 213 Osford atreet, W. 

Ditchmaa, J. 1 Up. Thnrlow pi. Hacknej rd. N J!. 

Dixon P. J. and Son, 62 Bethnal green rd. N.R 

sDobbyn W. 9 Bidboio' at Burton crescent, W.C. 

Donaldson W. B, I Langham place, W. 

Drew S. G Snffolkpl. Hacknej road, N.E. 

Duiiant F. W. 1 Holland place, Keoaicgton, W. 

East Hnmphrey, 5 Green bank, Wa.ppiiig, E, 

Edwaidj A. 3 Vauxhal! terrace, Lambeth, S. 

Edwards Edward, 16 Everaholt street, N.W. 

Elcood John Garrard, 9H Wimpole street, W. 

ElBott B. 1 7 Southampton ter. Walworth road, S. 

Ellia H. II New Sufiolkat. Commercial road, E. 

Eliiaon J. J. 5 Sarah street. Poplar, E. 

Emerson Thos. 305 High Holborn, W.C. 

Eapenett D. 198 Albimy road, Camberwell, S. 

Estate Exchange, 19 CiangB allej, ComhiU, B.C. 

Etridge J. J. 3 Hannah pl^e. Stepney, E. 

Falkner W. 14 Poplar row. New Kent road, S.E. 

Farrant W. and Son, 3 Orchard at. Portman ra. 

Fennell Joseph Peter, 17 Gainsford street. S.K 

Fines John, 3G Hercules buildings, I>aaibetii, S. 

Fold John and Son, 1 1a Beech st Barbican, E.G. 

ForesJohn, 3 Old Manor road. Stepney, E. 

Fort Alfred, 39 Boofli atteet, Spitaliiel^ N.E. 

Francis Fred. W. 7 Coletpi Commercial rd. E. 

Frith Wm. 24 Lanrence Pountaey lane, B.C. 

Qabbett K. 138 Princes rd. Xeuiungton cross, S. 

Gable J. II & 12 Arbonr ter. Commercial rd £. 

Gill J. I New Church st. Liason grove, N.W. 

Glanvill Burgess, 7a Belvidere road, S. 

Godbobl Francis, 219 Euatoo road, N.W. 

Goodman Pred. 2 Bishop'a rd Bayswater, W. 

Goulden Charles, 128 BnnhiU row, B.C. 

Gracine Geo. 4 Minerva tec. Hackney road, N.E. 

Gray Wm. and Son, 5 Richmond let. Church st. 
Hackney, N.E 

Greeu John E, 7 Paradise street, limbeth, S. 

Giilfin Wm. Battersea square, S.W. 
Grogan Wm. 66 Park st Grosveoor sq. W. 
Qrover T. G. 9 Maida hiU East, W. 
Haines George, 12 Groavenor street West, S.W, 
Hallam T. A. 4* Hawlj rd. Kentish town, N.W, 
Hamilton H. 64 Coleman atreet, E.C. and 9, Hol- 
land place, Kensington road, W. 
Hammock and Lambert, 1 Clu^ndon ter. Bowrd. 
E. and 69 Bishopagate street Within, E.C. 

~ rding £. A. 81 Pearson at Kiagsland rd. N.K 

Hardiingliam N. 3 Pajadise row, Cambridge rd. 

Hed^ and Davies, 49 PaU mall, S.W. 

Hellings James, 31 Edgware road, W. 

Hickley Thos. 5 Wellington place. Stepney, E. 

Hill and Soddy, 9 Addington sq. Camberwell, S. 

Holeombe J. 3 Oldham fl, Bagnigge Wella road 

Holland J. 4U King atreet, Camden towo, N.W. 

HoUand J. H. 1 St John's walk, OerkeniveU, E.G. 

Holliagsworih H. J. 16 Aaaembly row. Mile end td. 

Holt J. 10 St James's cottages, De Bcanvtar rd. 
Kingiland, N. 

aHooper Harry, 10 Ebenezer terrace, Millwall, B. 

Homer W. T. 15 Hart st W.C. &« Bury pi, 
Bloomsbnry, W. C. 

Houston Shore, 1 St. George's pL Brixton rd. S. 

Hubert Chas. IH Nichols sq. Hackney rd. NX 

Hudson T. Higga & Sou., 2 Philadelphia place. 
Hackney road, N.E. 

Imperial Agency and Estate Begistry Office^ 1 
Stonall ^emux, High st Notting hill, W. 

Jacobson Nathan-el 3H Walbrook, E.C. 

Jepps C. F. 73 Gt Dorei al. Borough, S.E. 

Jobsou John, i a Boebampton place, S.W. 

Johns F. J. G. 79 Gt Queen st W, C. 
Jones D. A. 49 Kingston ter. New North rd N, 
Jones Edward A. 211 Gt. Eussell street, W.C, 
Jones Fredk. 72 Park street, Groavenor sq. W, 
Jones James, 27 Milk street, Cheipside, K C. 
Jordan Henry E. 9 Mount street, Berkley sq. W. 
Kam Mrs, A. 37 llampdon at Cia-endoo sq, S.W. 
Eebbull Jumea, 10 Mayfield ^iace, Dalston, N.K 
Keisey J. 7^ Paradise street, Bottierhithe, S.E. 
Key Joseph, 15 Davies street, Berkley aq. W, 
King Charles, Maryland point, Stratford, E. 
King Charles, Hosier villas, Amerabom road, S.E. 
King John, lu3 & 134 Union st Borough, S.E. 
King William, 8 Woodstock street, Oxford st, W. 
Kingdon & Hmnby, G2 Brunswick st. Dover rd. 
Lamprell W. A. 1 1 Sykes terrace. Mile end rd. K. 
Larkmg C. 12 Cranlev ter. West Bromptun, S.W. 
Lay W^ F. 23 Deptford Broadway, SJl. 
Layton H. 16 New Weston st Bermondsey, SJB. 
Levitt Samuel, 70 Sun st Bishopagate wht B.C. 
Lewis Thos. 3 Bosoman bdga. Islington grsea, M. 
Liddle A. P. iS8 Upper street Islington, N. 
Llord Chas. J. 33 Chester at KenningtOD rd. S. 
5 Charles street, Grosvenor square, W. 

Martin B. 6 Cumberland row, WalwortH rd. S. 
Martin H. 0. 18 Adam street. Strand, W.C. 
Martin W. 6 Alexander place, Faltiam road, W. 
Matthewraan H. S. 58 Brook st Bond st W. 
Meniiea R 193 Upper at Islington, N. 
Millar J. 4 Wellington rd. St Jobn'a Wood, N.W. 

Mumbiay W, 5 Falcon at Alderagate street, E.C. 
Murphy Q. 28 Stanhope st Begent'a park, N.W. 
Neaves & Son, Greenfield place, Eichmond roctd, 

Bamabuly, N. 
Newton H. 1 Bookham st. New Northroad, N. 
Nicholson J, & Son, 7 Mount pi. Wbitechwd rd. 
Palmer J. 160 Cambridge st Pimlico, S.WT 
Panry Daniel, 33 Nicholas tone, B.C. 
Parry T. 9 Kensington ter. High at Notting hill 

KB'i DomoioiT roR iSiit). 


Pel ling GeorgB, 5 HoUoway pL HoLowiy rd. N. 
and li SidiiBj street, City ro«d, E.G 

Panj D. 18 Perry st Somen town, N.W. 

jpeny J. 145 Sloue street, S.W. & 181 Symoiu 
Etreet, Chelsea, S. W. 

PhillipB Heoiy, 10 Spa terrace, Spa road, SJE. 

Phillips AmoD, 5 Adelaide pi. London Bridge, E.G. 

Fickerine W. 10 Cleave place, Larkhall laoe, 5. 

Klclwr W. C. e* Paol street, Fimbuiy, E.C. 

PlewB and Wall, 34 Ponllry, E.G. 

Poulden C. J. 45 Ciuoberluid st, Brj aostoD sq. W. 

Preston C. & Son, 1 &. 10 Wyeh street, W.C. 

Prior BtunL 17 Willmot rd. Dalston, N.R 

Fogh Bichd. Thos. and Co. Salisbury wharf, and 
ISA Salisbury street, Strand, W.a 

Purser John, 7 Canterbury pi. Old Kent road, S.E. 

Fottock Jaa. Wia. IH Nottingham gt. Uarrlebone 

QnintoD Joseph, 7 Londonrmd, SonthwarV S. 

Ramsey Hy. 8 Mary pi. Bow lane. Poplar, E, 
Rtyaei Wm, Gdo. & Sooi, Mordauot honi^ Mare 
st Hackney, N.E. 

Bicbea Wnu 2 Wilmot sq. Bethnal green rd. N J!. 

Kidding Bichaid, 15 Great Harrleboae it, W. 
Gobinson E. DeninaA row, Caliuarbonr lane, S. 
Itag«rs &. Dear, 23 & U St, George's pi. Eoights- 

bridge, S.W. 
Bogeis Geo. 43 Gt College st Camden town, N.W. 
Ro«e Chas. 60 Southampton row, W.C. 
Kongh Robert, 6 Lndgate hill, E C. 
Butt Chas. 27 George st Blackfriais road, S.E. 
Salmon Sml. 33 Spital so. Norton Folgate, N.E. 
Salter Jph- 4 Chapel pi. Kentish town, N,W. 
Saueom & KumGeld, 18 Upper North pi. Dray's 

imi road, W.C 
SeUe Chas. 13 ETersholt st Oakley square, N.W. 
SeweU Chas. 13 Charles st. Westbonme ter. W. 
Sicklemore Austin BiiUer, 9 Gloucester terrace, 

Whiiechapcl, E. 
Skelton Thoe. 3 Charles street, Manchester sq. W. 
Skimiei James, 68 Bunhill row, E.C. 
Smallbone James, SG Einsbur; circus, E.C. 
Smardon T. W. 9 Lansdowne tei, Battersea, S.W. 
Smith Joseph I Broker's row, Boron^ S.E. 
Smith Joseph 14 Greek street, Soho, W. 
Smith B. jnn. 29a & 30 Baker st Lloyd sq. W.C. 
Smith R. A. 10 Niathamptou pL Old Keot rd. S.E. 
Smyl^ ThoB. 18 Montgomery st. Russell sq. W.C. 
Snugaii Saml. S. i9, Rushton st. Hoxton, N. 
«5owdon H, 8 Commercial place. Old Kent rd, S.K 

and SO Moorgate street, E.C. 
Spriggs Wm. 5 Gray's Inn square, W.C. 
Sqn&e R. 4 Smith's bnildinga, Gray's Inn rd W C. 
Staz Jai. 1 St. George's place, Brixton rd. S. 
Stevens Jno. 28 West st, north. Spa road, SlE. 
Street Hy. Wm. 7 Lower Kennington green, S. 
Strother J. & Son, 1 8 High st Sotting hill, W. 
Stroud Darid, 163 Blackfriars'jTiaa, 8. 
Storeow T. 31 Leyboume rd. Kentish town, N.W. 
Swain Bichd. T. High st Notting hill, W. 
Taylor James, Willow pi. Brixton road, S. 
Taylor W. L. Kedgeree pi. East India rd. Poplar 
Thomas Samuel, 2 Zoar p!. Coldharbour lane, S. 
Thompun Geo. So Douglas street Deptfoid, S.E. 
Thompson J. R. 12 Barg st New North rd. N. 
Thorpp & Nunn, 26 Uppei Albany st Regent's 

Throp Bichd. 12 Thomhill pL Caledonian rd. N. 

Towers Wm. C. I Bishop's road, Bayswaler, W. 

Townley J. T. 4 Cardigan pi. New Norih rd. N. 

United Kingdom Estate and General Agency Office 
(Geo. Martin Coppaid, sec.) 31 PaU Malt S.W. 

Wagner G, G9 Bemers st W. & 41 Upper Char- 
lotte street, Fitaroy sq. W. 

Wttllis Hy. 14 Spring tar. WandsworUi rd. S. 

Walls Jno. 6 Queen's gate, Kensington, W. 

Ward Jno. Prior, 50 Moorgate st E.C. & Clifton 
pl. Cambridge Heath, N.E. 

Ward T. 10 Royal hill. Queen's rd. Bayswafer, W. 

Ward Wm. 1 Montrose viUaa, Caledonian rJ. N. 

iWame Edmund, 41 Lisle st Leicester sq. W. C. 

Wame Edmund, jun. 3 Soho so. W. 
Wame SUtmard, i Bruton st. Bond st. W. 
Wearing' By, 11 Southgato ter. Islington, N. 
Webb Wm. 10 Albion rd, west I^alsmn, N.E. 
Webbe By. 2 Lupus st S.W. and 141 Tachbrook 

street Plmlico, S.W. 
Weteter B. M. 1 River ter. north. City road, N. 
West Geo, Jno. 2 Lambeth rd. S. 
West Jno. 11 CUrenee rd. Kentish town, N.W. 

and 30 Evershult st. Oakley sq, N.W. 
Willmott Philip, 255 Albany rd, Cainberwell, S. 
Wilson Geo. 26 Albion st Hyde park, W. 
Wilson Jno. 13 Upper Berkeley st west W. 
Wishait Fred, A- Kince's rd. Bermondsey S.E. 
Withers A. 6 Momington cresent Hampstead rd. 
Wooding Wm. IIH Bethoal green rd. NX 
sWoods Jas. 4 Tavistock row. Coven t garden, W.C, 
Woolvertoii Geo, 3 Rorence rd. Deptford, S.E. 
Worrell John, 28 Hunter st. Brunswick sq, W.C. 
Wymet E, 8 Meckleriberg tor. Gray's Inn rd. W.C. 
Wynn Angnstns, & Co, 7 Sidney st City rd. KC. 


(See alioAgenla — Estalt axdllouM. Arekittcts. 

Land Su-uejors, and Surv^ra, marixd (a) are 

Auclioneeri ; Taarked (j) art Sarvegora. 
Airey Geoigt^ 7 Throgmorton street E.C, 
sAlmack Barugh, 41 Albion street, Hyde Park, W 
jAniold, Bobert A. 15 Duke st Adelphi 
sBsiu Bobt Preston, 87 Chancery lane, W.C. and 

11 Windmill place, Camberwdl road, S. 
Barnes Thos. Jno. 19 Birchin lane, E.C. 
sBeadel James and Son, 25 Gresham street ^t^- 
Bicknell Jno. High street Wandswcaih 
sBowos & Bellingham, 27 Gresham street E.C. 
■Chapman Thos. and Geo. 23 New st Spring 

Gardens, S.W. 
Chesterton Arthur, 21 Lower Phillimore pL W. 
Chinnock and Galsworthy, 11 Waterloo pL Fall 

Mall, S,W, 
sCobbH, &B, L, 10 Lincoln's Ion fields 
Comloid Fred, 9 Montpelier street S,W. 
sCowan Peter, 40 Parliament street S.W. 
Cox Alfred, 64 Now Bond street W. 
sCrawter Henry, 5 Bedford row, W.C. 
sDavis & Vigers, 3 Frederick's pL Old Jury, B.C. 
euDebenham Frank Giseing, BO Cheapside, E.C. 
(uDickson i. Ikvenport, 32 Bncklesbuiy, E,C. 
ajDriver S & B. C. 5 WhitehsU 
Ernest Henry, i Whitehall, B.W. 
oFarebrother CUrk & Lye, 6 Lancaster pl. Strand 
Girdwood John &. Jamee 49 Pall Mall, S. W, 

Green & Staneby, 28 Old Bond street, W. 
sHaU B. 3T Great Oeorge st. Wertminrter, S.W. 
Hellings James, 31 Edgware road, W. 
sHook Adam C. 13a Great George it. S.W. 
sHubbard Wm. Hj. 6 Danes Inn, Skand, W.C. 
Kennedy Jno. E. 11 Norib teirace, Bcompton S.W. 
Laheo & Wood, 66 New Bond street, W, 
Lewis Jos. 27 Bnckler^uiy E.G. andSCarlton ter. 

Loogliljoroueh road, Brixton, S. 
Late Hemy, 3 Gordon road, Peckham 5.E. 
oLow Bobt A. 2 Soathan^ton stmet, Strand. 
Lucas H7. Orange street, Leicester aqnare, W.C. 
QgLnmlej Edward, 67 Chancery lane. 
sManseil & Elliott, J3a Belgrave sq. S.W. City 

offices, 16 ComhiU, E.G. 
Martin Hy. Osborne, 18 Adam st Strand, W.C. 
Milbnin Bros. 2 Fimroee street, E.G. 
iHilnes Jno. W. 3H3 Strand 
oOrgill Jno. J. 551 New Oiford street 
P oneford -Wm. 9 Shaftsbnrv road, HamtoeiBmilli 
iQua]lett Geo. Watts, 10 New Bond street, W. 
Scott Thoa. 18 Parliament stoeet, S.W. 
Search Alfred, 14 WhitehaU pL S.W, 
SheSord Jdo. 18 Store street, Bedfoid sqtiare, W.C. 
Simpson Pinder & Sons, 29 Sarille row, W. 
JtSmlth D. Son & Oakley, 10 Waterloo pi. S.W, 
sSmitb Wm. & Geo. HaU t«r. Notting hill, W. & 

a Bedford row, Holborn, W.C. 
aSmith E. J. 14 Whitehall pi. Wbitehall, S.W. 
oSmith Edwin 802 Begeot atieet 
sTatham & Sehreiber, 27 Bedfoid pL Rossell so. 
Thynne Frederick, 11 Great George street, S.W. 
iTrmnper Eicbd. 23 Liucobi's Lm fields, W.C. 
Wagner Geo. 69 Bemers st. Oxford street, W. & 

41 Upper Charlotte St. Fitiroy sq. W. 
»Watt Isaac, 10 Frederick st. Gray's Inn rd. W.C. 
Watts Edward Bullock, 89 Chancery lane, W.C. 
Westbnry GUes, 44 Lincoln's Inn fields, W,C. 
sWright Jno. 1 King's rd. Bedford row, W.C, 

AshtOD, Griffiths & Co. 2 Crown ct. Pbilpot lane, 

KC. & Qarf ord st West India docks, E. 
Austin J. H. & Co. 81 QTacechoich st B.C. 
BroeiB H. C. & Co. 40 St Mary Axe, E.G. 
Ebnme Joseph, 13 ThaTiee Inn, E.G. 
Ford Francis, 9 Laurence Pountaey hill, E.C. 
Graiebrook John W. 75 Old Broad street, E.G. 
Magnire Patrick, 12 Ely place, Holborn, W.C. 
Maybury Wm. Hemy, 3 Sise lane, E.G. 
Mitchell N. 6 Church court Clement's lane, E.C. 
Mobs C. & Co. 23 Fenehureh st. E.C , &, warehouse 

Salmon laneji imehonse, K 
Skirrow Wm. 198 Upper Thames it E.C. 
Small Wm Cousin kne, E.C. 
Smith Thos. Price, 10 Fish street hill, KG. 

{See Pateat Agents,') 

Baagoe Theodore ifor Old BocLami German Slotu 
Qaarria), 103 Leadeahall street, E C. 

Prke Thos. Canal wharf, Hamp^ad rd. N.W. 

Sharp Samuel, Junaiea Cofiee Mouse, E.C. 

Udnej Jolm, Oiosveiior road, S.W. 41 PenlouTille 
rd. lelington, N. 


(See aim Sunxyors,') 

Bojti Inilitate of British Architects, 16 Grosvenor 

street, W. (President, Earl de Greyj Vice 

President^ U. Ashton, B. C. Hnssey, J. J. 

Scolesi Hon. Sees, Charles C. Nelson, H. D. 

Wyatt; for foreign cOTTwnpondenee, T. L. 

Donaldson ; Treasnrer, Sir Walter R Faiausr, 

Bart ; Librarian, T. S. Goodwin. 
tAhraham H. R. 3 Bridge it Weetminrter, S W 
Adams C. F. 34 Bedford row, Bloomsbory, W.C, 
Adams Edward, 11 Park st Westminster, S.W. 
lAinslie CliarUi, 10 Old Jewry Chambers, E.G. 
•AitchisoQ George, 6 & 6 Muscosy court, KC. 
(Alexander G. P, B A. 11 Cariton st S.W. and 

Putbenon Chambera, 14 Begent st S.W. 
(Alexander Horace Augustus, 18 Walbrook, KC. 
Allaioa Thomas, 1 CoEaaught square, W. 
sAllen, Saooke & Stock, 6 Doke st. Tooley st 8.E. 
sAllen Alfred, B4 Panlton's sq. Chelsea, S.W. 
Allon Artiiur, 2 Bobert st Adelphi, W. 0. 
lAllom Thomas, 12 Buckingham st Strand, WC 
nAndenon F. C. 12 Pall MaU east, S.W. 
lAngell Samoel, 16 Bussell square, W.C. 
Armrtroog Thos. W. 9 Edward st. Bamsbnrv, N 
Arnold B. A, 15 Duke st Adelphi, W. C. 
sAmold Sydney, 1 34» Fencburch itieet, KG. 
lAmold SydaCT, 38 King William it E.G. 
>Ai\ii A. 3 WelUngtou ter.New rd. Bammenmjth 
Ashdown J. 42 Chiuing Crass, S.W. 
cAshpitel Arthur, fTs. A. 6 Crown court. Old 

B road street, E. C. and 2 Poete" comer, S.W. 
sAshton H. 5 Victoria at Westminster Abbey S.W. 
Anbray S. C. Victoria grove, Victoria park road. 

Hackney, N. E. 
Austin J. Gardner, 93 Chadwood it. west, S.W. 
gAostin Thos. G. 9 Grafton rd. Kentish town, N.W. 
(Ba^ster 10 Sooth square, Gm-'a Inn, W.C. 
aBailey GBorgB, 18 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 
iBwley H. 3 Willow walk, Kentish town, N.W. 
«Bailey Charlea, 72 Gracechnrch et .E.G. 
jBainbridge T. H. Church row, Bethnal gn. N.E. 
Baines E. B. 6 Up. Charles st Westminster, S.W. 
Baker Arthur John, 61 Bmton crescent, W.G. 
■Baker Henry, 11 Upper Gower st«et, W.C. 
■Balls W. H. 3^ Betmondsey square, S.S. 
Banks & Barry, 27 Sackrille street, W. 
Bardwell W. 4 Gt Queen it Westminiter, S.W. 
cBamord Edward, 72 Mark lane, E.C. 
Barnes W. 3 Chorch court, Ohl Jewry, E.G. 
iBamett Jolin, 3 Verulam buildings, W.G. 
Bany Sir C. B. A. F. R S. 10 FaUce yard, S.W. 
Barry E. M. 1 Old Palace yard, S.W. 
Barry Thomas, 10 Lineohi's Inn Fields, W.C. 
sBartle«tW.6.18Piniier'sHall,01dBroad6t E.C. 
Batger G. A. 3 Snn court, Combill, E.C. 
sBaiendell Edward, 7 Beaufort buildings, W.G 
Baxter B. C. 21 Abchurch lane, E. C. 
jtBeachcroft S. 10 Robert terrace, Chelsea, S.W. 
Bean Alfred C. Angelo House, Shsftssbury ra^tl. 



K ]S60 


tBean Oeorge, 3 StucUsT rilka, Stockwell, S. 

Beck W. S3 Fmsboiy circus, B.C. 

Beeston F. R II St George's place. Hyde Fiufc 

cornet, S.W. 
sBeeston F. R Jan. 2 Barcouit buildings, E.G. 
sBelcIier J. 5 Adekide place, London Bridge, E.C. 
Bell A. IS Boeheatar ter. Camden rd. villui, N.W. 
Bell Junes, 1 Devooaliire pL Portland pL W. 
jBell Eichard, 17 Oraceehnrch rt. E.C. 
Bellamy T. 8 Charlotte st. Bedford aq. W.G. 
BaUhonse F. T. £0 Boyal creso. Sotting MU, W. 
sBenham T. E. 8 Laurence Pountne; lone, E.C. 
BensoD J. 30 Beaumont street, Macylebone, W. 
Benson Wm. 83 Albany st. Kogent's pirk, N.W. 
Benwell B. J. 3* Bedford low, BloDmsbuiT, W.C. 
a Berry Thos. 1 Halkin at. BdgraTe sq. S.W. 
BiKnell J. 7 Jamaica pL Camberwell New nL S. 
Billing Arthur, 10 Buckingham etieet, Strand 
» BUling John, F.S.S. 12 Abingdon st S.W. and 

27 Priueea aq. St.Qeorge'a east, E. 
Billings B. W. 3 SL Mary's rd. Canonbury part, N. 
«Bird I. 72 Seyinonr place, Biyanatou at^. W. 
Blackburn E. L. 1 8 Qreuville st. Brunswick sqaare 
Blaokett W, 7 FuraiTal's Inu, W.C. 
iBland H. K. 6 Minerva ter. Old Kent rd. S.B. 
Blatchley E. 22 Charles at Middlesex Hcspilal W. 
iBleesley R S. 8 Fumival'a Inn, EC. 
Blomfield Arthur, ]nn. 8 St. Martin's place, W.C. 
jiBlore John, 8, Michael's place, Brompton, S.W. 
Blount Q. R 1 Montague pi. Montague sq. W. 
I Blyth J. 1 Noble at E C. and High ft Bromley, 

Bodley G. F. 30i Wimpole etreet, W. 
iBoulnois Wm. Allen, Ga, Waterloo pi. S.W. 
aBoulchetWm.2T Qt James at. Bedford row, W.C. 
Boyce Philip, 6 Danes Inn, Strand, W.C. 
sBracebridge E. L. Amity house. High st. Poplar 
■Bramwell Jamea, 5 Derwent tec. Spa rd. S.E. 
Brandon David, 24 Berkeley square, W. 
Brandon Baphael, IT Clement's Tnn, W.C. 
Brede Bobt. James, i 7 Parliament sb«et, S.W. 
jBroadbridge C. 16 Warwick street. Golden aq. W. 
sBroodbndge H. W. i Beaufort buildings, WTC 
Brooks James, 5 Bloomsbury square, and 6 GoM - 
smith aqiiaie, Stoke Neningtou 

sBrown Fied. 19 Alfred pi. Bedford sq. W.C. 

sBrowne John Henry, 22 Addison road, W. 
.eBiowD J. H. is Duke atieet, Adel[)hi, W.C. 

■Browne B. P. Boyal place, Greenwich S.E. 

iBryaoD J. IS. 67 Roupell at. Cornwall rd. S. 

iBunnuig Ju. Bunatone (of City Work^, Archi- 
tects' office Guildhall, E.C. and 6, Gloucester 
tar. Begent's Park 

Burgess Wm. 15 Buckinghamstieet, Strand, W.C. 

iBum Geo. Adam, da New Broad street, E.C. 

cBumell Qej. B. 11 Lincoln's Inn fields 

Bomell H. Hockey, 16 Bouverie street, E.C, 

Burrell John, Hi New Bond st. W. and the Her- 
mitige, Camberwell grove, S. 

BnrtonDedmns, F.RS. 6 Spriae eardeos, S.W. 

■Burton Thos. 1 Charlotte row, A&nsiou ho. E.C. 

sBTwy Thos. Talbot, 60 Welbeck street, W. 

sBush Jas. Feed. 18 Upper Baker street, S.W. 

eBaah Wm. 1& Cliffoid st Bond st and 4 Abbotts 
toad, Eilbnm Prioiy 

Boahill Fred. Wm. 8 Mortjmer ttraet, W. 

»Butler John, 4 Whitehall place, S.W. 
Butlerfldd Wm. i Adam street Adelphi, W.C. 
iCadogau H. and P, 4 Pickett place, Strand, ani 

150 Strand, W.C. 
sCaiger H. F. 49 Charlwood street, S.W. 
Calder Bobt. 16 Qresham phtce, Coldbarboor lane, 

East Brixton, 6. 
■Campbell Donald, 3 Bartholomew lane, E.C. 
Capea Silvester C. 3 Fumival'a Inn, E.C. 
iCarler Wm. 28 Philpot lane, E.C. 
sCatea A. 7i Whitehall yard, S.W. 
sChcistian Ewao, 10 Whitehall place, S.W. 
Chrstopher John Thos. ID Cannon atceet, E.C. 
iClark John, 28 Pinsbnry place, E.C, 
(Clarke Geo. Bow, 27 Qt James itreet, W.C. 
Clarke Geo. Somers, 2 Brunswick aqnare, W.C. 
vClarke Isaac, 134a, Fencburch street, E.C. 
Clarke Joseph, F.S.A^ 13 Stratford pi. Onfocd St 
AsClarke Thos. Chatfield, 187 Leadenhall st E.C. 
Clements W, G, 32 King William stieet, E.C. 
sClifton Edward Norton, 17 St Helen's pi, E,C, 

and 1 Paradise row, Betbnal green, N.E. 
Glutton Henry, 9 New Burlington street, W. 
sCoates Fred. 5 Lyon tei. Edgware rd. W. 
iCoats W. 2 Horhury ter Netting hill, W. 
Cobbett Don Addiugton, 57 Fenchnich st. E.C 
Cockerell Fred. Fepys. 8 Begent street, S.W. 
Codd F, 13 New Adelphi Chambers, W.G 
Coe H, E, 31 Montagaa st RusseU aqnare, W.C. 
sCoe Jas, 47 Old Broad street, KC. 
Coldwell W. G. 6 Huntingdon at Caledonian rd. 
Cole J, J. 24 Essex street. Strand, W.C. 
CoUing J. K 6 Ridgmont pL Hampstead rd. N.W. 
iCoUina Hyman H. 61 Torrington square, W.C. 
tCotwill Jame; B. 39 Wakefield et Begent square 
ConnollyJHa.Frae. 4 Chester ter. Eaton sq. S.W. 
sCoimop Eemy, 22 Buckingham at. Strand, W.C. 
jConatantine Thos. W, 8 New Oamondst W.C. 
Cooke Chas, H. 1 1 John st. Bedford row, W.C. 
Cooper Chaa. C, 34 Bedford row, W.C, 
sCooper H. E. 7 Soath sq. Gray's Inn, W.C. 
Corbett Chas. Joseph, 17 Qracechnrch st E.C. 
sCorbett Wm. 6 Raymond buildings, Gray's Inn, 

and Edgeware 
Cousens T. B, 3 St Michael's alley, E.C. 
sCoxS, H. F. 22 Henrietta street, W.C, 
Crewe John, 17 GJracechurch street, E.C. 
sCroas Francis, 53 Moorgate street, E.C. 
sCumberlege C. N, 5 Jo&i street, Adelphi, W.C, 
iCnndy John, 38 Parliament street S.W. 
Cundy Thoma.1, 13 Chester sq, Pimlico, S.W. 
Cundy T. Jan. Eaton Chambers, Lower Belgrave 

place, Pimlico, S.W. 
iCorrey Henry, 4 Lancaster place. Strand, W.C. 

and St, Thomas's Hospital, Borough. S,R 
sDaltou Peter Joseph, 22 Lincoln's inn fields, W C. 
Dorbishire H, Astley, 4 Trafalgar raoare, W.C. 
cDavidson Wm. 2 Bandolph n^ Maida hill, W. 
sDaries J, 1 8 Bloomsbury square, W.C. 
cDavison Bobt, 8, London st, Fenchurch st E.C. 
sDawson Henry, 1 6 Finsbury place south, E.C, 
sDeau and Bellhoose, 1 Laocaster pL Strand, W.C. 
Deane and Woodward, 88 St. Jamea atreet, S.W. 
Deason James, 6 Ketniel street, Russell iq, W,C. 
•Devey Geo. 16 Gt Marlbocongh street W, 
De Ville Lewis, 38 Gt Oimond street, W.a 

t I860. 

iDextsT BabL 20 Boadiidc, Mile end roid, E. 
DiUoo Charlaa B. 3 Bnasell ter. Oakley sq. N.W. 
iDobson Wm. 20 Boadside, Uile end road, E. 
iDoaaldBOn J. S. Bolton gudens, Roasell »q. W.C. 
jDonaldson T. L. Bolton gaidonB, Honsell eq.W.C. 
•Drew Kichard Wm. 9 PaU maU «ast, S.W. 
Driver Ghas. H 52 Winchester rt Pimlico, S.W. 
iDjbaU Sextus, q8 Cheapside, E.C. 
eDyke Thos. 30 East street, Manctieiter eq. W. 

Edmestoa Jas. jun, G Crown court, Old Broad et. 
sEdmonds C. W. C. 41 Brito et. Southwark, S.K 
lEdsall, 9 Martha terrace, Berestord at. Walworth 
EdwHids Cbaa. H. 1 St. James's t«r. Camden town 
sEdwards F. 1 7 Hart bt. Bloomsbnrf, W.C. and 2 

Ampton place," Giaj's Inn road, W.C. 
lElkington Geo. 19 Cannon street west, E.C. 
Elliott John, 270 High Holbom, W.C. 
sEUis Edward, 131 Fencbnrch street, E.C. 
«Ellis Wm. 40 Clifton t^rdens Maida hill, W. 
a eEUison Wm, 13 Fenchurch bnildings, City. E.C 

(_see advertisemeni) 
Enuaett John Thos. 1 Clondslej eg. Mington, N. 
Enoch Qeo. tl8A Moorgate street, E.C. 
sEppj Cbas. Wm. 21 Lincoln's Inn fielda, W.C. 

and 2G Beanfort street, Chelaea, S.W. 
Evans Thos. High Cross lane, Tottenham 
Falkener Edward, 61 Gracechurch st. B.C. and 21 

Bloonasbmy sanare, W.C. 
Forgosson Jas. F B.Q,S. 20 Xian^ham place, 

AbbCT, S,W. 

■Field Horace, 69 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 

■Field S. 13 Beaafort huildinga, W.C. 

Fletcher S. 1 Chapel villaa. Bridge road nest, 
Battersea, S.W. 

sFowler Charles, 12 Famival'g Ion, E.C. and 69 
Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 

iPowler Fras. Hayman, 32 Fleet street, E.C. 

Foxhall Ewd. Martin, 18 South Audlay st. W. 

Francis P. J. and H. 3R Up. Bedford pi. W.C. 

Freako Ohas. Jus 79 Onslow sq. Brompton, S.W. 

sFreeman C. 14 Buckingham st. Strand, S.W. 

sFreeman Chas. 68 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 

Preneb Geo H. 1 Sunderland pi. Bayswater, W. 

jFrend Alfred Blackbume, U Bedford row, W.C. 

gFricker H. R. 106 Leman st. E. & 16 Gt. Alie st 

sGagen Oco. John, I Cobom st. Bow road, E. 

Gale Joseph, 150 Bermondiey street, SJ!. 

Garland Bobert, 10 Cannon street, E.C. 

Garland Robert, King st. Hammersmith 

»GarUng H. B. 11 King's rd, Bedford row, W.C. 

iGiblett B. W. 166 Strand 

Gibson John, 1 1 Park st. Westminster, S.W. 

Giles John, ^3 Lincoln's Ion £elds, W.C. 

«6irdwood John & Jas. 49 Pall mall, S.W. 

»Gliddon M. A. 9 Church row, Hacfeney church- 
yard, N.E 

Godwin George and Son, 24 Al^auder square, 
Brompton, S.W. 

Gooch Edw. Woodcock, 42 Connanght ter. W. 

■Good Joseph Henry, 75 Hatton gaHen, E.C. and 
64 Poplar High street, E. 

«G)oode!uld John E. 12 Copthall court, E.C. 

Goodman T. W. 6 Hemnan ter. Prince Wales rd. 

Kentish town, N.W. 
Goodwin and Butcher, 87 Bedford row, W.C. 
Gordon G, E. 17 Cambridge road Hammersmith 
(GosUne Chas. 32 Gt. Coram street, W.C. 
cQotto Edw. 85a Qt Gwrge at. Westminster, S.W. 
Gough Alei. D. 10 Lancaster pi. Strand, W.C. 
•Qorer Bich. 16 Duke sL Adelphi, W.C. 
sGray Charles, 14 Sonthampton St. Strand, W C. 
Green Theodore, 2 Gloucester ter. Sc Paul's rd. 

Islington, N. 
Green W. John, 86 Qt Ormond at. W.C. 
Gregg Ebenezer, 8 Lonsdale sqoare, Isltngton, N. 
Griffith John, 16 Finsbury pL south. E C. 
•Griffiths B. W. 11 Southampton street, Strand 
Griffith W. P. 15 Guildford st Russell square 
tOritten Henry Fred. 6 Bridge st. Westminster, 

S.W. and 49 Tachbrook street, S.W. 
jGritten Wm. R. B Parliament street, S.W. 
sGutchOeo. Porteua house, 24 Portens road, W. 
sGwilt Alfred, fi Union Etreet, Borough, S.E. 
Gwilt Johns. 20 Abingdon street, Westminater 
Gfwilt Joseph, 20 Abingdon street, Westminster 
sGwytherW. W. 12 Beaufort buildings, Strand 
Habershon M. E. 37 Bedford place, W.C. 
HabersbOQ W. G. 38 Bloomsbury square, W.C. 
Hadiield and Goldie, 44 Parliament street, S.W. 
Hague T. 12 King's rd. Bedford row, W.C. 
sHakewell Edwd. Chas. 5 South Molton at W. 
Hakewill John Henry, 50 Maddoi street W. 
»HaU Edward, 8 John street, Adelphi, W.C. 
aHall Hflnry, 15 Duke street, Adelphi, W.C. 
sHambridge Chas. 47 Guilford st. Russell square 
sHammack and Lambert, 69 Bisho^gate street 

within, E.C. and 1 Clarendon tet. Bow rd. E. 
sHammon Heniy John, 7 Finsbury sgnare, B.C. 
sHandford G. C. 224 King's road, S.W. 
Hansard OctavuEi, 11 Argyll pi. Regent slieet, W, 
Hardwick Phillip CharleB, 21 Cavendish sq. W. 

and Bank ot England, E.C. 

sHarris Thomas, 30 Charles st. Berkeley so. W. 
Harris WiHiam, 55 Park st Grosvenor sq. W. 
sHarrison Henry, 11 Bedford pi. Bussell sq. W.C. 

in James, 34a Moorgate street. E.C. 

sMartley John, 15 Pish street hill, E.C. 

HawkinsMaiorRhode, Privy Council Office, White- 
hall, S.W. 

Hayward Charles F. 8 Adam st Adelphi, W.C. 

(Haywood Henry G. 100 Jewry Charabeis, B.C. 

sHeodrey James, 4 Panccas lane, E.C. 

gHenman C. 7 Millman st. Bedford row W.C 

Hecing F. 1 1 Argyll street, Kegent street, W. 

sHerring B. A. C. 1 Dane's Inn, Strand, W.C. 

sHeaketh Robert^ 37 Essex at. Strand, W.C. and 
SJ Bermondsey aquare, S.E. 

(Hewitt Samuel, 22 Buckingham st Strand, W.C. 

sHey William, 6 West square, Southnarfi, S. 

jHillaodParaire, 1 St Swilhin'a lane, E.C. 

sHill Sam. Albert house, St. Paul's rd. Islington, N. 

sHill Thomas Joseph, 70 Old street City road 

Hills Gordon, New Adelphi Chambers, 12 John 
street, Adelphi, W.C. 

Hiscocks Alfred J. Southfield, Wandsworth 

sHodge Henry, 7ACaiinoa row, Westminster, S.W. 

sHodgson B. J. 13 Prederiekst- Gray's inn lane 

sHodwD Henry B. 107 Giulford street, W.C. 


(iloisToithF.F.lEawlejrd, Eentuhtown, N.W. 

iijiiojman A. 1 Adelaide pL London bridge, E.C. 

Hopkins John Douglas, 25 Bedford aa. W.C. 

*Kom Thoinaa W, 15 Doke Btreot, Adelnhi, W.a 

Home M. C. W. 13 Gailford st. BusseU sq. W.C. 

siliistingC. 13a Cannon row Wesbninater.S.W. 

^Honle Josiah, 9, Ouilfocd si Knssell sq. W.C. 

jfloTBnden T. H. T, Great Winchester st. E.G. 

Uowell C. H. 4 Union street, New Bridge ri.EC. 

jILiwell James, 1 Vincent sq. Westminster S.W. 

(Hudson John, 40 Leman st, Ooodiiian's Helds, E. 

^Hudson WilUam, 19 Bennet'a Hill, E.G. 

Buj;atl and Johnson, ^6 King William street, 
Charing cross, W.C. 

Hughes F. P. 8 Danes Inn, Strand, W.C. 

* fHumphreys and Wallen, 68 Old Broad st E G. 

Hussey B. C. 16 King William rt. Strand, W.C. 

seHyde, Smith, and Lewis, S4 Quilford street, 
Kusaell sqnare, W.C. 

jtl'AnsoD G. F.O.S. 9 Lanrence Ponntnej )a. RC. 

xl^aacs Lewis H. 2 Veralam huldings, Gnj's iim 

Jjmea Joseph, 15 FomiYnl'B inn, E. C. 

Jarvis G. T. 13 Hart Street, Bloonisbnry sq. W.C. 

sJanis H. 29 Trinity muare, Boroagh, S.E. 

Jcatrard Robert W. 1 Sussex street, Rmlico, S.W. 
Jeckell Thomas, 10 Buckingham sL Strand, W.C, 
Jenkins J. W. 16 Patliamcnt street. S.W. 
(Jenkins WOliam W, 15 Grove pL Brixton rd. S. 
sJennings Joseph, 11 Langham at Langhampl. W. 
sJohnson John, 22 Buckingham st Strand, W.C. 
Johnson John, 9 John street, Adelphi, W.C. 
sJones Horace, 16 Fumivai's inn, E.G. 
s Tones John H. the Tower, DsJston, N.B. 
Jones Owen, 9 Argyll place, Sagent street, W. 
i sfJones K. 11 Newton ter. Kennington Green, S. 
iJudge sjid Winstanley, 2 Great James street, 

Bedford row, W.G. 
sJndge G. 34 Upper King st Bloomsbury, W.G. 
.Julian G. A. 12 Queens road, Notling hill, W. 
Kaye J. 2 Bichroond pkco, St. Georges rd. S. 
Keeling E. B. 3 Upper ter. Upper st, N, 
sKeUy Edmund Joseph, 23 Thaviea inn, E.G. 
sKendall Henry Edward, I Spring Gardens, S.W, 
sKendall H. E. jnn, 33 Brunswick sqnare, W.C, 

and BoUy Cottage, Hsmpstead 
tKerr Eobert, 41, Coleman street, B.C. 
iKimpton, Thos Y. 3 Adam's Conrl, Old Broad st 
sKing C. E, B. 24 University st. Totlsnham court 

road, W. C. 
sKnightley T. E. 25 Cannon-street, .EC. 
sKnowles J. T. 1 Raymond buildings, Gray's inn 
sLsiorest J. J. U King's rd. Bedford ruw, W.C. 
Laing G. E. 10 GranMlle st. Brunswick sq. W.C. 
tLake Nicholas, 7 Ironmonger lane, E.C. 
Lamb Edward Buckton, 3 Uinde Etieet, W. 
sLamb George, 10 Lancaster place, Straftd, W.C. 
^Lambert William, 4 New Basingball street, E.C. 
sLanchester H. 16 Warwick st Golden sq. W, 
Lander & Bedells, 4 Gt James st. Bedford row 
sLansdown J. C, & G '6i Bedford pi. Bloomsbury 
sLapidge E. 3 Darby street, Parliament, si. S.W. 
Latter T. 15 GroTe ter. Bt. John's Wood, N.W. 
slavendor Joseph, 36 Bedford row, W.G. 
Laws C. 13 Doughty street, Mecklenburg sq. W.C. 
cLaiton U. 19 Arundel street. Strand, W.G. 
Leake &, Co. 23 Golden square, W. 

iLm Charlet, 20 Golden square, W. 

Lee Francis, 3 Adam's court, Old Brosd st EC. 

sLee W. St Michael's house, St. Michael's alley, 

Comhill, E.G. 
«Lee Wm. W. 7 Aldenham ter. St PanCTas, N.W. 
tLegg G, Gl King Wm. st London bridge, EC 
sLegg G«o. 14 Westbouroe pLtce, Eaton eq. S.W. 
cLegg H. S. 6 South square, Gray's Inn, W.C. 
tLcpard J. T. 9, Cloak lane, Cheapside, E C. 
&Lett Frederic 36 Essex street. Strand, W.G. 
jLewis T. C. 4 Gannon row, Westminster, S.W. 
Levria Thos. II. 9 John street, Adelphi. W.C. 
sLiddiard J. 5 Kent ter. New Cro!s road, S E. 
Lightly Wm. 23 Bedford row, Holbom, W.C. 
sLittle Thomas, US Northumberland street, W. 
sLivock John, 5 George st. Euston square, N.W. 
iLockyer J. sen. 19 Sonthampton at. Fitzray sq. 
Lockyer J. M, jun. 19 Sonthampion st. Fitaroy 

sq. W. & 3i Sheffield terrace, Kensington, W. 
sLote Henry, 3 Gordon road, Peckham, S.E. 
Lovett W. H. 1 Victoria ter. Ladbroke rd. W. 
LowG. 10 Basingball street, E.C. 
Luck C. L. 12 Regent street, S.W. 
sLuxton R W. 230 Maida vale, W. 
aMaclore J. M. 16 Harley street, W, 
Mair G. J. J. 41 Upper Bedford phice, W.C. 
sManning M. P. 6 Sfitre Court Chambers, E.C. 
)«ManseU & Elliott, 13a Belgrave sqnare, S.W, & 

16 Cornhill, E.C. 
Marks E. 77 Up, Stamford street, Blackfriars, S. 
Marrable Frederick, 1 Greek street, Soho, W. 
SMarsh J.G. 21 Great Bush lane, E.C. & 15 St 

^lary-le-Straud place. Old Kent road, S.E. 
jMartineau B, H. 24 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 
Matthews S. A. 10 Gray's Inn place, W.C. 
sMawley H. 30 Gower street, Bedford sq.W.C. 
sMayhew &Knight, 14 Argyll street. Regent st W, 
sMahew WiUiam J. 80 Gt. George st S.W, 
iMeakin W. F. * Martin's lane. Cannon st E.C. 
Medland & Maherly, 1 7 Exeter hall. Strand, W.C. 
sMee Arthur, 7 Bridge Street, Westminster, S.W. 
cMeeson & Boys, 58 Pall mall, S.W. 
Merrick J. T. 4 St George's pL Walworth rd, S> 
sMessenger J. 9 Spring gardens, S.W. 
Metcalt J. H. 41 Duke street, Manchester sq. W. 
»Men F, 2 Gt Jamas st Bedford row, W.C. 
sMillson W. J. 1 Albert pi. Old Kent rd. S.E 
Moffat W. B. 31 Montague street, W.C. 
sMoon James, 8 Prini-es s,t Red Lion sq. W.C. 
sMoore & Bachhoffner, 61 Lincoln's Innflds. W C 
Moore K H. lOWolbtook, E.C. 
jMorarit Augustus, 2 Charlotte tow, E.C. 
Moreing Cliaa. 11 Carlton streot, and Parthenon 

chambers, 14 Regent street S.W. 
Morgan Geo. 3 Danes Inn, W.G. 
sMorphew & Green, 4 Queen street place, E.C, 
sMorris J, & Son, 1 Harlow villas. East India rd. E. 
Morris Thos, Carlton chambers, 12 Regent st, S.W. 
Mosflloy Andrew, 7 Charing cross, S,W. &-Eden- 

hnrst, Broom lane, Pulham, S.W. 
Moseley Wm. & Andrew, 7 GhatiugcroBS, S.W 
Moseley Wm. Trinity chambers 7 Charing cross, 

S.W. &. 5 Wakefield ter, Caledonian rd. K. 
Muy Thos. 1 Clifford's Inn, Fleet street, EC. 
.. ... T i_ . c. '-■-- 's grove, Brixton road, S 

iMomford Wm. 31 Lincoln's Ino fields, W.C, 
»Mnnt Wm. 7 Tokenhouse jmd, Lothbury, E.G. 
Uun7 James. 26 PorUnan street, Fortmui HI. W. 
cMjlne Bchert Wm. F G.S. 8 Hegent Btreet,S.W. 
aNash Edwin, S Adelaide pL London bridge, E.C. 
iNalaon & Innes, 6 Wbiteh»ll, S.W. 
Nesfidd Wm. E. 15 Bedford row, W.C. 
Nesbam Wm. Jopling, Lcodon docka, E. 
(Now Geo, 2 DotchesMr pi. Blandford so. N.W. 
iNewbon &. Smith, 63 Fencbnicb st E.C. 
(Newman AJfred, 6 Mortimer street, W, 
sNewman A. S. 191 Toolej st. S.E 
Newson Thomas, 17 Gracecburch street, E.C. 
Newton Harry Hobert, 6 Argyll at. Regent st. W. 
Nicholl Samuel J. 99 MaryUbone rd. N.W. 
Nicholls Silas, 1 Mnrray street. New Nortb rd. N. 
iNicholIs Thomas, 9 Gr«at Oimond street W.C. 
Nichols D. Cubitt, 17 Heathcote street, W.C. 
Norton John, 24 Old Bond street, W. and Lover 

Bedland, Bristol 
sNunn Wm. 20 Martin's lane. Cannon st. E.C. 
lOliver Harrv, 40 Leman street, Whitecliapel, E. 
iPadmore Wm. P. 16 Gireat Marlbocough st. W. 
sPaine J. D. 27 Sonthampton bldgs. Chancery la. 
Palgrave K. i 1 Pall mall east, S.W. & ID Elm pL 

West Bromptoo, S.W. 
Papworth John W. Ha Great Marlboroogh st W- 
Papworth Wyatt, 1*a Great Marlborough rt. W. 
Paraire E. Louis, 52 Bathhona place, W 
Parken A. H. Hanover chambers, Adelphi, W.C. 
Parker E. W. 21 Paultons sq. S.W. 
iParker T. B. 185 Prospect pi. Edgeware rd. W. 
Parkinson Bawlinson, Sonthwood lane, Highgate, 

N. and 1 Bac^oet court, E.C. 
.PameU Chaa. Octavins, 50 Pall mall, S.W. and 

10 Wimpole street, W. 
Parris B. 6 Wolsinghara place, Lambeth, S, 
(Parsons H. 208 Greeham house. Old Broad st E.C. 
Palman J. P. 31 Gt James st. Bedford row, W.C. 
aPeacock Josepb, 15 Bloomsbnry square, W.C. 
iPeacock L. B. 11 Coburg pi. Upper Kennineton la. 
Pearson John L. F.S.A. 22 Harley street, W. 

Pennetiiome Jas. 7 WhitehaU yard, S.W. 

(Penrose F. C. Chapter house, 68 St Paul's church- 
yard, E.C. 

(Percy T. 1 Allred pi. Bedford square, W.C. 

.Perry Geo. Charterlouse, RC. 

Phelps A. J. 8 Pumival'B Inn, KC. 

iPhen^ J. S. 3i Oakley street, Chelsea, S.W. 

iPhUlips B- B. 51 Lincoln's Inn fields. W.C. 

Phipps John, 12 Whitehall place, S.W. 

Pickett Wm, V. 58 Jermyn street, S.W. 

Pile Alfred B. 6 John street, Adelphi, W.C, 

Pocock W. W, 10 Trevor ter. Knightsbridge, S.W, 

Ponsford J, 66 Queen's gardens, Bayswaler, W, 

(Pope R P. 21 Bedford row, W.C. 

Porden Cbas. 2 St Dunstan's hill, E.C. 

aPorteiB & Markham, 109 Grange rd, S.E. & lOi 
KeuQington row, S. 

(Potter F. W. 6 Tavistock st. Covent garden, W.C. 

jPorter Thos. 199 City rd. E.C. 

Potter W. F. 78 Herbert st Hoxton, N. 

Pouget F. 1 Grove lodge. Page green, Tottenham 
■d 80 Great St HeWa, E.C. 

L 1860. 

(Pownall F, H. IC Qo*er ft Bedford sq, W.C. 
fPownall Q. 60 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 
Prichard &. Seddon, 6 Whitehall, B.W. 
Pritchett G. E. 14 Qneen sq. Bloomsbury, W.C. 
Pugin E. W. 65 Great Hussell street. Blomnsburf 
(Purchase Geo. L. 23 Bedford row, W.C. 
Purdue W, 1 New court, Middle Temple, E.C. &. 

15 Islington ter. Park rd. N. 
(Pym Geo. Edwin, T Coleman st E.C. 
sBaggett Geo P. 49 Gower street, W.C. 
Bai^y Henry M. Sonthnood lane, Higbgate, N. 
Bawlings W.H. 20 Devonshire rd. Wandsworti rd. 
Bead C, E. 1 & 2 Fenehnrch street, E.C. 

Reeks Cbas. F. 12 Middle Scotland yard, S.W. 
sReevef A Butcher, 102 Guilford street, W.C. 
Bennie & Marshall, Sing & Qneen Dock, Botlier- 

bithe street S.E. 
(Reynolds J. Temple chambers. Fleet rt. E.C. 
Richardson C. J. M KensiDghHi square, W. 
sBichardson J. 7 Up. North pL Gray's Inn rd.W.C. 
(Rickman T. M. 21 New Ormond street W.C. 
(Ridley H. S. 7 Bridge street, Westminster, S.W. 
Ritchie J. E.,JDn. 106 Leadenhall street, E.C. 
iKtchie R 11 Beaufort buildings, Strand, W.C. 
(Roberts B. 25 Lawrence Pountaoy lane, E.C. 
BobiBs Edward C. 19 Arundel st. Strand, W.C. 
HobioBon Frederick J. 22 Sackville alreet,W. 
(Robinson J. Warwick chambers, Warwick court, 

Roe W. 139 Tachbrook street, S.W. 
Rogers Frederick, 83 Wobum square, W.C. 
(Bonmieu Robert L. 10 Lancaster place, W.C. 
tRowe Hagh, 12 Charles at BUckfriats rd. S.E. 
Rowley J. E. 17 St Helen's place, B.C. 
Buddie D. 15 Stanhope st Regent's park, N.W. 
Bushforth T. H. 12 Regent street, S.W. 
sSabine W. jun. 54, Old Broad street, E.C. 
(St Aubrn J. Peatee, 35 John street Bedford 

row, W.C. &. 4 Plowdon buildings. Temple, E.C. 
iSt. Aubyn J. H. 19 Dorset street, W. 
(Salter E. 128 Chancery la. E.C. & Hammersmith 
Salter Stephen, 2 Gt. CoUege st. Westminster S.W. 
Salrin A. jun. 4 Adam street, Adelphi, W.C. 
(Salvin Anthony, 30 Ai^ll street. Regent st W. 
Sass H. W. 45 Connaught ter. Edgware rd. W. 
iSauuders J. C. F.6.S. 9 Finsbnry circus, E.C. 
Savage H. B. 22 Beaumont st. St. Marylebone, W. 
Scoles Joseph John, 58 PaU MaU, S.W. 
Scott George Gilbert, 23 Spring gM^ens, S.W. 
(Scott James Sheppard 16 New Broad slieet, B.C. 

and 46 Kensington park gardens, S.W. 
(Scurry and Wright, 6 Sausburr street, Sbmd, 

W.C. and 94 Denbigh street, Pimlico. 
(Searle Charles Gray, 4 Bloomsbury place, W.C, 
sSewell C, 6 Oxford ter. King's road west, S.W. 
(Shea Joceljn Bloomfiold, 72 Watling street, E.C. 
(Shepherd John Bax, 27 Bocklersbnry, E.C. 
(Shilcock J. 30 Eoyai crescent, Netting hill, W, 
jShoppee C. J. 61 Doughty street, W.C. 
(Sibley R L. 39 Gt Ormond street. Queen square, 

W.C. and 165 Pentonville road, N. 
(Sim W. 1 Danes inn, W.C, 
^immonds G. H. T Gt Alie st Goodman's Sddt, 

E and 1 Elm till*. Bridge rood west, Bottene* 


S^iiuW. H. 4 CopthaU Buildiiigg, E.G. 
Slat^W. Carlton chamben, i B«geat st. S.W. 
jSmirke Sidney A-B.A. T9 Grosvenor atreet, W. 
sSmith and WUIiamB, 4i Frederick's place, E.G. 
iSraith Alfred 11 Buckingham st. Strand, W.C. 
sSmith Joseph, 38 Ely place. Hoi born, K.C. 
sSmitli Ihomaa, 3G Hart st Blooinsbnry, W.C. 
aSmitli Thomaa R. 67 Strand, W.C. 
Smitti Wiiliam, 12 John street, Adelphi, W.C. 
sSmith W. Jan. 259 Upper street, Islington, N. 
Smith Wortbiogton 0«o. 19 Aste street, N. 
sSmither J. G. 3'i Fleet street, E.G. 
Snooke W. 6 Duke street, London bridge, S.G. 
.Soutter W. 25 Brosd street Buildings, E.G. 
sSnow G. M. E. 25 & 36 Tredegar sq. Mile end, E. 
Spencer J. F. 1 Adelaide pi. London bridge, E.G. 
sSpringbett J. 12 Clemeut's lane, E.G. 
SpiBtt e. W. 2 Walbrook buildings, City, EC. 
Spnrr Edmund, 3 Newton road, Bajswatar, W. 
Slanhitin G. 6. 20 Upper Phillimore pi, Kensing- 
ton loaA, W. 
jStapleton J. Glod^, UG CannoD street, E.C. 
(Stent F. W. 9 Adam street, Adelphi, W.C. 
Stan«ns and Robinson, 22 Sackville street, W. 
Stevens Edmd. 1 York rd. Kennington rd. S. 
sStsrens John, 51 Jermyn street, S.W. 
Stevens John H. 1 Baquet court, E.C, 
sSterena N. E. 173 Fenchurch street, E.C. 
Stokes Q. H. 7 Pall mali east, S.W. 
Stone Contts, 16 Gt. Marlborough street, W, 
Street G. E. 33 Montagnc place, RnsseU aq, W.C. 
Stride Lewis, fi Bloomsburj square, W.C. 
Stutalr Martin J, i Doughty street, W.C. 
^nter Bichard, 21 Fenchurch street, E.C. 
sSwansborough £. 25 Broad street buildings, E.G. 
sTanner J. 16 Union Court, Old Broad st, E.C. 
sTarring J. 26 Bucklersbnry, E.C. and 23 Charles 

street Middlesex Hospital, W. 
.Tarring T. C. 2 Glo'sler ter. Vict. pk. rd. N Jl. 
*Tasker W, 26 Bedtord row, W.C. 
■Taylor A. E. 10 Basinghall street, E.G. and 22 

Parliament street, S.W. 
Tttjlor Jno. ion. 53, Parliament street S.W. 
sTajlor J. H. Princes place, Kenoington cross, S. 
«Tajlor T. * Euston grove, Euston sqiiare, N.W, 
Temple G. S. 37 Moorgito street, E.C. 
Tenlon Saninel Sanders, 9 Craig's court, S.W. 
sTeulou W. M. 42 Guilford street W.C. 
Thomas J. 33 Alpha road, Ragenfa park, N.W. 
^Thompson H. L. ISO Leadenball street, E.C. 
sThompson W. 2 Conduit street west, W. 
Thomson J. 57 Devonshire street, Portland pL W. 
sThnrBtun C. B. 9 Southampton st Bloonisbury 
sTillott & Chamberlain, 7 Gresham street E.C. 
sTite William, Mf. F.RS. &o. 17 St. Helen's pi. 

Bisbopsgate, E.C. 
sTolley J. 186 Bisbopsgate street vrithont, B.C. 
TovBy H. 5 Devonshire tor. Camden, rd. N.W. 
iTresa & Chambers, 37 Queen st Cheapside, E.C. 
sTtimen A. 9 Adam street, Addphi, W.C. 
Trotman Ebenezer, 5 Verulam buildings, E.C. 
Triwfitt G. a Bloomebury square, W.C. 
Tucker S. 45 Guilford street W.C. 
jTumerJohn, loi Wilton at Belgrave sq. S.W, 

and 8 Duerdin villas, Tollingtoo park, N. 
..«TiUTwr Thomas, 8 Walbrook, E.C, 

rverman F. 1 New court, Temple E,.C. 
iTverman Thoa. 14 Abingdon street, S.W. 
iValpy & Gibbs, 68 Old Broad street, E.C. 
Vincent J. A. 90 Gt. Rossell st Bloomsbary, W.C. 
Vulliamy George, 1 Duncumon street S.W. 
Vultiuny Lewis, 1 Duncannon 5t SW.. 
Wade E. C. 19 Sutherland square, Walworth, S. 
tWadiBore and Baker, 35, Great St Helen's, B.C. 
sWagstaS Jamea, Highbury crescent N. 
Walker Jas. R. 12 Hart st Bloopisbury, W.C. 
Walker Wm, 2 Adelaide pi. London bridge, E.C. 
sWallen W. i un. 25 Lawrence Pountney lane, E.G. 
aWallen W. sen. 25 Lawrence Pountney lane, E.C. 
Walters Frederick Page, 14 Gt. Cheyne row, S.W. 
sWallon and Robaon, 1 8 Adam at. Adelphi, W.C. 
iWaring and Blake, 42 Parliament street S.W, 
Warring Thomas Albert 20 Pratt st Lambeth, S, 
sWrren Frederick, 6 Whitehall. S.W. 
sWarton Matthew, 5 Nicholas lane, E.C. 
Watson Alexander, 211 Euston road, N.W. 
sWatson J. B. 9 Nottingham pi, Marylcbone, W. 
Webb Geo. Biah, Southampton st Strand, W.C. 
aWebber JosUb, 1 York buildings, Adelphi, W.C. 
Wells Francis B, 10 RnsseU p!^ Fitiroy sinW. 
gWhetten R. 3 Poet's corner, Westminster, SW.. 
Wheeler Robert, Bedford chambers 28 and 29 

Southampton street Strand, W.C. 
jWhichcord John, F.S.A. 16 WUbrook E.C. and 

46 Douglas street DeptFord, S.E. 
sWhite Benjamin, 31 Cabom street, Bow road, E. 
White G. A. B8 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 
White John Alfred, 2 Devonshire place north, 
Msrylebone road, NW- and Westboume green, 
Harrow road, W. 
sWiddows Francis G. 3 CopthaU buildings. E,G. 
sWigg, Son and Oliver, 7 Bedford row, W.C 
ffi^ey Georg 
iWilkinson PI 

WiUey Robert Carlton hill ei 
sWilliams and Smith, 52 Old Broad street, E.C. 
jWilliams George Barnes, 4 Frederick place, Old 
Jewry, ; office, 35 Burrage rd. Plumstead, Kent 
Williams Herbert, Draper's baU, Throgmorton st 
iWiUiams Wm. Edward, 2 Durham place east, 

Hackney road, N.E. 
sWiison Andrew 1 26 Cannon street road, E. and 3 

Harley place, Bow road, E. 
Wilson James, 38 Parliament street, S.W. 
jWilson S. W. 7 Frederick pi. Gray's Inn rd, W.C. 
Wimperis John Thomas, 25 Sack>-illo street, W. 
sWithers R. J, Bl Doughty st. Foundling, W.C. 
aWontner W. 28 Park road, Clapham road, S, 
Wood Sancton, 10 Craig's ot. Charing cross, S.W, 
(Woodcock B. J. 52, Gracecburch street E.C. 
Woodthorpe Edmund, 2Sa Basinghall st. E.C. 
15 Stepney Causeway E, and Old Crouch Hall, 
Cronch End, N. 
Woodward Benjamin, 88 St. James's street S.W. 
iWorthington W. J 132 Cambriitee st Pimlico 
sWright and Gonld. 27 King St. Chearaid ■, E.C. 
cWri^ht J. 10 Alfred pi. Newington Caoseway 
sWright James, 52 Westboume park road, W. 
Wyatt M. D. 54 Guilford street, W,G. 
jWyatt T. 6 Maddox street, Regent street W. 
(Wyatt T. H, 77 Gt RnsseU street Bloomsbray, 
W.C, and Chnrch street, Hackney, N.E. 

Wjlson Jas. 10 Florence st. Upper st. N. 
eYeldham K. 1 York buildiogK, Adelphi, W.C. 
sYoung J. and Son. 35 King sf. Cheapaide, E.C 
sYoungE dwin A. 80 Downham load, N. 
sYoung Join, 38 LinMln's Inn fields, W.C. 
Young Jno. jun. 47 Mark lane, E.C. 
iYoung Witherden, U King WUIiam street, W.C. 


Ackerroann Rudolph. 191 Regent st^ W. 

Ayres J. 2 Albion ter. Grosveuor rd. Tbamesbank 

Haibe L. 60 Quadrant, Eegent st. W. (lee ado.') 

Barnard Jabez, 3il9 Oiford Etreet, W. 

Barrett J. 6 Worship street, Sboreditch, E.C 

Bennett Jolin, 38 Hart street, Bloomsborj, W.C. 

liennetts W. 6 Brompton row, Kensington, S.W. 

Bowden Gfeo. 81* Oxford street, W. 

Erig^s & Sonj, la Welbeck street, W. 

Eroiiie and Middleton, 79 Long Acre, W.C. 

Brookmao & Laugdon, 38 Gt Russell at Blooms- 
bury, W.C. 

Burke James H. 336 Oxford street, W. 

Burnard J. T. 23 Cross street, Hatton garden, E.C. 

Capes John, 6 Canonbnrj terrace, Islington, N. 

Clifford C. E. 30 PiccadiUy, W. 

Davis R 36 Chenies mews, Bedford eg. W.C. & 10 
Huntley st, Tottenham court rd. W.C. 

Davy Charles, 93 Newman st. Oxford st. W. 

Droosten, Allan & Co. 126 Strand, W.C. 

lOatweli W. i9 Dorset rt. Portman sq. W. Charles, 10 Type Etreet, Finsbury, B.C. 

PUlcher C. J. F. 3 Union row, CamberweU rd. S. 

Foi-dham J. H. 77 Herbert st Hoiton, N. & 8 
Stanley st Hoxtoa, N. 

Fox Ebeaezer, 50 Old Compton st. W. 

Hailes J. 0. 26 LeadenhaU street, E.C. 

Hirpec Mrs. lib Tottenham Court road, W. 

Holt A. B. 80 GoEwell road, E.C. 

Jeffcoat J. 9 Mid. Queen's bldgs. Brompton, S.W. 

Lombard W. 8 King sL ter. New North rd. N. 

Miiier Mrs. K 66 Long Acre, W.C, 

Moody Charies, 257 High Holbom, W.C. 

Muller W. 62 High Holbom, W.C. 

Newman J. 24 Soho sq. W. 

li*Bves& Sons, liaCheapside, E.C. 

Reeves Mrs. Aon, 2 John st. Fiizror square, W. 

Rimer Thomas, ISMontcombst. Belgtavesq. S.W. 

Biordan T. C. 230 Pentonville road, N. 

Eoberson C. & Co. 99 Long Acre, W.C. 

Kogers Joshua, 133 Buohill tow, (^alailesaU} 

Kowney Q. & Co. 51 & 53 Rathbone place, W. 

Sayers C. & Son, 68 Lamb's Conduit st. W.C. " 

Shetbon & Tillyer, 321 Oxford Et. W. 

Shutter W. 34 Sloana st Chelsea, S.W. 

Simons &, Co. 9 Devonshire ter. Notting hill, W. 

Winsor &, Newton, 38 Ratbbone place, W. 

Wolff E. & Son, 32 Church st. Spitaiields, N.B. 


See aho Timbgb Meecdants. 
Baker Henry, 3 Mill street, Lambeth, S. 
Batch James, New Cross road, Deptford, S.E. 
Brewer J. W, 46 Manchester street, W.C. 
Butwell H. F. 6 Conant pi. West India Dock rd. E. 
Eidailes sen. & Company, Wenlock basin, N. 
vi.veU William, ISrarkefst. Drurj lana, W.C. 

Gorringe R. 1 Parklield street, Islington, N. 
Gtover Jolm, 2 Eliiabeth place, Westminster id. S 
Hopton G. 1 7 & 1 8 Manclifcter st. King^s rd. W.C. 
Hoplon Henry, 67 George street, Eoston sq.N.W, 
Reed & Barnes, 5 Pclham st. Spitalfields, N.E. 
Rider John, ) U^ Cuinptoo street, Clerkenwell, E.C. 
Watlmg Alfred, aj & 6 Gt. Sutton street, E.C. 
Williauis W. C. J Canning place, St. Luke's, E.C. 

Hackney (R. Ellis, clerk; James Lovegtove, sur- 

veyorj, 'I'own hall. Church st. Hackney, N.E. 
Holbom (S. Weymouth Hopwood, clerk; Lewia 

Henry Isaacs, surveyor). Little Gray's Iim lane 
Lambeth, 5 Lower Kenoington green, S. 
Limehouse (T. W. Batclitle, clerk), 1 Albert ter. 

White liorae fit. Commercial toad, E. 
Poplar (Chaa. Christopher Ceely, clerk), East 

India ruJd, Poplar, E. 
St Giles's Ofliciof Wocke,Camberwell(J.C.Bey- 

nolds, suneyor), Well street, CamberweU, S. 
St Giles's, (B. Pinnis, clerk), 199, High Holbom 
St. Olava (Robert Slee, clerk), 86 Queen Eliiabeth 

street, Horeelydown, S.E. 
St Saviour's (Herbert Stuimy, clerk), 3 Emeraon 

street, Southwarfc, S.E. 
Siiand (Jas. H. F. Lewis, clerk ; Conway Evans, 

M.D. medical officer of health; George Fred. 

Fry, surveyor), 5 Tavistock sL Cuvent garden. 
Wandsworth (ArUmr A. CoraeUis, clerk). Batter- 
sea rise, S.W. 
Westminster (Wm, Francis Jebb, clerk), 6 Great 

Smith street, S.W. 
WMtechapel (Alfred Turner, clerk), 15 QL Alio 

st. Goodman's fields, E. 


Abbott Brothers, 22 Dean sL Soho, W. 

g cb Abercrombie and Son, 19 John st Pilaroy 

square, W. 
Jilderson G. D. and Go. Blenheim street, W. 
Allen it Co. 38 Up. Thaioss street, E.C. 
AUeu (Jeo. 163 High Holbom. W.C. 
t) c Amor Thos. 7 Uabom Et V^hiteehapel, N.E. 
cAshton J. 5 Arragou terrace, Back road, Kingsid. 
Ashworth John Dawson, 9J Eay street & t;. 
Aston, Griffiths and Co., Uarfoiil st. West India 

Docks, E. and 2 Croivn court Fhilpot lane, E.C. 
g ftBaiiey Wm. S. 20 Hurt sUeet, W.C. and 33 

King street, Covent garden, W.C. 
Barrett II. and Son, King's Head court. Beech st 
Barrow li. B. 59 White Horse st. Stepney, E. 
Balciielor C. A. 146 St. John st Smitbfield, E C 
cBeelion W. 17 Brick lane, St Luke's, E.C. 
Beggs T. 37 Southampton street. Strand, W.C. 
Benjamin and Dipple, 1 and 2 Charlotte street 

Blackfriars road, and 19 New cut, Lambeth (see 

;/Beonett Jas. 107 KingsUnd road, N.E. 
Bennett K. 16 Stephen st Tottenham court rd. W. 
jBevins D. W. 26 George st Blackfriars ro«d 

BiUiDg, Martin, uid Co. (wholaaU) U2 High 

Solbom, W.C. uid 4 Bloomsbnrr maiket, W.C. 
c ABlaekweU J. 9 Choilea st Middlesex Uosp. W. 
Btenrs Wm. & Sons 23 Lower Wliitecross st. K,C. 
Blftli John and Alf , Fore st. Limehouse, £. 
cBolding T. uid SoD9, 19 South Molton sL W. 
cBonhaui Beniamin, iOSJ Oiford street, W. 
g gm c Botfeu C. and Son, 1 Ciawford passage, 

R^ etteet, Cleikenweil, E. C. (see adi-l.) 
bcf Bo-wen Mrs. M. A. Phccnix Foundry, Dor- 

ringtou St. Clerkennell, E.C. 
Brown, Leooi, end Co.^MillwoU, Poplar, E. and 

1 Billiler square, City, E.C. 
Brown T. 2 Paler st Southwark bridge rd. S.E. 
cBuUivant D 17 Dean rt. Westminster, S.W. 
Bondy Geo. 3.^ Chicksand st. Wliitacliapel, N.E. 
Bunnett J. and Co. IT Queen street, Chaapside, 

E.C. and New cross road, Deptford, S.B. 
Bussey F. 18 Gt Mitthell st St. Luke's, E.C. 
Brworth Wm. Vemon mews, PottobcUo rd. W. 
oCarter Cbas, 41 Exeter street, Lisson CTOve,W. 
Gaston S. 17 Fort street, Spitalfialds, NTE. 
Caston Tlios. 6Bridge llooso place, Boroagti, S.E' 
Chafiey T. S. 1 Alfred place. Old Kent rd. S. 
Charlton Brothers and Leake, 56 Bernick street, 

Oxford street, W. 
e iChing and Co. Castle street, Long Acje, W.C. 
c 4 Clarke and 'fimmins, 15 Blooinsbuiy st. W.C. 
c 6 Cope and Collinson, 63 Berwick street, W. 
Cotton W. 38 Union at Borough road, S.E. 
c/Oottrall Jas. 29 Banner st. St. Lukes, E.C. 
dressall Wm. 46 Bedford row, W.C. 
Crisp W. G. 20 Bridport place, Hoxton, N. 
c b (>aok Edwin & Fred. 5 Camaby st W. 
Croydon J. 24 Crompton st Cterkenwell, E.C. 
Cnrtis Harry, 6 West pi. Upper street, N. 
c Dale a F. 8 and 9 Shoe k. Fleet st E.C. 
Dalziel & Danks, Creek rd. Deptford, S.E. 
Dalaiel Sarah 5 Edward's et. Deptford High st S.K 
Day G. 16 Mount row, LiTerpool rd. N. 
c Dover J, 2L Stonecutter st Farringdon st E.C. 
Dowoton J. 4 Couant pL West India Docks' rood 
Driver and Sons. 3d Minories, E, 
ADrary Jas. 17^ Up. North st ^Caledonian road, N 
Dnn-ker J. & Sods, 4Bread street, City, B.C. 
cEaglesH. 16 Rochester row, Westminster, S.W. 
gm c cb Evered R. 10 to 12 Charles st. IiongAcre 
jFaraday and Son, 114 Wurdour st Soho, W. 
g Faulkner J. W. 24 While Hart st Kenoington la. 
y Forrest Geo. and Son, 5 and 6. Nevill's court 

New strePt si^uare, E.C. , 

Ttasi H. G. IGa Woodbridge st. Clerkenwell, E.C. 
cfc Frost I. it Sons, 8 Allen st GosweU st. E.C. 
c Frost Noakes, & Co. 195, Brick la. SpitalMds 
cAFrost J. IT HaiCmoon st Bishopsgate st. E.C. 
Garrard Alfred. 6 George yard, Grosvenor sq. 
c/"eGlasscott Mis, A. M, 4 and 5 Qt. Garden st. 
Goodoll Henry S. 28 Lower Whitecross st E.C. 
^Oreeninf H.J. 15 West street, Seven dials, W.C. 
Ooeet and Chrimes, 3T Southampton st. W.C. 
Hall Boht 17 Winchester street, Petitonville, N. 
Harford and Bristol Brass Company, 26 Martin's 

lane, E.C. 

itreet, Belvedere road, Lambeth, S. 

Harton and Watts, 62 Shoe lane, Holbom, RC 
cHayes Peter, 22 St John st Clerkenwell, RC. 
Uaywud, Tyler, and Co. 84 and 85 Upper White- 
cross street (see adufTtUemtnt) 
Hood Pros. B. and C. P. Deptford green, S.E. 
Hughes W. J. R. King at. Poplar, E. 
^^niHulett D. & Co. 55 and 66 High Hotborm (is: 



Hamphris Wm. 5 King street Holbom, W.C. 
Hyde Mrs. K 4 George st PortUnd plMM, W, 
cJeffery Wm. 4 Ann st. Pentonville road, N. 
Jenkins D. 97 Gt Guildford street Boro', S.R 
rJennings Geo. 5 Holland street, Blackfriars, S.R 

(«« advfrtUfment) 
Jones Chos. and Son, 138 Aldersgate street, E.C. 
jrJones J. and Co. 28 29 and 30 Bow street, 

Covent-gorden, W.C. 
Jupp Joseph, 21 New Charles st. City rd. E.C. 
cKember 6. and Co. 44 Northampton st Clerk- 

eawell, E.C. 
cKingston Thos. 21 Nottingham street, N.E. 
jKirby Wm. 16 Greek street, Soho. W. 
gb cLambert and Son, 28 to 31, Chalcroft ter. New 

cnt S. ! and IG to 20 Short st Lambeth, S. ; 

and Walsall, StaSordshire {see admrtisement) 
Lawrence Bros. 21 Pillield street. Old st rd. N. 
o ^ALloyd C. 28 Up. North pi. Gray's Inn road 
M'Giashan Alox. and Co. 10 and 11 Cool yard, 

Drury lane, W.C. 
Marks J. 1 Esther pL Bridge st- Greenwich, SJl. 
Morfhalls aud Co. 103 Fenchurch street. E.C. 
Martin C. 14 St John's lane, Clerkenwell, E.C. 
iMears Charles and G. 267 Whitechapel road, E. 
Miles James Arthur, 40 Watling street, E.C. 
cMoggridge Mrs. F. 10 Benjamin st. Coweross st. 
TcMonington W. 5 Frederick-pl. Httmpstead rd. 
Morris Geo. 46 Paradise st Lambeth, S. 
cMimcey J. 47 Marsham street, Westminster ,S.W. 
Musselbrook Wm. 1 Alfred pi. Gee et E.C. 
Newall Jas. Benjamin, 26 Sloans street, S.W. & 

105 New rood, Chelsea, S.W. 
NichoUs Geo. 4 Pitt place, Drmy lone W.C. 
Nicbolsou R. jun. 4 Camion street St George's, E. 
Norman & Son, 221 Up. Thames st. E.C. 
c/Olney Wm. 23 Ratoliffe row, St Luke's, E.C. 
AOabome Charles Stanley, Skinner st Bisbqpsgate 
Owen Edward, 121 Shadwell High street, E. 

{Palmer David, 6 Carlisle street, Soho, W. 
•ayne Wra. 119 Waterloo road, S. 
cPhillips Joseph, 10 Rosoman mews, Clerkenwell 
omPontifex (Edmund and Wm.) and Wood, Shoe 

lane, E.C. and MillwaU, E. 
c/9 tmioiceftPontifex Biis.sell £: Son, 14 Up. SL 

Mkrtin's lane, W.C. 
Powell John, 71 East lane, Bermondsej, S.E. 
Price Brothers, 127 London road, and 16 New- 

ington causeway, S.E. 
Quincey Harcourt, 1.13^ Leadenhall street, E.C. 
Ratcliff Wm. 2 Stepney Causeway, R 
cRaynor Thos. Wm. 95 Old Gravel lane, E. 
Eeynolds Alfred and Co, 35 Hotherhithe st. S.E. 
oltidsdale Joseph and A. 64 Minories, E. 
Boberla Julius &. Co. St. Leonurd's Iron Works, 

Gray st. St. Leonard's road, Bromley, E. 
Robins Wm. Robt 17 Crown st Soho, W.C 
"Bodke Samuel, jun. 64 Hatton garden. B.C. 



Sanders John, 64 Hatkin Garden, E.C. 
S«IIs Wm. 22 BoUiechitlie etreet, S.E. 
SSbesia Judm and Sons, 27, Bantside, S.E. 
cShephud Mrs. M, &, Co. 13 Charterhonse st. E.C 
Shipman Joseph, Stiatford road, Stratford, E, 
SmiUi Archibald, G9 PrinceB Bt Leicester eq. W. 


8 Brill row, Somera town, N.W. 

Snowdon W. 24 Chnrch row, Newington Butta, S. 

cSoIkhon Mrs. E. 2 Thomaa at New Kent rd. S.E. 

Standlej John, T Heneage st. Brick lane N.E. 

Stephenson Fred. 27 Johnson St Eatcliif, E. 

gm ^Stevens J. and Son, 19 end 17tj, Sonthwark 
bridge road, S.E. 

Slone Josiah, Railway station, Deptford High at. 
S.E. ; office, 12 Garlick hill. City, E.C. 

c iStreeton W. & Son, 3 Middlesex terrace, Hack- 
ney road, N.E. 

Snffield&Co. IIG Fenchurchst E.C. 

a omSugg W. 19 and 20 Marshsm street, West- 
minster, S.W. 

Surrey Metal Company; (limited, W. Dnck & W. 
Wilson, managing directors), B3 London rd. S. 

Swioney, Wm. IH Buffiei st. Tottenham court rd. 

Tills Geo. 15 Long yard. Lamb's Condnit si W.C. 

Tompson Francis E. 11 Waterloo road, S, 

Tucker & Sod, 190 Strand, W.C. 

Turner Thos. 1 Mors place. City road, E.C. 

Tylor Joseph and Sous, Warwi<± lan^ E.C. 

Valentine Edmnud, 6 Bloomburg ter. Vattxhall 
bridge rd.Pimlico, S.W. 

Sffbc caVeritj Benjamin 
Covent garden, W.C. 

b cWamer John and Sons, 8 Jawin crescent, E.C. 

Wella Samuel, 13 Old street road, Shgreditch, E.C, 

West Joseph, J Church row, Bethnal green, N.B, 

West Wm. F. 76 Back Church lane, E. 

ciWheattroft W. 18 Berkley st ClerkenweU E.C. 

Wilkinson P and Sons, 18 & 19 Tottenham mews 

Wilson Wm. G Pear Tree ci ClerkenweU, E.G. 

ooftccftWinfieldB, W. andSon, 141 Fleet street 

Wingate & Qrafton, 33 and 3li Noble St. SL Luke's 

c/Yoong, Dowson, & Co. Emmett st. Limeboose, 
E. i and 8 White Lion court, Comhill, E.C. 


See alio Gab TmsBS. 
Marked 6 ue Bum FInliben, 

Ashdowa E. 29 George at Qrosvenor square, W. 
Ansley James, SO Grafton street, Fitaroy sq. W. 
fiBacon Frederick, IG Ebnry street, Pimlico, S.W. 
iB^ker S. T. 184 Kings rosd, Chelsea, S. W. 
tBeale W. 110 Cornwall road, S. 
S<)BeUew W. H. 5 Oxford place, Waterloo rd. S. 
Benham & tYond, 40 to 42 Chandos street, W.C. 
tBenkert G. 37 Wilson street, Finshury, E.C. 
flBevins D. W. 2G George st. Blackfriars rd. S.E. 
Biggs John, 34 Borough road, S.E. 
oBland J. & Sons, 36 Judd st. Brunswick sq. W.C. 
Slews W. & Sona, (H. S. Goodall, manager, 23 

Lower Whitecross 8treet,;KC. 
i^KisB David, 22 & 23 New Cut, Lambeth, {tee 

jBradley Cbailea, 5 Finabuiy ter. City road, B.C. 

and 14 Ctemeui^s lane, E.C. (•« adveititemtai) 

Breedon John, 26 Douglas street, Deptbsd, S.E. 
Broad Samuel, 204 Upper Thames street, KG. 
^Brunswick &L 26 Newman st Oxford st W. 
^Bomell Robert, 18 High street, Marylehone, W. 
ABnssey F. IS Gt. MitcheU street, St Lnkea, E.C. 
bChampion S. 27 Norfolk's! Middlesex Ho«p. W. 
g tChappeU A. S. 38 Walbrook, E.C. 
aChestenoai) Joaiah, 5 Eyre Street, hill, E.C. 

Crockett T. 61 St George st Up. East Smithfield 
p £Croat Mrs, E. 1 Ivy terruw, Hozton, S. 
Crutchfield [John, 45 Caroline pL Copenhagen st 

Islington, N. 
iDalt«n F. li Palace new road, Westminster rd. 
g iDeaston C^ 6 James street, Covent garden, W.C. 
g bBeat Thomas, 27 Curtain ic«A, E.C. 
g 6Bobson J. S. G Goodman's stile. Whitechspel, E. 
g 6Dodaou John, 29 Fetter lane Holbom, E.C. (jee 

Ducker Francis, 19 Lisle street, Leicester sq. W.C. 
£ oINmn Williun. 5 Walworth road, S.E 
gDjaoa H. 12 Bowling green walk, Hoxton, N. 
AEmanuel A. 51 Ma^cbone lane, Oxford st W. 
Ettling Leopold, 21 Prinr«s square, E. 
SEyre M. & Frederick, 87 Tooley street S.E. 
Felsenthal A. & Co. 41 St. Mary Axe, City, KG. 
iFitzer Francii, 9 Clei^enwell close, E.C. 
Fraai H. G. IGi Woodhridge st aerkeuwell, E.C. 
bFry Thomas, 4 Poland street, Oxford atieet 
g iFnlton Q. A- Stepney Old road, B. 
Gay Charles, 41 BoIsoTer street, W. 
Geek Aug^ns T. 22 College Mil, City, E.a 
iGodseU W. 1 Edward street. Stepney, E. 
iGooch F. 1 1 Warwick place, Kinesland rd. N.E. 
iGarady William, 8 Bateman's bondings, W. 
(Griffiths John, SO Church street, Shoreditch, N J!. 
tOnnner F. 2 Pell strcet, St, Geo^es east, E. 
liGny Joseph, 57 Limehonse causeway, E. 

?6HampsonC. 11 SaviUe place, Lambeth walk, S. 
oHams John, 189 High Holbom, W.C. 
ifiairow W. & Son, 1* Portland street, W. 
JHart J, & Son, 63 t« 58 Wych st Strand, W.C. 

20 Cockspnr st S.W. & 4 Vine st Belvedere rd. 

Lambeth, S 
g frHarill George, 25 Union sljeet, Borough 
g iHill Thomas, 131 & 132 BnnhiU row, &.C. 
g iHinkley John, 4 St George's circna, Kackfriars 

road, S. (see odverliaement) 
bSast Bowtand, Gloucester ter. Whitecl;B.pel, E. 
Hobbs William, 196 Piccadilly, W. 
aAHomphreys Thomas, 98^ Broadwall, S. 
6Hnrst B. 40 Old street, St Luke's, E.C 
Jackson W. 59 Crown street, Finshury, B.C. 
Jumper J. A. 29 Henry stieet, PeotonviUe, N 
(Kissing & Mollmann, 4 Bread street, E.C. 
(Knight Chas. 50 Paddingtou st Maiylebone, W. 
Lewis W. 3 Bose court, Covent garden, W.C. 
(Lloyd C. 28 Upper North pi. Gray's Inn rd. W.C, 
(M'Olashui A. & Go. 10& 11 Goal yard, DroryU. 
(Martin L. College st Belvedere rd. S. 
tMeacock J. 7 Snow hill, E.C. 
Mnis J. 33 Old Castle st Bethnal green, NJl 
^NichoUs Wm. H, 61 Cnrt*in rd, K.0, 


Nightingals S. & Co. AlbicoipL London nail, E-C. 

Wverton Wm. 8S P«rk it Keaniogtoii croas, S. 

(see adaerlutment ) 
Owea E. 121 Shadvell High street, £. 
Pitlmei Goo. 40 Sojal sL LambeUi, S. 
ioPwksT Inuc, 66 Dnirv lane, W.C. 
iPukea J. 23 Boston gL HBClmeT rd. N.R 
i sPearTOQ M. 33 New Nortl) st. Bed Lion iq. W.C. 
iPopo H. A. B Eldon «t Finsbnry, E.C. 
Price J. H. 24 W;iidhaiu st. Brjuistoa «q. W. 
Utogen W. 26 Bartholomew tet. Citr rd. £.C. 
Bolder A. & H. 67 Bed Lion st W.C. 
(Sale D. 44 Oloncerter iL Qoeen scr W.C. 
tSangster Q. B. 10 Houghton it Clue Market 
Sawkiiis Jas- S Chailotta mews, Tottenham st W. 
Sheath J. & Co. 36 Old itreet rd. E.C. 
b oSlnunona Wm. 68 Lower Kennington lane, S.E. 
S^iat B. 47 Monkwell st E.C. 
jiSmith Wm. & Co. 5 & G MMgaret at W. and 

66 WeUs street Cavendish sq. W. 
iSmith Archibald. 69 FiiaceB at Leicester eq. W. 

(ite adi-ertisement') 
Smith J. W. 20 Tenter at Little Mooi&lda, E.C. 
oSmitb Thoa. 14 Queen at, Begent cireoa, W. 
Suowdon W. S. 24 Church row, Newington Butte 
oASouth T. 156 Union st. Borough, S.£. 
tSpitUe Q. S. 12 Little Compton st W. 
AStace O. 12 Prospect place, Old Kent rd. S.E. 
iStagg W. 1 St Qeorge'a rd. Albert rd. Cambecwell 
Stevens J. & Son, 19 & ns Southwaik bridge rd. 
iStone J. 12 Oarlick hill, E.C. & Deptford rulwaj 

station, Deptford high street, S.E, 
Surrey Metal Company {limited — W. Duck & W. 

Wilson, managing (Urectors) 83 London rd. S. 
TUbnty H. 54 Upper Marylebone street, W. 
Tilbmy W. Clereland mews, Cleveland atreet W, 
o STripp W. 69 St Mary Aie, E.C. 
Try T; 4 Poland st Oxford st W. 
Tucker & Co. 190 Strand 

? Turner W. 18 Poland st Oxford st W. 
'ylor J. & Sons, Warwick lane, Newgate st E.C. 
p tWalkerley J. T. 298 Marylebone rl N.W. 
g fcWalpole B. W. 20 Lower Belgrave pi. Pimiico 
"iWamer E. 3 Little Prescot at. B. 
yWellond W. 2 Orange st Bloomsbuiy, W.C. and 

Lower Brunawick ter. Bamabury rd. K. 
jWest J. 27 Chnrcb etieet, Lambeth, S. 
g iWhelan J. jun. ] Pump row, Old st rd. W.C. 

Allawaj Wm. 4 Catherine court. Tower hill, E.C- 
Chadwick Joseph, Willinglon wharf, Augusftia at. 

Hegent'a park, N.W. 
Pilton & Beyuell, Belvedere rd. S. 
Smith J. Hope wharf, 19 Macclesfield st north, 

aty road, N. 


Adams Joseph and William, Belle isle, Totk ivad. 
King's cross, N. 

Adams Charles, Pottery lane, Netting bill, W. 

Adams R. 1 St Chad's row, Gray's Imi rd, W.C. 

Ambler Rlishtt, Archway road, Higbgate 

AiW Pottery and Pire Brick Company, Arley 
Works, near Bewdley ; Union passage, Birming- 
ham; and 22 Ladgate atreet, E.G. (lee adst.) 

AatOT Geo. 41 Norland rd. Netting hm, W. 

IS60. 59 

Bacon Edward, 100 ComwaU rosd, Lambeth, S. 

Barter Edw. 81 Berwick otreet W. 

Heart's Patent Brick Company, Great Northern 

Goods atation, York road. King's cross. N. 
Bird John and Edward, Hammersmith, W. 
Bird Stephen and Henry, 24 High st Eenaington 
Blackalder Fire Brick and Pottery Company (U.. 

G. Wright, agents 9Dnke st. Weetmin£^er,S^V. 
Carr Wm. C. (Jas. Lswrie and Co. agents) 63 Old 

Broad street, £.C. 
Chambers Charles, Church pi. Hampstead, N.W. 
Cliff Joseph, 4 Wliarf, Great Northern Bailway, 

York road, King'a cross, N. (M. B. Newton, 

agent) (jiteadoatiteiieatj) 
Colu, Shadbolt and Co. lliomhiU wharf, Cale- 
donian road, Islington, N. 
Colaon Wm, M. Ardiway road, Higbgate, N. 
Cox Joseph, 1, 2 and 3 High street j and 26 

Church street, Lambeth, S. 
Darlield Stone Pottery, Ot Northern Wbarf, York 

road, King'a cross 
Dodd H, City wharf, Eagle wharf road,_N. ; 

Lambeth, S. ; Canal bridj 

road. Old Kent road, SJ^ ; ana ijueen a road, 

Peckham, S.E. 
Elsam Wm. %2 Qresham house, Old Broad, at E.C. 
Ffinch Matthew, Lewisbam road. New cross, S.E. 
Fuller & Co. 17 Laorenoe Ponntney bill, E.C. 
Garrett Brothers, 15 South wharf, Poddington 

basin, W. 
Oesiy Chai. Hope wharf, fitgent's canal, Mile end 

Green Danl. 18 Sherborne lane, E.C. 
Green Danl. High st Vanxhall, S.W. 
Hammack Jos. T. & Co. Orove rd. Mile end road 
Hewlett Jacob, Starch green. Hammersmith 
Lee George, High street Stoke Newiogton 
Lines John, 16 Holland street Kensington, W. 
Lines John, 16 Verulam ter. The Grove, Ham- 
mersmith, W. 
Lloyd Leonard W. Anglesea lodge, New road, 

Meeeon John and Co. wharves, Grays, Essex, 

and Bridge place, Straliord, E. \ office, 12 

George yard, Lombard street B-C 
MiUard Chas.P. Bound's green, Tottenham 
Mountague Darid, Falcon wharf, 80 Bankside, 

SJ;. i Harrow bridge, Stratford, E. ; & Orchard 

house, Orchard place, Blackwall, E. 
Notley John, Acre lane, West Briiton, S. 
Patent Face Brick Making Company (Francis 

Chubb, secretary), 61 Moorgate street E.C. 
Feake, T. 2 1 Wharf, Macclesfield street North, N. 

{lee advertiaanent.) 
Plowman Tbomos, Love lane, Tottenham 
BandeU and Evans. York road, Kin^s Crces, N. 
Hotter J}. & C. 18 Parliament st S^. 
Bntty John, 3 Wharf, Souti side, Paddington 

basin, W. 
BydoD Henry, Dell's form. Stoke Newington 

green. Stoke Newington 
Saint Thomas, 8 Wahner road, Nottmg bill, W. 
Sankey J, H. East India Dock rd. E. 
Seales Wm. Oreen lanes, Tottenhani 

Smitli James F. Uibriclge road, Uunmermith 
Smyth, Bt. Maclean, li Bnokingliam bI. W.C. 
Stephenson Wm. and Sooi, 76 Khsg William 

street. City, E.G. 
Stroud James and Alfred, Crown fticMeld, Nen- 

ington road, Stoke Newington 
Tildesley SL 2 Irongale wharf, Praed street, W. 
Webb Wm. Stoke Newington 
White John Bazlej and Brothers, 17 Millbank 

street, S.W. ; U £arl itreet, Blackfiiara, E.G. ; 

and Albion wharf, Deptford bridge, S.E. 
White Wra. Post lane, Hackney wi^ N.E. 
Williams Jas. & H. Clifton street, Notting hill, W. 
Wilson James, Bow common, E. 
Wood G. Agar wharf, King's rd. St. Pancrna, N.W. 
Woodford Brick and Tile Making Co. 37 New 

Broad St. E.G. 
Young Edwin A. 138 Curtain load, E.G. 


ClsytoD Henry, 21 Upper Paik place, Donetsq. 

N.W„ and Edward street, Dorset square, N.W. 
Ooold Henry i Bonverie street, KC. 
Fort«r, Hinde and Porter, 16 York buildings, 

Adslphi, W.C; and Cariisle 


Allen Geo. DanTcrs wharf, Chelsea, B.W. 
Blashfield Jair-es Bitcbie, I Wharf, SonlL eidf, 

Paddington basin, Praed street W. 
Booth G, 33 Bridge house pi. Newington Cause- 
way, S.W. (see (ufoerlisemenf) 
Christie Boberf and Co. Pbxnix flrehrick wharf, 

64 Bankiide, Southwark, S.E. 
Cliff Joseph, i Wharf, Great Northern Bailway ; 

depot, York road, King's cross, N. (sm advl^ 
Cole T. J. and Co. Church street, Batteraea, S.W. 
Coles, Shadbolt and Co, ThombiU whaif and St. 

James's wharf, Caledonian load, N. 
Colson Wm. Manners, Alpha cottage. Archway 

road, Upper Hollo way, N. 
Dixon Henry Pbilip & Co. Druce's wharf, Queen's 

road West, Chelsea, S.W. 
Dodd Henry, City wharf. Eagle Wharf road, N, 

Great Wpstctn Raila-ay Terminus, W. 
Eastwood John and William, Wellington wharf, 

S. snd Suspension Bridge wharf, Belcedere road, 

Lambeth, S. " " ' 

road, Old E 

Peckam, S.E. 
Farmer William 77 Blackirian road, S. 
Ferguson Thomas, II and 12 Wharf, north side, 

Paddington basin, W. 
Oreen D. Vauxball wharf, Crescent rd. Millbank 
Little A. Purfleet wharf east, E.G. 
Maw James, Stratford, Essex, C. 
Meeson and Co. 12 Ocorgo yard, Lombard sbeet, 

and Grays, Essex, E. 
Newton J. Falcon Dock, T8 and 79 Bankside, S.E. 
Newton & Co. Honduras wharf, 74 Bonkside, S.E. 
Newton Marcus Bourne, 4 Wharf, Inside Goods 

Station, Gt. Nortbdrn Eoilway, King's cross, N. 
ParavUo & Co. New wharf, Whifefriara, E.G. 
Parry Wm. Deptf ord bridge, S.E. 
Peak! C. & Co. 2 1 Wharf ,eibccleESeld st north, N. 

Peters William, 12 Upper Gronnd street. Black. 

friars, S. & 7 North wharf, Paddington, W. 

(m« advertisement) 
Piltoa William Heniy, Belvedere road, Lam 


W. and Brunswick wharf, Wandsworth road, S. 

Randall and Saunders, Great Western Eailwaj, 
Paddington, W. (see ndvt.) 

Bobarts and Adlard, Potter's fields, Tooley street, 
SM. ; 1 S Commercial sole rooms. Mincing lane, 
E.G. and Mill street, Bermondsej nail, S.E, 

Bosher & Co. IfS to 30 Limekiln bills E. ; AJbica 
wharf, HolUud street, Blockfriars, S.E. ; Kinge- 
land bai<in, Eingsland road, N.E. ; and 21 Mill- 
bank street, S.W .(see aiherlisement} 

Simmill Thomas, 7 Wharf, South side Faddiiig;t<ni 
basin, W. 

Stringfleld and Btylh, King's road, SL PBDCru, 
NW. Baldwin's pL Gray's Inn lane, E.G. and 
Bangor wharf, Camden town, N.W. 

Tildesby S. 2 Irongate wharf, Praed street, W. 

Trickett S. Isle of Dogs, Millwall, E (see rubil.} 

Unwin James, Agar wharf, King's road, Camden 
town, N.W. 

West E. H. 1 Irongate wharf. Paddington basin, W. 

White John Bazeiey & Brothers, MUlbank st W. 
and Earl stjeet, Blackfriars, E.G. 

Wood Wm, Bridge wharf, Caledonian road, N. 

Young Edwin A. 138 Curtain road, E.C. 

BBICK UOULD mattrpji , 

Boston John, 79 Hackney rood. N.E. 

Kitchen Edward & Charles, 533 Oxford st. W.C. 


Huked p are Piutotem 

pAbbott Wm. 8 Grove place, Lieson grore, N.W. 
Agar Chas. 43 Chureh rd. Commercial rd. east, E- 
Akeborst James, 2 George's pL Holloway rd. N. 
iAlbon J. 2 Frederick place, Goswell road, E.G. 
Aldrid J. and T, 18 Great May's buildings, W.C, 
Alexander E. 4 Canal road. Mile end road, E. 
Amery J. 24Hampton Mreet, Walworth road, S. 
Amen- Wm. G8 dieat SnSolkst. Borough, &M. 
AnBell Joeiah, 2i Belvedere road, S. 
Atkins R. 3 Wellington row, Bethnal green, NJ8, 
Arton John, Boman road, Old Ford, E. 
Austin J. 12 Eccleston street east, Pimlieo, S.W. 
Austin J. Leo cottage, Cowley road, Brixton, S. 
Austin Samuel, 1 & Lyon street, Caledonian rd, N. 
Baguley H. 66 Holland street, Blockfriare rd. S.K 
Bain Boss, 17 CHpstone street, W. 
Baker George, B8 Princes street, Lambeth, S. 
Baker Bobert, 36 Gray's Inn lane,£olboni, W.C. 
Baker W. 8 Crown court, Dean street, Soho, W. 
Balcomb T. I Stanhope st Hampstead rd.N.W. 
Bamford Wm. 16 White Lion si Pentonville, N, 
Barber J. 2 May's pi, Wilton rd. Pimlico, S.W. 
iBamee James, 1 69 Marjlebone road, N.W. 
Barnes T. 19 Cbeuies street, Tottenham court id, 
Banatt B. i WUliam street, Charlotte st. BhuA- 

friara road, S Jl. 
Barrett Thos. 2 New rd. ^Utatfifi.tad, B. 

iBkxter Wm. IS Bra«d (beet bDilding^ E.C. 
Beach JuTus, 1 CntTsn ranut, C^ien street, W.C. 
Beagley Edirin, Sonthbrook itreet, Hftmmenmitb 

Beagley J. 5 Derby itreet, May fair, W. 

Beole G. W. 6, Victoria place, Oval, Hackney rd. 

Beailej J. 5 Derby street, May fair, W. 

Belchier J. 16 Craven buildings, Drtuy lane, W.C. 

Belebier Roger, 26 Marsball st. Golden square, W, 

ptBeU John, 12 Foley street, Lan;;hain street, W 

Bennett Allred jnn. 1 Crown court, Dean rt. W". 

Bennett Edward, West green, Tott«Qham, W. 

iiBird John, 2 1 Seymour place, Biranston sq. W, 
73 Park »t W. ; & 6 LitUe St JameB'B st. S.W. 

Bishop Joseph, liFaradiee row, Sotherbithe, S.E. 

Bloomfield Robert, IT Barnes pL Mile end rd. E. 

Bond J. 21 Hatfield street, Stamford etreet, S. 

Bonlton William, 29 Crown street Harrow, W. 

£Boolt«n William, Colebrooke raw, Islington, N. 

Bourn J. 1 5 Shonldfaam bL Bryanston square, W. 

Boucher John, jun. 80 Great Bosh lane, E.C, and 
8 Somerset street, Aldgate, E. 

Bowleg Hagh KidiBrd, 25 Whiskin street, E.C. 

Bowlting J. 3 HoUiind street, Kensington, W, 

Boyse B. 13 Stringer's road, Botherhitbe, S.E. 

Snithwaite Q. Gl HarBham St. Westmmtter, S.W. 
Branch Henry, 5 Colonnade mews, Biusell square 
Brasbier J. I Lonehboio'-iilaee, Brixton road, S. 
Brewer John and Son, 28 Moscow road, W 
Broad Jonas, Enghes' fields, Deptford, S.E. 
Broad Samnel, 10 Sussex road, Brixton, S. 
BrockweU George, 121 Vanihall walk, S. 
Brockwell James, 35 Yanxball walk, Lambeth, S. 
BrockweU J. i Wiile Hart st, Kennineton rd. S. 
p6Btockwell N. 54 Regent street, Lambeth, S. 
Brotheridge William, 55 Deverill street, S.E. 
Brown F, 43 Edward street, Regenfa park, N.W, 
Brown James, 3 Triansie place, Devonshire street, 

Cambridi^e road, N.E. 
Bryant William, S9 Broadwall, Blackfriars, S. 
Bnck Oeoige, New street, Eennini^n road, S. 
Buck James, 25 Bath street, Eaat Tudia mad, E. 
Backman John, 6 Uill street, Peckhatn, S. 
Balford George, 33 Turner square, Hox.ton. N. 
6Bums Thomas, 37 Wilson street, Finsbarr, E.C. 
Burton Thos. 13 Wilsted at. Somers town, N.W. 
Butler-James, 66 Bmnswick et. Blaokfrlars rd. S. 
Butler Wm. 8 Little Ann street. Lower Chapman 

street, Cannon street road, E. 
Camfield Wm. 2r, Grosveoor market, W. 
Candrer Q. 8 Moani Pleasant, Brixton hilL S. 
Canning P. 26 Henrietta st Branawick sq. W.C. 
Carey John, 19 Carlisle street, Lanibetli, S, 
Carr B. & Son, 1,'J Tonbridge st, Boston rd. W.C. 
Carter James, Coidharbour laac, S. 
Carlar G. F. 12 Devonshire place. Upper Ken- 
Carter John, 7 South street Camber ivell. S. 
Carter Josmh, King street Deptford, S.E. 
pGnter William, 25 Bedtordbary, W.C. 
Carver Edward, 24 King street, Kensington, W. 
Caatle J. 17 SL M-trg iret'a court Borough, S.E. 
Catling Michael, West green, Tottenham, W. 
Citling Thomas, Church street Stoke Newineton 
Chamberlain Wm. 52 Praed st. Paddingtou, W. 
ChappeU H. 6 Up. Chorch st Little Chelsea, S.W. 
ChealTlMM. jnn. 11 Little Maiylebone street, W. 

Clark J. i Neokinfer road, BermondMiy, S JL 
Clarke Thos. U Well* mewi, Oxford street W. 
Clark Wm. 82 Grove street Camden town, N.W. 
ClaylonJ. 101 Portland st Walworth common, S. 

Cock Thomas, Alma road, Wandtworth, S.W. 

;; iCockerill J. John B. 43 Bartholomew cL E.C. 

Culeman Wm. and Son, Aahmore place, Church 
street, Clapham road, 8. 

/iColemaa Richard. 19 Philip la. London wall, E.C. 

Cole William, 26 I'udding lane, E.C. 

Colea George and Henry, 3 St Andrew's hill, E.C. 

Collier John, 72 Union street Somers town, N.W. 

Collins Jaa. 6 Eu-ston pi. Upper HoUoway, N. 

Collyer Wm. 45 East street «■• nnington road, S. 

ConneU Daniel, 1 Rose street, Soho, W. 

Connett J. 23 New Quebec st. Portman eq. W. 

Connew John, 7 Wood street Spitalllelds, NJL 

Connew R. 28 WeU street, MUe end, K 

Cook B. 6 Pleydell st Bonverie st. E.C. 

Cook Geo. 116 Grove st Camden town, N.W. 

Cook W, 21 Bennett st, Stamford st Blackfrllrt 

Cooper T. 5* Park st Dorset sq. N.W. 

Cordwell Benj. 2 George st. Longbam st W. 
pCork Wm. 17 Haip lane, E.C. 
;)Coalson J. 4 Portman ter. Globe rd. N.E. 

Covington I. Soutbwood lane. Highgate, N. 

Cox Thos. North st Wandsworth, S. 

Crane Chas. 'J6 Gloucester pi. Kentish town, N.W. 

iCrawley C. J. 21 Bridgehouse place, Nenington 
Canseway, S.E. and 2 Coldbacbonr lane, Gam- 
pCrawley S. 84 Surrey pi. Old Kentrd, S.E. 
Cropper W. 127 Snow's fields, Bermondsey, S.E. 
pCutmore F. 39 York sL Tork rd. Lambetli, S. 
Davey H. So Brook st Lamheth, S. 
Dawson J. 7 Hope et Hackney rd. N.E. 
Dawson Thos. 10 Cross st. Islington, S. 
Day D. J. 66 New Compton et Soho, W.C 
Day H. 9 St«pnej rents, Hackney riW, N.E. 
Dennis Thos. 9,t Paul st. Fiusbury, E.C. 
Doggett Chsa. Wood green, Tottenham, N. 
Donno Wm, 14 Chapel pi. Liverpool rd. N. 
Doran Joseph, 9 Compton sL Clerkeawell, E.C. 
Duck Wm. 28 Great Portland st Oxford St.. W. 
Duke Geo. 63 Harrow road, Paddingtou, W. 
Dnnt Wm. 36 Saville st Fitzroy sq. W. 
Elaile S. 12 Adam st. west, Bryanston square, W. 
Eaily S. & Sons, 43 John st. Old Kent rd. S.E. 

Eborall J. 12i Queen's rd. west, Chelsea, S.W. 
Edwards E. Brunswick cottage, City road, E.C. 
Edwards J. 183 Brick U. Spitalfields, N.E. 
Elcock Thos. King's Arms yard, Lower Whilecross 


Eve H. 5 Thomas st. New Kent rd S.E. 
Eveleigh Wm. Deptford High etreet SJE. 
Fancouit Jai. Frederick mews, Albanf st N.W. 


Feben P. i3 Richmond pL Eut st Walworth, S. 
Fielding C 7 C!ik1«« A, ComBrcial rd. east, B. 
Fielding Q. 44 Richard at. Commercial rd. east, E. 
Fiat R. 37 Great Cambridge at. HacXney rd. N.E. 
Fitch W. 42 Prince* st. Leiceator m. W. 
Fit^water Mrs. Kittj, Black Lionla. Hammenmith 
Fleming J. 9 Hollj- sL Doith, Dalstoo, N.E, 
Forrest J. New Park rd. Brixton hill, S. 
pFoster D. 3^ Lloyd's row, St John's st rd. E.G. 
Fowler G. iO Ball jard, Temple bar, W.C. 
Fox Jaa. Union rd. Clapham rise, S. 
Fox J. H. 68 Margaret st. aerkenwell, E.G. 
Fox W. 38 Durham rt. Upper Kenniagton la. S. 
FrankUn Giles, 103 Tjer Bt. Lambeth, S. 
iVanklin Wm. 103 Tjer st. Lambeth walk, S. 
Freeman B. 143 Borough High at- S.E. 
Frewer W. Thoa. 9 WiUiam at. Lambeth Lowm 

Marsh, S.~ 
Fulchei J. 19 Exmonth st. Commercial rd. eut, E. 
Fnrsey G. 275 Albany rd. CamberweU rl S. 
Want W. E. IB Upper Saliabniypl, Lock's fields 
George W. P. 8 Sale st. Paddington, W, 
Qibbs JameH, Hornsej road, N. 
Gilder D. Caroline st. Old Kent rd. S.E. 
Gilder Geo. 126 Albany rd. CamberweU, . 
GUlingham M. 7 Warren at Fitzroy fa. W. 
Gillman C. 3 SUple Ino buildings, W.C. 
Glynn M. 6 Carter at Westminster, 8.W. 
Gobbett Abran, 10 Queen st. Grosvenor sq. W. 
Godbolt G. Queen street Hammerunilh, W. 
Gooch C. 1 Gray's buildings, Kingsland rd. N.E. 
Goodman Geo. 1 Cheval pi. Bromptun rd. S.W. 
Goody J. 8 WelliugtoD pi. Stepney, E. 
Gooldan Mrs. M. 2 Forest row, Dalston, N.E. 
Grafton T. 3 Edward pi. Ball's Pond id. N. 
Greenfield G.jun. Half moon cottage. Up. Holloway 
Greiatt J. Coldharbonr la. east, Brixton, S. 
Groom J. Downshire hill, Hampslead, N.W, 
Guest A. jun. 3 Holland park rd. Kensington, W. 
Gumey Jas. 10 Lucas rd. Walworth, S. 
Hampsheir W. T. 158* Old Gravel la. E. 
Hardy J. 31 Merlin's ^. Wilmingion sq. W.C. 
Hurdingham T. 23 Godfrey st. Chelsea, S.W. 
Hargreaves Abraham, High st. Stoke Ncwington 
Hanasworth G. 7 Wellington st Blackfriais, S.E. 
Uarrington J. 15 Dorset st. Clapham rood, S. 
Harris Chas. New cross, Deptford, S.E. 
Harris W. 3 St Matthew's pL Water ia. Brixton 

rise, E. 
Harrow H. 12 Hatton yard, Hatton wall, E.G. 
Harrow J. R 11 Cross st Hattoa garden, E.G. 
Harvey W. 19 Riley st Chaises, S.W. 
^Haskey J, 7 Edgware pi. Edgware rd, W. 
Hsslett Chas. 5 Marahatl st lA>ndon rd, S. 
Hawksworth Wm. 12 ManseU street ^■ 
HajTvardT.SS Cherry garden st Bermondsey, S.E. 
Hayle Jno. Woodstock st Plaistow market, E. 
pHead Jm. Bi Church alieat, Soho, W. 
Heam T. Yorkshire Grey yard, Hampstead, N.W. 
Hedges J. WeatherhaU place, Hampstjad, N.W. 
IHeley R. 1 Sidney st Mile end, E. 
Helen Brian, 6 Gray's Inn ter. W.C. and 4 & 6 

Folwood's rent*, High Holboni, W.C. 
Hembion Geo. Weymouth st. New Kent rd. S.E. 
Henson H. 2 Boswell coort, Queen sq. W.C. 
Hibbert Geo. SO King's rd. St Pancra», N.W. 

Hibba Oeoi^, 62 Royal road, WalwOTth, B. 
Hi^ina W. 1 White Horse raid, Drnrr hme, W.C. 
HJa Mrs. A. 7 Richard st CommCTcial rd. east, E. 
Hobbe W. H. 33 Upper Chapman at, E. 

Slolden W. 47 Cbarlee st. Commercial rd. east, K. 
alland Henry. 8 Prospect pi. Walworth rd. S. 
Holland J. 3 Paradise pi. Bradmore,HammeKmitlk 
Holland T. Kendal's mews, Blandford street, W. 
HoUiday W. 18 Ehn st Gray's Inn Uoe. W.C. 
Hollins John, New road, Botherhithe. S.E. 
Houghton W. H. 34 Duke st Bloomsbury, W.C. 
Howard A. 38 New Weston st Bermondsey, S.W. 
Howard H. 30 Hunlei street, Dover road, S.E. 
pHowe Samuel, 3 Portland rood, W. 
Hewlett & Brown, 28 Brook street, HatcUff, E. 
Hubble W. 7 Edward st. Deptford High sL S.B. 
Huckle Thomas, 40 Winchester st. PantonvillB rd, 
Huggins G. 36i Thanet st Burton orescent, W.C. 
Huggina J. 2 1 Long yard. Lamb's Conduit at W.C. 
Hughee John, 12 Shepperton place east, E. 
Irona W. 33 Upper Manor street, Chelsea, S.W. 
Ives William, Queen's n»d, Kilbum, N.W. 
Jackaman E. J. 11 Edwordatreet, Dorset sq. N.W. 
James B. T. 12 Dock st Upper East Smilhfield, B. 
James John, 8 Begent street Mile end road, E. 
Uames R. 82 Greek st Soho, W. 
Janes J, 11 Little York place, Gloucester pL W. 
Jenkins J, 22 Fitzroy ter. Kentish town, N.W. 
Jenkins R. 8 Little Randolph st Camden town 
Jinks John, 47BackChnrch hme, Wbitecbapel, E. 
Johnson W. 2B Dnle st Lincoln's InnfleldB, W.C. 
Jones J. G. 16 Finsbnry market, E.G. 
Jones Thomas, 38 Charlw st. Commercial id. oast 
Joby Richard, 17 Earl street London road, S.E. 
pKeeble W. 23 Buckle street, Whiteohapel, E. 
Keen Henry, 186 Eyelyn street, Deptfoid, S.E. 
pKeen W. 28 Gloucester pL Kenliah toim, N.W. 
t^Wplen A. 3 Cumberland st Middlesex Hoip. 
Kenii^ Darid, 77 Regent st Westminster, S.W. 
Kersey Oliver, 6 Hall ^ace, Paddington green, W. 
Ketley W. 40 Union street, Whit«chapel road, E. 
King John, I Lucas place, Wandsworth road, S. 
King John H. 17 Wa^erley road, W. 
Rmg Thomas, Old Ford road, Bow, E. 
Kingwell T, 63 Fashion street, Spitalfields, N.E. 
Kipps & Gatus, 106 Long lane, Bermondsey, S.B. 
Knight J. 2 Little PorUandstGt Portland at W. 
Lamb George, 21 Haroonrt at Marylebone rd. W. 
Leai Richard, 9 Violet hill, St. John's Wood, N.W, 
Lee J. Wellington rd. Bridge rd. Hannneramilh 
iLee W. 16 Gun square, Hoonaditch, N.E. 
Lennard D. 67 Gt Bland st, Gt Dover st S.E. 
Lester N. 3 Little Barlow atreet, Maiylebone, W. 
Liddiard Mrs. A- 23 Gt. Earl st Seven dials, W.C. 
Liles James, 22 Hatton wall. Hatton garden, B.C. 

{Linnegar James, 23 Houghton street, W.C. 
.intzell James, High road, Tottenham, N. 
LissimorelW. 10 Weaver street, Bothnal greell, N.E. 
Lloyd E. W. Chariotte street, Portland place, W. 
DLoiig Richard, 17 Windmill st Finabury, E.C, 
Lower R. 9 St Chad's row. Gray's Inn road, W.C. 
pMallett and Young, 22 St Ann's road, North 

Brixton, S. 
Molyon William, 107 Fetter lane, Holbom, E.a 
Martin F. Wirtemberg street Clapham, B. 
Martin J. &. Son, Caroline it Old Kent rd. B.B. 

Mutia June^ 1 1 Winclieeter bL PentonTille, N. 
Hutin John, Bozeth, Hunnr, N.W. 
MisoB John, 3 Btead street hill, Ci^, E C. 

Maj J. 1 Gt. Cunbridee street, Rackney rd. N.E. 
May W. IT Chu-lea stmat. Hackney ro&d, N.E. 
Meicer TbonUB, 14 North etreet, PoplBT, E. 
Mattau James, 3 Pitt's pl&ce, Old Seat id. S.E. 
Miscea Edward, 6 John street, Liverpool rd. N. 
MitcheU G. 17 Brenswick st. Great Dover st S.E. 
MitchelEOD J, 'iS CmaberloDd at. Middlnai Hrap. 
Moaey W. I PavUion Etreel, Sloaoe street, S.W. 
MoodT H. 88 Union street, Lambeth walk, S. 
MorreU Wm. 4i Museum street, W.C. 
Moss F. 2 Upper John etreet, Liverpool road, N. 
Monell James, 34 Staugate street, Lambeth, S. 
Uoirell Wmiam, 73 Union street, Lambeth, S. 
Mnssett John, 5 Trafalgar street, Walworth rd. S. 
Newlanand Son, U Cross st Newington Butts, S. 
iaNicbola B. & Son, 43 Upper Ebnry street, S.W. 
Nichols Charles, u3 Waterloo road, S, 
Nichols R. 11 Weslmorelaod street, PLmlico, S.W. 
Norria Benj. 4 Lawson street, Ot. Dover st. S.E. 
Norrig Joseph, 4 Gresse street, Tottenham ct. rd. W. 
Nottage J. lli Trematon place, King's r.ross, N. 
/lOldershaw Mis. S. 30 Bruiuwick stieet, S.E. 
Oseman W. 7 Chapel street, Pentonville, N. 
OswellO, 31 Mason street. Old Kent road, S.E. 
Page C. W. 4^ Trinity mewa. Church st Trinity 

square, Borongh, S.E. 
Paine E. 23 Dii£e street, Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 
Palf re/ F. 3 Frederic pL Foi lane, KinRBland, N.E. 
Palmer C. 19 Coppice row, Clerkenwell, E.a 
Palmer Frederick, 41 BaireU street, Vauxhall, S. 
Pdmer Joseph, 41 St Andrew's hill, E.C. 
Palmer W. i Tyer st Prince's road, Lambeth, S. 

Pank Robert, 1 1 Minerva street. Hackney rd. N.E. 

Pardon James, 98 Rtissell street, Bermondsev, S.E, 

Parker James, 9 Upper Albany street, N.W. 

Parks Charles, 9 Foley street, Langham street, W, 

Patrick James, 2 1 Glo'ster st Commercial rd. east 

Payne Mrs. Hamiah, Bow lligh street, E. 

Payna Wm. Oxley, 46 Bow High street, E. 

Payne Wm. Oxley, 46 Bow High street, E. 

Peacock W. 12^ Globe road, mle end, N.E. 

Pearce James, 3 Brixton rise, S. 

Pearce James, 6 New North st. Red Lion sq. W.C. 

Pearce Richard, 26 New road, Sloans street, S.W. 

jjPearson Edw^ 3! Lower Wood st. Clerkenwell 

Peck William, Frogmoro, Wandsworth, S.E. 

Peear il. Edward's la. Church st. Stoke Newington 

Peppiat Percy, Bradley's bldga, Hampstead, N.W. 

Perrett J. 4 Gunpowder alley, Shoe lane, E.C. 

fPerrio George, 1 Old Manor road. Stepney, B. 
errin J. 3 Phienii yard, 128 Oxford street W . 
Ferry T. jun. 27 Little GuUdford st. Borough, S.E. 
Perry T. sen. 36 Great Suffolk street, S.E. 
pPeters Wm. 5 Primrose street, Bishopsgate, E.C. 
Phipps Henry, G James street, Kensington sq. W. 
Pickford Henry, 8 Northampton st. IsUngton, N. 
uPike Wm. 1 Piatt terrace, Pancraa road, N.W. 
Pilgrim Robert 19 Green sL Paddiugton gm. W. 
Fioner David. 19 Collingwood st Blackfnars, S. 
Hpittman H .H. 16 Hoxloa Old town, N. 
Ftonman Mark, Muswell hill, Horcsev, N, 
Foley Wm. 11 White's row, Whitechapel rd. N.E. 
Foole W. H. 53 Charles street. City road, E.C. 

Porter George, Tt) Bnnhill row, B.C. 

Porter J. OitStllMbuiT st Lisaon ^vB. 

Plater Thomas, 135 Long aUey, Finabory, RC. 

Priest Wm. 21 George street, Portland place, W. 

Proudtoot J. D. 8 Esses at. Gt. Guildlord st S.E. 
Purkiss W. 29 Hampden It Clarendon sq. N.W. 
Kadbura Q. 4 North row, Grosvenor square, W. 
Randall J. S5 Jubilee pi. Commercial rd. east, E. 
RudaU Wm. 98 White Horse st Stepney. £. 

Redman John, 48 Church street, Deptford, S.E. 

□Bedmp Mrs. A. £ Son, 1 1 LittJe Muorfietds, E.C. 

Redmp J. 0. 8 Westmoreland buildinga. Alders- 
gate street E.C. 

Reeves R 76 Shaftesbury st New North road, N. 

Reeves Wm. 109 Britannia street. City road, N. 

Reeves Wm. sen. 26 Soraeiset place, Iloiton, N. 

Revere George, 19 King st. Long Acre, W.C. 

Reynolds Henry, 3 Globe road. Mile end, N.E. 

Rhodes George, 3S Newland st Kensington, W. 

Richards J. 1 1 Chenies st Tottenham ct rd. W.C. 

Richardson & Son, 28 Gilberts!. Bloomsbury, W.C. 

oRichardson G. 116 Fraed street, Paddington, W. 

Riches John, 4 Villa phiie, Walworth common, S. 

Riokotts T. 72 Hatfield street, Blackfnars, S. 

SB Bigby N. 2 Cross Key ct London wall, E.C. 

Binge Joseph, 21 Brook's mews, Berkeley sq. W. 

Robmson E. 49 London st Fitiroy sq. W. 

jjRohinson W. 3i Hampstead st W. & 32 Cleve- 
land st. Fitiroy sq. W. 

Roffey Benj. 54 Grange walk, Bermondsey, S.E. 

Roffey J. E. 90 Great George at Bermondsey, S.E. 

Kowcliffe Mrs. S. 25 Crown st Soho, W.C. 

Bowe J, 5 Bedford road, Clapham, S. 

Rowley W. 2 Hill st. Park rd. Hegent'a park, N.W 

Rudkin D. 17 Cariton ter. Westboume green, W.' 

cRnffle Mre. M. A. 17 Prince's road, Lambeth, S. 

Kumbol W. 3 Vine st. York rd. Lambeth, S. 

Bussell Chas. 4 Chapel st. Bedford row, W.C. 

Sawyer J. W. 6 Oxford st. Mile end, E. 

Say H. W, 17 Apollo buildings north, Walworth 

SayweU G. 3 Little Store st Bedford sq. W.C. 
Sdiooley G. 14 Dnnning's alley, Bi^ofegate, E.C, 
Scott Abntham, 3 Hanover pi. Oxford st. W. 

ftSears Alfred, 47 Lisson grove, N.B 

Sebley S. 2 Stanley Bt. Chelsea, S.W. 

Seeley W. 1 Cloudesley st Islington, N. 

Shiers J. 34 Little Windmill st Golden sq. W. 

Sidwell T. 73 Harrow rd. Paddington, W. 

Simmons Samuel, 21 Bark pi. Bayswater, W. 

Sinclair B. 1 Nelson ter. City road, N. 

Sisaens B. 4 Drury lane, W.C. 

Sissens T. 30 Charles st Hampstend rd. N.W. 

Sitton A. 1 Wliite horse court. Castle at. east, W. 

Smith B. 2 Green st Kentish town, N.W. 

Smith F. D. W. Harlejford st Clapham road, S. 

Smith H. 3 Layhim pi. South Lambeth New rd. 

Smith J. 10 Douglas pi. Deptford High st. S.E. 

Smith J. DevoD's rd. Bromley, E. 

Smith J. 1 York pi. Battersea fieldfl, S.W. 

pSmith John, 182 Dnur lane, W.C. 

Smith W. 14 Bird st. Wapping, E. 

Southgntfl T. 9 Old North st. Bed Lion sq. W.C. 

Spaiksman A. 2T John st St. John's wood, N.W. 
iSpcncflr W. 8 Priory road, WttodEwoith roid, S. 
Spiok Qeo. 2 Oill St. West India Dock rd. E. 
SpriokB C. 25 Denbigh ter. iveat Notting hiU, W. 
Stanboroagh & Llovd. KingsUnd green, N.E . 
Starkey J. 1 Abell's buildings. Oo^mxn's lields 
Sturhey Jss. 34 North st. Whitechapel rd. K 
Stee! Jbs. 1 Fox luie, Kingslund road, N. 
Stent J. 7 Caroline pi. Haiiiiifteud road, N.W. 
Bteyens Jno. SI Market St. Edg.vare rd. W. 
Slevans J. 3 Eose" court, Dwkhead, S,E. 
Stevens Wm. 15 Bridge row, Piinlico, S.W. 
Stiff G. 34 Barratt st. Vftuihall, S. 
Sloddart Jos. 19 Moaon st. Old Kent road. S.E. 
Stone Thomaa, 14 New Fa^k it. Boroagh, SJl 
Stratford Win. 81 Pnnces st. Lambeth, S. 
Strong 0. High street, Feckham, S.E. 
Sullivan D. 17 Alfred men a, Tottonham conrt rd. 
Sutton S. 36 Eaher st. Upper Kenoingtoli la. S. 
Swain Jas. College ter. Camden town, N.W. 
;iS7iii9 E. & Son, 33 Baltic st. Golden U. E.G. 
i/iTappeuden E. 3 Arbour st. west, E. 
Tavener C. 8 SI John's Wood ter. N.W. 
Taylor B. lOS Prince's rd. Lambeth, 8. 
Taylor B. 4 Spencer st. Canonbarj sq. N. 
Thilthoip. J. R. 19 China Walk, Lambeth, S. 
/)Thorpe J. 7 New Church st. west, Edgware rd. 
nThorpB T. . Grove pi, Lisson grove, N.W. 
Tilley G. 13 Wilmot sq. Bethnal green rd. N3. 
Tilson H, 43 Gloucester st. Honlon, N. 
Tipping Wm. 3 Cromer st, Brunswick sq. W.C. 
Todd T. 29 Lower Chspinan st. St. George's east 

Townshend J. Grove place Highgate, N. 
6 nTteharne Wm. 41 Drury la. r " 
pTribit T. 7 m\e st. Vaaxhall, S 
Turner J. " 

Turner J. T. Mare st. Hackney, N.E. 
Turner S. I Nottingham pi. Whilechapel, E. 
Uncle H. 12 Grove pi. West cud. Hammersmith 
Unwin M. 3 Crosby row. Borough. S.E. 
Vanaer C. 6 Bed Lion court, Fleet st E.G. 
pWaddy W. 5 St. Georges rd. Sonlhwaik, S 
Wager T. 1 4 Silver at. Kensington gravel pits, W, 
Wa|;horn Wra. 9 George st. BlacUriars rd, S. 
pWake J 3. Richmond buildiiws, Soho, W. 
Wakefield B. 8 Gastigny pi. Qty rd. E.C. 
Walker H. 2o New st. Bromptoa, S.W. 
WaU H. iun. 33 Friar st. Blackfriara rd. S.E. 
Wamett Wm. 15 Cornwall H. Lambeth. S. 
Warr E, 1 Charlotte pi, George's pi. Holloway rd. 
iWarr H. J. B. 1.1 Bing cross. Holloway, N. 
Watkina W. 25 Wellington st. Kingsland ri N. 
Webb D. Bromell's rd. Clapham, S. 
Webb J. Starch green, Hammersmith, W. 
6Webb 0, 35 Redman's row, MUe end, E. 
Webb B. 64 Old street rd. Shoreditch, E.C. 
Webb W. Porchester ter. Bayawater, W. 
Walls J. 1 1 Cliarlton st. Fitiroy sq. W. 
Wells S. 33 Great George sL Bermondsey, SJ;. 
Weston E. jun. 66 Hatfield st Stamford et. S. 
JWerton T. S. 69 Shoo lane, E.C. 
^Vhi;e Joseph, 41 North ttreet, EdgBwarerd.N.W. 

rr..KT run 1860. 

Wiggs C. J. 32 Chester at. Low. Kennington Ian* 
Wiggs Wm. St. Leonaid street, Bromtey, E. 
Wigmore Geo. 6 King street, Kensington, W. 
Wigmore Wm. 5 King street, Kensingtoo, W. 
Wild Wm. 9 Moscow road, BayawaWr, W. 
uWilkes Fmucia, 2 SL Marv Axe, E.C. 
Wilkinson S. 1 Church Une, Whitecbai>e1, E. 
Wil IJauis Thomas, I Edn iu cottages, iling street, 

Uaiamersmitb, W. 
Winch Joseph, 21 York road, Cambemell, S. 
Windsor Geo. 3 Fairfax court, Strand, W.V. 
Wingrove B. 31 VVellingtou bL Camden town 
Winter Benj. 271 Charles st. Hampstead rd. N.W. 
Wiseman J. 23 Crown row, Mile end road, E. 
WithaU Henry, 2 Commerce place, St. John's hill, 

Wandsworth road, S:W. 
Wood Samuel, 15 Queen sL New cut, Lambeth, S. 
Wood Th(«. 19 Park street, Kennington crass, S. 
Woodland J. A. 10 Henrietta st. Manchester sq. 
Woods James, 23 Frances street,, Chelsea, S.W. 
Wooldridge T. 16 Fisher at. Bed' Lion sq. W.C. 
WooJnoogh S. 18 Curaitor st. Chancery Ja. E.C. 
Wren Geo. 33 Gt Bash lane. City, E.C. 
Wright Samuel, 131 East st Kennington road, S. 
Young Wm. 38 Kinnert^m st Belgrave sq. S.W. 
Young Wm. Puk hill, Cl^bam, S. 

Abbey G. 41 Stanhope sL Eampstead rd. N.W. 

Abbott and Uopgood, il Bleeding Hart yard, 
Hattoa garden, B.C. 

Abbott JameB and Sons, 23 Great Fulteney street, 
W. and 4 Warwick street, Hegent street, W. 

Abbott Thomas and Son, lU Lower Jamea street, 
Golden aqnare, W, 

Abbott Wm. J, 45 Piatt st. St.Pancias rd. N.W. 

Abel Samuel, Grove st South Hackney, NJl 

Abrey John, 6 Vine place, Hertford mad. Kings- 
land road, N. 

Acfield John, 4 & 5 Beaumont st. Marjlebonc, W, 

Acock C. Henry, Camberwell green. South side, S, 

Acworth J. sen. 1 Cleaver street, Kennington, 8. 

Adams John, Albion road. Stoke Newinglon, N. 

Agar Nathan, 77 Up. Ebury st. Piuilico, S.W. 

cAirey «Qd Belling ham, SGa Oxford street, W. 

Alldiss E. 20a George street, Portman square, W. 

A Idridee T. H. jun. 4 Waterloo place, Shepherd's 

fiAllcock Thos. Francis, 1 1 Welbeck street, W. 

Allen Mat. 21 & 22 Worship st t'insbury, JiC. 

Allen Thos. (i Gt. Smith st Westuunster, S.W. 

Allen Wm. 43 Ironmonger row, St. Luke's, B.C. 

Alvey Thos. 18 Howland street, Fitaroy sq, W, 

Amery John jun. 15 Beresford St. Walworth, S. 

Amery John sen. Portland place, Walworth, S. 

Amery Philip, 1 Weston st. FentonviUe rd. W.C. 

Amos T, Avenue villa, Gt College sL S.W. 

Amos 'F. 18 Tysaon tor. Medina villas, Hackney 

cAudersan and Son, 34 Haydon street E. 

Anley Philip, 73 Upper Whitecrass street E.G. 

Antclilf Wm. 12 Newnham st Ooodman'a fields 

Archer Wm. 14 North st Back Church lane, E. 

Acding J. and Son, 62 Dorset st. Salisbnry sq. £.0. 

Aimitage EdmL CL^pham Old town, S. 



cAnold Fred. 6 Fed place, Xemington, W. 

Arnold John, 109 Jmnyn street, S.W. 

Aahbj and Hornei, T Aldgate, £. 

A^by S. & gons, 24 BMiopsgate eL withont, E.C. 

Ashby John. 11 Csitisle street, Soho Eqiiare. W. 

JAshfield W. 3 Baynes row. Coldbath sq. W.C. 

Ashford John, Deptford High etreet, S.E. 

Ajkev John, 110 Stanlej street, Fimlico, S.W. 

Asptand Wm. White Hart lane, Tottenlmni, N. 

Attwoll Geo. 2 Tuffnell Park road, N. 

Austin Henry de Bruno, tO Bridge pi. Hairovi' id. 

Austin Henry sen. 215 Maiylebone road, N.W. 

ATery Joseph, 81 (Jreat Portland street, W. 

Axford Jolm Brown and Co. 18 Moorgate st. £ C, 
64 Coleman st E C. & 33 Wilson st. Fiosbury 

lAjers and Kills, Si John street, Beikvley square, 
W. and 60 GroBTenor mews, Grosvenor sq. W. 

Ayces and Istcay, Tiedegar load. Old Ford. E. 

Ayers Jas. sea. 1 1 Stanhope ter. Hyde park, W. 

AviBtt Win. 31 Wilsted tt. Somers town, N.W. 

Aylott Wra. 20 Leinster st Bayswater, W. 

BadiDgton J. 44 Upper BemeitOQ street, Caledo- 
nian road, N. 

cB^g^y Joseph, 1 William place, Queen street, 
I^DumsmiEh, W. 

Bagridge Edward, Fairfield road. Bow, E. 

Baker Geo. & Son, Palace load, Lambeth, S. 

BakBf J. W. 23, Kenningtou Oval, S. 

Baker M. Southaropttm sL Camberwell road, S. 

Ban K S. T 13 KUnville ter. York road, Camden 


J, N. 

Balls Johu, Grange road, Bermindxy, S'E. 
Barlow Chaa E, 11 Fortman st. Portntao sq. W. 
Barlow J. T. i\ Francis place, Holloway roa4, N. 
Barnes John T. 165 Penioarille road, N. 
Barnos Alfred H. Alleu road, Homaey New Town 
Bjirncs David, Stanmore st. C^edonian road, S. 
Barratt Wm. IIG Gray's Inn lane, W.C. 
Barllett James. Brixton hill, S. 
Barton John, 31 Park road, Clapham, S. 
.Barton Robert, 12 Oiford mews, W. 
BarweU BeoJ. 63 Warren sL Fitaroy square, W. 
Bassett W. J. 2a & 27 Store st. Bedford sq. W.C. 
Batchsldar C. Alpha pi. East, Caledonian rd. N. 
Batterbnty E. 8 Fiuroy rd. Glonc«st«r rd. N.W. 
t-Bayne Charles, 2 Thanet sq. Burton crescent, W.C. 
Bealby Wm. 3 Prince's st. Bedford row, W. C. 
Beardou C. B. S. 1 6 GifTard st. Caledonian rd. H. 
Beckett G. 21 Stock Orchard vils. Caledoniaii rd. 
Beckinghain William, 5 Sussex ter. nortJi, N. 
BeckwiCh Wm. 115 Kingslsnd road, I4.E. 
Bedford Brothers. 43, 44 and 47 North row, Gros- 

Belchier U. 2 Newcastle street, Sliand, W.C. 
Bell C. 10 Norfolk st Middlesex. Uospitai, W. 
Bellman F, J. 11 Stebonheath ter. Limeliouse, E. 
BenneU ArtJjur, Well street, Hackney, N.E. 
Bennett E. 6 Archer st Kensington park, W. 
Bennett J. 15 Belgraie st, south, Fimlico, S.W. 
Burnett S. 13 Brunswick st. Hackney road, N.E. 
Bettinson T. H. 15 St. John's Wood ter. N.W. 
cBevan Samuel, 1 Sliaf tcsburj terrace, Shaftesbury 

mad, Hammersmith, W. 
Bigtiell H 22 Pear street, Goawell street, KC. 
Bigneil William, 6 Norfolk place, Marlborough 

road, Chelseft, S.W. 

Binder Joseph, 16 Park sliMt, Groaveuor sq. W. 

Bird John & E. Brook gieeo, Hammersmith, W. 

Bird George, 38 Edgeware road, W. 

Bird Stephen, 24 High street, Kennington, W. 

Biscomba W. 19 Weymouth street, Portland pL W. 

Bishop Samuel Robert, 17 Montague tetrace, De 
Beauvoir road, Kingsland. N. 

Bisley F. 25 Jamaica row, Bermondsey road, S.E. 

Black A, 1 Honduras street, St. Lake's, E.G. 

BlackbniD O. 4 Salinon lane, Limehouse, E. 

Blackmoro John, St. John's hill, Wandsworth, S.W. 

Blackmore Wm. Henry, 11 Dean street, Soho, W. 

Blanch J. jun. 10 Orange st. Bed Lion sq. W.C 

Bleasley Thos. 1 Wilraot st Hassell square, W.C. 

Bliiard C, 15 Moreton tenace, Pirolico, S.W, 

BioreC.H.gXinnertonst, Belgrave square, S.W. 

Bodgener Wm. 72 Pratt st. Camden town, N.W. 

Boles Wm. 15 TrflTor so. Knightsbridge, S.W. 

Bond Stephen G. 11 Dorcas terrace. Hammer- 
smith road. Hammersmith, W, 

Boosey Abraham, 196 Bermondsey street, S.E. 

Booth Robert jun. 40 London road, S. 

Borebam Henry, 26 Wilmot street, W.C. and 16 
19 & 20 Brnnswick mews, Brunswick sq. W.C. 

Borsley John, 32 Argjle sq. Eustoa rd. W.C. 

Bostel Daniel, 6 Philip lane, London nail, E.C. 

Bottomley Sampson H. Surrey place east, Old 
Kent road, S.E. 

Boulting Wm. 60 George street, N.W. 

Bonnford Isaac, 6 Cambridge street. W. 

Bowaok Wm 23 Paul street, Finsbury, E.C. and 
6 Dntham pla^e, Seven Sisters' road, N. 

Bowers George, 13 Gower street notUi, W.C. 

Bowles Joseph C. 32 Albert rd. Higbgate hill, N. 

cBowles Geo, 24 Queen's road, Eayswater, W. 

Bowley Cliarles &, Joseph, 31 Begeot street, West- 
minster, S,W. 

Bowley, Fry &, Bowlej-, 2i Weston street, W.C. 

Bowley Joseph, 48 King st. Westminster, S.W. 

Bowman EdwiD, 9 BnSord's row, Islington, N. 

rBoyce John, 9 Esses street, Strand, W.C. 

Boys Qeoixe, Park street, Bromley, K 

Bradbeer Jas. 81 Greek street, Soho, W. 

Bradbeer R. 16^ Somers mews, W. 

Bradley Francis, 154 Upper street, Islington, N. 

Bragg Henry, 6 Holyweu st. Westminster, S.W. 

Braithwait* Thomas, 1 GioTe place. West end. 
Hammersmith, W. 

Brake James 1 1^ Brunswick street, St. John stieet 
road, E.C. 

cBcand James, High street, Bromley, E. 

Brass William and Son, 21 Redcross sL Cripple- 
gate, E.C. and Silver street, E.C. 

Brass Thos. 21 Redcross street, E.C. 

Bray Charles, 13 S(ratLeiiden len.icc. New road. 
Hammersmith, W. 

Brett Wm. 4 Bread street bill, Cheapfide, E.C. 

Broadbent John, High street, Higbgat?, N. 

Broadhurst James, Carlisle street, Lambeth, S. 

Brock John James, 6 Love lane, Shadwelt, E. 

Bronkwell Nathaniel, 54 Kegeut street, Lambeth 

Brooke Boni. 23 Alpha road. Regent's park, N.W. 

Brooks Ben]. Wood green, Tottenham, N, 

Bruoks D. Coach yd. New Inn yd. Sboreditch, E.C. 

Brooks Wm. GUsshoose street, East Smithfield, E. 

Brooks W, 46 FortUod rd. north, Nolting hill, W. 

I iseo 

Broome J, 10 High street, Newington Bntts, S. 
Browett Wm. 16 Nicholas street, HoitOU, N. 
cBrowE Edmund, 99 High street, Marylebinie, W, 

and 2 North court, Manchester square, W. 
Brown Wni. and DaviJ 10 and 11 SaviUe place. 

Mile end load, E. 
Brown Benj. 1 Briclge crescent, Ealbnm, N.W. 
Brown Frank, T Nurth boildingE, Finsbnij circna 
Brown Homy, 34 Drycott plaM, Chelsea, S.W. 
rBiBvn H. C. 1 Hawlev pi. Kentish town, N.W, 
Brown J. Coldharbonr lane. East Brixton, S. 
ABrown Joseph, 22 Lisson grove, N. W^, 
Brown, Wm. 84 Chapel place, Liverpool road, N. 
Brown Wm. H. Cowper road, Homsey New Town 
Brown J. T. 30 Queen st. Horseljdown, S.E. 
BrowDS and Bobinson, 24 College street, Dowgato 

hill, E.G. and 8a Worship at. Finabiuy, E.G. 
Bruce WiUiun, 44 Barbican, E.C. 
Bryant Thos. 8 Porteua road, W. 
Buddie William 6 Delameie teirace, Westbonnie 

terrace, norUi, W. 
Bulmer John, 2 James place. Lower road, Eo- 

tberhithe, S.E. 
BuukeU Heni7 Christopher, 1 Stock Orcbaid 

Henry Chnstoph 
t, Holloway, N. 

Burgess George, 10 UniverBity street, E.< 

Burlington John Thomas, 10 Diamond row, South- 
ampton stieet, Camberwell, S. 

Bumum John, 6 Fashion street, Dockhead, S.E. 

Boroingham B. 7S Pratt sL Candeu town, NW. 

^Burst^ Eobert K. 15 Hanover stieet, W.C. and 
Castle street, Long acre, W.C. 

Burt Wm. Gt. Vine st Regent street, W. 

Burtenshaw Thos. 183 Southwart bridge road 

Burton A. lOJ Addle pi. Doctors' commons, B.C. 

Bnrtoo Eenty, l&O Aldersgate street, E.C. 

Batcher W. ]un. 35 Cochrane terrace, St John's 
wood, N.W. 

Butler John. S'i Mercer's street, Shadwell, E. 

Butler John, 9^ Orange row, Kennington road, S. 

Butler Thoe. 13 New street, Portland town, N.W, 

Butters C. King Edward road. Hackney, NJ]. 

Button Wm. H. 14 GosweU load, E.G. 

Bywaters and Sons, 10 King st Regent st. W. 

Calvert Henry, 18 Stamford at Falhamri S.W. 

Cable Joseph, Clapham Old town, S. 

Callow Jas, 41 Queen's road west, Chelsea, S. 

Candler Geo , 1 1 Brixton rise, S. 

Camion Geo. T Primrose stieet, Bishop^iate, E.G. 

Cardwell Thomas, 1 Park terrace, Hammersmith 

Carpenter James J. 1 High street, Newington 
Butts, S. 

Carpenter Thos. Daniel, 31 Melton street, N.W. 

Can Geo. 4 Old Chapel row, Kentish town, N.W, 

Carr Henry, 42 Homer street, W. 

Carter Geo. F- 1 IJ Devonshire place, Kennington 
lane, and 122 Barrett street, Lambeth, S. 

Carter George John, Homsey road, N. 

cCarter John, 36 Storo st. Bedford square, W.C. 

iCarter Joseph, 1 Wellington st. Goswell st, E.G. 

Carter Thos. Mcks, 42 Eaatcheap, B.C. 1 2 Dart- 
month stieet, S.W. Horseferry road, SW. and 
Orchard street, Westminster, S.W. 

Cartor William, 49 Limehouse causeway, E. 
Carver John, Stanley cottage, Danvers street, S.W. 

Case John H. Milton road, Hwnaey New town, N. 

Case Bichard, 60 Bethnal green road, N.E. 

Caswell Wm. & Son, 45 Queen's road west, S.W. 

Casley Fred. John and Son, 4 Kingslaud place, 
Kingsland, N.E. 

Catomore Alfred, Goldharbour lane, S. 

Cave Wm. Ferry road west, Millwall, E. 

Cavey John, 19 Carlisle street, Lambeth, 8. 

Cayiar Henry, 19 Cross street, StGeorge'seast, E. 

Cecil and Qaekin, 14a South st Orosvenor sq.W. 

Ghapmaa Henry, 2a Albany road, Bamshury, N. 

Chapman Richard B. Harrow, ff.W. 

Chapman Wm. 1 Dudley terrace, Feat^erstone 
buildings, Limehouse. E. 

Chapman W m. H. High road, Tottouham, N. 

ChappeU Abel Sparrow, 28 Walbrook, E.G. 

Charles Samuel, 20 Dalgleish street, Commereial 
road east, E. 

iCheel TbomaB, 30 Little Marylebone street, W. 

iGhild, Son &. Martin, 83 & 34 Shoemaker row, 
BlacUriaiB, E.C, & 6 Green walk, HoUand st " 

Child Chas. 2 Halsey tei. Cadognu street, S.W. 

cChUderhouse W. & Co. 1 1 Conduit st, west, W. 

CtuistiaD Wm. I Bark place, Bayswater, W. 

Christie Wm. 73 Lambeth Lower Maish, S. 

Chnrchyard Jas. G Upper Brixton place, S. 

Chutter Wm. 39 Up. Stamford st Blacklriars, S. 

Clark Geo 14 Hatfield street, & llj Broadwall, S. 

Clark H. 71 Charlwood street west, Pimlico, S.W. 

Clark John, 40 Portland road, Regent's park, W. 

Clark John, 3i Talbot villas, Weetboume park, W. 

Clarke Edward, Weet green, Tottenham, S. 
Clarke Henry Daniel, Cirencester street, Weat- 

boome green, W. 
Clegg Juo. Jones, 4 Pilgrim st Lodgate hill, RC. 
Clemence John, 6 4 7, Villiers street, W.C. 
cClemence Wm. 31 Villiers street. Strand, W.C. 
Clement Alfred, Church place, Clapham com. S. 
Clowser Thomas, High street, Hampstoad, N.W, 
Collard John, 8 Gibson street, Waterloo road, S. 
Cocks James, 24 Hertford ter. De Beauvoir road, 

De BeBuvok town, N. 
Cockram J. 25 Adam st, west, Biyanston aq. W. 
Cocks John, 98 London wall, E.G. and 4 Liver. 

pool street, E,C. 
Cole John, 14 Park terrace, Regent's park, N.W. 
Cole Samuel, 27 Mnsenm st Bloomsbmy, W.C. 

"-'iman Jas. J. & F. 78 New Weston street, S.B, 
i 7 Chorch street, St Saviours, Boro', S,E, 
nan, Cowper road, Homsey New town. N, 
Collins Geo. 8 Smith st. Bt Pancras road. N.W. 
Collins John, '2R Halo street. Poplar, E. 
Collins T. 22 Nawland street, Kensington, W. 
Ccllis Ambrose, 37 Moretonter. Pimlico, S.W, 
GoUs Benj, and Co. 28 Moorgate street, E.C. and 

6 & 7 Emanuel place, CamberweU road, S. 
Colwill Chas. 32 Brydges st. Covent garden, W.C. 
Conder E. Baltic wbarf, KingsUnd'road, N.E, 
Conder Edward, Old Broad street, E.C. 
Coney Henry, S Manchaster villas, Towsend road, 

St John's wood, N.W. 
dCook C. G. Ardwiek villa, Boundary road, N.W. 
Cook Samuel, 9 Penton row, Walworth road, S. 
Cock ThOB. 1 Lower John street, HoitoD, N. 
Cook Wm, 1 Camden row north, Kentish town 
Cook William, Loiiimore square, WalnorUj, S. 

• DIKKTOIT FOft 1800. 


Coomer Wm. B. Bridge id. vest, Batteraea, S.W. 

Cooper Henr^, Upper Tube hill, S. 

Coo^ Hagh Wetch, 42 W^efield stieet, Bmiu- 

wiek square, W.C. 
Cunper J. lu Somerset place, Eavil street, S. 
Cooper J. 10 Wiilington pL WftEdsworth rd. S. 
Cooper John, 39 Faulton's sq. Chelsea, S.W. 
Cooper Samuel, Green, Tottenham, N. 
Cooper S. It Devonshire ter, Kensington, W. 
Coa^ ThoB. B. IT York pL Kent atreet id. SJ:. 
Co(^ W. Bedford pcirate road, Stockwell, S. 
Copp R & Son, 6 Stevens mews, Tottanham court 

iMd, W. 
Cobbett & OldinK, Windmill street, Lambeth, S. 
cCorden Joieph J. 37 Mancheater st Argjll sq. 
CoTDirtlU Edward, 3 John stt«et, Cuitaiu rd. ID.C. 
Coolman Samuel, 88 Arthur irtrtet, Chelsea, S.W. 
Cowland J. D. PoitJand toad. Sotting hill, W. 
Cowley W. 38^ Henry st N.W. and 84 Robert st 

Hampstead road, N.W. 
Cowley John, Crouch end, Honuey, N. 
cCox Ja.1. 10 Manchester st Qiay's Inn id. W.C, 
CoK 3. 40 Up, Benitertoo si Caledonian road, N. 
Cozens Thos. 21 Lisaon gioie. N.W. 
Crane Joseph, 17 Globe road, Mila end, N.E. 
Ctapp Peter, 17 Hill street, Trevor eqaare, S.W, 
Crawley Chis. 21 Bnd^ House pi, Southwark, S. 
Credlaud Samuel, Whitehall teirace, Tottenham 
Crittenden John C Pratt st Camden t«wa, N.W. 
Crook Thos. & Son, 73 Coleman street, £.C. 
Crook Heoij J. 24 Crosier street, Lambeth, S. 
Crook S. jun. 7 Grove, Church sL Hackney, N.E. 
Cross Daniel, 4 Lion pL W. and Aberdeea mews, 

Miida hill, W. 
Cross Fred. J. 22 Pratt street, Lambeth, S. 
Crosswellar Alfred and William, 7 Cl^lon place, 

ReimiiigtAn road S. & 17 Lower KenningtoD 

green, 8. 
Croncher John, 8 Brownlow at. Drury lane, W.C, 
Crow & Fitiwaler, 7 Addison ter. Nsttine hill. W. 
ACrow John, 8 Slmftesbnry crescent, S.W. 
OrowhniBt S. sen. 6 Monmonth place, Old Kent 

POTd, S.E. 
Cnbitt Wm. and Co. Calihotpe place, Gray'8 Inn 

rd. W.C. 20 Abchnreh Ifino, City, B,C, and 

Cnbitt town, Poplar, E. 
Cubitt Thomas, GrosTenoi road, Thames bank, 

Pimlioo, S.W, 
Cull Wm. 279, Strand, W.C. 
Cuming Alex. Bath place, Larkhall lane, S, 
Cuming John, 10 Albert st. Camden rd. N.W. 
Curtis Edwaid, 62 Queen's rd, Bajswater, W. 
Dallgetty J. 77 Russell st. Bermondsey, S.E. 
Dallman S. 1 Queen's Head Une, Islington, N. 
Dallas Bichaid, 17 FownaU road, Dalstoo, SE. 
fDaniels Henry, 4 Clark's pL Bagniggs Wells rd. 
Dartiy Edward, 24 Little Chester street, S.W. 
Daie J. K. St«cbnell green, Stockwell, 5. 
Davey Ambling, 89 Pentonville road, N, 
Davidson A, 18 Porter street, Soho, W.C. 

Day G, 6 Providence buildings. New Kent rd. S,E. 
Day John W. Love lane, Wandsworth road, S. 
Deavin Martin, Crystal teiiace. New rd. Bother- 
hithfl, S,E, 

Dennit Thomu, 4 Denbigh ti Pimlico, S.W. 

Dennis Alfred, Twyford at Caledonian road, N. 

Denton J. & Bona, SI Uargaistta ter. Oakley at 
Chelsea, S.W. 

DethickW. Wh«rf 77,01 Camlriage atHackncv 
road, N.E. 

Deverean Charles, 160 Ooswell street E-C. 

Dike Thomas, 24 Denbigh place, Pimlico, S.W. 

DoliU Chas. 93t Wimpole street W, 

Doh«)n W, 1 Old Gravel lane, Wapplng, E. 

Dora John, 23 HoUord tq. PenlannUa|w,C. 

DougUa W. Hans town woi^ New road, Sloane 
street, S.W, 

Dove Biothen, 15 Stndd street, Islington, N. 

DoweU William, 33 Up. Paik pi. Dorset aq^ N.W. 

Dowell David, Weet end, Hammetsmith, W, 

Dowell B. Summerfield road, Totteohuu, N. 

Downs William, 70 Dnion street, Borongh, S,E. 

Drew W. J, 1 Rosedale villaa, Notting hfll, W. 

Dryhutst G, 2 Upper Montagu st. Mout«ga aq.W 

iDudley T. F. 151 Old Gravel lane, B. 

Dgncannon & Moaltrie, 7j Up. Charlton street, 
Fitzroy square, W, 

cDuncauDon J. B8 Clipslone at Filiroy sq, W. 

Dunford E. 8 Burnard pi, HoUoway rd. N. 

Dunk Charles, 3 Pigott at Limahouae, E. 

Dunamore W. 41 College street north, N.W 

Dnirant F. W. 1 Holland place, Kensingtcn, W. 

Dyer Henry, 10 Dukes ter. St James' rd. Liver- 
pool road, N. 

il^er John, 2 Qower atreet north. W.C. 

Dyer Thomas, 26 Jonson'g pi, Harrow road, W. 

Early John, 63 Park street Camden town, N.W. 

Early W. South Lambeth New rd. S. 

East Phillip, Newington green. Stoke Nowington 

Esloe Daniel, 96 Manor street Glapham, S, 

Easton J. Pleasant row, Iiower Kennington lane, S, 

Ebbage Walter, 133* St. John street rd. E.G. 

Eaaun J. & T. Highfield tor, Kentish town, N.W. 

AEbbs J, & Son, 29 Aberdeen pi. MaidahilL N W 
& 16 A, 16 Northwick mews, W. 

Edser James, 36 Vincent square, S.W. 

Edwards John, 8 Belgrave road, S.W. 

Edwards B. T. 68 St John's Woodt«r. N.W. 

Egan Nicholas, 8 Begents Park rd, N.W. 

W. Tottenham lane, Horasey, N, 
Eldridge Thomas, 6 Judd st Brunswick sq, W.C. 

and 16* Pentonville road, N, 
Elliott W, 6 Oiford ier. King's toad west, S.W. 
cEllis Mrs, M. A. 27 King st Golden so. W.C. 
cElliston C. 94^ Eingslaad road, N.E, 
Bllson John, 7 York steet York rd. Lambeth, S. 
Ellson W. J. Park cottage, Carlisle st Lambeth, S. 
Elsom Joseph, 12 Pownall rd. Dalston, N.E. 
Elslon William, 8 Wormwood st E.C. 
eEmory John, 14 Gray's Inn lane, W.C. 
ftEmmerton F, 67 Bartholomew close, E,C. & 40 

King street, Snowhill, E,C, 
Rmminn J. 42 Brompton row, S.W. 
England H, 9 Charles st, Bridgewater sq. E,C. 
Ennor T. 38 Haidinge st Commercial rd. east, E, 
Evans Bros, 198 Up. Whitacross street, RC 
Evans H, & Son, 5 & 7 Wert st Walworth, B. 
Evans Evan, 67 Stanley st Kmlico, S.W. 


hEyUa O. L. & H. Wkt«rioo it HuIlIn«^^liti^W. 

chEjlm Silu J. J. King st Hammeranutli, W. 
FuUr W. 31 LanieDcs lane, E,C, 

Faulkner Heurj, 51 Jermjn BtrMt, S.W. 

JFanlknet J. juQ. 11 Yorket St. Jamee's, S.W. 

PawMtt Joseph, i Parailise ter. Livetimol id. N. 

FeatherstonB W. 3 Fielding cottages, Folham rd. 
Hammefsmith, W. 

Felgate lobn, 8t Sidns; st Commercial rd. east, E. 

Feltbam Johii, 8 Bedford road, Clapham riss, S. 

Felthouse Panl, the Folly, PortobeJlo road, Kan- 
si ogtou park, W. 

Fennor Heoir, !9 Guildford street east, W.C. 

Feir James, Home villa, Highbury puk, H. 

Few W. 1 Hargrave park road, Junction road, N. 

Field C. 1 Dyer's huildinga, Otavel lane, S.E 

Fielder J. 1 Hill road, St. John's wood, N.W. 

PiDoh W. 6i Clark st Slepnej, E. 

Fish C, Cambridge wharf, Wilton road, S.W". 

Fishar Ambrose, 1 Bandall st. Limehonse, E, 

Flack Matthew, High street, Bromley, E. 

Flather Robert B. 17 Dowgata hill, E.G. 

Fleming T. 1 Tollit slieet, Globe road, N.B 
■Flint William, Lordship rd. Stoke Newington,N. 

Foot H. W. 2 Gt. Woodstock at. Marylcbone, W. 

Ford John, 38 Walnut tree walk, Lambeth, 9. 

Ford J, 31 Penton st. F entonTille road, N. 

Forrest Christopher, 1 Patriot row, N.E. 

Foster C. N. New wharf, Whitetriacs, B.C. 

Fonlger G. 7 Quarlatone ft Blsndford sq. N.W. 

Fowler Thomas, 5 New at. Kennington road, S.. 

Fowler W. 13 Hamilton tar. west. New cross, S.E. 

Foi B. B Felix place, Liverpool road, N. 

iFox 8. e Barnsbury row, Part rd Mington, N. 

■FoK Samuel, Morning Isjie, Hackney, S.E. 

Fox Thomas, Morning lane. Hackney, N.E. 

Foiley George, 36 & 87 King st. Golden eq. W. 
and 8 Little Mirlhorough st. W. 

Frost George, 3 Fonthill pi. Clapham road, S. 

Franklin a. 6 Brunswick ter. Commercial rd. east, 
E. & Rose, lane, Batcliff, E. 

Freeman W. 3 East street Chelsea, S.W. 

Frsemantle T. 1 Fonthill place, Clapham road, S. 

Friend John Smith, 47 Bankaide,!. 

Frost John, 11 Mercer street, Long acre, W.C. 

Farby Richard, 45 Wilmington square, W.C. 

Pulcher B. 1 Treacher's pL Wandsworth rd. S. 

ParniTall C. 10 Wbitechapel High st. E. 

Gallawar G. 1 Talbot villas, Westbonme park,W. 

Gale C. J. 11 Sparrow comer, Hinories, E. 

Gala T. Surrey lane. Bridge rd. Ba<.i«rsea, S.W. 

Galsworthj S. jun. 91 Upper Stamford st S. 

Oammon E. B. 73 Cannon st E.C. & U Edward 
street, York road, Lambeth, S. 

Gardener Qeo^e, 37 Lower Belgrave street, S.W. 

Garland & Field wkk, 16 Oroavenor pL Cambwwell 

Gates J. 2 Lidia row. East India road, E. 
Gates James H. HU Manor street, Clapham, S. 
Oe«n W. Thomhagh mews, Totteobam court rd. 
German William, Gt. Portland street, W. 
Gilbert H, 16 Peel pi. Kensington gravel pits, W. 
Ginn Thomas, NoiUi road, Eighgate, N, 
Girling W. 41 Union row. New Kent road, S.E. 

Gill T. H. 11 New lyy street, Hostou, N. 
Glanvill James, Chnrch road, Brixton, S. 
Glenn John, 12 Cambridge terrace, Bamsburr 

park west, N. 
Godbolt G. 300 King's road, S.W. 
Godbolt J. Westcroft pL Weat end. Hammersmith 
Oomme & Brron, Wycombe house, Hammersmith 
Gooch J. 1 Hertford road, N. and 1 Bnglefield rd. 

De BeauToir square, Eingslaud. N. 
Goodman C. 20 Carlton to^ Mile end Old town 
Goodman W. 6 Norfolk st. Mile end, N.E. 
Gordon C. J. 25 Tenter Street, LitUe Moorfielda, 

B,C. and 89 London wall, B.C. 
Oraystoae B. 18 Albert ter. Balls Pond rd. N. 
Green B. T. 1 Regent's row, Dalston, N E. 
cGreen & Son, 1 Up. James st. Golden sq. W. 
Grant J. White cottage. Park walk, Chelsea, S.W. 
Grayson G. 31 Woodstock st. Osford street, W. 
sGreatflrei ReHben C. 11 Westbonme st mews, 

Hyde park gardens, W. 
Green C. 43 Portman place, Edgware road, W. 
Green E. L. 45 Monkwell street, E.C. 
Green G. 1 Paul street, Finsbury, B.C. 
Green J. C. 11 The Change, City rwul, N. 
Green J. 58 Borough road, S.E. 
Green J. 11 King street, Groevenor. Sq. W. 
Green Lewis, Crouch End, Homsey, W. 
AGreen Wm. 6 Qoeen's road, Bajswater, W. 
Greeenland James, 11 Elm tree road, N.W. 
Greenwood J. OSord road, Caledonian road, N. 
cOreenwood John, 10 Arthur street west, E.G. 

(see adverfissmenf) 
Qreig E. St Andrew's wharf. South pi. Pimlico 
Grey Henry, Flask walk, Hampstead, N.W. 
Gridloy G. 1 Matilda street, Caledonian road, N. 
cGiiffiths G. 28 King street. Golden square, W. 
Griraraett Wm. Chnrch street Deptford, S.B. 
Grose Wm. and Co. 3 Worship st Finsbury, B.C. 
Grover and Son, 1 Boclifte sleet, MacctesGeld st 

north. City road, N. 
Gurling E. 57 Praed street, Paddington, W. 
Gnsterson Q. Paradise walk, Q.ieen'a rd, west, S.W. 
HaU Mrs. M. Cadogan ter. Sloane st. S.W. 
Hall F. A. New Cross road, S.E. 
HallBtt i. Co. 4 j Gt. Trinity lane, B.C. 
Hayloek Thoraaa, 4! Grosvenor row, S.W. 
Hdlett H. J. 107 King's road, S.W. 
Hack Wm. and Son, King street Poplar, E. 
Haine J. H. 9 Dorset pi. north, Clapham road, S. 
Hale J. 83 and 84 Theobald's road, W. 
Hales Wm. 1 Carthusian st Charterhouse square 
Hall H. Bloa Anchor yard, Royal Mint street B. 
Hambling Charles G. 9 Delamere street, W. 
HambrookS. 31 Providence row. Park rd. Islington 
Hammond E. 1 8 George st. Portman square, W. 
Hammond G. 18 & 19 King'srow, Walworth road 
Handby Wm. Warwick road, Kensington, W. 
Hands Johnson, 10 Charlotte st Filsbory eq. W. 
Harberd Samuel, 26 Rander street, Chelsea, S.W. 
Harbert H. F. 19 Hall pL Lower Kennington lane 
Hard im an and Sawdon, 56 London wall, E.C. 
Harding J, 78 and 78a Keimington cross, S. 
Harding Wm. 367 Albany road, S. 
Harding W. H. 12 Union gr. Wandsworth rd. S. 
Hargrave H. Dean's cottage. South I«nbeth, S. 
Harmei J, & W. 5 Ferdinand ter. EampMud id. 


Humdine fiobert, High road, Tottenhun, N. 

Barrap Wm. and Son, 1 Singlebm it acnitli, S. 

Harris Ednud, 85 Crawford »toeet, W. 

Hsrria J. 9 Archer ter. East India road, E. 

rHiniH S. 23 Nobla atreet, Spa fields W.C, 

HjJTia W. 33 TttTistock st. CoTent garden, W.C, 

Hitrison H. 64 Altied pUc«, Old Kent toad, S. 

Harrison J. 45 Daka street, Lincoln's inn, W.C. 

Harrison J. and W. 17 Date et. GcosTenor eg. W. 

Harrison J. Natkins' comer, Bermondse}', S.E. 

Harrison J. 34 Paga'a walk, Benaondecy, &J1. 

HartH. Bowling Green lane, Boroagh, S.E. 

HarlHliorae A. 30 Fashion street, Spitalfielda, NJL 

Harrey James, 50 Minoriea, £. 

HarrejT. 3 St. James's itreet, the Chancelltss, 

HammeiBmith, W. 
Harrey W. G. Chnrch street, Hackney, N.E. 
Hatfield J. M. 32 King street. Regent rtieet, and 
21 ArgjU street, W. 

Hawke John, 3 Bride lane, Fleet ilreet, B.C. and 

3 Hamilton tet. weat. New cross road, S.E. 
Hiwkes J. Lodge, Upper Homsey rise, N. 
Hawkins E. 1 Ponsonby street, Millbank, S.W. 
Hawkins Isaac, Ross place. Stoke Kewington road 
Hawtrey Wm. and Bon, 27 Cannon st. wort, E.G. 
Hajden Frederick, 2 Angel place, Stockwell, S. 
Haynes J. 5 Mount row, LiTerpool road, tJ. 
rHaywaid J. 27 White Hart street^ Kennington 

(lee adrerlistnient) 
Hayward James, 22 Leicester square, W.C. 18 Old 
Quebec street, W. and Palace road, Lambeth, S. 
Heard John S. 1* York place, Westminster rd. S. 
Heath 6. W. 122 Bishopsgate without, E.G. 
Heath Robert, Stratford n»d, Stratford, E. 
Haath Wm. 142 Grange road, Bermondsey, S.E. 
Hearle J. 2 Welleslej street. Stepney green, E. 
Hebb J. 54 St Paul's street, New North road, N. 
Hebditch T. 5 Tabernacle row, E.G. 
Hedgers Francis, Bow High street, E. 
Heiron Wm. 44 Stanhope st. Hampstead rd. N.W. 
Hellyar James, 1 Moore st eet, Chelsea, S.W, 
Helm Brian, 5 Gray's Inn terrace, and Fulwood's 

rents, Holbom, W.C, 
Hanson J. T. 43 Marjlebone ro id, N.W. 
Hensbaw W. 24 White sL little Moorfiolds, E.C. 
Herd James, 36 Spring street, Paddington, W. 

and Charles' mews, Westbourne tor. W. 
Helman S. 35 Nortbnmberland place, Wectbonme 

grove north, W. 
HemminEs G. H. 3 Regent st Westminster, S.W. 
Hernion J. & A. 22 King tt St. James's, S.W. 
Herridgo T. 35^ Wharton st. W.C. 
^Herring J. King st. HammersmiUi, W, 
Hibberd J. 1 Qnaen's rd. St. John's Wood, N.W. 
Hider Chas. Brixton hill, S. 
iHiggs F. 6 Fuller st Bethnil green, N.E. 
Higgs J. Belmont wharf, Tort rd. King's cross, N, 
Higgs J. 59a Davies st. Berkeley Eq. W. 
Hign W. II & 12 Palace rd. Lambeth, S. 
Hill W. M. &, Son, 10 Charlton pL Islington, N. 
Hill Geo. Ferry rd. west, Millwall, E. 
Hill T. Prospect cottage, Meadow pL Wandsworth 

HIH Wm. Brinton hill, S. 

Hill Wm. 203 Whitechapel rd. B. 

HinchliS B. Hale, Tottenham, N. 

Hind & Alldred, 24 Duke It Gmrenor «q. W. 
Eoare J. 22 Wellington it BlacUrian ti. &£. 
Hocten S. B. Pownall rd. N,E, 
Hodgkins A. 14 North row. Park st W. 
Holland H.& Rand EennenR Duke st Blooms- 
bury, W.C. 
HoUiday J. Longhborougb rd. Briston, S. 
Honeyrille 8. St. Peter's rd. De BeauToir sq. N. 
cHoot J. 17 &, 54 Welbeck st. Carendish sq. W. 
Hooper W. F. Newland house, Oatloy sq. S,W. 
Hopper & Heathcoat, 22a Oiflord st N. 
Hotten Wm. 46 St. John's sq. Clwkenwell, E.C. 
Hongh W. M. 15, 37, & 39 Fleet lane, E.C. 
Houghton Wm. H. 6 & 7 Rose it Soho, W. and 

24 Dnte st Bloomabniy, W.C 
Hounslow W. 42 Walton st Chelsea, S.W. 
HoDsten J. T Giadsloae st St George's id, S. 
Howard T. iFi Paddingtrai st W. 
Howart T. U Bridgehouse pL SJI. 
Howell J. W. Bose viltaa, Chesnut rd. Tottenham 
Howes W. 25 Brydges st Covent garden, W.C. 
Hubert Sam). 23 Crosier st Lambeth, S. 
Hudgell Joseph. 3 Bermondsey sq, S.E. 
Hughes E. IS Pembroke sq. Kenaington, W, 
cHugoe J. 50 London st Tottenham court rd. W. 
HaraphrejsW. T. Stoneleys south, Totl«nlumi,N. 
Hunt G. 1 Kensington High at W. 
Hunt J. 10 Idol lane. Tower st E.G. 
Hunt W. H. 8 Church st Kenainglon, W. 
Eurren R, 19 Plough lane, Kensington, W, 
Hurst & Martin, 2 Dalston tar. Dalston, N,E. 
Hurrt John J. 4 Brook green ter. Hammersmith 
Eutchings J. 20* CasUe at Holbom, E.C. (ut adv.} 
Hutchinson J. 35 Morelon ter. Pimlieo B?f/. 
Hulchons Wm. 7 Dorset pL Dorset sq. N.W, and 

40 New st mews, N.W. 
Hutlon Wm. 5 Hiirewood pi. N.W. 
Hyde W. 80 Qt. Titchfield st. Oxford st W. 
I'Anson J, & C. 4 Cirencester pL W. 
61nga11 J. 1 Corporation lane, Clerkenwell, E.G. 
Inger3entEdwin,2Cumberlandter. Bayswater, W. 
Jackum & Shaw, Eail st Westminster, S.W. 
Jactson H. 33 Thayer st Manchester sq. W. 
Jacobs & Co. Irou wharf, Thomhill bridge, Cale- 

donjtu) rd. N. 
Jacobs J. 65 Great Prescot st £. & Lambeth it 

Goodman's fields, E. 
James & Co. 32 Greek et Soho, W.C. 
eJames F. 12 GrenviHe st. Brunswick aq, 
Janaway J. £. Union rd. Glapham, S, 
Jarvis J. B London st Eackuey rd. N.E. 
Jay J. 12 to 16 Macclesfield st north, N. 
Jeffrey J. East Lidia rd. E. 
Jeffs S. & A. 48 & 49 Cornwall rd. S. & 73 Upper 

Stamford st S, 
Jentins F. 65 Ebury «. Pimlko, S.W. 
iJentins J. 1 Mount Pleasant ter. Lewisham rd. 
Jennings T. 18 Sutton st Lambeth, S, 
Johns M. 6 Leiaster st. Bayswater, W. 
Johnson 0. St John's hill, Wandsworth rd. S.W. 
Johnson K 15 St. James's walk, Clerkenwell, E.C. 
Johnson R. 2 Bell yard, Gracechm'Eli 5LE.C. 
Johnson W. High st. Hampstead, N.W. 
Johnson W. 21 Uevonport mews, Hyde park, W. 
Johnston H. 147 Wapping High st E. 
Jonee E. 4 Charles st. KeniingitoQ iq. W. 



Jones E. 21 & 22 Ceel flt. Strand, W.C. 
Jones Jesse, 11 Qloucsster pi. Brixton id, S. 
jonea J. West tionse, WineheEter st. Caledonian rd. 
Jones B. J. 69 West Smith field, E.G. Sl iS doOi 

fair, E.C. 
Jones K. 1 Myddelton ter. Battereea, S.W. 
Jones Eobert, 19 Bosouuui at Clerkepwell, G.C. 
Jones Thomsa, 12 Noel st. Wardour st. Soho, W. 
Jones Walter, 93 Cambridge st. PimUco, S,W. 
Jones Wm. 1 Jalm'a tar. Webbsc street, New eot 
Jones W. lllGlaucester st Commercial rd east, B. 
Jones Wm. 20 Howland st Fitaroj square, W. 
Jordan Jajoea, Snnderland villa, Sunderland pL 
Westbonme park, W. 

Jordsji Jamee Joseph, 15 Newberr; plac«, Maldon 
road, Haveretock hill, N.W. 

Kay William, Cobden ter. St. Catherine's road, 
Hotting hill, W. 

Kaye Wm. H7. 24 Crown street, Soho, W.C. 

Eebbell James, Richmond road, Hackney, N.E. 

Keighley W. G. 72 Rich st. Commercial rd. east, B. 

Keith Eugene, 16 Hamilton ter. Douglas place, 
Bayswater, W. 

Keith Wm. i Hawstoma at. Brompton, S.W. 

Kelk John, la South street, Soutli Andley street, 

KeUow S,21 Dooro cottages, St.l John's wd. N.W. 

KeUy and Co. 432 Oxford street, W. 

KeUj Fred. 19 Tralalgar ter. Downham road, N. 

Kelly Thos. 83 Culford road north, Kin^nd, N. 

Keyes & Bead, 6 Gray st. Manchester square, W. 
Keys H. W, Gt Church kne, Hammersmith, W. 
Kin^ Wm, & Son, Roehaiupton place, Vaushall 

bridge road, S.W. and 9 Beseborough gardens, 

PimBco, S.W. 
King AuTBstDS, 163 Cambridge st. Fimlico, S.W. 
King Christopher, 7 0<»ivell road, E.C. 
King David, 100 Honndsditch, N.E. and 5 Mitje 

street, Aldgate, E.C. 
King Mrs. H. 5 Northampton pi. Canonbury, N. 
King John, 13 Northampton pi. Canonbur]' so. N. 
AKinton T. Q. 1 Down place, Hammotsmith, W. 
Kirk and Pany, 4 Park prospect, Little Queen st 

Westminster, S.W. 
Kirk Joseph, 11 Blossom st. Norton Folgate, N.E. 
Kitchener T. 1 Bodnej st north, Islington, N. 
6Knapp Henry and Son, 40 Cirencester plice, W. 

and 18 Dnke street, Manchester sqnare, W. 
Knight Chas. 98a Charlotte st Fitzroy square, W. 
Knight Chas. Johnson, 28 London v/aH, E.C. 
Knieht James, I DeTonshire place. Grove road, 

Upper Holloway, N. 
Knight Jas. ^Harp lane, Qt Tower st E.C. 
Knott Fred. A. High street, and Copperas lane, 

Deptford, S.E. 
Knott Wm. F. B. Creek road. Deptford, S.E. 
Knowles W. 10 Blenheim ter. St. John's ivood 
LanceHeld John, 5 Warner road, Camberwell, S. 
Lane Samuel, 110 Bethoal green road, N.G. 
Langmead W. Ga Up. North pi. Gray's Inn road 
cLangridge Wm. 61 and 63 Batburst mews, Hyde 
park, and 1 Charles mews, Westl>oume ter.W. 
Laugtva Henry, 54 Hozton High street, N. 

I^ge Wm. 808 Marylebone road, N.W. 
Lark W. G. 17 LitUe Moorfields, E.C. 
Larlham M. S. York atreet, Walworth road, S. 
Lathey S. & E. 1 St. George's road, New road, 

Battereea fields, S.W. 
Lavers Wm. 40 Sutton st Belvedere rd. S. 
Law Henry, 1 Arthur i«r. Caledonian road, N. 
Lawrence W, & Sent, Pitfield wharf, Commercial 

road, Lambeth, S. & 81 Bread street, E.C. 
Lawrence Ebeneier, 9 Qoswell road, E.C. 
Lawrence Reuben, 1 Brook st Euston rd. N.E, 
Lawrence Robt. 7 Hulfmoon at Bishopsgafe, B.C. 
Idwrence Thos. Bellevue house. East India rd. E. 
Layton Fred. 8 Up. Bri;<t(in place, Brixton, 5. 
Lea Wm. 14 Hatton garden, B.C. & 27 Green st. 

Theobald's road, W.C. 
cLeake Fred. &, Co. 22 Golden square, W. and 

Smith's court, Great Windmill st Haymarket 
Leake Geo. 207 Long lane, Bermondsey, S.E. 
eLeake Thos. 2 Cbariotte place, Grange rd. S.E. 
Leatherdale Henry John, 8 Victoria cottages, 

DflTonshire stree'l. Mile end, N.E. 
Lea Henry and Son, Belvedere road, Lambeth, S. 
Lee Alfred, 7 Sale street, Paddington, W. 
Lee PhiUR 5 Windsor ter. Pimlico, S.W. 
cLetevre W. and Son, 1 Plough yard, Shoreditch, 

E.G. and 12 Qeoi^e st Mansion house, E.C. 
Leggett John, 3 Marlboro' square, Chelsea, S.W. 
L^oa Geo. Robert Stepney green, R 
LescbaUaa Jno. 10 Booth street, Spitalflelds, N.E. 
Leslie James, B7 High street, Marylebone, W. 
iLester John, 155 Poplar High street, E. 
Lester Thos, 18 Molcomb st Belgrave sq. W. 
Levell O. 1 Bryan ter. Copenhagen street west, N. 
Lewis Fras. 12 Lit. Stanhope st May fair, W. 
L'dbnry Isaac, 14 Gt. Randolph street, N.W. 
Lidstone Joseph, 50 Old Bailey, E.C. 
Line Wm. 42a. While street, Borough, S.E, 
Lines John, 15 Holland ter. Kensington, W. 
Lin^eid James, S2 Market st Borough rd. S.E. 
Linsdell T. 1 Youl's place, Old Kent road, S.E. 
Liseombe Bichd. 1 Albert road, Dalstoa, N.E. 
Lister Wm. 1 4 King street. Snow hill, and 4 New 

North street Bed Lion square, W.C. 
Little Jas. & Son, 22 Whitechapel road, E. 
Little Henry Bowman, 24 Martin's lane, E.C. 
Little John, 17 Denmark slreef^ Soho. W.C. 
Livermore Jas. jun. 9 Morgan st. Bow road, E. 
Livermore W. C. Vittoria pi. Bethnol green, N.E. 
lioyd C. J. 16 Golden pi. Chester st, KBanington 
Lloyd W. 9 Hertford pi. east, Haggeratone, N.E. 
Lloyd Zachariah, Stoke Newington road, N. 
Loft Edward. Eagle wharf road, Hoxion, N. 
Long Wm. 11 Chelsea villas, Fulham rd, S.W. 
Longmire and Barge, 30 East street, Sfenehester 

Zare, W. and 8 Great York mews, York place, 
rylebone, W. 
Love Henry, 1 Robert st Mile End, E. 
Lovel! B. and Co. GOi Red Lion st. Holborn. W.C. 
LoveU John Houlgate, 100 ShadweU High sl. E. 
Lucas Brothes, 6 7 acd 11 Belvedere road, Lam- 
beth, S. 
Lucas John, 8 Globe road, Mile end, N.E. 
Lucas Joseph, 10 Carlton toad. Mile end Old town 
Lugg John, 12 Parker's trrrace, Ncckinger td. S.E. 
and Spa road, Bermondsey, S.E. 


Lve Franda, 10 VauxhaU bridge road, S.W. 
ITAnliffe W. 17 Wjndham at Bryanaton sq. W. 
tMTCurray Jafl. 7 Upper Dorset st. PLinlico. S.W 
ITDoDAld Alei. U Grore place, Bronipton, S.W. 
Macey Jas. Magford, Milford wharf, MUIord lane, 

Strand, W.C. 
MacfarUua D, 10 Alfred tonnce, Upper nollona; 
M'l^otun and Bird, 12 Oanabuieh sljeet, N.W. 
Mack S. G Fleming Btieet, King^and road, N. 
Maeeis Charlefi, Pownall load, Dulstun, N.F,. 
Malicott & Co. 51 West at. West Sniithfield, E.C, 
Mtna R. 2S GlonMstet st. Vauxhall bridge rond 
llanmng Hsnry, 2d1 High Ilolborn, W.C. and 

Kchardsoa'a yd. CommGri.ial id. LimeliouFe, E. 
Mausell Wm. Bridge load, Hiunmersmitb, W. 
Jlansfield Geo. and Sdd, .'i^ Wigmore St. {3ayea- 

dish square, W. 12 Henry atreflt, Grays Inn lane, 

W.C. and Gongli street, Gray's Inn read, W.C. 
Mansfield &. Sous, 1 1 Little Jamee et. Bedford row 
March T. S Prospect tonace, East India road, £. 
Marchant John. 3 Queen «t. Ragfnt ciicu'.W. 
Marsh Geo. Cottiige kiotb, Williogtoii road, S. 
Marahail C. 3 Up. Ninber^ pL Maldon rd. N.W. 
tlarshall John, Ifi and IS SL Swithin's lane, E.C. 

and T little Guilford st Brunswick sq. W.C. 
Marsland ias. 9 York place, S. and 1 Seymoor pL 

York stieet. Walworth road, S. 
cManinJ 72QueenEliiabeth BtHorslydoWD,S.E. 
Martin John, 42 Cambridge st. Pinilico, S.W. 
Martin Steph. 1 3 Ckremont sL FentonTille, W.C. 
MkrtiQSlflph. aa Low. Smith sq^ Clerkenwell, E.C, 
MartindalB J. W. S Church st. Faddington, W. 
M nsh mnn Wm. 78 Charlotte st Portland sq. W. 
MasoD Ed. & Son, 6 Union st Berkeley pL W. 
cMathews George. 52 Gt. Titcblield street, W. and 

2^ Cleveland street, Fitiroy sqnare, W. 
Matthews E. Porfleet wharf, Hempstead rd. N.W. 
Matthews Henry Pcti^r, 325 Euston road, N.W. & 

5!l Warren steeet^ Fitiroy square, W. 
Matthews Jas. g Liverpool buildings, City, E C. 
Maydwell W. 1 Alexander pi. Brompton, S.W. 
M"OlemeBt Ales. Ia Somerset ler. Pmilico, S.W. 
Meears William, High street, Wandsworth, S. 
Meffan John, I Montpelier villas, Chichester rd. 

Westboume terrace north, W. 

Menhiiiielt Uy. 7G Stanley st Pimlico. S.W. 
Merrion G. & Son, 1 7 Cliuger et. Hoxlcn, N. 
Michell J. 34 Gt Cnitle st Oxford st. W. 
Miers A. High st Tottenham, N. 
Mildwttter J. B Werrington st. Somers tn. N.W. 
Miller Hy. M. Bose cot Kingsland basin, N.E. 
MiUer J. 26 Portland pi. N. & 9 Eiver st. Lower 

road IslingtoD, N. 
MillingtOD J. B. 1 Marlboro' ier, Harrow rd. W. 
liilliis Tbos. 15 Salisbury ter. Bull's Poad, N. 
Mills Tho. & Son, 28 York st. Westminster, S.W. 

4 a York pi, Vauxhall bridge, rd. S.W. 
Mills A. F. IC Polygon, Clapham old town, 8. 
Mills John, 7 Prince'sst Stamford al.&llOBroad- 

wall. Blackfriars, S. (siv odivrliipment) 
Millwood Geo. J. Albion rd. Hammersmith, W. 
Millwood Wm. Kingst. Hammeistnitb. W. 
Miloer Geo. 5 Wells st Jeraiyu st S.W. 
Milton Hy. Vale of Health, Hampstend, N.W. 

Mitchell Thos 1 Beresfotd st Walworth, S. 
MitcheU Wm. C. 140 Warwick at S.W. 
Moljneux M IG Huntley Street, Tottenham court 

road. W,C. 
Monk Hichd- 10 Hereford rd. north, Bayawater, W. 
Monk B. 7 HunOej' st Tottenham court nl W C. 
Moore Enoch, ll> Uivemess road, Bayswater, W. 
iMoreland J. A H. & J. 7G Old st. St. Luke's, E.C. 
Morgan Henry, 5 Lower BeigraTS place, S.W. £ 

Ebmy mews, Pimlico. S.W^ 
Morgan Joseph, 127 Marylebone road, N.W. 
Morgan T. William st north, Caledonian road, N. 
Morris F. & Brothers, 99 Mount st Berkeley sq. 
Morris and Phillips, 234 Oxford street, W. 
Mortis & Son, 12 Portland street, Soho, W. 
Morris James, 79 Park street, GrosTenor sq. W. 
Morris John, 7 Charles street, Manchester sq. W. 
Moullrie Peter, 32 Clipstone street, Fitiroy sq. W. 
Mudd Edward, 36 & .30^ Tuileiia street. N.E. 
Muggeridge H. a St George's pi Brixton rd. S. 
Munday George, Uorseferry branch road, £. 
Murduck J. Old Ford road, Bethral green, N.E. 
Murrell Jamess. 31 Stangate street, Lambeth, S. 
Myers George, Guilford street, & Ordnance wharf. 

Belvedere road, Lanibetb, S. 
Naish Wm. 23 Warren street, Fitaoy sqaare, W. 
cNalder J. &, Son, 7 Brunswick st St. John st rd. 
Nash A. 18 Everett street, Eussell sqnare, W.C. 
b c Nash Thos. Kussell, 4 Comptoo mews. Bruns- 

wickaq. W.C. & 1 Leigh at Burton cres. W.C. 
Nash Wm. St Paul's road. Ball's pond, N. 
Newlan and Son. 11 Crescent street, Newington, S. 
Newman and Mann, 12 Peter's hill, E.C. 
Newman Edward, 12 LeatherscUer's buildings, 

London wall. E.C. 
Newman Geo. Stratford place, Camden sq. N.W. 
cNewson John, 19 Blomlipld terrace, Pimlico, 

S.W. ; Grosvenor mews, Berkeley sgnare, W. ; 

Gtoevonot row. Pimlico, S.W. ; 50^ Westbouma 

Btceet, S.W. & Commercial road, Pimlico, S.W. 
Newton Mark, High road, Tottenham 
Newton Wm. H. Stratford road, Stratford, E.C. 
Nix Wm. 2 Pickett place, Strand, W.C. 
Nicholls C. 62 Basing plaice, Wateiloo rood, S. 
Nicholson, D, and Son, High street, Wandsworth. 
Nicks W. 30 Moreton place, Pimlico, S.W. 
NightinMla Q. Pownall road, Dalston, N.E. 
Nixon W. T. 1 Addington sUeet, Lambeth, S. 
Noble B. E. U Hertford street, May fair, W. 
Norcott Wm. 1 Fitzrm' terrace, Kentish town, N. 
Norman and Son, 22 While Lion street, N.E. 
Norris N. and Son, 12 Portland street, Soho, W. 
NorriaF. 15 Compton street, Clerkenwell, RC. 
Norria B. H. 14 Itfarjlebone lane, W. 
Norris Wm. Mare atjeet, Hackney, N.E. 
Norton E. 50 George street, Portman square, W. 
NoUey J. H. 7 Budley villas, Clapham road, S. 
Nowell G. W. 18 Manchester buildings, S.W. 
Nutt John, 32 and 43 Upper Albany street, N.W. 
Obome C. 21 Dolamere crescent, Harrow-road, W. 
Odal] J. 13 Nelson ter. Trafalgar rd. Dalston, N.E. 
Ohe W. 147 High Holbom, W.C. 
Otdis Thomas, 45 Basinghall street, E.C. and 30 

Monk ivell -street, Cripplegate, E.C. 


Oliver J. Jan. S&l NotCord place, Biyanitonsq. W. 
Oppenheim M. M. 12 Eeibeit street Hoxtau, N. 
Msboroe W. Caroline pi. Queen sL Cheleea, S.W. 
Ostler William, 3 Hope cottages, Southgata ro»d, 

Islington, N. 
Outhvaite J. 34 Upper Eaat SmitMdd, E. 
eOver Thomas, +7 KingsUnd road, N. 
Owen R. Seagrave lodge, Keiuiington Oral, S. 
Page John, 16 Sooth Molten street, W. 
Page Joseph, 22 Kice etreet, SnitalNelds, NJl 
Page Martio, Angel lane, {.toM^td, E. 
Page William, 26 Gt. Pnlteney afreet, W. 
Pain J. S. 12 Acton pi. Bagnigge Wells rd. W.C. 
Palmer R & Son, 68 4 69 Bartholomew close, E.C. 
JPalmer J. 18 Hightield ter. Kentish toivn, N.W. 
iPalmer J. 101 Old Oiarel Une, St. George st. E. 
Palmer Bicbaid, 9 CharteThoase street, E.G. 
Palmer Wilitam F. 1 Christopher street, Hatton 

Parker K & Q. 23 Qoeen's row, Kenningtfln gm. 
Parker Mrs. U. A. 13 Eeonington steea, S. 
Parker Samnel 22 New street, Portland ter. N.W. 
Parrett Fred. 8 QL St Thomas Apostle, E.C. 
Parrott C. 221 Diamond row. Stepney Green, E. 
cParry Joel, 24 Honghton si Clare market, W.C. 
Parsons Edward, High street, Wandsworth, S.W. 
Partridge and Cratch, 2 Bedford st Bedford row 
Paternoster Georce, 21 Beroers mews, Oxford at. 

W. and 97 Stanhope street S.W. 
Patman & Fotheringham, 68 Theobald's rd, W.C. 
Patrick Mat and &)v, Westminster read, S. 
Patterson J. 10 Up. Lisson st Lisson grove, N.W. 
cPajil J. C. 46 Wilmington sq. Clerkenwell, W.C. 
Pawsey Wm. 1 Chapd ter. Johnson street, W. 
Payne Q. 1 Clifton rd. Camden New town, N.W. 
Peaconk Q. li Princes road, Notting hill, W. 
Peake Joseph, i4 Union street, Sonthwark, S.E. 
Perrior John, New road. HammerBmith, W. 
Pearse & Guenier, 261 High Holborm W.C. 
Pearson Edward, Elisabeth cottage, Vernon st 

Hammeismith, W. 
Pearson W. Copperas lane, Deptford, S.E. 
Pearson Thomaa, 1 Bilby pL Upper Keonington 

lane, & 44 Arch, YaaxWll gardens, S. 
Peircey QeM^e, 10 New st. Bishopsgate, N.E. 
Pemberton J. 21 George st. Grosvenor aq. W. 
Penhall G. 63 Spencer al- Ooswell st. E.O. 
Penny G. J. 6 Berkely pi. Connaught sq. W. 
Percy J. sen. 68 Hegent st HorBeferry rd. S.W. 
PeAin George, F. King David Fort, Back rd. St. 

George's east, £. 
Perrin Thomas, 12 Trinity street Borongh, S.E. 
Perry John, Bridge boose, Cambridge heatii, N.E. 
Ferry William, 4 Bopemaker's street, E.C. 
Pet«ra W. Villa street, Albany rd. Camberwell, S. 
Pett Daniel, 86 New North rd. Finsbury, E.C, 
Peters J. W. 33 Queen's road, Sotting hill, W. 
Philbey W. J. Nice Ebus, Vauxhall, S. 
cPhillips G. 24 Maiden lane, Covent garden, W.C. 
Phillips J. 37 Northumberland pi. Westbourne 

grove north, W. 
PhillipKin M. i Craven ter. Bayswater, W. 
Pickard J. & Co. All Saints pi. Caledonian rd. N. 
Picklord J. 1 Portland pi. Islington, N. 
Picking W. Battersea rase, Clapbam com, S.W. 
PiddiDgtoa B. IS Queen »L Walworth rd. S. 

Pike Thomas, 29 Duke st, Grosvenor sq. W. 
Pinder C. 1 Talbot villas, Westbourne park, W. 
Pinner David, 19 CoUingwood st Blactfriarfl road 
Piper T. & Son, 173 Bishopsgate st without, E.C. 
Piper Wm. Balace road, Lambeth, S. 
Pitcher 11 Geo. Walnut Tree walk, Lambetl, S. 
Pittman Kobert, 184 Eingsland road, NJ!. 
Plummer Mrs. H. 3 Brixton pi. Brixton r^ad. 8. 
Porter James, 11 Albert st. Camden town, N.W, 
Porter John, B. 17 Sherborne st Islington, N. 
Porter J. W. 13 St John's wood terrace, N.W. 
Porter Wm. 7 Conduit mews, W. and 13 Spring 

street Paddinglon, W. 
Potter James, 37 Great Pulteney street, W. 
Potter Robt 16 Gate street, Lincoln's Inn, W.C, 
Preston Edward, 44 West st north. Spa rd. S.E. 
Prime Wm. 8 Brunswick at. Hackney road, N.E. 
(Fritchsrd Jane & Son, 29 Steward street, NJ!. 
Prilchard W. & Co. 16 Warwick lane, E.C. 
Pritchard George, Heath street, Hampafead, N.W, 
Prost Wm. 2 Donro cot St. John's wood, N.W. 
Pnlhara K. B. 1 Pied Bnll yard, Bnry street, W.C. 

and 47 Great Buasell st. Bloomshuiy, W.C. 
PnrltiBs W. T, Eochester pi. Camden town, N.W. 
Quennell Wm. 22 Lower Kennington lane, S. 
Baby Jas. Ockenden road, Sonihgate road, N. 
Badford Wm. and Francis, 16 Pembridga gardens. 

High street, Notting hill, W. 
Hamsay John, 1 Upper Penton si Islington, N. 
Ramsey Joshua Charles, 36 Waibroot, E.C. 
Ramsey Wm. jnn. 94 East la. Bermondsey, S.E. 
Raney P. Portobello road, Notting hill, W. 
cRavenscro/t C. T. 12 Maiden la. Covent gsiden 
Bawlings Chris. 1 Sylvanus row, Homiey road, N. 
RawUns A. 47 Bankside, S.E. 
Hayner Chas. 23 John st. Cambridge heath, N.E, 
Hayner Wm. Havelock villas. King Edward's rd. 
Rayn^ Philip, 27 Kennington park ler. north, W, 
Bead Fras. Upper Bel grave place, Pinilico, S.W. 
ReadJamesM. 1 Lrrkrow, Cambridge heath, N.E. 
Read ThoB. 6 Westbonrae grove north, W. 
Reading Wm. 4 Charles street west, Hydo park 

W. and i James place, Gloucester meKs, W. 
Redman E. 4 Cornwall ter. Westbonme ter. north 
Reed and Son, 5 High street, Whilecbapel, E. 
Heed Alfred, High street, Stratford, E. 
Beed J. W. 12 Crane grove, HoUoway, N. 
ReedW. 123a Gt College st Camden town, N.W. 
Eentmore Wm. 74 Borough road, S.E. and Lant 

street, Southwaik, S.E. 
EestaU Fred. 14r, Maijlebone road, N.W. 
Restall Robert Geo. 101 Marylebone rd. N.W. 
Reynolds J. 217 Carlisle street, Lambeth, S. 
Heynolda John, 7 Bed Cross square, E.C. 
Richards T. 18 Upper Ranelagh street, S.W. 

Camden town, N.W. 
Richardson Thos. 113 London vrall, E.C. 
Richardson T. B. 61 Queen's road, Bayswater, W. 
Riddick Charles, Effra road, Brixton, S. 
Kder Thomas, 121 Union street, Borourii, S.E. 

and 14 Church row, Newinglon Bntts, 8. 
Ring & Stanger, 29 Church sL Mile end New town 


cBivett Junes, High street, StntFord, E. 
Bis "thas. 2 Charlotte street, Pimlico, S.W. 
Eoberts R. C. 33 Hheldal t«r. St. Peter street, N. 
KobertsThoH. II Grove at. Camden town, N,W. 
KobtDKia Edwin, 96 Loadou wall, E.C. 
Robiason Wm. 16 West street, Hactaey, H.E. 
Bogers Beoj. SI George st. Porimaa square, W. 
Bogers Chas. 10 Little James slieet, £«dforil lov 
Rogers Wm. 34 Bow street, Covect garden, W.( 
Eogors Mra. Mary Ami, i New North street, Bed 

Lion square, "W.C, 
Botand Benj. 1 Lit. Conterbnrf pi. Lambeth walk 
Bolliasan Seary, 3 Step oey green, E. 
Bope Bobt. Northen, 49 Sloane street, S.W. 
Boper and Son, 121 Wardoar street, Sobo, W. & 

15 Wells St. Oxford st W. 
Eosewell Wm. 3* Windmill st Tottenham court rd. 
Bouse Bohert, 5 Oranbj st Hampstead rd. N.W. 
Bowe John, 1 13 Manor street, Clapfaam, S. 
Bowe W. H. 7 Glo'stor pi. Regent's park, N.W, 
Bowland Edwd. 1 6 Coleman st. New North rd. N. 
Bojcroft J. 16 Clifton pi, Camberwell New road 
Rndkin H. and A. IS Somersmews, Sonthwick st, 
iRudkin Henry, 8 Paddington st. Marylebone, W. 
Rndkin Thos. jun. Mason's pi. Fulham rd. S.W. 
Bnahmer Jii5. 17 Upper Baker street, N.W. 
BuBsell W. T. 9 Commercial pL Eotherhitbe, S.E. 
cSabevS. & D. 8 Pitman's buildings, St Lute's 
Sadd William, 18 Sontb Lambeth, S. 
Sage & Panter, 33* Liqnotpond street, E.C. 
Safisbucy G N. Avenue road, Caraberivell rd. S. 
Salmon J. 6 Bridge terrace, Woodfield rd, west, W. 
Salt Joseph, 2 Montague pi. Millwall, £. 
Sandeis J. & Wm. 1^ Guilford st Grays Innrd. 
Sander A, B. 9a Westboume grove, Bayswatei 

Sapwell J. 9 Shepherd st Mayfair, W. and' 61 
Cntsoii St. Mayfair, W. 

Saigeant J. E, 8 Bee<;b st E.C. 

Sargeant W. H. King's rd. St Pancras, N.W. 

cSaul J. 27 & 28 St James's maitet S.W. 32 
Windmill st & II Catherine wheel yard, Hay- 
market w. 

Saunders F. & H. 16 Devonshire t«r. Notting hill 

Saonders D. J. 33 & 29 Crimscot st. Bermondsey 

Saimders J. 133 Stanley st Pimlico, S.W. 

Saxley Philip French, 48 Johnson st S.W. & 48 
Holywell at. Westminster, S.W. 

Say E. C. New cross, S.E. 

Sayers Jno. High st Wandsworth, S.W. 

ScanUebnty J. Eastbourne mewe, Paddington, W. 

Scarfe P. 7 Cadogan (er. Sloane st S.W. 

ScoU J. 15 White Lion st Nort«n Folgate, N.E. 

Scotting B. 20i Upper Biyanston st W. 

Seager S. H. 46 Gerrard st W. 

Seagrave & Blofield, 3i Leather la. Holbom, E.C. 

Seeker N. 1 Green st Kentish town, N.W. 

See J. 1 3 Bichmund ter. Bayswat^r, W. 

Self S, 3 Swan St. Great Dover st. S.E. 

Serie Thos. Jdq, 35 WeEclose sq. E. 

Sewell C. 13 Charles st Wcstboume ter. W. 

Sewell J. 65 Aldersgate st & Crown works. Mile 
end road, E. 

sSexby Jno. 62 VaoihaU walk, S. 

Shalders R. sen. Albany cottage, Grosrenor st 

Commercial road east ^■ 
Sbarman J. 11 Strand ter. Liverpool rd. N. 
Sharp S. 9 Great James st Liason grove, N.W. 
Sharp W. 17 Oxford mews, Cambridge Bq. W. 
Shaw F. West green, Tottenham, N. 
Sheldrick Geo. 3 Dalston ter. Dalston, N.E. 
Shepheard J. H. 9 Vine st. Lambeth, S. 
SherrenE. Richmond villas, Westhoume green 
Sherwood Bailey & Newman, Belvedere rd. S. 
Shore C. 1 Hanover st Noel st. Islington, N. 
Siggera A. 326 Maida vale, Edgeware rd. W. 
Silcock B. 1 MJIdmay villas, Ball's pond rd. N. 
Simmonds H. F. IT Prospect pt. Cambridge heath 
Simmoads J. D. 9 Bear yard, Lincoln's Jnn, W.C. 
Simmonds W. 13 Little Peter st Westminster 
Simpson J. M. 15 Claverton st Pimlieo, S.W, 
Simpson J. 30 Baker st Portman sq^ W. and SO 

Blandford mews, Manchesler sq. W. 
Single J. 11 Gloucester ter. Whitechapel, E, 
Slade J, W, 6^ Munster st. Regent's park, N.W. 
Slater W. 11a Eopemaker st E.C. 
Slaughter R. 10 Sloane st Chelsea, S.W, 
Sloman &, Dunckley, 22 Gpwer pi. Enatoo sq. 
Sloper Joseph, 215 Oxford st. W. 
Smallman W. 18 Lower Eaton st Pimlico, S.W. 
Smith W. & F. 253 Tottenham court rd. W. 
Smith A. 28 Worship st Finsbury, E.C. 
Smith F. D. Harleyford st Kennington Oval 
Smith G. Coborn New rd. Old Ford, E. 
Smith Geo. 15 Gillingham st S.W. 85 Baker st 

Portman sq. W. Savoy st Strand, W.C. oad 8 

Wharf, Wilton ni. S.W. 
cSmith G. New Park rd. Brixton bill, S. 
Smith G. F. 33 Princes st Leicester sq. W. 
Smith G. T. Denbigh mews, S.W, 
Smith H. 54 Cumberland market, N.W, 
Smith H. 44 Worsliip st Finsbnry, E.C. 
Smith Jaa. 3 Florence court, Florence rd. S.E. 
Smith Job, 16 Keunington row, Kenniugton park 
Smith J. E. 67^ Bartholomew close, E.C. and 24 

Warwick Imie, Newgate st E.C. 
Smith J. Pine cottage,New rd. Ham)nersmil]i,W. 
Smith S. S7 Fish street hill, E.C. 
Smith S. B. 80 Gloucester st Pimlico, S.W. 
Smith S. BelgravB rd. Pimlico, S.W. 
Smith W. 17 Printer's pL Bermondsey, S.K 
cSmith W. 33 Tabernacle row, E.C. 
Smith W. 7 Upper North st. Poplar, K 
Smith W, C. 10 & H Exeter pL Sloane st S.W. 

and 17 Lower North st Chelsea, S.W. 
Snell E. 26 Alfred rd. Westboume green, S. 
Snook J. 3 Ledbury rd. Westboume grove, W. 
Snooks W. 2 Wells rd. Newrd. Hammersmith, W 
Soame J. IG and IT Great May's buildings, W.C. 
Soper G. J. Grove la. Cambernell green, S. 
Soward J. jun. 241 Tottenham court rd, W. 
Spioer 0. 7 Westmoreland st W. 
Spicer J. 39 Denbigh st Pimlico, S.W. 
Spink R. 8 South Lambeth pi, S. 
Sprake J. Kinnerton st. Belgrave sq. S.W. 
Spratt D. 47 Hill st. Walworth, S. 
Spratt T. 3* Langton pi. Vaasall ri S. 
Stableford W. 10 Rowland at. Fiteroy sq. W, & 

18 North st mewB, W. 

Stanborough Jas. 1 Cecil villas, Malvern rd. N.E. 
Stanham C. R. 3 Edwardcs ter. Kingston, W. 
Stanham G. 20 Vale pi. Hammersniith rd. W. 
Stack S..6 & 7 Greenland pi, Judd st. W.C. 
Steabben J. li DovonshirH p!. Edgware rd. W. 
Sledily V. K. Howard rd. Hornsey New town, N. 
Stevens H. 20 MaUedon pi. Barton cresent, W.C. 
cStetenBon W. 14 Gloucester mews west, E^de 

part, W. & Shelden st. Westbourns park, W. 
Stevenson W. F, 1 Melbonme ler. Camden town 
Stewart W. & T. BhodsweU rd. Limebonse, E. 
Stickland B. & Son, 2 Godfrer et. Chelsea, S.W. 
Stiles B. J. 1 Bed Lion et. Eingsland, N.E. 
Stimpson T, 1 Brompton row, S.W. 
Stocker W. 20 William et. Blackfriars rd. S.B. 
Stokes T. 92 Tachbrook at. S.W. 
Stone & Baker, 6S Oxford martot, W. 
Stone Simeon, High et Hampstaad, NW, 
Stoner A. 8 Chapel st Groavenor Bq. W. 
Stnrgeon M. 24 Upper Sosoman st. E.G. 
Stnrgis O. Upper Belsiie ier. Hampstead, N.W. 
Surrey E. & J. Elm mews, W. Brompton, S.W. 
Suter J. Hoyal hill, Greenwich, S.E. 
Sweet J. 60 Wilsted st. Somen town, N.W. 
Sykes J. 47 EseeK et. W.C. 
gymoQS EUaa O. 3 Exeter et Sloane at S.W, 
Tanner G. J. Burcham st Bromley, E. 
Tapncr J. 1 Henaingford ter. Hemingford rd. N. 
cTamintJ. H. 33i;WBymouthBt& 1 Brighton pL 

New Kent rd. S.E. 
TaylerW. & Son, 19 Young st Kensington. W. 
Tayler & Spriggs, iS Southampton row. Russell sq. 
Taylor E. Abel, 90 Great BuEBeU st. W.C. 
Taylor J. 24 Surrey pi. Old Kent rd. S.E. 

:r Seyj 

eq. N.W. 

Taylor W. Wimpolepl. Cbarcb la. Kensington 
Taylor Wm. W. 23 East st- Kennington rd. S. 
Templeman B. 9 Clarence pi. Claphara rd. S. 
Thirst E. John st Cheleea, S.W. 
Thomas J. S. 59 York rd. Lambeth, S. 
Thomas R. 1a Circus road, N.W. 
Thomas T. 101 Stanhope st. Hampstead rd. N.W. 
Thomas W. 48 Lower Sloane at. Chelsea, S.W. 
Thomas Wm. 29 Ciipatone st Fitsroy sq. W. 
Thomas Wm. 78 York rd. Lambeth, S, 
Thomersou W. 5 London st Hackney rd. N.E. 
Thompson Chas. I Richmond st. Barasbnry, N, 
Thompson J. Camberwell green, S. 
Thompson B. HoUand rd. north, Netting hill, W. 
ThomhiU J. it Son, 7 Windmill pi. Camberwell rd. 
Thornton W. St John's hill. Wandsworth, 8W. 
Thorps Q. 1 Portugal pi. Cambridge rd. N.E. 
Thorpe W. 98 Manor st. Clapham, S. 
TideyD. 19 Buckland crescent Belsizepk.Hunp- 

Tidy T. 36 Titchbome st Edgware rd. W. 
TimewellW. Essen st. Islington, K. & 11 Jewin 

street Cripplt^te, E,C. 
Tippet Fred. 59 Hereford rd. north, W. 
Tippett J. 16 Conduit st. west, Hyde park, W. 
Todi J. & C. W. Milner st. Brompton, S.W. 
Todd G. juD. 219 & 221 King's rd. S.W. and 30 

Chflvne walk, Chelsea, S.W. 
ToUey T. G. 37 Lunb st Spital sq. N.E. 
Tombs J. llA Church st We-'— •-^"- ° 

TomlinaoD H. 1 Kingsland green, N.E, 
Tout J. 30 Tachbrook st Belgrave rd. S.W. 
Toier T. Creecent mewB, Belgeave sq. S.W. 
Tracey H. 36 Grafton sL east Tottenham coart rd. 
Tregear H. 2G Kchmand st. St George's rd. S. 
Treheame, 41 Dmry lane, W.C. 
Trevethan.I.Bridge dock wharf, Pore st. Limehouss 
Trollope O. & Sons, 1 Belgrave rd. Pimlieo, S.W. 
Trott W. *8 Penton st Pentonville, N. 
Tr«wer R 81 King's rd. Chelssa, S.W. 
Tubb W. & G. 29 Bcmers st W. and I James st. 

west, Porchester ter. W. 
Tubby Q. C. 22 Offord rd. Bamabnry park, N. 
Tnbby J. 20J Fehx pi. Liverpool rd. N. 
Tucker W. 4 North pi. Hampsi«»d rd. N.W. 
Tucker W. 1 Weymouth pi. New Kent rd. S.E. 
Tully Joseph 2 lllontrose villas, Pownall rd. N. 
cTomer and Sons, 1 & 25 White st Little Moor- 
fields, E.C. 
Turner W. N. 7 Carlton ter. Notling hill, W. 
Tutton Joseph, 1 1 Sjmons st Chelsea, S.W. 
Tyler J. W. 4 Wood st Westmiostw. S.W. 
Underwood T. 8 Albert ter. Boyal rd. Walworth 
Unwin Isaac, 80 & 65 Poland st W. 
Usher W. 4 St aement'B lane. Strand, W.C. 
Vamier R. 9 Swan st. Gt Dover st Borough, S.B. 
Verry & Tamer, 52 & 53 Great Tower st. B.C. 
Vickers T. 24 Sidney st City rd. E.C. 
Vinoe B. 6 Thomhill rd. Ishngton, N. 
Wa-.e Mrs. M. A. & H. 33 Connaught fer. W. 
Wade E. 4 Lower Whilacross st EC. 
Wagstaff G. &, Son. 15 Bartlett's passage. Holbom 
cWaldrnn H. 11 Great Charlotte st Blackfriars rd. 
Walker & Keave, 141 Soutbwark bridge rd. S.E. 
Wallbutton R. 2 Clarendon ter. Lewisham rd. S.K 
Waller J. & Son, 4 LyaU st. Eaton square, S.W. 
opposite Markham sq. King's rd. S^V. tnd 88 
Smith st Chelsaa, S?W. 
Waller J. 5 Belgrave rd. Pimlieo, S.W. 
Wallis J. New Park rd. Brixton hiU, S. 
Wallis E. I Carlton pi. Carlton rd. N.W. 
Waller F. B. 51 Great Queen st. W.C. 
Walton S. 1 BusEell ter, Oakley sq. N.W. 
AWallon Simeon, 75 Cable fit Wellclose sq. E. 
Want G. 15 LitUe Moorfields, E.C. 
Want Thos. King's rd. St Pancras, N.W. 
Ward J. & Son, 3 Albert pi. City rd. N. 
Ward R 10 Bistemo pi. Preston rd. Poplar, E. 
Wardle & Baker, New Palace wharf, Millbank row 
Wame E. jun. 31 Soho square, W. 
icWame Stannard, 4 Brulon st W. 
Wan- C. 23 Felix pi. Livwpool rd. N, 
Warr C. St James a rd. Liverpool road, N. 
Warren T. 2 & 3 Upper Chapman st E. 
WarskittF. Cannon st. road, E. 
Wass W. 41 Upper East Smitbfield, E. 
Waterman J. 3 Winsley st. Osford st W. 
Watkins J. 6 Upper Gloucester st Dorset eq. N.W. 
Watson J, 15 & 24 Langham street, W. 
Watts & Hidden, 3 South st. Grosvenor sq^ W. 
ftWatts Reading & Son, 9 Motcomb st. S.W, and 

Eaton place west, Belgrave sq. S.W. 
Watts G. J. East India road, E. 
Watts T. 31 Portsdown rd. Maida hfl], W, 
Webb G. Qower's walk, Whit«ch»pel, E. 
Webb Henry, the Village, Hornsey, N. 


Webb Bichard, 10 Cauikt rotid, KingsUnd raid, K 
Webb Wm. 12 George street, Mile end road, E. 
Webbw Chu. 44 Qiffaid street, Caledoniui rd. N, 
Webstflt Michael. 50 Upper Albany sfieot, S.W 
Woddon John, 42 Charlwood street, Pimlico, S.W. 
Welch W. 21 TorrianogcoTe, Kentish town.N.W. 
Welchman & Oell, 48 But!and ealc, S.W. 
Wethatn J. Longhbrough road, 8. 
Wells Benjamin, 1 Biley etreet, Barmondse?, S.E. 

& 37 Maltby street, BermODdsej, S.E. 
Walls E. 10 Brewera green. WeEtminaler, S.W. 
Wells William. Coleman etr«et, Camberwell, S. 
Welsl» High st. St John's Wood, N.W. 

cWestJ. 145AIdeisgateEt.E.C.&64Jewiast.RC. 
Westacott George, 1 St Maty Axe, E.G. 
Westmore Timothy. Fulbani rd. Hammersmith, W. 
West«n Edward J. GGa Hatfield st BUckfiiars 
Weston William, 51 Queen's road, Bayawater, W. 
iWheeler B. 1 Coraa-ell cres. Camdan town, N.W, 
Wheen George, S5 Lower street, Islington, N. 
White A. W. 1 1 Commercial road, Lambeth (sm 

Whita Alfred, 3 Uppec Stamford street, S. 
White Daniel, 1 Bride terrace, Liverpool road, N. 
White Geo. Peter. 39 Vauxhali bridge road, S.W. 
White Jas. 38 St. Paul's street, New North rd. N, 
White William. B Up. Park rd. Hampstead, N.W, 
While William, Port lane. Hackney wick, N.E. 
Whitechnrch Mrs. M. 14 Portugal street, W,C. 
eWicken George, 22 Water lano, Briston road, S. 
Wicks Henry, 7 Brill crescent, Somers town, N.W. 
Wicks Richard, 2 1 Phcenin st, Somers town, N.W. 
Wicks Wm. 33 Broivn street, Bryanaten square, W. 
Widdons Thomas, Cnnrcb st. Stoke Newington, N. 
Wilcox T. Ameisham vale. New Cross road, S.E. 
Wiles Wm. 47 Wigmore street, Cavendish sq. W. 
Wilkinson J. 4 East street, Finabuiy market, E.C. 
WiUas Sidney, HUl street, Peckham, S. 
WUtiama J. & H. T. 32J Colonade, Bussell square, 

W.C. & a Great Warner st Clerkenwell, B.C. 
Williaina Edwin E. Church street. Hackney, N.E. 
Williams George F. Church street, Hackney, N.E. 
Williams George Sidney Smith, Richmond stieet,, 

Bamsbmy, N. & 82 TbotnMU square, N. 
Williams Hen. Wm. t Marylebone pi. Wells st W. 
Williams 'lliomas, 16 New Unioa street, E.C. 
Williams Wm. 126 Stanley street, Piinlico, S.W. 
Williams W. E. 8 Stanhope st Clare market, W.C. 
Williams W. H. 22 Dalston terrace, Dalston, N.E. 
Williamson Benjamin, 134 Manor st Clapham, S. 
Wimam«n E. High st S; 158 Manor st Clapham 
Willmott Charles, 6 Stratheden terrace, New road, 
Haramerainith, W. 

Willsou John, 130 Great Suaolt streeti Bora' 
Willson Mrs. W. 62 York ter, Begent'e park, N.W. 
Wilson J. B Allington pi. Back rd. St Georges east 
Wilson J. 229 M^lebone road, N.W. 
Wilson J, T. 1 Lower Vale pi, HammerBraith, W. 
ftWilson Sam, S. 28 Burton street, Pimlico, S.W. 
Wilson William T. 6 High strest, Lambeth, S. 
Wiltshire Bicbard, 5a Wellington road, St James's 
road, Liverpool road, N, 

Winder William, B How ford huJldJDgi, E.C. 

Winter Charles, 46 High st Camden tewn, N.W. 

Winterbom James, 6a Marlborough mews, Blen- 
heim street, W. 

Wire Benj. 25 Church row, Bethnal green N.E. 

Withers K. 16 Hertford place. Globe road. N.E. 

Wood Frederick & Frsniis John 1 & 2 Epping 
place, Mile end gate, E. 

Wood John & Son, 3 Woodville rd. Mildmay park 

Wood Chas. Charles place, East st Walworth, S. 

eWood C. 20 Wilmot street^ Russell square, W.a 

Wood F. J. 1 Nicolas street, Mile end, N.E, 

Wood James 1 Andovor terrace, Homsay road. N. 

Wood John A. Pelham street, Brompton, S.W. 

Wood Tbomaa, 32 Porchesler square, Baynrater,W. 

Wood William, 8 Eliiabetii st Eaton sq. S.W. 

Woodbridge John, Harrow, N.W. 

Woodford J. 1 New Millman street, W.C. 

Wooding William, jun. Mara street Hackney, N.B. 
Woodroffe Edw. 20 Nutford pL Bryanston sq. W 
Woodruff Jas. 1a Lower Belgiave pi, Pimlico, S.W. 
Woodward Ephraim, 7 Portobello terrace, W. 
eWootten Chas. Hen. 4 Brewer pL Gfolden sq, W. 
Wrettom John, 11 Bopemaker street, E.C. 
Wright Ephraim, i Millman siieet, Bedford row, 
W.C. & 18 Great Ormond yard. Queen sq. W.C. 
Wright Bobt Old Ford road, Bethnal green, N.E. 
Wright Thomas, Draycott place, S.W. &. I Un- 

coln street, King's road, Chelsea, S.W. 
Wright William, Park road, Clapham, S. 
Wylho Timothy I Elizabeth place, Person st. N.E. 
Yardley Samuel 2 & 8 Lower Wood street, E.C. 
Yardley Vincent, 3 Thomey St, Bloomsbury, W.C. 
Yates Geo. 243 Tottenham court road, W, 
Young Andrew, 36 Boundary road, N, W. 
Young John Tomkin, 18 St. Mary-at-bilL E.C. & 

11 Cross lane, E.C. 
Young M. Bridge road west, Battersea, S.W. 
Young W. J. 41 Marylebone road, N.W. 

Ballard John, Stepney green, E. 
Berney Wm. 9Jt 'i'otton street Stepney. E. 
Bettison J. G. Ordnance yard, St John^ wood 
BioQS J. and J. 6 Munster st Regent's park, N.W. 
Boyce William, 47 Vaushall w3k, 8. 
Bridle Jacob, 32 Pitt street. Old Kent road, S. 
Brooker Jas. Burdett st. Walworth common, S, 
Brooker J, W. Trafalgar place. Lock's fields, S. A 

4 Rodnej buildings. New Kent road, S.E. 
Bush James, Copperas lane, Deptford, S,E. 
Conway Fred. 189 Bethnal green ro^ N.E, 
Croaker William, Gt Dover st. Borough, S.E. 
Croucher Georgo, 45 Coppice row, e!c. 
Davis Thos. 9 Cleveland st. Mile end road, NJl. 
Deacon Geo. IVi Hoiton Old town, N. 
Dodsley Wm R Roman road. Old Ford, E. 
Dowsett Jotm, 8 New road, St George's east E. 
Evans and Donaldson, George row, East lane, 

Walworth, S. & Townsend st Old Kent rd, S. 
Ewin A. 1 ffiidcage walk, Hatiney road, N.B. 
Pomiaon W. 231 Pentonville road, N. 
Gale R L. 55 Chester st Lower Kennington lane 
George J. jun. 33 Fiehigate, Wbitcbapel, E. 
Qoodinan B. 6 Up. Queen's row, Camteidge rokd 
Goodman lliomas and John, S5 Horafcnd placa 
Commareial rond east, E. . , 

ran IRCO. 

nail Fted. S6 Cheetei etreet, EeDningtoti, S. 
Hoinphreys Thos. Kind's rd. St Paucnu, N,W. 
Joiris Jaiqea S. II Union place, Lambetli, S. 
Lindsey F. 13 Norfolk pL East it. Walworth rd. S. 
Lindsey John, 90 Kant street, Borough, 8.E. 
Lush John, 80 Southwark bridge road, S.E. 
Mflddison J. 8 Brewer'a green, weetminstei, S.W. 
PerriQ ThoB. lOJ Kent pi. Old Kant road, S.E. 
Pocock David, 4 Charles st. Hampsteid rd. K.W. 
Bawlms A. jun. 40 Curtain road, E.G. 
Eeddin E. Castle yard, Holland st Blatkfriura, S.E. 
Rawlins Johri, 138 Cortain road, E.C. 
Eichordson K 257 Eimlon road, N.W. 
Richardion W. 89 Little Pultenoy Btrset, W. 
Skinner and Son, Butcher cow, Halcliffe, E. 
Sparrow Wm. 32 John St north, Maiylebone, W. 
Speller Jaa. 49 BingSeld si Caledonian road, N. 
Tatom Thos. jnn. Park pi. East st Walworth, S. 
Thomas W. and Son, 4 & 16 Nohle st St Lake's 
Watkins Wm. 155 Southwark bridge road, S.E. 
Toong EdwiK A, 138 Curtain road, E. 
Cotton & Cottam, 1 Cheniea ter. Old St Fancnu 

rovl, N. W. 
Glover Bros. 168 Dmir lane, W.C. 
Hallen & Hallen, 76 <5xford st W. 
Hemmine S. C. & Co. 23 Moo^ate st E.C. 
Heiming S. C. Tredegar rd. Old Ford, E. 
Porter JiSin H. 1 Riches court. Lime st B.C. 
Bichardson R. 99 Euston rd. N.W. 
St Pancras Iron Works, 1 Cheniea place, Old St 

Paacraa road, N.W. 
Stapp R. Surrey Canal Iron vorks, Hatcham New 

town, S.E. 
Stephenson Chas. 61 Oracechurch st E.C, 
Tapper Chas. W. & Co. 6U Moorgate at E.C. 
Walkerg Corrugated Iron Works, Orange road, 

Banuondeey, S.E. 
Westwood, Bailie, Campbell & Co. London yard, 

Cubitt's town, Poplar, E. 

n GaMnet If iken. 

(Ablett Joseph, 45a Queen Anne street, 
SAbcaham John, 2 Trinity st Hotherhithe, S.E. 
Abraham. Wm. 21 Goodman's yard, Minories, E. 
AdMns Thomas, Church place, Hampstead, N.W, 
Addis Samuel J. 2 and 20 Gravel lane, Sonthwark 
Adkins Thos. C. St John's bill, Wandsworth, S. 
Akast Wm. Edw. 103 Gt. Suffolk st. Bora', S.E. 
Allcori John, 3 Pollen st Hanover square, W. 
Allan Jobn, 14 Thina place, Old Kent road, S.E. 
Allison Thos. 8 Sontbampton st. CamberwcB, S. 
Almond W. 2 Portland et. Haiumeremith gate, W. 
JAlstou Pereival J. G Queen street, Hoston, N. 
Anderson Alfred, 12 Belvedere pi. Borough, S.E. 
Anderson Robt. IG Vernon ter. Portobello rf. W. 
Anderson T. jnn. 60 Mansell street, E. 
Andrews Chariea, 61 St St George's road, S. 
Andrews John P. 3 William place. Queen street, 

Angel John, 13 Gt Swan alley, Moorgate st. E.C. 
/Angell Evan, G Cbarterhoose lane, E.C, 
Appleton Wm. High road, Tottenham, N. 
Arck Jolm, 2 Cornwall road, Lambeth, S. 
Aicbet James, 3B Lime street, E.C. and 9 Cullom 

street, Fenchurch street ^'C, 
Archer Thos. Paradise road, Clapham road, S. 
SArdley Abraham, 11 Gt St Helea'a, E.C. 
Aidley AUred, 9 Wormwood street, E.C. 
Amett James, 19 Pratt street, Camden town. N.W. 
Arnold John. 90 Fnlf ord street, Pimlico, S.W. 
Amndell Wm. 10 Allington place. Back road, S. 
Ashley John, 20 Grafton street, Fitiroy sq. W. 
(Ashton John, King's crosa, Holloway rd. N. 
Aspland W. White Hart lane, Tottenham , N. 
Atkinson E. 4 Queen st Hammersmitb, W. 
tAtkinson J, 69 & 72 Upper Whiteeross st E.C. 
AtkinsofW. 1 College pi. Queen st Bunmemujth 
Atkins H. 61 Harrow rd. W. 
AtweU D. L, 10 Swallow street, W. 
Austin J. 86 Hngb st. west, Pimlico, S.W. 
Austin J. 35 Hugh st west Pimlico, S.W. 
Austin J. 21 Church row. Old stpancrasrd. N.W. 
/Austin W. 20 Windmill st. Tottenham court rd, 
jAylott A. 26 Portland st Boho, W. 
Baggot J. 9 Little Durweston st Marylebone, W. 
Buhij E. 49 Church st Minoriea, E. 
Bailey F. Leipsic rd. Camberwell new rd. S. 
Bailey J. T. 2 Little George st, Fortraan sq. W. 
cBiun R. U King st. Clerkenwell, E.C. 
Baker C. 6a Susannah row. Curtain rd. E.C. 
Baker H. C, Trafalgar rd. Old Kent rd. SS. 
Baker T, 26 Bedford st Commercial rd. east, E. 
Balaam R. 7 Can&l pi. Old Kent rd. S.E. 
Baldwin C, 9 Old Compton st Soho, W. 
Baldwin E. 4 Norfolk pi. Kingslaod, N. 
iBall D. 30 White Lion st Norton Folga 
Ball 1. Avery row, Orosvenor st 
Ball Wm. 43 Bedcross st Borongn, ti.i^ 
Balls T. 7 High row, Kensington, W. 
Banham R. 6 Crracent, Relvedere rd. S. 

C~ iks H. 6 Hackney rd. crescent, N.E. 
ton Geo. 11 Bristol pi, Paddington, W. 
Barber H. G Blenheim pi. St. John's wood, N.W. 
Barker J. 3 Cumberland st weet, Regent's park 
iBarlow B. & N. 5 Bobinson's row, K^sland 
Barnes J. 8a Chuicb st. Paddington, W7 
Bamee S. 43 Brunswick parade, Baiiisbnry rd. N. 
SBamett Moses, 6Cbapelmew8,Belffravesq.S.W. 
Bamsdale J. B Lower st Islington, N. 
BamweU Wm. 70 & 71 Old street, E.Q 
Barr S. 8 Bolsover st Fitaroy sq. W. 
Barrett T. jon. 18 Ship i ' ~ 
. iBorrie R 10 York st C 

Bayne C. 2 Thanet st Burton crescent, W.C. 
Beardwell J. 12 Church lacs, Limehouse, K 
Beaucbamp J. 2 Rocknoughpl. New Kent rd. SJB. 
Beaves W. T. Cambridge st Old St Pancras td. 
Beer J. 35 &. 36 Unfon st. Middlesen hos^tal, W. 
iBeeton R. 16 Oteat Boll aUey, Moointe sL KC. 

Polgate, N.E. 

11 W. 18 Swan st Shoreditch, N 

Bell Wm. IS Swan street, Stunediteh, K.K 

Bennett J. 3 St. Fet«r st iBlington, N. 

iBennison Wm. 2 Kennin^D pi. Upper Keoiag- 
ton lane, S. 

BeDtJe; E. J. P. 18 Hoirick'a row, New ctobb, S.B. 

Bentley R J. P. New cross rd. S.E. 

Bemll T. B. M Henryst east, Portland town, N.W. 

Betiyanan W. 71 Earl at eaat, LbsoD groTe,N.W. 

Best J. 6 Marlborongli mewe, Blenheim St W. 

Bettell Josboa, 18 EutiagB eL W.C. 

Bevea T. 2 Panciaa st. TotttHibam court rd.. WC. 

megs E. & Co. 6i Bevia Marks, E.C. 

b&ggi J 51 King at Soho, W, 

Bignall Wm. 59 Bnshttin st. Hoxtfln, N. 

Binder Wm. 300 Marylebone ri N.W. 

iBinningtoD Joeiah 39 Prinuoee st E.C. 

Birt F. 76 Milton st Doraet Eq. N.W. 

Birt S. jun. Westboume grove north, W. 

BlBCbbonm C. 3 Boman road, BaniBbiuy, N. 

Blake G. 20 Merlin'a pL Wilmington sq. W.C. 

Blake H. J. North rd. Highgatc, N. 

Blancbard J, 1 1 East pi. Eenninglon road, S. 

iBlower W. 51 Portman place, Edgware road, W. 

B<^d A. 5 Qiester at east, HampSead rd. N. 

Board J. 34 St. John's Wood ter. St John's Wood 

Boddy W. Orchard pL WaodBwocth, S,W, 

/Bodger Edward, 9 Hatt«n garden, E.C. 

Bodgea John, 126 Bermondse; st. S.R 

Bolam Thomas, 16 Lion street. New Kent rd. S. 

Bolt Charles, 14 Wingrove pL Clerkenwell, E.C. 

(Bond John, 28 Goildford pL SpaHelda, W.C. 

Bond Bichard, 1 Crople/ ter. Hoiton, N, 

Bone John, 14 Thayer street, Manchester sq. W. 

Bonney J. 61 Pear tree COnrt, Clerkenwell, B.C. 

Boothby J. 13 Old Boswell Et Temple bar, W.C 

Boabnry J. 13 White Lion st Chelsea, S.W. 

ABostelD. T. IT Well street, Crippleg_ate, E.C. 

Bonme A. 14 Sidney st Goewell rd. E,C. 

BonteU J. 17 Duke street, St. James's, S.W. 

iBootflU Mrs. S. 8 George court, Piccadilly, W. 

Bower & Son, 80 Philip st. Eingsland road, N. 

Bowen Henry, 134 London wal^ E.C. 

Bowless W. Bntland yard, Enightsbridge, S.W. 

Bowley J. 5 Charles st WestminBler, S.W. 
^ Bos John, 1 1 Newland st Eennington, W. 
I ABoyce John, 9 Essex street. Strand, W.C. 

Boyce W. 7 Gray's Inn terrace, W.C. 

Bradley B. & T. 12 Clift^ road, Folham rd. S.W. 

Bragg W. 5 Robertson pi. Stockwell green, S. 

Btailey W. 8 Church at. Blacktriars rd. S.E. 

Brake H. 2 Odell pi. Fulham rd. S.W. 

iBianch S. 41 Great Alice st E. & 22 Leman st 
Qoodman'a fields, E. 

Brand P. 31 Francia st. Tottenham court rd. W.O. 

Bray F. 1 1 Stratheden ter. New rd. Hammersmith 

Breeze James, 66 Moscow rd. Bayswater, W. 

Brenmer D. 21 Cumberland row, Up. st Islington 

icBremridge J. W. 11 Chichester pi. (Jraya Inn 

Brennand E. 10 Suffolk pi. Hackney rd. N.E. 

Brett Joseph, Cronch end Homsey, N. 
I Brett W. 40 Bow laue, Cheapside, E.C. 

Brett W. 8 Wimbomn st. New North rd. N. 

bBrewer John, 183 Upper Thames st E.C. 

Brigga P. 5 Brown's court, Edgwaro rd. W. 

Brijidle W. Wood lane, Kghgate, N. 

iBriacoe H. 8 Upper Spring at Portinan sq. W. 4 

9 Spring mewi, Crawfom st. W. 
Brittam G, 2 SIrealham st Bloomsbury, W.C, 
Brockwill W. Northamptiai road, E.C. 
Bromley W. 3 Bear yanl, Lincohi's Inn, W.C. 
Brooks Francis, 1 7 'rorrington mens, Bnrwood pi. 

Edgware rd,W, 
Broome J. 10 Parsonage row, Newington butts 
Browfltt W. & J. 45 Peatherstone st E C. 
ftown J. &Son,47Patfcersrow, BermondseyS.E. 
Brown W. £ D. 10 SaviUe pL Mile endroad, E. 
Brown Charles, 53 Cowper st City rd. E.C. 
Brown C. 16 &, 17 Lancashire court New Bond at. 
6Brown E. 35 Hardington st Portman mkt N.W. 
iBrown E. 99 High st MaiyUhone, W. & 2 North 

street Manchester sq. W. 
aowB G. 31 GloBter street, Bloomsbnij', W.C. 
Brown G. 10 Walbrook row. New North rd. N. 
Brown J. 18* Symons st S.W. and 13 Princea st. 

Chelsea, slw. 
Brawn J. C. Pied Bull yard. Bury st. Bloomsbnrr 
iBrown J. M, 105 & 106 Panl st Finsbury, B.C. 

and 16 Hill st Finsbnir, B.C. 

- -pper Bemerton st N. 
T. 12 Holly Bt north, Dalston, N.E. 
Bndd John, 3 Boee st Soho, W.C. 
£Bull H. 2 Brunswick mews, Bil^anston sq. W. 
Boll J. W. Loughborough rd. Oixton, S. 
Bolmer John, 297 Eotherhithe st S.E. 
Bimney W. liDevonshiremewa east, Portland pi, 
Bmming W. 71 Chamber st, Goodman's fields, B. 
Burd E. 2 Chapel ter, Johnson ter. High street, 

Notting hill, W. 
cBnrgB K 14 Leigh st Burton crescent, W.C. 
Burgess J. 10 Upper Hanelagh st. S.W. 
Burgess T, 9 Portman st Portman sq. W. 
tBurke A. 26 Picketing pi, Bayswater, W. 
Bumal J, S7 Charles st. Commercial rd. east, E, 
Bumby N. 1 Camperdown pL New Cross rd. S.E, 
Buirage J, 76 Upper Seymour st, Enston sq. N.W. 
Burroughs R 3 Abbey st Bennondsey, S.E, 
Burt K. 8 Boundary rd. Finchley rd, N,W. 
Burton & ColEus, 1} Leonard st, Finsbury, B.C. 
Burton J. 9 Clifton st north, Finsbury, E C, 
cBnscall John, 6 Edward st- Blackfriara, and 02 

Broadwall, (see aJveriisemeni) 
Bnsh Jeremiah, 370 King's rd, Chelsea, S.W. 
Bush J. 21 Princes rd. Lambeth, S. 
Bush W. 29 Blenheim st. Bond st. Chelsea, S.W. 
Busbby J. 60 Qrosvenor st Commercial rd. east E. 
Butcher G. 201 Albany rd. CamberweU rd. S, 
Bailer C. 71 Qt CarUale st Portman market, N.W. 
Butler C. E. Wirlemborg st. Clapham, S. 
ButBon J, J. 64 Queen st. Edgware rd, W. 
Batt«n J. 5 Onslow st HattoD garden, B.C. 
Butt«n L. 15 Brown st Bryanston sq. W, 
Buttress W. 26 Jane st Commeroial rd. east, E. 
jByme T, 88 Charles st. Hatton garden, KC. 

C^ow James, 1 South place, Finsbury, E.C. 

Carpenter H. 1 3 Bidinghouse st Langham pi. W. 

CarroU W. 48 Fleet lane, Farrin^don street, E.C. 

^Carter H. 4 Camomile street, Bisbopsgate, E.G. 

78 BLUWEK'g DlflKC 

bCarter Josiah, 27 Murraj etreet, Hoitan, N. 
Carter T. 24 Lloyd's row, ClarkenweU, E.G. 
Gary E. 2i Blenheim atroot, Chelsea, S.W. 
Caiy J. 19 MoiyneuK sL Bryanstoa square, W. 
Caslake James, Ebury mowe, Cbesler square, S.W. 
Caeperd H. 2 Paradise street, Lambetb, S. 
Catling James, 7 Satcliwell rents, Church street^ 

Bettinal gtesD, N.E. 
Cattell S. 21 Borough road, S.E. 
Cave, James, 25 Veraoa ter. Portobello road, W. 
iCawdrey Joseph, 262 Marylebone road, N.W. 

Caieaui Fred. Orange couit. Rose it Soho, W, 

Chaplin Q. i Cock yard, Berkeley square, W. 

iChapjnan Jmaes, 2 Market street, Oxford st W. 

ChapmaD M. F. 124 DramitiODd St. Euston sq. 

Chapman Sampson 8 Fitcketl^B court, Noble at 
E.G. and 2 UoMen Lion st. Aldecsgate st, E.G. 

Chapman W. H. High road, Tottenham, N. 

Chappel W. 61 Warren street, Fitiroy equare, W. 

Chatwin S. 19 Upper Gronod st Blackfnars, S. 

Cheal A. 30 Little Matylebone street, W. 

Cheesman J. 9 Great Cambridge sf. Hackney, N Ji. 

Choater D. 35 North street, Lisson grove, N.W. 

Cheney John 25 Marylebone lane, W. 

JGhessuni W. and Son, 19 Leonard street, E.G. 

Chick J. 29 Harper street. New Kent road, SB. 

iChild Boberf, 3 Spur street, Leicester sq. W. 

Childs Charles, 57Park street, Camden town N.W. 

Childs B. 6 Dean's row, WalvorUi road, S. 

Chipperfleld J. T Millpond roirBennondsey, S.E. 

Chretien G. T. * Russia court, Milk street, E.G. 

Christoffer J T. Phcenix street, N.E. 

Church James, 3 K , '"e street. Snow bill, E.G. 

jChurch W. 35 London street, Fitiroy square, W. 

iChutter W. 39 Upper Stamford street Blacktriars, 
S. and 12 John st. Commercial rd. Lambeth. 

Clark G. 8 Bell yard, Gracechurch steeet, E.G. 

Clark Edward, Church street Stoke Newington 

Clark G. F. Park road. Crouch End, Homsey, N. 

fijX^larke, 0. 14 Hatfield at E.G. & 111 Broadwall, 
Stamford street, S. 

CUrk J, M. 8 Upper King st Bloomsbary, W.C. 

Clarke J. 3 Alpoa cottages, Warner road, Cam- 
berwell New road, S. 

601arke John, 63 Shoe lane. Fleet street ^■^■ 

Cleave and Co. 9 Chenies street W.C. 

Clement John, 36 I>uk8 street St. James's, S.W. 

Clements J. &, W. I Bametst. Haoltney road, N.E. 

Clements John, Bolton yard. May lair, W. 

iCock Edward, 94 Wardonr "street Soho, W. 
Cock James 29 George street Portland road, W. 
Cock J. Kimbolton row, Fulhamroad, S.W. 
Cockerell M. 3 Mandcn ter. Hammersmith, W. 
Cockett Harold, Queen street Hammersmith, W. 
Coe H. M. 79 Willow wall^ E.G. 
Colcock H. 6 licctory grove, Larfchill rise, S. 
Goldman W. B. 2 Vasaall road, Gamberwell, S, 
Cole T, 9 Chapel place, Liverpool road, N. 
iColo W. Jamaica level, Eotherhithe, S.E. 
iCole W. Market hill, ShadweU High street E- 
Coles G. 24 Hoiton square, N. 
Colley B. 12 Portland road north, W. 

M3ollier W. 23 Upper Bryajuton street, W. ; A 
New Qoebec street Fortman square, W. and 
12 Little George street Podman sq. W. 
Collins W' 35 Homer street Marylebone, W. 
Collinson J. 3 South Moulton lane, W. 

Colls J. 12i Tabernacle walk, E,C, ; 

Commin J. 2 Elizabeth place, Stockwell gra, B. 

Conquest Edward 46 Park street Islington, N. 

Cook J. 60 Poland street Oxford street W. 

iCook M. C. Grange, Bermondsey, S.E. 

Cook T. 4 Charles sq^iare, N. 

Cook W. 17 Ashley ter. City road, N. 

Cook W. 16 Laut street, Soutfawark, S.E. 

Cooper R 7 North row, Grosvenor sq., W. and S 
Titchboume street Edgware road, W. 

Cooper S. A, 33 Cable steet E. 

iCooper T. 29* Arlington st Camden town, N.W. 

Cooper T. White Cross street Borough, S.E. 

Cooper W, Miilbeny place, Hammeremith, W. 

Cope, H. G. 4 George court. Strand, W.C. 

Gopeland J. A. 30 Hertford st. Filaroy so. W. 

Copland E. 16 South pi. Kennington park, S. 

Gordon J. J. 37 I^nchester street Gray's Inn road 

Corderoy T. ill Kiagsland road, N.E. 

Cornelius, J. W. 1 Canal ter. King's cross. 

Comwell S, 105 Bermondsey street ^'^ ^hd 55 
Gt. (Jeorge street Bermondsey, S E. 

Corrie J. Camberwell grove, S. 

jCory J, 101 Brandon street, Walworth, S. 

ACosssr Mrs. Mary, B4 Bridge road, S, and 2 
Chajlesplace, York road, T^mbeiJi, S. 

Coste J. h: 109 St. John street Smithfield, E.G. 

Cottle T. lA TorriaEO grove, Kentish town, N.W. 

Cousins T. E. New Gloucest«r street Hoiton, N. 

Goverly J. Kihg'sHead square, Shoreditch, N.E. 
Cowell H. 20 Belvedere place. Borough road, 8.B. 
Cowell W. 3 Little Portland street Oilord st W. 

Cox D. tlosslyn street Hampstead, f 
Coi W. 36 Clerkenwell close, E.G. 
Cox W. e Piatt ter. Old St Pancras road, N.W, 
Coi W, 77 Spencer place, Brixton road, S. 
CoxiU J. 43 Upper Seymour st. Euston sq. N.W. 
Crabb J. 87 Borough High street S.E. 
Craue W. 5 White Hart place, Bermondsey, S.E. 
Crawfocth J. 26 Silver street, Kensington Gntvel 

Croft R. 8 Earl street Kensington, W. 
Cross J. Denmark street, Camberwell, S. 
Crow W. 63 Tothill street Westminster, S.W. 
Crowe W, 82 Victoria ter. Begent's park, N.W. 
CuUF. 6 Upper Dorset street Bryanaconsq, W. 
jUulverhouse, W. H. 126 Bunhil! row, Hnsbury, 

E.G. (>ee adoertisemetit) 
6Gumici E. 23 Chichester pi. Wandsworth-Pl S. 
JiGumow T. 20 Bennett street Stamford st S.' 
Curtis A. 3 Bird street Oxford street W. 
Curtis J. 48 Cable street Wellclose square, B^.. 
CurtisJ. S. 101 White Horse street Btepnoy,-E. 
Curtis S. 1 Aldeoham street Somers town, N,W. 
Cushion J. H, 6 New Montagu street N.E. ' 
Gufhbert, H. 2 Elder street, Norton FolgBto,'B.E. 
Dodd C. 4 John street, Spitalfields, SM. 
Dale J. TSWestboume street Pimlico, S.W.- ; 
Danby 8. W, 30 Crosby row. King «. fionra^ 


Dsnj Q. IM Chnrch rtreet, Shoreditch, HJE. 

Dntj T. B. U B«tbiul green load, N.E. 

SaTiea, C. 8 North street, Fitiroy Bqnaia, W. 

iDavies K 8 JeTOudem conrt, St. Joho si E.C. 

Danes T. 23 Monden Etieet, Hunmeismith, W. 

DiTiesW. Green, Tottenham, N. 

Dariea W. 95 Waterloo road, Lamheth, S. 
■;Otma C. 130 Cornwall load, New cat, g. 

Davis E. Blue Anchor raid, Bojal Uuit sL £. 

Daiis J. Wood gresn, Tottenham N. 

Dawea F. Paik street, Stolce Nenington, N. 

DawkioB T. 1 Desburgh ter. Harrow road, W. 

DaWB E. 30 Thayer street, Munchester eqoaie, W, 

Dawson J. 25 Oiaj street, BUckfriars r«d, S. 

Daj C. 18 Sebbon street, Cannonbnry iq. W, 

D^con, Amos, and Son, 6 Talbot court, Grace- 
dinreh street, B.C. and 33 Padding We, E^st- 
cheap, E.C. 

Dearmau O. 12 New end, Hampstead, N.W. 
. JDGbsnham O. 16 Aim's place Haeliney road, N.E. 

Dee J. 24 Lower Balgrai-e place, PinUioo, S.W. 

De^iDg W. 12 Tachbrook st, Pimlico. S.W. 

Dennis C. 29 GL James street, Hoilon, N. 
, Dennis R. 12 York street^ Westminster, S.W. 

ftDeiuiis S. le Faal street, FinebiuT, E.G. 

DcosbamW. 20 Douro cottages, N.W. 

ADenston M. 1 Kast street, Old Kent road, S. 

Deulon S. 15 DoagUs street, Deptford, S.E. 

Ditkens E. 19 Grafton road, Kentish town, N.W. 

Dicks J. Bridge road west, Battarsea, S.W. 

Bimmett B 13 Barking churchyard, E.G. 

iDimmick J. 4 Cadogan street, Chelsea, S.W. 

iDinham I. T. 78 George street, Eustoa sq. N.W. 

Meoy T. 60 Compton street, Qprkenwell, B.C. 

wDobsen H.T. 55 Borough road, S.E. 

D(H>son J. George yard. Si George street, E. 

DolwoQ W. 33 Lit. Oailford street, Braoswick sq. 

Podd Thos. 22 Lit. Guilford si Brunswick sooare 
'. . itDole Lewis, 10 Upper Marylebone street, W. 

Donaldson John, 25 Qi Dover si Borough, S.E. 

Dorling Tbos, 2 Maltby st. Bermondsey, S.E. 

Doraett William, Westbourae park road, W. 

Douglas Wm. i Hanway place, Oiford stieei W. 

Down Wm. 5 John street. Old Kent road, S Jl. 

Xtownicg Dar. 10 Orosvenoi racns, GrObvoiior sq. 

Drake John. Church streei Claptisjn road, S. 

M)rewett and Mercer, 52 King si Bora', S.E. 

ftDrewett Ambrose, 13 Three Gnwa square Boro' 

Droiy John B. Coldharbour lane, Brixton, S. 
. Dudley John, Fairview place, Upper Tulse hill, S. 

Dnei James, 23 Paddiiigton etreei W. 

Dunger Bt. 6 Skinner street, Somers town, N.W. 

^punnell John, 6 Norris streei Haymarkei W. 

Dunning H. 13 Woodstock st. Oxiord streei W. 
' Dutt John, 13 Park streei Islington, N. 

Dye Edward, 174 Evelyn streei Deptford, S.E. 
_ Ih^mock James, West green, Tottenham, N. 

wEul Henry, 60 Judd et. Brunswick sq. W.C, 

iEarl Jabei, 10 Tudor pL Tottenham court rd. W. 
. %rl James, 25 Caniaby streei Golden square, W. 

£arthi;owl T. 2 Eliisbeth ter. Liverpool road, N. 
Eaaey W. 31 Union rd. Newington eaoseway, SJL 
East Francis, 125 Kingsland r^d, N.E. 
iEastman J. Henry, £gh streei Battecsea, S.W. 
Eastman Bt, 3 Alfred plaae, York road, Camden 


1, N. 

AEaston Ji^in, 20 Clapham road place, S . 
Eaton Mrs. M. 31 Spring si Paddingtoo, W. 
Eaton Thomas, High stieei Stoke Newington, N. 
Edgar John, T Cain pi. easi Kentish town, N.W. 
tEdks TboB. 6 Providence row, Finsbury, E.C. 
Edmonds Jas. 8 Exmoutb st Euston so. N W. 
Edmonds Wm. Edward streei X.ambeth, S. 
iEdwaris W. 36 Windmill si Tottenham court rd. 
Egg Wm. Henry, 1 Cobom road. Bow road, E. 
EUord William, 96 Star si Edgware road, W. 
Ell Thos. 9 Pieipoiut row, Islingron, N. 
Elliott C. 6 Judd streei Brunswick square, W.C. 
Elliott Wm. 12 Gun square, Houndsditch, N.E. 
Ellis James, 7 King stieei Si Luke's, E.C. 
Ellis John, 16 London lane. Hackney, N.E. 
(Ellis iSa. H. A. 37 King st Golden square, W. 
Ellis Boberi 40 Si Andrew's hill, B.C. 
Ellis Wm. 49 Botolpb lane, Eostcheap, KC. 
JEOis Wm. 38 Penny flelds, Popkr, E. 
EUiston Charles, 94J Kingsland road, NJ^ 
Else Samuel, 1 Church ter. Pancris road, N.W. 
ElwDod, G. 23 Church row, Betlmal green rd. NE. 
Elwood il, 4 Mary's pi. Hertford rd. Kingsland rd. 
AEmery J. 4 Boyal Oak place, Eaton square, S.W. 
AEnefer S. 39 Dorset stieei Portman square, W. 
Emight and Mattmgly, 189 Up. Thames si E.C. 
cEpps Thomas, T Kennington green, I^mbeth, S. 

(tee adeertisement) 
iErwin Chas. I Walker td. Lower road, S.E. and 

6 and T Albion streei Botlierhithe, S.E. 
Erwood W. 16 George's green, Eolloway road, N. 
Etherton W. 30 Church streei Chelsea, S W. 
Evans Eldwaid Charles, 1 Springfield cottages, 

Acre lane. West Brixton, S. 
Evans Henry Griffiths, 6 (^momile streei E.C. 
Evans J. 10 Pear Tree court, ClerkeQwell, E.C. 
Evans John, 6 Prospect place. Old Bronipton, 

S.W. and 19 Harriet streei Fulham, S.W. 
Evans Wm. Bath place, LarkhaU lane, S. 
Evans Wio, 9 Myddleton ter. Bridge rd, Battersea 
Evens T. 1 King's Head court. Fish si hill, E.C. 
Everest John, 6 Gloa'ter at. Queen square, W,C. 
Evershed Wm. North streei Wandsworth, S. 
Ejlea D. IS Si George's ter. Kilbum, N.W. 
Fagan E. 10 Elisabeth si south, Pimlico, S.W. 
F^ner W. 14 Poplar row. New Kent road, S.E. 
Fames Wm. Mat! 68 Poplar High streei E. 
cFarrant S. 22 Henrietta si Bniuwick sq. W.C. 
Farthing Wm. 2 SussBit ter. Caioden town, N.W. 
Faulkes Thos. 59 Queen's rd. Netting hill, W. 
tPawcett Wm. Griinscot st. Bennondsey, S.E. 
Fesst Wm. Victoria streei Hackney, N.E. 
FelgaU Wm. 9* John st. Commercial rd easi E- 
Fel^ John, 4 & 6 Carpenter st, Berkeley sq. W. 
Few S. 9 Hamilton ter. Highbury park, N. 
Field Henry J. 2 Moor st. Bryanston square, W. 
FincherWm. N. 13 York street, Lambeth, S 
Fisher Wm. James plate, Kensington sq. W. 
Fisher Wm. 140 Kingsland road, NJl 
bFiteh Wm. 9 Michael's place, Btompton, S.W. 

, Coot^lc 

(lack Geo. D. S OdeU place, Fnlliaiu nMd, 3.W. 
Floiman C. 7 BelgniTe st south, Fimlico, S.W. 
Klnming M. J, & W. ^ 7 Crown court, FaU MaU 
Fleming Heniy, QuMm. itreet, Chelsea, S.W. 
Flezen 8. 1 & 12 BnuierV bdgs. Farringdon st 
Foanl T. 10 Hollingswortb st Liverpool road, N. 
tFoden Thoa S. B2 Churcb street, E. 
Ford G). Hew ;d. Gtt Queen it Lincoln's Inn Belda 
Ford J. A. 8 Crown court, Strand, W.C. 
bFoid Jobn. Q St Alban's street, Lambeth, S. 
Ford John, 3 Uniim st Whitechapel lotid, E. 
Fondike J. 3 King's pL Commercial id. eaM, £■ 
iFowler D. 1 2 St- Jolin street road, E.C. 
Fowler J. T. 17 Duke's road, Knaton road, W.C. 
Fox W. 3* Robert street, Stookwell, S. 
iFrampton W. 18 Earl rt. east, Lisson gr. N.W. 
Franklin T. West green, Tottenham, N. 
IVankiin W, 7 Chapel inewB, Belgrave ajj. S.W. 
Franklin W. 42 Jubilee place, Conimecdal rd. E. 
iFreeman H. 75 Cowcross etreet, E.G. 
Freshwater G. 7 Franklin row, Cheketi, S.W. 
(Freshwater B. 19 Park st Camdea town, N.W. 
Fresbwator W. i Harriaon st, Gray's Inn rd. W.C. 
jTrost W. 17 Grafton street, Soho, W.C. 
Fry E. 29_Goawell terrace, Qoswell road, E.C. 

flaoo, Brompton, S.W. 
cottage, St Mark's road, S. 
1 Devonshire st Up. Eemiingtan 
lane, H. 
MradsbT W. G, 21 aDd22ChaTi«hoii6elaiifl,£.C. 
Oally 3. 6 AnderBon street, Chelsea, S.W. 
Gale C. 1 Montevideo place, Kentish town, N.W. 

Gasson H. West green, Tottenham, N. 

Gantiey J. 96 Little Maiylebone street ^- 
Gay 3. 10 Alfred mews, Brompt«n, S.W. 
Gay W. 26 Brunswick street, Blackfriars rd. B.E. 
Gftynor F. T. T Victoria grova, Bayawater, W, 
Gearing Henry, 7 Acre lane, Brixton, S. 
cQeUe^ S. 1 1 Marshall street, Golden square, W. 
George J. 26 Fieldgate street, Whitacb^pel, E. 
GflorgaW. 17 Ordnance road, St John's wood N.W. 
Gerard J. 15 Fashion street, N.S. 
Gerrard G. 23 Circus street, Uarylehone road, W. 
Gibbs W. 20 Exeter street, Liason grove, N.W. 
Gifford J. 14 CnmbeiUnd st Middlesex hoep. W. 
Giles T. 12 Waterloo place. Shepherd's bosh, W. 
Gill J. 29 Great Pulteney street, W. 
MHlmon T, 33 Warwick lane, Newgate st E.C. 
Qlasspool G. 21 New street, Lambeth, B. 
Glover A. 2 London street, Paddington, W. 
Goatley H. 48 Snasez road. Brixton, S. 
Qodden E. 1 Sovereign mews, Edgwaie road, W. 
Godfrey J. B. 72 Hi^ st St Jdm's wood, M.W. 
Goo^nan W. 26 Jo^ st west, Hemlngford rd. N. 
Goodman W. B MoitimeT mkt Tottenhani ct rd. 
GoodseU S. 3 Park street, Stockwell, S. 
Gcodsell W. 16 Chapel street, Stockwell, S. 
Gordon J. 6 Hanover street. Long Acre, W.C. 
Gore W. 185 Waterloo road, S. 
Goalee W. 89 Bedfordbuiy, W.C. 
Goslm J. 117 BnnhiU row, E.C. 
WJouring G. 57 Millbank street, S. W. 
GtayW. 15 Cavendiah ter. Sonth Lambeth, S. 
Gray W. C. 6 Colford road north, Eingaland, N. 

Green T. 35 Stanhope street, Clare market, W.C. 
Green W. 30 Baldwin's gardmis. Leather lane, E.C. 
Green F. & Sons, 1 Upper Jame* rt Golden eij. W. 
iOreenwood J. 10 AilJiiir street west, London 

Bridge, E.C. fsee advatiienieiit) 
Greig 'r. 8 Skinner piaoe, HoUoway road, N. 
iGriffiths G. 28 Kinjt street, Golden sqoarB, W. 
Grimsdall M. 6 Feel street, Kensington, W. 
Grinham F. W. 8 Sidmonth st Gray's Inn la. W.C 
oGroombridge J. 34 Crinucot street, S.E. 
Groembridge W. 3 St Thomas street east, S.E. 
Grove E. 26 Gopsall street, Hoxt«n, N. 
Gnnnee J. Wellington terrace, Bayswater, W. 
Gnthridge J. 17 St James ter. Sotting hill, W. 
JGnv Mn. P, 11 Clay street, Maljlebone, W. 
jBame J. H. 251 Princes Square, Kenningfon, S. 
fiHall T. and Son, 237 Whitechapel road, E. 
yHall Q. 1 Lisle street, Leicester square, W. 
AHall J. 34 Jubilee place. Commercial id. east, E. 
AHall J. 8 Torriano grove, Kentish town, N.W. 
Hall B. 166 Long lane, Brnnondsey, S Jj. 
Hall R 8 Ironwood place, Kentish town, N.W. 
Hall R. T. 12 Wittam's buildings, Old st rd. E.C . 
Hall S. CaiUale st Lambeth, S. 
4HaU W. 23 HatcliSe ter. GosweU road, E.C. 
SHallett T. 9 George laoe, Botolph lane, E.C, ; 

6 Nag's bead court, E.C. and 7 Three King 

coort, Lombard stieet E.G. 
Halloran S. 17 lyOylej street, Sloane street, S.W, 
iHallworth W, IT Lauieoce Pountney lane, E,C. 
Hansford, C, 3 Chelsea maiket, S.W. 
Haoaley R 843 Albany road, Camberwell, S. 
Harding G. 4 Thomas atreet, Spitalfields, N.E. 
Harding G. Weymonth mewa, Portland place, W, 
IlBiding J. 30 Harmood at Hampstead rd. N.W, 
iHardiQg 8. Union road, Clapham rise, S. 

Harman W. J. 22 Earl st east, Lisson grove, N.W. 

Harper W. Hale, Tottenham, N. 

Harria C. C. Uxbridge road, W. 

Harris Daniel, 9 Duke street, Aldgate, E.C. 

Harris T. 30 Brook mews north, Hyde paik gardena 

Harrison Charles, 2 Union terrace, Clevdand street, 

Mile end road, N.E. 
Harrison Thos, 10 Low. BelgravepL Fimlico, S.W. 
HarrisBon Jas, 17 Union street. Borough, S.E. 
fiHartflhom Daniel, jun. 35 Park street, N.W. 
Harvey D. 10 Corporation row, Clerkenwell, E.C. 
HaaelCTOve J. lOi Liverpool st. King's croa?, W.C. 
Hasel James, 27 Water lane, Blaekfriars, E.C. 
Hastin John, 22 Cadogan street Chelsea, S.W. 
Hastings Hobt 1 Cottage road, Eaton sqnare, S.W. 
Batcher John, High s^et, Wandsworth, S. 
Hatchman Ben). & Son, IT Pitt street, W. 
Hawkings J. R. 5 North st. Whitechapel, N.B. 
Hawkins J. 19 William street, Coledooian rd. K. 
nawkinsT.6 Upper Bemerst, Commercialrd. east. 
Haycraft Bonj. 15 Queen street, Chelsea, S.W. 
Hayhoe Jas, 2 Park pi. Love luie, St«ekwell, S. 
Haynes Walter H. Newland gt. Kensington, W. 
Hajter H. 24 Blenheim at St John's wood, N.W. 
SHayward John, 27 White Hart at. Kenington, S. 

Hearne Fred. 26 High etieet, Camden, town, N.W. 


venK 19 EiDKBdword et. LiTScpoal rosd,N. 

_ ji Benuid, 1 Nottmgham pi. Hollowa; id. N 
jEeiaet Hen. Q. 7 George etreet, Limehonse. E. 
Hellig Daniel, 9 NorthamplonBt. Clerkeavell £.C. 
Helljar John, i Moore Eb«et, C3iel£ea, S.W. 
iHmderaon John, 1 College pL Belgnve sq. S.W. 
Hendenon John, *3 Upper Berkeley sL weat W. 
Henslei John, 4 Wellington place, Stepner, E. 
Henwood ThomM, 7 New Queboc Etreet, W. 
Herbert Thos, Cold harbonr lane, East Brixton, S. 
Hewlett Jiimes, 6 Great Quebec Btreet, W. 
Hibberd Danl. 20 St John's wood leirace, N.W. 
iHirks Ferdinando, 48* Whiteehapel High street, 

E. & Colchester abeet, B. 
Higga B. 8 Dartmouth street, Weatminster, S.W. 
HiS John, Schoolhonse, King rt. Chelsea, S,W. 
Bill John 4 Gordoa stieel, Ci^ road, N. 
6Hill John Edward, 18 Macdufield street north, 

E.G. & 7 Bnfford's bnildings, Islington, N. 
Hill Thomas, 30 King street, Clerkenwelj, E.C. 
Hillmer Benjamin, 7Sa Great College street, N.W. 
Hinton & Son, 6 F«MOck sL Newin^ton bntis, SJK 

Hobbs Wm. H. 8 Belgrave terraw, Pimlioo, S.W. 
Hodges Geo. 22 Piinirose hill, Saliabnry sq. E.C. 
Hodghton Wm. 21 Eieter st Lisson grove, N.W. 
Hodadon Geo. 2 Hnntle; et Tottenham court rd. 
Holiy>ml>e Geo. 7 Clarence place, Clapbam rood, S. 
^Holder Charl^ 22 Gt Winchester street, E.C. 
6Hole Thos. T, 21 Brick street, Park lane, W. 
Hole Wm. 77 Gt College st. Camden town, N.W. 
£Holgate Geo. 28 Dnke street, Bishopegate, NJl). 
Holman George, 66 West street, Smithfield, E.C. 
Holman H. 34 Stafford at Marylabone rd. N.W, 
Holman Wm. 6 Bidboro' at. Barton cwscent, W.C. 
Holmes Chas. ISLedbnrfrd. north, Bayswaler,W. 
Holmes Jaa. 48 Archer street, Eensington, W. 
HonejbaU P. 5G LLllington street, Pimlico, S.W. 
Honeychnrch J. 2 Bowstem st Bromplon, S.W. 
Honour Frederick, 23 Wilmot st Bossell sq. W.C. 
£Eook George, 33 Park road, Clapham, S. 
Hooper Jas. 76 Berwick street, Oxford street, W. 
Hopkins T. Sheldtn's l&ne. King at Hammersmith 
Home Wm. 3 Coleman street, Sew North rd. N. 
Somer Charles, 30 Highbury sale, N. 
Horsman Edward, 148 Manor street, Ckphaoi, S. 
Bousden John, 3 Freeschool st Horalydown, S,E. 
House Edwarcl,8 Soulhwickst Oxford nqnare, W, 
i iBoward WiUiam, 2 Chandos street Covent gar- 
den, W,C & 16 B^ st Covent gardeo, W.C. 
Howard W. G. 21 Weston terrace, Notting hia W. 
Hewlett Hobert, 2 Arthur street, Chelsea, S.W. 
Hoy S. 3 Pickering place, Bayswater, W. 
Hnckle Geo. 65 ColEer street, Pentonyille, N. 
Hughes Edward, 2 Darby street. May fair, W. 
bHnghes Hugh, 28 Colebrooke row, Islington, N. 
Hugbes Wm. 7 Blandford place, Poctman aq. W. 
Hughea Wm. 3 Arlington st. Sadlers wells, E.C. 
Home D. 10* Charles at Middleees hospital, W. 
H'BjnphrBy Wm. 9 Hobert street, GioBvenor sq. W. 
Hnmphreys John, Homsey road, N. 
Hunt George, 1 Hanover cottages, Homsey rd. N. 
iHnnt J. 28 Pewter Pktter yard, St. John's at E.C. 
Hont 8aml, 1 Wellesley street. Stepney green, B. 

Bonier Wra. 80 Three Colt alreet Limehouso, E, 
Bntchins Henry, 1 Uoraet pUce, Pall Mall, W.C. 
Bntton Hen. 18 Portman placo, Edgwaro rd. W. 
Bntkiii Thomas, New road, nainmeremilh, W. 
Imesen Mis. Mary A. 9 Down st Piccadilly, W. 
Ingall Wm. 2 Tabernacle row, City rd. E.G. 
Inns Eira, 1 Bridge tar. Barrow ri W. 
Inwood K. 21 Ca^and st. Liason grove, N.W. 
Ireland P. 33 Anguatus et, Begent'a park, N.W. 
Ivison J. 20 Um>er KeDnington green, S. 
Jackson A. 4 Cleveland st. W. and 62 Warren at. 

Fitmoy sq. W. 
Jackson C 5} Foster st Bishopsgate, E.C. 
jJackson Fred, 86 Waterloo rd. S. 
AJackson G. 26 Lower Belgrave pi. S.W. 
Jackson J. 22 VauihaU bridge rd. S.W. 
Jackson K. T. 2 Eaton ter. White horse la. E. 
Jackson W. St Peter's rd. Grove rd. Hammeramith 
Jackson W. jlm. Wert end, Hammersmith, W. 
Jaeoh H. 6 Bosebeny pi. Dakton, ^f.E. 
Jacobs C. 47 Kingsland road, N.E. 
Jacobs Isaac, 2 lAngdalc st Canon st road, E. 
James F. 12 Grenvifla st Brunswick sq. W.C. 
James Jno. IS Wellington st Bethnal green, N.E. 
James S. 26 Norfolk st Middlesex hospi^ W. 
£James W. 3 Liverpool buildings, E.C. 
James W. 2o Stephen st. Tottenham court rd. W. 
James J. 8 Princess st Edgwaro td. N.W, 
Jarvia J. I Dorset pi. Grange rd. Dalston, N.E. 
Jenkins J. 26 Union row. New North rd. S. 
Jenkins Jno. 36 Markham st Chelsea, S.W. 
Jennings Geo. 13 Wellclose eq, E. 
Jennings J. 14 Lancaster court. New Bond st W. 
Jennings T. Woodland pi. Kentish town, N.W. 
Jerreat J. 29 Widegale st N.E. 
Jessop St, Mc Niff, 6 Bull Bead Co. Newgato st. 
Jewell B. 4 Clerkenwell green, E.C. 
Johns T. 6 Percival buildings east, Monnt st E. 
Johnson A. i West Smithfield, E.C. 
Johnson C. W. 12 Hand court, Holbom, W.C. 
Johnson G. Bolt-in-Tun yard, Eleot st, E.C. 
Johnson J. 9 Victoria pi. Boston old town, N. 
ijohnson W. 26 Beaumont st Maiylebone, W. 
Jolly B, 30 Spring st. Paddington, W. 
Jones D. 6 Earl st east, Lisson grove, N. W. 
Wones E. 22 Cecil st Strand, W.C. 
Jones E. 11 New North st Finsliury, E.G. 
Jones J.-18 Bedford st Commercial rd. east, E.C. 
iJones Jas. 2 London wall, E.C. 
Jones J. 5 Lower Notting hill ter. W, 
Jones J. 1 Momington st Hegent's park, N.W. 
jJones J. 4 Portland st Soho, W. 
Jones B. 5 King st Begent st. W. 
Jones S. Shftcklewell green, Stote Newington, N, 
Jones W. 15 Hawlej cres. Camden town, N.W. 
Jones W. 1 Moutpellier st. Walworth, S, 
Wopling W. 16i Begent st Westminster, S.W. 
Jordan S. 10 Little Cross st Islington, N. 
Jordan S. 29 Little George st Bermondsey, S.E. 
Jordan Thos. Heath st Hampstead, N.W. 
ftJukea H, 12 King st. Portman sq. W. 
Jnkei MiB, M. 26 Boston st. Doiset square, N.W. 
Julian P. J. 30 Gerrard street, Soho, W. 
Keep E. 18 Bedford court, Oovent garden, W.C. 
Keep James, 14 Dean street, Westminster, S.W. 
Kell Bt Nesbitt, 16 Potadisa it. Botherhithe, S.E, 


Kemp J. 2 Chancery pi. Camberwt 
Kemp W. Moiia pL Goldhaibour la. Brixton, 8. 
Kemp Wm. 13 HoUen street, Soho, W. 
Kempton Sam. 12 Church sL Waterloo road, S. 
Keai^l Chas. Atiliey at. south, Bermoudcef, SJ!, 
Eeunedj John, 16 Church st. Lambeth, S. 
Kenlish J. 4 Marlboro' ler, Marlboro' rd, S.W. 
Kerriaon Geo. 12 Cottage place, City road. E.C. 
Ksttel H. Coldharbour lana, Cumberwell, S. 
Kilbouro J. 34 Pentoii street, Pentonville, N. 
bKJng A- 16 Great Winchester Btraet, E.C. 
SKing A. J. 5 Bowling et, WoBtmininster, S.W. 
JKing C. 62 Murray eiteet, Hoxtoa, N. 
King James, 6 Clifton street, Finsbury, E.C. 
King John, 1 Albert ter. St. Paul's road, Islington, 

N, and 6 Tonbtiiigfl street, EoElon r<»d, W.C. 
King J. 8 Fomeroj street, Old Kent road, S.E. 
King J. 16 William street, Weetminster, S.W. 
Kin g W. 8 Woodrtijck street, Ojford Street, W. 
Kingsworth G. 13 Up. John st Liverpool rd. N. 
tKnapp Geo. 2 Minerra street, Pimlico, S.W. 
Knight Joseph, 8 CaTeisbam at. Chelsea, S.W. 
Knowler Allred, 1 South row, Earl'a court, S. W. 
tuKobelt Henry, 22 Newcastle street. Strand, W.C. 
jLact Thos. 37 Lillington street, Pimlico, S.W. 
cLaok Wm. Lillington street, Pimlico, S.W. 
Laidler Jotm J. 2 London st Filaroy square, W. 
£Lake C. Chapel place, S.K and 126 Long lane, 

Lamb H. Fms. 1 Bowling rt. Westminster, S.W. 
iLambell John, 21 Market row, Oiford market 
Lamble B. 14 Commercial place, Kentish Wwn . 
fiLamprell Wm. A. SIJ Long la. Smithfield, E,C 
iLancaster J. 6 Linton street. New North road, N' 

Langhelt W. G. 10 Allsops pi. Dpper Baker 
Langlois Wm. 1 Southampton rt. Pentonville, N. 
Langmead W.W. 12 Brown's lane, Spitalfielda 
cLannjng Geo. Thos. 48 Theobald's road, W.C. 
Lapthora Staph. 16 Princes street, Chelsea, S.W. 
tLamer Henry, 289 King's road, Chelsea, S.W. 
Latham Geo, Conant pL West India Docks, E. 
Laurence E. J. 11 Chatham pL Old Kent rd. S.E. 
Lawrence W. 67 Hatfield street, Blacktriars, S. 
LaTender W. 13 Park road, Clapham, S. 
Leach Geo. 50 Middleaei st. Somers town, N.W. 
iLeake T. 2 Charlotte pi. Upper Grange rd. S JI. 
Lee Jdo. 4 Ranelagh street, Pimlico, S.W. 
Lee Joseph, 69 London street, Fitiroy square, W. 
6Lee Eobt 5 Little Saffron hill, Hatton wall, E.C. 
Lee Robert, 108 St. Martin's lane, W.C. 
iLeech Geo. 5i Halton st Cross st Islington, N. 
Leete Wm. 2 Riiii si S.W. and 72 Lit. Cadogan 

place. Sloaoe street, S.W. 
Leigh Edward, New Park road, Briston hill, S. 
Leigh Geo. 12 Coldharbour lane, Briiton, S. 
Leighton B. T. Douglas street, Deptford. S.E. 
Lenunon George, 9 Gt. Carlisle street, NW.. 
Lester Henry, 3 Warwick pL Warwick road, W. 
fiLester J. ffigh at & Hamilton st Deptiord, SJB, 
fiLererfon Henry, 26 Hertford st Fitjioy sq. W. 
fiLewis Geo. 184 and 185 Drmy iane, W.C. 
Lewis John, 91 Warren street, Fitnoy square, W. 

Lidstone Geo. 11 St Andrew's hill, E.C. 

Lipscoumb S. 16 James pL Marlboro' rd. Chelsea 
Lister John, 34 George st Blacktriars road, S.E. 
iLittle David, 8 Delatnere mews, N.W. and S 

Blomlleld garden, Weatbonme ter, north, N.W, 
Little E. Uoion st Boston st. Hackney, N.E. 
bUoyi James, 19 WeU St. Cripplegate, E.C. 
Lockington T. K. 3 & 11 NorthamberlaDd itrsat 

Marylebooe, W. 
LockwDod R. 8 Leicester st. Leicester sq. W.C. & 

21 Litchfield st. Soho, W.C. 
Long W. 10 Ferdinand st Homuiiead rd. N.W. 
iLord James, 3 White Hart st Dmry lane, W.C. 
LoTelock J. 3 George's grove, Holloway rd. N. 
Loiett John, 33 Dorset st Portmao sq. W. 
fiLovitt T. 35 King sq. Goswell rd, E.C._ 

Ljng G. 71 FrincBs st Edgware rd. N.W. 
M'Anliifa W. BO Great Quebec st W. 
M'Cliver H. 1 Duck Une, Edward St. Soho, W. 
M'Dounall T. 23 Sloane ler. Chelsea, S.W. 
M'Intosh D. 8 Chapel st. Edgware rd. N.W. 
M'Kile H. Park rd. Clapham, S. 
M'Namara T. 4 Brindley st Westbonms gT»en,W. 
iiMadgin B. Fox & Knot court, SnowhiU, £.0. ± 

31 Albion grore west, Islington, N. 
Madley J. 24b Grafton st Pitiroy sq. W. 
AMaeers 11. 6 Sidmouth ter. Upper Grange road, 

Bennondsey, S.E, 

Maidroent John, 102 Westbourae park villai, W. 
Major Mrs. S. Princes sq. St George's it E. 
Mauley W. 72 St John's Wood ter. N.W. 
Manners H. 1 Dnimmond rd. Bennondsey, B JL 
Manning Mrs, L. 12a Thomhill ter. Hemii^oid 

road, Islington, N. 
Manning T. 3 Dudley court, Denmark pi. Soho 
Mansell J. 2 Chapel pi. north, South Andlej stW. 
Mansell W, 4 Aliens court, Oxford st W. 
Mapley G. F, 25 Little Bell alley, Moorgjtte st 
Maplej W. 26 Little Bell alley, Moorgate Bt B-C 
6Msrchant J. 3 Qneen st Regents circos, W. 
Marriner R 46 Sloane sq. Chelsea, S.W. 
Marsano B. 13 Leather lane, E.C. 
Marsden A.R 10a Hanover pL Oxford ct W. 
Marsh John, 26 Silver st. Golden sq. W. 
Marshall G. 8 Polygon, Clarendon sq, N.W. 
Marshall J. 9 j Little Compton sL W. 
fcMaryon W. 9 Stanhope st Hampstead rd. W. 
Maund J, 76 Old street road, E.C, 
Mayes W. S. 6 Orange st Red Lioa so. W.C. 
Maynaid J, 10 LitUe Randolpii st. N.W. 
Mayo J. 1 1 Chorch row, High st Islington, N. 
Mead W. 4 Chadwell st Pentonville, E.C. 
Meadow J, 1 1 Alexander st. Westbonme park,W. 
Medhurst J, 21 Newnbam st Edgware rd. W. 
Mears Daniel, 18 Goswell st E.C. 
Meharey R J. 3 CnmberWd pL Newington butt* ' 
Meldan Henry, 27 Cursjtor st B.C. and 8 Liltie' 

New stieet, Fetter lane, E.C. 
frMenzies R, 19S Upper st. Islington, N. 
Mercer George, S6 Prsed st Paddington, W. 

I 1S60. 


Uercer Mrs. 6. 96 FrondSDca buildinga, Nei* 

Kent road, S.£. 
Mrtealfs T. 4 PrincM rt. Sed Lian sq. W,C. 
Menlla Qeo^e, 12 Sonth st Hunmentnith, W. 
Micbelmore E. 6 Caioline pi. Hampstetd rd. N.W. 
Miles H. J. 9 Old Mauor rd. Stepney, E. 
MiQage JohD, 2 Qeorge yard. Drory luia, W.C 
6MiUed«e O. 9 Dnnsanj pL Wandsworth rd. S. 
MiDsr C. Flying Horeo yard, 33 Blacknan rt, S.E. 
iiSim i. 80 Harrow road, W. 
Miller R 34 Brindley st, Wfetbounie green, W. 
Maiiner S. 17 Trevor en. Knightsbridge, S.W. 
Millington Than. 87 Bishopsf^te at witht £.C. 
bjMma J. 110 Broadwall, Sc 7 Fiince'a at Stamfoid 

atreet, S. («< adneniaatunit) 
Milner Jasper, 145 Honodsditcli, N^ 
MiDga/ John, 14 TitehbomB at Edgsvare rd. W. 
Mintern James, 36 Coek lane, E.C 
Minhin J. 18 & 26j Law. Smith st Northampton 

square, E.C. 
Mitchell A. J, 1 Brunswick coM. Lewiaham rd. 
jMitcbell A. 1 & 2 Bobert st West India dock id. 
6 t'Mitcheil O. 43 Dnke st Lincoln's Inn Belds 
^Mitchell John, 2 Conuuerdal road, Luabeth, S. 

(see advertiKtieni) 
frMitchem J. G Torringlon mews, Burwood place, 

Edgeware road, W. 
Mork Fradk. Bd. 12 & 13 Paradiae st Maiylebone 
Moody J. 13 Bingham pL New North rd. N. 
6Moore Jamea S. 8 Charles it Commercial rd. E. 
Moors J. 61 Abbey st Bethiutl green rd. N.E. 
Moore Philip, 33 South st Camberwell, S. 
ftMorfett John, 38 Up. John at Fitaroy sq. W. 
Mn^tm J. C. 16^ Ana's ter. Cambridge heath 
Morgan Wm. S9 Davie3 st Berkelej aq. W. 
Mortelli Geo. 41 Charles st. Portman sq. W. 
Monis Aaron, 2 Fiehl pL Larkhall lane, S. 
Morria Wm. Deptford bridge, S.K 
(Moniss Bobert, IT Oeorge st W. and 5 Baker 

at. Portnutn aq. W. 
MorsHUUi Jesse, 19 Duke st. Lissoa grove, N.W. 
(Mortlock J. 7 North at- Weatmiaster, S.W. 
Mower H. Beavor lane. Hammersmith, W. 
Mould Geo. 262 Bethnal green road, N.E. 
Mttffott Benben, 38 Berwick st PimHco, S.W. 
MuUinar and Cooper, Church row, Wandaworth 
iUnndy J. A. 21 Backchurch lane, E. 
wMuiray R B, 4 Oxford pi. Waterloo rd. S. 
NaishOfio. 2 Middle row pL Holbom, W.C. 
Narramore 0«o. 271 Queen st Chelsea, S.W. 
6Kash A. 18 Everett it Branawiek sq. W.a 
Nash Chailes, 1 Wilaon it Finsbniy, E.C. 
Nash H. 37 Qloiter idace, Kentish town, N.W. 
Nash T. 14 Leatiier lane, Eolbam, Ka 
Natt J. U Eaton place^ Orosveon sqaan, S.W. 
Needle C. 21 Beer lane, E.C. 
Neve J. 24 Dowgate hiI5. City, RC. 
Nerin B. 1 Oeo^e terrace, Kentish town, N.W. 
Ndirark J. 8 Prospect row, Walworth road, S. 
Newman C. 1 Carringtoa mews, Mayfair, W.' 
Newman J. 4 Augustus st Regent's pail, N.W. 
NawmuiR 41 Baring at New North roajl, N. 
f^wtoan W. 2 PhiUip'a cottages, Blyth lane, 

Hammersmith, W. 
Newman W. 4 Heniy st. Cumberland mU. N.W. 
(Kewnliain C. 1 Wafeot aquie, lAmhadi, S. 

Neintna. 11 St James's market, S.W. 

iNewton 0. and J. Old Swan lane, E.a 

ANewton J. 90 London wall, E.C. and 9 Hoor Uue 

Niebolla R.19 Brunswick parade, Brunswick rd. N. 

Nicbolla T. 50 YoA street, Westminat«r, S.W. 

iNicbol R 3 Market etreet, Bloomabury, W.C. 

Niien J. 73 Praed atreet, Faddington, W. 

Nobes T. Hornsey lane, Highgate, N. 

Nobes T, Horasnlaue, Upper Holloway, N, 

Noimaa O. 133 Betboal green road, N.E. 

Niaman R S Cumberland market, N.W. 

Norris G. 43 Pickering place, Bayswater, W. 

ANorria J. 44 Lime street E.C. 

Norris W. S Gioodman's yard, Miooriss, E. 

North C. 1 Queen's Head ct Ot, WindmiU *t W. 

Nortbmore T. 67 Church sljeet, Shoreditch, N.E. 

Nortijn J. C, and Son, 1 Park street, lalington, N. 

Norton T. High street, Stratiord, B. 

Nunez D. 9 Butcher row, Batdiff,R 

Nye T. e Dorset st- Clapbam Toah. S. 

Oats H. 18 Broad st. Bloomsbury, W.C. 

Ody E. 4 PleasMt place, Uollowaj, N. 

Ogilvie and White, 16 Bedfordbury, W.C, 

O'Kaefe D. 67 New road, Sloane sL S.W. 

Olyott B. .W. Deptford green, S.K. 

Ormston J. 1 Pork lane. Now st Dorwt iq. N.W. 

Oaborne John, 27 DancaJTs pL London fields, N.E. 

cOabome J. 22 North row, Groeteaor sqnaM, W. 

Oabom W. S New street, Brompton, S.W. 

ftOuthwaite G. J. 3 Lawoon st Gt Dover st S.B. 

Outhwaite W. 67 Snow hjll, E.C. 

£Orer T. 47 Eingalandroad, N.E. 

Overall J. ShaekteweU Use, Stoke NewingtoD, W. 

Owena J. 24 Pleaaant row. Lower Keniuugton 
' lane, B. 

Paek T. W. 87 Trafalgar atre.t, Walworth. S. 
Paddock B. 6 Bobert street, Orosvanor sq/Vf. 
Page W. 5 Lonsdale place. Netting bill, W. 
pJmec T. 36 Skidmore street. Mile end, E. 
Palmer W. 37 Garden row, London road, S. 
Palmer, W. 7 Nag'a head ct Giacechnrch st E.C. 
Pankhurrt J. 3 Langley street Long acra, W.C. 
Parker B. 22 Dmry lane, W.C. 
Parker G. Kilbum, N.W. 
Parker G. 15 Saville place. Mile end road, E. 
Parker J. II Orroond row, Qoeen's road, S.W. 
Parkinson J. 9 White Hart st Drury lane, W.C. 
Martinson T. 23 Charges street, Piccadilly, W. 
Pailby J. 49 Foley sti^ Langham street, W. 
bPan W. 4 Hertford road, Kingsland, N. 
Fareons H. 14 Maria street, Kingsland road, N.E. 
Faisons T. U Holland cottages, Brixton, 5. 
FartiidgB J. 39 City road, B.C. 
Pascoe W. 6 Milton street, Finabnry, E.C. 
Pattison W. 142 Snow fields. Bermondaey, S.E. 
ij Paull W. W. 106 Great Dover street, S.E. 
Pavitt Or. Queen street, Hammeramith, W. 
Pawley T. 6 Goldsmith street, E.C. 
Payne F. 2 Sydney place, Lanadowne ri. Clap> 

bam road, S. 
Payne J. Cromwell lane, Old Brompton, S.W. 
6Paynter P. 10 Bread stroet hilt, E.C. 
Pearee, O. 19 Great Dover street, Borongh, SJ]. 
Fearce R SS Albany street, Begent'a park, N.W. 
Pearee R 24 Marlboroagh aqoare, Chelsea, S.W, 
;Pfltnon fill, 47 Muoiter sqnaie, N.W. 


jPeddlo Alfred, 1 1 Leigb street, BortMi cres. W.C. 

PHgriin C. 5 Lirerpool et. Portliuid st. Walwinth 
iPeirsoQ Stephen, Old Bromnton. S.W. 
Felling Geo. 5 HoUoway pL Hollowny, N. 
fiPolliug Junes, Shikspear terrace, Holloway rood, 

and Homsey road, N, 
Welling John, 1 1 White Condnit temice, N. 
tPelton George, 63 Milton etrect, E.C. 
APemberlon & Pri™, 36 and 3G Horseterry road, 

S.W. and 49* Vine street, Westminster, S.W. 
Peraherton Fred. A. 8 York place, Vauxhall 

bridge road, S.W. 
Peolington T. I'J CursilOT at. Chancery k. E.C. 
Penna^ C. I Hayward's pi. Grange rd. S.E. 
Pepler A. 1 Temple pi. Old Kent rd. S.E. 
Perkins W. 21 Kussell cowl, Dmry lane, W.C. 
tPercen J. 100 Fore street, Cripplegate, E.C. 
PetiT Kichd. 3 Kobinson's row, Kingsland, N.E. 
Petehy John H. Bell oL Edgwars nad, N.W. 
iPeters Jaa. 17 Adsjn st. east, Portman eg. W. 
Peters Mra. M. 1 Park walk, Chelsea, S.W. 
Peters Wm. 13 Villa street, Camberwell, S. 
Pettet Edward, Whitmote place, east, S. 
Petit Fias. 87 Dean street, Soho, W. 
PhillipsJ ames, Church road, Tottenham, N. 
Phillips J 2 Harriet terrace, Hollowaj road, N. 
PhilUps Paul, 17J Addle st. Wood sL E.C. 
Pickering RT. 10 Tavistock place, W.C. 
Pickford Charles, G Bortholomen dose, KC. 
SPickford W. iun. i Oxford row. Old Kent rd. S.E. 
fiPierce J. El Lirerpool bL Bishopsgate sL B.C. 
jPierce Wm. 12 Webb street. Sonthwarfc, S.E. 
Piggott J. 3 Game pL New td. Hammersmith, W. 
Pindar Beoj. 3 Lansdowne mewB, W.C. 
Pither Thomaa, 1 Albion cottages, Albion niad, 

Ilunmeismith, W. 
Pitbeis William, 2.'> St. Pete's pi. Hamtneismitli 
Pitney Wm. 10 Gilbert st Grosvenor sq. W. 
Place Wm. 43 Pickering place, Bayawater, W. 
Pleasant E. 1* Coburg street, Clerkenwell, E.C. 
Plumei Jas. 117 East st. Eennington road, S. 
Pockson Jas. 10 Ponton st. Walworth road, S. 
Pool B. 10 White Lion st. PentonvOle, N. 
Pope Henry, 5 Eldon street, Finsbnry, E.C. 
Pope Jacob, Baring st. New North road, N. 
Pope William, 1 7 David st. Marylebone, W. 
Porrett D. 7 Wobnm bdgs. Tavistock sq. W.C. 
Porter T. 1 Golden Lion court, Aldersgate street 
Potter G. IIollvbuBh hill, Hainpstead, N.W. 
Powell and Bellamy, G Knightrider court, E.C. 
Powell W. 81 Gt. George st. Bermondsey, S.E. 
iPower J, 7 Bentham road, Hackney, N.E. 
Powis Waliam, 33 Dmry lane, W.C. 
Pratt T. H. 1 Frederick pi. Seven Sisters' rd. N. 
Preedy G. & Co. U York pi. Kingsland rd. N.E. 
Pretsall A. 40 Queen Elisabeth street, S.E. 
Price K. W. 12 The Mall, Kensington gravel pits 
Prodger Geo. 21 Ha»*ney road, KE. 
Pritchard, J. Heath street, Uampstead, N.W. 
Pngh Wm. 30i College street, Chelsea, S.W. 
cftPnlbj & Saxford, 4 Kensington High st W. 
Pumell J. 15^ Kensington pi. Milbank Bt S.W. 
Purser John, 7 Canterbury pL Ohi Kent rd. S.E, 
fiPuraey J. 33 Great Castle st Kegant'a park, W. 
Qnarierman E. 22 Jamaica row, Betmondacv, S.E. 
Balph John, 5 London street, Paddjngton, W. 

Balph P. 24 Vale place, Hammeismith. W. 
tuHandall Mrs. M. 24 Lambeth road, S. 
Bapley W. George sL CiroBvenoT sqnare, W. 
Baren W. 12 Devonshire st Newington causeway 
Bavenhill T. 6 Queen street. Golden square, W. 
Bavenscroft G. T. 12 Maiden la. Covent garden 
Bayment J. E. 14 James's tei. Waterloo road, S. 
fiayner C. 34 Philip st Kingsland road, N. 
fiSead John & Son, Whitechapel High stieet, E. 
Read J. 14 Wyndham street Bryanstoa squaro, W. 
Read Thos. 13 Manor street, Chelsea, S.W. 
Bead W. C. 18 Devoiqwrt mews, W. 
£Beader & Mil<Nhe11, 18 Grundy st East India rd. 
Beasbeck John, Clifton mews, Clifton road, St 

John's wood, N.W. 
fBeed Samuel and Thomas Benjamin, 49 Liver- 
pool street, Bishopsgate, E.C. 
Beecks R 79 Manor street Clapham, S. 
Keeve Wm. G Mid. Stover sL Commercial rd. E.C. 
peeves W. 43 Brompton sqnare, S.W. 
Keid C. 3 Richmond st Edgware road, N.W. 
lieid James, 4 Kenton st. Snnswick sqnare, E. 
SKeynolda John, 7 Redcross square, E.G. 
Beynolda Wm. lo Edward's mews, Kensingtoii 
Bichards J. 28 New North st Red Lion s^. W.C. 
Richard J, lU Union pi. Marylebone rd. N.W. 
Richards John, 6 King street Fiusbury, E,C. 
Richards Joseph, 1G Great Bandolph st N.W. 
AKchards Thos. 20 Salisbu^ street, Strand, W.C. 
Bichards T. G. 32 York st Westminster, S.W. 
fiRichards W. 4 Up. North pi. Gray's Inn rd. W.C. 
Richardson F. 37 George st. Foley st. W. 
Richardson John, Park st. Stoke NewingfoI^ N. 
Richardson John, 36 Friday street, EC. and 3 

Bread stieet hill. City, E.C. 
lUchardEon John, jnn. <> Little DistaS lane, E.C. 
jBichardson Joseph, G3 Castle street east, W. 
Riches I. 8 Warner street New Kent road, S.E. 
jliickaby J. 10 New Gravel hme, SbadwelL E. 
Ridge Wm. 15 Gresse st Tottenham court rd, W. 
Riggs J. iun. IfiA Macclesfield street sonUi, E.C. 
Robbhis F. 7 Shevill'e buildings. Globe rd. N.E. 
Roberts Chas. John, Cursitor street, E.C. 
Roberts, David, Leathersellet's buildings, E.C. 
Roberts Robert Devonshire street, Mile end, N.E, 
Roberts Wm. Camden at Camden town, N.W, 
Robinson Geo. 33 Radnor street, Chelsea, S.W. 
Robinson Hemy Goo. 40 Pickering place. Queen's 

road, Bayswater, W. 
iRogers Samuel, 47j Lime street, E.C. 
Honca D. 4 Great Choyno row, S.W. 
jRoome Thos. Olive Cottage, WeU st Hackney 
Iloper Thos. E. 7 SaviUe place, Mile end rood, E. 
ijHo;e John, 57 King street. Borough, S.E. 
iUossiter Frederfck, 14 Nicholas lane, E.C. 
Rowcliffe Wm. 71 Great Prescot street E, 
Rndd Benj. 2 Canal bridge, Cambridge heath, N.E. 
Budd Caleb, North cotl^. West sq. Sonthwark 

iSalmon J. 7 & 8 Violet hill, St John's wd. N.W. 
Salter James, Hanger lane, 'Tottenham, N. 
Saltmarsh W. T. 4 Salisbury court, Fleet st E.C. 
Sames T. F. GO Snow's fiel^ Bermondsey, SH 
Sanders Mrs. C. 33 Queon street^ Edgware ri W, 




Saodeis ThonutB, UO Great ForUand street, W. 
SandeisoD W. C. IG Chnsp Btreet, E. 
Sandison James, 4 Bedford street, Strand, W.C. 
j/Sojids W. 18 Ctusttor stieet, Chanceiy lane, E.C. 

{see advertlseiBent) 
Sflnndere Frank, 3 Phcenix yd. 126 Oxforf st W. 
Saunders John, 39 Earl el. Edgwaie rd. N.W. 
Saunders T. 1 Prinfinghoose lane, E.C. 
Saondera Wm. 9 Allington st. Pimlico, S.W. 
Saunders Win. 85 East Etteet, Manchester sq. W. 
Sawjer Eobert, Fortie green, Hornsey, N. 
Sawyer Thos. 9 Wyndhom at. Biyaneton sq, W. 
Sayer B. 6 Hanover pi. Old Kent road, S.E. 
SayeiB John, High s&eet, Wandsworth, S. 
fiScantlebnrf John V. B Conduit mews, W. 
Scarborough James, G Ladbroke grove, W. 
Bchmoock Julius, 55 Judd st. Brunswick sq. W.C. 
Scott John Kudge, 9 Queen street. Tower hill, E. 
S<»tt Bichard, 3 Church lano, KenEington, W. 
Scroton D. 46 Upper North pj. Gray's Inn rd. W C. 
Seamark F. H. 13 Porchestcr tnewB, Bayswatar, W. 
iSearle Wm. T. Victoria road, Deptford, S.E. 
uiSearson Boht. 28 Gower place, Euston sq. N.W. 
Seatle Thomas, 3 T^en pWe, Dalston rd. N.'' 

Seatoo John, 6a Wmslej street, Oxiord st W.C. 

'"edgwiok Benj. 38 Hai _ " , 

Sells J. 14 &15 St George's mows, Begeat's pk. rd. 

north, W. 

Sewell WiUiam, 11 Caroline street, Moscow rd. W. 
Seymour Thomas, 39 Bury street, St James's S.W. 
Shannan John, 98 Cromet street, W.C. 
fiSharp Wm. a & 3 Marlboro' st. Blackfriais rd. S. 
Sharp Wm, HI Titchbome st. E^aie road, W. 
Shaw Thos. 23 Plumber street, (5ty road, N. 
Shearman S. 4 Prospect pL Kingsland td. N.E. 
Shearman W. 2 York ter. Camberwell north rd. S. 
Sheppatd Geo. 31 North row, Grosrcnor sq. W. 
Sheppy Hen. 57 & 58 Old slieet road, E.a 
Shennan W. 1 Oriel cottages, De Beanvoir id, N. 
tSherwood Wm. 1 Belvedere crescent, Lambeth, S. 
Shirm Benjamin, 7 Bramley ter. Netting hill, W. 
iShonblsE&F. 10 & 11 Weston st, Boro', SJB. 
Shreeve James, High street, Tottenham, N. 
iShuckfotd J. 11 Stndiey ter. LarkhaU lane, S. 
Silvester Jas. 4a Allsop'e place, Begent's pL N.W. 
Simes E. & Son, 69 White Lion si FentonvOle, N. 
SimmondsG. 1 1 Frospoctpl. Cambridge heath, N E. 
Simmons & Capon 11 Moore lane, Ciipplegate, E.C. 
iSimpson Peler, 45 Gt. Tilchfield street, W. 
Sivil WiUiam, 77 Chancery lane, W.C. 
Skinner Jno. Thos. 18 Cardington street, N.W. 
Slater Joseph, Heath street, Hampstead, N.W. 
Sleap Bobeit, Homsey road, N. 
Slocombe Richard, St. John's hill, S.W. 
Slyman & Hum^rey, 2Ta Charles st. Berkeley sq. 
Smith Andrew, Harrow, N.W. 
Snutb Chaa. Starch green, Hammersmith, W. 
Smith Chis. S Queen's road east, Chelsea, S.W. 
Smith Chas. 3 Upper Copenhagen street, N. 
Smili Edwd. S Northampton st Clerkenwell, E.C. 
Smith F. J, 24 St James's market, S.W. 
Smith James, King street, Hammeismith, W. 
Smith James, 1 Napier place, Dalston, N E. 
Smith John, Fond street, Hampstead, N.W. 
Smith John, 13 Hosier lane, E.C. 
Smith John Wm. 3 Grafton street east, W.C. 
SmfUi Nath:iniel, 17 Now street, Boro' road, S.E. 

Smith Robt 72 Gt. CoUego st'.Camden town, N.W. 
Smith Thos. 4 Doughty street, Lambeth walk, S. 
Smil^ T. 46 Fickermg pi. Queen's rd. Bayswater 
Smith T. 29 WeUington street, Blackfriais, S.E. 
Smith Thomas Sidney, 32 Seething lane, E.C. &, 

16 Gt Tower street, E.C. 
iSmith Waller, 32* York street^ Portman sq. W, 
SSmith Wm. 85 White Lion street, Pentooville, N. 
Smytii John, 11 GtBarlowstieet, Marylebone, W. 
ftSneeium Thomas, G Rupert st Haymarket, W. 
£Snell James, 16 Dorset road, Clapham road, S. 
Snell T. J. 20 Lansdowne pi. south, Lambeth, S. 
Snuggs Ssmnel S. 49 Kushton street, Boston, N. 
Spanswick George, 2 Loipsic road, Camberwell, S. 
Spanswick Miss J. 2 Camberwell New road, S. 
Spark Wm. 26 Oxendon street, Haymarket, S.W. 
Sparkes James, 1 1 John street, Curtain roai E.C. 
iSmrks John Ig King street. Tower hill, E. & 

Qower's walk, WhitMhapel, E. 
Sparkes Jno. E. 1 Princes pi. Kennington cross, S. 
Sparkes Thos. 7a Carrington street May fair, W, 
Sparrow John, 29 Wells street Osford street, W. 
Spanl Wm. 1 Kemp's row, Pimlico, S.W. 
j^pencer E. & Co. 18 & 19 Billiter street, E.C. 
Spencer James, 1 Bawslomo st. Br ompton, S.W. 
Spencer J. 13 & 14 Melton street, Euston sq. N.W, 
Spooner W. H. Brixton hill, S. 
Squire Arthur, 30 Carruiby street. Golden sq, W, 
Squire Fras. 3 Buckingham road, Kingsland, N. 
Squires George, 2 Church lane, Islington, N. 
iStaff Robert, S East road. City road, N. 
6j'Staines Mrs, J, 18 Gt St Helen's E.C. 
iStarkey James. Old street, St Luke's, E.C, 
iStarr Joseph, 39 Castle stieet east, Oxforil st. W. 
Steel Jas, Cambridge place, Edgware road, W' 
iSteel Wm 29 Grove pL Lisson grove north, N.W. 
Stennings & Rawe, St Leonard's road, St Bromley 
Step George, 46 Holywell street, Strand, W.C. 
Stephens Jaa. 12 BuUin court, 407 Strand, W.C. 
Stephens Jas. 18J Warner st New Kent rd. S.E. 
Stevens A 2 Winchester st. PentonriUe road, N, 
Stevens Geo, 1 Richmond road, Bayswaler, W. 
iSteveos B, II St. George's pL Camberwell, S. 
ftShicMand R. 6 Westmoreland buildings, E.C. 
iStickland W. SO Michael's pi. Brompton, S.W. 
iStoue Benj. 6 Mead pi. Westminster rd. 8. 
Stone H. G. 15 Denmark st Fentonvilte, N. 
jStone Jabez, 6 Roupell st Cornwall rd. S. 
iStone J. 18 Princes at. Druir lane, W.C. 
Stone Philip, Morning lane. Hackney, N,E. 
Stone W. 11 Bell yai^ Temple bar, W.C. 
Storey Thos. 23 New at. Brompton, S.W. 
StuddW. 1 Crown court, Pall Mall, S.W. 
Stump W. 63 Stanhope st Clare markt W.O; 
fiSuch T. W. 8 Foundling terrace, ,W.C. 
Sullivan Jno. 104 Blackfriars rd. S. 
Sulway W. E, 21 Gerrard st Soho, W. 
Surrey J, 299 King's rd. Chelsea, S.W. 
Sutton W. 0. 9 Devonshire st Queen so. W.C. 
Swan J. 9 Hoitoa market, N. 
Sweeting R S. South Island pi. Clapham rd. S. 
Sweetsur J. 1 Merlin's pi. Wilmington sq. W.C. 
Symonds H, 2 John st Davies st W. 
ftSymons G. 41 Brompton row, Brompton, S.W. 
Syred Daniel, Fortis green, Homsey, N. 
Sjred Thos. Fortis green, Homsey, N. . 

FOR 1860. 

6Ttib«Tlwm Jbi. T St. Jua«'a market, H«jmuket 
Tackier 3- 62 Oreat Mvylebone ct W. 
TMiaer R, 8S Hampst«ad road, K.W. 
Tamtit Wm. Brighkni pL CWberwel!, S. 
Tuntun Jas. Qrocefa hall cooit, E.G. 
Taonton 3ta. 62 Hoimood st HompEtead rd. K.W- 
Tftjlor J. 8 Alisop mews west, Baker st. N.W, 

rajl.. _ 

Taylor J. 17 PorUand pi. town, Clapham rd. S. 
Taylor J. 21 Willow walk Becrnondsay, S.E. 
Taylor J. 60a Drimimoiid fit Euston u. N.W. 
Taylor W. i Jerusalem sq. Hackney, N.E. 
ftTample R 48 Tothill at Wastmioster, 8.W. 
Tennant Jaa. 19 Bol>ert gL Hoiton, N. 
Teppec Q. 1 Chapel st. GroB»enor »q. W. 
Terry Thoa. 8 Bull court, Tooley st S.E. 
jThatchec J. 1 WUton ter. Pimlico, S.W. 
Thatcher T. 3 CumberUud si Chelsea, S.W. 
Thomas C. 2 Upper York pL St. John's wood 
Tbomal D. West gieen, Tottenham, N. 
Tkmuu J. 11 Exmontb st. Enston sq^.W. 
Thomas Juo. 14 West si Golden «q. W. 
JThomas J. 5 Grosvenor mews, Gtossenor tq. W. 
Thomas B, 36 PeQton st Walworth, S. 
Thompson C 28 Great, Crown court, Goldea aq. 
Thompson Jehu, i Allen eL Islington, N. 
Thompson J. 26 Gb'ster ler. Tauxhall bildge rd. 
Thorn J. I Chapel pL south, North Andlsy it. W. 
Thorn J. 10 PoUen st Hanover aq. W. 
Thornton J. 1 & 2 Northumberland at W. 
Thornton W. 105 Little Cadogan pi. S.W. 
Thorpe W, 7 Exmouth st Euston aq. N.W, 
Threlfall B. 1 LitOe Mariborough at W. 
Tibbalds W. 89 Clarendon rt. Somers town, N.W. 
TJbbe Peter, Deptford High st S JL 
{^ridnaarah C. & Sons, 226 Upper st. Islington, N. 
Tilly E. 12 St Maiy-at-hill, E.G. 
Tilly W. Hide's hnildmg'fl, Wandsworth, S. 
Timpeon M. jnn. 19 Stanhope st Eampstead rd, 
iTima W. 7 Montpelier st Brouipton, S.W. 
Todd W. 62 Mount at Qrosvenor sq. W. 
Took J. 13 Seabiight pL west Hackney id. N.E. 
Toomer W. 8 Chenies st Tottenham court rd. 
Toop Phillip, Ilomsey road, N. 
Toovey G, 11 ftederick at Begent's park, N.W. 
Towle C. 11 Manor row, Queen st Chelsea, S.W. 
Townlej S. 5 Fort at Spitalfields, N.E. 
iTrayler J. 26 Duke at BlooDisbury, W.C. 
Tregurtha J, 7 LittU Saffron hill, B.C. 
Trenamao S. Upper Tulse hill, Brixton, S. 
IWpp H. 32 Tnftou st WestmJDfitar, S,W. 
Trow a 14 HnnUey et Tottenham court rd. W.C. 
Troww B, 7 Denmark at Soho, W.C. 
Tubby E. Wood green, Tottenham, N. 
Tucker Isaac, 13 Mailborough tow. Golden sq.W. 
Tucker W. 19 Upper King st Commercial rd. east 
Tulk^. and Son, 16 Shepherd'a ct Shepherd's rd. 
Mumbnll G. H. 8 Northumberland aUey, Fen- 

chorch street, E.C. 
Tnmei H. 11 Haylield pL Mile end rd. E. 
iTunuir S. 26 Waibrook, B.C. and 26 Wormwood 

iitreet, Bishopagate, E.C. 
Tamer W. 16 Keene's row, Walworth rd. S. 
Vale C. H. 12 Denbigh tei. weet, Notting hill, W. 
Velentine J. Market haU, Shodwell, E. 

frVallanM E. 9 Star codbt, BemMiuUsy, SJL 

VsnghanJ'no. 16 Avery row, Qrosraiot at W. 

Veitch R 25 Mary at Enitou rd. N.W. 

Vertier Q. Stratford grove, Stratford, E. 

Vickery J. 2 Longhborough pL Kizt^m rd. S. 

Vigors W. 2 George yard, Duke st Qroavencs sq. 

Vincent J. 9 Gilbert st. Gtosvenor sq. W. 

Vine J. 90 Queen st Cheapsida, E.G. 

Viney J. 14 New st. mews, Doriet sq. N.W. 
/Vinsun J. 12 Catherine st Cominercial rd. east 
j'iVirtue J. 68 Newtrum st Oxford st W. 

Wakeman Jamea, 12 Spring pL Black l^on lone. 

Hammersmith, W. 
frWaldron H. 11 Great Charlotte iL S. 
Waldron J. IJitrow, W. 
Walford J. E. 23 Old Fish st. E.C. 
iWalker A- 118 Gray's Inn lone, W.C. 
Walker K 76 EveLyn at. Deptford, S.E. 
iiWalker J. lU Wood st Westminster, S.W, 
Wftlkir«ton E. 142 Gt. Suffolk st Boro. 8.E. 
Wall G. Pleasant row, Deptford High ct S.B. 
Wallis F. 19 Trafdgai st Wotwoctb rd. S. 
Ward G. 16 Union st Whitechapel rd. E. 
Ward J. E. 79 Gt Qoeen st Lineolni Inn Bald* 
AWame J. Ill Pentonville rd. N. 
bWuna W. 166 Sonthwark bridge rd. SJL 
Warner J. W. 8 Grove st Camden Iowa, N.W. 
Warner W. Kenderst Qaeea'srd. New cross, S.R 
Warren J. 4 Bortholomew ter. City rd. E.C. 
Warren J. 17 Ifield ter. Larkhall lane, S. 
cWatling J. 17 Everett st HuaseU sq. S.W. 
Watson & Harvey, 29 Aldermanbury, E.C. & 38 

MonkweU st E.C. 
Watson E. 6 Dean's row, Walworth rd. S. & IS 

Villa st Camberwell, S. 
Watson E. Wellmgton cottage Fox lane, Kinga' 

land, N.E. 
Watts C. 43 Park cres. mews west, MairleboaBnl. 
Watts H. Soliebury at Agar town, N.W. 
Wy J. 18a WhitUngton pi. Up. HollowM, N. 
iWay J. 10 Archer st Kensiiigton park, W. 
Weatherall J. 2 Princes st DriirT lane, W.O. 
Webb Q. 12 South st Cbelaea, S.W. 
Webb W. 4 Beanchomp st Leather hine, E.a 
"" ■ ■ "- " Exetar st Sloane st S.W. 

Weller H. T. 26 John st north, Maryleboae, W. 
Wells F. 14 Miles' lane, Up. Thames et E.a 
b u/Wella H T. 20 Church st Lambeth, S. 
Wells W. 1 Holland st Clapham rd. S. 
Wellsted John, 1 Edward st. St John's Wood ter. 
Wonmoth W. 26 Noble street, B.C. 
West J. 31 Little BusseU at Bloomsburr, W.Q - 
West W. 9 Bird st West sq. Lambeth, 8. 
Westbrook E. S. 55 Enpert st W. 
Weston T. 13 Dooro cola. St John's wood N.W. 
Westrope J. 86 Southainpfon et. Camberwell, S. . 
Whaley J. 17 Brewer st north, Goswell rd. K.C. 
Wheeler S- & Sou, 53 Ca-^e st Leicester eq.W.C. 
tWheeler Henry, 8 Bream's buildings, E.C. 
Wheeller J. 1 Cornwall cross, Camden town, N.W. 
WheeUsr W. II Holland at Clapham rd. S. '' 

I 1860. 


iWa)» A. M. 11 Conunercul rd. lAmbetb, (mc 


Wliito Q. 4 Fieldsate >t WhitechapeL E. 

WMte G. « Grafton si Soho, W,C. 

White J. 32 St Pauls st. Arlington sq. N. 

White T. 16 Bedtordtinrj, W.C. 

White T. i West st Walworth rd. S. 

tuWhite W, 5 Cross st Kewington Butta, S. 

Whitehwd J. 29 Wardour sL W. 

WUtmUBh H. U Aveijfaroi row, PimliEO, S.W. 

Whittaker R. 6 Earl st. BUckfriars, E.G. 
yWMtworth C. 7 CUIford'a row, Pimlicu, S.W. 

Wfckes B. L. 5 Wattrloo st Camberwell, E. 

Wigzell J, C. 63 Theobald's road, W.C. 

Wilcoclt J. T Prospect pi. Larkhal! lane, S. 

Williams J. 29 C!oMbath sg. W.a & Church contt, 
High rt. Kensington, W. 

Williams J. 6 Holloway ter. Hollowaj rd. N. 

JWilliams T. 4 St. Stephen's tet. Wharf rd. King's 
Cross, N. and i Trematoa tnews, Albion street, 
Cftledonion td. N. 

iWillBDier Q. 77 Coleman st City, E.C. 

Willson G, 63 Bnckland st north. New North rd. 

Wilson E. 6 Sjdnej ter. Marlborough rd. Chelsea 

Wilson J. 6 Beavoi lane, Hammersmil^ W, 

fiWilson J. 18 Cobom rd. Bow rd. E. 

Wilson J. & Union st Blackfriars. E.C, 

Wilson Mrs. M. 8 King's pL Commercial rd. cut, E. 

Wilson R L, 1 Eohert st Slockwell, S 

iWilaon T. 18 Qt Titchflald st W. 

fcWilson W, 19 Ayleahnrj st Qerkenwell, E.C. 

Wilson W. H. Howard id. Stoke Newington, N. 

Wilton J. 81 Qriffia et Lambeth, S. 

Wiltshire F. T. IB Copenhagen st west N, 

Windle J. Church row, Hounsditch, N.E. 

Windsor T. 284 Kent st Borough, S.E, 

WingTOve W. W. 75 Paol st. Ffcsburv, E.C. 

Wint J. 4 Begenti pi. Westminster, S.W. 

Winjard W. West end, Hampatoad, N.W. 

Wood C. 3 Feathers rEiows, Bedford row, W.C. & 

20 Wilmot Bt W.C. 
Wsod II. 16 Page's walk, Bermondsej, S.E, 
Wood J. T. i Stodd st Islington, N. 
Wood John, 16G High Holbom, W.C. 
Woodcock J. 1 Bod Lion passage, Holbom, W.C. 

Woodbead J. 8 Denbigh st Belgrave rd. S.W. 
Wooding W. Bee Hive passage, Leadenhall mkt. 
Woodley J. 64 Manlebone lane, W. 
Wo«iiofr« W. 8 John Bt Up. HoUoway, N. 
iWoodrow J. Olivar's yard. City rd. E.C. 
Woods C. 67 Chester st Kennington cross, S. 
iWoods E. 84 Foley si Langham st W. 
Woods J. 7 Pond pi. Fulham rd. S.W. 
iWoodward J. 8 Wilson st. Finsbury, E.G. 
Wooldridge T. 9 Mintem st New North rd. N. 
WorfeU George 8 Clothfair, E.C. 
frWotkmaD E. 1 Cleveland st. Mile end, N.E. 
Womer James, 14 Mount st Whitechapel, E, 
Worrill J. :0 Globe tei. Mile end, NJl. 
WerthingtonE. Half moon yd. 131 Borough, S.E. 
jWright G. 17 Dartmouth st Westminster, S.W. 
cWright G. 103 Waterloo rd. S. 
iWiight B. 48 Cochrane ter. St John's wood, 
tWright William, Batteisea rise, S.W. 
Wy<£« a New Park It Borough, S.E. 
Torfc F. 3 Agustus st Begenti park, N.W 

Yonng C. 84 Devonshire it Qoeen iq^ W.C. 
Konng W. Glasshoase yard. Up. £ast Smlthfield, E. 


AllenG. Danveis wharf, Lombard st. Chelsea, S.W. 
Aihbj W. and Son, Upper Thames street, E.C. 

and Isleworth W. 
Atkins J. and Sons, Nine Elms, Vanshall, S. 
Baldwin J. E. 11 Jewin street, E.C. and 1 Peter 

street, Sonthwark bridge road, S.E. 
Bellman V. 14 Buckiogham'street, Fitiror sq. W. 

and 3 Bedford street Liquorpond st W.C. 
Blashtield J. B. 1 Wharf, south side, Paddington 

basin, W. 
Biyth J. D. 16 Sonth wharf, Paddington basin, W. 
Booth Q. 82 Bridge house place, Newington 

Causeway (tee adurrtiseiaeni) 
Booth H. 22 Seward street Ooswell street, E.C. 
BoBwell J. S St. James's load. Old Kent road, SJI. 
Buckwell W. 86 King William street E.C, ; 

Works, East Greenwich, SJL (tte adiil.) 
Burtt C. Canal wharf, Albany rd. Camberwell, S. 
Butt J. Prit<:hard road. Hackney road, N.K 
Cann J. 59 Princes street, Lambeth, 6. 
Clark and Bengongh, 5 George yard, Lombard 

sdeet (su advertisement) 
Cleaver E. M. and E. Elizal>eth bridge wharf, 

Pimlico, S.W. and Sittingboume, Kent 
Coles, Shadbolt and Co. Thomhill wharf, Cale- 
donian road, N. 
Cook W. 19 Wharf north side, Paddingtonfcasin, W. 
CokJ. I, 2 and 3 High stiMi, Lambeth. S. 
Eastwood J. and W. Wellington what!, and Sus- 

rnsion bridge wharf. Belvedere road, Lambeth, 
and Canal Bridge wharf, St James's road. 
Old Kent road, S.E. 

Eden F. K Falcon wharf, 80 Baakside, S.K 

Erith G. John street Cambridge heath, S JL 

Formby C. Grosvenor road, Thames bank,Pinilico, 
S.W. and North Western wharf, Adam'a ter. 
Hampslead road, N.W. 

Francis Brother^ and Pott Nine Elms, Yauxhall, 
S. ; Great Scotland yw^ S.W. ; 9 City »ad 
wharf,N.j Bridge wharf, Kentish town, N.W. ; 
Medina Mills, near Cowes, Isle of Wight, Liver- 
pool, and Dublin. 

Francis C. Commercial wharf, Kingsland rd. N.E. 

Freen and Co. 8 Canal road, Kingsland, N. 

Geary C. Hope wharf, Begont's canal. Mile end rd. 

Glflddish W. andT. N. Pedlar's acre, Belvedere 
road, Lambeth, 8. 20 Dockhead, Bermondsey, 
S.E. ; Danvers whart, Lombard street Chels^ 
S.W. ; Pratt wharf, Kmg's road, Camden town, 
N.W. ; and Finsbury wharf, 34 Wharf road. 
City road, N. 

GofBn & Co. 1 Percy wharf, Great Scotland ^aid, 
W. and Great 7annouth 

Greaves and Eirshaw, 14 Wharf, South side, 
Paddington, W. 

Green D. High street Vaozhall, and Vauzhall 
wharf, Pimlico, S.W. 

Hack T, 59 Qranee road, Bermondsey, S.E. 

Hall Brothers, 5 Youl'a pkce. Old Kent road, SJ!. 

Hawker W. C. 21 Bemerton t«rr»ce, William st 
Caledonian road, N. 

Hill J. 4 Chapel stroot Edgware road. N.W. 

Hilton, C. J. 6 Upper Thamee Btre«t, E.C. and 
Faverslmui, Kent (_iee adverlUemcitl) 

Hurst C. H. 15 Cross street, Keonington, S. 

Johasoii I. C. and Co. 28 St. Sfaijat Hai, E.G. 

Jones W. and Co. 241 and 342 Wapping High at 

Kiallmark G. and Co. 9 Wharf, NorOi side, Pad- 
ding1«n basin, W. 

KiusoQ Pottery Company, Waterloo bridge wharf, 
Lambeth, and Poole, Dorset 

Knight, Bovan, and Stitrge, Belvedere road, S. 

Lavers .T. K. Dowgate lime, tile, & cement wharf, 
Canal road, KingBland road, N. 

Lee, Son, and Smith, 16 Upper Ground street, 
Blackfriars, S.; Depfford bridge, S.E. ; ISJ 
Earl street, Blttckfriars,E.C.; Stratford, E. ; 2 
Canal road, Kingsland road, N. ; Wilton road, 
S.W. and 8 North wharf, Paddington basin, W. 

Little A. Purfleet wharf. Earl st. Bladifriars, E.C. 

Martin, W. H. Up. James at Camden town, N.W. 

Mu7 J. Stratford road, Stratford, E. 

Mecson J. and Co. 1 2 George jsai, Lombard st. 
E.C. ; Bridge place, Stratford, near Bow Bridge, 
E. ajid Qrays, Essex, E. 

Millwood and Webb, Creek wharf, Hammeramith 

Moutague D, Harrow bridge, Stratford, Essex, 
E. ; Falcon wharf, SO Bankside, S.E. and Or- 
chard house, Orchard place, Blackwall, E. 

Newall and Co. 130 Strand, W,C. 

Parry W. Deptford bridge, S.E. 

Part J. C. lee Drury lane, and Derweot mills, 
.Duke street, Derby (see adoertiaemenl') 

Pa£B M. and Co. Isle of Do^ E. 

Peters W. 7 North wharf, Paddington basin, W. 
and 12 Upper Ground street, Blackfriars, S. 

PotterG.Puifleet wharf. Earl St. Blackfriars, E C. 

Price T. Canal wharf. Bridge whf. Hampstead ti. 

Richardson C. 3 and G Bi^wick whak, Wanda- 
worth road, S. 

Robins and Co. Great Scotland yard, S.W. 

Rasher H. and Co. 21 Millbank street, Westmiii' 
stet, S.W. Albion wharf, Holland street, Black- 
friars, S.E. ; 28 to 30 Lime kiln hill. Lime- 
house, E. & Eingsland basin, Kingsland road, 
N.B. (see advtrtisemeRi) 

Sanitary Tube, Lime and Cement Depot, IT 
Holloway place, HoUoway road, N. 

Sankey J. H. Ironbridge wharf. East India Dock 

Shaw T. A. Salmon lane, Limehonsc, E. 
Stringlield and Blyth, Baldwin's place, Gray's Inn 
lane, E.C. ; Bangor wharf, Camden town, N.W. 

Eir^luid road, N. 

Stroud G. T. 6 Shepperton street west, N. 

Tatham and Co. H Wharf, South side, Paddington 
basin, W. 

Tildesley S. 2 Irongate wharf, Paddington, W. 

Walford J. T. Nine Elms, Vanxhall 

West E. H. Irongate wharf, Freed street, W. 

Weston J. St Andrew's wharf, Earl street, Black- 
friars, E. C. and Millwall Poplar, B. 

White J. D, and Brothers, 17 M'lllbank street, 
S.W. 1 14 Eajl street, Blackiriara, E.C. and 
Albion wharf, Deptford bridge, S.E. 

Whitehom J. Nine Elms, Vanihall, 8. 
Wiggins W. 22 Wharf road, Qty road, N, 
WmIs. J. Crown wharf, Great Scotland yd. S.W 
Wood W. Bridge wharf, Caledonian road, N. 
Wouldham Patent Portland Cement Co. (Limited, 

Wm. Chapman Atkinson sec) office 63 Moor- 

gatc street, E.C. 
Wyld and Co. Dmce's wharf, Queen's road west, 

Chelsea, S.W. 
Young E. A. 13S Curtain road, E.C. ' 

BeHamin and Dipple 1 and 2 Charlotte street, 

Blackfriars road, and 19 New cut, Lambeth 

(jee adceiiisenieai) 
Bliss D. 22 and 23 New cnt, Lambeth (see ndvl.) 
Bonham B. iOSJ Oxford street, W. 
Botten and Son, Crawford passage, Bay street, 

Clerkeawell (see adverlisement) 
Dale R. F, 8 and Shoe lane, E.C. 
Emannel A. 57 Marylebone lane, Oxford st. W. 
Foster and Co. 40 Watling street, E.C. 
Fiost, Noakes, and Co. 195 Brick lane, E.C. 
Frost J. E. 133 Goawell street, E.C. 
Holland J. 8 St. James's bldgs. Clerkenwell, E.C. 
Howden T. A. 7 MaAet street, Finsbury, E.C. 
Lambert and Son, Short st. New cut, Lambeth. S. 

and Walsall, Staffordshire (see aduertUemeiil) 
Matthews John, ^0 Rawstone street, E.C. 
Philips J. 10 Bosoman mews, Qeiksnwell, E.C. 
Smith 28 Brill row, Somers town, N.W, 
Stadman T. J. 73 Cambridge place, Norfolk sq. 

Paddington, W. 
Surrey bbtal Company (limited, W. Duck and 

W. Wilson, managing durectors^ 83 Loudon rd. 
Tyler J. and Sons, Warwick lane, E.C. 
Tales G. IS Charles street, Hampstead road, N.W. 


Uuked V Die vBrniBh msien, 
uAddington J. 95 London rd. Soii.thworit,S. 
prAlderson G. D, i Co. 1 Blenheim st OxSori st 
BAmbridge Harry, 5 West pL St Luke's, E.C. 
Amdt Albert, 3 Tudor st. Blackfriars, E.C. 
uBaylis H. & Co. 21 Old Montague st N.E. 
uBeddon Beni. 22 South Audley st W. 
Berger S. & Sons, 7 Well at Qneen at City, E.C. 

& Water lane, Horaerton, N.E. 
Berkley and Dunnell, Star and Garter yard, St. 

George's street, St George's east, E. 
vBigsly W. T. Trundle lane. Black horse bridge, 

Deptford Lower road, S.K 
L'Bhu^ie A. B. and Co. 6 Martin's lane, E.C. atid 

Nye's wharf, Grand Surrey Canal, Old Kent rd. 
prBlundell, Spenco and Co. Anchor wharf, 9 Up. 

Thames street, E.C. 
British Colour Co. (C, Richardson, manner) 133 

Fenchurch street, B.C. 
BHirell A. E. 67 Minories, E 

rs R. P. .^ 

blowbr'b nlHEuroRi r 

liiiCdllinB J. and Co. CMnbiito elreet, N.W. 
Cockson W. 1. and Co. (A. Holme, agent) Com- 

meroiol wharf, 101 Upper Thames st. E.C. 
cCreace J. and Son, 39 30 and 31 Cowcrosa at 
uCurtis W. B. 4 J Union et Borough, SJI. 
cDenton and Jntanm, Bow common, E. 
Douglas W. H. and Co. 8 Up. East Smithfield, E. 

and New Sun wharf. Narrow street, Batclifi, E. 
Dmke Mrs. Sarah, 5 Cloak lane. City, E.C. 
rDurien Lonis A. 23 Dmrylane, W.C. 
Durrant W, 5 Trinity Bt, SM. works, Mariner's 

bnlldings, RoUierhithe, S,E. 
i-Esdailes, Margrave & Co. Bow common, E. 
lyFcnner N. J. & H. MiUwall, E. 
Feriinando J. 10 IlajfieU pi. Mile end rd. E. 
vField and Co. Belle Jsle, York road, S. 
uFisher W. C. 17 FJnabiiry nikt. E.C. &. Edmonton 
Fitagerald A. 43 Millbank st. S.W. 
ft'itawater A. 43 MiUbank st. S.W. 
fPoot aCo. Church road, BattCTsea, S.W. 
pFord B. & Co. 4 Barron's pi. Waterloo td. S. 
1,'Fordham J. I. TT Herbert st & 8 Stanley street, 

Hoxton, N. 

fjFoulgpr & Sons, Seven Star alley^ E. 
rancis C. & Co. 7.'> Buttesland st- Hoiloo, N, and 

Albion hall, London wall, B.C. 
fFrMman J. & Sons Bridge rd Battersea, S.W. 
Froy W. N. King st, Hamineismith, W. 
puQarrod, WarbCTton & Co. 47 Upper Thames bL 

E.a and HoUoway st Whitechapel, E. 
wOedge W. Stedman, 77 St. John st.EC. 
i-Qibbins Brotheis, 30 London wall, E.C. 
HjFonJnge Richard, 1 Paikfield st IsliugtJin, N. 
pOreen and Co. 147 Leadenball st. E.C. 
pGreene A, 22 Norfolk st. Islington, N. 
pOmndy and Co. Copperas lane, S JG. 
Harper and Co. 126 Tottenham court rd. W. 
uHarris J, 33 Beech st. Barbican, E.C. 
cHarlell J. 93 Qreen st. Bcthna] green, N.R 
uHill J, & Co. 2 Three Colt st Old Ford, E. 
uHolly O. & Co. 69 Great Queen st Lincoln's Lin 
/irHubbuck T. & Son, 157 Fanchnrch st- Lime st. 

E.C. & Broad St. Batcliff, E. 
Hubbuck, White and Co. Paint Manofacturer's 

Works, Grand Surrey docts Eotherhithe, S.B. 
ulnneU H. B. & Co. Belle isle, York rd. King's cross 
I'Jackson T. S. Lajton's buEdings, 143 High st 

Borough, S.E. 
TiJenson J. 16 Chiswell st. E.C. & Belle Isle, York 

rd. King's cross, N. 
. uKeamey J. & Sons, 24 Little Albany st N.W. & 

32 Albany st Begent's park, N.W. 
uEemp W. Jamaica level, Bermondsey, S.E. 
iiEemp H. jon. Jamuca level, Botherhithe, S.E. 
uEirton T. J. & Co 3 Bankside. S^ 
iiLane & Son, 30 Bed Liou sq. W.C. 
L'Lawrie, Blott & Co. Bow Common lane, E. 
LawBon & Co. Old Ford row, E. 
Lloyd, Eugge S. Co. 7 Suffolk lane, E.C, 
pLocke, Blackett & Co. (J. Latimer, Nlchol and 

Co, ageats), 15 Great Bush la. Canon st E.C. 
rMacauIey T. 47 Curtain road, E.C. 
M'Lflcklan J. 24 Williamst. High st Lambeth, S. 
uMander Bros. 87 Upper Baker street N.W. and 

Wolverhampton (see advertisemenl.} 
fMasntag J. 13 Gosirell rd. w«st side, E.C. 

rMartin J. 7 John st. Curtain rd. E. 
i-Mason C. & A. 14 Cleveland st W. 
uMay C. 15 Holywell la. Shoreditch, E.C. 
uMerritt H. 8 Hatclifl row, St. Luke's, E.C. 
Millington T. A. 87 Bishopsgate st. without, E.C. 

£ Mitchell V. Chas. 40 Lower Kennington la. 
pMorgan J. 2 Wellington st. Goswell st. 

Thames St. 

oNaylor W. 4a James st Oxford st Goswell st W. 
uNicbolls J. Belle Isle, York road. King's cross, N 
^Nicholson E. 6 Albion villas Albion rdrHammer- 

Pahner W. H. 78 Old st. Sf, Lukes, E.C. 
Parker S. B, Copperas la. Deptford, S E. 
uParsons Thomas, B Long acre, W.C. 
rPabrick J. 61 Worehip st. Finsbury, E.C. 
wPfttten Wm. 22 Old Pish st. E.C. .. 
Payne, Peny and Co. Somerset buildings, Canal 

bridge. Old Kent road, S.E. 
uPerkins & Staples, 12 Clerkeriwcll green, E.C. & 

Belle Isle, York td. King's cross, N. 
uPilcher J. G. & J. & Sons, Morgan la. Tooley st. 
/iPinchin and Johnson, New rd. E. & Cable st. St 

George's east R 
ij)Pontifex E. & W. and Wood, Millwall, E. and 

Shoe lane, E.C. 
Porcheron & Evans, 32 Laurence Ponntney lane 
jjPonlflon Mrs. Sarah, 65 Church la. Wiilechapel 
uPonlter J. & Co. i Grosvenor st Cainherweil rd. 
uPrico E. L. 45 ColeahiU st. S.W. 
Purdom G. 20 King's rd. Chelsea, S.W, (see odvl.') 
uBoa E. 115 Waidour street, Soho, W. and Belle 

Isle, York rd. King's cross, N. 
Itenshaw E. 1 Justice walk, Chelsea, S.W. 
uKobeison C. & Co. 99 Long acre, W.C. 
uHose W. A. GG Upper Thames street E.C. and 

Queenhithe, E.C, 
Roughton L. and Co. Water gate. Butcher row, 

Deptford, S,E. 
wRuJf E, & Co, 2 & 8 Hind com4, E.C. 
KSaucdors Daniel, 16 Crown st Soho, W. 
KSchweitzer John J. & Co. 28 Poole street New 

North rd, & Belle Isle, York rd. King's cross, N, 
uSharp J. & Sons, 111 Bussell st S.E. White's 

gronnda, Bermoudeey, S.B, and Railway aiches, 

Church at, Horslydown, S.E. 
uSimpson J. H. & Co. 53 & 54 London rd. S. 
uSmiih & Hill, 13 Raven row. Mile end gate, E. 
uSmith B. F. Bow common, E. 
Smith T. W, 39 I«wer sL Islington, N. 
t-Smith W. F. 10a Chapel st. Curtain rd. E.C. 
uSpiU G. 65, 66 & 67 St. George st. E. & Johnson 

St. Back rd. ShadweU, E. 
uSbeet & Day, 4 Herbert's buildings, Waterloo rd, 
/Mfivmond C. E. 56 Blackman st. Boroogh, S.E. 
i/Tabor & Trego, Bow common, E. & 187 Bishops- 
gate street without E.C. 
Taylor &, Co, 83 Great Chart st Hoiton, N. 
i-Turner, Blewitt and Co. Orchard pi. East India 

docks, E. 
vTnrQer C. & Son, 7 to 9 Broad sL Bloorosbury, 

W.C. and Bell Isle, King> cross, N. 


wTtIot 3.B.2 BD17 court, St Marr sxe, E.C. 
oWaUis O. & T, M Long Acre, W'.C. ai.d Bella 
Isle. York td. King's crosB, H. 

DuWaid anil Clay, 9 City rd. Finibory, E.C. 

WalEon W. G. and Go. 183 Fencirarch si E.C, 
and 34 Narrow st. Limehousa, E. 

pvWilkiuson, Hejwooda and Clark, 2 Siie lane, 
BucklerEbuij, E.C, ; work^ 4 f^edonia place, 
Coledoman rd. N. and Bell IiJ«, Yoik id. King*! 

vWilshere aod Co. 2 Talbot court, (Jmcechnrch 

at. E.C. and 2 Aleiaoder ter. Bayswater, W. 
Wilson and Fletcher, 1 Jubilee st Mite end, E. 
Witcbalalla J. 29 Chapel Et Cujfain rd. E.C 
DWright Benj. K. 27 Caatle atieet east, W. 


Brooks W. 14 Great Queen at. Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 
Bro«n Geo. 26 Newman st. Oxford rt, W. 
Buxton Chas. 72 Wells st, Oxford st. W. 
Cole Jbb. 9 Rupert street, Haymarket, W. 
Cook W. J. 39 Bedford st Covent garden, W.C. 
Creswif k H. & J. G New Compton street, W.C. 
Dayson Thos. 18 Phmnix street. Soho, W. 
Findlaj- H. 92 Newman street, W. 
Freeman John, 11 Little Compton ateet, W. 
Jackson and Sons, 4:9BathboDe place, W. 
Nnttall Wm. 193 High Holboro, W.C. 
La Franc J. and Co. 58 Alderegate street, E.C. 

Odell H. G. Wilmingtonjard, Goildford place, 

Bagoigge Wells road, WC. 
Pashly Jno. 19 Red Lion square, 

Parnig A. H. & W. F. Paul's wharf, 2S Upper 

Tbames street, E-C. 
Foster J. T. 68 Upper Haines street, E.C. 
Freeman John, Cousin lane. Up. Thames st. E.C. 
Jackson Wm. 59 Crown Etree^ Piosbury, E.C. 
Lambert Chas. 8 Qneen street place, B.C. 
Lazarus Lewis, 3 Cnsbinn court, E.C. 
Pascoe Qreenfell & Sons, 27 Up. Thames st E.C. 
Pontifex and Wood, Shoe lane, E.C. 
Shears and Sons, 37 Bankside, S.B. 
Sims & Co. 1 Qneen St. pi. Up. Thames street, KC. 
Skirrow Wm. 198 Upper Thames street, E.C 
Warner and Sons' Jewin crescent, KC. 
Toung and Co. 3 White Lion coiut, Coiuhill, E.C. 

Burckhardt C. *82 Osfoid street, W. * 
Cbappois P. E. 69 Fleet street. E.C. 
Fox ThoB, 90 Hatton garden, E.C. («ee adnt.) 
Hitches Henry, 106 Fenchnrch street, E.C. 
Hodges B. E. ii SouthamptoQ row, Russell sq. 

E,C. (jee adiitrtiiemeat) 
Smith A. 69 Princes st, Soho, W. (see adwt.') 
Smith Henry, 60 Bartholomew close, E.C. 

Adams Joseph and Wm. Bell Isle, Toik road. 

King's croM, N. 

Alley Pottery and Pire Brick Company (liinil«d), 

22 Ludgate street, E.C; Arley Works, nea; 

Bewdley ; and Union passage, Birmingiiam (sea 

Batstone Wm., 6 Peny street, Lambeth, S. 
BUshfield J. B. 1 Wharf, south side, Paddington 

basin, W. 
Booth Geo. 32 Newington causeway, S.E. 
Bourne Valley Pottery Company, 8 Belmont pL 

Nine Elms, S. ; works near Poole 
Brayne John, Nine Elms, S. 
Causley, J. & S. 1 Eingsland place, N.E. corner of 

Tottouham road. 
Christie and Co. 61 Bankside, Soothwark, S.E. 
Cliff J. Wortley, near Leeds, and Wharf No. 4 

inside Great Northern Goods station. King's 

cross — agent, Marcus B. Newton 
Coles, Shadbelt and Co., Tborahil! wharf, and St. 

James's wharf, Caledonian road, N. 
Cox J .Kinson Potlciy, 1 2 £ 3 High st Lambeth 
DarGeld Stone Fotteir, GL Northern wharf, Tork 

road, King's cross, N. 
Doulton, H'^nry & Co. 63 High st L 
Doulton & Watts, 28 High street, Li 
Famley Iron Company, Yrak chambers, 14 A 11 

York bdgs. Adelphi, W.C. and S96 Euiton rd. 
Geary C. Hope wharf, Begent'a canal, Uile End 

Graen S. & Co. 54 Princes street, Lambeth, S. 
Green Daniel, Tanzhall HiBh at S. & Vanxhall 

wharf, Crescent road, Fiimico, S.W. 
Jennings Geo. 6 Holland st S.E. (let advt,') 
Kenrick and Sons, 29 Cursitor street, E.G. 
Uillichamp Henry, Commercial wharf, Commet^ 
_ eial rd. east, E. and 65 Princes street, Lambeth, 

S. (aee advertiieraait) 
Hinett &, Co. 1 6 Camomile st Bishopsgate, E.C 
Nortliem Wm. 14 Vanxliall walk, Lambetli, S. 
Peake T. 21 wharf, Macclesfield afreet north, Cilif 

Sanitary Tube, Lime and Cement Depot, 17 H0I- 

loway place, N. 
Smith Thomas, 71 & 72 Princes st Lambeth, and 

Albion Pottery, Old Ford, Bow, E. 
Stiff James, London Pottery, 39 High street, 

Lambeth, 8. 
Thompson B. & J. Kentish town road, N.W. 
West E. H. 1 Irongate wharf, Paddiogton, W. 
Wilcox Thomas and Co. MiUwall, E. 
Williams R B. 69 High street, lAmbetb, S, 
Wood G. Agar wbarf, King's rd, St Pancras, KW. 
Young Edwin A, 131 Cur.ain road, B.C. 

Baker Wnu W. 43 King gq. Goswell road, ElC. 
Bordas Ch. 8 Upper Stamford st. Blackfriats, 8. 
Booth L. 15 Coleman street, E.C. 
Bowers W. H. 20 Barttett's hoihlings, E.C 
Boys T. S. 66 Albany street, Begent's park, N.W. 

(see advertiiemenf) 
Browne Benj. and Co. 62 Kii^ WUIua tt £.0. 
Cheffins G. P. & Sons, 11 Sonthamptoa bdp. 

Chancery kne, W.C- 
Cohn Philip, 81 Poland stnet, Oxfold ftCMt, W. 
Cooper James Chas. Ill Long acrs, W.C 
Dalaiel Kothera, SB High st Camdtn towB, K. W. 


Danes tuiii] Hont, 1 Serle at. Lincoln's Inn, W.C 



Dowdeswell C. W. 49 Cawj street, W.C. 
Etliog T, 7 Orange at Sed Lion sqoare, W.C. 
Fareusou Jamee, t> James tor. Now North road, N. 
Giffoy J. 33 College st nortli, Camden town, N.W. 
■ Hadknd Plews & Meakin, 3 Bucklerabarj, E.C, 
Hamlurt M. & N. 6'! Charlotte st. Fitnoj sq. W. 
Hire and Co. 31 Ebbhtl street, W.C. 
Haselden James A. 8 Dyer's bdgs. Holboin, E.C. 
Hatch and Co, 5M Qieat Queen street, Lincoln's 

Ijm fields, W.C. 
Henvrood D. 76 Chalton st Somers town, N.W. 
Hopkins J. 14 Carer street, Lincoln's Ion, W.C, 
JadiBon John, 12 CardinglaD street, N.W. 
Jewitt T. 0. 20 Clifton villaa, Camden New town 
Kell BroUierB, 8 Castle street, Holbom, E.C. 
LoDgmead W. 38 BucUersbniy, E.C. 
Loidem U. & Co. 1 Uppei Stamford street^ S. 
Langhtou W. T. T Castle street, Holborn, B.C. 
Xi« <fcand J. S. 6 Ponton pi. Eennington toad, S, 
Lewis & Co. 18 Coleman street, E.C. 
Long Chas. 63 Daviee street, Beikelej aqnaie, W. 
Ml^nchlan David James, 37 Union ktotb, S. 
MaeIiireMaodoiiald& Macgregor, 37 Walbrook 
Malby t Sons, 87 Parker M, Lit Queen st. W.C. 
Martin and Hood, S Great Newport street, W.C. 
Moody Charles, 267 High Holbora, W.C. 
Moaaman W. 50 Cnmmmg st PentonviUe, N. 
Offer Edward, 132 Leadenhall street E.C. 
Orlando Jewitt, 20 Clifton villas, Camden square 
Palmer &. Oottrell, 34 Gt. Marlboro' street, W, 
Pennj Wm. 67 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 
Pollard Jeffei?, Gl Cambridge st Pimlico, S.W. 
Powell S. G. and J. E. 61 Parliament si S.W, 
Biotden Geo. 5 Poland street, Oxford street, W. 
Swain Joseph, 6 Banverie street. Fleet street, E.C. 
Tongue & Birkbeck, 11 Sonthamptoo bdgs, W.C. 
Vasserot C. F, 46 Esses street. Strand, WC. 
Webb George and Co. 3 Snow hill, E.C. 
Wliitty, J. J., LLJ)., M.A, 35 Parliament street, 

S.W. (see advertiitBwnt) 
Willis Q. 113 Stanhope st Hampetead rd. N.W. 
Woodall Fred. 26 Clsience road, Kenlisli town 



Inetitntion of Civil Eugineeis, 26 Gt George sdeet, 

Westmioster, S.W. 
Abemethy Jame'i, 3 Parlisinent street, S.W. 
Adams Wm. B. 1 Adam, street, Adelphi, W.C. 
Addison John, 6 Delahay street, Westminster, S.W. 
Aickin George, 8 Fumival's Ino, E.C, 
Albans Benedict, 22 King William sti^ W.C. 
Allan Thos. 1 Adelphi terrace, Adam at W.C. 
Anting Francis, 39 & 40 Mark lane, E.C. 
Annstiong Sir W. G., C.B. 8 Gt. George st Westr, 
Austin C. E. 7 Broad Sanctparj, S. W, 
' Bikar Saml. Francis, 176BIackfnars road, S, 

Baker W. L. 8 Danes Inn, W.C. 
Balv Price P. 4 Bobt street, Adelphi, W.C. 
Barlow P. W. F.RS. 26 Gt George street S.W. 
Barlow Thos. Q. 42 Parliament street, S.W. 
Burlow Wm. Hen. 19 Gt. George et Westmiustar 
sBamard E. B. 40 London st. Fenchurch st. E.C, 
Barry Fredk. 10 Bridge street, Westminster, S.W. 
Bate G. IB Qt George street Westminster, S.W. 
Bastier J. W. 19 Manchester bides. Westminster 
Bateman J. F. 16 Gt Geo. st Westminster, S.'^V. 
Beardmore Nathaniel, SO George street, S.W. 
Beattie J. H. 11 Lawn place south, Lambeth, 8. 
jBeaumont F. W. 171 Manor street, CJapham, S. 
Beningfield Thos, T. 16 St Mary-le- Strand place, 

Old Kent road, SM. 
Bennett C, B, 18 Bucklerabmy, E,C. 
Bennett Joseph, 4 Bobert st Adelphi, W.C. 
Berkley G. 24 Gt George st Westminster, S.W. 
Beiry L. D. 3 Victoria road, S.W. 
BeviJigton &, Tophun, 32 Eing William street {see 

Bidder Geo. P. 24 Gt George stjeet, B.W 
Billinton Wm. 85» Gt George street, S.W- 
Binns Wm. 20 Victoria grove, Fulham road, S.W. 
Birch John B & E. 43 Parliament street, S.W. 
Bird Hen. H, 1 Bobert street, Adelphi, W.C 
Birkinshaw J. C. 22 Abingdon street, S.W. 
Blount John, 15 Essex street, Stmnd, W.C. 
Bodmer B. &L. B. 2 Thavies Inn, E.C. 
Bourne John, 9 Billiter street, E.C. 
Brailhwaite F. 8 Bridge street, Westminster, S.W. 
Braithwaithe J. 1 8 Gt George st -Westminster 
Bramwell F. J.35i Gt George street, S.W, 
Brooman Eichd. A. 166 Fleet street, E.C. 
BrowningT. G.2 Ordnancerd.St John's wd. N.W. 
Brace Q. B. 13i Gt G6nrgest.Westminster,S.W 
Bruff Peter, 3S Bloomsburj street, W.C. 
Brunlees J. 5 Victoria st Westminster, S.W. ' 
Bninton & Co. 5 Barge yard, E.C. 
Buchanan George, 25 Bucklersburj, E.C. 
Bucfcinglinm J. Westmoreland st Walwortiicom 
Burel E. 18 Salisbury street. Strand, W.C. 
Burke J. S. 6 Victoria st Westmioster, S.W. 
Bum C. 2 Delahay street, Westminster, S.W. 
Bnmejl Geo. R 14 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 
Boniett Jamea, 18 Cannon street, E.C. 
Campbell J. London yd, Cubitt's tn. MillwoU, E. 
Carr H. 4 Victoria st Westminster abbey, S.W, 
sCastle H. J. 6. Sonthamptoo buUdings, W.C. 
Chapman H. 7 Bridge street, WestmiDster, S.W, 
Charies William, 27 Austin Friare, E.C. 
Cheyne C. 34 Gt George st Westminster, S.W. 
Christie Robert, 76 King William street, E.C. 
Clare Jno. W. 2 Surrey sq. Old Kent road, SJI. 
Clark Danl, £, 1 1 Adam street, Adelphi, W.C, 
Clark E. 24 Gt George at. Westminster, S.W. 
Clark William, 53 Chancery lane, W.C. 
Coffey & Sons, St. Leonard street^ Bromley, E. 
Coftey John A. 4 Providence row, Finsbnry, KC. 
Collingwood J. F. IS Old Jewry chambets, E.C. 
Collins Wm. W. Buckingham street, W.C. 
Collister John, 20 Parliament street^ S.W. 
Condor F. & Co. 4 Upper Charles st, Westminatet 
Conner Aroort W. 152 Gresham house, City, E-C. 
Conybeore H. 20 Gt. George st Westminster, S.W, 
Cowper C. 20 Sonthampton bBildings, W.C, 


Cowp«r E. A, 86*. Gt Geoi^ street, S.W. 
Craig J. 20 Fanide, Harleyfotd road, S. 
Cnunpton T, R, 15 Buokingliani atieet, W.C. 
Crall A. 10 Coleman street, Citf, E.G. 
Cricknier R. J. 101 Borough road, SJ:. 
Crowley J, S, Lavender pi. Wandaworth rd. S.E. 
Cnbitt J. 6 Gt. George rt. Westminatfir, S.W. 
Curtis J. G. C. 30 Qt. George at Westminrter, S.W. 
Curtis W.J. 1 Crown coMt, Old Broad St. E.G. 
Davidson W. 2 Randolph road, Maida hill, W. 
Davica G, 1 Serle st, Lincoln's inn, W.C. 
Davison B. 8 London st Fenchurch street, E.C. 
Dempsev W. 36 Great George street, S.W. 
Dennis W. 8 Victoria street, Westminster, S.W. 
Dibdin F. W. Arundel honae, Holland street, 

Kenaington, W, 
Dontin B. Grange road, near Bine Anchor road, 

Bermondse;, S.E. 
sDonnan W. H. Winchester hooee. Old Broad at 
Dredge W. 19 Gt- George st Westminster, S.W. 
Easlon and Amos, Grove, Great Guildford stzeet, 
^Southwark, S.E. 
Eaton G. 2 Walhrook buQdiogB, E.G. 
Edward E. 13 Beaufort buildiage, Strand, W.C. 
Errington J, E. 13 Duke st. Westminster, S.W. 
Evans T. L. Manor terrace, Tottenham, and 6 

Ponsonbj street, WeBtininster, S.W. 
Fernandez A. 17 Parliament street, S.W. 
Ferris J. P. Woodland cottages, Albion road, 

Hammersmith, W. 
Flanagan T. i Spring garden terrace, S.W. 
Flower L. 2G Charles streot, St, James' Ba. S.W. 
Forde H. C. fi Dnke street, Adelphi, W.i 
Forsyth J, C. 2i Gt. George street, S.W. 
Fowler J. FM.S. % Qneen so. pi. Weatmi 
FoK Sir Charles, 8 New st Spring gardens, S.W. 
Francis H. 8 St. Martin's pi. Charingewss, W.C. 
sFreebody W. Y. 9 Duke street, Westminster, 

S.W. ; 37 Hoiion square, N. and 3 Trafalgar 

place west, Hackney road, N.E. 
Fry G. F. 18 Wyndham street, W. 
Fuller Q. S. 69 Lombard street, E.G. 
Fulton H. H. 8 Gt Queen st. Westminster, S.W. 
Garden J. 18 Adam street, AdelpW, W.C. 
Giles Alfred, 9 Adelphi terrace, W.C. 
Oisbome & Forde 6 Diie st Adelphi, W.C. 
Gladstone T. M. 2 John st. Minonee, E. 
Glyim Joseph, F. R S, 28 Westboume park villas 
Gooch Dan. Git. Western Kailvray, Paddmgton 
Qotto Edwd. 60 Belsize rd, St John's wood, N.W. 
Graham Jas. 2 Delahay st. Westminster, S.W. 
Graham W. D. 60 Charlwood st Pimlico. S.W. 
Grantham R, Bosall, F. G, S. 7 Gt Scotland yd. 

Westminster, S.W. 
Gravatt Wm. F. B. S. 16 Park st Westminster 
GreaTei Hugh, 5 Victoria st Westminster Abbw 
Gceenley David, 10 Gumming st. Pentonville, H. 
Gregory Charles Hutton, 1 Delabav st S.W. 
Grew F. k N. 47 Pailiame'it st S.W. 
Gwynno J. E. A. Esses st wharf, Essex st W.C 
Haddan J. C. li Bessborough (^dens, Pimlico 
Hale Wm. 6 John st Adel^ W.C. 
Hall Sam. 19 King's Arms yd. Moorgate st E.C, 
Hall Wm. 18 Parliament st. S.W. 
Harknees J. M'Nair, 40 Parliament st S.W. 
HuringtoD T. (coDmltiDg) 61 Gracechuich st. 

Harrison Monlago, 2 Charlotte ron, E.C. 
Harrison T. E. 24 Gt George st S.W. 
Hawkshaw John, 38 Gt O^n^e st S.W. 
Hawksley Thos. 30 Gt George st S.W. 
(Haywood W. Sewers office, Gnildhall, KG. 
Hemana Q. W. 26 Duke st Westminster, S.W. & 

32 Leinster gardens, Baysnater, W. 
Henderson A. 32 Gt. Winchester st RC 
Heniy D. J. 40 Oresham house. Old Broad et 
Highton E. 6 Gloucester rd, Begent's park, N.W. 
Hill T. J. 15 Old st St Luke's,E.C. 
Hodge ThoB. Fraa. 16 Chalcot cres. Primrose hill, 

Begent's park, N.W. 

Homfray & Homfray, 13 Abingdon st S.W. 
Homer John 6. 80 Avanne rd. Hanunersmith, W, 
Howard Thos. 268 Botherhithe stieet, S.E. 
Hughes E. W. 23 Pailiament st S.W. 
Hughes S. F. G. S. 14 Fork it Westminster, S.W 
Humber Wm. 11 Paneras lane, City, E.C. 
Hunter Mitchell & Co. 131 Fleet st. E.C. 
Huntington J. B. 3 Fumival's Inn, E.C. 
Hntcheson 0. IS Fnlford st Pimlice, S.W. 
iHyde, Smith & Lewis, 24 QnUford st W.a 
Hcin J. D. 2 Cannon row, Westmiastar, S.W. 
Innes William, 62 Bankmde, S j;. 
Jennyn G. A. 1 5 Buckingham st, W.C. 
Johnson F. 12 North st Westminster, S.W. 
Johnson W. 47 Lincoln's Lui fields, W.C. 
Jones J. H. 23 Gt George st S.W. 
Jones T. 6 Gt Newport st Long Acre, W.C. 
KennardT.W. 36Gt.GeorgestWe8tmin8ler,S.W. 
Kennedy, J. P. 1 Bloomshury pL W.C. 
Kershaw J. T. 43 St Paul's tar. Islington. N. 
Kinder Arthur,' 18 Gt George, st Weatminater 
Ein^ &. 68 PaU Mall, S.W. 
sKimpple W. B. 13 (Siurch row, Limebouse, E. 
Kirkham John, 109 Euston rd. N.W. 
Lackersteen J. F. 7 Tonng st Hensiugton, W. 
Law Henry, 16 Essex st Strand, W.a 
Lawrence F. 21 Pilfield st Hoilon, N. 
Laston Henry, 19 Anmdel st. Strand, W.C. 
Lee W. 7 Dnke st Westminster, S.W. 
LeFeuvre W. H. 18 Gt George st. WestminBter 
Leonard J. Mardner rd. St. J<^'s wood, N.W. 
LiddeU & Gordon, 23 Abingdon st S.W. 
Lister John, 4 Trafalgar sq. W.C. 
sLoader T. B. 35 Princes st Blackfriftis, S. 
Locke J. M.F., F.H.S. 63 Duks st Westminster 
I«ngbott<Mn A. 41 Moornte st KG. 
Iiongridge James, 18 Ahmg^ st S.W. 
Lowe G. FJt.S., F.G.5. 89 finahury circus, E.C. 
Lmnh P. IS NorUmmberland st Strand, W.a 
liTCIean & Stileman, 17 Qt George st S.W. 
Afakinson A. W. 8 New Palace yard, S.W. 
Mallett B. 11 Bridge st Westnunster, S.W. 
Mangles Martin, 6 Abbey Church W, City, B.C. 
Martin H. D. 49 Leadenhall st E.a and 6 Qt. 

George st Westminster, S.W. 
May Charles, 3 Gt George st Westminst^, S.W. 
Meacham Thomas, 2 New London st E.C. 
Meason Thomas, 19 Gt George at, S.W. 
Meeson &, Boys, 68 Pall Mall, aW. 
Moorson Capt. W. S. ITi Gt OeMge «t 8,W. 
Mortimer C. T, 15* Cliffords Lm, B.a 

Mnrchiaon J. H. 117 Bisbopagate sL within, E.G. 

Muiray J. II 61, Qneen at WestminslOT, S.W. 

Mylne W. C. FJRS. New Biyer head, E.G. 

Newton W. E. 66 Chiincarf lane, W.C. 

Nispel J. L, 85 Strand, W.C. 

Nixon C. 3 Victoria at, WeBtminetfir, S.W. 

Ordiah R. IS Gt Oeorga st. S.W. 

Page Thomas, 2 Middle Scotland vard, S.W. 

Pahner G.H. UQueen'ater.QiKwn'erd.HaTerBtoclt 

Parkes J. 11 Qt College st. S.W, 
Farkes William, 19 Parliament st S.W. 
Paraons P. M. 9 Arthur st west, B.C. 
Payne Heniy, 76 Manor at dapham, S. 
Pence J. S. 6 Victoria at Weatmmstei Abbey, S.W. 
Pemell E. 35 Parliament at S.W. 
Perkes S. 1 St Panl'a dose, Bectoiy groTB, S. 
Phillips John A. 12 Earl's Conrt ter. W. 
Phipps Q. H. 24 Gt George rt. Westminster, S.W. 
PQmw Jauee, Oieen, Tottenham, N. 
Pbcbleck Qeoiae, 2 Bmnairick villas, New road, 

Hammemmim, W. 
Plewa J. 14 Qroavenoc pL Camhsrwell New rd. S. 
Pole W. S Storey's gate, WeatminBter, S.W, 
Porter W. 9 Lanedown villa, Fulham rd- S.W. 
Predavalis B. 40 Hart st W.C. 
Price H. C. & Co. 2 Derby st Parliament st S.W. 
Qnick J. Sumner at Southwark, S.B. 
Bawlinson B. 84 Parliament at S.W. 
Bedman J. B. 5 New Palace jaid, S.W. 
Begazzoli, A- Chandos chambeis, 22 Buckingham 

street Strand, W.C. 
Eegnier E. ]06 Honndsditch, NJI. 
Beilly C. 1 King's Bench walk, Temple, E.C. 
Eendel A- M. 8 Gt Georce at S.W. 
RentOQ A. B. Hanover chambers, 12 Bnckin^iam 

street, W.C. 
Richardson R 26 Gt George st Westminster, S.W. 
Rickaids J. L. 28 Pailiament st. S.W. 

Riddle W. 6 Sonthamptoa bnil^gs, Chancery 

Eobinson H. 0. 16 Park st. Westminster, S.W. 

Bobinson R A. 25 Cannon st E.G.. 

Bolls Jesse, 4 Chnrch comi, Clements lane, E.C. 

Rossei H. W. 52 Feochorch st KG. and Jerusalem 
coffeehouse, Cowper's coart, E.C. 

Bosser S. E. 17 Millbank street Westminster, S.W. 

Bossell J. S. and Co. F.RS. 20 Great George 
street Westminster, S.W. and MUlw^ E. 

Samuel J. 26 Great George street S.W. 

Sanderson C. 18 Abingdon street S.W, 

Schalk Emil, 15 Camum atieet west, E.C. 

iSoott M.W. T. 34 Great George sstieet, S.W. 

Scott M. 26 Great George st Westminster, S.W. 

Scott T. 81 Nelson square, Blackfriais road, S. 

sScott W. B. 7 Powis place, Haverstock hill, N.W. 

Sewell J. 10 Oxford terrace, Edgware road, W. 

Sharp M. 1 King's Bench walk, B.C. 

Sheilda F. W. 47 Parliament street, S.W. 

SheUey C. P. 21 Pailiament street S.W. 

Shovet F, 14 Grafton stieet, Fitzroy square, W. 

sShowler J. 27 Queen's place, King street Hack- 
ney road, N.E. & Victoria park. Hackney, UM. 

Siemens. Ealske, and Co. 3 Gt. George street 
Westminster, S.W. 

SiemensC W. S.Gt-Qeoigest Westminster, S.W. 

= . a,N. 

Smith D. 2 Die street, .Adelphi, W.C. 
Smith T. 36 Hart street Bloomabury, W.C. 
Smith T. 1 Chapel pi. Duke at. Westminster, S.W. 
Smith W. 18 Salisbury atreet Strand, W.C. 
Soul M. 3 LeadenhoU atreet, E.C. 
Spencer J. F. I Adelaide pi. London bridge. E.C. 
Stamford J. 7. Denbigh place, PimLco, S.W. 
StephenMHi G. R 24 Gt George street S.W. 
Stephenson E. P. 68 Pall Ma^ S.W. 
Stephenson J. L. I Fish street hill, KC. 
Stewart S. 28 dementis kne, KC. 
Taunton J. H. 38 Pailiameot slieet S.W. 
Taybr J. and Sons, 6 Queen stieet place, E.C. 
Taylor H. T. 17 Victoria terrace, Bayawatcr, W. 
Taylor J. 86 Gloeter stieet Pimlico, S.W. 
Jaylor S. a 43* Pall Mall, S.W. 
Thomas B. 20 Wharf, City road basin, N. 
iThorapsou F. P. PaU Mall east, S.W. 
Tongue and Birkbeck, 14 Sonthampton bids. W.C. 
Tmss T. S. 63 Grac«ehnrch street, B.C. 
Tnck J. H. 34 Gt George street S.W. 
Tucker B. S. 29 John street Bediordrow, W.C. 
Turner F. T. 15 Parliament street, S.W. 
Valentine J. S. 17 Parliament street S.W. 
Vignoles C. F.B.S. 2 1 Duke st. Westminster, S.W. 
Walenn W. E. 19 Talbot road, Camden road, N. 
Walker, BargM, & Cooper, 23 Gt Georae st S.W. 
Wallace and Watts, 4 Camion row, S.W. 
Wallis C. J. 16 Cliflord's inn, E.C. 
Webb B. B. 34 Gt George st Westminster, S.W, 
Webb F. 0. 8 Charlotte terrace. Queen's rd. N.W, 
sWebb W. H. P. 6 Diddington pi. Caledonian rfl. 
West D. Son, and Co. 2 Euaton road, N.W. 
Whitty J. J, L.LJ)., M.A. 35 Parliament street 
S.W. and 15 Henrietta street Dublin (see adv.) 
Wicksteed T. 4 Gt. Queen at Westminster, S.W^, 
Willcock J. P. 89 Chancery lane, W.C. 
sWilliams H. 61 Moorgate street E.G. 
Wilson G. 32 Parliament street S.W. 
Wilson J. W. 9 Buckingham street, W.C. 
Wilson T. 83 Talbot road, Camden New town, N. 
Wilson W. 27 Duka street Westminster, W. 
Winton W. de 9 John street Adelphi, W.C. 
Wise F. 108 Fleet street E.G. 
Wodhonse W. H. 23 Parliament street S.W. 
Woods E. 8 New Palace yard, S.W. 
jWrigbt J. 42 New Bridge st. Blackfriars, E.C. 
Wright J. B. 9 Duke street, Westminster, S.W. 
Wright T. 9 George yard, Lombard street, E.C. 
Yarrow T. A. 248 Grosham house, E.C. 
Yeatman H. J. 42 Parliament Street S.W. 


moAdsetts Hy. 79 Bonmgb rd. S.E. 

AldouB Jas. Plnmmer's row, Whitechapel, E. 

Allen F. 48 Gedling st Bermondsey, S.E. 

Allen Jacob, Narrow st. Balclifle, E. 

Allen John, High at. Batteraea, S.W. 

Allnntt H. (drainage) 2 Holland id. Kensington 

AppletOQ J. 100 Old st St. Luke's, E.C. 


II IS60. 

Armstrong & Co. 69 FenchnrEh it, B.C. 
Anmdoll J, W. 13 Henrietta st. Ckivent garden 
Arundell W. 265 Oreaham house, OM Broad «t 
Aekie Geo. 5 Suffolk grove, S.E. 
AtmoBpheric Clock (faient) Depot, 373 SIrand 
Attwood J. 18 George «t Sboredil^i, N.E. 
Aumoniei & WeUaia, 66 St. John st ClerkenweU 
Austen W, 19 Walcot pL west, KennJngton rd. S. 
/Raaej- D, and E. 271 and 272 High Holbom 
TnoBakei B. and Co. G5 Fore et Cnpplegate, E.G. 
Balfour Hj. Thos. 104 LeadenhaU st. E.C. 
BaU John, 3 Globe rd. MUe end, N.E. 
Balmer Thos. 19 Abbej at Bermondsej', S.R 
Barker Q. E. West end. Hammersmith, W. 
Bamett S. 23 Foiston st Hoiton, N. (ite advl.) 
Barrett Geo. 247 Tottenham court rd. W. 
Batty Chaa. Marylebone road, N.W. 
Bayliss, SimpsDn and Jones, 1 Broad et bdgs. 
BeamnontKW. 171 Manor at Claphani,S. • 
Becknith Oeo. Stiatford td. Stralionl, £. 
BeggB T. 37 Southampton it, Stiand, W.C. 
yBennett Jas. 107 KingsUnd rd. IHJE. 
Bewtall Edwd. H. 8 Swan laue, E.C. 
/Berry and Son, 9 Laurence Pounlney hill, E.C. 
Berry Z. B. 3 Victoria road, S.W, roHnofactory, 

Albion works, Wilton road, Pimlico, S.W. 
Best S J. 193 Bermondscy at. S.E. 
Bethell Geo. 62 SejmonrpL Bryanston iq. W. 
BicknoU John, High st. Wandsworth, S. 
Bish Geo. Stratford, E. 
Blackett Wm. 105 and 106 Sonthwark bridge rd. 

S.B. (see adMrtiseme^i) 
/i/iBUikie Bros. 257 Wappiiig High at E. 
fmBlyfb J. and A. Fore st. llmehouse, E. 
Botham Benj. 408* Oxford st W. 
_/Botten C, and Son, Crawford passage, Baj st 

Clerkenwell, E.C. (see nd,ertistmcnl) 
wiBiinllan Joseph, 26 Norfolk pr. New Norfolk st 

Stioreditch, E.G. 
/Bowen Mrs. M A. Phienix Foundiy, Dorrington 

Et Clerkenwell, E.C, 
Bowers Francis, 70 Cornhfll, E.C. 
Boyle H. Johnstene pi. Mile end road, E. 
Braitewaite John, 18 Ot George st Westminster 
Bray's Traction Engine Co. (limited) Belvedere rd. 
Bridges A. and Co. 1 Lower Kennington lane, S. 
fm ffloBrinjes J. F. 2_5 Fieldgat* st. Whitechapel 

Bncbanan Geo. 8 Adam st Strand, 
BoSatD and Munden, 20 Coleman st E.C. 
Biuinstt JoEepfa and Co. 17 Queen st Cheapside, 

E.C. and New Cross road, S.E. 
Burfield Benr 20 Borouf^ road, S.E. 
Burgess and Key, 95 Newgate at E.C. 
Burfey W. H. 63 Borough road, S.E. 
BurrdlChaa. 69 KiogWilliam at E.C. 
i»Bai(oit J. Sons and Waller, 6 John's pL Holland 

street Blackfriars, S.E. 
wiBoaby T. West pi. Winchester st PentonviUe 
Calvert and Co. 9 Laurence PountuCT hill, E.C. 
Garwood Wm, 36 Backchurch lane, E. 
mCbambeiB Chaa and Jas. 2 Vernon mews, W. 24 

PortobeUo toad, W. & 49 & 60 Archer st Weat- 

bonnw grove, W. 

yChandler Jaa. Creek road, Deptford, S.E. 
ma Chavasse H. &, C. 21bA Up Thames at E.C. 
nnaa Clark & C0..IS Gale at J.inooln'a Inn, W.C, 
Clark J. L. 1 Riyft lane, Islington, N. 
Clark Latimer, Founders' court, Lothbniy, E.C. 
jClavton, Shuttleworth & Co. 78 Lombard st. E.C. 
Oabb and Smith, ) 1 S Fenchnrch street, B.C. 
/Cockrane and Co. 17 Park atreet, Westminster, 

&.W. & 10 12 & 13 Bankside, Southwark, S.E. 
Coffey J. Ambrose, 4 Providenoe row, Finsbnry 
Cohen Samuel & Son, 5 Oreenhill's rents, E.G. & 

84 & 85 Cowcross street Smithfield, E.C. 
Cole John L, Heury street, Limehouse fields, R 
Coniston Wm. and Co. 24 Butlesland stieet, N. 
Coniabee W. 39 & 40 Herbert's bdga. Waterloo rd. 
Coomba H. G. 1 7 Union at Borough, S.E. (leeorfrf.) 
Cottam and Cottam. 1 ;;Chenies ierraca, Old St 

Pancras road, N.W. & Corrugated Iron Woiis, 

York road, King's cross, N. 
yCottam & Cottain, 2 Winsley street, W. 
inCoolson J. & Co. 11 & 12 Clement's lane, E.C. 
Cowper Chaa. 20 Southaimiton bdgs. Chancery la. 
Cox J. 64 BasinghaU st E.C. & Wenlock road, N. 
mCresaweU. Thos. 'Jl Blackfriars road, S. 
mCrickmer B. & F. Commercial works. New road, 

Rotherhithe, S.E. 
_/Cropley It. Thomhill foundry, 1 1 George street, 

Islington, N. 
Croeland Robert, 9S York road, I^mbeth, 5. 
Cross J, G. 23 Guildford place. Spa fields, S.W. 
Dole B. & Son, 195 Tipper Thames st E.C. and 

Bull wharf lane, E.G. 
mlialling Mrs. M. Newport Btteet, Lambeth walk, 

Darling James, 9 Qaeen street, New eat, B. 
Davidson Wm. 2 Randolph id. Maida hill, W. 
Davies D. 55 Collingwood street, and Beal lane, 

Iron works, Blackfriars, S. 
Dayer Robert, Grange road, BennondsOT, SJE, 
Debeaufer and Co. 25 Old Fish street, B.C. 
Da Bergue C. and Co. 9 Dowgate hill, KC. 
niDe Bitter and Wayte, Three Colt st Limehonse 
Derrin D. & A. Cambridge st Old St Pancrai rd. 
Denrance John & Co. 6 Barge yard, Buckleisbnry, 

E.C. and 176 Great Dover street, B.C. 
Diiee T. Bellew, 22 Milton st. Dorset sq N.W. 
Doling Mrs. M, 150 Ari^h, Newport St. Lambeth 
Dowel) and Co. 135 Minoriea, E. 
m m oDonkin & Co, Grange rd. Blue Anchor ro^ 

Bermondscy, S.E. 
Dray Wm. and Co. 4 Adelaide place, E.C. 
mDyden Brothers, 1-0 Kinaston at Lambeth, S. 
Dugeon J, & W. Sun Iron works, MiUwall, B. & 

151 Fenchnrch street, E.C. 
Dudgeon John, 151 Fenchurcb stieel, E.G. 
Dudley Joseph, IC Cottage row, Bennondsey, S.E, 
Duke John, 13 I jt Guilford street Boro', S.E. 
Dunn & Co. 18 New st. Spring gardens, S.W. 
Eado Samuel, 4 Brett's buildings, Camberwell, S. 
niEaston & Amos, Grove, Gt. Guildford st S.E. 
Edwards, E. 13 Beaufort buildings, W.C. 
Ellis James, 114 Houndsditcb, tiJE. 
Embleton Luke, 40 New park street S.E. 
Emme Jno. 8 Carlisle street Soho square, W. 
inEnglaud George and Co. Hatcham Inni works, 

Pomeroy street. Old Kent road, S.E. 

Fairbocii &. Co. 38 Great George street, S.W. 
Famhiun John T, 2G Union B&eet, Eingslond id. 
Feltom Jdo, *7J Citj garden row, N. 
Ferrie Allan, 6 Clarendon etreet, Somers Uma, 

N.W. & Thombill wliarf, Caledonian road, N. 
yFrnney J. Poplar Iron works. King st. Pwlar, E. 
inFlet^er Geo. FamliBja pi. Gravel lone, S.E. 
Flint Geo. 3 Skinner atreet, BishopBgate, E.C. 
Foley St. Pierre, 3 Park creEcent, Claphanj, S. 
Fowler B.& Co. 22 Whitefriars et. E.C. Tudor et. 
New Bridee st B.C. WildemeBS lane, Dorset pi. 
Fleet st E,C. Primrose hill, Saliebmy court. 
Fleet st E.C. & Grand Junction Wharf, White- 
fVanciE W. 8. & Co. 8i Graj's Inn lano, W.C. 
Froser J. 10 King's pi. Cammercial road, east, E. 
la iiKiFrewiQ Joseph, 1 Liverpool Et Walworth, S. 
Frtffit Brothers, 01 St. Martin's lane, W.C. 
innProst Henry, 17 Hatliboiie place, W, 
HoOardner Win. 3 Bedcross sti«et, E.C. 
/iHOairett R. & Sons, 34 Areh, St. John street, 

Brick lane, 
Garnood Chsjles, G2 King William street, E.C. 
/Gerish Francis William, IG East road, City road, 
N. & ButtersUiid street, Hoxton New town, N. 
(hk adrerlisetiifiil) 
GUkes, Wilson & Co. 54 Old Broad street, E.C. 
Girdwood John & Jaircs, 49 Pall Mall, S.W. 
Olanvillo Biclmrd, 20 Beimondeej waU, S.W. 
/GloTer Brothers, 161 Dniry lane, W.C. 2 Parker's 
row, Dockhead, SX.., Spa road, S.E., &. 1 Dean 
street, Soho, W. 
jQoirtm Mrs. E. 68 Chiles street, Ci^ road, S.E 
ma Qollop James, 1*9 Cbeapside, E.Cf. 
BiGDOdwin Arnold, 69 Great Gnildfoid street, E.C. 
Gordon John, 3 Bailway pL Fenchurch st. E.C. 
wiQQrsftoQ Henry, 80 dWoery Isjie, W.C. 
inQraham, West & Co. 301 Wapping, E. 
Gray John Wm. & Son, 1 1 4 Frederick street, E.C. 

& Usigaret stieet. Commercial road east, E. 
Orvy Thos. Wood, 114 Fenchorch street, E.C. 
Green George, 1a Wliite Hoise lane, E. and 

Friendly ^ace. Mile end road, E. 
/Griasell ienry, Eagle wharf road, New North 

Grist A. 6 Little E«ter st Sloane st, S.W. 
Gunn S, & T. 41 Featherstone street, City road, 

E.C. and 24 Aldermanbury, E.C. 
Gwynne & Co. Essex wharves, Essex st Strand 
Haden G. & Son, 4 Greenland pi. Judd st W.C. 
Hall James, 13 Oresbam street, E.C. 
HaU William, 18 Parliament street, S.W. 
/Hallen & HaUen, ComwaU rd. Lambeth, S. and 

76 Oxford street W. 
woHamer James, l;iO High Holbom, W.C. 
Haiborrow Henry, Belvedere road, S. 
r«Hirt David, 244 & l^tS Whitechapel road, E, 
Harrey Nicholas & Co. 12 Haymarket, S.W. 
Hawkins Wm. 6 Bed. Lion st. Clerkenwell, E.C. 
Hiwks, Crawshaj & Sons, 18 Parliament st S.W. 
Hawthorn Bobt & Wm. 12 Lit Tower st E.C. 
Heinke Fred. & Wm. 7U Gt Portland st W. 
naEendry W. T. and Co. 71 Cannon street 

moHuiley Wm. Thomas, 46 St John st rd. E.C. 

Bawstone place, Bawstone street, Clerkenwell, 

E.G., & Enderby's wharf. East Greenwich, S.E. 

Offices, 235 & 236 Gresham hoase, E.C. 

ySemnlswicz, Fiulavson & Co. 2 Delahay street, 

Westminster, S.W. 
wHewitt James, 26 Wells street, Gray's Inn road, 

W.C. & 6 George yard, Hatlon waU, W.C. 
Hobson G. H. 00 Upper Ground street Black- 
friars, S. (lee adva-liaeoieiil} 
yniHodge Samnel & Sous, Oak lane, Limehouse, 
E. and Union Iron works, Millwall, E. 

Holden Henry, Devon's road, Bromley, K 

Holden Wm. 5 George st Old Montagu st. NJ^. 

nwHoUoway Frank, 72 Paul street, Finsbury, EC. 

uiUolmes Henry, 55 Regent st. Lambeth, S. 

muUoltzapSel & Co. G4 Charing cross, S.W. and 
121 Long Acre, W.C. 

Homersbam W. C;. 1a Adelphi terrace, W.C. 
•Hooker Peter, 12 Pomp row, E.C. 

maHopkinaon & Cope, 14 New North st Finsbnry 

mHom Jas. 14 Whitechapel High street, E. 

BiHom Thos. 43 Holywell street and Grosveoor 
wharf, MiUbauk row, WestminsUr, S.W. 

Hoachin R. 7 Bridport pi. Hoxton, N. 

How A. P. 81 Marklane, E.C. 

Hughes B- and 'i'hos. New cross, S.E. 

Homphrvs and Temiant, Deptford pier, S.B, 

maHnnt'j, and Co. Old Ford rd. Bow, E. 

Hurley A. 105 Great Portland street, W. 

Imray J. C5 Bridge rd. Lambeth, S. 

Ingle H. 12 & 1(12 Shoe lane, E.C. 

Irrm Peter H. 19 John st Pentonville, N. 

Iverson Athelstora, 1 Three King court, E.C. 

mJackson W. 6 Lemaa st. Goodman's fields, E. 

James Jabez, 28a Broadwall, Blackfriars, S. 

James J. 27 Laurence Pountiiey la. E.C. 

Jeakes W. 51 Gt Bnssell st. Bloonasbuiy, W.C. 

Jeffree 1. T. 50 Brunswick st. Blackwalf. E. 

Jennings G. 5 Holland st Blackfriars rd. 


Johnson Bros. & Co. 2 New Broad st. 

Johnson W. Jas. S3 Paul st E.C. & 12 Clifton pL 

Finsbnry, E.C. 
Jones and Blaxton, 80 Ooswell st E.C. 
Jones J. 31 Berwick st Soho, W. 
Jones Wm. 40 Sebater st Bethnal green, N.E. 
Jordan T, B. 36 Cannon st E.C. 
Juckes J. Jim. Wiarf road. City road, N. 
Kcnnard Bros. S6 Great George st Westminster 
Keyte J. 19 Wharf north side, Paddington basin 
KirkstaU Forge Comp. 8 Pancras la. E.C. 
CToKnight J. 2Gi Sonthwark bridge rd. S.E, 
Knoweldcn Jao. Clink st. Borongh, S.E. 
Lafontaine R 28 Peter st Soho, W. 
Lambert T. and Son, 28 to 31 Chaberoft ter. New 

cut, S. & 15 to 20 Short et Lambeth (see a<lrl.) 
Lanfear Wm. 2 HatSeld pi. Westminster rd. S. 
/Lawrence Bros. 21 Pitfield st. Hoxton, N. 
Leake and Rossiter 3 York st Lsjnbeth, S. 
moLedger E. & Co. Wilson st. New Cross rd. S.E. 
Ledger T. 132 and 173 Aldersgate stE.C. 
Lewty H. & Co. 36 Great Marylebone st. W, 
HioLewis and Son, 5 Wycii st. Strand, W.C. 
Lewis J. 51 High st. Bloomsbniy, W.C. 
Lloyd G. 70 Great Guildford st S.B. 


1 1860 

mLnmlej' Miss Margaret, 50 Lower Shidwell, fi. 
M<QlBehait A. & Co. 10 & 11 Coal jaid, Dniry k. 
M'NeiU P. and Co. 1 Lamb's bnfldings, BunhOI 

Toir, entiaitee, 117a Btmliill mw, E.G. 
Mum A, 28 Glo'ster ler. VaoihaU bridge rd, S.W. 
Maris J. S. 8 EmI st Blactfriara, B.C.| 
mMarshall T. J. George & Catherine vbeel yaid, 

80a Bishopasate st. without, KC. 
m iRoMasIin, Willis & Co. 107 Soutfawaik brdp id. 
Massie Jno. 4 Savage gaidens, Tower hill, KC. 
Handsla; Sons & I^eld, Cheltenham pi. Westmin- 
ster rd. & Ordnance wharf, Belvedere rd. S. 
Maiton J. B. 15 Dnke st Adelphi, W,C. 
jMaj and Co. 3 Great George rt, west, S.W. 
May A. Eagle court, Dean st, Holbom, W.C. aod 

50 DsTonshire st. Qoeen sq. W.C. 
Mead Q. York rd. Comuierdal rd. east, £. 
/Medhnist T. 165 Oiifaid st. W.C. and 8 Little 

Denmari st. W.C. 
RiMeslBy W. 25 Compttm st Clerknwell, KC. 
fuMiddleton T. 1, S & 3 Lomao st SX 
Millar, D. C. 118 Boroosh id S.E. 
RiaUiller, Skinner and (^. 68 Wapping wall, B. 
Mitchell's Patent Screw Pile and Mooring Co. 12 

North St. Westminster, S.W. 
imtMitchell B. 3 Ham yard. Qnat Windmill st 

W. and 35 Great Windmill st Hajmarket, W. 
Moore E, 55 Upper Marylebone si W, and 73 

Great Titchfiuld st W. 
m nialfoore Wm. H. 1 Langdale st E. and 31 

William rt. Cannon street rd. E. 
Morgan S. W. 6 York pL Battersea fields, S.W. 
Napier D. & Son, 5 Vine Et S. and 51 York road, 

Lambeth, S. 
Nasb W. H. Cubitt's t«wn, MOlwall, E. 
Needham &, Kite, 6 New Bridge st VanxhaU, S. 
Newall and Co. 180 Strajid, W.C. 
Newall J. B. G Sloane st. S.W. 
ntoNoble n. Ann st Mile end Old town, N.K 
mNattmao Benj. 13 Short st Lambeth. S, 
Owen L. Dow & Co. 192 Tottenham conrt rd. N. 
m DioParsons W. Mill st. 6 Paradise st Lambeth 

walk, S. {!« adverdsemeat) 
Parsons J. Earl's court, Old Bromptjjn, S.W. 
Peill J. R. 17 New Park st. Sonthwark, SJl. 
Penn J. and Son, Greenwich, and Deptford pier 
Penny A. Weoloek Iron works, Whaif rd.Ci^rd. 
Perkms A. M. 6 Francis st. Regent's sq. W.C. 
Feneanz and Co. 39 Mark lane, E.G. 
Ferrr T. and Sons, i63 New Oxford st W.C. 
Phillips and Darlington, 3G Cannon et. E.C. 
Phillips J. 6 Saliabnry st Beimondsey, S.E. 
maPhfllips J. 10 Lower Ashbj st E.G. 
/mPontifei and Wood, Shoe lane, E.C. 
/mPontifei H, and C. 65 Shoe lane, E.C. 
/Tope W. and Son, 80 and 81 Edgware id. W. 
Fortsi J. H. 1 Riches comt, Lime st. E.C. 
mPoupaid Wm. 2B7 Blackfriais id. S. 
Powis J. and Co. 26 Watling st. Citv, E.C. aod 

Webber st. Blackfriara rd. S. (see odoerf uesienC.) 
Pratt S, 26 Critchill pi Hoilon, N. 
Radford J. 66 Cannon st E.C. 
/Bamsden R 100 Kineslandrd N.E. 
RaTenhill, Salkeld & Co. Glasahonse fids. RatdifF, 

E. & Orchard wharf. Orchard ■ — - ■ - 
Raynor C. Ywk pi. Kingsland ri 

BiBeere Wm. 17i Uppei North >t Caledmuan td. 
ffloBeid W. and Co. 25 University st W.C. S6ij 

Qiesbam house. Old Broad at. E.C. and 3, II, 

13 and H Thombangh mews, Sossei street, 

Tottenham court td. W.C. 
Beilly C. 1 Ring's bench walk. Temple, E.C. 
/m inaBennie O. & Sons, 6 Holland st. Black&tsrs 
njoBeynobls A. and Co. 36 Bothnhitlie st S.E. 
Richards B. Up. Oronnd st S. 
Richmond Jomi, 21 Carlisle terrace, Borough, K 
maKidenton S. 12 Eimonth st W.C. 
:^eT G. 81 82 tmd 83 Railway arches, Vanzhall 

High st S. 
Kley W. LitOe Goildford st Borough, S.E. 
/Boberts J. & Co. St. Leonard's Iron Works, Grey 

st SI Iieonaid's id. Bromley, E. 
Robinson & Cottam, Lower Belgrave pL S.W. 
moRobiason H. 0. & Co. 16 Paik st Wotminster 
Robinson & Co. 104 Broad st RatcUS, S. 
Robinson R A. & Co.. 26 Cannon st E.C. 
Btwets H. West st north, Beimondsey, S£. 
Kofer T. N. 66 St Geoi^'s rd. New Kent rd, S J!. 
Busby W, J. a Colet pi. Stepney, B. 
Eussell J. S. &. Co. 20 Gt George st Wesbninaler, 

S.W. & Millwall, E. 
St Psneras Iron Woikg, 1 Chenies pL Old St. 

Fancras id. N.W. & Coiragated ton woiks. 

Saltei G. 10 WeU st Mile end New town, N Jl. 
/Samnda Biotheis, Millwall, Poplar, E. 
SamuelsonB. 76 Cannon st E.C. 
moSaudison W. 6 Maiden lane, Coveutgaiden 
Schneidei Theodore, 1 Weymouth st Hoxton, N. 
Scholey Mrs. T. Baalzephon st. Bermondsey, S.E. 
SchoU J. 41 & 42 Berwick st Oifoid sL W. 
Score E. 9 North east pass^e, WdJcloee sq. E. 
Scott & Co, 2 Adelaide pi. London bridge, E.C. 
mScott G. 5 & 6 Christian st Commercial nL east 
Seaward J. & Co. Canal IrOD Works, Millwall, E. 
Selden & Beeney, Sing st Hammersmith, W. 
Shand and Mason, 245 Blackfriais rd. S. 
maShanks & Co. 12 John at Adelphi, W.C- 
nSheais J. & Sons, 27 Bankside, S.E, 
Shelley C. P. B. 21 Parliament st. S.W. 
. Shepheid, Hill & Spink, 286 Blackfriara rd. S. 
Sherwin J. Q. 5 Cmnbeiland st Shoreditcb, S.C. 
/Sherwin J. 61 & 62 Tabernacle walk, Finabnry 
Shute T. 10 Cannon st. St Geoige's east, K. 
Siebe A. sen. 5 Demuark st Soho, W. 
moSimmona H. 2 Wellington et. Blackfriais, S.E. 
maSimoaett J. 1 Cardigan villa, Up. Kanntngton 

lane, S. 
fm maSimpson W, & Co. Belgiave rd. S.W. and 

Isle of Doga, E. 
Sinclair R. Railway works, Stiatfoid, E. 
Sistarson W. H. 65 Bridgo st Soutbwark, SJO. 
J" Di moSmith A. 60 Princes st Leicester sq. W. (see 

Smith D. SliesiB Engine WoAs, Victoria London 

docks, E. 
Smith James, Lambeth Up. matsb, S. 
Smith J. Newport st Lwnbsth walk, S. 
Smith J. W. 20 Tenter st E.C. 

,. Coogic 

t 1860. 


mcSmith S. 204 High HolbwD, W.C. 
Smith W. 86 Minuet sL Cavendish sq. W. 
mSoaiDGB & Evans, Moiden lion Woiks, East 

Grerawich, S JL 
nidSpeechleT W. 118 Bdlvar aich, Salamanca, 

Vaiixhall walk, S. 
SpiingaU G. 14 W}rch st Strand, W.C. 
SpriogallJ. 19 Bow High 8tE.& Harrow bridge, 

Stratford E. 
muStassen John, 51 Old Compton et. W. 
StepheosoQ B. & Co.^4 Gt. Geotge rt. W. 
SWrsna J. & Son, 19 & 1TB Sonthwark bridge rd. 
Stone J. Kailwa; etalion, Deptfoid High st. SM. 

and 12 GarUck hill, E.C. 
niSnnnoD H. & Co. Canal bridge, Bridge pL New 

North rd. N. 
mSwafne G. W. 19 Abchnrch lane, E.C. 
Sjmons H. C. 2 Qeorge sL Blackf riars rd. S.E. 
maTaUent T. E. 181 Southwark bridge rd. S.K 
Taylor S. S. 43 Pall mall, W. 
Tavbr & Barrett, jna. 10 Old Manor rd. Stepney 
Ta>lor R. P. 4 Adelaide pi. E.C. 
Taylor T. T. 187 SoQthwsik bridgB id. S.E. 
Thomaa E. 46 CriniBcot Bt, Bermoudsey, S.E. 
ymmaThompson G. & Sons, Eccleston it east, 
ixThompBon F, 12 Qaeen st & 20 Wellington et 

New cut, Lambeth, S. (aet odBerliseiaeril) 
moTidmarsh B. 23 Foxley rd. Camberwell, S. 
Todd J. and Co. Kent Iron Works, Bridge Etroet, 

Greenwich, S.E. 
Trotman S. li Ueiton rd. Kensington New town, 

W. & Whitehall wharf, Ta. Cannoa row. West- 

Taer & Best, Star coi _ _ _ 

maTumer T, 37 & 88 East «. Manchester sq, W. 

Tyer E. 15 Old Jewry chambere, E.C. 

l>ler, Hayward and Co. 84 and 85 Up, Whitecross 
St. B,C. (fee adeeriuemenl) 

Tylor J. & Sons, Warwick lane, Newgate st E.C. 

Uodorhay F. G. 13 Wells sL Qray'a Sin rd. W.C. 

Vavaasear J. 17 New Park st Borough, S.E. 

/"moWailes & Bobinson, 268 Enston ri. N.W. 

Victoria FoundiT Co. (hmited,) Bridge st. S.E. ; 
Thames st E.G. & Norway st Greenwich, S.E. 

Walker C. & Sons, 21 Little Satton st ClerkenweU 

Walker J. 17 Cowper st City rd. E.C. 

WaUer T. &Co. 12 & 13 Boss lane, BotcIiS, E. 

Walton J. 26 Clement's lane, E C. 

mWaidill J. 44 Lower Sbadwell, E. 

Worr G. 14 Oown st. Hoxton sq. N. 

Warren J. S. 8 and 4 Batcher row, BatcM, B. 

Watkins BoM. 62 Parliament street, S.W. 

Watt J. and Co. 18 London st City, E.C. 

Watts Philip, 2 Princes st I^nbeUi, S. 

Waygood E. se* Newingtoo canseway, S.E. 

Webb T. 7 Bntland st Wardour st W. 

mWedlake and Dendy, 227 Grange rd. SM. 

Weir E. 296 Euston rd. N.W. 

Wentworth & Sons,Waild8worlii foundry, Wands- 
worth, S. 

Westwood and Co. London yard, Cnbitta town, 
Mill wall, B. 

White D. and Co. 18 High Holbom, W.C. 

Wiglej D. Somerset buildings. Canal bridge, S.E 

Wilkini W. and Co. 24 and 26 Long Acre, W.C. 
D, G. St LeoDatdj rd. Bromley, E. 

ninWilkinson J. 31 St. George's rd. S. 
Williamson W. 16 Newton sL W.C. 
niaWilson A. B. 32 Dowgate bill. E.C. 
Winter T. B. 28 Moorgate st E.C. 
Worssaoi S. and Co. 304 King's rd, Chelsea, S.W. 
Wright T, and Co. 9 Oeorge yd. Lombard st. E.C. 
Tonng C, D, and Co. 19 Gt. George st, S,W, 
Tonnf! J. and Co, 2 Up. Charles st S.W. 
Young A. 257 Wapping High st. E. 
Yonng T. A. Orchard pi. Blackwoll, £. 


Bailey D. and Co. 271 & 272 High Holbom, W.C. 
Bathe J. G, 14 Salisbury mews, Oloster pbce, W . 
Benhams and Frowd, 40 to 42 Chandos street. 

Charing cross, W.C. 
Borrows and Burrows, 37 St John's lone. West 

Smithiteld, E.C. (sm ailcertiaement) 
Burrows T. 3 Hampden stMet, N.W. 
OotUm and Co. 2 Winaley street, W. (tee advt.) 
Hayes W. 23 Jndd slreet, W.C. 
Pleater J. 58 Panl street, Finsbnry, E.C. 
Bobinson W. 69 Eagle street, Red Uon sq. W.C. 
Browne A. 2 Meredith street, ClerkenweU, E.C. 
Brfan O. 13 Alfred street, Stepn^, E. 
Bull & Chapman, 19 St John's sq. dlerkenwell, E.C. 
Cammell Cbarlcs and Co. 6 Barge yard, E.C. 
Cavell J. 2 Deptford green, S.E. 
Cotton & Johnson, 21, 22 & 23 Grafton st W.C. 

Fuller J. H. 70 Hatton garden, E.C. (see orfei.) 
Hadkiss T. inn. 164 Brick Uue, Spitalfields, N.E. 
Jackson J. S. 20 Gt Sutton st Cferkenwell, E.C. 
Jackson W. 69 Crown street, Finsburv, E.C. 
Jacobs J. Ford road. Old Ford, Bow, E. 
Jennings J. Mansfield street. Borough road, S.E. 
Losty Q. 48 Wootton street, Cornwall road, S. 
Long J. F. 9 MacclBsfield street north, N. and 

City garden row. City road, N. 
M'Mahon J. 167 Fenchurch stieet, E.C. 
Mayes J. 89 St John street, ClerkenweU, E.C. 
Mitchell J. W. 1 Bridge house place, Newington 

causeway, S.E. 
Parry R. IS New Inn yard, Tottenham ct rd. W, 
PhippsT. W. 35 Gravel lane, Southwark S.E. 
Plnmmer J. 19 New street. Borough road, S.E. 
Stanton Brothers, 73 Shoe lane, E C. 
Snllivan W. 7 Poar Tree court aerkenwoU, E.C, 
Swasbriok W, 35 Gravel lane, Southwark, S.E. 
Turpen T. & Son, 19 KingWimam st City, E.C, 
Wilde J. Mansfield street, Borough road, S.E. & 

1 College terrace, Stepney green, E. 


Marked ff nre Oas Apparatufl Makers 
Marked c are Chvuid^er Makon. 

Abrahams J. 2 Star alley, Fenchurch street, E.C. 

Adcock B. C. 4 Malkin street west, S.W. 

Agar T. E. 13 Windmill st Tottenham ct rd. W. 

Ainge J. F. 2 Chnrch street, Paddington, W. 

Airey H. 33 Little Bell alley, E.C. 

Alexander Mra. E. 2 Charlton st Fitaroy sq. W. 

1 isno. 

Amor T. 7 OsTwni street, Whitechapel, N.B. 
(Anderson Q. 104 Leadenliall street, E.G. 
Austine J. 4S Cowper street, City road, E.G. 
Bacon P. Ifi Ebury street. Pimlico, S.W. 
Bailey D. and E. 271 &. 272 High Holbom, W.C. 
Baily W. and Sons, 71 Gracechoreh atreel, KC. 
(Baker St. Thomas, 184 King's road, S.W. 
Bttmber T. D. 1 2 Little College et, WestminEter 
Barker J, 11 Felix pla<e, Liverpool road, N. 
eBarlow T. Q, 43 Parliament street, S.W. 
Barrat B, 3 Brunswick place, Bronipton id. S.W. 
Barrett R. and Son, King's Head ct. Beech stieet, 

Barbican, E.G. 
Barton W. 10 Lambeth Upper Maish, S. 
Bassingham W. & Sod, S & 4 Lower WhitecroES st. 
Battarshall J. 3 Hoxton oM town, N. 
Bayliss T. 8 HolyweU street. Strand, W.G. 
Beach C. E. 24 Admiral ter. Vanihall bridge rd. 
Beards T. 2 Ariington street, Sadler's Wells, E.G. 
Beamnont J. 3(i Cannon straet road, E. 
eBeaumoDt T. W. 171 Manor street,-aap!iam, S. 
Balcbamber J. 2 Newman's passage, W. 
Bell J. 13 Bell yard, Temple bar, W.G. 
Bellew W. H. 5 Oxford place, Waterloo rood, 8. 
<: nBeaetfink and Go. 89 and 90 Gheapside, E.G. 
fBenham and Sons, 19 and 21 Wigmore streel^ W. 

(wff advertiiiMent) 
/: g eBeniamiD & Dipple. 1 and 2 Charlotte street, 

Blackirlars road, and 19 New cut, Lambeth, 5. 
Benkert G. 27 Wilson street, Finshury, E.G. 
Bennet B. 12 Charles street, Kensington sq. W. 
Bennett J. 255 Tottenham court road, W. 
^Berry Zephanian DeaKon, 3 Victoria road, S.W. 

and Wilton road, Pimlico, S.W. 
Bevins D. W. 26 George street, Blackfriara rd. 8.E. 
BigRS J. 34 Borough road, Sonthwark, S.E. 
Bird W. 37 Basin_^all street, E.G. 
Btackmore J. 30 ^nces road, Nottjng hill, S. 
Blabe D. 2G New alxeet, BrompCon, S. W. 
BkikeH. 110 Long alley, Finsbarj, E.C. 
jBtews W. & Sons, 23 JjDwer Whitecross it. E.C. 
cesBlissD. 22 and 23 New Cat, S. (sm orfuC) 
Bliss D. 76 Gt. College street, Camden town, N.W. 

C"' )W J. J. and W. 1 1 Bell yard, Omcechnrch st. 
tright J. I Jerusalem passage. Hackney, N.E. 

□Botteaand Son, 10 Crawford passage, Clcrken- 

well, E.G.. {see advm-iisemxnO 
Boulton R F. 7 Kingsland High street, N.E. 
g eBouiton J. 28 Bagnigge Wells road, maDnfoc- 

factnrer of patent dry and improved wet meters 



Bousfield W. E. e FaddJnglon green, W. 
Bowden C. 58 Seymoar street^ Euston square, N.W. 
flBowness A. 7 Little Britain, KC. 
feray C. 14 Alfred terrace, Bayswater, W. 
.^ett C. B. 59 Old Bailey, E.G 
Brettell J. 1 Eahere street, Goswell road, E.C. 
lyBridgea, Anbury & Co. 1 Low. Kenmngton la. S. 
Bridges James, Deplford High street, SiB. 
Brigga William, 22 WindmiU stieet, W. 
Brine Cbas. & Son, High street, Nottang hill, W. 
Broad Frederick, 17 Charles st Trafalgar sq. S.W. 
Broad Samuel, 204 Upper Thames street, E.G. 
Brown & Smith, 13 College street, Oielsea, S.W. 

BrowD Wm. 24 Churten street, Belgrave rd. RW 
Browning K 38 WeUingloD it. Oioavenor st. EjC. 
Biyan Geo. H. 2 Globe terrace, Mile end, N.E. 
Bryan H. 105 Lilltngtoa street, Fimlico, S.W. 
Buckley John, 2 Lower Sloone Ftreet, S.W. 
Buflrey David, 72 Judd st. Brunswick sq. W.C. 
Borden Tbomaa, 30 Leather lane, E.O. 
Bnmell Hobt. 18 High street, Marylebone, W. 
Burrows John, 76 John street, Fitiroy square, W. 
Burrows Joseph, 31 Upper Seymonr street, N.W. 
Burrows S. 20 Edward's street, Deptford, S.W. 

Burrows ThoB. C, 21 Wihnot street, BosmU igmTe. 
W.G. & 2 Brunswick mews, Brunswick fq.WXX • 
BoHsey Jas. 14 Bear street, Leicester sq. W.C. 

Batctier E. 15 Printers pta«e, Bermondsey, S.E 
Butcher F. 52 Caroline st Commercial rd. east, ti. 
eCameron C. 1 1 Bedford pi. Commercial rd. east, E. 
Campion E. 1 Chnrch street, Clapluim road, S, 
coCarlhian & Gorbiere, 68 Camion st. west, E.G. 
darter C. 11 Grovepl. Lisson grove north, N.W. ^ 
c jCarver John. 4 Hatton garden, E.C. 
GatteU Wra. 18 Spencer place, Brixton road, S. 
Cattle Jsph. Jno, 38 Brooke street, Holbom, E.C. 
Gave Henry, 10 Chiswell street, E.G. 
cCavit T. E. 18 Hattoa garden, E.C. 
Champion S. 27 Noriolk st. Middlesex hoqiital, W 
Chapman E. 5 Little Qray's Inn lane, KC. 
ChappeU A. 8. 28 Walbrook, E.C. 
Chappnis P. E. 69 Fleet street, E.C. 
Chester William, Forest row, Dalston, N.R 
Child H. 34 Myddleton street, Gleikenwell, E.C. 
■Chin^ & Co. 16 Gartle street. Long acre, W.C. ■ 
Christum M. 3 Victoria place, Bethnal green, N.B. 
(/Christie J. G. 5 & 6 Somerset stieet, AJdgato, E. 
cQark Wm. & Co. 95 and 96 London wall, E.O. 
Clark H. B. 6 Upper North place, E.C. 
eClarke J. F. 66a Hoorgst« st boildines, KC. 
eClaike J. V. 261 High Holbom, W.G 
Clark W. D. 24 Mount row, Liverpool road, N. 
Clarke W. D. 21 and 12 Upper North place, Oisy^ 

Inn road. W.C. 
Clements K 43 Harper skeet, New Kent rd. S.E. 
ClilTerd Jno. 14 Great Byder st St Jamea's, S.W. 
^Cluer John 1 ^ Duncan place, City road, E.C. 
Clntt«rwick J. J. 6 Wynyatt st QosweU rd-E.a 
Glutton Wm. 3 St, James's st Clerkenwdl, E.C. - 
Cock H. 3 Little James street, Westminrisr, S.W. . 
Gogan Wm. 1 6 Mnnster street, Begent'spk. N.W. 
Collar George, 33 Wych street, Strand, W.a 
Cocningham liichard. 77 Three Golt street, E. - 
Cooke Thos. W. 23 Mary street, Boston rd. N.W. 1 
Corbett Edwin, 13& Waterloo roiA, S. 
Gorbeft George, 1 Somersetstreet^Portmansq. W. 
GomweU H. Evangelist ct. Broadway, BlackMaiB ~ 
Corsham George, 2ti Lower Eaton street S.W. 
Cotton Wm. 10 Great Winchester street, E.G, ■ 
cGorton & Johnson, Bl & 38 Grafton st. W.C. 
Court H, 30 BromptoD row, Kensington, S.W. 
Gowan David, 9 Hungerford street, W.C. 
Cox G. 6 LitUe Queen street Westminster, S.W. l 
Cox Henry, 22 Lower street Islington, N. 
Cox, James, 1 00 Borough rood, S.K 
Crabb Samuel, Upper 'iSilse hill, S. 
uCroll, Bait aad Co. 10 Coleman street, E.G. 
Grook Edwin and F. 5 Camaby street, W. - 
Crout Thomas, 1 Ivy tensce, Baxtaa, N. 

I 18G0. 


CKwth«r B. 1 White Etut bL Drarv lane, W.C. 
Conuier K Ttaaete hill, De^ord Nair town, S.B. 
eyCnttor Qeoret, 8 Wharf, Wsnlock road, N. 
oCatlar Samuel, Millwall, Poplar, E. 
Ualton F. I^ Palace Tard, Lambeth, S. 
Davulaaii A. 18 Porter street, Soho, W.C. 
DftTu Edward, 87 York street, Wesminster, S.W. 
Davis George P. 11 Barbie in, E.G. 
Day Bmaj, 6 Upper Marylebona street, W. 
Day W. 47 High street. Si John's wood, N.W. 
Deano John and B. 1 Arthur street east, E.C. 
c sDebaufor Hemy & Co. 2B0 Fiah street, B.C. 
dJefries and Sou, 1T4 Hounaditch, SM. and 12 3 

8 and 111 Old Grayel lane, NJl 
<Defrie* Nathan 40« Enston load, N.W. and Diana 

place, Boston road, N.W. 
eDetJmdgB Onorgt, 82 Gerrard sheet, Boho, W, 
gDe VillB and Co. 8B7 Stnmd, W.C. 
Diekeais Cfaaries, 7 New etreet, Clothfair, E.C. 
Dison Thoioas, 15 Lower Eaton street, S.W. 
Dixon W. H. 31 Bridge house place, Boro' S.E. 
eDoheon John, 19 St James'a street, S.W. 
Dodwn John, 29 Fetter lane, E.C. (jm advt.) 
Dole W. 25 Bajham street, Camden town, N.W. 
cDonglas Robert, 18* PiccadillT. W. 
Dowell James and Son, 135 Minoriea, E. 
Down W. 4 Co. 1 Cobonre place, Bajswater, W. 
Druiy J. 1 Johns tenace, Holloway road, N. 
Dunn John, !02 High street, Marrlcbone, W. 
Dunn W. 6 Cmnbertand row, Walworth rd. S. 
DHTBlIy Jas. H. 7 Bury street, Bloomsbniy, W.C. 
cDyson H. 12 Bowling green walk, Hmtton, N. 

S"a/le Samuel, i Bretts bnildinga, Cambarwell, S. 
gar John A. 71 MaryJebone Isjie, W. 
efffidge Thomas, 69 Great Peter street, S.W. 
Empson James, Upper Tulse hill, Brixton, S. 
Bnilean John, 10 Loner Salisbury pL Walworth, S. 
Eapiner U. 32 Hanhall st Qoldan square, W. 
Evered B. 10 to 12 Charles at Long acre, W.C. 
cEwatt Mn. H. 2 York terrace, Portland tn. N.W. 
Eyre M. and F. 67 Tooley stt«al, S.E. 
Farmer D. H. 34 Addingtoa place, Camberwell, 8. 
Famnifton B. 2 1 DeTonshire it Qneen aq. W.C. 
Fatt S&B. M. 249 Eueton road, N.W. 
Faulknw John W. 24 White Hart street, B. 
Fawkes Thomas, 6 Camberwell green, S. 
Fear Thomas, G Lime hoosa causeway, E. 
Fellows George J. Ill Gray'alnn lane, W.C. 
Fenlon T. 35 Featheistone street, Cityjd. E.C 
Field H. 8 Merton road, Kensingtoii, W. 
Field H. 16 Gloster t^race, Kennington new tn. 
cForrest O & Son. 6 4 G Nevill'a ct Fetter la. E.C. 
c d?ountain W. 62 London road, Sonthwark, S. 
Fowler B and Co. 22 Whitefriats st B.C. Tudor st 
New Bridge st E.C Wilderness lane, Fleet st 

Franklin and Elson, Duncan st Islington, N. 

Frewer J. B. 105 Upper T 

Fraud E. 14 Bleeding Hart yard, E.C 

ePoller J. Eohaon, TO Hatton gijden, %C. 

Fulton O. Aim. Stepney Old rd. B. 

eGale S. 890 Oxford stniet, W. 

Gannon T. 10 Lamb's CondnLt passage, W.C. 

cOardnec H. and J. «3 and 158 Sbuidi, W.C. 4 
and 5 Dnnoannoa st W.C. and James st W.C. 

Gaidaer N. 8 New «t Lukhall lana, S. 

(Jarnett H. 85i Windmill court, Finsbnry, B.C. 

Gent J. 30 New Montague si SpitaMelds, N.E. 

Gibbins S. 2 Prospect row. Walworth rd. 8. 

Gibbs W. 33 Britannia row, Islington, N. 

Gibson T. 5 Three King court, Lombard st E.C. 

Qibbert J. A. and Co. 10 and 13 Donington st 
W.C. and 1, 2 and 3 Phcenix pL Clorkenweli 

Olasse J. E. 6 Rnfford's row, Islmgton, N. 

Giant H. 8 Regent's pL Westniinstar, S.W. 

GraTes T. 18 Seymonr st Euston sq. N.W. 

Green A. 1 Po^ High «t K 

Qreen G. N. 3 Upper Swing st. W. 

Greenhill B. J. M. 221 Hoiton Old town, N. 

cGreen and Niuot, 138 Regent st W. 45 Bakast 
Portman sq. W. 16 and 17 Fin g William st 
E.C. and 19 Nicholas la. E.C. 

Greenway I. IS cWrlottapl. Goodge st W. 

Griffiths J. 80 Church st Sboreditch, N.B. 

Qrimee J. 6 Osbom st N.E. and factory 83 Field- 
gate st Wbitechapol, N,B. 

cGriDjes T. B. 83 New Bond st W. 

Groom J. 17 Leader st Chelsea, S.W. 

Muise J. 45 Clerkenwell green, E.C. 

cHadrot and AttU 12 & 13 Castle st Holboro 

Hague J. B Liohfleld st Soho, W.C. 

H^ R and Son, 45 Eastcheap, E.C. and 153 
Fenehurch st E.C. 

Hall G. 140 Fetter lane, B.C. 

EaU J. 122 London road, S. 

HaU J. 276 Whilechapel rd. E. 

Hall T. J. 68 Deropaey st Stepney, B. 

Hampson C. 11 Saville pi. Lambeth walk, S. 

HsjiAe Wm. 14 CaTendish rd. Wandsworth rd. 

cHaucock Jb Bixon, 1 Cockspur street, S.W. 

Hanson John, 78 Regent st Lambeth w 
cHarris Brothers, 120 Wardour street, W. 
Harris John, 6 Britannia row, Islington, N. 
Harris John, 188 High Eolbom, W.C. 
Harrow W.andSon, 14 Porthuid street, Soho^W. 
Hart Henry, 2 I>ake street, Aldgate, B.C. 
cei^Hart H. H'Le«ai'sbnildingB,New st ■f.E.C. 
rHarrey and Co. 89 Hatton gsrdau, B.C. 
Hsssell Thomas, 8 King strMt, Clerkenwell, Ka 
Havill George, 26 Union street, Bcnnuh, S.B. 
Hayuea, Xhos. and Wm. 4 Sidney st Uile end, E. 
Hajnes George, 8 Polygon, Clarendon sq. N.W. 
Heam Mia. E. i Milton street, Cripplegate, B.C. 
Heath W. 9 & 10 St. Bride's avenue. Fleet at E.C. 

and 1)- Princes street Stamford street S. 
Heighten, Jaa M. 6 Normandy pi. Breton rd, S 
Hemingtmi, C. 12 Hanover street. Long acre, W.C 
Herbert T. 37 Chichester place, Gray's inn, W.C. 
cHetherington JoBeph, 8 Gt Marylebona street, W. 
Hicks Wm. 28 High road, Enightsbridge, S.W. 
Highley Benj. 2 Mugaret st Oxford market W. 
HiU Thomas, 181 aodl82 Bnnhill row, B.C.* 
cHinklOT' John, 4 St George's circus, Obelisk, S. 
Hobba Fredk. 29 High street Morylebone, W. 
Hoddff Wm. 33 King street, Camden town, N.W. 
cHodge and Beed, 1(^ Hatton gKden, S.C 



Hof & Sodemao, i Blossom t«T. Noctoa Folg.N.E. 
Holdg^ Daniel, 2 Squirries si Bethnal gn, N.E. 
Hollings Wm. Samnel, 102 QoswbII road,E.C, 
Holmes Samuel, 6 Hyde street, BlooraBburr, W.C. 
Hopkins Hugh, 1 1 Monnt street, Walworth, S, 
Hubbard Ridiard, 20 East steeet. Walworth rd, S. 
cjHaghes Richard H, Atlas Works, 95 and 96 

HattoD garden, E.G. 
G^cHirlett David and Co. GS and Q6 High Hol- 

bom, W.C. (see adverlittmeni) 
Humphrefs Thos. 9Si Broadwall, Blackfriars, S. 
Humphries Jas. 13 Bnlstiode mews, Marylebone 

lane, W. 
Hunt Wm. 6 Sclater street, Bethnal green, N.E. 
Irons John, 8 Cold Harbour lane, East Brixton, S. 
Idea George, 39 Bochaater row, S.W. and 2 Upper 

Church street, Chelsea, S.W. 
cjftcoba Mrs. C. 12 Upper Marj 
James Samuel, 8 Saville place, 
Jajnes William, 7 Pickering ter. Paddington, W, 
Jeal John, 20 and 21 Old street SL Luke's, E.C. 
Jennings, Harrj, 3G4 King's road, Chelsea, S.W. 
Jennings Jas. 22 White Hart bL Dmry lane, W.C. 
Jenniags Thomas, 22 Seething lane, E.C. add 

5 Union street, Whitocbapel road, B.C. 
cJenrick & Mo:gin, 17 & 18 Bridge house pi. S.E 
e jJohnston Bros. 190^ High Holbom, W.C. (tee. 

oJooes J. and Co. 2S, 29 and 30, Bow street, W.C. 
Jones John Wm, 13 Chichester at Wertbonrae 

terrace North, W. 
cJoneB L. M. 348 Eusfon road, N.W. 
cJones Williara, 1 a Liverpool st. King's cross, W.C. 
Jordan Henry J. 12 East road, Citj road N. 
iJudtina Charles, 22 Lndgat* street, E.G. 

Kellaway George, 38 North row, Groavenor eq.W. 

Kempton Fredk. 1 2 Commercial rd. Lambeth, S. 

Kennedy D. 8 Adam's ter. Hampstead rd. N.W. 

ieKennedj W. H. ^62 Oxford street, W. 

Kent George, 14 Old Boswell court. Strand. W.C. 

Kent John, 8 Eliiabeth street South, Pimlioo, S.W. 

Kidd C. 13 Glasgow tar. Caledonian at. Pimlioo 

King C. U Peel pi. Kensington Gravel pits, W. 

Kitdien Daniel, 46 Crawford street, W. 

Kitchen Willianj, 10 Paddington street, W. 

Knight Charles, 50 Paddington st. Marylebone, W. 

<KilUer Francis X. 121 Fentonville road North, 
f«« advertiatmenC) 

Lwnbert & Son, Short street, New Cut, Lsmbelh, 
(lee advertitemetit') 

La Boche P. 6 Blacklauds ter. King's road, Chelsea 

liawrence James, 67 Cemera slieet, Chelsea, S.W. 

Leather T. 11 Field ter. Bagnigge Wells rd. W.C. 

Le Blond P. jnn. 155 High st Camden towa,N.W. 

Ledger Thos. 178, and Manufactoij 132 Alders- 
gate street, E.C. 

Lraton M. 20 Lit.Bandiilph st. Camden to wn,N.W. 

h cLedie John, 59 & 60 Conduit bt. Regent st. W. . 

Lewis Henry, 18 Caroline street, Pimlico, S.W. 

Lewis Henry, 41 Marsham st, Westminster, S.W. 

Lloyd C. 20 North place, Gray's inn road, W.C. 

£ Lloyd George, 70 Hatton guden, E.C. 
iloyd Henry, 116 Upper Seymour et Enstou so. 
London W. Fiedk. 8 tiaoa st Bishopegate, N.E. 

Long John F. !) Augustus st Begent's pk.N.W. 
Long Wm. 49 Banner street, St Luke's, E.C. 
cLongbottom A. 41 Moorgate, KC 
'Longham Thos. 1 £ 2 BaUiurat mews, Sussex cq. 
Love Thos. 3 Union ter. Koyal cres. Sotting hill 
Lovell Charles and Son, 20 Cannon street wast, 

E.C. and 70 Bed Lion street Holboni, W.C. 
Lowe R 11 Lit White Lion st Seven dials, W,0. 
Lowe Wm. 22a Wm. st north, Stepney green B. 
Lowther John P. 7 Brewer street. Golden »q- W. 
Lucas M. 1 1 Cha les st Westboume tetrace, W. 
M'Donald Thos. jun. 5 Church la. Kensington, W. 
M'Lellan Thoe. 24 Coleman street, E.C. 
MacefieldJohn, 8 Dean street, Westminsler, S.W. 
Major John, 14 New street hiU, Shoe lane, E.C. 
cMartin Samnel, 14 Gongh sq. Fleet street, E.C. 
Mason Charles, 85 Foley sbeet, longham street, 

W. and 2 Upper Charlton st Fitjroy sqoiue. W, 
Mather and Garner, 33 Charles sL Hattini guden 
Mather Hugh, 5 North pL Gray's Inn lane, W.C. 
Mathews C. B 12 Dmry lane, W.C. 
Motla BL and Jb. 106 & 107 Star st Edgware id. 
May John, 21 Berwick street, Soho, W. 
jMeacock Jas. 7 Snowhjll, E.C. & 16a West st 

Smithfield, E.C. 
cMeBsenger & Sons, 73 Hattongarden, E.C. 
cMeyer & Co. 126 PiccadiUy, W. 
Miller Joseph, i PortUnd road, Notting hill, W. 
Mills Joseph, 40 Great BusseU street, W.C. 
^iMilnes James &, Son, I Crescent, New Bridge 

street, Blackfriars, E.C. 
Moore John, 61'Fore street, Cripplegate, E.C. 
Moorhouse J. 18 Whitcomb St. PaQ MaU eaKt, W.C. 
Morland H. 37 East street, Walworth road, S. 
Morter Chas. 32 Union st Middlesex Hospital, W. 
Moss James, 126 Brook street, Ralcliff, E. 
Morrell W. 30 & 31 Low. Geo. st Chelsea, S.W. 
Nash Swan Wedd, 253 Oxford st W. 119 New- 
gate 8t E.C. & 29 Leinster ter. Bayswater, W. 
eNenall J. Benj. 26 Sloane st S.W. & 106 New 

road, Belgiave square, S.W. 
Newman William and Co. 1 Cumberland placts 

Newington Butta, S. 
Newman Wm. 104 Gt Dover street, S.E. 
Nicholls Christopher, 1 1 Bond st Chelsea, S.W. 
Norris Wm. 46 Bedford street. Strand, W.C. 
Oliver John, 46 Jamaica row, Bermondsej, S.E. . 
Osbom John, 1 1 Market place, Oxford market, W. 
eOsler F. &, C. 45 Oifold street W. 
osPaddoQ and Ford, 2 Foundling terrace, W.C. 
Palmer David, 6 Carlisle street, Soho, W.C. 
Palmer Edward, 19 Hatton wall, Hatton garden, 

E.C. and 13 Harcourt pi. York rd. City rd. E.C. 
rPalmer George, 40 Bojal street, Lambeth, S- 
ePalmer James, 9 Bedford st Bedford sq. W.C. 
Panzetta Geo, 16 Gt Chapel st Oxford st W. 
Papworth Wm. 16 South pi. Tibberton sq^. 
Pardoe Samuel, 15 Silver st Kensington, W. 
oParkinsou W. &. Co. Cotfage lane, City rd. E.C. 
FarkE Edgar, 140 Fleet stj^t, E.C. 
Partett R 7 Constitution row, Gray's Inn rd. W.C. 
FaisonB G. 17 Wakefield tar. Caledonian road, N. 
Partington H, 81 First street, ChelBea, S.W. 
Epairick Job, 19 Halton street, Islington, N, 
Pawley & CairoU, 6 Three Tnns passage, %.C 
^Payna T. O. & Co. 6 & 7 New Park it 'Oixn', S.K 


cPeuoB oDd Son, 23 Lodgate hill, E.G. 
Pearce Wm. 18 ClerkeaweU gieea, E.G. 
cPeLUtt Apaler and Co. HiSluul street, BUck- 

PereivsU W. 6 Violet hiU, St Johu'a wood, N.W. 
cPeny and Co. 73 New Bond streot, W, 
Petford Felix, 11 Orchard st. St. Luke's, E.G. 
»f ettit Qeo. Broods and Co. 459, 460 and 461 

Oxford street, W.C. 
Pettet 3. 38 Upper Clifton street, Finaburr, E.G. 
RiilipB P. J. 361 Upper rtreat, lalingtoQ, N. 
e ioPhillips Thos. 55 Skinner stieel. Snow hill, 

E.G. (see advtrtieanent') 
Pogsoo John, 18 Hertford pL Olobs road, N.E. 
Poore Thomas, High street, Giapham, S. 
Pope Hemy A. 5 Eldon street^ I^bnry, E.G. 
Powter Bobt 22 Frith street, Soho, W. 
Price Thomas, 10 Lisson gone, N.W. 
Risley Q. E. comer of Croes street, Wftlworth rd. 

(J^itnam W. A. 456 Oiford street W. 
Bann Tlios. 5 Webber row, Blackfriais road, S. 
Bedgraye W. 8 Drake street, Red Lion sq. W.G. 
Richards J. 3 &0DtJigat« pi. Soathgate road, N. 
Bicbards Mrs. M. A. IT New Compton st W.C. 
Richardson Wm, 3 Tabsmacle walk, E.G. 
lUchefl Wm. 36 Fleet lane, Farringdon rt E.G. 
eKicketa T. & Co. 5 Agar street. Strand, W.G, 
Itidsdale J. and A. 54 Minories, E, 
Eobfl W. 4 Prince at Deptford road, S.E. 
Eobinson C. 10 Alfred mews. Tottenham court rd. 
Boblnson H. 4 Portobello ter. Ejngslandpark,W. 
Eobinson Wm. 19 Enaell rtreet, Long Acre, W.S. 
Eosser s:e, IZMillbank st WettmuiBler, S.W. 

fsee (uloeriisatieiil) 
cjBothweU Peter, 20 Cleveland street, W. 
Rowley F. J. 46 St John st QerkenweU, E.G. 
Rnndetl Joshna, 269 Poplar High street, E. 
Bnse Chaa. 24 Hereford pL Commercial rd. east, E. 
Siuidbrook Michael, 13 Lime street, E.C. 
Sottdera John, 15^ Cross bL Hatton garden, B.C. 
Sandford C. 32 Ttiomas et Giostenor square, W. 
cSandland Wm. 41 Hatton garden, E.C, 
Sard John and James, Bevia MarlM, E.C. 
f:Scbmidt and Sons, 21 Gutter lane, E.C. 
Schnll John, 41 and 42 Berwick street, Soho, W. 
Scott Wm. New Park road, Brixton hill, S. 
cSedgwick and Dawaoo, 186 PiMadilly, W. 
cSharpe Mrs. Q. 17 Great Tnrattile, W.C. 
Sheppard John and Thomas, 10 Bncklersbnrr.E.C. 
Sberborne G. C. 343 King's road, Chelsea, S.W. 
Shields Mrs, 5. 3 Lambeth Lower Marsh, S. 
Shirley Jobn, 3 Chaur Ghur row. Back road, St 

George's East E,. 
Shoppee Joseph,* 14 HamptoQ terrace, Hamp- 

stead road. N.W. 
Short Thoroaa Baines, 22 Star street, W. and 2 

Market street Edgeware road, W. 
cSimjnonB Thomas, 531 Oxford street, W. 
Simmons W. J. 63 Lower Kennington lane, S. 
Simon Daniel A. Grown ct HaTerstock hill, N.W. 
eSinclair Charles, 177 Old st St Luke's, E.G. 
Skiimer, Henrj, South Lambeth New nwd, S. 
c eSlater James, 23 Denmark street, Soho, W.C. 
Sleight Thos. 24 Marsham at, We ■ ' — 

SmaU Wm. T. 6 Yoifc t«, Gunden New Town, N. 
^Smith W. & Co. 6 & 6 Margaret st W. and. 66 

Wells st Oxford st W. 
cSmith Albed, 27 Everett st Rnisell sq. W.C. 
Smith Chas. 23 King st Golden Bq. W. 
Smith Jas, T Sandy's st fiishowgate, N.E. 
aSmith J, W, 20 'Tenter st E.C. 
Smith W. G. 2 Flower's buildings, Holloway td. 
SneUing Bd. 1 6 Sussex st PimUco, S.W. (s«e adv.') 
South Thos. 165 Union st Borongh, SJQ. 
cSpark & Co. 144 Oxford sL W. 
(Squire J. & Co. 176 Gt Dover st S.E. 
Stace Qeo. 12 Prospect pi. Old Kent rd. S.E, 
Stead Levi, 97 Bolsover st iltzroy Bq. W. 
Steadman Jas. 94 Bethnal green rd. NJL 
eStears W. M and Son, 27 Broad st bdgs. E.C. 
Steel Thos. 96 White Lion st FentonviSe, N. 
fStevens J. & Son, 19 &, 178 Southwark bge. nL 
Stone and Draper 10 Westboume grove east W. 
Strafford C. J. S Cross Key court, London wall 
Strafford G«o. 4 Crose Key conrt, London wall 
Stratford J. 2 Fitchett's cotut. Noble st E.C. 
(Strode W. 16 St Martin's le grand, E.C, and 8 

Angel street, E.G. 
Sngg Thos. 168 Hoiton old town, N. 
raSugg W. 19 and 20 Marsham st S.W. 
Snmner W. 170 Hoiton old town, N, 
pSuirey Metal Co. (W. Dnok & W. Wilson, man- 
aging directors,) 83 IiondoD rd. Southwiik, B. 
Swain E. P. New Wliarf rd. Caledonian id. N. 
Tappin J, 26 Spring Bt. Paddington, W. 
Taylor Benj. 1) Little Charlotte st Blackfriars, S. 
Telliog Wm. 7 Canal ter. St Peter Bt Islington 
jTennant W. H. B. 1 Morelon pi. Kentish tn. rd. 
eThompson G, J. 25 Pavement, Finsbury, KC. 
Thome and Lemon, 12 Pore Bt Cripplegat«, E.G. 
Thnrston and Co. !4 Catherine st Strand, W.G. 
Tilley W. H. 4 Edwaid st Kingsland rd. N. 
Tollafield J. i7A Camaby st Golden sq. W. 
Towndrow H. 1a Backchuich lane, Wliiteehapel 
Townsend W. 74 Queen's rd. wast, S.W, 
eToy J. &. Son, 28 Leicester sq. W.C. 
Trehame G. B. 8 and 9 St James's market, S.W. 
Tr^ame G. R. 3 Norris st. Haymarket, S.W. 
c a Tucker T. & Son, 190 Strand. W.C, 84 Onford 

street, W., 86 King William st E.C. and MUes 

lane, E.C. 
Turner Charies, 31 St Andrew's hill, E.C. 
Turner Richard H. 4 Canal ter. St Peter street, 

Islington, N. 
Turner William, Sylvanua row, Homsey road, N. 
c oTylor Joseph and Sons, Warwick lane, E.C. 
Xfnderhay William Henry, 19 Arthur teiraceeast, 

Caledonian road, N. 
Urquhart Miss Jemima and Wm. 19 Wakefield 
' terrace, Caledonian road, N. 
Vaughan W. 26^ Church st Blackfriars toad, S.E. 
cVerity Wm. & B, 2 Charles st. west, Hyde pk. W, 
Verity David, 15 High rd. Knlghtsbridge, S.W. 
Waite John James, 88 CamomUe street, E.C. 
sWalcott Geo. & Go. 34 Abohurch-lane, B.C. 
fWalker Charles & Sons, 21 Little Sutton st E.C. 
Walkerley, John J. 298 Marylebone road, N.W. 
Wallis, James, 4 Arundel place, Westboume road, 

Bamsbnry park, N. 
Wallis J. T4 Oakley etieeti Lllqdl«U^ 8. 


t 1800. 

Wllpda^B. W. SO Lower Belcnn pUu, 8.W. 
Wird F. 126 at. Snfiolk (treet, Borougb, SJL 
Ward y. W. Wmow wftlk, Tabenuds aq. E.a 
Wftrd G. Lsinatar iensce, Upper Hyde paA gu- 

deuB mid 5b NewcuHa puM, Edgwan toed, W, 
Ward J. SO High dreet, Ouaden torn, N.W. 
Wunn C. S. 2 Artille(7 ilnel, HafaopeKtte,NJB. 
Wana. U Oown stnet, Hoslon •qnar^ N. 
WansA A. 20 Sumez It Tottenham ct id. WXJ. 
Wairen W. 6 Queen's Hndet Gi WindmiU it 
eWatoTB B. and Son, 83 Oray'e Inn leoe, W.a 
Watkina J. 12 BL Gsccge's mena, Begrat'* park 

Watta T. J. 9 Pitf * plae^ Old Kent mad, &.K 
War O. Si St. Andmr'i hOl, E.C. 
Webb W. H. and Son, 48 ynHtaaib ftreet, WXX 
Webb J. 19 TothiU stMst, Weriminstcr, 8.W. 
Webb T. 7 Portland itraet, Waidom itnd^ W. 
Weit J. 27 Chorcli Btnet, I^mbeth, S. 
cWegioa and Curd, 16 Cio«at. Newington Bntti 
Weston F. 63 Hare abset, Bethnal greoi, N.£. 
Wbelan J. jnn, 10 Fnmp rov. Old etreet Td. KC. 
Wbelan W. aUelTOlepL WeUit.Qwkne7,H.E. 
WMchelo n. & Co. 108 Fon A. OipplMate, KC 
oWhiteD. andOo.l8BigliHaIbo«,W.C. 
White T. 31 Fercaral ilnet, Oeriunwell, 'E.G. 
WUte W.44 Haie etfoet, Bethnal petal, KJB. 
WhitehonaeT. 21 Bow mgh (treat, E.I 
WUteeide W. 8 J Qrert Qoeen atraet, WJa 
WbowaU J. W. 28 ~ ' ' " ' " " 


Wilton Hanj J. 200 Snijn rtnet, Depttord, S J!. 
Windnst 0. 69 Shoe lana^ Heet ilreet^ G.C. 
WingrovB W. V. 87 Long lul^ West Snitlifleld, 

B.C. and Mare street. Hackney, N.B. 
^Winn J. 26 Little Charlotte at BlackMan rd. S. 
eWiusland T. 2^ New Br^Jge it Vanzball cnws, 

S. (let odBertuanenQ 
Winter 0, IG and IT Enmmerford atreet, Bethnal 

gieen, N.E. 
Wood £. J. U Piimroaa it. E.G. 
Woodman J. 6 Wilton road, Pimlieo, S.W, 
Wooldiidge F. Q. 2 I^broke grore, Netting hill 
c (WoottoD and Powell, 70 Hattw Garden, B.C. 
Wrencl) J. 24 Duke street, SmithSetd, £.C. 
Wright R CliftoQ street, Wandaworth rd. S. 
o 8 Wright A. 56 and B&x Millbant (rtreet, S.W. 
Wjatt T. 41 King street, Long acre, W.a 
Taidlej S. 2 and 8 Lower Wood eL E.C. and 13 

St Jamee's walk, (aerkenwell, E.C. 
Young Lntha, 47 Bow lane, Cheapiide, KC 
e b Toitng W. 38 and 84 Qneen ibeet, E.C. 


Connelly, P. W. 38 Eyie rtreet hill, E.C. 
BdwBjils and Son, Sharp's alley, Cowcrosi at E.C. 
BIlis Benjamin, 35 GosneU road, S.C. 
Badcliffe Auguatua, lZ6 St John st road, G.C. 
Baddiffe A. jnn. 104 Fleet street, E.C. 
Sbarratt and Kewth, 44 Perceval street, E.C. 

Baymau, H. 1 Johnson at. Old Orarel lane, K 
Bvans E. and E. 64 Brick lane, Spitalfielda, KJ!. 
White and Co. Emmett atreet, Limehonse, E. 

Gerish, P. W. 16 Eart road, Qty road, N. 
Jonea C. F. 40 Parker stiaet, Diii^ lane, W.C. 
Smith H. eOBartholomew close, E.C. 
Walby James, 69 Greek street, Saho, W. 


Allen Matthew, 21 £ 22 Worship rt, Pinsbnry.Ea 
Bailey D. & E. 271 and 272 High Holboin, W.C. ' 
Baily Wm. & Bona, 71 Qracecborch atreet, KC. 
Barlow James, 8 Qmrch court, Clement's la. K(7.' 

Blow J. J. and Wm. 11 Bell yard, E.C. 
Boyd David 0. 9 Condoitstreet, W. 
Cooper, Georee B, 121 Dmry lane, W.C. 
Cottam and Co. 2 Winaley atreet, Oxford st W. 

(tee advertitement) 
Courtier Bamael, 1 Water street, BlackfriaiB, E.C, 
Eley Edward, 216 City road, E.C. 
Fowler Benjajnin and Co. 22 Wbit«{rian at E.C. 
Gale Samuel, 820 Oxford streel, W. 

James, 31 DaUTeii street, Chelsea, S.W. 

lU Henry. 14£ingWilliamatreet,Stzand, W.C. 

mljVmialu, 118 Dorset st ' ~ ~ 
U Wm. Brixton hill, S. 

It street, E.C. 

Enkla Frauds, 121 FentonviUe rd. X. (see adtH.) 
Nash SwaaW. 253 Oxford street, W., 119, New- 
gate at E.C., and 29 Leinater ter. Bayswat«r, 
W, (see adverlue'iiail) 

Newali James B. 26 Stoane atteet, S.W. 
OmiBOn H. Stanly bridge. King's road west S.W. 
Perkins A. U. 6 Fraser st Gray's inn road, W.C. 
Price H. C. and Co. 2 Derby at Westminster, S.W. 
Bosaer, S. E. IT Millbank at Westminster, S.W. 

(fee advertisemeal) 
Sherwin Joseph, 61 Tabernacle walk, E.C. 
Smith J. W. 20 Tenlon ai Lit. MoorGelda, E.C. ' 
Stephenson Charles, 62 Qracechnrch atreet, E.C. 
Taylor Gemg^ 13 Sheldon st Weatbounie ter. W. 
Temuuit W. H. B. 1 Moreton pi. Kentish town rd. 
Toby H. and Sou, 213 Iting's road, Chelsea, S.W. 
Turner Thoa. 3T East st Manchester square, W.' 
lyior, Joseph and Sons, Warwick square, E.C. 
Voldns and Hurd, Jubilee place, Chelsea, S.W. . 
Walker's (Bichard) Corrugated Lon Works, 

Grange road, Bermondsey, S.E. 
Ward George, IS Leinster terrace. Upper Hfde 

Park gardens, W. 
Waller Thos. and Co. 47 Fish street hiU, B.C. 
Watts J. & Co., 8 Claremont pi. Old Kent rd. S.E. 
Weels John and Co. Sussex teamx, King's road 

west, Chelsea, S.W. 
Wright F. 8 Finch street Whitechapel, NX 
Cottam and Co. 2 Winsley at Oxford st W. (wc > 

Fowler, Benj. and Co. 22 Wbitefriais street^ 11.C. ' 
Qwyrmt and Co. Essex wharves, i^sex st. Stnnd 
Hopkinaon and Co. 14 New North street, E.C. 
Qmncey Harcourt 183j Leadenhall stred; £.0. 
Bohinaon and Cottam, I Low. BelgraTe jd. S. W.' j 


Shaod and tbaon, 346 BUckfrura Hwd, S. 
Tyler Howard and Co, 85 Upper WhilacroM 

adeet, E.C. («« advertiaemeai) 
TvloT Joseph and Sons, Warwick square, E.G. 
WaJket John, 17 Cowper street, City road, E.C. 


Da Bergne Chas. and Co. 9 Dowgate hiU, £.C. 
Hernolenicty, FioWsoa and Co. 3 Delahay atieet, 

Westminster, S.W. 
lion Bridge AasociatJon (Henry Palfrey, Staphen- 

BOQ and B. King^ Engineers) 58 Pall mall, S.W, 
Langley Charles, Deptford green dock yard, S.E. 

and Commercial diy dock, Botherhithe, S.E. 
Weatwood, Baillie, Campbell and Co. London yd. 

Cnbitt's town, Millwall, £. 

Bunnett Joseph aud Co. IT Queen st Cbeapelde, 

E.C., Works, Deptford, S.E. 
Chubb and San, 57 St. Paol's chnrch yard, E.G. 
Leadbeater John and Co. 125 Aldeisga1« st E.G. 
Milner Thos. and Son, *7i Mooreate st E C. 
Tann Qeorge, 39 Hope street, N.B. and & Minerra 

terrace, Hackney road, N.E. 
Tann John, 80 Walbrook, E.G., 2 Minerva tetnee, 

Nj:„ and 1 Hope rtreot, Hackney road, N.K, 
Walker's Corrugated Iron Works, (William Henry 

Oiiffitli, ptopiiEtor) Orange rd.BermondseyiS.E. 

AcUamd & HtDoing, Clarence st. York rd. City rd. 
Allan J. aen. Entland wharf, S and 4 Up, Thames 

8t EC & Pnrfleet wbf . Earl st. Blackfrian. E.C, 
Asdenton Fonndiy Co, (E. Cory, agent,) 8 New 

Broad st E.C. . 
Archbett & Co. Stanley bridge, King's rd. west, 

Chelsea, S.W. 
Ash C. F. 20 Up. Thames at B.C. 
Ashworth J. D. 9i Bay at ClerkenweU, E.C. 
Bailey D. & E. 271 & 272 High Holbom, W.C. 
Bailey, Fegg & Co. 81 Bankside, S.B. & Gon wbf. 

64 Wappmg wall, B. 
Bailey W and Sons, 17 Oracechorch sL RC. 
Barber B. 20 John st Adelphi, W.C. 
Bamingham C. 12 Suffolk grove. Borough, S.E. 
Banatt G. 22 Baker's row, aerk^nwell, E.C, 
Banett G. Smart's buildings, High Holbom, W.C. 
Barrett K. & Son, King's Head ct Beech st E.C. 
BartJe & Co. 9 Wharf, Nortl^ide Paddingtan basin 
Barttett W. R. Harrow si Lant st. Sonthwuk, S.E. 
Barton J.-370 Giford st W. 
Basaington J. 06 Old street, rd. E.C. 
Benbow J & Son, Bear garden, Bankside, S.E. 
Bennett & Sons, 107 Kingsland road, N.E. 
Blytb J. and A. Pbre street, Limehonsa, E. 
Biaby F. 868 Enstoa rd. N.W. 
Brown J. B. & Co. 18 Cannon st. E.C. & 31 (keat 

Bush lane, E.C. 
Brown, Lenox & Co. Millwall, E. & 8 BiUiter sq. 

City, E.C. 
Batinett J. & Co. IT Queen st Cheapside, E.C. and 

Wwks, Deptford, SJI, 
Bnnnau Q. C^nal rd. north, & 6 Wharf id. Kin^'a 

Buteox J. T. 102 Compton paaMgerCleikenirell 

Bywortli W. Vernon mewa, Portobello rd. NotUng 

hill, W. 
Calvert O. J. 1 Co. 9 Lanmnee Ponntwiy hill, E.C. 
Carbince & Hammond, the^Jrove, Gt Guildford st 
Carroichael W. Bias Anchor yard, Tork st S.W. 
CatT Henry, 88 Gt. Peter st Westminster, S.E 
Carron Company, (Bobeit White, agent) 15 Upper 

Thames street, E.G. 
Caston T. 6 Bri^e hoQsepl.Newingt4in canMway 
Chavasse H. & Co. 2ieA Cpper Thames si B.C. 
Clark and Hunt, 169 Shoreditch, N.E. 
Coehrane & Co 17 Park sbwt, Westminster.S.W. 

and 10, 12 and 81 Bankside, Southwaik, S.E. 
Cook Wm. 7 Snfiolk grovs. Great Snffolk st S.E. 
Coombs Henry Q. 17 Dnion it Borough, S.E. 
Cooper Edward R 9 Piincea st Dmry lane, W.C. 
Cooper George Knion, 121 Dmry lane, W.C. (tee 

Gi^jpins John, Eagle wharf rd. north, North rd. K. 
Gottam and Co. 2 Windej st Oxford st. W. (ns 


Cottam and Cotlam, St. Fancras Iron Works, 1 

Chenies ter. Old st Pancras rd. N.W. and Gor- 

mgated Iron Works, Tork rd. Sing's cross, N. 

CroideyBobert, 6 Thomhill pi. Caledonian rd. N. 

utd Thomhill Foundry, 1 1 Geoige st Islington 

Crowley, Millington and Co. ISl Up. Thames st 

Cutler and Soiu, 16 Great Queen st. Uncoln's 

inn fields, W.C. 
Dawea Wm. Henry and George, 8 Stse lane, EC. 
Dewer Ebenezer and R 2 Bevis Marks, E.C. 
Doe JoB»ih Bolton, jun, 9 Osbom st wharf, N.E 
Dunn, Mies Mbit, 43 Bridge house pi. Newington 

eansaway. SJL 
Edifl, Henry, Higd st Bromley, Middlesex, R 
Edinglon, I'honm) and Sons, 63 Old Broad st E.C. 
Elkin William, S Kinasfon street Lambeth, S. 
Sam Bank Iron Foundrv, Warehoose Pnrfleet 
wliarf, Earl st, B.C., and 3 & 4 Up. Thames st 
Qaiiett and Son?, 34 St John's st Brick lane, N Ji. 
and Leiston works, Saxmnodhaaj, SofEolk, (see 

General Iron Fonndry Company (limited), Ljoa'a 

wharf and 43 Upper Thames st B.C., bduiy, 

9 Old Fish street hill, EC 
Qerrish F. W. 16 East rd. and Buttersland street^ 

Hoxton new town, N. (kc ofAwtueoient) 
Gilbert and Frasi, 65 Golden lane, Barbican, E.C. 
Gilkes, Wilson and Go. 64 Old Broad st E.C. 
Glover Brothers, 168 Dmry lane, W.C. Spa road, 

Bermondsey, S.E. 2 Parker's row, Dockhead, 

S.E and 1 Dean street Soho, W. 
Oollop, Mts. Emilia, 68 Charles st Gi^ road, RC. 
Goodwin Heniy, jun. 67 Great (Jnildtcwd st &K 
Graham and Sons, Triglano, Up, Thames st E.C. 
QrifSth W. Henry, GrwEe road, Betinondsey, SE. 
Hallen&HalleD,Comwdlrd, S. aDd76(MoidBt 
Handasyde William, 8 Martin's la. Cannon at B.C. 
Harrison Wm, and Son, 74i Qneen st. City, E.C. 
Hart, David, 244 and 245 Whiteehapel road, B. 
Hart Joseph and Bon, 53 to 68 Wyeh st Strand, 

W.C., 20, Coekginr st W.C. and 4 Vime «t 

Belvedere road, Lambeth, S.Uet adoa-liBaaent') 
Hart Joseph, 14 Cottage road, Bermondsey, S.E. 
Hawks and Crawshay, 23 Upper Thames Et. E,C. 
Hemulewnc and Co. 8 Delahay st WeEtjniustet 


Hill and Smitb, 4U Brood sL boildiogs, E.G. 
Hockett Tboe. DeTODshire Ht. MUe and, N.B. 
Hodgion & Co. Victoria whf , N«itdw bL Limehooie 
HoEMth, J. Brook and Co. Bolhoriiithe bL S.B. 
BoTbrook T. H. &. Co. Manor Iron Workj, Manor 

street, Chelsea, S.W. (see odixrtisemenl) 
Hood Francis B. and Co. Deptford green, S.E, 
Hood Samnel & Son, 6S Upper Thames at, E.C. 
Hnsken Richard, S8 Borongh road, S.E. and 29 

Great Union st Borough road, S.E. 
Howard, BavenhiU & Co.-,268 Hotherhithe at. S.E. 
Hndaon Joseph, 11 Three Colt lane, N.E. & Eseei 

skeet, Bethnal green, N.E. 
James Wm. and Co., i Crosbj hall chambeiB, 

Bishopegate st. wi Ain, E.C. 
James Thomas, Back rood, St, George's east, E. 
Jenkins E. V. 14a Stamford Bt Blackfiiars, S. (see 



35 David, 3 SisB lane, Bncklersbnry, E.C. 

Kennard B. Wm. & Co. 67 Upper Thames si E.C. 
Kirkham John. Bridge road, Battersea, S.W. 
KirksWl, Forge & Co, 8 Pancras lane, E.C. 
Knight Samuel J. 38 Upper Thames sfreet, E.C. 
Lawrence Brothers, 21 FitEeld street, Hoiton,N, 
Lawrie Jas. & Co. 63 Old Broad street, E.C. 
Lerick Fredk. & Co. 1 Charlotte row. City, E.C. 
Lloyd's, Fosters & Co. 8 New Broad street, E.C. 
M-Kimlay Peter & Co. Patil's wharf, Upper Thames 

street, E.C. (see advertiKme'it) 
Manning J. B. Old road. Stepney, E. 
M-Laren A, & Co. 174 Upper Thames street, E.C. 

(see adnertisemenl) 
Martin James, Vine street^ York rd. Lambeth, S. 
Medhntst Thomas, 465 Oxford street, W.C. and 

8 Little Denmark street, Soho, W.C. 
Moore J. W. & G. 13 Low. While Cross st. E.C. 
Moorewood & Co. Dowgate dock, Up. Thames st 
Morris G. T, 46 Paradise street, Lambeth, S. 
Nerins John, I & 2 Qt. Guildford st, Boro" S.E. 
Oakas J. & Co. 20 Wharf rood. City road, N. 
Old Park Iron Company, St Peter's chambers, 

Osborne George, II Noble street, E.C. 
Parry E. & Son, 195 Golden lane, Barbican, E.C. 
Parsons O. G Paradise st Lambeth. S. (see advl.') 
Patent Jno. & Danl. Wharf rd. Hackney rd. N j;. 
Pattinran & Co. Mitre chambers, 187 Fenchnrch 

street, E.C. 
Perry T. & S. 463 New Oiford street, W.C, 
Pooley and Son 89 Fleet street, E.C. and Albion 

Found^, LiTeroOol (see adrerlisement) 
Porter John Henderson, 1 Kches court, E.C. 
Pouutney Humphrey, Blackfriars road, S. 
Powell T. 49 Lisle street, Leicester square, W. 
Prince & Co. Grove, Gt Guildford street S-E. 
Eamsden Robert, 100 Kingsland road, N.E. 
Bansomes and Sims, 31 Eaaex street, Strand, W.C. 

and depot railway goods station, St. John street, 

Bethnal green, N.E. 
Batdiff William, 2 Stepney eanseway, E. 
Bayne and Bom, 12 Little Tower street, E.C. 
Redpath & Leigh, 9 George yard, Lombard street, 

E.C. and Church row, Limehouse, E. 
■Robert* Julins, Gray street, Bromley, B_ 

Robinson & Cottam, 1 Low. Belgnve pi. Pintficcp 
Boas Thomas, 90 Broad street, BatcM, K 
Botherham Foundry Company, Dyers' HaH wluuf, 

95 Upper Thames street, E.C. 
St. Panorae Iron Works, 1 Chenies terrace (Sd St, 

Pancras road. N.W. and Corragafed iron works 

Tork road, King'i cross, N. (see ad<XTtisement) 
Sallis J. 95* Gt Guildford st S.E. (seeadvl.) 
Samnelaon B, and Co. 7G Caimon st west, E.C. 
Sandys Virian & Co. 31 Threadneedle st EC. 
Shaw M. T. 64 Caimon street, E.C. 
Sherwin J. 6) & 62 Tabernacle wk. Finsbniy, E.C. 
Skaife James and Co. Copenhagen pi. LimehooEev 

E, & Regent's Caiialbasin,Ci^imercialrd. east, E. 
Smith K and Son, 18 Gt George st. Westminster 
Smithers W, 1 & 2 Stingo la. Marylebone id. W. 
Sl£el J. F. aod Co. 5 Klailboro' mews, Oxford st 
Slap B, Snney Canal Ironworks, Hatcham new 

StephsnM>n F. 27 Johnson street, Rateliff, E. 
Stevenson T. 11 King street. Long Acre, W.C. 
Stone J. Railway Statbn, Deptford High street, 

S.E. ; office 12 Garlicfc bill, E.C. 
Stnait and Smith. 20 John street, Adelphi, W.C. 
Swiany W. 1 3 Snssei st. Tottenham ct rd. W,C- 
Symons N. Cambridge st Old St Pancraa rd. N.W. 
Taylor F . 1 6 Seacoal lane, Skinner street E.C. 
Taylor H. 46 Crown street, Pinsbuiy, E.C. 
Temple W. and Co. Glasshouse yaid. Upper East 

Smilhfield, E, 
Thompson W. 6 Bonndary street, Shoreditch, N.E, 
Todd J. and Co. Kent Ironworks, Greenwich, S.E, 
Tuckey W. 20^ Golden lane, St Lake's, E.C. 
Tupper C. W. snd Co. 6U Moorgate street, E.C. 

and Regent's canal dock, Commercial rd. east, E. 
Vavassenr and Co. 2 Snmner st South wark, S.E. 
Victoria Poundir Co. (limited) Thames street, 

Greenwich, S.E, 
Walker B. Grange road, S.E. 
Warden Joseph and Sons, 27 Gt George st S.W, 
Ward G. 5b Newcastle ylace, Edgware road, W. 
Wentworth and Sons, Wandsworth Foundry 

Wandsworth, S. 
Westwood &, Wrights, Canal rd. Kingsland rd. N. 
Whitehonse and Co, Gt Guildford street, S.E. 
Whitley Nathan & Co. G8 Gt Guildford ai S.E, 
Whittaker W. B. 1 8i Crosby row, Walworth, S. 
Williams W. 34 Gt, George st Westminster, S,W. 
Willitts and Co. 4 Gloster ter. Park Walk, Chelsea 
Wingate and Graftoof 33 and 36 Noble street, St 

Lukes, E.C. 
Wood O. and Co. 14 Fore street, Limehouse, E. 
Wood E. Oxford row. King's rd. St Pancras, N.W. 
Wri^t F. 8 Finch street, Spitalficlds, N.E 


BuleyC. and R 272 High Holbom, W.C. 
Bailey W. and Sons, 17 Gracechorch street, E.C. 
Bartrnm, Peetyman, and Mumford, 168 Upper 

Thames street, E.C. 
Barnes, F. and Co. 109 Fenchnrch street, B.C. 
Baxter T. 148 Minories, E. 

I 1860. 


Banetfink and Co. 89 Cheftpside, E.G. 

Banham and Sons, 19 and 21 Wigmore street, 

Cavendish Eonue, W. (see aiwertisemeat) 
Bianchi F. 16 Gresham S. E.G. (see adverlisement') 
Billing, Martin, & Son, 142 High Holboro, W.C. 
Bishop andDaj-, 6 Walbroot, City, E.G. 
Bligh S. W. 7S Church lane, Whitechapal, E. 
Boobbyer J. H. 14 Stanhope st Drnry Ubb, W.C. 
Bradbury G. 11 Gsrlick hill. B.C. 
Bradley C. 14 Clement's lane, E.C. (tee adet.') 

__:er, S.W. 
Cavit T. E. 18 Hatton garden, E.C. 
Cbamhers B. midD. 41 Bishopsgate nithont, E.C. 
Chance E, 2 Colemiui street bnildings, E.G. 
Charlton, Brothers, and Leaie, 56 Berwick st W. 
Ching C, and Co. 16 Castle st. Long Acre, W.C. 
Clarke and Hunt, 169 Shoredilch ffigh street, 

N j;. ; 2 Bateman's row, Shoreditth, E.C. and 7 

and 8 Spencer street, Sboreditch, E.C. 
Collar G. 33 & 34 Wych street, Strasd, W.C. 
Cooper and Uadgwidi, 27 St John's lane, Cler- 

kenweil, E.C. 
Cottam and Co. 2 Winsley street, W. (see ad«t.) 
Coulson, Juies, & Co. 11 & 12 Clement's la. E.a 
Cressal) W. 45 Bedford row, W.C. 
Crook E. and F. 5 Caraaliy street, W. 
Crowley, Millinglon, & Co. 151 Upper Thames st 
DaleJ. 18aadl9ChiaweUatreet,Finsbnry,E.C, 
Danver, Git>erne, and Co. 33 Windmill siieet, E.C. 
Deane and Co. 3 Arthur street west, E.C. 
Douglas J. 255 Blacktriars road, S. (see advl.) 
Farmer and Oorbell, 92 & 93 St. Jcdm street, KC. 
Faulkner J. 62 St. Martin's-le-Orond, E.C. (see 

Fowler G. 30 Barbican and Beech street, E.C. 
Gibbs E. E. 90 to 92 Old Gravel lane, Wapping, 
Gilks C. H. 3 Union row, Tower hill, E. and 67 

Minories, £. 
Godson E. 72 Aldersgate street, E.G. 
Goodbehero G. T. and Son, 9 Wellclose square, 

E. and 7G St George street, Upper East Smith- 

fleld, E. 
Grabam W. & Sons, Trigla. Up. Thames st. E.C. 
Greayer 3. W. jnn. Bow High street, E, 
GriceJ. 18 Cross street, Newington butts, 

' street. Belvedere road, Lambeth, S. (see lld>^l,) 
Hawkins and Son, 111 London rd. Southwark, S. 
Hayward Brothers, 117 and 118 Union st. Boro' 
Heartland T. 31 Chester st Lower Kennington la. 
Higgs and Gaorge, 1 College hill, E.C. and 82 

tennon street west, City, E.C. 
Hill and Hartridge, 13 and 14 Camomile street, 

Biehopsgate st^et EC. 
Hincks C. and Co. 221 Borongh High street, SJ!. 
Hoafcins S. 91 Fore street, Limehouae, E. 
How D. Stepn^ g>l^ Cmmnercial road, E. 
Hnntly J. 54 Northumberland place, W. 
James W. H. 149 Blackfriars road, S. 
JeUey and Millet, 196 Blackfriars road, S. 
Jenkins E. W. 14* Stamford street, S. (see advf) 
Jenkins W. 99 Blackfriars road, S. 
Joyce J. 129 Whitechapel High street, E. 

Jukes and Co. 1 1 Clement's lane, E.C. 
Langion R and Co. 37 Bucklersbury, E.C. 
Lee T. 5 George yard, Lombard street, E.C. 
M'Lellan Peter & Walter, 15 Cannon street, E.C. 
Marshall and Co. 103 Feachurch street, E.C. 
Martin S. 14 Gough square, Fleet street, E.C. 
Mirama, CoweU and Co. 20 Chiswell slteet, E.C. 



Mitcheson S. and W. 2 and 3 Garford street, 

Limehouse hole, E. and the Tobacco ground, 

Thames street, Botherhithe, S.E. 
Moore J. 12 and 13 Gt Earl st. Seven dials, W.C. 
Moreton and Foster, 12 Clement's lane, E.C. 
Morris and Brooks, 8 Earl street, Blackfriars, KG. 
Mortimer H. II. and Co. 10 & 25 Gt. Bush la. E.C. 
Moser and Sons, ir>u High street, Southwark, 

S.E,; SBankside, S.E.; Dowgata Iron Wharf, 

Upper Thames skcet, E.C., and 1 Bank end, 

Part street, S.E. 
Nash S. 25it Oxford street, W. ; 29 Leicester ter. 

Bayswafer, W. sad 119 Newgate street, E.C. 

(see adveriisenient) 
NettlafordJ. S, and Sons 54 High Holbom, W.C. 
Pfissmore A. and Co. 120 Newgate street, E.C. 
PetiT and Co, 7 Bishopagato street vrithout, E.C, 
Pfeil and Stedall, 5 and 6 Broad street, Blooms- 
bury, W.C. (see advertiteiuetil) 
Powis J. and Co. 26 Watling-atreet, E.C. and 

Blackfriars road, S. (see adferlisemenl) 
Price D. and W. 16 Alfred place, Newington 

causeway, S.E. 
Pugh T. and Co. 13 Kmg street, Snowhill, KG. 
Qnuic«Y E. 133^ Leadenhall street E.C. 
Bedpatli uid Leigh, 9 George yard, Lombard 

sb'eet, E.C. and Church row, Limehouse, E. 
Bichards and Co. 117 and 118 Bishopsgate street, 

within, E.C. 
Richards E. New Park street, Borough, S.E. 
Eobinson W. C. 10 CoUoge hill. Cannon street 

west, E.C. and 10 Maiden lane, KC. 
Bownson, Drew, and Homan, 217 Upper Thames 

street, E.C. and Paul's wharf, E.C. 
Sandeman and Short, 2 York street, S.E. and 14 

Three Crown square. Borough, S.E. 
Schooling J. and Co. IS Great Garden street, 

Whitechapel, Nil 
Seymour C. 1 St James' walk, E.C. 
Shutt W. D. 118 High street, Shoreditch, NJl. 
Simkin W. Smith, 46 Leadenhall street, E.G. 
Simms J. 141 Fleet street, KC. 
Stephenson C. 61 Gracechurch street, E.C. 
Strong J. and Co, 36 Skinner street, Somers town, 

N.W. and 62 Enston road, N.W. 
Terry J. 78 Long lane, Smithfield, E.C. 
Tildesley E. and D, 2 Irongate wharf, Praed st. W. 
Vardon J. and Son, 8 Gracechurch street, E.C. 
White G. 345 Oicford street, W. (sie advl.) 
Widdeson D. H, 81 Terrace. Trinih; sq. Tower hill 
Winchester &, Co. 40 to 42 Upper East Smithlield 
Wright C. 37G Strand, W.C. 
Yorkfl W. 5 Theobold'a r^ad, W.C. (see advl.) 


Allan J. sen. Rutland wharf, 3 and i Up. Thames 
st E.C, and Porfleet wharf. Earl st. Blackfriars 
Ash C. F. and Co. 20 and 21 Thames st KC. 



Azzoui F. 57 Old Brood st E.G. 

Bailej, Pe^ Sc Co. Bl Bankside, 8.E. and Chin 
wharf, 6t Wapping wall, B. 

Bainbridge J. 86 Elf place, Holbom, B.C. 

Balls E. 5 Three Kiiig couit, Lombud st E.G. 

Bavliss, Simpson & Joqm, 4 Broad st. boildiuin 

Beale 8. and Co. 10 Park rt. Westminstei:, S.W. 

Beale B. jun 37 Hope st N.E, & 6 Jamaa'i place. 
Hackney road, N.E. 

Beebie Thos. 8. i Mansion honse place, B.C. 

Befl BrothetB, 7 Size Une, E.G. 

Bennett John, 9 Laurence Pountney hiU, KG, 

Bessemer Steel Warehoiue, 71 Cannon stieoi^ E.G. 

Bird Wm. & Go, 2 Lanronce Ponntnay hfll, E.G. 

BlackweU John, B03 Upper Thamo* et. E.G. 

Boii'kow & Vanghan, 5 East India chunhen, E.C, 

Booker T. W. and Co. New Broad rt. E.C. 

Boyd John, 6 East India chambere, E.C. 

Broad James, 149 and 160 Drury lane, W G. and 
6 and T Great Wild itreet, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 

Brown J. B, & Co. 18 Gannon Btcest, E.C and 31 
at Bnsh lane, E.C. 

Brown and Go. 33 Broad street bnUdinga, E.C. 

Brawn Joseph, to Lower Shadwell, E. 

Buchanan Geo. and Co. 26 Bncklerabnry, E.C. 

Bunn E. T. and Son, 3 Chapel pi. Poultry, K.C. 

Bvirke E. 69 Upper Tbaniea st. E.C. 

Burnett James, IB Cannon st. E.C, 

Cammell Cbarle* and Go. 6 Baigo yard, E.C. 

Campbell Broa. Galdec & Oovan whf. William st 
Blackfriars, B C. 

Gaston Thos. 6 Bridge house place, S.E. 

Cattermole John, Muior street, Chelsea, S.W. 

Chattock E. F. 160 Fencharch street, E.G. 

Clark and Hunt, 169 Slioreditch High st N.E. 7 
and 6 Spencer street, Shoreditch, E.C. and 2 
Bateman'a row, Shoreditch, E.G. 
Cockreil A, 1 and 2 Salisborj street. Fleet st, E.C. 
Cohen Henry, 15 Cowcross street- B.C. 
Cole Wm. jnn. 10 Mark lace, E.C, 
CoUinson Hy. 1 Crown <± Threadneedle st E.C. 
Cooke B. 7 Siee lane, Bucklerabuij, E,C. 
Coombs H. 0. 17 Union st. Boro. S.E. (see advt.) 
Cottam and OotW, 1 Chenies ter. Old St Pancras 
road, N.W. and cormgated iron works, York 
road. King's CiMS, N. 
Cowdy J. and Go. 3a Bond court, Walhrook, E.C. 
Cransha; W, 36 Upper Thames sb«et E.C 
Crowley, Millington and Co. 151 Up. Thames st 
Curtis Jamea, 298 Enston road, N.W. 
Eamanson I. L 37 Moorgate st. E.C. 
Ebbw Vale Co, 7 Laurence Pountney hiU, E,C. 
EnsoD Vernon & Go. 26 Nicholas lane, E.C. 
Farmer & Gorbell, 92 and 93 St. John St E.C. 
Firmin H. 8 Cannon st E.G. 
Ford P. 9 Lanrenca Pountney hill, E.C. 
Forman W. and Co. 28 Queen st Gheapside, E.C. 
Freeman J. 22 Cannon street, E.C, 
Freund H. 8S Betbnal green toad, NJl. 
Gandell J. 11 Glameut's lane, B.C. 
Garhett E. IB Rose ter.Fulham rd. S.W, 
Garrett and Sons, 34 St John's st Brick la. N.E. 
General Iron Foundry Co. (limited) 43 Upper 

Thames street, E.C. 
Ooddard and Co. 213 and 220 gapping High et 
Oodaon E. 72 Aldersgate street, K.C. 

Graham W. and Sous, Trig la. Upper Hamas it 

Green and Phillips, 8 Camion rtteet, E.C. 

Green W. Umty bnildiiigB, 8 Cannon st. B.C. 

Gwest Sir John, bart ft Go. 13 King's Jana ju4 

Handasyda W, 8 Marlin's lane, E.& 

Harratt G. 2 Boyal Exchange buildups, E.C. 

Hendry W. T. and Co. 71 Cannon st west, E.a ' 

Hethwington M, 83 Uwer Thames st E.C. 

Higgs and George, 1 (Allege hill, KG. and M 
Cannon st City, E.C. 

Hill and Smith, 40 Broad st bniMmgB, E.G. 

Hitcbcock G, C, 16 lime st and Lbyd's, E.G. : 

Hodgson J. and Co. Victoria wharf. Narrow s& 
Limehause, E. and 11 Clement's Ium, E.C. 

Hogarth J, ^x>ok and Co. Thune« Tnnnel Iron 
Wharf, Botherhithe st S£. 

Holhrook T. H. and a. Manor st Chelsea, S.W, 

Hollands W. J. 31 Banksido, S.E. 

Holroyd and Norton, 1 1 Boyal Exchange, KG. 

Hood S. and Son, 68 Upper Thames st B.C. 

Hood T. and C. 18 Earl st Blackfriara, E.G. 

Hoolo W, 23 St John's eq. Clarkenwell, E,a 

Hosking J. 25 Webber st Blaciiriars, S. 

Hunt %ron, King st Himmeisraith, W, 

Hunt Wm. 11 Clement's lane, E.C. ^ 

Isaac* D. 30 Little Queen st Holbom, W.C. 

Isaacs Moss, Phcenix wharf, 45 Bankside, S.B. 

Jackson W. 69 Crown st. Finsbury, E.C. 

Jacobs and Co. Iron wharf, ThonihiU bridge Cale- 
donian rd. N. 

Jenkins B. W. 14i Branswick st Sfamfoid st S. 
(see advertiaement) 

Jilley and Mellett, 196 Blackfriars id. S. 

Johns J. W, 2 I^nrence Pountney hill, E.C. 

Johnston A. 83 Upper Thames st E.a 

Jones J. 6 Bankside, Southwark, S.E. (lee aa t. 

Keratland and Son, 14 Mill st Lambetii walk, S. 

Keep and Watkin, 9 Bankside, S.E. 

Kenward H. W. and Co. 67 Upper Thames st E.C. 

Kinder A. 18 Great George st S.W. 

Lawrie and Co. 63 Old Broad st E.C. 

Levick F. and Go. 4 Charlotte row, Mansion hoiMe 

Lloyd, Foster and Co. S New &oad >t E.G. 

Lo^ Wilson and Bell, 7 Sise lane, Buckleiahuiy ' 

Low Famess Iron and Steel Co. (limited) 18a 

Moorgate st E.C. 

MacnaoEht, Bobertaon and Co. 41 New Park s_. 

S.E. Napolean wharf, Bankside, Soathwai^ 

S.E. & Victoria works, 297 Botherhithe st. S.E, 
M'Laron A. and Co. 174 Upper Thames st E.C. 

(see advertisemen !.) 
Matthews G. 43 High st Bloomsbnry, W.C. 
Matts B. and J. 106 and 107, Star st Edgware rd. 
Maybury W. H. 3 Sise lane, E.C, 
Mersey Street and Iron Co, SI Parliamentit S.W. 
Miles, Gonld and Go. 29 Upper Thames st E,C, 
Moore and Manby, 3 Bailwaj pi. Fenchnrcb st 
Morewood and Co. Dowgat« dm^ Upper Thames . 

street B.C. 
Morgan and Co. 90 Upper Ground st S. 
Mortimer and Co. 10 and 25 Great Bnah la. £,C. 
Moser and Sons, 165 Bigh st Sonthwark, S.E. S - 

Bankside, S.E. Dowgat« Iron wharf, Uwei . 

Thames st E.C. and 1 Bank end, Patter stS^ 

Moss and Gtimble Bros, to Parterst DroryLtne 
Mnrntr Tjun, 18 Bedcroas it Cripplegaie, RC. 

and 1 1 High st. Bloomsboiy, W.U. 
Kajlor Vickera and Co. 80 Lombard st. E.C. 
Face and Co. 1 Laarence Foantaef hill, E.C. 
Packwood W. Bofftea 2S Change BUe7, KC. 
Pennj A, Wenlock Iron works, Wharf road, City 

Hei) and St«ddall, 5 and 6 Broad st Bloomsbuiy, 

W.C. ftee adoertiiemenl.) 
Piiliner R. 4 Hatfield sU Stamford St. S. 
PoDtjpool Iron and Tin Plate Co. 36 Cannon st. 
Porter A. 33 Nicholas lane, E.C. 
Porter J. H. 1 Bichea conrt Lime rt. E.G. 
PoUmg R & Wellington, 10 New Broad st mem 
Bavene J. Sons and Co. 8 Cannon st. E.C. 
Richardson Wm. 70 Comhill, E.C. 
Bobinson and Gyre, 36 Caonon et E.C. 
Bodman S, jun. S St Alban's terrace, Vanihall 

bridge road, S.W. 
Bodman S. H. 10 St Alban's ter. Vauxhall bridge 

road, S.W. 
BogersH. Soes and Go, 32 BacUenbniy, B.C. 
Bogerson and Co. 2 Boyol Esehange bnildinga 
BowDson, Drew &, Eoman, Panl wharf, KC. and 

217 tipper Thames st E.0, 
HiisseU J. & Co. 69 Upper Thames st E.C. 
Saodetson C. 22 Cannon st west, B.C. 
Sftyoor Samnel, S Pancras lane, E.C. 
Scamell Geo. oi Skinner street Snowhill, KC, 
Sdineider, Hannay and Co. 17 Oracechnicb street 
Sharpe Bobart 7* Old Jewry, KC. 
ShawM. T. 61 Cannon street, E.C. 
Smith JoMpb, 28 and 29 Broad st Lambeth, S. 
Stunt a. 11 Holland at Blsckfriais load, S.E. 
Swann Wm. U Pinner's hill. Old Broad st KC. 
Swedish Sleel Iron Co. 25 Parliament st S.W. 
^kee Henry, 68 Upper Thames street, KC. 
lliompeon and Forman, 26 Queen st Cheapdde 
Thompson Geo. and Co. 7 John st. Adalphi, W.C. 
Thompson and Browning-, S Victoria streat, S.W. 
Thomeycroft G. B, and Co. Dyer's hall wharf, 

Upper Thomas street, E,a 
Tiddflman P. A. & Co. Earl si Blackfrian, E.C. 
Terns G. B. and Co. 97 Laarence Pountney la. B.C. 
Tregelles and Taylor, 51 Old Broad stieet, E.C. 
Treggon W. T. and Co. 22 and 23 Jewin st KC. 

C7 Oracaehnrch st KC. and 66 St John street, 

Topper C. W. and Co. 61a Moorgate sL KC. 

wrnks, Limehonee and Birmingham 
Tyler, Eayward and Co. 85 Upper Whitecroas st. 

KC. (m< advertisemenf) 
Usher T. 4 4 19 Pnmp row, Old street road, E.C. 
Walker O. 9o New Broad street, E.C. 
Walker Richard, Grange road. Bermondsey, S,E. 
Warden Joseph & Sons, 27 Great George st S.W, 
Warner John and Sons, 8 Jewin crescent, E.C. 
WeardalB Iron Company, 18 Up. Thames st E.C. 
Waller J. 3 Asylum bdgs. Westminster road, S. 
White L. Old Barge house wharf. Up. Ground sL 
WiUiama Walter, 34 Qt. George st. Westminster 
Winter Urs. G. 7 and 9 Bankeide, S.E. 
"Wwd Geo. 4 Co. U Fore street, Limi ' " "" 
TatBB, Ha . ~ — ^ 


EU George, 279&280 EiutoQ road, N.W.8 Drink- 
water place, Waterloo toad, S. & 108 Ed^are 
road, Faddington, W. 

Ell J. 35a Surrey place. Old Kent road, S.E. 

Ell Thos. I Windsor terrace. City road, N. and 9 

Pierrepont row, Islington, N. 
Julians Joseph, 143 Souihwark bridge road, S.E. 
Lawrence E. J. 1 1 Cbeltenhampl. Old Kent id. S.E' 
Meggs John, Stratford road, Stratford, E. 
Morris S. S2 Proridence bdgs. New K«nt rd. S.E. 
Piggott John, 4 Foley pi. Wandsworth road, S. 
Potter Thos. 10 Somerst street, Aldgate, E. 
Willgooe John, 33 Hayfield pL Mile end rd. E. 

LASD Ain) fiunsiNa societies. 

Atlas Building Co. (limited), 21 Abohuroh la. E.C. 
Atlas Permanent Building Societ3^l2 Southamp- 
ton buildings,, Chancery laue, W.C. 
Belgrave Hntoal Benefit Building Soc 87 War- 
wick street Pimlico, S.W. 
Benefit Building Soc 44 Begent street, W. 
Birkbeck Freehold Land Soc. 29 Southampton 

bdgs. Chancery lane, W.C. (sm advertutment) 
Birkbeck Permanent Benefit Bnildinz Soc. 29 

SoaUiampton buildings, W.C. (see odvt.) 
Borough of Lambeth Land and BnildinK Invest- 
ment Soc 23 Mount street, Lambeth, S. 
British American Land Co. 35^ NewBroad St. E.C. 
British Land Co. (limited), 14 Moorgate st E.C. 
Church of England and General Freehold Land 

and Building Soc. 18 Adam st Adalphi, W.C 
Cilj of London Freehold Land and Bmldiog Soc. 

29 Poultry, B.C. 
Conservative Land Soc. 33 Norfolk street, Strand, 

W.C. & 1 Bise la. City, E.C. (aee adiiertiMmeal) 
EconomJc Freehold Land Soc. 12 Clevetand street 

Fitzroy square, W. 
English Congregational Cbapel Building Soc. 1 

Moorgate street, E.C. 
Englishman's Freehold Land and Investment Soc. 

53 ComhUl, E.C. 
Eqnalitf Permanent Bnilding Soc 8S Percy st. 

Tottenham court road, W. 
FioBbniT and General Freebold Land Soc 48 

Bedford row, W.C. 
First Industrial Building Soc, 28 Bennett street, 

Stamford street, E.C. 
Free Trade Freehold Land Soc 39 Great James st. 

Bedford row, W.C. 
Qresham Mutual Permanent Freehold Land and 

Boilding Soc. 65 Fleet street, E.C. 
Hamlet of Mile End Old Town, Building Soc. II 

Assembly row, Mile end road, E. 
Harrow Freehold Land Soc. 23 Pakenham street, 

Gray's Inn road, W.C, 
Imperial Pennanent Benefit Bnilding Soc. 34 and 

86 Cmsitor street, Chancery lane, E.0. 
Kent Freehold Provident Soc. Mechanics' Institu- 

Great Dover Btr»et, Borongh, S.E. 
London and CoonQr Unity Building Soc. St. 

Martin's hall. Long acre, W.C. 
London Diitiict Freehold Land and House Soc. 

63 King WiUiam street. City, KC. 

London Inreatment Co. (limited), 3G Moocgate st. 
Loudon and Metropolitan Building and Invesl- 

ment Soc. St- Martin's hall, Long acre, S,W. 
'London Permanent Freehold Land Soc. 179 Sluaue 

HTBBt, Chelsea, S.W. 
London Subnrban Freehold Land Soc 70 Fen- 

church Etreet, E,C. 
London Suburban and Home Counties Permanent 

Freehold Land Investment and Building Soc. 

48 BeU yaid, Temple bar, W.C. 
London and Scbortan Mutual Beueflt Building 

Soc. 70 Fenchurch street, E.C. 
M^net Building Soc 48 Bell yard, Temple bar 
Marylebone Permanent Building Soc, 16 Laiig- 
" ham street, Laiigham place, W. 
Metropolitan and General Freehold Land Soc 47 

Old Broad Blieet E.C. 
Metropolitan and Suburban Building Soc. 387 

Oxford street, W. 
Middleses Freehold Land Soc. 334 Euston rd. N.W. 
National Freehold Laud Soe. I4Moorgatest. RC. 
North Surrey and Metropolitan Permaaant Build- 
ing Soc lOi Kenninglon row, Kennington park 
Officwl and Gfoneral Building Soc. 1 1 Buckingham 

street, Strand, W.C. 
People's Co-operative Benefit Building Soc 87 

' *rbert street, Hoxton, N. 
;tual Invesbnent Land a 
w Bridge street, Blackfrinrs. E.C. 
Phisnix Permanent Building and Investment Soc 

31a Moorgate street, E.C. 
Rovident Building Soc 1 2 Cleveland street, Fiti- 

roy square, W. 
Reform Freehold Land and Building Soc 147 

Cheapside, and 1 Foster lane, E.C. 
Bock Building & Investment Soc. 26 New Bioad at 
Second Borough of Southwark Building Soc 2tj 

Bennett street, Stamford streel, S. 
Second West Londoo and General Building Soc. 

179 Sloano street, S.W. 
South London Freehold Land and Building Soc. 

8 Liverpool street, Walworth, S. 
Southwark Mcliapolitan and Provincial Freehold 

Land and House Soc. and Deposit Bank, 4 

Wellington chambers, London bridge, S.E, 
Suburban Villas and Village Assoc 36 Moorgate 

street, Gty, E.C. 
Temperance Fenuaneat Land and Building Boc 

34 Moorgat« street, E.C. 
United BuUding, Land & Investment Co. (limited) 

29 Poultry, E.C. 
Ouiversal Investment and Building Soc. 86 Lnd- 

gate bill, E.C. 
West Loudon Permanent Building Soc. 1 79 Sloane 

street, Chelsea, S.W. 
Westminster Freehold Land Soc. 7 Beanfort bdgs. 

Sdand, W.C. 


Adelaide Land and Gold Co. 20 Tokenbonse yd. 
Australian Agricoltoral Co. 6 Cannon st. City 
British American Land Co. SSJNewBioadst- E.C. 
Drainage &. Inclosnre Co. 80 Parliament st. S.W. 
Ecuador Land Co. nimited,) 7 Finsbury so. E.C. 
Falkland Islands Co. I Charlotte row, Mansion 
house, E.C. 

General Land IJrainage and Improvemeut Co. 62 

Parliament st S.W. 
Lauds Improvement Co. 2 Old Palace yard, S.W. 
Netherhicds Land Enclosure Co. 15 Old Jewrjl 

chambers, E.C. 
New Brunswick and Novo Scotia Land Co, 5 

CopthaU court, E.C. 
Feel Biver Land and Mineral Co. (limited,) 5 

Cannon st E.C. 
Van DiemaoB Land Co. 6 Gt Winchester st E.C. 


Amndelin. 6 and 7 Webber st Blackfriars rd. S. 
Barry K 1 7 Brunswick st Hackney rd. N.E. 
Beacbetn F. 4T Brandon st. Walworth, S. 
Cambridge J. Meads pi. Westmioster rd. S. 
Clake J. Apsley pi. Lark ball lane, S. 
Cooper J. 25 Sydney ter. Marlborough rd. Chelsea 
Deason C. Stratford rd. Stratford, E. 
Digby & French, 18 Charles st. Kensington sq.W. 
Drake J. 200 Hi^ Holbom, W C. 
Edwards W, 27 Cbnrcb row, Old St Pancras rd. 
Fairbrother I. 14 Duke at Stamford st S. 
Fairbrstber J. 55 Brook st, Lambeth, S. 
Field J. 10 Bleeding heart yard, Holbom. W.C. 
Hall JohiL Purfleet wharf. Harapeteod rd. N.W. 
Hayford J. C. iS St John st Smithfield, E.C. 
Hockley 0. 6 Queen st Chelsea, S.W. 
Hopkins James, 19 Little Randolph st N.W. 
Howard H. 9 Ferdinand st Hampstead rd, N.W. 
Humphreys D, 2 Coleman st New North rd. N. 
Kelsey E. 1 Charles pi. Kenangion, W. 
Lavirence C. Wyndham rd. Camberwel!, S. 
Lbwrence W. Rodney bldgs. New Kent rd. S.E. 
Martin D. 34 Jamaica row Bennondsey, S.E. 
Newson J. 19 Bloomfield ter. Pimlico, S.W. 38 

Grosveuor mews, Berkeley sq, W. 50J West- 

houme st S.W. Grosveuor row, Pimlico, S.W. 

and Commercial rd. Pimlico, S.W. 
Nicholls P. 13 Oxford pi. New rd. HammeramiOi 
Owen John, 1 7.5 Pentonville road, N. 
Price P. 10 Greenman's lane. Loner rd. Islington 
Rogers D. 27 Bethnal green rd, N,E.' 
Rowland A. R. 6 Portobello tec. Netting hill, W. 
Rowland B. 66* King st. Camden town, N.W 
Scott Mrs. H. 2 Asylum bldgs. Westminster rd. S. 
Smith T. S. 15 Gt Tower sL E.C. & 32 Seetiiing 

lane, E.C. 
Spooner S. & Son, lOThoraasst Spiialfielda.N.E. 
Stead Chaclea, Stmtfocd rd. Stratford 
Tapson J. 73 Lower George st Chelsea, S.W. 
Toyer S 17* Harcourt st Marylebone rd. W. 
Tomer Mrs. M. 2 North st Mile end rd. E. 
White J. W. 10 Church st. Shoredilch, N.E. 
Williams T. 9 Manor st. Chelsea, S.W. 
York T. 3 Ann's place, Pritchard's rd. N.E. 
Young E. A. 138 Curtain id. E.C. 


Armfield S. Q. 10 Gt St Andrew's st. W.C. 
Cohen Sam. and Son. 6 Greenbill's rents, E.C. and 

84 and 85 Cowcross »tieet, Smithfield, E.C. 
Cole Dan. 12 Chalcroft at. New cnt, limbeth, S. 
Cook Chas. B. 121 Old st St Luke's, E.C. 

Edgley J. A. 291 Strand^W.C. 
Evans J. and W. J. 104 Wardou 

street, W. 

t 1S60. 


Feon. Joseph, 106 and 106 Newgate st. E.C. 
Fuller J. H. 7 Haftoo garden, EC. (see mftO 
Gluster J. 33 Wellington bL Goswell rt. E.O. 
Qreenfield and Son, 10 Bioad st Golden sq. W. 
Hendry W. T. and Co. Tl Cannon sL nest, RC. 
EoUands K B. 61 Compton st, Clerkenwell, E.C. 
Eoltzapffel C. and Co. 64 Charing cross, S.W. & 

127 Long Acre, W.C. 
Lewis and Son, 5 Wjch st. Strand, W.C. 
Lewis John, 51 High sL Blcomsbuiy, W.C. 
Mills Wra. 13 King st CleitenweU, E.C. 
Mitchell 3. W. 1 Bridge house place, Newingiton 

Canseway, S J!. 
Mosele? J. & Son, 17 & Ig New st. Covent garden 
WilliaoiBon W. 184 High Holbom, W.C. 

Uoser John, BalUc street, E.C. 


Muked a are Ash ameliera. 
»> p an Pipe HanuftuiLiiTers- 

Abrahams Henry, 32 and 33 Bosoman sL E.C. 
and 86 Snowhill, E.C. 

Adams £dwin, Broken wharf, 41 Up. Thames st. 

;>AldeTSon Q. D. and Co. 1 Bleheim stieet, Oxford 
street, W. and 110 Broadwall, Blackfriars, S. 

Ansell, Geo. W. 7 Whitmore pi. west, Hoxton, N. 

Baikec Mis. Sarah and Co. Ellis st. S.W. and 162 
Sbane street, Chelsea, S.W. 

Beard and Dent, 21 Newcastle street, Strand, W.C. 

Bloyd Joseph, 11 Doke street, S,E. 

Bliuidell, bpenceandCo. 9 Upper Thunes st. E.C. 

Brown, Mrs. M. 6 ParBOnage row, Newington 

Brown tatoick, 3 Paddiogton green, W. 

a mpBnrr Brothers and Co. Old Shot Tower, Com- 
mercial road, Lamheth, S. 

Champion, HankeT and Co. 8 Laurence Pomilnej 
hill, E,C., PanVs whaif, Upper Thames st. E.G., 
and IslingtoD fields, Soulhgate road, N. 

Chatet J. and Son, 24 St Dunstan's hill, B.C. 

ChattertOD John, 19 Wharf road, City toad, N. 

Church, Lockett and Co. 10 Norton Folgato and 
38 Spital square, N.E, 

m »Claik F, and Son, Lead works. King street. 
Hammersmith, W. 

pCockiell A. 1 and 2 Saliahnry ct Fleet st E.C. 

ConoUy Henry, 20 Hampstead road, Euston road, 
N.W. and 3 Charles stieet, Hampstead rd. N.W. 

CooksonWm. T. and Co. 101 Upper Thames st 

Coward Mrs. S. 10 and 11 Lit Knightrider street 

Doudalk Lead Mine (Phillips and Darlington, 
managers) 36 Cannon street, E.C. 

pEaston and Amos, GiroTe, Gt Guildford st. S.E. 

Emanuel W. and Son, 51 Marylebone Ian«, W, 

Enthoven H. J. and Sons, Upper Ordnance wharf, 
Botherhithe, S.E. and 8 Moorgate street, E.C. 

Farmiloe T. and W. 12 Bochestar row, West- 
minster, S.W. 

Grey W. P. 20 Camomile street, Bijhopagale st 

Grist C. 47 Chiswell street, E.G. 

HarversonH. 50 Chichester place. King's cross, N. 

Hawkins G. 88 Bishopsgate street witiout. E.C. 

Hockley T. A. 23 and 24 Little Earl street. Seven 
dials, W.C. 

Hnbbuck T. and Bon, 167 Fenchcrcb ^slieet, E C. ' 
25 Lime street, E.C. and Hnbhuek's wharf. 
Broad slrset, Eatclifl, E. see adeerliseii>eal) 

Jennings B. 32 Tottenham court road, W. 

Johnson.W. W. and Robert and Sous, 4 Waterloo 
place. Commercial road east, E. and Copenhagen 
place, LimehoQse, E. 

Keates A. 20 ProTJdenca bldgs. New Kent rd. S.E. 

Kebbell, Shepherd and Co. Allhallow's wharf. 
Upper Thames street, E.C. and Love lane, Gt 
Guildford street, Southwark, SIE. 

Lazams L. 15 Middlesex st. Aldgate, N.E. 

Lead Company, a Martin's la. CamiOD rt. City, KC. 

Locke, Lancaster and Co. St. Peter's Chambers, 
Comhill, E.C. and 7 Shad Thames, S.E. 

Miles C. 1 Angel ter, west, King st. Hammersmith 

Miles J. Commercial street, Whitechapel, N.E. 

Millington T. A. 87 Bishopsgate st without, E.C. 
(see advertisement') 

Nant-y-car Lead and Copper Mines, 8 Old Jewry 

Naybor H. Southampton streat, Camberwell, S. 

pNichols Brothers, 233 and 235 King's road, S.W 

O'Hara and Foster, 6 Church court, City, B.C. 

Page H. 1D5 Whitechapel High street, E. 

Panther Lead Co. (limited) 5 Queen st pi. E.C. 

Fatten J. 24 Park pkce, Mile end road, E. 

Penan Wheal Geoige Lead Mining Co. S3 GL 
Winchester street, E.C, 

PhilUps and Co. 164 Edgware road, W. 

Phillips J. 140 City roaj E.C. 

Pilcher J. Q.&.Z.&, Sons, Morgan's la. Tooley si 

niPitchford E. B. and A. T. Lead Mills, Commer- 
cial road east, E. 

a mpPontifeJt E. and W. &. Wood, Shoe lane, E.C. 

Poulson G. 28 New Church street west, N.W, 

Boddick J, Railway arches. Church st, Horselydown 

Rose W, A. 66 Upper Thames street, E,C, 

oRoupell and Co. 16 Cross street, Blackfriars, S. 

Simpson J. H. and Co, 53 &, 04 London road, S, 

Smith & Co. 4 Goildhall chambers, Basiughall st 

Spill G. 65, 66, and 67 St George's street, E. 

Stedman T. J. 33 Cambridge place, Norfolk 
square, Paddington, W. 

^er A. 8 Pantonville road, N. 

'Tarte A. 39 Gravel lane, Southwark, S.E. 

TarteW. 17 Tothill street, Westminster, S.W, 

Tolhurst J. and Son, 60 Tooley sfr^^. SiE. 

Tudor S, and W. 186 Upper Thames street, E.C. 

mWalkeis, Parker, and Co. Belvedere rd. Lambeth 

Ward and Clay, 82 City road, Finsbuiy, E.C. 

Warner J. and Sons, 8 Jevfin crescent, £ C 

WatkiuB H. and W. -6 New cut, S. 

West W. 38 Great Cattle street, Eegeut st W. 

liart J, and Son, 53 to 58 Wych street. Strand, 
W.C, 20 Cockspnr Street, W,C., and 4 Vine 
street, Belvedere road, S. {see advertisement) 


Barron, Son, and Wilson, 436 West Strand, W.C. 
Bramah and Co. 124 PiccadiJly, W. and 2B Down 

Carman T, 245 Oxford street, W. (tw lulvt.) 
Chnlib and Son, 57 St, Paul's Churchyard, E,C. 
Faultless J. 8 Endell street. Long acre, W.C. 
Gibbs T. 6 Heathcock conrt, Stwmd, W.C. 


OotUieb ISie. E. 1 Smith rireet, Mile end road, E. 
Harper J, Coasm lone, Cannon street, Q.C. 
Hill H. 14 UnioQ place, Stapnej gi'eeo, S. 
Hobbs, Aahle^ and Co. 76 Llheapaide, E.G., and 
AiliugtoD itieet, New Nortli road, Islington, N. 


Leadbe&ter J. and Co. 126 Aldnsgate itieeC, E.C. 
Mordan S. and Co 22i. City rwd, E.C. and 72 

Cheapside, E.G. 
NetUeFold and Bona, 54 ^b Holbom, W.C. 
Pamall M. L. 288;Siraiid, W.C. 
Patent Lock & K^ Co. 24 St Swithin's la. KG. 
Pucfaidge F. 62 Struid, W.G. 
SMnga W. 17 Woodbndge streetncnth, E.C. 
Tann John, 80 Wolbrook, Ci^, S.C. and 1 Hope 

Btjeet, Hackn(>7 Toad, S.E. 
Tucker and Eeeves, 181 Fleet rireet, E.C. 
Turner T. 1 Uana place, (Mj road, E.G. 

Adams J. 64 King street, Long Acre, W.C. 
Adams R. 62 King st. Loog Acre, W.C. 
Allen J. 11 Haiteyford it Clapbam id. B. 
Aigent H. i East st Old Kent id. S. 
AmeU E. 97 Philip at Kingsland id. N. 
Ashman C. 91 Fetter lane, Holbom, E.C. 
Bailey D, and B. 271 & 273 High Holbom, W.C. 
Bambar T. D. 12 Little College st. Westminster 
Bamea G. Kaoce's place, Folham rd. S.W. 
Barnes J. 19 Old street rd. Shoreditch, E.G. 
BaiKin, Son &, Wilson, 436 West Strand, W.G. 
Batchelor J. 46 Bell bL Edgware rd. W. 
Bayliss T. 8 HoljweU st Strand, W.C. 
Beck Wm. 1 Little Chapel st Sobo, W. 
Benetfink and Co. 89 and 90 Cheapside, E.C. 
Beonet Benj. 12 C2iatle9 st Kensington sq. W. 
Bick J. 63 North at Edgware rd. KM. 
Boyd Alex. 105 New Bond street, W. 
Bratt S. 9| Qainaford st Hoiselydown, S.E. 
Brine C. and Son, High at Notting hill, W. 
Bnn;esE J. 15 Upper Ogle at Ktiroy sq. W. 
Butler Jas. 28 St George's row, Pimlico, S.W. 
Butler T. 49 Lower Sloane at Chelsea, S.W. 
Goivar Jobs, 4 Hattou garden, E.C. 

61 Leader at Chelsea, _. . 
Clark W. and Co. 63, 96 A 96 London wall, E.C. 
Clark A. 18 West st Golden sq. W. 
Clark C. 6 Epping place, Mile end, E. 
Clark Mrs. C. 26 Sbenard sL Golden sq. W. 
Coe F. 11 Denmaik st Sobo, W. 
Collar O. 83 & 84 Wjch st Strand, W.C. 
Corfield F. 9 Seacoal lane, Skinner st E.C. 
Gorton W. 10 Great Winchester at. E.C. 
CotheU J. 31 King st Snowhill, E.C. 
Courtney H. 6. 31 Clargea st W. and 3 Litfle 

GroBvenor at Groavenor sq. W. 
Da™ E. 87 York at Westminster, S.W. 
Debney Thomas, Broadway, Stratford, E. 
Dedri^e T. 8 Huntingdon street Hoxton, N. 
Dole, Wm. 25 Baybam st Camden town, N.W. 
Draper M. and Son, 88 Qt Titchfield street W. 
Dmmmond Tbos. 88 Orarel la. fouthtrark, SiS. 

Dnnuett fuchard, 35 Pudding lane, E _ 
Dyson H. and Co. 17 Pitfield street, HDzt<m, H. 
Eaatar James, Wandsworth road, S.W. 
Eatwell E 23 Little Guilford st Brunawick so. , 

Edworda Jas. B3 Eyre street bill, Leather la. £.a ' 1 

EUia T. 21 White's row, Spitalilelds, N.E. 
Fanlkner John, 62 St Martin's le Grand, E.C. 
Flood J. 13 Great Ma^'s bdgs. St Martin's kna 
Freeeman Thos. 10 West sMet Golden sq. W. ' 
Gardner Newtoo, B New at Larkboll lane, S. 
Gardner R 10 Bentinck at Vauxboll bridge road 
Garters T. 11 Paradise st Qray's ^ road, W.G. 
Gearing Argo, 14 Duke af reel^ Lincoln's Tg", W.C. 
Gill Jamea, 6 Little Compton street Soho, W. 
Goode C. B. 2G Goodman's yard, Minoriea, E 
Grant Tboa. 7Blaiidford mews, Manchester sq, W. 
Green John, 21 Prince's row, Pimlico, S.W. 
Green Wm, 20 King street, Kensington, W. 
Greenway T. 13 Charlotte pi Gflodge street, W. 
Grimwood Charles L. 39 Cnraitor street S,C. 
Groom Joseph, 16 Archer at Gi Windmill st W. 
Guy J. 4 Jamea at Old at St Luke's, E.G. 
Harris John, 6 Biilannia row, Islington, N. 
Hatriaon Samuel, 6i Stanhope st Clare mkt. W.G, 
Harrow W. & Son, U PorUond at Soho, W. 
Hart J. 4 Son, 63 to 58 Wych street, Stnnd, 

W.C, 20 Cockapor street, W.C, and 4 Vine sL 

BelTedere road, Lambeth, S. (see adaerliaemtjtt) 
Hartey W. 67 Worahip sL Shoiedilch, E.C. 1 

Hatfnll Wm. Griffin atreet, Deplfoid, S.E. and 14 | 

Pleasant row, Deptford High street, S.E. 1 

Haynes Samuel, 300 Oxford street, W. and a ' 

Hanover place, Oxford alreet, W. 
Hewish Mrs. M. 42 Eagle st Bed Lion sq. W.a 
Hicks Wm. 23 High road, Knightsbridge, S.W, 
Highlay B. 2 Margaret court, Oiford market W. 
Hooks Geo. 14 Lower North atieet Chelsea, S.W. 
Howard John, 42 Grown row. Mile end road, ES. 
Huffer John, 25 Wildemeas row, E.C. 
Hughes B. 26 King at. Portman aqnare, W. 
Hulford T. 1 Church street, Kenaington, W. 
Hnmphris J, 33 BiOstrode mens, Muylebone la. 
Hunt T. 1 Union street KiagsUnd rdad, N.E. 
Jackson W, 4 Whalebone court Moorgate st E.C. 
Jacob J. T. 30 Colchester st Whitochapd, E. 
Jacob J. 38 Warwick lane, Newgate atreet, E.C. 
Jamea Geo, 7 Cumberland place, Baysmati, W. 
James Samuel, 8 Saville place, Mile end, E. 
Jaffery C. 7 Charlotte mewa, Tottenham court rd. 
Jeffery Chos. 44 Up. Jotn street Fitiroy sq. W. 
Jeffery Wm. 4 Aim atreet, Pentonvillo road. N. 
Jones Fred. 23* Peter street, Soho, W.C. 
King Wm. 8 Grafton court, Ma^lebone, W. 
Lombard Thomas, More etreet Hackney, N.E. 
Lamberth Isaac, 35 Piiieiing pL Bayawater, W. 
Lampeil, W. W. 10 Leader at Chelsea, S.W. 
LawCharles llj Cowper street City road, E.C. 
Lawrence Chas. 8 Leader atreet Chelsea, S.W, 
Lawrence John, 5 George court, Stiand, W.C. 
Lee John, 1 Creed lane, Ludgate hill, E.G. 
Lee Thomas, 2 Market street, Edgeware road, W. 
Lettia Thomas, 23 Market street Fitiroy sq. W. 
LowmanT. 50 Church st Mile end Now town, N,E. ■ 
Malpasg S. 66 HolyweU laue, Shoraditch, E.C. 
Manning W. 19 Portobello turace, W. 

poa IBfiO. 

Uaitei J. 26 Bedcross st BorODgh, S.E. 
Maniott S. 193 Bonthwark bridge road, S.E. 
Matthews Thoe. 23 St Ann's court, Soho, W. 
Milford Wm. 29 John st. west, Edgwaie id. W. 
Monk Goo. 2 Beiiler st E.G. 
Mortei W. 10 Mexican ter. Caledonian rd. N. 
Nash Swan W. 253 Oifotd st W. 119 Newgate 
st RC. and 29 Leinstec ter. Bajswaler, W. (see 

NewaU J. B. 26 Sloane at. S.W. and 105 New id. 
ChelseB, S.W. 

OUson Wm. 133 Cornwall rd. Lambeth, S. 

Oyler G. 4 Snflolk st Pentonrille, N. 

Palmer Qeo. 40 Roj'al it Lambeth, S. 

Farkes Jno. J. 17 London st Paddington, W. 

Fawley and Carroll, 2^ Outter lace, E.C. 

Pedlar Wm. 10 Stanmore st Caledonian rd. H. 
and 5 Bird st, Oxford st. W. 

Fetfcins H. 6 Princesa st Edgware rd. N.W. 

Phillips Thos. 55 Skinner st Snoiv hill (lee advt.) 

Phillips W. H. SO Camomile st Biehopsgale, KC. 

Kaddeo Mrs. M. A. S3 St Swithin'e lano, 
Bonio^ E. 79 Broadwall, S, 
Header Wm. IT and 30 Cullum st E.C. 
Bendd C. T. 7 Bear yard, Lincoln's Irai fields 
Bowlands J. 3 Wallbiook row, New North rd. N. 
Scott E. 26 St. John Btroflt rd. E. 
Seakor J. 26 Duke st Weetminster rd, S. 
Sanioi A. 6 Whalebone court, Gt, Bell allej, E.C. 
SheppMd J. and T. 10 Bucklerabury, E.C. 
Sheppard J. 100 BroadwaU, Bkckiriars, S. 
Shemng J. 20 George st Giosvenor sq. W. and 

42 Duke st Groavenor sq. W. 
Simmons T. T Carlisle st Lambeth, S. 
SmaU W. T, 6 York ter. York rd. Camden New 

Smart H. 1 Dmry court, Strand, W.C. 
Sonthall W, 4 Wliite Swan yard, Wbileohapel, E. 
Spaiiow B. 1 St. Mark's rd. Camberwell, S. 
Snnter J. W. 73 Duke st Weatminster rd. S, 
Sutton W. 5 Bleeding Hart yard, Hatton garden 
Swain E. P. New Wharf rd. Caledonian rd. N. 
Taylor Benj. 1 1 Little Charlotte st Blacktiara, S. 
Thompson S. 23a Peter street, Soho, W. 
Thomell P. 13 Edward st Hegenfs park, N.W. 
Treaanre J. 62 & 65 St. John's st SmithfleW, E.C. 
Tripp Wm. 59 St. Mary Aie, E.G. 
Vir«er E. 2 North street, Chelsea, S.W. 
Wakalin J. W. 11 Chapel st Tottenham courtrd. 
Waldron Geo. 7 Middle«ei st Somers town, N.W. 
Wallia A. 7 Watarloo ter. Upper st. Islington, N. 
Walton H. 28 Great Satton st Oerkenwell, E.C. 
Ward Oeo. 18 Leinater ter. W. aod ISb Newcastle 

place, Edgware rd. W. 
Warren F. 28 Marshall st Golden Bq. W. 
Watkina F. O. T Lower Eennington green, S. 
Way Geo. 34 St Andrew's hill, E.C. 
White H. 4 Union at Middleses hospital, W. 
Williams Alas. 15 Seothing lane. E.C. 
Wilson W, 25 Back Church lane, Whitechapel, E. 
Wright A. 20 St John's st Westminster, S.W. 
Wright Wm. 7 Gibbon st. Waterloo rd. S. 


Alien A. llPhilip'ibmldinga, Somen town, N.W. 

Allen H. 17 Percy at. Tottenham court road, W. 
Austin A. 69 Princee st Leicester square, W. 
Bdwr R & Co. 65 Fore street, Cripplegate, E.C. 
Baker's Eepoeitory, 309 OxfOTd street, W. 
Ball S. 5 Globe road. Mile end, N.E. 
BarnettS. 2a Foiston street, Hoiton,N, (see advt.) 
Bayh^ Heniy, Old Gravel lana. E. 
fei^B T. 10 Old North street, Bed Lion sq. W.C. 
Brown James Birce & Co. 18 Cannon street, E.C. 

and 31 Great Boah Uoe, E.C. 
Bnnnett Joseph & Co. IT Queen street, Cheaprfde, 

E.C. and New Cross road, Deptford, S.E, 
Carson S. 88 Duke street Mancheater square, W. 
Chavasse H. & Co. 216* Upper Thames st E.C. 
Child I'homas, 5 West Smithfield, E.C. 
Childa Angustua Bryant, 192 Tottenham ct rd. W. 
Clark G. 24 Chapel street, Curtain road, E C. 
Clayton Henry, Atlas works, 21 XJpperPark place, 
Dorset sq. N.W. & Edward st Dorset sq. N.W. 
Clifford Charles, 49 Fanchnrch street, E.G. 
Clubb and Smith, 118 Fenehurch street, E.C. 
Cockman B. 6 Upper North st. Whitechapel, N.E. 
Coomhe B. and Co. 30 Mark lane, E.C. 
Coponet 6. 22 Coppice row, aerkeawell, KC. 
Corcoran Bryan and Co. 36 Mark lane, E.C. 
Cox Henry, 22 Lower street, Islington, N. 
Cox Jamca, 64 Basinghall street, E,C. 
Darling James, 9 Queen stieeli New cut, S. 
Davis George, 89 Fleet street, E.C. 
EUiott John, 14 Stacey st St Giles's, W.C. 
Evans John & W. J. 104 Wardour street, W. 
Famhajn John T. 26 Union at Kingsland, N.E. 
Farrow Charies, 18 Great Tower street, E.C. 
Foreytb E. 28i Dover place, New Kent road, S.R 
Fox Wm. 69 ComptoQ street, aerkenwell, E.G. 
Foxwell D. 16 Skinner street E.C. 
PraaiH.G, 16a Woodbridge at north, Clerkenwell 
Freeman J. 34 Great Saffron hill, E.C. 
FVy W. 57 Great Guildford street, Boro', S.E. 
Green T. 2 Victoria street, Holbom bridge, E.G. 
Greenfield J. & Son. 10 Broad street. Golden sq. W. 
Griffiths J. 3 St John's pUce, St John's sq. E.G. 
Gwynne & Co. Essex wharves, Essex st Strand 
Hatch W. 28 Swan at Old Kent road, S.E. 
Heighway J. 2 Monkwell atreet, Cripplegate, E.C. 
Hendry Wm. T. & Co. 71 Camion street west, E.C. 
HoSman F. 74 Myddleton street, E.C. 
Holland John, jun, 40 Clerkenwell green, E.C. 
HoUoway Frank, 72 Paul street Finsbury, E.C. 
Horsey W. T. 8 West Smithfield, E.C. 
Howe Peter, 1 1 Somerset place, Hoxton new town 
How's Patent Salinometer OfBce, 81 Mark la. E.C. 
Hudson George, 31 Ensbton street, Hoxton, N. 
Jewiss D. 54 Gainsfoid street, Horselydown, SJI. 
Jewisa J. T. 16 Gainsford street, S.E. 
Jones Wm. 24G High Holbom, W.C. 
Kemble John, 20 Hatton WaU, E.C. 
Kinder Arthur, 18 Great George street, S.W. 
Lyon Arthur, 32 Windmill street, Fiiainiry, E.C, 
Mann John, 100 Regent street, Weetminster, S.W, 
Manning J. B. 8 Old Manor road, E. 
Matthews W. G7 West street. West Smithfield, E.C, 
Meager G. 24 Endell street, Long acre, W.C. 
MUler T. 2 Rodney buildings, New Kent rd. S.E. 
Morris Thomas, 7 Dniiy lane, WXl. 

» I3G0 

Munio J. 4 Gibson street, Wafcrloo road, S. 
Keal T. 45 St. John's street, Smithfield, B.C. 
Nichols Charles, 48 Trimt; st. Botherhithe, S.E. 
Norrington MarkE. 10 South street, Fmsbury, E.C. 
Norton J. I^ 38 Ludgate hill, E.G. 
Nje Saml. 79 Wardour street, W. 
Owen LemuGl, Dow & Co. 192 Totlenhsm ct. rd. 
Percy and Lowndes, 11 Belgntve st. south, S.W. 
Pitt B. jnn. 16 Lower Belgtave place, Fimlico, S.W. 
I'oupord William, 257 BlBckfriars road, S. 
Pratt Saml. 26 Critchill place, Hoston, N. 
Quincey Harcourt, 133^ Leadenliall street, E.C. 
Robinson G. Hailway arches, Dgitf ord High at SJE. 
Savage Alfred, 43 Easltheap, E.G. 
Schonthal leadore, 9! Cannon street road, E. 
Bherwin Joseph, til Tabernacle vfalt, E.G. 
Smith A- C9 Prince's si Leicester sq. W. (see adut.) 
Smith A. Paragon buUdings, New Kent rd. S.K 
Smith S. 204 High Holbom, W.C. 
Speechlev W. 1 18 Railway arch, Vauihall walk, S. 
Stevens E. 5 Patriot row, Gmabridge rood, N.E. 
Symons Brothers, 17 Lombard street. Borough, 

S.E. and 63 Sonthwark bridge road, S JL 
Thornton J. and Sons, 16 Fish street hill, E.G. 
Try Thomas, 4 Poland street, Oxford street, W. 
Tylor Joseph & Sons, 1 Warwick sq. Newgal* st. 
Walker John, ! 7 Gowper street, City road, E.G. 
Watts Uenry, 7G Little Britain, E. G, 
Wedlake H. 35 Shepherd st. Spitaliields, N.E. 
Weeks Charles, 202 Piccadilly, W. 
Williamson W. 135 High Uolbom, W.C. 
Wilson William, 33 Old Change, B.C. 
WitteriDg John, 23 Paul street, FiDsboij, E.G. 
Woodcock T. Staftordpl. Ivy la. Hoston, N. 
Woodrich Henry, 25 Charles square, Hoiton, N. 
Yoang John, Eaton lane south, S.W. 


Marked d un D™«lnr luatrunitnt Molian. 
i/Allea Mrs. A. 5 Three King ct. Lombard st. E.G. 
Archbutt John & Co. 20 Bridge road, Lambeth, S. 

(see advertiaeiiient') 
Aust W. S. 10 Soutliampton st. Pentonville, N. 
Backwell W. T, 7 Kirby st. Hatton garden, E.C. 
Baker Charles, 244 High Holbora, W.C. 
Barrow Heniy, 36 Oxendon street, S.W. 
Becker Charles, 30 Strand, W.C. 
Bennett John, FJI.A.S. 65 Cheapside, E.G. 
Boolter A. 7i St. John's lane, cferkeQwell, E.G. 
Bonsfield, Mra.E. R. 4 Penton pi, Kennington ri S. 
Carlhian and Gorbidre, US Cannon st. west, E.G. 
Casella Louis, 23 Hatton garden, E.G. 
Coifflet Aleiandar, 37 Hatton garden, E.G. 
Cole Thomas, 21 Hannibal road, Slepney, E. 
Collins G. W. IG Mortimer st. Cavendish sq, W. 
Conteto George, 1(17 Kingsknd road, N.E. 
CoJt Frederick J. 32 Skinner street, E.G. 
Croninire John M. and Henry, 10 Bromhead street, 

Commercial road east, E. 
Cnimnin John, Fhipnix place, Gray's inn, W.C 
Dennis, J. C. 122 Bishopsgat« st within, E.C. 
DoUond George, 59 St. Paul's churchyard, E.G. 
Dover John, 69 Myddleton street E.G. 
(/Esnies Mai^ 21 Anchor st, Betjinal green, N.E, 
Elliott Brothers, 30 StranJ, W.C. 

Elliott John, 14 Stacey street St, Giles's, W.C. 
Evans William, 9 Sqninies st Betbnal green, N.B. 
Fayrer James & J. 66 White Lion st Pentonville 
Gardener W. 6 Somerset pi. New rd. Whitechapal 
Gent Geo. 6 Upper Rosoman st Cleikenwell, E,C. 
Gloyn John F. 143 Strand, W.C. | 

Griffin John J. 119 Bunhill row, E.G. 
HacSDH John, 29 Hope street Hackney rd. N.E. 
Uarlmg Wm, H. Mare street Hacknev, N.E. 
Uawtes S, 22 Gt. Sutton st, ClerkenweU, E,C. 
Hawkins Frdk. IH Perry st, Somerstown, N.W. 
Holyman, Wm. 27 Sidney pi. Commercial rd. east 
Home and Thomthwoite, 121 Newgate st, E.G. 
Huddy Fras. 34 Bed Lion street Holbom, W.a 
cJIackson J. 26 Up. Chapman st. St. George's east 
liTeftoreys Wm. G. 20 WiLiemess row, E.G. 
Eeohan Thos. 33 Upper East Smithfield, E. 
Ladd William, 3 1 Chancery lane, W.C. 
Leeson Thomas, 33 King street Boroogb, S.E. 
Lefever C. 14 Duncan place, London fields, N.E. 
I,eniaitre and Bergmann, 59 Wood street E.G. 
dLong Joseph, 20 Little Tower street, E.C. 
Mansfield W, J, Russia la. Cambridge heath, N,E. 
d Mason G. 52 Squirries si Bethnal green, N.E, 
d Mason Thomas, 2 Glo'ster slreet Queen sq, W.G. 
Mileson Abel K. 23 Emmettstreet Poplar, E, 
Morris and Davies, 1 Paradise street I^mbeth, S. 
Murray and Heath, 43 Piccadilly, W. 
Negretti and Zamln^ 1 Hatton garden, E.G. 
Newcombe Frdk. and Co, B Hatton garden, E.G. 
rf Newman John and Son, 123 Regent street W', i 

OborneB. 11 Gnildford street east SpafleldB,W.C. ' 

Pearce James, 36 Bedfordtmry, W.C. 
rfPotter John D. 31 Poultry, E.G. 
Pye William, 16 Nelson terrace, City road, N. 
KaymeotH. 8 Postern row. Tower hill, K C. 
Rooker J. and Son, 26 East st. Eed Lion sq, W.C, 
Hotbwell Wm, 74 Westmoreland pi. City rd. N. 
Howe M. W.;W. 19 Cleaver st,;Kennington cross, S. 
Bowney George and Go, 61 Rathbone pi. W, 
Sabine Wm, 2 Bingfield st, Caledonian road, N, 
Sargent Thos. G. & Co. 2 Thames st. Rotherhithe 
Sax Julius, 64 Gray's inn lane, W.C. 
Scott James G, 17 Bermondsey wall, SJI. 
Shepherd Geo. A, 42 Gopsall street Hoiton. N. 
Slemmon Mrs. Ann, 3 Brandon row, Newington 

causeway, S.E. 
Sloper Alirad, 3 Brighton place, New Kent rd. S.E. 
d Sloper William, 15 Lambeth road, S, 
Smith E. 11 Exmouth st. Commercial rd, east E. 
Smith T, 87 Brunswick street Hackney rd, N,E. 
Spencer, Browning and Co. Ill Minories, E, 
Stanley Wm. F. 3 and 5 Great Turnstile, W.G, and 

3 Holbom bars, E.G. (see aduerlisement) 
Street John, 8 Duke's terrace, St James's road, 

Liverpool road, N. 
Street John J. 5 Kossuth l«r. Hackney wick, N.E. 
Slreet Wm. 5 Duke's ter. St James's road, N. 
Sttffell Charles, 132 Long Acre, W.C. 
Swain Stephen, 182 Southwark bridge road, S.E. 
Swaisland J. 64 Great Sutton st ClerkenwelI.E.a 
d Taylor John G. 9 Felton terrace, Hoilon, N. 
Taylor Mrs, Janet, 104 Minories, E. 
Tettmar Joseph, 18 St. Ami's rd. north, Stepney ,E. 


Tnmlett B. T Onildfonl pUce, Spafield^ W.C. 
IVonghioD and Siuuns, 138 Fleet elieet, E.G. 
Vftcley C. J. 7 Tork place, Kentish town, N.W. 
Wake Chailea, 1 ! Silver street, Golden square, W. 
Wallie James, 3 Union cottages, Cramner road, S. 
Wattfl E. E, 5 Northampton pi. Old Kantrd. S.E. 
Weeden W, 29 Margaret st Wilmington sq. W.C. 
Wliitbread, G. 2 Grenada t«r. Commercial rd. east 
Yeates Andrew, 12 Brighton place. New Kent rd. 
Anst^y Mn. M. 10 Devonshire st. New Norlh td, 
Browne Alfred, 2 Meredith st. E.C 
Callow T. Stratford rd. Stratford, E. 
Cleghora B. Weaver's lane, Toolej st E.C. 
Cottam and Johnson, 21 Grafton st- Soho, W.C. 
Gray Mis. E. 47 Clerkenwell green, E.C. 
Knight G. & Co. 2 Foster lane, Cteapside, E.C. 
Patent Humbago Crucible Co. Battersea Works, 
Chureb rd. Battersea, S.W. (see advertisement) 
Euel H. W. and Sous, New road. HammerBniiUi, 
Ruel H. W, & Sons, 175 High Holbom, W.C. 
Kufiell George, 21 Coleman si. E.C. 
Simpson, Maule &■ Nicholson, 1 KenningtOD rd. S, 
Singer Alfred, Vanxhall, S 
Swift J. and Co. 3 Hoxton Old town, N. 
Tatuell Mrs. E. & Co. Whitecrosa st, Boio. S.B. 
Vigniec H. 31 Up. King st Bloomsbarj, W.C. 

AAddison & Whitehead, 13 Bishopsgate et. within 
Asttm Q. & Co. a Crown court, Philpot lane, E.C. 
JAualin J. H. & Co. 81 Gracechnreh st. E.C. 
Barnard I. and H. 32 Lambeth walk, S. 
ftBamea W. 2 Boyal Exchange buildinFH, B.C. 
tBarton Brothers, 76 Old Broad at. E.G. 
JBateman and Co. 1 Cannon sL E.C. and 17b Ot, 

George st. Westminster, S.W. 
iBennett & Bickards, 30 Fcnchnrch st. E.C. 
iBergCT Brothers, 6 Mincing lane, E.G. 
Bird W. 37 Basingball street, E.C. 
ABIjtb F. D. 82 Mark laue, E.C. 
Bose and Co. 19 Crooked lane, E.C. 
Browne A, 2 Meredith st. E.C. 
tBudd E. L. T. & Co. S Moorgate st. E.C. 
Clifford C. 4 Corbet court, Orafechurch st. E.C. 
Cobb C. 7 Margaret pi. Goldsmith's row, Hackney 

road, N.E. 
Cockrell A. 1 Salisbury court. Fleet st. E.C. 
Cohen A. and Co. 161 Gt Dover st. S.E, 
Cobeu H. 6 Windsor rt. Bishopsgate, N.E. 
Cooke E. & S. 38 EndeE st. Long Acre, W.C. 
Cottam & Johnson, 21 Grjtton st. Soho, W.C. 
2<Cotton and Trueman, 56 Qreaham house, E.C. 
Cnlverwell Mrs. A. 20 Dmry lane, W.O. 
Day C. W. 2 WeUington pi. West India Docks rd. 
Dennis Brothers & Co. 2 Whit* Hart court, E.C. 
Dxck John, 16 Bridgehouso pi. Boiougb, S.E. 
iEamonson J. J. 37 Moorgate Bt. E.C. 
Emaaoel J. and Co. i5 Cannon si. rd. E. 
Emanuel A. Bentinck mews, 6 1 Maiylebooe la. W. 
Erons A. 9 Chester pi. Green st. N.E. 
Everitt A. and Sons, 14 Clement's lane, E C. 
ABVench and Smitb, 4 Brabant court, E.C. 

iGibbon F. W. SSa Bucklersbury, E.C. 
Wreen and Co. 4 George jard, Lombard st. E.C. 
Gregory F. 12 James si St. Luke's, E.C. 
iGnmaldi W. B. 9 Copthall court, E.C. 
Hargrave H. 81 Sliadwell High st E. 
Hartley J. G. West India Dock rd. E. 
Hendry W. T. 71 Cannon st west E.C. 
Hoare J. 44 Compton st Clerkenwell, E.C. 
Isaacs M. Phcenix wharf, 46 Banksido, S.E. 
James Brothers, 15 Fish et. hill, E.C. 
Waraes and Shakspeare, 10 Austin friars, E.C. 
iJames K. H. 10 Austin friars, E.C. 
Joseph Mrs. A. 27 St Mary Axe, E.G. 
Keartland Mary & Sons, I* Mill st. Lambeth, S. 
Kent B. O. 20 Old Gojupton st Soho, W. 
'iKirkman W. sen. 4 Howford bnildiags, E.C. 
iLawrie and Hagger, 83 Lombard at. B.C. 
JLazarus L. 3 Grown court, Old Broad at E.C. 
Macnaught, Bobeitson & Co. Napoleon wharf, 

Bankside, S.E. 
Mason and Elkington, 32 Bncklersbury, E.C. 
Mayes John, 89 St John st. Clerkenwell, E.C. 
iMoate and Co. 65 Old Broad st. E.C. 
Morris E. 21 St. James's walk, Clerkenwell, B.C. 
Moser and Sons, 165 Boroue'i High st. S.E. 
Moss C. and Co. 23 Fencbnrch st. E.C. 
Mnnti's Patent Metal Co. 23 Fenoburch st. E.C. 
Peat H. and Co. 187 Union sL Borough, S.E. 
APelly, Boyle and Co. Allhallows chambers, BoU 

alley, Lombard st. City, E.C. 
Phipson H. & Co. Church row, Limehouse, E.C. 
iPinkerton G. & Co. Gt. St. Helen's chambers, 

E.a and 26 GL St Helen's, Bishopsgate, E.C. 
Prialey G. E. 2i Crown st. Walworth rd. S. 
iRichards J. 5 Cowper's court, Birchin lane, E.C. 
/(Ridge J. C. IS Cannon st City, E.C. 
Sams H. 10 Clerkenwell green, E.C. 
iShort W. and Go. 6 Newman's court, Gornhill 
tSpence E. J. and Co. 1 Pinner's court, E.C. 
Stanton Brotbers, 73 Shoe lane, E.G. 
iStarling W. D. Laurence Ponntney hill, E.C. 
Surrey Metal Co. 83 London rd. Southwark, S. . 
iTrueman & Fry, 56 Qresham house, Old Brood sL 
Twells Pbilip M, 38 Eodell st. Long Acre, W.C. 

and New street, Birmingham, (see ndvl.) 
While H. 13 Marshall st. Golden sq. W. 
Wimshurst's Patent Metal Foil and Sheet Metal 

Co. (limited,) 16 Bishopsgate st. within, EC. 
Wood O. R la Whiskin st. ClerkenweU, E.C. 
iWymark and Co. 2 Philpot lane, E.C. 
Young, DowBon & Co. 3 While Lion court, E.C. 


Bartlett George, 45 Enston road. N.W. 
Bridge Jesse, 44 High Hoibnrn, W.C. 
Brucciani Dominico, 5 Lit. Bussell st. Covent gdn. 
Buckett, Brothers, 17 Gravel lane, S£. 
Casentini G. M. 24 Hercules bdgs. 
Chillingworth J. C. 32 Frauces street, Westmin- 

Chipperiield Mrs, H. 029 Oxford street, W.C. 
Clflrt Wm. E. 3 Victoria terrace, Victoria road, 

Holloway road, N. 
Coffee Henry, 6* Oxford market, W. 
Day Bd. 40 Southville, Wandsworth road. S. 
Desochy Alex. 62^ Berwick Etreet^ Soho, W. 


bwwkh's unKcrORi mb ISfifl. 

DightoQ T. D. 12 Great College street, S.W. 
Earp Thoe. 1 EenungtMi rotil, B. 
Faber J. W. ISMonnt street, Bethnal green, N.B. 
Fanuer Wra. 4 Mead's pi. Westminster road, S. 
Flack John, Scotland green, Tottenham, N. 
Franchi O. ft Sod. 16 Mjddelton street, KC. 
HerbOTt R & J. 42 Park street, Drury lane, W.C. 
Herbert Wm. and Edward, 242 Euatoo road, N.W. 
James Jabez, 23a Braadirall, Blackfriars, S. 
JacQuet John L. 3S Vauxhall bridge road, S.W. 
EeSord Geo. 1a AbtIhih bdgs. Weabninster rd. S. 
Larkin John B. 2 Little St. John's nood Tillaa, 

Blackstock lane, Eighbuiy, N. 
Lawson Thoa. IS Coppice row, Clerkenwell, E,C. 
Lewis Wm. & Son, 6 Wych street, W.C. 
Lnchesi D. 7 Moridmer mkt. Tottenham court rd. 
Mabey James, 26 Pai&dise street, Lambeth, S. 
Makepeace S. 11 Qaeen street, Hegent street, W 
Mason John, 35 Providence row, Finsbory, E.G. 
Meeeh H. J. IG York place, Kenningtoa road, S. 
Minton John, 106 New Bond street; W. 
Montanari N, 13 Charles street, Soho square, W. 
Oberdoerfier Adolphe, 66 Regent street, W. 
ObomeBenj. 11 Guildford at. east, Spafields, W.C. 
PaisoQB James H. fi9 Acton street, W.C. 
Potts John, 24 Park street, Boro' market, S.E. 
Price James, 34 Laean place, Boston, N, 
Heevea Thomas, fi Newman st. Oiford street, W, 
Shmti Joseph, 232 Whitechapel road, E. 
Sloper Chas. 2* George street, PortUnd road, W. 
Smart Wm. 41 Clifton street, Finsbury, E.G. 
Smith Hy. A. 3 Camden cottages, Camden town 
Sullivan John, 177 Great Dover street, S.E. 
Teagle Wm. West end. Hammersmith, W. 
Tozer Eicliard, 22 Great Smith rt. Westminster 
Viceo John, Atkinson place, Brixton road, S. 
Webster Benj. 13 Stracey street, Stepney, E. 
Whitby Robt. 1 Cranmer ter. Cranmer road. S. 
Wills Brothers, 12 Euston road, N. (see advt.) 
Wilson Henry, 191 Carlisle street, and 4 Homer 

street, Lambeth, S. (see advertiienient) 
Bartrnm, FretymB]], and Mumfoid, 168 Upper 

Thames street. E.C. 
Bianchi F. 16 Oresham street, E.G. and Regent 

place, Birmingham (see advertUemeul') 
Bloomer and Son, 41 Ixntdon wall, E.C. 
Cox T. 18 Lower Charles street. Northampton sq. 
Duyster P. 3 and 4 Castle street. Long acre, W.C. 
Farmer and Gorbdl, 92 St. John st. Clerkenwell 
Hall W. 4 Orford street, Marlborough road, S.W. 
Harrison W. and Son, 74a Sun street. City, E.G. 
Eiggs and George, 1 College hill, E.C., and 62 

Cannon street west, E.G. 
Jenkins Wm. 99 BUckfriars road, S. 
Keartland M. and Sons, 14 Mill st. Lambeth, S. 
Keartland T. 34 Chest^ street, Kenningtoa, S. 
Levett R and Son, 86 Broad street, RalcliO, E.' 
Mockley T. G. 6 and 7 New Inn nrd, Shoreditch 
Manley J. juu. Cousin lane, Up. Thames st E.G. 
Quincey H. 133^ Leadenhall street, E.C. 
Bownson, Drew, and Co. Paul's wharf, and 217 

Upper Thames street, E.C. 
Spencer J. Old Ford road. Bow, B. 
Stone J. Railway Station, Deptford High stoet, 

S.E., and 12 Oarlick hill, ifc. 

Warden J. and Suns, 27 Of. George street, S.'VT.'' 
Tmko W. H. 6 Theobald'fl road, WC. (tee adet.') . 


Beetles G. S. 4 John's row, St, Luke's, E.G. 
Burtenshaw T. 1S3 Soutbwark bridge road, S.E. I 

Dircks H. and Go. 32 Mooigate street, KG. I 

Edwards J. 1B3 Brick Uue, Spitalfields, NJl 
Gibbs J. 2 King street, Soho, W. 
Harbert H. J. 19 Hall pi Lower Kenningkin laat 
Hoaie J. 22 Wellington st. Blackfrian rd. 8.G. 
Hollis J. 61 Broad street, Lambeth, S. 
Hattliam S. 8 Tower street, Westininster road, S. I 

liumbol J. 105 Begent street, Lsmbeth, S. ' . 

Smith H. and Son, 23 York street, Lambell, S. I 

Smith F. D. Harlejford street, Clapham road, S. 
Powell T. 49 Lisle streol, Leicester square, W. 
Turner R 6 Begent place, Globe road, N.E, 
Wright J. 12 Park street, Kenningtoa cross, S. 


Allan J. Old Ford road, Wick lane, Bow, E. 

Archer Elisha T. 7 Great Trinity lane, E.C. 

Ashton H. Q. 7 Biver st. MyddUton sq. E.C. 

Atkin John, 46 Barbican, RC. 

Backhouse J. 31 Manchester ter. Liverpool rd. N. 

Baldwin J. and Co. 1 70 Tottenham court rd. W, 

Baldwin J. &. Son, 62 St. John st. Clerkenwell 

Baldwin J. 8 Cbalcroft lar. New Cut S. I 

BaUard T. 3 Dnke Bt Manchester sq. W. I 

Ballard Wm. 8 Charbtte st Old street rd, E.a 

Bsir W. 5 Arundel pi. WeBtboume rd. BMHsburr | 

Batt Benj. 3»0 Botherhithe street, S.E. 
Batt Geo. 21 Warwick pi. Pimlico, S.W. 
Battam and Craske, 54 Oxford st. W. & 1 Bemeis 

St. Oiford st W, 
Beauchamp H. Warner pL Hackney rd. N.E. 
BeU J. P. High st Notting hill, W. 
Bishop Wm. 46 Augostns st Begent's park, N. 
Borton B. E. 8 Biahopsgjte street without, E.G. 
Boyle W. and Co. 84 Hatton garden, E.G. 
Brown C. 166 King's rd. Chelsea, S.W. 
Brown F. 42 Norknd rd. Notting hill, W. 
Boll H. 18 Church row, Bethnal green rd. N.E. 
BorgessG. 11 Middle StorerstCornmerdalrd. east 
CarUsle and Clegg, 81 Queen st Cheapdde, E.O. ' 

(see nifuer(i<eBien(.) . 

Gupenter and Son, 1 High st Newington hxMa, S. 
Catto Jna 58 Upper Thames st RC. 
GhappeU A. S. 28 Walbrook, E.C. 
Cola H. 324 Euston road, N.W. 
Collins J. 31 Upper Berkeley st W, 
Cooper J. 21 Artillery lane, Bishopsgate, N.E. 
Coterell and Sons, 1 Parsonage row, High street, 

Newington butts, S. 
Crosby W. 89 Grand Junction tor. Edgeware road, 

W. and 22 Lowther arcade, W.C. 
Cross J. 70 Great PorBand st W. (jee adiit.) 
Croucher W. J. and T. 22 Queen st Ci^, E.C. 
Croughton H. 126 Upper st. Islington, N. 
Dempsey J. 2 Edward ter. Caledonian rd. N. 
Dickins W. R 36 Leonard at Finsbnry, E,0. 
Dupps and Collins, 314 Oxford st W. 
Dutttm H, 108 London rd. SoDttiWBik, S. 
Eastwick Wm. 26 Coventry st W. r 


Foa 1860. 


Etdridge T. 164 PentoaviMe rd. N. and 6 Jodd A 

Brunswick sq. W.C. 
Ellis J. S Hosier lane, West Smithfldld, E.C. 
Erwood J. and Co. 133 GosweU st E.C. 
Eyans S. T. 173 Shorediich High Bt N.B. 
Fairis Wm. 386 PentonviUB rd, N. 
Ferguson D. 13 Staflord sL Marylebone, N.W. 
f^ancis J. 13 Hobert sL Qioerenor sq. W, 
Gatty F. 5 Webber sL Blacktriara rd. S. 
Qta A. 4 Parker's row, Dockhead, S.E. 
GebhsTdt, Battmann sod Co. 7 Lawrence La. E.C. 
Godwin Jolm, Fork walk, Chelsea, S.W. 
Gottdhall E. 59 Wertbouiiia Btreet, Pimlico, S.W. 
Gorham Samuel, 63 &idge Toad, Lambeth, S. 
Hall John, 7 Friocen Etzmt, Edgw&re road, N.W, 
Harfsbom L 2 Clarence load, Kentish town, N.W. 
Haveraon John, 43 Hackney road, N.K 
Hazelden W. and Co. 44a Badnor et. Chelsea,S.W. 
Helaine, Hypoljte and Co. 72 Hatton garden, E.G. 
Hennell Ed«. 172 Sonthwark bridge road, SJ^. 
Henson A. 9 Hanover place, Begent'spark, N.W. 
Heywood. Higginbottom, Smith and do. 62 Wat- 
ling etreet, Cttr, E.G. 
HiggB Isaac, 36 Bath street, Qt; road, E.G. 
HiU James, 39 Brooklyn street, LiTerpod road, N. 
Hitching PhiUp, 33 Great Saflron hill, E.G. and 1 

LeicBGt«r place, Little SaiEran hill, E.G. 
Holder Wm. Batemsn, 120 Cheapside, E.G. 
Holmee and Anbert, 20 Lower et. lelington, N. 
Holmes George, 1 Sidney street, Mile end, E. 
Home Bobert, 31 Great Bush lane, Gannon sti'Mt, 

E.G. and 41 Gracechnieh etreet, E.G. 
Honae Mrs. Eliia, Middleton's yard. Worship st. 

Finsbury, E.G. and ProTidence row, KG. 
Hniwitz BeDJamin, 9 Soathampton street, W.C. 
Inwood Charles, 303 and 304 Euaton road, N.W. 
JaSrey and Go. 600 Oxfoid etzeet, W.C. 
Jessup Wm. T. 110 Upper Seymour street, N.W. 
Johnson J. 17 Camion st. rd. St. George's east, E. 
Jones Rowland, 31 Duncan pi. London fields, NJB. 
Kent Alfred, 18 Leicester pi. Leicester sq. W.C. 
Einman John, 2 Portland place, Nottinghill, W. 
Knowles Edward, 78 Westboume st. Pimlico, S.W. 
Lane and Sons, 16 Ijomney ter New Kent rd. S.E. 
Laylon George, 8 Dorset cres. New North road, N. 
Lee Charles, 86 Cranboom st. W.C. and 13 St 

Martin's court, St, Martin's lane, W.C. 
Lemon W. W. Southampton street, Caniborwell, S, 
London Wm. F. B Union st, Bishopsgate, N.E. 
Love Thomas, 3 Union ter. Boyal crescent, W. 
Lovejoj Peter Wm. 5 Long lane, Smitbfield, E.G. 
Lowley and Coates, 36Qaeen's road, Bajswat«r,W. 
M'BridB Thomas, 28 Godfrey streot^ Chelsea, S.W. 
M'Onffie Joseph, 33 Webber row, Blackfrian rd. S. 
Mannooeh and Co, 16 Great Portland street, W. 
Marks, Lewis and Co. 2 Great Queen st,WX3. and 

31 Parker street, Drary lane, W.C. 
MaishaU, J, i Bosoman bnildings, Islington gm. N. 
Meohaai H. 237 Borough High street, S.E. 
Miles J. Commercial street, Snoreditch, N.B, 
Miroy Brothers, 1 New Eart street, E.G. 
Morgan Mrs. Mary, 7 Mount street, Lambeth, 8. 
Morris Wm. 4 Fortinan place. Mile end, N JL 
Moss SamL 4 Artillery passage, Bishopcgate, NJB 
Newberj J. and B. 2 and 8 Hemlock coort, Cai«; 


Nind John and Henry, 10, Hand 13 Beech ttreet, 
Bubiean, E.C. and Gulden lane, B.C. 

ind J. 8 Watt's bnildiuM, Kingsland road, N.B. 

Nind Mrs. Emma, 13S Fleet skeet, E.G. 

Norwood Charles, 9 Dean street. New North rd. K, 

Pantaenius and Owen, 249 Oiiord street, W. 

Parker Thos. and Son, 333 Mairleboue rd. N.W, 

Pask Henry, 30 Aldenham ter. Pancras rd, N.W. 

Pavey Mrs. Ann, 127Tooley st S.E. 

Pavey Haniy, 81 Si George's road, S. 

Payne, Hardwick, 1a Young st Kensington, W. 

Phillips A, 64 and 641 Bath street. City rd. E.C. 

Pitcher, David B. 18 Qoswell road, E.G. 

Pledge William, 10 Belmont place, Vamhall, S. 

Pontme Jbs. 3 Gt Union st Bcroaghtnad, S.E. 

Potter C. K. & J, G. 19 Cannon et west, E.G. 

Pulling Geo. 18 Skinner st Snow bill, E.G. 

Bidley & Whitley, 46 & 47 Newgate st E.C. and 
LowN' road, Idington, N. 

BileyWm Middleton's yard, Wonhip st E.C. 

Biotlot J, Chaidon and Paeon, 4 New Eail st E.G. 

Bobins John, 67 and 68 Tooley street, S.E. 

Bobinson D. 822 Euston road, N.W. 

Bobinson Wm. 22 Upper street, Islington, N. 

Bobson and Jonas, 214 Piccadilly, W. 

Bogen Joseph, 13 Dean street, Soho, W, 

Soper Wm. 18 King's pi. Commercial td.eaat, E, 

Sandmson and Ward, 24 Upper st. lelinston, N. 

SansomWm. Hy. 132 King's road, Chelsea, S.W. 

Saville Thomas, 60 Old st St. Luke's, E.G. 

Schick C. M. 61 High Holboni, W.C. and 22 
Brownlow street, Holbom, W.C. 

Scott, Onthberson 4 Co. 49 Low. Belgrave pi. S.W. 

Shackells Samuel H. 83 Qresse st. W. 

Shipley O. W. 2 Printer's pi. Bermondsey, S.E. 

Simes John, 34 George street, Portman sq. W. 

Simmonds H. 14 Biehmond pL Eastst Walworth 

Simmonda J. 20 Up. James st Camden town, N.W. 
Sinunondi Kd. 41 Seymonr at Enston sq, N.W. 
Siien John, 89 Up. York st Bryanston sq. W. 
Smith Fred. 2 Willow pL Ball's Pond road, ^f. 
Smitber F. D. 13 New Church ttreet, LIsson gr. 
Southall Chas. and Co. 157 Kingsland road, N E. 
Spurway F. J. Howard rd. Horosey New town, N. 
Stereni Jaraee, 8 Brett's bdga. Long alley, E.C. 
Stoffel J. 16 Alfred ter. Queen's rd. Bayswater, W. 
Streek Thos. Jas. 18 High st, St Giles's, W.C. 
Stroulgei and Pierotti, 42 Upper Manor street. 

King's road, S.W. 
Syiett J. 1 1 Harper pL Back rd. St. George's, E. 
Ta^Wm. 30 Cambridge rd. Mile end, N.E. 
Tayler Bobert, 20 Bamsbuiy grove, Idington, N. 
Tempauy W. James, 1 1 Long acre, W.C. 
Thomas George Barron. 68 Stzand, W.C. 
Thomson F. 4 Clayton place, Kensington road, S. 
Thorp Chas. Eiley st Bermondsey, STE. 
Tolemwi James, 170 Goswell street, E.C. 
Trimby James, 86 Bow lane, Cheapside E.C, 16 

Qariiek hill, E.G. and 17 Cannon st west, E.G. 
Tramble J. ft Go. 3 Oxford street, W, and Leeds^ 

Tack«r Bilai, 3S4 High Holbom. W.C, (sec aihl.) 
Tumai K N. & Go. Elizabeth st sootb, Pimlico 
Turner T, & Son. 4 William's pi. Walworth rd. 
Vinay Wm. 100 High street, M»rylebone, W, 

118 ♦M)W 

Wallil W. 20 Qeorge's grove, Hollowaj roai N. 

Walten John, 22 Haskei street, Chelna, S.W. 

Won £. 1 Albert, terrace, Bayswster, W. 

Wame Wm. 24 Pelham tenaee, Portobello rd. W. 

Waters W. 4S Cayendlsh st New North road, N. 

Weeden Edwd. 28 Kingeland eresMnt, N.B. 

WMtenwn F. H. 7 Wenlock toad, S. 

Wilcozon A. & R 1 Monmneat jard, G.C. and 1 
St^me'a end, Borough, S.E. 

Wilson G). 4G Qt. Alie alreet, Goodman's fields, E. 

Wood Chai. SI Prince's road. Netting hiU, W. 

Woollams John and Co. 69 Marylebone lane, W. 

Wright Amos, Church street, Hackne/, N.E. 

Wr^ht John, 92 Pratt sL Camden town, N.W. 

Wyjle and Lockhead, 10 Druty lane, W.C. 

Anderson Wm. 10 Whit« Lion rtieet, N.E. 

ArtJiaD Patent and Dranings Itegiatration OfBeaa, 
IB Sftliehni7 street, Adelphi, W.C. (lee orfni.) 

Avfliy John, 32 Essex street, Strand, W.C. 

Baddeley William, IS Angell terrace, St Feter 
street, Islington, N. 

Bethell John, 8 Parliament street, S.W. 

Bevington & Topham, 32 Sing William st E.C. 

Birkback G. H. 14 Southampton baildings, W.C. 

Bodmer B. and J. R. 2 Thavies Inn, HoUksd, EC. 

Bowne John, 9 Billiter street, G.C, 

Bowers Wm. H. 20 Bartlett'a bnildingi, E.G. 

Brookes William, 78 Chancery lane, W.C. 

Browne Benj, and Co. 63 King WiJliani rt. Ea 

Campin Prdk, W. and Co. 166 Strand, W.C. 

Cupmael and Co. 21 Sonthampton bnildiogs, 

Chancery lane, W.C. 
Chanter John, 2 Arnold ter. Bow road, E, 
Cowpsr Charles, 20 Sontham^n buildings, W.C. 
Dalies andHont^ 1 Serle st W.C. (wm advf) 
DoQbble Alfred and Co. 40 Fleet street, E.G. 
Doubble Charlea, 14 Seneant's Inn, Fteet at EC. 
Ed^lej Arthnr S. 8 Serjeant's Inn, Fleet st. B.C. 
European and American ComMny's Patent Office, 

8 Duke street Adelphi, W.C. 
Fletcher Heniy, ^2 Southampton buildingB, W.C. 
Fontaine Morean P. 4 South stoeet, Finibury, E.G. 
Gedge John, 4 Wellington atieet, Stand, W.C. 
Gilbee Wm. A. 4 South street, Finsbury, E.C. 
Oretille Peniston O. 28 St Swithin's lane, E.C. 
Haines Frederick, 22 Lime street. City, E.C. 
Hamilton GusIstiis, 7 FumiTaL's Tnn, EC. 
Hanson &Mastennan, 15a Clifford's Inn, Fleet st. 
Hare Thomas M. & Co, 81 Essei st. Strand, W.C. 
Henry Michael, 84 Fleet street, E.C. 
Holmes, Anton, Tumbuii and Sharkey, 18 Abing- 
don street Westminster, S.W. 
Hudson B. W. & Co. 8 Duke st Adelphi, W.C. 
Hnghes Edward J. & Son, 1B3 Chancery la. W.C. 
Hunt Bristow, 1 Serle st Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 
International Patent Negotiating and Patent 
AgencT AsBDdatior^ 33 E»ex st Strand, W.C. 
Johnson Wm, and J. H. 47 Lincoln's inn fields 
Laidman Leonard, 100 Chancery lane, W.C. 
Lazton Wm. and H. 19 Arundel st Strand, W.C. 
Leakey Chapman & Chtrke, 34 Lincoln's inn Mds 
Luis Joe^ Brothen and Co, IB Welbeck stnet, 

I 18fiO 

Maugham & Dixon, 4 Baymmid bdgs. Gray's loq 
Murdoch James, 7 Staple Inn, Hoibom, W;C. 
Newton W. ft Sou, 6S Chancary lane, W.C. 
Nye Jamea, 42 Castle street, Holbom, E.G. 
Fiddington John, 62 Giaeechnreh street, E.Cl 
Pitman John T. 67 GTBcechurch street B.C. 
Prichard & Collatte, 57 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.Ci 
Prince A £ Co. 4 Tntralgai sq. Charing cross, W.a 
Bidden Joseph E. 32 Camun tt. west, E.C. 
BobersoD&Maddox, i Serjeanfl Ion, Fleet itEJ?. 
Boberts Thomas N. 1 1 Coleman street, E.C. 
Robertson, Brooman and Co. 166 Fleet st EC. 
Robertson Patrick, 1 Sun conrt, Comhill, EC. 
Robinson Edward, fi Salisbury st Strand, W.C 
Smith Wm. 18 Salisbury streot, Sbtaad, W.C. 
Soul Matthew, 3 Leadenhall street, EC. 
Spence Wm. 60 Chwicery lane, E.C. 
Tongue and Birkbeck, U Sontbampton bdgs.WX!. 
Vasserot Charles F. 45 Essex street, Stnnd, W.C. 
Vaughan Edw. B. H. 1 5 Souttuunpton bdm.W.C. 
Weatbetdon B. F. 77 Chancery lane, W.C. 
WUkinsau W. M. 44 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 
Willcock Joseph P. 89 Chancery lane, W.C. 
Wise Francis. 108 Fleet street, E.C. 
Wright J.&C0.42 New Bridge EtBlaek&ian,KC. 

Cro^gon & Co. 2 Dowgate hill, E.C. & 2 Goree 
PiaJua, Liverpool (tee advertifoaenl^ 

pavhtg boabds. 

Middlesex and Essex Boad Trust, Bow High st E. 
Ofiice of tiie Vestry of the Parish of Chelsea, 

Manor house, 1 1 1 Erne's road, Chelsea, S.W. 
St Qeoige, Hanover square, OfBce of Committae 

of Wra-ks for the Out Word, 13 Lower Belgtave 

place, Fimlico, S.W. 
St George the Martyr, Southwaii, Vestry Office, 

S7 Bridge bouse pi. Newington caoseway, SJS. 
St James's, Wcetmmster, Office and Stone yard 

of the Committee for Paving, &C., 6} Dofour'a 

place. Golden aqnore, W. 
St Mary's, Whitechapel, Office of tLe Board of 

Trustees, Kent and Essex yard, 1 14 Whitchi^l 

High street, E. 
St Pancras Department of WoAs Office & Sani- 
tary Office, 10 Edward st Hamratead id. N.W. 
Westminster Improvement Co, 1 VidiMia street, 

Westminster Abbey, S.W. 

Armimi and Co. 6 Ouildball chambeis, E.C. ; foe- 
lory, Millwall, Pmlai, B. (see aAiertUemeni) 
AmhaltHm Co. (limited), 61 Great Winchester st 

Old Broad street, E.C. 
Aspioall Wm. North Western wharf, Adam's ter. 

Hampstead rood, N.W. 
Baatable and Co. Banelaghrd. Pimlico, S.W. 
Beevers Wm. 63 & 64 Borough road, SJL 
Booth Henry, 42 Bankside, B.E 
Booth Eemy, Canal road, Eingsland road, N> 
Buan & Co. 21 Budge row, E.G. 
Carey Stephen, Clink street, Bankside, S.E. 
Chabrier B. and Co. 76 Old Brood street, E.C. 
England W. 6 Bury pi. Oxford street W.C. 
FMaite, Senior & Co. Wenlock basin. City rd. N. 
jFaldo Tbos. Somerset wharf. Lower Qaeen ilmet, 

".E. and 177 Botlierluthe street, S.E. 



Hurisoa T. Cmtbridgs heath whari, John itntt, 
S.E. SunderUnd whsrf, Botherhithe, S£. and 
19 liMidoD street. City, E,C. (tee (nfoertiiemwH) 

Hobba Samuel, 1 Alpha Ur. New orora load, S.£L 

Hole Joaeph, Up. Nmtb elxeet. East India rd. E. 

Holland W. 66 Aogustos at. Regent's park, N.W. 

Halleott L. 61 West st Smithgeld, KC. 

Metallic Lava (Aimani £ CoOi 6 OnildbaU cbun- 

chestetstPimlico, S.W.; works, Mendip whaif, 

York road, Battersea, S.W. 
Metropolitan Wood Paving Work, BelgnvB fac- 
tory, BanelaKh road, S.W. 
Miles Q«o. 12 Old Manor road, Stepnej, E. 
Mowlem, Freeman & Burt, 13 Faddin^ii basin, 

SoDthside, W. 
Norris and Co. 16 Water lane, E.Q 
Pilkiiigtoa John, Monument chambers, 16 Fish 

(treet hil', E.G. (tee advertigement') [tee adat. 
Foloncean's Limmer Asphalte, 16 f^h st nill, E.C. 
Fratt &, Sevell, New wharf rd. Caledonian lil N. 
Pyrimont Seyasei Asphalts Co. 15 Stangate, S. 
Sejasel and Mineral Bock Aapballe Co. 60 Win- 
chester street, Pimlieo, S.W. 
Singer Alfred, Vaoxhall High street, S. 
Stilea Wm. 4 Weolock basin, Ci^ road, N. and 

Kingstand ba^in, Kingsland rood, N.E. 
Tumw & Qoodyear, Stanley bridge whf . Fnlham 
Wright Wm. and Co. Plongh read, Botherhithe, 

S.E ; office, n Bncklenbniy, E.G. 

Ashby Wm. and Son, Wharf, Queenhithe, £ C. 
Bellnian Vincent, 1* Bnckingham street, Fitzroy 

sq. W. and 8 Bedford it Liinorpond rt, E.C. 
Freen & Co. 8 Canal rd. KingsUnd, N. (see adet^ 
HamC. &8on, llMedwajst. Westmiaatar, S.W. 
Bobeaon T. Mount Pleasant, Glray*B Inn la. W.C. 
StringQeld and ^?th, Baneor wharf, King*! rd. 

St. Paneras, N.W. and SJdwin's pL Gray'e Inn 


Aiutia J. Krer at Lower rd. lall^ton, N. 
Borrow S. B Morgan st. Bow rd. a. 
Bear C. 11 York rd. Albaay rd. Camberwell, S. 
Bell T. 5 Albion rd. Hammeramith, W, 
Bellman V. llBuckingham at Fitzroy sq. W. and 

8 Bedford si Liquorc«ind at E.C. 
Bennett S. 4 Ann's pL rritchord'a rd. Hackney rd. 
Bigwood S. 24 Pitt at St Georgea rd. S.E. 
Boetock J. & Sons, 2 Pritchaids pi. Hackney fields, 

NJl and U Hackney td. N.E. 
Bowen W. 45 Cochrane ter. St John's Wood, 
Bnbb J. 20 Clarendon at Somers town, N.W. 
Capen W. IS Alderham ter. Old St. Pancne id. 
Casentini O. M. 21 Herculea buildings, S. and 19 

Hraner at Lambeth, S. (me advertisemenl) 
Caatle J. 1 Cumberland cres. HammerBnuUi, W. 
Collard John, Church id. Tottenham, K. 
. Day G. 16 Weeton st, Pentonville rd. W.C. 
Dickeng S. 37 Bowling green lane, Clerkenwell 

Dunn H. 22 Soath Wbaif rd. Paddington, W. 
Eaetlnke W. 2 Aithnr ter. Qneen'a rd. Homsey rd. 
EdwMds ail St John's Wood tei. N.W. 
Eaaex G. 11 Duke's id. Eoston rd, W.C. 
Fiandi C. Yoikpl. Kingsland rd. N.E. 
Gonlding C. 35 Weatbonme at Pimlico, S.W. 
Gregory John, 4 Marlborough row, Golden sq. 
Harrison J. and Son, 7 Finsbnry at E.C. 
Hawkins W. Palace rd. Lambeth, S. 
Head J. 20 Clarence gardens, N.W, 
Hogan H. W. 36 Part st Doreet sq. N.W. 
Hooper W. 40 Bingfield st. Caledoiiian rd. M, 
Hughes W. li Brewer at north, E.C. 
Ja<*aon J. 83 Marehall st Golden sq^ W. 
Jennings W. 93 Westbourae at. Pimlico, S.W. 
Johnson J. 70 Shaftesbury at New North rd. N. 
Leek D. 25 St George's row, Pimlico, S.W. 
Mabey J. & C. H. 2S Paradise st LambeUi, S. 
Martin B. 42 Brunswick at Stamford at S. 
Mason John, 26 Proridenee row, Finsbnir, E.C. 
Mill John, 4 Clarence td. Kentish towii, N.W. 
Moore R 21 Caroline pi. Copenhagen st Islington 
Murray John, B Silchestet rd. west, W. 
Partridge J. 2 Barton pL Park ter. Cund^i town 
Parkin* J. 7 Vernon ter. Portobello rd. W. 
Pettifer B. 6* Belvedere rd. S. 
Pnrsa J. 14 Kicbaid at Cornwall td. S. 
Sajnsbury J. 2 Cook's ter. Old St Pimcras rd. 
Shepbeard W. 9 Vine at York rd. Lambeth, S. 
Slater J, 21 Henrietta at bWcheater sq. W. 
Stannaid E. 49 Weymouth ter. Hackney id. NJE 
Steel J. 4 Brook st Hrde Park gardens, W. 
Strong L 49 York st Westminster, S.W. 
Syms E. W. 61 Badnor st. St Lake's, E.C. 
■Taylor Edwin, 36 Prince's rd. Notting hill, W. 
Taylor E. Westcrott place, Hammeramith, W. 
Taylor W. 47b Whittlebuiy at Euslon sq. N.W. 
Taylor W. J. Elm cottages, Brompton, S.W. 
Teagle T. Boaa cottage, Pond pL Pdham td. S W 
TraCCT H. 3S Grafton at east, W.C. 
TWalt J. 56 liliingtou at Pimlico, S.W. 
Walkei T. 10 Goldsmith's place, Kilbum, N.W. 
Wallis Daniel, 16 John st. Pentonville, N. 
Wainwright J. 10 Broadlej terrace, N.W. 
Wainwright J. 15 Harcourt st W. 
Weston W. 20 Gtaham st. Pimlico, S.W. 
Weymouth 3. 9 Talbot road, Notting hill, W. 
Whiddon J. 1 York st Kingsland rd. N.K 
Willmott J. 32 Aldenham at Somets town, N.W. 
Wilson HeniT, 191 Carlisle st S. & 4 Homer st 

Lambeth, S. 
Wilson William, 6 Lambeth High et S. 
Witoon W. 18 Borongh road, S.E. 
Yates Chailee, 18 Silehestor read, Notting hni,W, 


Btieraud Parker, 44 Cnicifii lane, Bennondsey, 
S.E. and Manor lane, BermondsOT, S.E. 

Bate C. W. 84 Grimscot street, S.E. 

Hunt H. and W. Spa road, Bennondsey, SJI. 

Loidan J. 7 Butler'a buildings, all Benaondsey st. 

Newton J. 3 Blue Anchor road, Bennondsey, 8 JL 

Bice C. 188 Bennendsey street^ SJI and 25 Friat 
street, Blackfriais road, S JL 

Bunuey F. and Go. 86 Lower ShadwiO, E. 


BtomcB's BisatTTOBr for iSSO. 

Flood B. 6 Bnmewiek Einet, Ot Dovw Etfeet, &£. 
Toimg B. Spa rood, BeimoDdHV, SJL 

Yomig E. A. 138 Cartain rond, E.G. 


U nrked m nn Vumfutnnn 
Bu-lej W. and Bon, 126 Cnrtuo road, and I B»t«- 

man'a low, Shoredltcli, E.C. 
inBelfpanOUaa Co. 1 Broad street, E.C. 
Beyiua P. and S. 9, 10, and 11 Fiiubiiiy terrace, 

City road, E.C. 
mBirminghnTn Plate Okn Co. 141 Fleet rt. E.C. 
mBriiish Plate QIub Co. 1 Albion place, Black- 

friaw road, S. 
inChonce, Brothers, &> Co. 2 Coleman it. bdgs E.G. 
Commercial Plate Glass Co. TP, 79, and 80 Fleet 

street, E.G. and Hi Oifotd street, W, 
Ctibb W. 3* King (treet, Covont garden, W.C. 
Criswick H. J. 6 New Compton Btreet, W.C. 
Cnffly and Story, 2 Coleman stieet, City, £.C. and 

33 London wall, B.C. 
Bade I. 128 High Holbom, W.C. (seeaJvl.) 
FloreSe PUte GHass Co. 17 Uoorgate atzeet, B.C. 
Oarbanati P. 11 Maiylebone street, W. 
Ooslett A. 26 Soho Bqnaie, W. and |Q«orge 'yard. 

Crown street, Soho, W.C. 
Goald W. E. and W. M. 108 London wall, E.G. 
Owilliam S. SOO Eoston road, N.W. 
Harding and Son, 65, 66 and 70 Fore street, E.G. 
Hawkins J. 16* Stamford street, BUcUriars, S. 
Eetley J. and Co. 86 Soho sq. W. &14BDe«tist 
Hunter W. J. E. 80 Moo^ate street, IB.G. and 6 

Byde'e place, N.E. and 189^ Ghnn^ street, 

Sboreditcb, N.B. 
Jackson W. H. 315 Oxford street, W. 
Jenldiis, Andrews, aud Co. 167 Fleet street, E.C. 
TflLondoQ and Manchester Plate QIass Co. New 

wharf, Whitefriars, KG. 
Moore J. A 1 10 Paul sL Finshnry, E.C. 
Moss and Go. 44, 4fi, and 47 Leuum street, £. 
Moss E. 24 St. Mary aze, E.C. 
Muiray Q. 33 Dertmshire stree 
Olby Mrs, E. 98 Lisson grove, 
Ortelli D. and J. 49 Hattou garden, B.G. 
Page H. M. 23 Corentry streel, W. 
Eackstraw Q. 18 Earl street, Blackfriars, E.C. 
TnSt. Qobain and Cirey Plate Olase Co. Paul's 

wharf, 25 Upper Thames street, E.C. 
Sims Q. 160, 161, and 162 Adersgate street, E.C. 
StiU A J. 6 Dean street, Commeniol rd. eeet, E. 
inSwinbume and Co. 93 Upper Thames st E.G. 
Tavbr B. and Sons, 167 Great Dover street, S.E. 
niThamee Plate Glass Co. SaToy whar£„ Savoy 

mWilcoion A and R, 1 Monument yard, ] 
Znccani E. 40 and 41 Brick la. Spitalfields, N,E. 

Huked g tn Olulen. 

„ s UB Painlera and Houw Dsconiton. 
„ w an Wboleskla 

Abbott W. S. 20 MiUbanl st S.W. 
Adams B. West hJU, Wandsworth, S. 
Adams H. 86 King st terrace. New North rd. N. 
Adams R. 4 Hertford pi. H^gerstone, N£ 
nAdamson A 20 Davies st ^Aeley eq. W. 
pAdaj Wm. 94 Borough High st. S JL 
jjAdlons S, 4 Church row, 't^>per st IslingtMi, N.- 
Agate K Tottenham lane, Homsey, N. l 

Aldridgo E. 23 High st. St Giles's, W.C. 
jAldridge Geo. 29 Kiogsgate st HoIImmii, W.C 
Aldridge K 32 Kingsgate st Holbom, W.C. 
;iAllen Geo. 207 HoxfonHigh st. N. .: 

Allen T. i23 Pennington at. Wapping, E. 
pAUport Jas, 24 Grafton st Soho, W.C. 
pAlmood R. 28 Brook mews north, Hyde fA 

gardens, W. 
Ambrose C. 58 Kicbard st Commercial rd. eas^ E. 
Ames Wm. 13 Stafford pi. Vaoshall bridge rd. . 
Anderson G. 81 & 82 Albany rd. Camberwall, S- 
pAndeison T. J. 1 Clarendon pL Vassal rd. S. 
pAndeison Wui. 46 Broad bt BatcM, E. 
Andrew J. S. 6 Cheqoer yard, Dowgate hill, B£L 
pAndrew R. J. 21 Primrose st E.C. 
pAndrews Wm. 3 Bedford rd. Clapbam, S , 
Angel C. 1 Ann Bt Whitechapel, N.E. 
Annis J, W. 18 Liflle Titchfield st Portland pL 
Applegat« J. 11 South Lomhel^, S. 
opArcher B. 5 Swinlon st, Gray's Inn rd W.G. 
Annstrong Wm. 39 South st Manchester aq. W. 
pAmold J. 109 Jermyn st St James's, S.W. 
pAmold J. 26 London st Filaroy sq, W. 
;)ArTowBmitli A J. & Co. 80 New Bond st W. 
pArthur Thos. 3 Sackrille st Piccadilly, W. 
j>Aih Chas. 12 Bird st Lambeth, S. 
Ash Wm. 34 Henry st Hampetead rd. N.W. < 
pAsh W. L. 32 Bear lane, Blackfriars rd. S.E. 
Ashcroft J. 17 Betomnt pi. Wandsworth rd. S, 
pAshton Wm. 7 Brook st. Hyde park gardens, W. 
pAshwood F. 46 St^ st Edgewara rd. W. 
pAtkiQSon W. H. and Sons, 32 Winchester st N. 
pAungier G. 20 Cadogan st Chelsea, S.W. 
pAyers and CTia 8i John st Berkeley sq. W. and 

60 Growenor mews, GrOBVenor sa. W. 
pAjtes and Jordan 34 Trinity sq. E.G. 
Ayen J. sen. II Stanhope ter, Hyde park, W. 
pAjles Geo. 19 Church rd. Battersea, S. 
pAyres J. East st. Globe fields. Mile end, N.E. 
mBabbidge Wm. 1 Wardour si Soho, W. 
Bacon Jas. 16 Tower st Seven dials, W.G. 
Baden Wm. 38 Star sL Edgewaie rd. W. 
Bagshaw H. J. Newcross rd. S.E. 
pKile/ J. 8 Minerva st Hackney rd. N.E. 
pBaker H. 12 Blenheim st Chelsea, S.W. 
Baldwin D. Oieen hill, Harrow, W. 
Baldwin S, 8 Conrtney ter. Kingsland, SM. 
pBall B. 13 ManviUe ter. York rd. Camden New 

pBamford J. 1 Love lane, Stockwell, S. 

iBanes Geo. 64 Butteiland st Hoxton New town . 

tengs G. 9 Bajham Bt Camden town, N.W. 
pBanyard J. 6 Villa st, Albany rd. Camberwdl, 8. " 
pBorber Wm. 24 Green st Theobald's rd. WjC. 
sBarenger C. W. 4 Green st Kentish town, N.W, 
pBargman J. 128 Grange rd. Bermondtey, S.E. 
Barker W. H. ffigh «t Stoke NewingtOo, N. ' 

pBarlow Clas 1. 11 Poriman it, W. 


pBamoid T. W. 92 Pophr High st, E. 
gBamet C. W. 6 NeT Park st. Scuthnuk, S.E. 
pBarnee E. 31 Fenton et Fentonville, N. and 1 

Goulden ter. Btunsbnry rd. N. 
pBtraea F. Jaa. 16 Huggiu lane, City, E.C. 
pBajTiea B. J. B5 Citj rd. E.G. 

Cues Wm. R 66Fenayfields, Foplar, E. 
ett E. 4* MonkweU st E.C, 
pBamett M. I9i)i Hoiton High st, N. 
pBaioett R. 98 Dean st. Soho, W. 

C" Toa F, T, N. 5 Milton st. Dorset fq. N.W. 
on S. 6 Baker's row, Whitechapel, N.E. 
Bany R, 8 Dorcas ter. Hamraersmith, W. 
wBury Wm. H. 7 Pearson st Kingsland rd. N.E. 
Mutan B. 12 Oxford mewa, Cambndge sq. W. 
Barwiek A. 16 Featherstone St. E.C. 
pBasa E. R. 8* Bridge t«r. Harrow rd. W. 
Bal« J. jnn. 7» Berwick at. Soho, W. 
Bates Job, Green park, Tottenham, N. 
Bates J. 11 Queen st St. John's wood, N.W. 
Bates B. 1 Chmles st Qroevenoi sq. W. 
pButes Wm 2 Robert sL Hoxton, N. 
pBath S. 28 GiUingham st. Pimlico, S.W. 
;)Battam and Crsske 64 Oxford street, W. and 1 

Bemera street, W. 
Baxter C. S8 Davies st. Berkeley eq. W. 
pBaylej J. 26 Botherhithe st. S.E. 
pBaylflT T. Newcroas rd. Depttord, S.E. 
oBean M. 15 Koadaide, Mile end rd E. 
pBear W. C. 7 Burr st. Lower East Smithfield, E. 
Beard & Dent, 21 Newcastle st. Strand, W.C. 
nBeatd &, Uorrison, 25 Carey st Lincoln's Inn 
Bease Wm. 80 North at, Lisson groi'e, N.W. 
Beasley C. 26 Chapel pL Liverpool rd. N. 
Beaaley J. 2 BeanToir pi. Kin^laod, N.E. 
Beaumont T, Sutton st. Commercial road east, E. 
Beayis A. 5 Kenningtou pi. Kennington la, S. 
SpBoeecher H. 1 Woo*st. Westminster, S.W. 
pBeecher M. 15 MarRaret st Cavendish sq. W. 
pBeedell J. M 26 Edwards sq. W, 
oBeeden 8. 6 Devonshire st Nemington causeway 
BMton WiUiam H. 14 Goswell road, E.C. 
pBeisner H. 27Dukestreet,GroBTenor sqnare,W, 
Bell Charles, 33 Toniano Avenue, N.W, 

S'^ell Qeoree, 20 St John street road, E.C. 
Isbaw Mn. Ann, 2 London street, E.C. and 
79 Penchurch street E.G. 
^Bennett B. 34i Edwards st Fortman sq. W. 
f Bennett G. 16 Charlton st Fitaroy squire, W. 
pBennett J. i'2 Upper Berkeley street, W. 
Bennett T. 23 Broad street. Golden square, W. 
jBeunett Wm. 8 Newland street, Kensington, W. 

oBennetts W. 6 Brompton row, Kensington, S.W. 

Bennington S. 7 Camberwell grove, S. 
ji oBenstead and Son, 2 New Cbmch st. N.W. 
pBeotley Charles, 3 Silchester road west W. 
pBeringer F. 49 Hartland rd. Hampstead rd. N.W, 

oBerrecloth T. 82 White Lion st Fentonville, ^f. 

Beaf John, 9 Solatei street, Bethnal green, N.E, 
pBeviB B. 20 New North st. Red Lion sq. W.C, 

mjBiokers John, 129 Long acre, W.C. 
jjBickerataff William, 23 Wardour street, W. 
^Bigwell J, 7 Ingram place, Eomsey road, N. 
pBikker Charles, Park walk, Chelsea, S.W. 

Single James, 3 Manor place, Walworth, S, 
pBiuki S. & Victoria giov» tar, Baynrater, W. 

pBird G. 19 Portmau place, Edgeware road, W. 
Bird John, 73 Park street, Orosvenor square, W. 
pBiabop Charles, 14 Swan lane, E.C. 

oBishop W. 1 and 2 Williamst Shneditch, E.C. 

lUcUord E. Church street Hackney, N K 
pBlackmore Charles, 372 Eusion road, N.W. 
pBIackmore Wm. H. 1 1 Dean street, Soho, W. 

iBlackwell J. 4H William street. Regent's pk. N.W. 

JIake J. J. 31 Barking churchyard. Tower pi. E.C. 
pBlanshard H. 30 Deui St. Commercial rd. east, E. 
pBlomeley and Price, 17 Kingsland road, N.E. 
Bloom Wm. 5 BeaToc lane, Hammersmith, W. 
pBlyth J. 31 Park terrace, Regent's park, N.W. 
/iBoddey H. 9 Henry street, Hampstead rd. N.W. 
pBolt B. 1 Fortmnonth pi. Low. Kenningtin la. S. 
pBolton W. H. e St James's pi. Beimondsey, S.E. 
pBond J. 2 Little Randolph st Camden town, N.W. 
Bone A. 22 Richmond place. East st Walworth, S. 
^Bool J. 89 Union street, Lambeth walk, S. 

C" oty W. 11 Little Rusaell at. Bloomsbnir, W.C. 
eham G. 61 Union st Soraecs t<iwn, N.W. 
jiBoreham H, 26 Wilmot street Bnssell square, 
W.C. & 16 19 & 20 Brunswick mews, Bruns- 
wick square, W.C. 
irBoewell E. 18 Univeiaity street, W.C. 

S" swell S. 1 New street, Eennington rd. S. 
worth G. 10 Grocers' hall cour^ E.C. 
Boulter and Dallimore, 2 Lncan place, ,Hoxton, N. 

Cwden E. 22 Stephenson ter. Caledonian rd.N. 
Hei W. 1 Trafalgar terrace. East India rd. £. 
pBowers G. 13 Gower street north, W.C. 
pBowker James, 34 Berwick street, Soho, W. 
Boyle W. and Co. High street, Stoke Newington, 

N. and 84 Hatton garden, E.G. 
pBoyae G. 30 Paradise row, Rotheihithe, S.E, 
^Boyer James, 25 Fetter lane, E.C. 
pBracher & Son, 15 Gtt. Ormond at. Queen sq. W.C. 
psBradbrookG. lOS Park street, Camden tn. N.W. 
Bradley & Egg, 3 Charlotte row, Holloway rd. N. 
Bradley Joseph, 37 and 3H Gt Alie street, E. 
;iBradwell E, W, 66a Bemers street, W. 
pBri^ A, 12 Devonshire place, Edgeware rd. W, 
pBrarn S. 23 John street north, Maiylebone, W, 
jjBranscombe F, G. 3 Cadogan terrace, S.W, 
jjBransgrove J. 3 North street, Sloane street, S.W. 
p^Brazier J.andSon, 106 Bhickfriars road, S. 
Breeze Edwaid, 28 Dean street, Soho, W. 
pBrew^ J. 66 White Lion street, Fentonville, N, 
uBrice W. 137 Upper street, Islington, N, 
6^dgen R 31 Ghartes place, Heitford road, N, 
Bridger W. Portland st Hammersmith gate, W, 
Bridges John, 236 Poplar High street, £. 
Bright R High street, Wandsworth, S, 
Brighton John, 5i Tooley street S.E. 
J pBrighty John, 15 Noble street, Cheapside. E,C. 
pBrimson W. 8 Gloucester street, Hoxton, N. 
Brine C, 11 Kensington gravel pits, W, 
Broadbent Thomas, High street Highgate, N. 
Broadbridge T. Church street,Stoke Newingion,N. 

S^rogg A. 12 Devonshire place, Edgware rd. W. 
rokes W, 1 South place, Vauxhall, S. 
pBrookP, 12 Princess^ter.Qneen'srd, Regent's pk. 
pBrowQ and Smith, 12 Colleg#«t Chels^ S,W. 
pBrown E. 13 Stiaham pL Ball's pond road, N. 
pBrown George, BO Brompton row, S.W, 
p^Brown H. 10 Prince's sq. Eennington croaa,S. 

dBtowq B. tfattmahain hons^ New llorib rd. N. 
Brown B. 10 WoiAip itreet, tiiahiay, E.C. 
pBiowa T. 4 DeTODibirs teince, Olobe nud, S£. 
pBrowa T, 3 MoutOTideo place, KeDtuh tn. N.W. 
;>Brawii W. 6 WeEtmoceland rt. UaiTltlMHie, W. 
/iBrowiie B. 1 South Holton lane. W. 
;iBachaiiaii J. 2 & 3 Fitzroy at Fitzraf aq. W. 
jBDckls}' G. 1 Chepstow pi. Weatboome btovb, W. 
Bockle; P. 1 OnslDW place, Brompton, S.W. 
BaffuQ and Mnnden, 20 Coleman street, S.C. 
^Bniat W. 66 Lower Kennington lane, S. 
pBnll J. T. & G. 5t Gt, Qoeen sL Lincoln'* Inn 
bBuUbt N. 38 Titchbonie et. Edgware road, W. 
Borah W. 19 TJp. BerkeU^ street weet, W. 
pBordett PiDd. B. 8 Conduit st Pwldington, W. 
^Bnrdett M 61 Sejmour pi. Bi7aaBt<in eq. W. 
jiBnrford F. W. & E. 33 White Lion st Norton 

Folgate, N.E. 
pBnrgen K H. 9 Lit Bando^h eL Camden town 
pBatgea Qeo. 10 UniTersitj atreet, W.C. 
Barhett Chailee, High road, ruttsDham, N. 
Bnrkett Mrs. F. B. 20 MUton ter. Wandgworth rd. 
nBurleton Rd. 21 PortUnd at Walnortb com. S. 
Bombj S. i Becbenham pi, Denmark hill, S. 
pBoiT Bt & Son, 12 and 13 Westbonme pL W. 
jiBoiiidge Henry, 16 Granrille street, W.C. 
pBunidge Joseph, 161 Gt. Portland street, W. 
tBuniU John, AG Tacbbrook street, PimUco, S.W. 
BuiTOWB Charles, 175 MarjUbone road, N.W. 
iiBnrrowa J(*n, 76 John street, Fitzroy square, W. 

'9 Wm. joD. 3 Leicestra street, W.C. 
IF. 16CleTeUndib««t^Fitzr«7aqwn 
pBurt Hugh, 1 Bel^ve t«r. Pimlico, S.W. 

pBnisillF. 1 

pBnrt Jta. 12 William street, Hampsleadid. N.W. 
Barton J. 2i Tbanet street, Bnrton crescent, W.C. 
Burton Joseph. 7 Jewin at. Cripplegate, B.C. 
pBurton W. 10 Elizabeth at. sloane et. S.W. 
pBnrtwell J. W. IBS Kin^nd road, N.E. 
Bntler J. Ill Park street, Camden town, N.W. 
Button A. 61 Up. GBorge atieet, Bijanston sq. W. 
Bnthm W. H. 11 Oorwatt road, E.G. 
pBoziaid Chas. 12^ Jewry st Aldgate, E.G. 
Byson Wm. H. 8 Canal place, OldKent road, S.E. 
pBywater A. 2o Gt. Pulteney st. Golden square, W. 
Cable Robert, 6 Bromell'a road, Clapbam, S. 
Cable Bt. 6 Up. Dorset st. Vauihall bridge rd. S.W. 
CaffaU T. North street, Edgeware toad, N.W. 
pCain F. 31 Bed Lion st, Eingdand road, N.E. 
Calder W. 362 King's road, Chelsea, S.W. 
Calnan & S<m, 1 DeTonshire pi. Commercial rd. E. 
Cameron E. 11 Bedford pi. Commercial rii.east,E. 
pCameron G. 11 Shepherd's Market, W. 
Caney J. 16 Commercial pi. Plough rd. Bother. 
pCapon P. 6 Brent's paik road, S.W. 
pCardwell W. 169 Waterioo road, S. 
pCarman, C. W 12 Warren st. Fitaroy square, W. 
pCanoao H. 2 Sejmoui ciee. Eoston square, N.W. 
fCarpenter & Son, 1 High at. Newington Butts, S. 
pCarr F. i Great Titfihfield street, W, 
pCarr James, 70 Warwick at Pimlico, S.W. 
Carr John, 2 Newington pL Newington Butts, W. 
Carr John W. 38 York road, Lambeth, S. 
pCaiT Wm. 24 Montagu at. Montagu sq. W. 
Carter Edwin, 84 King st Camden town, N.W. 

pCarter G. 10 Blaiylebone it. Golden square, W. 
Carter John, 23 Wiitoimb street, W.C. 
Carter J. Coidhaiboui lane. East Brixton, N. 
Carter Boberl, 17 Bethnal green road, N.E. 
pCaatell Charles, 4G South Molton street, W. 
uCaaUe W. 0. 4 Denmark place, Denioark lull, S. 
CftTe C. W. 21 St Peter's place. Black Lion itat. 

Hammersmith, W, 
pOu^ M. H. 66 and 07 Oxford street, W. anfl 1, 

2 KOd 3 Adam and Eve court, W. 
lalker D. 11 Waterloo place, Ha^erstone, N. 
pChamberlain W. D. Queen's rd. New cross, S.K ' 
Chambers E. 24 Brighton ter. Brixton road, S. 
pChamp Bobt 1 Bnrtjjn crescent, W.C. 
oChance Geo. 70 Long lane, Smithfield, E.C. 
Cbaney Junes, 18 Back hill, Hatton garden, E.O. 
pCharmon J. 3 MelvUJe ter Caledonian toad, K.' 
(^Chaplain J. F. 6 Brunswick pL Brompton, S.W. 
Chapman Mrs. C. & W. 19 Charterhouse st E.C. 
Chapman G. & Son, 39 Endell street, W.C. 
pgCbaH>ell A. S. 28 Walbrook, E.C. 
pChulesworth 0, 1 Francis st Bamsbnty load, N. 
poCharleeworti H. 9 Park st Islington, N. 
pChamock J. M. 60 GuiUf ord pUce, Lower Ken- 

iitngton lane, S. 
gp Chase C. 63 Upper John st Fitzroy square, W. 
pChase C. J. 16 Alfred street, Bedford sq. W.C. 
pCheeseman H. E. 2 Tarislock row, Covent garden 
g Cheesewright W. 73 Mary at Eoston rd. N.W. 
Cherry Thomas, 40 York st Kentish town, N.W. 
Chester Wm. Forest row, Dalston, N.E 
pCbUd Robert, 22 Woodstock st Oxford st W. 
pChiJderhonse W. and Co. 1 1 Conduit st west, W. 
Childs D. and Co. 14 Dnke at. Portland place, W. 
Chiimery John, 2 Edmund ter. Ball's pond rd. N. 
pCtuTers W. 42 Grosreoor st Commercial rd. east 
pChucfcs John, 7 Liverpool st King's cross, W.C. 
Churchill James, 2 NeviUfc ct, gar. Fetter la. E,C. 
pClark feBoolh, 57a Dudley grove, Harrowrd. W, 
pClarke J. Talbot Inn yard, 76 Boro'Eigh at 
pClaik ThoE. 58 Northampton st. Clerkenwell, 
jpClark T. S. 9 Glebe ter. Lower rd. Miagtoo, B. 
pClarke John & Co, Gt. Castle st Begent st W. 
Clarke A. B. 3 Edward at Blackfriars road, S.E. 
pClarke H. D. Cirencester st, Westboume gleen, 

Harrow road, W. 
pClarke Bichaid, Pavement, Clapham conunon, S. 
pClarke Thos, 14 Southampton st FitnOT sq. W. 
pClarke Wm. 11 Gongh sq. Fleet street, E.C. 
ClaxtoD John 8. High road, Tottenham, H. 
pClayton George^ 32 Theobald's road, W.C. 
ffClayfoB G, 3 Wbittington pL Up. Holioway, N. 
jGleaver William, 6 CwmOn Etreet toad, E. 
Clifford Charles, 65 Bath st Citycoad, E.C, 
Clifford Edward, 6 Glo'ster pi, Walworth com. a 
ClifEord J. M, 6 Port pi, Walworth common, S. 
Clifton John, 4 St. George's st Old Kent rtl, S.H. 
Clowes James, Harrow, N.W. 
Clowes Josiah, 26 Thomas st Grosvenor sq, W. 
pCobb E, 9 and 42 Devonshire st Queen sq. W.C 
Cobb Geo, 1 Wood street, Spitalfields, N,E. ■ \ 
SpCobbett Edmund, 34 ViUiers street W,C. ■ i 
pCobbett Ricbard, 10 Northumberland at. W.d. , 
Cocks J. and H, 2 Frederick pL Mile end mad, %. 
pCocks John, 98 London wall, KC. and 4 L|^- 

pool street. City, B.C. , -. . - '■ 

Ct*ea Darid, SSDniry lane, W.C. 
Cole Oao. 13 Williams ter. Lorrimore eqaare, S. 
pColB Jolin, 25 New Compton street, Srfio, W.C. 
pCole Joseph, 28 Thajer st bUnchealer sq, W. 
pCole Michael, 11 Brompton road, Brompton. S.W. 
pjColeman E. 3 Princea road, Norting hill, W. 
pCoUender W. T. jun. HhodesweU road, E. 
pCoUctt John, 5 Albion pi. Camborwell New ri S. 
Collett S. W. 8 Frederick pL OosweU rd. E.C. 
CoUicr Thomas, 6 Well street, Hackney, N.E. 
pCoUio^ C. 66 Dorset street, Fleet street, E.C. 

pCollias Wm. 12 Church street, Chelsea, S.W. 
pChhlis Samuel 37 Park road, Clftphaiii, S. 
pCtAlauimi & Daria, 53 George Bt. Portman sq. W. 
pOoUs Benjaraiii and Co. 28 Moorgate st E.C. 
and S and 7 Emannel place, Camberwell rd. S. 
pComhtT W. and F. S7 Eojal road, Walworth, S. 
pConej William. Gl Wardoor street, Soho, W. 
pConrath Frdk. J. 40 North Audloy street, W. 
/■Cook James, 10 Bow lane, Cheapside, E.C. 
Cooka Edwin, 20 Abboj pi. St John's wood, N.W. 
pCooke George, 1 Bride lane. Fleet elreet, B.C. 
Cooke John, 38 Wellclose sqnare, E. 
^■pCooke Robert, 119 Salisbury sqnare, E.C. 
sCooke W. Britajmia place, Grove, Hackney, N.K 
;>Coombc3 Henry, 7 and 8 Poplar High street, E. 
pjCoombs Wm. N. 35 Poplar Hie!) street, E. 
CoDpar Brothers, 34 & 35 Maiden la. Covent gdn. 
Cooper Charles, 6 Sooth Island pL Clapham rd. S. 
Coc^ T. 8 St. Peter's pL Walworth common, S. 
jjCooie Wm. Whitley, 20 Frilh st Soho, W. 
CorbeU Qeo. SI North Aodley street, W. 
jiCorfield John, 86 Fetter lane, HotbMii, E.C. 
fComish Hy. 61 Charlton st. Somets to. N.W. 
/Cornwall, Henry, Evangelist conrt, Broadway, 

Blaekiriara, E.C. 
/iCorry A. 7 Westmoreland street^ Flmlieo, S.W. 
Costin James, 79 Hoxton Old town, N. 
jCotton Thomas, 16 Nntford ter. Bryadstone sq^. 
■ jCotton Wm. S College terrace, Chelsea, S.W. 
(MtoQ Wm. 2 Union terrace, Camdentown, N.W. 
Cottiell H. J. 71 Qneen'B road west, Chelsea, S.W. 
Cottiell John, High street^ Stoke Newington, N. 
jConlsell J. S. 2 1 Oretton ter. Bethnal green, N.E. 
Coventry F. 28 Greenfield st Whitechapel, E. 
Coward Mrs. S. 10 & 11 Lit Knightrider st. E.C. 
pCoK Charles, G Little Mitchell street, E.C. 
jCoi John, 10 Cobham row, Clerkenwell, W.C. 
pOcmeoM B. H. 54 Poland street, Oxford street, W. 
a«bb Samnel, Upper Tnlse hill, S. 
/iCrabtree A. 5 Cottage la. Commercial rd. east, K 
Ctabtree Henrr, 28 vine street Laiabeth, S. 
fCnuM John Gregory, 14 Wigroore st. W. and 4 

Little Welheck sL Cavendish sqnare, W. 
jlCrackneU T. 8 Shelden at. Westboume tor. W. 
pCraft Wm. H. Z4 Litchfield street, Soho, W.C. 
jKiwiwell and DoUiiig, 153 Edgeware road, W, 
Ct«pper George, 62 Walton street, Chelsea, S.W. 
jiCrease EobOTt, 16 Alfredatreet, Bedford sq. W.C. 
pCtettaa T. A 5 Bow lane, E.C. 
pCtitib A. 88 Sobo sqoare, W. 
aCroad S. 2 Providence row, Finsbnry, E.C. 
pOctK^ M. 33 White's row, Spitalfields, N.E. 
pOcim 3. 70 Great Portlaiid sbvet, W. (m« luAit.^ 

oCroncher W. 22 Qneen street, Cheapside, E.C. 
Crow W. 5 White Horse place, Mile end road, E. 
j?CtDwhnrst J. 5 Down street, Piccadilly, W. 
Crump B. 1 Esher strae*. Up. Kenaington la. S. 
/.Cull W. 279 Stnmd, W.C. 
Cupper W. 10 Queen's Head lane, Islington. N. 
Curtiss W. 10 Old Compton street Soho, W. 
Cutbnsh R 9 Wobnrn bdgs. Tavistock sq. W.C. 
Cutler S. Albion place. Stoke Newington rd. N. 
CnOer W. H. 2 Batclifi terrace, QosweU rd. B.C. 
Cotmore V. 18 Sidney street Mile end, E. 

EDade S. & Co. 8 Stephenson ter. Caledonian rd. 
lade D. Park road, Oapbam S. 
fDain Q. 16 Torriano temu^e, Kentish town, N.W. 
lallon D. 1 Albion terrace, Islington, N. 
TiDultoa W. II CUrk st. Commercial rd. east, E. 
Dann J. W. 14 Cromer street W.C. 
oDarby E. 1 1 Chapel stieet BelgravB sqnare, S.W. 
Darnell W. 188 Upper Thames afreet, E.C. 
Darton J. 4 Lothian terrace, Coldharbonr lane, 9. 
/iDavenport C. 6 Bedfoni st Covent garden, W.C. 
pDavey G. 93 Murray street, New North rd. N. 
Datey J. 1 Halstead pUee, South Iiambeth, S. 
oUavey W. 1 Northampton pi. Up. Holloway, N. 
Davies F. 106 Mount street Grosvenor square, W. 
nDavies W. 18 Clifton street. New North road, N. 
Davis C. 3 Upper John street Golden square, W. 
yDavisH. 168 Sloaoe street, S.W. 

K"avLs B. 33 Store street, Bedford square, W.C. 
vis T. 2 Albion pL Earl's ct Old Brompton, S.W. 
Davis T. York si Commercial road east, E. 

K"»vis W. 9 Warwick street. Golden squaw, W. 
vison C. 27 St George street E. 
pDanson H. e Hertford road, Bingslaad, N. 
</DeaGon W. 45 Arthur st King's rd. Chelsea, S.W. 
□Dean E. 22 Walnut tite wa^ S. 
Dean T. 3 HomE ter. West end, Hammeramith, W. 
/jDearing E. 17 Sidney st York rd. King's cross 

S"eatsley J. M. 8i Liverpool street. City, E.C. 
er A. J. 21 Usbridge street, Netting biU, W. 
Deleger J. D. 10 Oane pi. New id. Hammersmith 
;>Dell C. 48 Jamaica rxiw, Bermondsey road, S.E. 
/iDellarocca S. 53 Lambeth walk, S. 
/iDenstiam R 19 Douro cottages, St. John's wood 
gpDorby J. 6 Ord st Millwall, E. and 64 While 

Horse street. Stepney, B. 
pDernoconr J. 2 Clark's terrace, Lewiiham road, 

Deptford, S.E. 
iDemoconr J. J. 10 Bridport street Hoiton, N. 
Jeverenx & Son, 80 Bt John st. SmithEebi, E.C. 
oDevo T. Alma house, Lucan PJMie, Hoxlon, N. 
Dibbs J. 4 Wobnm buildings, Tavistock sq. W.C. 
pDickaonW. 0. 10 Lower Porchester street, W. 
iDiUon M W. 4 Gate street, W.C. 

* ' " place, Bichraondrd, West- 


Donns C. 13 Chapel place, Liverpool road, N. 
Dore J. 19 Carolme place, Hampstead road, N.W. 
Dore J. 17 Exmoath street Clerkenwell, E.C. 

.ghty W. New road, Sloi 
ownes J. T. 7 Stafford riace, Loonhboro" 
road, S. 



pDownaj W. 1 Duke itraet, St. James's, S.W. 

and Elizabeth street eoath, Fimlico, S.W. 
pDowsiDg S. 13 DsYOiiBbire ter. Nottjng MU gats 
pDniper H. J. 33 Great Titcbfield street, W. 
uDraj A. W, m Tuoley street, S,E. 
DriscoU C. 30 King David lane, Shadwell, E. 
nDniTy J. G. X3 Ivj lane, B.C. 
Dryhoret G. 1 Up. MonlagnB st. W. 
pDuboie J. W. 33 Up. Ebury st S.W. 
pDugao J. 20 Pembroke pi. Taoxhall bridge rd. 
^Dnke J. 38 Mount st. Orosveuor sq. W. 
pDoIlani B. New Park cd. Brixton bill, S. 

E Dunbar T. 62 Dp. Ebu^ st Pimlico, S.W. 
lonn S 31 Brewer at. OoMeu sq. W. 
^pDuplock J. 6 Noble st. Cbeapside, E.C. 
nDuppa and Collins, 314 Oiford st. W. 
Durbridge T. Brill row, Somera town, N.W. 
pDonant W. 5 Trinity si Rotherbithe, S.E. 
DnttoE R Poplar cottage, Up. Holloway, N. 
pDfer R. 83 Heath street. Commercial rd. east, E. 
Dyer William, Higb street, Bromley, E. 
Eastea John, Fortis green, Homaey, N. 
p ffEmrtbflin & FarHons, 9 Anderson st. King'l cd. 

Chelsea, S.W. 
Eaton T. 30 StowMd it. Spitalfields, N.E. 
pEastop C. 1 Wbeaifield place, LarkbsU rise, S. 
7>£aton J. J. 32 Primrose st. Bisbops^te witbin 
■Eden J. H, New rd. Hammersmith, W. 
Edscamb J. 33 Broad st Lambetli, S. 
^^monds W. i St. John st. rd. Clerkenwell, E.C. 
Edwards Dayid, 87 Boyal Mint st E. 

Edwards J. 39 Newman st Cbif ord . . 
^EgertoD Maty and Sons, ] Temple it E.C. 
pEggleton E. 19 Miles st Sonlh Lambetb, S. 
Eggleton Jason, 13 Foley pL Wandiwortb rd. S. 
jEldridge J. BO Judd st Brunswick Sq. W.C. 
p r7Elgio Thomas, 52 Foley st. Langham st W, 
ptlgie W. J. 33 London st PitOToy a^W. 
Elgy W. !8 Gt. Chapel st. Oxford st W. 
pElisha W. & G. 5 Queen st. Hoicton, N. 

g".lkjn3 C, J. 11 Terrace, Kensington High rt W. 
leeon W, 1 Cottage lane, Commercial rd. east E. 
nElliott G, 38 Gower pi. Enston square, W.C. 
EUii C. 8 Allason ter. Kensington, W. 
^ pEliis James, 109 Miitories, E. 
pElmes n. 37 Eathbone pi. W. 
pElston W. ft Wormwood St. E.C, 
pEmberton & Crosa, 28 Churchway, Somers town 

C—win B. 74 Mount st Berkeley sq. W. 
bleton K, 7 Wimimill si Tottenham court rd, 
nEmery T, 2 Elm ter. West Bromptoa, S.W. 
England George, 7 Orosrenor cottages, Millbroofc 

ri»d, Briiton. S, 
England R. King street, Hammersmitli, W. 
Ensor J. & Son, 66 Charies st Westminster, S.W. 
^Entwistle J. H. 45 Salisbury st. Lissson grove 
jEveleigh G. H 13 St John's Wood ter. N.W. 
Eves C. 2 Turk's row, Chelsea, S.W. 
Ewart Mrs. H. 346 Eusfon rd. N.W. 
oEston E. 26 Brompton row, Brompton, S.W. 
Eyers George, 34 Grafton si east, W.C, 
pEyles and Downs, 16 Camaby st W. 

Fitetoy «q. W. 

>;Farmer T. 18 Sloane sq. Chetse 
pFarr Mrs. R. 8 Back hill, Eattou giuucu. i.v.u.. 
pFarrant W. & Son, 3 Orchard st Forbnan sq.W. 
FarringtoD J. 24 Wincbeeter st Bethnal green 
;>FBiris £, 4Mildmay pi. &a«ktd. Kingslondrd-N. 
pFawcett P. 25 Stephenson ter. Caledonian rd. N. 
pFawkes T. 6 Camberwell green, S. 
oFearman E. 1 1 Charles it Hattton gardea, E.C. 
Fell J. 6 Victoria ^ Qaeen's rd. Dalston, SS. 
Felthouse Geo. 24 Vernon street, Honmiersmith 
pFelthouseP.Fortobfillo load, Kensington park, W. 
aFenneli G. liEing's Headconrt, Sboe lane, KC. 
Fennell J. P. 17 Gamsford st Hoiselydown, S.E. 
pFenloD J, &. Son, Commercial place, Lower road, 

Botherhitbe, S.E. 
pFerris R. 1 Blenheim passage, Carlton hill, N.W. 
pFiander J. 18 Brick st Park lane, W. 
Field W. 8 Shepherd court. Up. Brook street, W. 
Fife Kobt 156 Sonthwark bridge road, S.E, 
pFige E. 1 Francis pi. Holloway road, N. 
Finch M. 9 Little Somerset street, Aldgate, E. 
pFish C. 2 Prince's row, Pimlico, S.W. &, 4 Avery 

row, GroavenoT street, W. 
^Fisher A. 3 Windmill place, Camberwell, S. 
pFisherG. 21 NewChorch st. Edgeware rd. N.W. 
pFishei Henry, 119 Stanley st Pmilico, S.W. 
pFisher Samuel, 7 King et Camden town, N.W. 
pFisher S. 33 Soathampton st Strand, WC. 
pFisher W. 4 Gt. Dover street, Borough, S.E. 
pFisk John, 6 Hastings street, Burton cres. W.C. 

f Fitness R. 6 Angnela p!. Laiudown road, S. 
laiunan J. 43 Union st Whit«cliapel, E. 
pFlaunan E. 10 Avery row, Grosvenor at. W. 
p^Teming C. 8 Wells Street, Camberwell, S. 
pFleming J. 73 Margaret it. Clerkenwell, W.C. 
oFlindell T. 31 Union st, Chuendon square, N.W. 
Flower T, High st Stratford, E. 
pFlowerday Mrs. S. 16 Sonth st. Manchester sq^ 
pFoord John & Sons, 32 Stangato st Lambeth, 8. 
Foot H. W. 2 Great Woodstock at W. 
Fordham J. 11 Jubilee street, Mile end road, E. 
Fowle G. & H. 18 Golden lane, Barbican, E.C. 
pFoi H. E. 37 Pelham ter. Portobello road, W. " 
Foxley & Groombridee, 1 Mill st Hanover iq, W. 
pFoxley G. 36 & 37 King st. Golden sq.W. and B 

Little Marlborough St. W. 
pPrancia W. M, 7 Upper John's ter^ Liverpool t4 
pPranklin F, G, 43 Bridge st, Southwark, S.E. ' 

C" auks G, L. 16 Bamsbury row, Islington, N. 
nks Jas. High st Wandswortii, S.W. 
nFnmks Peter, Deptford High si S.E. 
French B. Rich st. West lodU Dock rd. E. 
pFrench G. F, 66 Fore st Limehonse, E. 
pFrewer J. R 105 Upper Thames it E.C, 
pFrejbfxs Jas. 1 1 Grosvenor st west S.W. 
FrickerK 18 Abbey st Bermondsey, S.E, 
^FritJi A. 13 Halfmoon st Bishopsgate, E.C. 
cFrost Cbas. FiS Upper Marylebone st W. 
Proat G, High st. Wandflworth, S.W. 
Frost Mrs, Mary, High st Wandsworth, S,W. 
PffFrost Wm. 16 Old Broad st E.C. 
pFullagarT. 12 Great Carter lane, E.C, 
pFuller J. 5 Charles it Fortmin iq. W. 


^pGalli & Cotti, 50 Green et Gtostbhot bo. W. 
OiUimore Wm. 2 Chapol pi. Brompton, S.W. 
Gammon J. T. Church street Baths, S.W. 
jiOardnerE. 13* Windmillrt. Tottenham conrtrd. 
/iGardner O. 37 Lower Belgrava at S.W. 
jGardnsr H. * Cross rt. Golden sq. W. 
;)Ganiner J. 13 New st. Dockhcad, S.E. 
Gardner Wm. 30 Hawley cresent, Camden town 
^Garaess G. L. 26 St. George's rd. Soothwark, S. 
Garaess L. 14 Crown st. Walworth rd. S. 
jGamham and Son, 122 and 123 Bnnhill row 
pGay C. 5 North st Fifzroy aq. W, 
Qell T. 23 Uibridge at. Notting hill, W. 
pGibba H. SI Wells st. OiEord st. W. 
pGillatt C. 47 Winchester et Gray'a Inn rd. W.C. 
pGilier J. 23 Little Marjlebone at W. 
Gillingham E. 8 Castle st Loog acre, W.C. 
jiGladuig Atiraham, 13 LitOe Jamea st. W.C. 
Gladmsn J. 24 Grove st Camden town, N.W. 
pGladwin T. G. IZPaddington st W. 
pGiennie W. 24 ChrysseU ri. North Briiton, S. 
pGoai C. 2 St Q«orge's pL Camberwell rd. S. 
^Godart Peter, 7 Wapping wall, E. 
^Godfrey G. 59 Great Portland et W. 
(Jodwin Thos. 24 Little Britain, E.G. 
Goff J. F. 2 SalcoDibe pL Regent's park, K.W, 
Goldsmith Thoa. 88 Cromer st W.C. 
;jGoldBworthy J. H. 9 Essex pi. Milo end rd. E. 
/iGoldsworthy Win. 10 Cowcroes st E.C. 
pQoodfellow S. 17 Chnrch st. Lamheth, S. 
Goodson J. Wm. 22 Hanover at FimLco, S.W. 
GtMdwin G. 42 Pulteney at Bamshmj, N. 

JiGoodwiD H. T. 30 TjtngTi<nn et T>HT lghaiii pi. W. 

Goodwin Wm. 72 Harrow rd, W. 

pQotdon C. J. 17 London wall, B.C. & 25 Tenter 

street Little Moorfields, E.G. 
Gore Wm. Grove, Stratford, B. 
Graham Wm. 11 & 12 Dorset mewi west, Dorset 

at Portman sq. W. 
pOramg^E. 36 Clarendon sq. N.W. 
rffrant Wm. 81 King it, Camden town, N.W. 
tlraves T. 18 Sejmonr at Enston sq. N.W. 
Gtay J. W. &Son, 10Warkwortht«r. Commereial 

Ta.ea«t E. 
pOi»j W. 6 Jamuca l«r. West India Dock rd. E. 
pGreen C, 43 Porttnan pi. MMylebone, W. 
_/>Green O. 7 Ski»ner pi. Holloway rd. N, 
pGreen J, H. 3 Bamsbuiy grore, N. 
psOreeo B. 1 Bast st Bed Lion aq. W.C. 
;«reen T. 6 Trafalgar st. Walworth rd. S. 
pGrey G. 6 Little Charlotte st. Blackf riara rd. S. 
pGrieves L. B. 15 Church st Soho, W, 
oGriffe Wm. 12 Eltham pi, Kent st SJL 
&igg J. 49 Brill row, Someratown, N.W. 
pGrmter Wm. ETelyn Bt. Deptf ord New t*wn, S.E. 
roGrist Mrs, A. 12 Great Mitchell st E.C. 
Oriat Chas, 47 CbisweU st. E,C. 
Groves Jw. 128 Sonthwark bridge rd. S.B. 
pGnidott Wm. 10 Albert pi. Union rd. S.E. 
oGyer S. 18* Gordon st Islington, N. 
Habgood R Church row, Wandaworth, S.W. 
Habgood T. 5 Cable st WeUcloae aq. E. 

Cckforth M, 9 Bentinck st Maochester sq. W. 
kwell Jno, High rd. Tottenham, N. 
pH^an Bernard, 481 Oxford st W. 
pHainea Jno. 69 Devonshire st Portland pla^ W. 

pHainesThoa. 4AFOTtlaud rd. W. and 27 Chariotta 
st Portland pi. W. 

Hall Amos & Son, 1 Grafton st east W.C. 

pKail & Thompson, 3 Povidcnce pi. Limehouae, E. 

Hall Geo. Frederick, 243 High street Poplar, E, 

g ;iHall John, 276 Whitechapel road, E, 

B jHall Mrs. M, 1 Upper Albany street N.W. 

Hall Matthew, 11 Biilstrode mewa, W, 
pHidse John, 1 15 Great Dover street, S,E, 
pHalsey W.H. 51 Jamaici st, Commercial rd.easfc 
^ammond J. 4 Sandwich st, Burt^in cres. W.C. 

Handover IsJiiah, Bandolph mows, Blomfield road, 

Paddingtoii, W. 

pHardiman and Sandon, 5G London wall, E,C. 

pHarding Edw. 27 Commercial rd. PJmlico, S.W. 

^Harding H, 1 Maidenhead conrt Aldersgate st 

E C. and 3 Warwick sq. Newgale st. E,C. 

Handover W. 9i Windsor ter, Harrow road, N.W. 

Hanwell George, 28 Eobert st Grosvenor sq. W. 
^Hardimau and Sandon, 5G London wall, E-O, 
pHarding John, 103 Long lane, Bennondaey, S.E. 
^Harding J. W. 1 Cole's place, Gt Dover st SJS. 
^aidy James, 7 Henry at Portland town, N.W. 
Hare James, 29 Royal road, Walworth, S. 
pHadand and Fisher, 36 Blackman stieet, S.E. 
pEarley Geo. 52 Bridport place, Hoxton, N. 
^Barman Geo. 14 Price's street Gravel lane, S.E. 
pHarris C. 28 Guilford st Bussell square, W.C. 
pHarris Edward, 93 Albany st Regent's pk. N.W. 
pHarris Edward, 85 Crawford street, W. 
pHarria H. 20 Northumberland pL Westboume 

grove north, W, 
pHania Henry, 81 Chapel street Pentonville, N. 
pHarris T. 6 Bhmdford mews, Manchester sq. W. 
Harris W. 8 Northampton st. Lower rd. Islington 
Arthur, 837 Enston rd. N.W. and 53 

Warren street Eitzroy square, W. 

garrison W, 133 Upper Thames stre< ., 

Hart H, and Son, 3 Union atreet, Borough, S.E. 

i street, E.C. 

Hart William, 6 Dorset street, Clapham toad. S. 
Harvey Edw^ lIDoughtyst Lambeth walk, S. 
Harvey K, 8 Russell place, Old Kent road. S.E. 
J pHarvej Thos. 13a High st St Giles's, W.C. 
pHarwood Wm. Mare street Hacluiey, N Jl. 
flHaswell David, 5 Talbot ct Gracechnrch st E.G. 
pHaswell D. 0. 49 Greek et Soho, W. (aie ndvl.) 
pHaswell Robert UO Marylebone road, W. 
BoHaswell R 28 AUaop mevra. Up. Berkeley stNW. 
Hatfield Edwin, 2 Bedford road, Clapham, S, 
pHatfield Heniy. 2G Bhickhoath hill, S.E. 
pUalfleld J. M. 32 Bang street Golden aquare, W. 
pHalfleld K. H. jun. Battersea rise, S.W. 
oHatfield R, sen. High street, Battersea, S.W. 
Hatfield Robert Clapham common, east side, S. 
Hatfield Stephen, H^h street Clapham, S. 
pHawker James, 30 Dorset street Portman sq. W. 
pHawkina James, S3 Blenheim st Chelsea, S.W. 
pHawksley George, 22 Upper North place, W.C. 
pHaydon John, 2 Upper Brixton place, BrixtOQ, S. 
pHayes Thos, P. 1 8 Walnut tree walk, Lambeth, S. 
pHayblar C. 18 Weetboume grove north, W.l 
pHayward and Son, 83 Newgate street, E.C. 
Havwood J. 46 South street Grosvenor square, W. 
HaVworth S. 17 Bobiuson's row, Kingsland, N.E. 
ypHead G. and Co. 6 and T Upper Baker street 
N.W. and 9 New street mews, Ltoraet sq, N.W. 

pHeath J. 36 Fetter lane, Hofbom, E.G. 
p^Hebblethwaite J. 68 Augustus street, N.W. 
ffpEeeps J. H. 16 Liierpoin street, B.C. 

S-Iegan B. 1 Nottingham pUce, Holloway rd. S, 
eiser O. H. 16 Edward at, Limahooee fields, E. 
/vHemming F. 83 Tonbridge st Euston rd. W.C, 
a pHendre F. eSJ Tort street, Westminster, S.W. 
Henaou A. 9 Hanover place, Regent's pack, N.W. 
jHcnuon T. S3 Baalieplion st. BermonJsey, S.E. 
pHcrman J, and A. 23 King st St James's S.W. 
pHerring R. W. and Son, 109 Fleet street, E.G. 
pHewitt C. 31 Devonshire place, Edgeware rd. W. 
pHicks B. 25 St Gatherine toad, NoltJng hill, W. 
jjHickson W. 46 Long Acre, W.C. 
vHiggios J. ITS! James's pLHampsteadrd.M.W. 
Higgs J. i South Island place, S. 
Hi^gs J. aO Bridgehoose pliice, Newingtoa, SS. 
oKildet J. 1 Kensington High street, W. 
Hill D. T, se William st north, Caledonian rd. N. 
pHiU Or. 6 Museum street, W.C, 
pHinka H, 68 Church st Mile end New town, N.E. 
p (fHinton J. 14 Mexican terrace, Albion street, 

CaUdoniaa road, N. 
pHinton W. 2* Lisle street, LeicestCT square, W. 
pHobern W, B. Hunter street, Dover road, S.E. 
/iHodekins H. W. 73 Great Portland street, W. 
pHolden A. 1 Great Ormond street, W.C. 
Holdgate D, 3 Squiraes st Bethnal green, N J!. 
jHoldsworth J. H. Morning lane. Hackney N.E, 
^olbrook C. 87 Corawall road, I^mbeth, S, 
Hollanby 0. 32 Hart street, Bloomsbuij, W.C. 
jHolIey J. 3 Bamsbury park west, N. 
oHoUyer Mre, E, and Co. 2 Warwick lane, E,C 
Holmes A. iRosedale cols. Farm la. Hammersmith 
Holmes C. 27 Churton street, Pimlico, S.W, 
Holmes C, i Churchyard passage, Guildhall, E,C. 
Holmes W. King street. Hammersmith, W. 
Holmes W, 2 Beaufort place, Chelsea, S.W. 
Holmes W, 5j Chamber st, Goodman's fields, E. 
Holton J, 5 mmilton terrace, Highbury park, N. 
Hood H. S. St, Leonard's road, Bromley, E. 
pHood J. S. 20 Limehouse causeway, E. 
jiHooker J. New cross road, Depttord, S.E. 
pHopkinsH, la^Westmorelandst MaryIebone,W. 
pHopkins W. 40 Trafalgar st Walworth road, S. 
pHonie R. 41 Graeechnich street, E,C, and 31 

Great Bnsh lane, B.C. 
pHomer Q. 68 Rithbone place, W. 
jiHomer W. T. 6 Buirplace, W.C. wid 16 Hart 

street, Bloomsbury, W.C. 
pHorton W. 10 Cross street, Islington, N. 
pHouldsworth T. 38 New Compton street, W.C. 
pHoward J. 34 Tavistock st Covent garden, W.C, 
pHoward W. 1 Church street, Carobarwell, S. 
pHoward W. 80 Moscow road, Bayswater, W, 
pHowe H. 135 Union strept, Borough, S.E. 

f Howell J. 4 Great Tower street, EC. 
tudsori J. High street, Hampst^d, N.W. 
Hudson T.C.Harrow, N.W. 
pHughes G. 11 Hope place, StoctweU, S, 
pEughes H. 4 Newfaud ter. Eensingloa, W. 
j/Hughea J. 26 Queen street, Hatcliff, B. 
pBiaae A. & Co. 2 Cobnrg it Clerkeni^ E.C, 

HnuM K 62 Great Saffron hill, E,C. 
Homphrey, A, 13 Lit Bell alley, Moorgate st. E.Ci' 
^Hum^hrays W. 1 Market st Bloomsbnij, W.C. 

Hunt O, 46 Begent st Westminster, S,W. 
pHunt J. 10 Idol lauB, E.C. 
ppHuat T. 23 Lambeth walk, S. 
HuntJngford W. Bed Lion st. Wandsworth, S.W; 

SHnrwitz B. 9 Southampton st Strand, W.C. 
lusk W. A. 2 Market ter. Caledonian road, K. 
jpHuBsey T. l^yfield pi, Kensington, W. 
pHutchings O. H. I Park pi, ter, Paddington po. 
pHtttcMngs J. 20a Castle at Holbom, £,C. (ten 

Hutchinson J. D. 16 Bnrr Etreet, E. 

Hnitable G. 63 Hanover street, Islington, N. 

pHyam L 14 Bevis Marks, E.C. 

plnman J, 4 Norfolk st Middlesex Hospital, W. 

iflaman J. 45 Groat Tower street, E.C. 

pisaac H. 4 Moreton ter. Kentish town, N.W. 

pJackson and Graham, 36, 37 & 38 Oxford st W. 

ffJackson W, Doke stieet, W.C. 

pJaekson W. 353 Wapping High street, E. 

S pJamescm Wm. 7 Duke street, Adelphi, W.C. 

pJacquea C. Caledonia street. King's cross, N. 

SJaques G. 6 Tothill st Westmiuster, S.W. 

pJarman C. 23 Banner street, St Luke's, E.C. 

Jarvis W. 12 Bury street, W.C. 

pJeans C. 5 Up. Ogle street, Fitiroy square, W, 

pJeans E, 4 Selmout row, Vauxhdl, S, 

oJell W. 3 Lit Woodstock st Marjlebooe, W. 

Jenkins William B. Homsey road, N. 

pJennings H. 3 Clifton tec. Clifton road, W. 

pJennings Thos. 18 Sutton st Lambeth, S. 

Johnson B. F. jnru 8 Bow High st E. 

Johnson C. 66 Church st Minories, E. 

S Johnson J. W. 6 Leaiherseller's buildings, B.C. 
ohnson J. 6 Flora villas, Albion rd. Hammnsnuth 
pJohnson W, Robert st Bedford row, W,C, 
pJohnson W, 18 Gt BeU alley, E,C. 
pJohnson W, 31Deyonsbire mews, Hyde park, W. 
pJohnston Mrs. J. 80 Wells st, Oifocd st W, 
pJones and Willia, 72 Gt. Hussell st W.C. 
pJones D. 18 Weymouth st PortUnd pi. W. 
Jones E, 14 Bed Lion passage, Holboro, W.C. 
pJooes E. A. 20 Gt BusseU st Bloomsbuiy, W.C. 
oJones F. H. 6 Beckford row, Walworth rd. S. 
Jones H, 63 Paddington st Marylebone, W. 
pJooes Hugh, 5 Foley st W. & 135 Gt PortJIand 

street, W. 
Jones John, 48 Badcroas st. Borough, SJ!. 
Jones Samnol, 69 Brick lane, St Lnke's, E.C, 
pjoues T. 42 Brewer st. Somers town, N.W. 
pJones T. 13 Noel st Wardoor st W.C. 
Jones W. 43 Btiftord's biuidinga, Islington, N, 
pJones W. B, 65 Loirer Kennmgton bae, S. 
pJosolyne W, S. 104 Up, Thames st E.C. 
ppJoy B. 4 York pi. Westminster rd. S. 
Jqyce Henry, 102 Long lane, Bermondsey, 5.S. 
pJoyca T. E. 2 Hannibal rd. Stepney, E. 

fpJoyce W. 4 Bnssell mews, Filaroy sq. W. 
utsnm W. £. 64a Westboume at. Fiinlioo, S.W. 
jrEaiu J. 14 Betlual Green, N.E, 


T tiiM 1880. 


pSMhj 1. H. 184 PopUr ffigh st E. 

pieea John, 6 Caroline pL Citj rd. E.C. 

pKeea Samuel, 13 Uaod pUce Mile end, E. and 

Tlaistow lane, West Ham, E. 
^eith W, 4 BawBtorne st. Brompton, S.W. 
KelawayE. 75 CoUingwood st B. 
pKelij W. 9 Part st Doraat aq. N.W. 
Kont S. W, 13 Charlee pL Kentish town, N.W. 
pKershaw T. 38 Baker st Portman sq. W. 
pEevua N. G4 Qt Cmnbridge at N.E. 
cKevea and Head, 8 Gray st Manchertor sq. W. 
Kiddle J. V. 4 & 6 Elder at Norton folgate, SJE. 
irKightley W. 12 Alexander ter. Bajawater, W, 
pEing David, 19 Minories, £■ 
p oKing J. F. 60 Shoe lane, E.C. 
pKiag B. MoDterideo pL KentiBh town, N.W. 
pKing T. 9 Charlton pi. Islington, N. 
Kinman J. Chuich Bt Stofce riewlngton, N. 
pKinninmont J. 6 CharleB at west W. 
pKipp. S. M. 3 Notiolk st. Middlesex Hospital, W. 
Kirkidr J. & Son, 217 Wapping, E. 
Kilaon X. 69 Caiobridee at Pimliio, S.W. 
pKnapp H. & Son, 40 Cirenc«ster pi. Gt Titchfleld 

at. W. & 13DnkB at Manchester eq. W. 
rfinight & Carthew, 8 York at. St James's, 8.W. 
Knight T. & C. 6 GL Suffolk st. Borough, S.B. 
Knight C. 225 Botherhithe at 8.E. 
oKmght H. 12 Somerset at Aldgate, B. 
Knight R. J. 36 Bnrr rt, St. James's, S.W. 
pKnigbfley S. 8. 1 New Inn yard, Shoreditch, B.C. 
pKnople E, 25 Clnb row, Bethnal green, N.E. 
pKnople W. 4 King st Old BethnJ green rd. N.E. 

C"ooh C. 7 WeHeJej at. City rd. N. 
ppel B. 35 Manor st. King's rd. S.W, 
iLaidler J. J. 2 London st Fit 

pLaidler J. J 


1/amhert Q. 4 Hereford st Liason grove, N.W. 
pLambett Wm. 9 Tabernacle row, City road, E.C. 
pLancaster Wm. 25 GJeorge st Fottman square, W. 
gpL&aieis J. IT Portland rt. Commercial rd. east 
pLane J. 16 Bomney terrace, Westminater, S.W. 
sLang J, P. 10 Tavistock atreet, W.C. 

C' nford Q. 9 High atreet, Nolting hill, W. 
giidge J. 88 Earl atreet east, Lisson grove, N.W. 
Largent^. C. 19 Charles stjeet, Porimauaq. N.W. 
oLatken W. W. 9 Charles at. Westminster, S.W. 
XsUer E. Brixton hill, S. 
pjlAwrence G. 70 Manor atxeet, Clapham, B, 
Lawrence B. Bromell's road, Clapham, S. 
pLanrence B. J. 47 Leadenhall street, E.C. 
jpLawrence Thomas and Henry, 19 Old Change, 
E.C. and Dudley court, SEver street E.C. 

C' ach J. 24 Wigmore street Cavendish sq. W. 
h G. H. 86 Park street Groevenor square, W. 
pLeake F. aiul Co. 22 Golden square, W. and 
Smith's court, Gt Windmill st Hayroarket S.W. 
pLeer Q. C, 86 Praed street, Faddington, W. 
t^Leonard B. 4 Albert lArrace, Old Kent rd. B.E. 
pLeaingham J. W. 1 Clarendon rd. Netting hill, W. 
plererton J. 8 Thayer steeet Manchester sq. W. 
pLevien J, M- 10 Daviee street, Berkeley aq. W. 
pLevy A. S4 Brick lane, Spttalfields, N.E. 
Lawoock A. 2 Qoeen'srow, QoeenstBunmenmith 
pLillie B. 70 High street Marylebone, W. 
pLincoln S. * Pont street, Belgraie sqoare, S.W. 

pLingard E. 8 Tork road, Camberwell, S. 
oLimtead R Rutland yard, Enightsbridge, S.W. 
Lister William, 14 King street, Snow hill, E.C, 

and 4 New North st Bed Lion aqnara, W.C. 
Lloyd H. 116 Upper Seymour st Eoston eq. N.W. 
Lloyd T. Clement's lauo, City, E.C. 
pLloyd W. 1 & 11 Obelisk yard, Waterloo rd. a 

oLo^ T. 84 Brewer street Somers town, K 
London J. 0. iun. 27 Old sla-eet E.C, 
pLondon W. F. a Union st Bisbopagato, N.K 

pLong C. 17 Queen's road, Bayswater, W. 

pLong C. 2 Portland road. Hotting hill, W, 

pLong C. 17 Devonshire street. Queen's sq. W.C. 

yLong J. 13 Grove ter. St John's wood, N.W. 

pLonges Bd. 131 Gt Dover street Borough, SJl. 

pLoBcombe P, 32 St. John's wood terrace, N.W. 

Lott W. 23 Palace road, Lambath, S. 

pLovB P. 8 Tower rt. Westminater road, S. 

pLove T. 8 Union ter. Boyal ores. Netting hill, W. 

SpLoveU C. & Sons, 20 (innon st west, E.C. and 
70 Bed Lion A. Holbom, W. 0. 

pffLow W. 9 Macclestield stroot Soho, W. 

pLowa F. 21 Garden row, London road, S. 

pLowley 4 Coafes, 86 Queen's rd. Bayswater, W. 

Lucas W. PaA road, Crouch end, Homsej, N. 

pLufi G. 28 Elizabeth rt. Eaton sq, S.W. 

pLuff W. 83 Eliiabett »t Eaton sq. S.W. 

Luim T. 8 Gftorge's place, Holloway, N, 

pLupton G. 32 CWge st Enston sq. N.W. 

pLyde J. W. 7 Churton st Belgrave rd. S.W. 

oLjle J. 8 Cartle street east Oiford rt, W. 

Lvnn W. Bromell'a road, Clapham, S. 

Ibble W. 12 Catherine afreet Strand, W.C. 

piTConrack T. 36 Windsor at. Islington, N. 

plTDonall J. 31 Nntiord pi. Bryauston so. W. 

M-Qrahan J. Glo'ster rt. Caniden town, N.W. 

pLacblan J. 36 St James's at S.W. and 1 Pave- 
ment Clapham common, S. 

cM'Nevin A. 16 Salisbury street, Strand, W.C. 

M'Pheraon A. 79 Up. Whitecross rtreet E.C. 

M'Spanan J. IIS Lucas st Commercial rd. east, £. 

p crMaeknesa J. 43 Begent st Lambeth, S. 

MahoEvT, G. Combniy place. Old Kent rd. SJl 

yMain W. D, 4 Ecdeston rt. south, Pimlieo, S.W. 

pMaley J. 4 Grove st Camden town, N.W. 

MatleU Mrs. E. 9 Queen Elizabeth street, Eone- 

ClTdowD, S.E. 
llatt T. 86* Freeschool st S.E. 
ning J. 8 Marehmont street W.C. 
pMansfield G. & Son, 12 Henry st Gray's Ion la. 

W.C. Gough st Gray's Inn rd. W.C. and 52 

Wigmore st W. 
Mansfield C. 92 Gray's Inn lane, W.C. 
pMansfield T. H, 6i Siee lane, E.C. 
ffManton E. B, 19 Dean st. Fetter lane, E.C. 
M<.rth«ni J, 22 Diamond row. Stepney, E. 
Marks J. 38 Tavistock street Corent garden, W.C. 
pMarah John, 1 Liverpool buildings, B.C. 
Maishftll A. 48 Broad street, Bloomabury, W.C. 
p jMarBhall Noah, 7 Caledonia pUCaledonian rd. N, 
Marshall B, 8 MaiBham street, Westminater, S.W. 
Marshall William, Church road, Tottonhtuo, N. 
jMaitin Geo. 37 Brewer street Golden square, W. 
pMartin Geo. 48 Badnor stieet Chelsea, S.W. 
pMartin Eenry, 20BeUevne ter. Seven Sisters id. N. 
pMartin John, 13 Edward st Kingslanit rd. N. 


BLOWEb'B DnKCTOHl- »0B 1S60. 

M&ttin John, 1 Robert ibeei, Stockwell, S, 
pMBjrtinW. B. 4 BampsMie pi. Green rt.St«paev 

pMasUn Win. 82 Fole; street, Laugtuun pUce, W. 
pMason J. aai Son, 2 Cripiilegate baildingB, E.C. 
pMasav B. 19 Norfolk eL Middlesex hoepiul, W. 
Uatanle Wm. 2 Wilson street, Finsbuif, E.C. 
Mather Oeorge, 2 Murraj st. Camden town,N.W. 
jiMathewB P. 9 Sidmooth et. Qtbt'b Ion rd. W,C. 
iUthewB J, 2 Chnrcli row, Marlboro' rd. Dalston 
pMatUiew Samuel, 113 Fetter lane, B.C. 
Uaxirell James, 9 Loughbora' pi. Brixton road, 8. 
Madden Ales. 18 Wilton terrace, Fimlico, S,W, 
pBujeisbacli Geo. 17 Demrmrk ler. Upper Copea- 
hE^;en street, lsling;lon, N. 


r, W.C. 

Meller John W. 11 Blenbeim at Oxford st W. 
;iMeredith Charles, 61 Dariea sL Betkelej »q. W. 
pMesnardJ. 10 Chmrcli piissage,Chitncei7 lii.BC. 
Metcalfe R. 5 King st ter. New North rd. N, 
MilboiTOw John, 8 Clifton pL Wandsworth rd. S. 
jjMilbnrn C. and W, 3 John street, Chelsea, S.W. 
^Miidwater J. 8 Warrington st. Oakley sq^.W. 
pMiles F. W. 75 Peel street, Kensington, W. 
pMiles Henry, 9 Tutton street, Westminster, S.W. 
oMillard Robert, 36 Queen sL Pimlico, S.W. 
Miller Joseph, 1 Portland road, Netting hill, W. 
Miller Wm, S. High street, Wandsworth, S.W". 
Millidge John, 32 Lower Smith street. E.C. 
pMills Thomas, 23 Queen street, Golden sq. W. 
Mills Thos. 5 Oxford ter. Park road, CUpham, S. 
pMinton Ed. U Tjsoa street, Spaeeld3,W.C. 
jMinton Richard, 43 St. John stieet road, E.C. 
pMoney John, 28 Shepperton st. west, Miogton, N. 
pMoore It L. 37 Castle st. east, Oxford st, W. 
MoorhouBe John, 18 Whitcombe street, W.C. 
Moraiit A. and W. 11 Blenheim st Oxford st W. 
/iMarant, Boyd and Morant, 91 New Bond it W. 
pMoieUtn, W. S. 37 Princes st. Rotherhitlie, SJI. 
pMorgftD Thos. 2 Old Gravel lane, Wapping, E. 
pMorgan William, 26 New street, Brompton, S.W. 
Morgan Wm. 19 High row, Knightebndge, S.W, 
jiMorison Thomas, 24 Leal^r lane, E.C, 
pMorley Jas. 9 Glo'ster bdgs. Walworth rd. S. 
□Morling O. 3 & 4 Camera st King's road west, 

Chelsea, S.W. 
pMorris and PhiUips, 231 Oxford street, W. and 

10 Baker street, Portmau square, W. 
pMorris James, 79 Park street GrosTenof sq. W. 
Monris James, 3 Bate street. Old Brompton, S.W. 
pMorrlflon F. 14 Western ter. Sotting hill, W. 
jrMortlock J. A. 6 Gkildsmitb pi. HotAney rd. N.E. 
pMosoley J. 3 Biyao ter. Copenhagen street, N. 
pMoosley G. 10 Cirburton st Porfland road, W. 

SMoualey G. J, 111 Great Titehfield street W. 
[owbcay W. 2 Great May's buildings, W.C. 
pMoxon C, 18ABrook8treet,Gro3TeQor square, W, 
<jMoy R. 3 WallingtOQ place, Wandsworth rd. S. 

SMudd E. 9 Buckingham place, Filzroy sq. W. 
[unday G. 26 Adam at. west Bryanaton aq. W. 
iiMunalow W. York tar. York rd. Battereea, S.W. 
Murphy D. 80 Fore street, Limehoose, E. 
Muljihy G. 16 Church street Cambcrwall, S. 

pMucray W, 76 Bayham street Camden tn. N.W:. 
jT/iMusgrove Wm. 35 Libia road. Old Fnd, Bow, ' 

E. & 88 Old Gravel la. St George's east E. 
jMust Charles, 82 Lower street Wington,N, 
pMyers John, 273 Kant street Borough, S.E. 
pNaishW. 23Wairen street Pitnoy e^oaro, W. 
pNash C. E. 14 Margaret st Commercul rd. east . 
pNash H. 19 Lansdowne place. South Lambeth, 8- ' 
Nash J. 6 New Millman street Foundling, W.C. 
pNash T. B, 1 Leigh street Burton crescent W.C. : 

and 4 Compton mews, Bronswick sqoare, W.C. 
pNaunlon J. 21 Henry st esat Avenoe rd. N.W. 
p jNenres and Bon, Brunswick cottage, Qainford 

S place, Richmond rood, Bainsbniy, S, 
Vewoll H.27 Somerset place, Hoxt«a new tn. N. 
ewaU J. B. 26 Sioane street, S.W. 
pNewbery & Co. 28 Percy st. Bedford sq. W.C. 
Newham Joseph, 88 Eling street Camden tn. N.W. 
Newman John, Roman road. Old Ford, Bow, E. 
pNiehols Charles, 107 Great Portland street W. 
Nicholls W. G. 36 Pickering place, Qoeen's road, 

Bayswater, W. 
pNicholson J. 26 PaA crescent, Clapham. S, 
pNightingaleB. E. 73 Prince's street Lambeth, S. 
pNind C. and Son, 7 Bartholomew square, B.C. 
pNind Mrs. E. 136 Fleet st E.C. 
pNind F. 19 Pitfield street Hoxton, N. 
pNixon H. 1 Cambridge ter. Fentiman road, S. 
pNoakea H. 8 John street Hanwav street W. 
pNoble B. B, Si Hertford street, May fair, W. 
Norman O, 17 Charlton sfieet Somers tn. N.W. 
pNorris N, and Son, 12 Portland street Soho, W. 

and 52 Dorset street Portman square, W. 
Norris & Reddish, 5 Old Dorset pL Clapham rd. S. 
pNorris J. B2 Dorset street Portman square, W. 
pNorth Q. 2 NaTal row, BUckwall, E, 
pNorton E. 60 George street Portman sq. W, 
pNorton W. 4 Upper Rupert street W. 
pNorwoodC. Jan. 10Mortimoreroad,Kingsland,N. 
SpNntt T. 43 Fish street hill, E.C. 
pNattall William, 193 High Holbom, W.C. 
^pOatley Wm. and Son, 25 Aldermonbury, E.C 
gOdf G. H. 10 Poppin's court Fleet st E.G. 
pOfford M. 96 Great CoUege street N.W. 
pOgilwy G. 6 Judd street Bmnswick sq. W.C. 
pOgilwy J. C. 4 Charlfon st Somers Iflwn, N.W. 
pOke W. 147 High ilolhom, W.C. 
pOkey W. 20 Upper Charles st GosweH rd. E.C. 
pOUver J. 14 High st St John's wood. N.W. 
jiOliver J. 40 Queen's road, Bayswater, W. 
Oliver J, 46 Jamaica row, Bermondsey, S.B. 
pOrid J. 95 Long lane, Bemiondaey, S.E. 
Osborne W. 18 Russell street Holherhithe, SJ!. 
pOtt W. 1 York street Walworth road, S. 
jpOvervC. 4 Halliford place, Islington, N. 
gOwen H. T Dean street Fetter lane, E.C. 
Packer I. Clapham Old Town, S. 
pPaina G. P. 63 Upper atrael^ Islington, N. 
jfPaine J. 23 Ponstord terrace. Maiden wad, N.W. 

?Faine W. H. 10 Hornsey row, Islington, N, 
'ainter P. 22 Archer street Kensin^n pwk, W, 
f Palmer and Artand, 71 Baker st Portman sq. W/. 
'aimer B. 19 Hatton wall, Hatton garden, E.C. 
and 13 Hornourt place, York road. City rd. N. 
Palmer Q. 40 Royal street Lambeth, 9. 
pPalmer J. 160 Cambridge slreel, Fimlico, S.W* . 


pFantaenias and Owen, 249 Oxford street, W. 
rarkei H. & G. 23 Queeo's row, Kensiiigton gm. 
pPa-tket C.T. 22 Richard street, liverpool rd. K. 
jjParker J. 73 Upper Bemerton street, N. 
opParkinson T. & Son, 2G King st. Holboni, W.C. 
jPanninler W. 46 White Horse st. Stepney, E. 

?P»mtt J. 33b WindmiR et Tottenham ot. nt, W. 
'iH? W. 5 Eamont ter. St. John's wood, N.W. 
PirtiiiiM G. 3 Seymour place. Liverpool road, N. 
Parton E. Bear gajden. Backside, South irark, S.E. 
pPask H. 20 Aldenham terrace, Pancras rd. N.W. 
pPaSKQore F. 59 Whittlebnry street, N.W. 
piammore E. 3 Oloster bldgs, Old Kent id. S. 
pPtttlen J. 53 GL Ormond stieet^ W.C. 
pPattendea T. 3 Wood at. Old st. rd. E.C. 
Pttule T, and W. 1 Thornton pi. Portmaji sq. W. 

oPayne G. * York terrace, York road, N. 
FttjTie H. H. 1 Lonsdale road, Bayswater, W, 
jfPayne P. 17 Queen's row, Cambridge road, N.E. 
sPeaice G. 11 Plumber's row, Gtj road, E,C. 
/iPearce J. 21 Warner place, Hackney road, H.E. 

pPeatce K. 9 East road cot. East road, City id. N, 
^Pearco T. jun. 89 King street, Borough, SJl. 
pPearaoQ C. 57 High street, St. John's wood, N.W. 
/yPearsan H. 21 Harrington street north, N.W. 
p aPegg J. 8 Monmouth pi. Old Kent road, S.E. 
pPegler H, 52 Porlinan fia-.e, MaJda hill, W. 
Pember M, 8 Brandon row, S.E. 
pPenEord S. 125 Gi Dorei street, Borongh, S.E. 
pPeuneU T. 9 King street, Camden town, N.W. 

nPenny G. J. 5 Berkeley place, Edgware road, W. 

Fenira H. 216 Bethnal green road, N.E. 

Peiry W. 8 Bridge ter. Queen's rd Dalaton, N.E. 

pperrjman E. 6 Saiille st. Langham st. W. 

jPerUin W. 3 YouBg street, Kansington, W. 

pPhelan J. 11 Upper Eaton street, Pimlico, S.W, 

;jPhiUips, C. 5 Coduig place, Cleveland st N.E. 

pPhillips J. 37 Northumberland pL Westboume 
grore north, W. 

Phelps H. 53 Castle sti«et east, Oxford st. W. 

Phillips P. J. 261 Upper street, Islington, N. 

Phillips E. Bowling green st. Kenningtcin grn. S. 

Pickering J. and Son, 39 and 40 Little MooiGehb, 
E.C. and 5 White street, Finsbuiy, E.C. 

pPickersgiU R. 6 West sbeet. Seven dials, W.C. 

fPosoion T. 11 Miles lane. City, E.C. 

Piper John, 18 Whitefriars stieet, Fleet st E.G. 

i>?Piper H. H. 41 aM 42 Ea^tcheap, E.C. and 
Baker's buildings, Liverpool street, E.C. 

ypPitcher J. H. 2 Warwick lane, E.C. 

pPitchec J. 4 Star street, Edegware rood, W. 

^Pitts 0. 16 Lombard street, Chelsea, S.W. 
pPlant T. lA Amelia pi. Fulham rd. S.W. 

pPlatt J. 59 St. John's wood terrace J*. W. 

Player Jno.31 Partst Dorset sq. N.W. 

pPledgaW.E. 10 BehnontpL Wandsworth rd. S. 

pPocook Wm. 8 Manchester st. Manchester sq.W. 

pPoole & MacgUllTay 24 Prince's st. Cavendish st. 

fPope H. C. 217 Kent st. Borough, S.E. 
'oulson E. 8 Strathmore t£r. Back rd. E. 
jiPowbU a. 4 Amelia pi. Newcross, S.E. 
j)Powell J. F. 53 Exetar st. Lisson grovo, N.W. 
pPowell L. 3 Chapel pL Cavendish sq. W. 
Prett G. 47 Archer st. Kensington park, W. 
jPratt J. K 101 Begent st Westminster, S.W. 
pPttseott T. 71 We& st Oxford «. W. 

Preston H. Wm. 4 AddisonpL Brixton rd. S. 

Preston. W. 8 Chancery pi. Camberwell New kLS. 
opPrince H. C. 2 OM Fish st DoctoiB' Commons 
Fring Jno. 10 York pL Battersea fields, S. 
Pcingle A. North rd. Highgate, N. 
j^jPritchard C. 2 East pi. Lambeth, S. 
n cjProetor C. 2 Adam's mews, Upper Berkeley st„ 
Procter J. 1 Sberbome pi. Blaodford so. N.W. 
pProndfoot J. G, 456 Oxford st W.C. 
pPrust Wm. 3 Douro cottages, St. John's wood 
pPackett J, Q. 3 Tonbridge st W.C. 
pPuckett J. 110 Guilford st. W.C. 
pPugh J. 109 Bayham st. Camden town, N.W. 
Pulley J. & Son, 1 1 1 Paul st Finsbury, E.C. 
n jPiichas A. 51 Broad st Golden sq. W. 
Purkins Wm. 63 Marylebone kne, W. 
;iPmkins J. and Son, 7 Little Distaff lane, E.C. 
jPumey Mrs. M. 13 Spring st Marylebtme, W. 
pPatman G. 1 Upper Spnug st Portman sq. W. 
pPuttock J. W. U Nottingham sL Marylebone 
pRadford S. 21 Hackney road, N.E. 

S'-amsay C. 4 St. Dunstan's alley, E.C. 
nson E. 4 Paragon pi. Lock's fields, S. 
Ray Mrs. C. 1 Cjjiterbnry pi. Old Kent rd. S.E. 
pKayner R. 8b East st. Manchester sq. W. 
Raynor T. W. 95 Old Gravel lane, E. 
pKead Wm. 28 Dorset st Porlman sq. W. 
Rediord and Aldridge, 9 Priest's pi. Tudor etcect, 

Blackfriars, E.C. 
Redle; J. 30 John st north, York st Marylebone 
Reed B. H. 3 St Ann's pi. Limehonse, E. 
pBeeves J. 7 Hill st Park rd. Regent's paik. N.W. 
pBcnnoldson E. 26 Ray st. Clerkenwell, E.C. 
pRcBtflll K. G. 101 Marylebone rd. N.W. 
fHestieani R. F. 64 St. John's sq. E.C. 
pReynoIds and Pool, 3 Craven pi. Westboume for. 
Reynolds H. 55 George st. Portman sq. W. 
Reynolds J. S. jnn. Wood green, Tottenham, N. 
pReynolds J. 16 Bedcross sq. E.C. 
pBice Wra. -17 First st. Chdsea, S.W. 
pKches J. 43 Baldwin's gardens, Leathet la. E.C. 
gHQey A. 82 Harrison et Gray's Inn rd. W.C. 
Ritchie F. 64 Walton st, Cripplegate, B.C. 
jRix T. 11 Penton st Pentonville, N, 

C"oberl» J, 3 Porter's pL Holloway rd. N. 
berts Wm. 4 Commerce place, St John'* hill, 

Wandsworth rd. S.W. 
Robertson J. 5 Binfield pi. Clapham rd. S. 
Robertson P. S. 97 Lisson grove, N.W. 
^Robinson A. 3 Ames ter. Liverpool rd. N. 
g pRobinson E. Denmark tow, Coldhaibour lane, 

Camberwell, S. 
sRobinson J. 41 Upper Ebu^ st. S.W. 
pRoftway J. 15 Baches' ter. City rd. N. 
Rogere Sirs. F. 1 St John's ter. Stoekweli, S. 
Rogers Hd. 18 Chapel st Somers town, N.W. 
pHogers Ht. 50 Gt Alie st, Goodman's fields, E. 
pRoper &. Son, 75 Wells street, W. 
gpRoils T. 98 Wapping, E, 
pltoper J. 5 Douglas st. Deptford, SJI. 
pRoper J. 56 Poplar High Blreel, K. 

e" a and Son, 13 Bulstrode st. W. 
A. 17 Bedfordbory, Covent garden, W.C. 
' pBoBS C. 37 Clipstoue street, Fitaroy sq. W. 
I pRoss John, 4 1 Duke st Manchester square, W. 
I /iRouse R. 5 Granby st Hampstead road, N.W. 

128 blowks'b d] 

Rowland W. E. 2H Cunbcidgfl pi. Edgairue id. W. 
jtBowUndson t Bishop, 3 Brelt's bnildingg, St. 

Joha'a rood, Hoiton, N, 
/iBowluidsoii W. H. 1 Seabright pUc« east, Hack- 

De^ road, N.E. 
;.Bo»lej B. 84 Skiunei et. Clerkeowell, E.C. 

□BnmboM \ 

pBnmboM W. 3 Stanhope at Hampetcad i 
pRuacol S. 5 Eaat sL Finsbury market, KC. 
;iBiia«ell H. Deptford bridge, 5.E. 
pBnseell W. 34 Up. George ei Bryamton eq. W. 
pSadd A. 70 Berwick street, Sobo, W. 
pSadd B. 7 SouUi street, Chelsea, S,W. 
oSadlfr F. 79 CbauMiy lane. W.C. 

Windmill at. Tottenham court road, W. 
Sftker T. 18 Canal ter. York id. King's cross, K. 
Salmon W. Sandwich at. Barton cies. W.C. 
/iSalter R. 6 Contaon street, Chelsea, S.W. 
^Sanders F. 1 New at. Dorset sq. W. 
Sanderson W. i9 Broad st. Lambeth, S. 
pSang F. 43 Charing cross, S.W. 
pSaonders E. 1 5 I.edbory road, BaTSwaler, W, 
/jSanndera N. 40 Albion ototo west, Baj-nsborj, N. 
jSttvage S. 10 MarclesfielJ st. north, N. 
opSawyer Mre. L. 16 King's row, Piinlico, S.W. 
Sajer C. 23 BelgraTe t«r. Queen's rd. Dalston N.E. 
Sayer James, 3 Leader street, Cheliea, S.W. 
pScantlebnrr W. 22a Inverness rd. Bayswater ,W. 
Scarlett J. f. 3 Southampton street, Strand, W.C. 
pSchiiEer J. 3 Lower Copenhagen st. Islington, fl. 
pScnrr Michael, U6 Wapping Hieh stieet, E. 
pScurr T. 82 Seabright sL Brthnal green id.N.E. 
jiScnrrah S W. 38 High st Camden town N.W. 
;>SeagerT. 18 StPaoTs ter.Camden Newtn.NW, 
iiSed Wm. 95 King's road, Chelsea, S.W. 
iiSealej W. H. 7 York ter. Kingsland rd. N.E. 
/iSeare G. 93 Upper Stamford st. Blackfriars, S. 

C'by Charles, Cambetwell green, S. 
eU Chailes, 13 Charles st. Westboome i«r. W. 
pShallajd Wm. 81 Upper Seymonr st EnstOQ sq. 
pSharland J. 12 Field pi. St. John st rd. B.C. 
Shardbow S. 10 Bochester row, WsBtminsler ,S.W. 
JJ oShaw Geo. 9 King Edward st Newgate st E.C. 

^Shearing Mrs. E. 13 Bnpert st Haymarket W. 
^ ffShelton & Horton, 8 Draycott sL Chelsea. S.W. 
pSheltcn Hichard, 22 Halsey street Chelsea, S.W. 
ffShenton James & John, 2 Wynyatt street E.G. 
pShephetd H. 4 Union ter. Conunercial rd, east, E. 
pSheppard Edw. 1 Soley terrace, pBnlonTille,E.C. 
pSheppard Geo. 34 Grosvenor row, Pimlico, S.W. 
Shepherd Wm. Chnrch place, Hampstead, N.W. 
Shires T. C. 16 High st Camden town, N.W. 
Short Henry, 1 Vicarage ter. Kentish town, N.W. 
jigShonls lUchard, 53 Leman street, E. 
yShnter William, 51 St Mary Axe, E.C. 
Sibley John, 11 Thomhill road, tlington, N. 
Sickelmore George. Boman road. Old Ford, E. 
pjfipSidnellW. 3 Swan pi. Sidney st. Mile-end, E. 
I'Sifton James, 6 Wyiidbam st. Bryanstm sq. W. 
pSilley Abraham, 48 South Molton st. W. 
BimmoDds J. 13 Holland st. Claphau road, 8. 
Is Rd. 41 Seymonr st Euston sq. N.W. 

Bimon B. A. Crown cottage, Harentock luU, H. W. 
pSimpson D. 223 Gliaiige load, BennraidHy, S J^. .' 
pSimpson Geo. 2 Cleveland st Fitzroy sq. W. 
pSimpsoD J, 80 Baker street Portman square, W.' 

and 60 BUndford mews, Manchester sqoan, W;] 
jSimpeon J. 2 King street Kensington, W. 
Simpson N. 6 Ottery pi. College st Chelsea, S.W, 
^Simpson Samuel, 42 Goodge street, & 26 Cum' 

benand street Tottenham court road, W. 
pSimpeon William Butler, 456 Strand, W.C. 
Sims J. C, North road, Highgate, N. 
Simon D. A & Co. High street Hampstead, N.W. 
Slann F. B Richmond rt. Edgeware road, N.W. 
pSlater E. J Pleasant row, Deptf ord High st S-E. 
pSloper Joseph, 216 Oxford street, W, 
Sloogh T. 13 South street PentonTiUe, N. 
pSmoll H. P. 6 Fonthill pi. Clapham load, S. 
Small J. 4 Clayton street Kenojugton, S. 
nSmall R E. 109 St John st. Clerkenwell, E.C, 
Smee E, Newington road. Stoke Newington, N. 
pSmith C. 10 ^Isoyerstieet Fitaroy sq. W. 
pSmith C, 43 Upper Baker street N-W, 
pSmith E. 1 Lawson street Qt. Dover st 8.E. 
pSmith F. 66 Charlotte street Portland place, W, 
p oSmith Frederick, 66 Cannon street E.C. 
pSmith G. 13 Gt Qnean st. Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 
Smith George A. 4 Worship street ^■^■ 
pSmith G. G. 2 Johnson street Notting hill, W, 
Smith J. 1 Willow street Westminster, S.W. 
pSmith a. 5,1 Gt Maryleboue street W. 
ySmitb B, 1 Gloucester street Hoxtoo. N. 
pSmithltA. 10 Northampton pi. Old Kent rd.SJl 
;jSmith S. 9 Lower Sioane street S.W. 
pSmith T. 1 Artillew street, Bishopsgate, NJ!. 
jSmith T. 31 New Weston street Bromlg-, SJL 
pSmilh T. C. 6 Little Torringt«n street " .C. 
pSmith T. W. 29 Lower street, Islington. N. 
pSmiih W. 6 St Peter's place, Walworth com. S. 
pSmlth W. 14 Jewry street, Aldgale, E.C. 
pSmith W. C. 43 Spring street Paddington, W. 
pSmyth S. 25 Montague st Montague square, W. 
pSneUing A. B. 83 BUckman street SJE. 
tiSneUisg H. 1 Rawstome street Clerkenwell, E.C; 
pSoDBter T. 26 Greek street Soho, W. 
Southall B. 55 Onion st. Middlesex hospiffll, W. ■ 
pSonthcotts and Widgery, 42 Upper North pla ce, 

Gray's Inn rd, W.C. & 4 Wharton street W.C. 
Spencer G. 6 BrisftJplace, Warwick rd, west, W. ■ 
p sSpeneer J. F. 43 ffigh st St John's wood, N.W. . 
Spencer S. 3 Prom>eet place, Brook green road, 

Hammeiramth, W. 
ifSpinks B. 1 Shaftesbniy ciesceut Pimlieo, S.W, 
pSpinks W. 1 Oxford tenac«, Kensington pk. W. 
Squires J. and Son, 18 Emmett street ^ 
Squiies C. Clarence ter. YoA pi. Barusbnrypt, N. 
oStace E. 9 Prospect pi. Old Kent road, S£. 
Stannard B. 8 Byder's court, Leicester so. W.C. 
jjStanway Thos. 1 Bmnswiii terrace, Wostbonmo . 

grove west W. & 10 Dorset st Portman sq. W. 
cStaples C, 86 Park st Camden town, N.W. 
Star J. 1 St. George's place, Brixton road, S. 
Starling J, 57 Sonthwark Bridge load, S.E. 
y Starling J. 12 Bichmondpl. Park rd. Islington, N. . 
pStarling T. J. 11 Up. Cleveland st W. 
oSUvely W. 4 Wellington pL HoUoway (d. N, 
Stedman J, M. 7 Knight's pi. Wandswoifh rd. S. ' 

SUed D. 15 HalfmooQ crascenl, Islington, 
St«el T. 96 White Conduit tet. Pentonville, N. 
pgSteer J. & Co. 46 Ernest at. Regent's part, N.W. 
pSUer 6. 10 Mornington pi. TTampstead rd, N.W. 
pSlephen* J. 19 Gloooeater ter. New rd. E. 
Stpplieitsoii W. 2^ New moiket ter. Combridga 

tenace, N.E. 
St«Ten£ Chules, Crouch end, HomGej, N. 
pS(«Tena F. 42 Francis sL Newington Butts, S. 
J) nSiavens J. 247 Botherhithe st^.E. 
fiStevens J. t> Margaret st. Uackne^r fields, NJl 
Stocks and Peosgoud, High rd. Totteoham, N. 
yStoffel J. IS Alfred ter. Queen's rd. Bayswatet 
patone P. J. ] Harding pi. Well »t. Hoiton, NJB. 
Stone R. Hackney; wick, N.E, 
jStonfeld W. 21 Palace St. Pimlico, S.W. 
P oStoiT E. T, 9 Dake st. St. James's, S.W. 
pStorr B. 52 Ernest st Hegents part, N.W. 
pStow W. T. 6 St John's Wood ter. K.W. 
pStowers T. and Son, 22 Charter House so. E.C. 
pStnrgeon W 138 Gt. Susfell st. BloomsbniT 
pStyant W. 1 Lower Sloane st S.W. 
pStyles S. 4 Noma st Hajmarkat, S.W. 
pStyloB W, 7 Union pi. Lower rd. Islington, N. 
pBuffield T. and Co. 13 Bennondsey wdl, S,B. 
jSulman J. 1 Brunswick st. Hackney rd. N.E. 
pSnmmersby W. 42 Vaushall walk, Lambeth, S. 
pSater O. IT Lant street, Borough, g.E. 
pSutherland A, 6 Oawer pL Euston sqnare, W.C. 
Sotton F. 16 Brownlow st High Holbom, W.C.- 
Swaun M. 44 Theobald's road, W.C. 

f^Sweetjnan C. S. 1 1 Bartholomew tet. City rood 
Witt E. I Downahirebill, Hampatead, N.W. 
pSwom P. 4 Cbnroli row. Old St. Panccas rd, N.W. 
Tadman W. 9 Frances st Tottenham ct cd. W.C. 
Tagg J. 16 Grace's alley, Wellclose square, E. 
pTanfieldB.&G. 43 Jamesat Oxford stW. 
Tanner J. 32 Lucas st Bethnol green road, N.E. 
Taylor C, Broadway, Stratford, B. 
^aylor E, 9 Beach street, Barbican, E.C. 
pTaylor F. P. 1 Tnidall pL Upper st. N. 
oTaylor G. F. 10 Church street, Kensington, W. 
Taylor G. F. 4 Meh-ille pi Well st Hackney, N.E. 
pTajlor H. N. 29 St Mary at hill, E.C. 
pTaylor J. 14*. Sherborne slieet, N.W. 
I^lor J. B. 7 St Ann's la. Gen. Post Oflke, KC. 
jjliylor J. 12 Chichester rents, W.C. 
IVf lor J. 6 JimctJon place, Kentish t«wn, N.W. 
yrarlor J. 120 Union street. Borough, S.E. 
Tbviot J. B. Island eot. Albion id. Eanmiersmith 
Taylor J. 3 Camberwell grove, S. 
apg Taylor J. 10 Clement's lane, E.C. 
Taylor R. C. 197 Shftdwell High street E. 
Taylor S. 1 & 2 Albany pi. Com pi. east, KeDtisb 

town, N.W. 
Tijylor T. 6 Chnich tow, Aldgate High st N.E. 
pliylor W. 4 Brown Bt Grosvenor sq. W. 
pTaylor W. H. 29 Sandwich st Burton, cres. W.C. 
Tebbs J. White Hart st. Low. Kenmngton la. S. 
pTelford J. 29 Northnmberland street, W. 
pTeny G.Bowling green lane, B.C. 
pTeny B. juii. K Bulstrode si Mancbestsr sq. W. 
pTeiry W. I8S Marylebone road, N.W. 
pThatcher W. L. 31 Frederick sL FortUud town 
Thomas T, & Son, 12 E-vetett street, W.C. 

roHV voa 1800. 129 

pThomas C, Clarence place, Kensingt^Mi, W. 
Thomas E. 20 Ebmy street, Pimlieo, S.W. 
pThouias G. B. 68 Strand, W.C. 
pThonias J. 19 Sussex st. Tottenham ct rd. W.C. 
aThoroas B. E 23 Church row, Newington Bott* 
Thomeraon A. 7 Bath st Hackney road, N.E. 
pThompsoQ Mrs. B, 33 Lime street, E.G. 
^Thompson H. 39 Charrington street, N.W, 
poThompson W. 9 Bathnrst mews, Hyde part,W. 
Thompson J. Wellington st Stoke Newington, N. 
Thomson B. 14 Pitt street Old Kent road, S.E. 
Thomson F. 72 Market st. Edgeware road, W. 
pThomsonW. J. 74 Lo. Sloane street, S.W. 
Thorman R. St Leonard street, Bromley, E, 
pThornton J. 4 Wilson st. Finsbury, E.C. 
pThomton T. 31 Great Carter lane. E.C. 
pThreadgill J. 25 Snssex pL Old Kent road, S.E. 
Thrift C. 49 Brunswick street Blackwall, £. 
Thring W. 2en & 29b Gt Titcbfield street, W. 
ThnmeU T. J. 24 Parker's row, Dockhead, S.E. 
Tibbetts Caleb, 11 Great Ormond street W.C. 
/jTidmou F. 6 Bydei's court, Leicester aq. W.a 
pTidman B. 117 Jeimyn street S.W. 
pTiralett G. 8 Great Quebec slieet, W. 
i7pTinsley J. 26 Bussell court, Drnry lane, W.C. 
jFTolbui^ J. 18 Charles street, Kenaington sq. W. 
pTomkins W. L. 3 Museum street W, 
Tomkinson S. 3 Brecknock pi. Camden town, N.W. 
yTook J. 105 Brunswick st Hackney road, N.E. 
jToosaint T.C. 21 Swallow street Piccadilly, W. 
pTowill E. Stafiord st OH Bond street W. 
Townsend W, 74 Queen's road west, S.W. 
Treacher J. 1 8 Morgan st Commarcial rd. E. 
Tremere W. 28 Upper York sL Bryanaton so. W. 
pTribe J. 76 Drunimond street, Enston sq. N.W. 
p oTriggs J. 9 Nag's Head ct Gracechnrch st E.C. 
pTrinder J. 5 George street, Biackfriars road, S.E. 
Trodd B. Allen road, Hornsey New Town, N. 
pTroUope G. and Sons, 15 Parliament st S.W. 

and 18 Grosrenor street west, S.W. 
pTrotter J. H. 8 St. Dunstan's hill, E.C. 
pTubb W. and G, 23 Bemers at Oxford at. W. 
pTnbb D. W. 3 Park waUt, Chelsea, S.W. 
pTucker S. 234 High Holbom, W.C. (see ndvr.) 
;iTuckerW. 11 Crawley at. Oakley sq. N.W. 
pTuppen C. 22 Little Albany st Begent's park 

pTupper T. H. 29 Laystall street E.C. 
BTumer T. & Son, i William's pi. Wal 
Turner J^87 Bennondsey New road, S.E. 

I's pi. Walworth rd. 

tfTomer L. 8 St. Mary Axe, E C. 

Turner E. 17 Blandford street, W. 

pTuraer W. 15 Church street, Soho, W. 

Turner W. 1 1 BusseU sL north, Brixton, S. 

oTnrpin A. W. 12 St. John's wood terrace, N.W. 

Turpm T. 03 Coleman sttiet E.C. 

Tatt T. 5 Sidney phice, Brixton hill, S. 

pTwydell E. 22 Francis street, Tottenham ct rd. 

TwydeU W. 30 Drury lane, W.C. 

pTje and Andrew, 5 Spencer place, Brixton rd. S. 

pTye E. 5 Downham ruad, Kingaland, N. 

pUnwin T. I Dover place, Old Kent road, SJI. 

p^ton J. 65 Sniwhill, E.O. 

E^^uhoit A. 12 St Mark's road, Camberwell, S. 

Vale J. 3 Sprihg stieet Marylebone, W. 

pValles J. 20 Ironmonger luie, E.C. 

Vanghan W. 20^ Church st Blackfriatt rd. S£, 


Veitch W. Church row, Wandsirorth, S.W. 
pVellenoweth A. 1. 10 Paradise row, Lower road, 

Botherhithe, S.E. 
pVerilT W. andB. 10 Spring si Paddiagton, W. 
VeniaU S. T. 6 Albany alreet, N.W. 
SpVetry W. C2 and 53 Great Tower Btj'eet, E.G. 
pVire J. 3S Bingfleld Street, Caledonian road, N. 
nVickers H.. 16 Barton street, WeEtminster, S.W. 
pVitkcry J. 6 Commercial pi. Old Kent road, S.B. 
pVinall C. 25 Walfon street, Chelsea, S.W. 
pTinccnt H. 18 Lower Cbarlea rt. E.C. 
pViDnei S. 23 Bath st London rd. Southwark, S.B. 
pVinter J. 29 Aldenham ter. Old St, Pancras id. 
fWaddjngham J. 1 KenningtoQ Oral, S. 
oWake C. 26 King st Westminster, S.W, 
Waie G. E. Queen sL Hanuneramith, W. 
Wale J. TWheeler pl.Brookst.Hammersmith,W. 
pWalford W. H. 8 East st. Manchester sq. W. 
jiWalker A. 8 Trafalgar rd. Dakton, N.E. 
jjWalker W. 58 HiU st Walworth, S. 
pWalker James, 90 Leadenhall st E.C. 
pWaUden J. E. 31 York rd. CamberweU, S. 
/. Waller C. 8 Spring garden pL Stepney, B. 
pWalling J. 33 George row, BetmondsCT. S.R 
pW..llis John, W Lnpus et Pimiico, S.W, 
pWfllhs R. C Northampton st. Islingtou, N. 
Vftllis Thomaa. 74 Harrow rd. W. 
pWalton W. 115 New Church st. Bermondsey 
pWard and Bolton, 20 North Andley st W. 
vWmi C. IT Addiugtou sq. CamberweU rd. S, 
Ward F. 2 Wellington place, Southampton street, 

CamberweU, S. 
/(Wan! K. 4 Walmer ter. Walmer rd. Netting hUI 
nWard IL 38 Crescent St. Euston sq. N.W. 
Ward T. Eliiabath pi. Bark pi. BayEwst«t, W. 
nWard W. 20 Dnie st. Stamford st. S. 
Ware R. Heath st. Hampstead, N.W. 
;>Warebam J. 32 Baldwm's gardens, E.C. 
pWame B. jun. 31 Soho sq. W. 
ijWarae S. i Brutcn st. W. 
Warner Charles, 112 VanxhaU walk, S. 
pWamerW. 24 Lambeth Highst S. 
pWasfner B. & Co. B Mancbeiter TJUas, St. John's 

wood, N.W. 
Wttlkins J. 8 Southville, Wandsworth rd. S. 
pWatson E. T. 13 John st Minorira, B.C. 
pWatson J. 5 Cbuich passage, BaanghaU It. E.C. 
pWateou J. ISand 24Xangham si. W. 
p^Watson T. 79 Provost st. City rd. N. 
pWfttson Walter, 87 Great Portland street, W. 
pWayland Bdw. 18 While Lion st. Pentonville, N. 
oWoarley Wm. 31 Hindon street, Pimlico, S.W. 
Webb Alfred, 30 Park road, Claphara, S. 
Webb JamEfi, BromeU's road, Clapbam.S. 
pWebb Joseph, 8 Little Dean street, Soho, W. 
pWeedon Edw. 28 Kingeland cres. KiugsLiud road 
ffWelch & Anthony, 4 Dorset pi. HoUoway rd. N. 
pWelhom John, 237 Maiylebone road, N.W. 
pWeller H. IG Upper George st. Bryaneton sq. W. 
Wellcr Thomas, 82 Eobinhood lane, Poplar, E. 
pWcrtheimer Samson, 1 54 New Bond st. W. 
Wescombe Samuel, 1 Bridge rd. Hanunersmilli, W. 
pWeslej Joseph, 35 Eastou st. Spafields, W.C. 
pWest JosBplC Crown court, Soho, W. 
West Wm. 38 Great Caetle street, Begent sL W. 
pWest W. C. 5 New Comptoa street, Soho, W.C. 

pWestacott Gaoree, i St Mary Axe, E.C. ' '\ 
WettenhaU E. 9 China ternKV, Keniiine;ton id. 6. 
Wharton W. H. and Sou, High id. ToHenhsm, N. 
Wheatley Geo. 14 JubUee place, ChelseA. S.W. ' 
poWhedor W. and Sou, IStLismn groTB. N.W. 
Wheeler Henry, Hieh rtreet, Highrate, N. 
Wheeler J. Bnhamab pL Londou Is. Hackney, N.EI 
Whenham and Knott, 27 Gt Charlotte st. S. ; 
Whincop G. & Son, High st. Stoke Newington, S, 
pWhite H. 16 Gray street, Manchester sq. W. 
White H. Carbufon street, Fitaroy squKO, W. 
White Wm. 30 Charles st Pitfield st Horion, N. ; 
Whitechurch P.I^y cottage, Adelaide id. HaTW-'. 

stock hiU, N.W. 
pWliitehoose John R 30a Howlaud street, W. 
Wbitlock Thomas, Soutbwood lane, Highgate, N. 
po Whittaker C. 22 Little Qneen st WestmiDst«r 
pWhitting James, 1 Creek road, Deptford. S.E. 

? Wicks iOf. 13 Clareodou sq. Somers town, N.W. 
ViigeryJ. 21 Calthorpst Gray's Inn rd. W.C. 
pWidgingtoQ J. B. 13 Frederick pi. Old Kent rd. 
pWild C. 8 Three King ct. Lombard st, E.C. 
pWUdiug F. 1 Spencer street, Sboredifch, E.C. 
pWilkins G. 2 Detonshiro pi. Up. Kenninglon la. S. 
p oWilkins G. 1 8 Victoria ter. Belsiie irod, N.W. 
pWiUiams L and H. T. 32^ CoUouade, Rossell sq. 
WUIiams G. 16 and 58 Cannon street, E, 
pWiUiams G. H. 2 York ter. Kingsland road, N.E. 
pWilliama H. W. 4 Marjlebone passage, Well st 
pWaiiams S. P. 12 Flora street. Spa load, S.E. 
pWiUiams T. 5 Bucking place, Chelsea, S.W. 
pWiUiams Wm. 21 Eobert6t.Hampsteadrd.NW.- 
pWUlsmer G. and Co. 6 Fenchureh buildings, E.C. 
pWilmot E. 4 Fleet lone, Parringdon street, E.C. , 
pWilsoQ C. 21 Fitiroy market, Tottenham ct. rd, 
Wilson J. 12 WiUiom street, Kennington pk. S. 
Wilson J. High street, Siratford, E. 
pWilsoQ J. 18 Chapel street, Bedford row, W.C. ' 
Wilson J. P. 24 New Gloucester st. Hoxton, N. 
Wilson W. 43 Beaumont street, Marylebone, W. " 

? Wilton H. J. 200 Evelyn street, S.E. 
t'iltahier C. 23 Goodman's yard, Minories, B. 
pWinchester J. 147 King's road, Chelsea, S.W. '; 
Windost C. 59 Shoe lane. Fleet street, E.C, 
Winter!i.N.E. , 
Winter K. 1 1 Ann's place. Bast st Walworth rd. 8, '. 
WintorsoD J. 3 Vassallroad, CamberweU new td. S.'.' 
pWithem J. B5 South Molton street, W. 
WUton F. 31 Rw.hester row, Westminster, S.W. ; 

pWood J. A. Polham street, Brompton, S.W. 
pWood J. 25 Brown street, Bryanston souare, W. 
SpWood O. 107 St John street road, E.G. 
pWood W. 8 FJizabeth street, Baton square, S.W. 
woodbridge W. Harrow, N.W. 
pWoodham T. 21 Rathhone pUce, W. 
Woodford H. 14 David street, Portman sq. W. 
Woodgatea J. 70* 6t Suffolk street, S.E. 
Woodrofte E. 30 Natford plaee, W. and 16 Tor- 
rington mews, Cambridge square, W. 

?Woodjoffe F. A. 171 M^leboue road, N.W. 
If'oods A. Clifton street, Wandsworth road, S. 
Woods B. J. 5 Marlboro' pi. Kennington ciosb, S, 
Woods H. B. 46a Qneen Anne street, W. 
pWoodward T. J. 21 St. Peter street, Islington, N. 

n ISM. 


pWooll«mB T. 81 Wigmore street. W, 
WDolstouB. 1 Grove pi. Gre«ut,KentIahto.N.W. 
WooWan W. 25 StiiiJe7 street, PiniUoo, S,W. 
pWnxa T. 1 Mciton stieet, S.W, 

pWjU a. 16 Kalier st. Upper Kenning ton la. S. 
pTarraw £. So Goldsmith pL Hacbiej tA. N.E. 
T«laa George, 313 Tottenliam court ro«d, W. 
Teardje J. 46a Queen's rowl, Bayswater.W. 
YenuM Mrs. E. 24 Qoulden ter. Sanisbnty rd. N. 
pTolluid T. juD. 7 Ocoraer sL Gray's Inn rd. W.C. 
pYoung A. 7 Thatched honw row", Lower rd. N, 
pYoaag G. 19 Crown street, FinsbiirT, KG. 
pYoVag Q, 87 Up. George rt. Btranston «J, W. 
pYoong J. C. 128 Whilechapel High street, E. 
ToQOg John T. 28 St. Mary at hUl, E.C. aod Cross 

lane, Eastcheap. E.C. 
Tomig F. Stoke Nawington rood, N. 

PUMP y*'in?.Tia , 

Amor T. 7 Osbom ri. Whitechapel, N.E. 
Beard and Dent, 21 Newcastle st Strand, W.C. 
Bolding T. & Sons, 19 South Molton st, W. 
Beuham B. 408J Oriord at W. 
Botten and Son, 10 Crawford passage. Bajstreet, 

Oetkanwell, E.C. (ate advertitemeHl') 
Brawn, Lgdox & Co. Millwall, £. & 8 BilliUr sq. 
CoulsoD E. 8 Pump row Old Street id. E.C. 
Cutler C. Bond st. Commercial rd. Lambeth, 5. 
Dale B.F. 8 & 9 Shoe lane, E.C. 
Downton J. 1 Oaiant pi. West India Dock rd- B. 
EUia James, 141 Honndsditcb, NJl. 
Etheredge John, 1 ) 9 Cock hfll, Hateliffe, B, 
Fi^ett J. 4 MiasioDary pL Brandon st Walworth 
Fowler B. & Co. 22 Whitefriare Bt. Fleet st. B.C. 
Fra«i H. G. 16a Woodbridge it Clu-kenweU, E.C. 
Gxjiine & Co. Essex wharves, Essex sL W.C. 
Ftoat N. and Co. 185 Brick lane, N.E. 
Hallen & nallen, 79 Oxford st. W. & Cornwall id. 

Lambeth, S. 
Hegertj J. G& Bade Church lane, B. 
Hobson Q. E. 90 Up. Qronud st. S. («« adot.) 
Jennings Q. 5 HolUnd at. Blackfrian, (ne advt.) 
Martin J. 6 Buckingham pLMarborougb rd. S.W. 
Merrjweatlier Moses, 63 Long Acre, W.C. 
Horn W. 18 Up. Ground st. BbckfriaTS, S. 
Palmer Q. iO Boyalst Wwtminster rd. 8. 
Bedpathuid Leigh, 9 Geoive jd. Lombaidst K.C. 

& Lea cnt Iron Works, Church row, Limehouse 
Richards R. Upper Ground st. S. 
Soberts W. Miflwflll, Poplar, E. 
Shandand Mason. 24.') Blackfrian rd. S. 
Sbeisr Jobn, 53 Botherhithe st SJ!. 
Smith D. 28 Brill row, Somera town, N.W. 
Spoiler W. 14 Ifcrk st. Blackfriars rd. SJE. 
Stone J. BaJhvay station, Deptford High st SX 
Surrey Metai Co. 83 London rd. 8. 
Thompson G. & Sons, Eccleston at S.W. 
Tilley W. J. 245 Blackfriars rd. S. 
TylerH.&Co.85Up.Whiteeros8at (itearivt.) 

Klor J. and Son, Warwick lane, E.C. 
win E. 106 Whita Horse st Stepney, E. 
Warner John and Son, 8 Jewin crescent, -E.C. 
Welb E. W. 84 Bermondsey New rd. S.E. 


Amoa W. PhieniiWluuf, Blackfriars, RC. 

Blaihfield J. R 1 Wharf, South aide, Faddington 

basin, W. and Praed st W. 
Dawson J.|l Acton st Eingsland id. N.E. 
DawEon S. Canal rd. Kingmnd rd. S. 
Downey J. llMillbank row, S.W. & Ttotoriawhl. 

Batt«r£aa park, S.W. 
Eamey T. 21 Horseferry rd. S W. 
Flower Q. J. 2 Flower'a ter. Staineby rd. K 
Flower H. 3 Flower's ter. Stalnsby rd. E. 
Jacob B. Deptford bridge, S.E. 
Kemiard J. Swan pi. Old Kent rd. S.E. 
Bogs C. 8 Belgrave st Commercial rd. east, E. and 

FoEy House wharf, lale of Doga, E. 
Sdioley Mrs. T. 36 Baalzephon st S.E. 
Stiingfield^Blyth, Baldwin's pL Gray'l Inn lone, 

OndBangoc wharf, Camden town, N.W. 
Studds W. & J. 9 Faddington basin. North side, W. 

Acton and Bonoan, 72 Shoe lane, KC 
Danes W. J. & Sons, New Weston st Southwark 
Day F. J. 6 4 7 New Inn yard, ShMeditch, E.C. 
EdwardsR 12Fairfie1d rrad, E. 
Fordham W. B. 56 Hatton garden, E.C. 
Fordham T. T. 26 Coppice row, E.C. 
Juhnson, BofFey and Co. Edward st. York rd. 8. 
OakeyJohn, 1T2 Blackfriars rd. S. (tefodvt.) 
Bhodes Mrs. M. A. 12ShDrtat.Taberaactssq.E.C. 
Bcwe W. W. 18 Stephen st Tottenham court rd. 
SimmOBs Henry, 11 Ironmonger row, E.C. 

SASH TWA y ii! Hfi 

Kuked I ars Saoh Due MUera 
lAoetin J. 8 & 9 Prince's st Finsbury, E.C. 
Ball D. 80 White Lionst Norton folgate, N.E. 
Banhams and Fcoud, 40 to 42 Chondos sL W. 
Bunuett J. and Co. 17 Qneeu street, Ci^, E.C. and 

New Cross road, Deptford, S.E. 
Clark P. and Co. 15 Gate street, W.C. 
Cottam & Co. 2 Winsley street, Oxford street, W. 

(aee adverlhement) 
Curtis J. 289 Eaaton road, N.W. 
^son and Co. 17 Fitfleld street^ Hoxton, N. 
ElliGt<in C. 9U Kinesland road. N.E. 
Emery J. 41 Gray's Inn lane, W.C. 
Farmer J. 7 Alfred pi Newington causeway, S.E. 
Francis W. S. and Co. 81a Oray'a Inn lane, W.C 
Laurence G. 1 Brook street, Euston road, N.W. 
Pask H. 15 Pomp row, Old street road, E.C. 
Scott A. 6S King street Soho, W. 
jEoper B. S. 4 Blossom street^ Norton folgste, N.E. 

and 15 Colliagwood stieet, Shoreditch, NJL 
Alderton C. Fhcsoix place, Gray's Iim road, W.C. 
Alcock T. F. 82 Commercial n»d, S. 
Andsrston R 88 Goulstou st Whitechapel, N J!. 
Betteridge E. 4 Craven street, City road, N. 
Borting H, Essex street, Eingsland road, N. 
Blyth and Sanger, Mermaid ct Boronsb rd. S.E. 
Bridget K. and Co. Albion and Dantzic Wharves, 

Lower Qneen stj-oet BotberhiUie street S.E. 
Brookabank J. 33 King atreit, Clerkenwell, E.C. 
Buckley W. C. 1 fiod^ bdgs. New Kent id. S.E. 

Buckii«7 Mid Co. 66 Bankaide, S E 
BurnOT J. B. Bridge toad, Batteraea, S.W. 
Bort H. P. aud Co. Bnrt'B wharf, Trinitj et. S.E. 
CaatJe J. 3 Boundary street, Shoreditch, N.E. 
Catherall H. 18 Club row, Bethnal green, N.E. 
Chamters C. (J. Vernon mawa, and 24 Porto- 

bello road, W. and 49 and &0 Archer street, 

Westbonme grove, W. 
Coles J. A. 61a Tabernacle valk, E.G. 
Cos A. and Son, Sun Sav Mills, Canat rd. Kings- 
land road, N. 
Cox and Son, Belieders road, Lan{b«th, S. and 43 

and 44 Maiden lane, Corent garden, W.C. 
Craifoid F. 1 Brunswick steeet, Blackf ri^rs, S. 
Cunningham S. 31 Minerva street, N.E. 
DiTiea B. and Co. 18 Wharf toad, Cily road, N. 
Dennis W. John street, Church Itme, E. 
liijdailes, Senior and Co. Wenlock basin, Begent'e 

canal, Citj road, W. 
Evans Brothers, ISS Upper Whitecrosa et E.C. 
FauldingJ. saS and 340 Euston road, N.W. 
Geeves W. and Co. Wharves 8, * and 6 New 

Wharf road, Caledonian road, N. 
Groves J. and B. Iiondon street, Loudon road, and 

DevereU street. Great Dover siieet, S.E. 
Ilarlree U. CoMage row, Bermondsej wall, S.K 
Healey H. F. HoUoway road, N. 
Uickmolt J. J. 31 Church street, Mile end New 

town, N.E. 
Hide W. 20 Wharf, north side, Puddington ha^in 
Hoare G. H. 272a High street, Popiar, E. 
Howe and Barnes, 87 Thomas si Spilalfiolds, N E. 
HudiXsvaU Steam Sawing MUl Co. (limited) 

Mitre chambers, 167 Fenchnrch street, EC. 
Keen J. 16 Waterloo road, S. 
Keli J. 35 Qillingbam sL Grosvenor basin, S.W. 
Kelland J. 87 Wenturth et. Whitechapel, N.E. 
IiangtoD & Bobinson, Church st. Clapbain rd. S. 
Ijnes J. Manor st Chelsea, S.W. 
Loudon Marble and Stone Saw Mills. Esher street, 

Holywell street, Westminster, S.W. 
Macknejr and Landragen, Nelson street, Depttord 

New town, S.E. 
Maj B. Acorn wharf. Canal buildings, Old Kent 

road, SJl and Park road, Old Kent road, S. E. 
Meiklejohn D. Upper NorUi street. Poplar, E. 
Meredith Brothers, College wharf. Belvedere rd 

S. & 68 Bankside S.E 
Metropolitan Wood Paving Works, Banelagh rd. 

Thames bank, S.W. 
Moljoeui S. Oliver's jard. City road, E.C. 
Newson J. i Crown ct. &owe st. FiEsbury, B.C. 
Newson J. BOJ Westbonme street, Pimlico, S.W. 
Nokes O. & Co. Cambrtdge st Old St Pancnu rd. 
Nonis W. 3 Baron's place, Waterloo road, S. 
North London Moulding Co. 13 Wharf, Citr road 
Norton D. 23 to 25 Wharf road. City road, N. 
Oagh W. Crescent road, Millbank, S.W. 
Patent Steam Sawing, Plauiag, and Veneer Knife 

Cutting Mills, Lett's Wharf, Commercial road, 

Lambeth, S. 
Payne J. Plough road, Eotherhithe, S.E. 
Pearson J. Nine elms, Vauxhall, S. 
Bobinson &Bartram, Belvedere road, S.York road, 

Lambeth, S. and Swan st. Bermondsey, S.E. 
Bobinson E. Chnrch row, liimehonte, E. 


Bosliog A. &. Sons, 16 Bankside, S,E. 

Butty J. 3 Irongate wharf, Paddington bnsin, W. 

Shepherd B. 1 Wenlock basin, City road, N. 

Shi.'pherd J. 119 Curtain road, E.C. 

SiHims E. 232 King's road, Chelsea, S.W. 

Smith & M'Gaw, Belvedere cres. & Belvedere rd. 

Staight Brotliers, 35 CWles et E.C. and 42 aud 
43 Kirby street Hatton garden, E.C. 

Tauner H. 25 Wheeler st. Spitalfielda, N.E. 

Terry J. & Son, Cross streot S. and 13 Colling- 
wood st BlAckfriars road, S. 

Thompson J. Caniberwell green, S. 

Thompson W. 33 King street Cleikenwell, E.C. 

Turnbolt T. 32 to 35 Lower Williaoi at Portland 
town, K.W. 

ToDikins M. J. Green bank, Wapping, E. 

Varty Mrs. J. ByroQ st Bromley, E. and Commer- 
cial road. Limehonse, E. 

VigelB E. jnn. 9 Whart, south side, Paddington 
basiu, W. and 25 Up. Lisson st Lisson grove 

Walker W. 130 Qoewell street, E.C. 

Waller W. Borough toad, S.E. 

Waller W. Mansfield st Borough road. S.E. 

Wardle W. G. Palace road, Lambeth, S. 

Watkine J. 5 Earl et. London road, Southwark. S. 

Willaon W. & J. 21 Quaker st. Spitalfielde, N.E. 

WiUinott J. Midford pi. Totteubam court road, W. 


Bellman V. 14 Buckingham si Fitiroy eq, W. & 

8 Bediotd et Liquorpond st E.C. 
Casentini O. M. 24 Herculee bnildiuga, S. and 19 

Homer st. Lambeth, S. (see advertUemeat) 
DopBon J. & Son, Brook etreet, Euston road, N.W. 
Se^ey J. 869, 871 and 375 Euston road, N.W. 
Wilson H. 191 Carlisle st S. and 4 Homer st 

Lambeth, S. (see a/lvertiaeiaenl) 


Biaucbi P. 16 Oresham st. E.C. and Begent pWe. 

.. (s« 

L'O . 

Cookley Screw and Wire Mills, Cousin la. Upper 

Thames et E.C. 
Dockree S. 48 Clerkenwell close, E.C. 
Dockree S. E. 43 Fteeling et. Caledonian rd. N. 
Nettlafold J. 8. & Sons, 54 High Holbom, W.C. 
QuinceyH. 18ajt Leadenhall st E.C. 
Warden 3. & Sons, 27 Gt G<orge st Westminster 

BaU D. 30 White Lion st Norton Folgate, N.E. 
Batchelder C. Alpha pi. east Caledonian rd. N. 
Clark P. & Co. 15 Gate et Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 
Colls Geo. 1* Eobert st. Hraton, N. 
Drew John, 22 Back hill. Leather la. E.C. and 4 

Christopher st. Hatton garden, E.C. 
Edwards H. 2 Bobeit st Bedford row, W.C. 
EQett S. and Sons, 8 Jewin st. E.C. 
Fenner H. 19 Guilford st east, W.C. 
Gilbert J. A. & Co. 10 & 18 Dorrington st W.C. 

and 1, 2 & 3 Phcenix pi. Clerkenwell, W.C. 
Hale J. 88 & 84 Theobald's rd. W.C. 
Hay Wm. 25 Little Queen at W.C. 
Sage & Panter 38* Liquorpond st Gray's Inn la. 



Bunoatt J. & Co. 17 Queen at. City, B.C. & New 

Cross rd. Deptford, S.E. 
Clark & Co. 15 Gale st LiLcoln's Inn fields, W.C. 
Fmncis W. & Co. 84 Gray's Inn Une, W.C. 
Smith A. G9 Princes Bt. Leicester Bq. W. (eeeadvt.) 
Snoxell Wm. 9G Ttegcot st, W. 4 185 Old st. St. 

Lnte's, E.O. (see adveyti^enient.) 
Tnriier T, 37 & 38 East st. Mancheater sq. W. & 

1 launlon mews east, Dorset sq, N.W. 
Walker B. Grange road, Beimondsey, S.E. 

BangoT Slate Co. (limited) 27 Moorgate st E.C. 

sBames G. Grove rd. Mile end rd. E. 

jBingley H. Slate works, Kensington pL Holywell 

st. Millbank, S.W. and MiUbank Slate wharf. 

Crescent rd. Millbank, S.W. 
iBraby J. & Son, Bangor wliarf, Belvedere rd. S 
Brindiey J. Salisbury la. S.E. aud Fenrbyn wharf, 

Bermondsey wall, S.E, 
sCapoQ W. 18 Aldenham ter. Old St Fancras rd. 
Cawath United Mines, 27 Anstin friars, E.C. 
CasUe Slate Quarry, 8 Old Jewry, E.C. 
CaygardWm. IG South st. Chebea, S.W. 
Cotes, Shadbolt & Co. Caledonian rd. N. 
Eades J Kegent'a wharf, MillwaU, E. 
sEllisdon P. 53 Aldenham st Somers towii, N.W. 
Festiniog Slate Quarry Co, (limited) 6 Cannon st 
iFlinn T & Co. U Belgraye ter. Pinilico. S.W. 
sFozard H. C. 40 St. John's wood ter. N.W. 
sFuller J. S. 11 Globe rd. Mile end, N.E. 
sGellftthy M. & Son, Pullin's row, High st Isling- 
ton, N. & 19 Wharf, Macclesfield street oorfli, 

City rd. N. 
Groat Central Slate & Slab Co. 38 Moorgate st 
Gwydir Slate Co. 27 Anstin friars, E.C. 
jHarrison G. 4<i Lisson grove, N.W. 
jHaward J. A. Stangate, Lambeth, S. 
sHeath 6. J. 10 Lee st KingsUnd rd. NJ:. 
sHuntsman W. 9 Donington st Leather la. E.C. 
sHes W. Clarence wharf, Addington sq. ^see adot.') 
sJack B. Slangate mewa, Lambeth, S. 
aJamesBros. 13 Wharf rd. City rd. N. (sm advt.) 
sKay Wm. 6 Lambeth Upper Marsh, S. 
sKevanP. U Magdalen st. Bermondsey, S.E. 
Knox A. 5 Bowyer pi. Caraberwell rd. S. 
Lawfore J. E. 253 Euslonrd. N.W. 
LluigolleQ Slab and Slate Co. (limited) 4 Wharf, 

Southside, Paddington basin, W, 
Loughtea Slats Quart)' Co. (limited) 3 Phmer's 

court, Old Broad st. E.C. 
Magnus G. E. 30 & 40 Upper Bolgravo pi. S.W. 
Maryon H. 66 Smith st Jubilee pi. Mile end, B. 
Miles &Pugh, Unionwharf,Kicgsland basin, N.E. 
Morris 0. 15 Market st Paddington, W. 
New Craig Ddn Slate Co. 31 Threadneedle st 
«Nortb G. F. Palace rd, Lambeth, S. 
North Wales Blue Slate and Slab Co. (limited) 

33 Great Winchester st. Old Broad st E.G. 
PBu-y-Bryn & Moel Tryfan Qnairies, 67 Newgate 


iBarhould E. 94 Wabcloo rd. Lunbetli, S. 
Bicbaidaon C. 6 South wharf, Paddington, W. & 

Brunswick wharf, Wandsworth rd. s! 
Eicbardson & Son, Windmill st Lambeth, S. 
Hoberts and Adlord, 19 Commercial Sale Booms, 

Mincing la. E.C. Potters fields. Borough, SJ). 

and Mill stairs, Oockhead, S.E. 
(Bobinson Andrew A. Yictoria (London) Docks, E. 
sBulo G. 1 Pickard st. City rd. E.C. 
sSharp Jan. &. Jno. 1 B 1 Tooley st. E.^. & Stiawton 

Lower wharf, 9G Tooley st. S.E. 
Shaw & Son, Quean's rd. Sotting hill, W, 
Sheffield H. 6 Baod la. E.C. and SUte Wharf, 6 

Fore St. Limebouse, E. 
»Spiller J. 17 Harcoujt st. Marylebone rd, W. 
sStirling T. Belvedere Slate wharf, Lambeth, S. 
sStirllng Wm. Stratlord, Essai, E. 
Stiingfield S, Biyth, Baldwin's pi. Gray's Inn la. 

E.C. &, King's rd. St. Pancras, N.W. 
sSweet T. 1 I&rtmore st Notting hill, W. 
sTalbat B. 98 Great Dover st. Borough, S.E. 
TalyUyn United Slate Qoarriea Co. (limited) 17 

Gracechnrch at. E.C. 
Talysam Slate Co, 14 Chatham pi. Blackfriars 
sTemple J. York road, Battersea, S.W. 
Tyn-y-Wergbodd Co. 1 Cnsbion ct. Old Broad st. 
Welsh Slate Co. 1 New BoaweU ct. Lincoln's Inn 
Welsh & Irish SUte Co. 12 Adam st. Adelphi 
sWest E. H. 1 Irongate wharf, Paddington basin 
Welkins H. & Co. Vine st, Lambeth, S, 
cWocil J, Springfield gardens. Goldsmith's place, 

Kilbum, N.W. 
sWood W. B. Wandsworth, Surrey, S.W. 
sWyatt W. B. 11 Providence pL Up. Kennington 

Allen M. 21 A 23 Worship st Finsbory, E.C. 
Bartcn J, 370 Chtford stleet, W, 
Berry Z, D. 3 Victoria road, Pimlico, S.W. 
Juckes J. jun. Wharf road. City road, N. 
Lakin P. IT London lane, Hactney, N.K 
Le Franc & Co, 53 Aldersgate street, E.C. 
Shears J. & Sons, 27 Backside, S.E. 
Smith W. HS Margaret st. Cavendish sqnare, W. 
Smokeless Furnace Office, 1 Fish street hill, E.C. 
Surmon H. & Co. Bridge pi. New North road, N. 

sAUen E, & Son, 93 Paul street, Finsbury, E.C, 
sAllen W. 65 Margaret st. Hackney fields, N.E. 
An^ S. Up. North st East India road, E. 
Aspinall P. Crown wharf, Francis pi. Hoslon, N. 
Baldwin C. 4 Sonth st, Bethnal green, N.E. 
Baldwin J. 42 Bethnal gceeu road, N.E. 
aBall T. E. 43 Moreton ter. Pimlico, S.W. 
Barker J. 1 Terrace, Earl's ct Old Brompton, S.W. 
Beevers W, 63 and 64 Borough road, S.E. 
BeU J, 25 Buckingham pi. Fitiroy sq. W. 
Bellenie Mrs, C. 7 Fisher st. Bed Lion sq. W.C. 
Beutley T. 3 Park ter. ToUington park. N. 
Bingham T. & E. Keppel pi, Fulhatn rd. S.W. 
Birtwistle J.21 Cornwall pi, HoUoway road, N. .' 
Booth H. Canal road Kingalaud road, N.E. 


Boswdl J. 120 VmiJuU it Umbeth, S. 
BouoEoid R. le Baneb^b grove, Pimlko, S.W. 
Bonen W. Crescent wturi, MiUbauk, B.W. 
Bramvell F. Camtnidge iL Old St Peocni road 
Brand T. 1 Ckyfam sL Cdedonuul rd. N. 
Brine Brothers, 133 end 135 Enston road, N.W. 

and Qieat Northeni whail. Canal road, King*! 

crose, N. (lee advertiremmt) 
Brown B. Bel! wort, 17&i Drory Une, W.C. 
Brown T. Camberwell grwo, S. 
Browne 3, & Co. Onfton iL east, Tottenham ct rd. 
BockweU W, 66 King William street, RC, 
Cane J. 21 Lion st Ne«r Kent road, SX. 
Carey J. T. 7 Cp, Eanelagh it. Pimlico, S.W. 
Caiter Jcese, 1 Jnbilee It. Mile end road, K 
Castle D. 66 Admiral ter. Vauxhall bridge road 
Clark O. 28 Bemerten ter. Caledonian nwd, N. 
Clemie J. 21 Albany road, Cunberwell, S. 
Clifford A. S. J. 23 York pi. Fnlham road, S.W. 
Cobham W. Portland pi. Camborwell, S. 
Colley G. 8 Upper Dorset street, Pimljco, S.W. 
Collins & Green, 8 Albion pi. BlackFriars, S. and 

Commercial mad, S. («ee advi.) 
CoUina J. 13 Grifford st. Caledonian road, N. 
Coney L 27 Donro cottages, St. John's wood, N.W. 
Conybnar J. II Lit. College st. Westminster, S.W. 
Cook J. H Bathbone pL Oslord st. W. 
Copcutt J. 18 Low. William st Portland town 
Coalman G. 88 Arthur st Chelsea, S.W. 
Cojc W. 6 and 7 Union place. City road, E.a 
Coiens T. 31 Lisson grove, N.W. 
Oabb 3. 3 Thom*«'i pi Gravel la. Son^iwark, S.G. 
Craven J, South wharf road, Paddington, W. 
Craven T. 4 Lansdowne pL Fnlham road, S.W. 
Crowther J. 32 College St. Chelsea (lee ojiit.) 
Cnllen W. Camden al, Camden towii, N.W. 
Cnndy S. 16 Vincent square, S.W. 
Datton L, Weston wharf. Canal bridge, SJ!. and 

Eailway wharf. Old Kent road, sS 
Davies F. D. Schofield it West Bromplon, S.W. 
Daymond J. 6 RegKit pL Horseferry road, S.W. 
Doncaster W. Victoria villa, Battersea fields, S.W. 
Dniett Jabez, Soath grove, Mile end road, K. 
Easterbiook Wm, 175 Pentonville road, N. 
EUison T. 17 AcUiur ter. east, Caledonian rd. N. 
Evans T. 46 Shouldham it Bryanston square, W, 
Farley James S. 12 Goawell road, E.G. 
Farmer Wm. 4 Mead pL Westminster road, S. 
Field W. 18 Parliament st S.W. and 8i Johnson 

rtrset, Westminster, S.W. 
Fincham and Hairig, 5 Allen st Islington, N. 
Foster J. 38 Skinner at Clerkenwell, B.C. 
FVankham G. 9 Mead row, Westminster road, S. 
Gagan John, 13 Bear yard, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 
Oardaner, S. H. 5 Mount row, New Kentroad, S.E, 
Garland John, SO East street, Walworth road, S. 
Godwaid S, 2i Dp. William sL Portland tec. N.W. 
Grimes T. C4 Queen's road, Bayswater, W. 
GneQigault John, 1 8 Upper Bathbone place, W. 
Hall ^och. New Cross road, Deptford, S.E. 
Hancock S. 72 Upper Ebmj street, Pimlico, S.W. 
Harrison H. 109 StanhoH st Hampstead rd. N.W. 
Hatchaid B. 82 Uppa- Ebnry rtreet, Pimlico, S.W, 
Hay ward J. W. 7 Angustos it. Regent's park, N.W, 
Hayward Mrs. M. 16 Ot Onildford st Boro', S.E. 
Healey H. F. HoUoway rd. N. 

Hemraiogs G. H, 6 Begent pL Westminster, S.W. 
Higgs G. 1 Arbour pUce, Stepney, E, 
Hingston H. K. 8 St Ann's rd. Nottiog hill, W, i 
Hobbs Samuel. 1 Alpha ter. New Oon rd. SX . 
Hole J. Upper North street ^^ait India road, E. i 
Holland Wm. 66 Augustus st Begeot'i park, N.W. 
HollinsQ. 103 Oreenst Bethnal gieen, SSi. ' 
Holmes A. IB Queen's road, Bayswater, W. 
Howard J. 1 5 Broker's row. Bed cross st Boro', SJ$. 
Hustler C. 5i Hoiton Old town, N. 
Hustler H. WUliam st Shoreditch, E.C. 
EoBtter W. Cambridge heath. Hackney, NJV. 
Eutcbisoii D. 2S Manor place, Walworth road, 3- 
Johnson M. W. 13 Southampton st. W, and 3TJ 

Euston road, N.W, 
Jones Brothers, 2 Union pi. Pimlico, S.W. and IS 

Wharf row. City road, N. 
Keene James, 10 Earl st Westminster, S.W. (mi 

KeSoMG. li Asylombdgs, We8lroiiuterroad,B. 
Keith E. IS HaraUtoo teirace, Bayswater, W. 
Kelsey W. H. Paradise row, Botherhithe, S.E. 
Lait James, 10 Chelsea villas, Fulham load, S.W. 
Lander George, Kensal green, W. 

Layton F. 8 Upper Brixton place, Brixton road, S. I 
Lester J. 24 Hm street, Walworth road, S. | 

Liiud Serpentine Stone Company, 20 Soiray ft 

Strand, W.C. 
Lilley B> 1 Claremont pi. Stepney green, E. 
Looker J. Bhodesirell rd. Limebouse, E- 
Lord J. Lewisbam rd. Deptford, S.E. 
Lugg J. Spa rd. SJE. and 12 Parker's tarrace, 

Neckinger road, Bermondsey, S.E. 
M-Cabe J. and M. Plart ter. Old it Pancraa rd. 

M'Ghee J. George st Bloomsbnry, W.C. 
Macksey H Priory street, Bromley, Middlese^i, £. 
Maile George, S67 Euston road, N.W. 
MaBcott L. 51 Weet street, West SmiUifield, E.C. 
Mapleson C. 14 High st Camberwell road, S. 
Marsh T. 343 Euston road, N.W. 
Marsh T. 9 Upper Fitiroy st W, 
May Mrs. S. 32 Poplar High street, E 
Mead BeDJ. 1 Swanwick pi. Lark hall rise, S. 
Mettam J. S Pitt's place, Old Kent road, S.E 
Miles a. 12 Old Manor road, Stepney, K 
Milligan John. 52 Baker street, Clerkenwell, E.C. 
MiUs G. P. Whittington lodge. Up. Holloway, N. 
Mitchell O. 28 Walton street Chelsea, S.W. 
Morgan Wm, 33c Edward street, Dorsetsq. N.W. 
Morrison Geo. 1 Lily ter. Warwick road, W. 
Mnllis John, 26 Little Guildford st. Boro', S.R 
Mullis W. H. 7 Castle street, Soutbwark, S.E. | 

Orriss Thomas, 32 Poud place, Fnlham road, S.W. 
Pahnsr J. 38 Gravel lane, Southwark, SJl. ' 

Parfltt B. 3 Artillery street, Horslydown, S.K 
Parker C. 17 Salisbury st. Lisson grove, N.W. 
Peacock J. Water lane, Brixton rise, S. 
Pearco Edward, )68 & 16S Boston road, N.W, . 
Pearce Thomas, 359 Euston road, N.W. 
Perry J, W, Triangle, Haokaey, N.E. 
PMppard M. 11 Upper Bemer st Comnurdf 1 Td, 

east, E. 
Physiclt W. U LlttleGeor«rt. Pwtoan t^. TW 


i ISflO. 


Bctett J. "ITiree Mile Cottages, Up. HoUoway, K. 
Pickett W. Cambridge St. St. Pancras, N.W. 
Pile B. Mare street, Hackney, N.E. 
Phlice O. 68 Heicalea bondings, S. 
PodleH.&Soi,ll Qt. Smith St. We8timnster,S.W. 
f ope C. Park ores. Park road, Clftpham, S. 
Porter J. Upper Prospect place. Kin^Und, N. 
Potto W. eaXincoln's inn fields, W.C. 
Lowell and Pope, 164 Manor street, Clapham, S. 
Powell F. 29 Marrlebone at. Golden square, W. 
Powell Jdha, 13 Silvei et. Kensington, W. 
Pratt & Sewell, New Wharf rd. Caledonian rd. N. 
Qnioli John, 81 Chaltcn et. Somers town, N.W, 
Bandall J. Devonshire mews east, Portland pi. N. 
Bead F. Upper Belgrave place, S.W. 
Redtearn W. Eagle cottage, Henrj street. Upper 

Eennington laae, S, (see adcerltseoienl.) 
^Beeres Brothers, 9 & 10 lEnerva ter. Lorrimore 

rd. Walworth, S. (aee advertisemtnt) 
Bicliardson and Son, Windmill st. Lambetb. S. 
Htclie£, J. 4 and 5 Crown street, Hoxton, N. 
BobertsoQ J. 40 Cromer street, Bnmswick sq.W.C 
Bobinson J. Soutlianiptoa pi. SouthamptoQ street, 

Caniberwell, S. 
Rowley R. Hyde rd.Batterroa, S.W. 
Samuel J. 1 Sidn^st- Mile end, E. 
Banders J. J. 3fiS Enistoo road, N.W. 
Sanson G. 24 Moretou st. west, Pimlioo, S.W. 
Schmidt W. 62 York ter. Kegenf a park, N.W. 
Se^e J. W. 10 Apollo bld|^. north, Walworth, S. 
Simisler J. Stamford buildings, Fidham rd. S.W. 
Smith B, and Co. 8 Honick's row, New cross, S.E. 
Smith J. 141 Snow's fields, Bermondsey, S.E. 
Smith J. Stanley tcr. Lower rd. Botherhit^e, S.K 
Smith R M. Unity pi. Folham rd. S.W. 
Bonth J. 76 Westboorne park rd. W. 
SpencerF. &E. SSApplehy si Kingsland rd.N.E. 
SpicerC. and H. 8a Little Cadogan pi. S.W. 
Spraggs R, D. 40 Hollingsworth st. Liverpool rd. 
Street W. 7 & 9 New Inn yard, Shoreditch, S.E. 
Sumpter Gf. D. 87 Westmoreland st. Pimlico, S.W. 
SumpiOT J. S. 21 Whitmore road, Hoiton. N. 
Sumpter W. T. 4 Powell place. City road, E.C. 
Tattersall J. 60 Queen street, Hdgeware road, W. 
Thomas Hen. South grove, Mile end road, E. 
TilbuiT H. 2b Camden road, Camden town, N.W. 
Todd J. Howard road, Homsey New town, N. 
Tofiley P. 17 lOehmond terrace, Bayawater, W. 
Tunier H. 10 Gray street, Commercial td. east, E. 
Waite S. 19 Marlboro' place, Kennington cross, S. 
Watson W. 33 Bayham street, Caauien to. N.W. 
Welch E. Salem road, Moscow rd. Bayswatflr,W. 
White G. P. 39 Vanihall bridge road, S.W. ■ 
Whitehead J. T. 18 & 14 Gt. Smith stWestnunator 
Welkins Geo. 90 Enston road, N.W. 
Williams W. F. 316 B>iaton road, N.W. 
Wills Mrs. H. 112 Enston road, N.W. 
Wood B, 72 Augustus stteet, Begent's park, N.W. 
Woodhouse J. 10 Downham rosd, Kingsland, N. 
Wren J. 21 Commercial road, Pimlico, S.W. 
Wright W. G. 29 Dover pi. New Kent road, S.E. 
Wjatt F. W. 28 Hemsworth street, Hoxton, N. 

AaFiaall P. C. Crown wharf, Francis pi. Sox.Um,K 

Aspinidl W. North Western wharf, AdMU's terrace, 

Uampslead load, N.W. 
Austin Seeley & Co. 371 Enston rood, N.W. 
Belgima Marble Works, Freeman's wbarf. Mill' 

bank street, Westminster, S.W, 
Booth H. EingGland road bridge, N.E. 
Boucneau A. 49 Warren street, Fitiroy sq.W. 
Bramwell F. CambridgB st Old St. Pancras rd. 
Brine Brothers, Ot. Northern whaif. Canal road. 

King's cros^ N. & 1S3 & 186 Enston road, N.W. 

(ate advaiisaneitt) 
Bockwell Wm. 86 King William street, E.C. and 

Phosnix Stone Works, East Greenwich 
Chadwick J. Augustus street, Begent's pk. N.W. 
Cheesewring Granite Co. Hi Old Broad street, E.C. 
Daltou S. Western wharf, Canal bridge, and Boil- 
way wharf, St. Jamea'6 road. Old Kent rd. S.E, 
Daniel B. Bridge row wharf, Up. Belgrave pi. S.W. 
Dike G. Victoria wharf, Bridge row, Pimlico, S.W. 
Draitt J. Stratford new town, Stratfoni, E. 
Dunn A. 48 Lime street, E.C. 
Edwardes, Edwards & Co. 12 & 17 Newman st. 

Oxford street, W. 
Edwardes F. & Co. Bridge whf . Cies rd. MiUbank 
Ellia and Everard, 2 Wharf, Gt. Northern goods 

station. Tort road. King's cross, N. 
Fabbricotti Brothers, 150 Leadenhall st E.C. and 

Carrara wharf, Gtosvenor rd. Thames bank, S.W. 

Parrsj-W. Bed Lion wharf, Canal rd. Kingsland, N. 
Fannings R. L. & J. Wellington ohara. London bdg. 
Field W. 13 Parliament street, Westminster. S W. 

& 48^ Johnson street, Holywell street^ S.W. 
Flnester E. Great Western railway stone depot, 

Wostboume park road, Paddington, W. 
Foot J. Western wharf, Abingdon street, S.W. 
Foucard P. 246 High st. Boro', S.E. depots. Granite 

wharf. East Greenwich, S.E. and Lett's whi^. 

Commercial road, Lambeth, S. 
Franklin P. Whitehall wharf. Cannon row, S.W. 
Freeman W. & J. 27 MUlbank si S.W. 8 Wharf, 

Macclesfield st south, City rMid, E.C. & Lower 

Grove street, Deptford, S.E. 
Fronoleu Flag Quarry Co. 16 Cannon st weal, E.C. 
George & Co. 179 Rotherhithe street, S.E, 
Gibhs J, F. Cadogan terrace, Sloane st. S.W. 
Gloucestershire Stone Quarry Co. (limited) 10 

Angel court. City, E.C. 
Greive & Grellier, Belvedere road, Lambeth, S. 
Hadfiehi W. & A. 46 Millbank st Westminster, 

S.W. & 20 Holywell st S W, f see advertisemait) 
Hall Brothers, 5 Yont's pi. Old Kent road, S.E. 

Haytor Granite Co. 4 MUlbank row, Westminste 
Healey H. F. Holloway road, N. 
Hustler W. Cambridge beath, Hackney, Nj;. 
Italian Marble Co, Bridge wharf, Crescent road, 

S.W. & Vanihall bridge road, S.W. 
Knight J. Devon wharf. Bridge st Mile end, B. 
Lazzoni N. and Son, Orosvenorroad, Pimlico, S.W. 
Lizard Serpentine Stone Co. 20 Suny st Strand 
Lloyd Edwards and Co. Orosvenor road, Thames 

bank, Pimlico, S.W. 
STDonald A. 404 Kuston road. N.W. 
Mallcott L. 61 West st. West Smithflehl, E.C. 


Munualle A. & F. 12 Trinity so. Tower liill, E.G. 
Moore J. H Puddiugtou liuain. Soutli side, W. 
Mortimer W. H. UHi Feocharch street, E.G. 
Mowlem, Freemaa aad Burt, 13 Paddington basin, 

W. & Lett's whf. Commercial rd. Lambeth, S. 
NewtOD J. Norway whflif, Ilerliurd rosd, N. 
Kewton M. B, Wharf No. 4, Insido goods station. 

King's cross, N. 
Nicholson A. 67 Mark lane, E.G. 
Norchi Egisippo, CG Regent street, W, 
Novvell and Bobson, York wharf, Warwick road, 

Eensington basin, W. 
BaudEll & Saunders, Gt. Western railway mileage 

Btatioa, Faddington, W. aud Coraham, Wilts 


Eichardson G.3 & 6 South wharf , Taddington, W. 

und Bronswirk wharf, Waudswurth road, S. 
Ritchie A. Eavensbounie wbf . Deptford bridge, S.B. 
Hobson T. & Nephew, Abingdon street, S.W. 
Eobinson A. A. Bow bridge, Stratford, E. and 

Victoria (London) docks, E. 
Bobs C. 3 Belgrave street. Commercial rood east, E. 

and Folly house wharf, Me of Dogs, E. 
Scjlea and Wood, 2 North place, N.W. & Edward 

atieet, Hegent's park, N.W. 
Searle T. J. Portland wharf, 74 Wapping wall, E. 
Serpentine Marble & Stone working Co, (limited) 

15 Old Broad street, City.E.C. (se^adcerlisemenl) 
Sharp S. Jamaica coffee hoose, E.G. 
Silic«oai> Stone Co. (patent, F. Ransoms, patentee 

and general manager; Henry Hodge, secretary] 

Whitebait wharf. Cannon row. Westminster, 

S.W. (see adrt.) 
Smith n. G, T. E. Albion wharf, Deptford bridge 
Stewards & Go. IVbitehall wbf . Cannon row, S.W. 
Stiles Wm. 4 Werdock basin. City road, N. ajid 

Kingsland basin, Eingeland road. N.E. 
Tildesley S. 2 L'ongate wharf, Faddington, W. 
Trickett S. Isle of Dugs, MiUwall, E. (see ailvt.) 
Turner & Goodyear, Staiiley bridge wlrnrf, Fulham 
Valentia Slab Co. 4 Tiafolgar sq. Charing cross 
West G. 1 Clark's tor. Cannon st. rd. St. George's 

east, E. & Tunnel whf. 225 Wapping High St. E. 
Westminstet Marble Go, 1 Earl slieet 
While G. Z. 84 Westbourae park road, W. 
White J. Bazley & Brothers, 14 Earl gfreet, Black- 

friira, E.C. 17 MiUbonk st. S.W. and Albion 

wharf, Deptford bridge, S.E. 
Wood W. a Wandsworth, S.W. 
Yoong E. A. 138 Curtain road, E.G. 


Adams -R. 9 Great Chapel street, S.W. 
Adcoct B. C. i Halkin street west, S.W. 
Allen J. 3 White Hart street, Lambeth, S. 
Allen R. 1 Albert place, Union road, Rotherhithe 
American Stove Co. 155 Cheapside, E.C. 
Anderson F. I Villa street, Albany road. Camber- 
well, S. and 20 Burdert st Walworth common 
Archer 0, 96 New road, St. George's east, E. 
Bailey D. and E. 271 & 272 High Holborn, W.C. 
Baily W. and Sons, 71 Giocechurch street, E.G. 
Barrett G. 247 Tottenham coort road, W. 
Beinicr E. 4 Snoiyhill, E.G. 
Benetfink and Go. 89 and 90 Cheap^ide, E.C. 

BenhaiQ and Sons, 19 and 21 WigmorB street^ W. 

(lee advertiaemen'') 
Betlridga J. Westcroft place, Haaunersmith, W. 
Bird J. 1 Vaushall cross, S. 
Boyd A. 105 New Bond street, W. 
Boyd D. 0. 9 Conduit street, W. 
Bramah and Co. 124 FiDcadilly, W. and 25 Down 

street, W. 
Brougbton W. South street, Finahory mkt. B.C. 
Brown J. B. and Go. 18 Cannon street, City, E.C. 

and 31 Gt. Bush lane, E.C. 
Brown T. fl Little Barlow street, Marylebone, W. 
Caliert G, 2 West place, Upper street, N. 
Carman T. 245 Oxford street, W. 

. oad,S,E. 

Clark and Son, 3 and 4 Bridge House place, New- 

ington causeway, S.E. 
Clark W. & Go. 53, 95, & 9G London wall,E.C. 
Clarke and Hunt^ 159 Shoreditch High st. N.E., 2 

Bateman's row, E.G., and 7 and 8 Spencer st. 

Shoreditch, E.C. 
Clifford H. 4 Bloomsbnry terrace. Commercial 

road east, E. 
Cooles D. 74 and 75 Gray's Inn lane, W.C. 
Collins and Green, 8 Albion pL Blackfriarg bridge 

(see adt-ertistiueHt) 
Collins J. 8 Albion place, Blackfriars bridge, 8. 

(see advertisemeat) 
Comick H. Heath street, Hampste^ N.W. 
Cottam and Co, 2 Wiosley st, Oxford street, W. 
d F. 5 Carn. 
Davie G. 22 Windmill st. ... 
Deane and Co. 46 King William street, CHy, B.C. 
Detries N, 406 Enston road, ll.W, and Diwia pL 

Euston road, N.W. 
Doncaster G. 2G^ Albion street, Caledonian rd. M, 
Douglas J. 256 Blackrriais road, S. 
Downes W. 96 Gt. Dover street^ Borough, S.E. 
Dwelly J, H. 7 Buiy street, Bloomsbory, W.C, 
Edwards F, Son and Co, 49 Gt, Marlborough st. 

W. and 8(>J Oxford street, W. 
Evans J, Sou and Co. 33 and 34 King WiUiMn st. 
Featherstone Mrs. M. 1 Wilcox place, Tannei^s 

hiU, Deptfo d New Town, S.E. 
Feetham M. and Co. 9 Clifford street. Bond street, 

W. and 422 Oxford street, W. 
General Iron Foundry Co. Lyons wharf, 23 Upper 

street, E.C. and 9 Fish street hill, E.C. 
Gibbons and White, 345 Oxford street, W. («e 

advertisement J) 
Hadfield W. and A. 15 Millbank Etreet, S.W 

(see adeertieemeiil') 
Hart J. and Son, 53 to 58 Wych street, Strand, 

W.C, 30 Cockspor street, W.C, and 4 Vine 

street. Belvedere road, S. (see udi:ea-tiai:nieat). 
Bayward Brothers, 117 and 118 Union stteef, 

Borough, S.E. 
Hogg W. 395 Eotherhitha street, S.E, 
Hnfett D. and Co, 55 and 58 High Holborn, W.C. 

(see odvertitaieat') _, 

i. , ii,Cooglc 

Bnsse; Mn. S. 66 King street, Boiongh, S.E. 

Jones Miss £. 12 Ca^e street, W.C. uid 41 
Bndell etreel. Long Acre, W.C. 

Kflbj J, 17 and 19 Vine street, Hatton wall, E.C . 

IjJontaine Blareao, 23 Peter at. S.iho, W. 

Lewis H. 18 Caroline street, Pimlico, S.W. 

Lewis 8. 67 Curtain road, Shoreditcli, E.C. 

Liney J. 1 Charles st. east, Hampstead road, N.W. 

McKinlav & Co. Paul's wU. Up. Thames st E.C. 
(see adwrtweiBCTO 

Martin J. Essex street, Bethnal gieen toad, N.B. 

Mead J. 33 Brook street, Eustoa road, N,W. 

Mills J. 40 Great BusseU street, W.C. 

Mills W. 18 Adam street east, Portman sq. W. 

Monis aud Brooks, 9 Earl street, Blackfriars, E.C. 

Nash S. W. 253 Oxford street, W., 119 Newgate 
street, E.G., and 29 Leinster ter. Bayswater, W. 
(we advfrlisenidt) 

Nash W. 9 Irongale wharf, Paddington, W. 

Nettlelon J. 4 sToane square, S.W. 

NewtoQ D. 47 Cowcross street, Clerkenwell, E.C. 

North T. 3 Back hill, Hatton garden, E.C. 

NorthBeld E. S. 61 Kingsland road, N.E. 

Notfs Patent Stove Co. 19 Wigmore street, W. 

Parson J. 12 John street, Sun Tavern fields, E. 

Pearse R. 3 Avery row, Grosvenor street, W. 

PavisoQ 8. 1 Sun street, Bishopagate, E.C. 

PietM W. B .Termjn street, Si James's S.W. 

Price D. and W. leNewington causeway, S.E. 

Price Brothers, 127 London road, S. 

Eadclvfie T. 74a Queen street, Cheapside, E.C. 

Baul &. and T. 8 West pi. Upper et. Islington. N. 

Rickets T. and Co. 5 Agar street, Strand, W.C. 

Riley T. 10 SufEolk grove. Borough, S.E. 

Seaborn J. 6 Clarence buildings, Hackner rd. N.R 

Beaton J. 199 Lon^ lane, Bermondsey, S.K 

Sharp B. IS Cambridge place, Norfolk square, W. 

Sherwin J. 61 and 62 Tabernacle walk, E.C. 

Smith J. W. 20 Tenter street. Little Moorfielda 

Smith W. 7 King street, Hammersmith, W. 

SUinton R. J. 14 Holland street, S.E. 

Stuart and Sniith, 20 John street, Adelphi, W.C. 

Taylor G. 13 Shelden street, Westbourue teaace 

Taylor H. L. & Co. 10 Queen at Chejpside, E.C. 

Treadwell W. 6 Geot^e street, Blackfriarsrd. SE. 

Waller T. & Co. 12 and 13 Rose lane, Ralclifle, E. 

WaUis E. 12 Duka street. St. George's east, E. 

Ward 0. 19 Leicester terrace, Hyde park, W. 

Watson H. 19 Wilson street, E.C. and 35 White- 
cross place, Finsbnry, E.C. 

Way W. 336 Eustoa road, N.W. 

Waygood B. SfiJ Newinston causeway, S.E. 

Whitehonse J. 3 Stingo lane, Marylebone rd W. 

Whitley C. 280 Pentonville rd. N. 

Wilmot n. 9 Cross street, Newington bulls, S. 

Young W. 33 Quean st. City, E.C. 

d an lH6lrlct Siirvejora. 

Abbott & Wrigglosworth, 26 Bedford row, W.C. 
Adams C. F. 34 Bedford row, W.C. 
Adkioson C. O. 9 Duke st. S.W. 
a dAitchison O. 5 & 7 Mnsoovy ct Tower hill, E.C 
and High st. Woolwich, S.E. 

Alexander J. L. 1 1 Br idgc st Westminster, S.W. 

Allerson K. 13 Norfolk at Strand, W.C. 

Ambler T. B. 1 Oakley sq. King's rd, S.W. 

Ancona J. S. 8 John st. Adelphi, W.C. 

Arber T. N. 1 Mount st. W. 

oAtding and Bond, 23 Bedford row, W.C. 

Arnold B. A. 15 Duke st Adelphi, W.C, 

Amtv R H. 14 King Wm st. & 4 Cannon row 

AttreeB. W. 8 Cannon row, S.W. 

Austin E. J. 4 Adelphi ter. W.C. 

Bain R. P. 87 Chancery lone, W.C. 

Baiobridge T. H. Town hall, Bethnal green, N.E. 

Baines G. L. 5 Up. Charles at. S.W. 

Baker C. J. 6.'i Gt. Russell st. W.C. 

((Bilker H. 11 Up, Oower St. W.C. 

Balain and Lee, 10 Buckingham at W.C. 

Banks J. 1 8 Fi.?h at, MIL E.C. 

Barber W. H. 14 BusseU st. North Brixton, S. 

Barlow C. 21 Bellevne villas. Seven sisteia rd. N, 

Barlow J. 29 Denmark grove, Copenhagen st. N. 

Barnett James, 2 Quiltord pi. Russell sq. W.C. 

Baruett J. 20 Henatridge pi. St John's Wood 

Barrett W. 15 Fish at. hill, E.C. 

b oBass F. P. 66 Goswell st E.C. 

Bassett G. 1 Southampton at Fitzroy sq. W. 

Batstone and Hunt, 1 1 Park st. S.W. 

Batten W. 1 2 Bernard st. BusseU sq. W.C. 

oBaxendeU E. 7 Beanfort buildinga, W.C. 

odBeaohcroft C. 2 Horbury ler. Kcnaington pk. rd. 

a cJBeachcrott S. 10 Robert ter. Chelsea, S.W. 

Back T. G. 29 Argyll st King's cross, W.C. 

oBeddall A. 1 7 Stonefield st. Islington, N. 

arfBilling J. F.R.T.RA.F.S.S. 27 Princes sq. St. 
George^s east, E. & 12 Abingdon at S.W. 

Bleay M. 1 Melbourne ter. Seven Sisters rd. N. 

□ Blyth J. 113 Aldersgate St. E.C. & High street, 
Bromley, E. 

/Booth W. 22 Abbey rd. St. John's wood, N.W. 

Boyle & Co. 50* Pall Mall, S.W. 

BradW C. 24 Nottingham st. Marylebone, W. 

Bray W. F. 16i King's road, W.C. 

Briant Jas. 12 Kenninglon row, S. (see advl.) 

Broadbridge J. Vestry hall, Kensington, W. 

Bromley f. E. 17 King's pi. Commercial rd. east 

Brooks &. Beal, 209 PiccadUly, W. 

Broomfield W. 82 Hercules buildings. S. 

Brown D, J. 27 Gt George street S.W. 

Brown J. 1 7 Connanght ter. Edgeware rd. W. 

Brown W. B. WestcraK pi. Hammersmith, W. 

Browne H. 15 Duke street, W.C. 

n dBrowne R. P. Royal pi. Greenwich S.E. 

Browse W. 9 Carlton ter. Westboume green, W. 

ffiumell E. H. 32 Bedford row. W.C. 

Biirstall B. K. 15 Hanover st W.C. and Castle st. 

«Butlcr J. *'Whitehall place, S.W. 
Bygrave T. 46 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 
Calvert J. 32 Soho sq. W. & 18U Strand, W.C. 
fl^nnou J. 7 Pope's Head aUey, E.C, 
Carter R. 42 Fish street hill, E.C. 
Carter W. 6 Bomjiey ter. Horseferry road, S.W. 
Cartwrieht W. 1 Margaietfa ter. Chelsea, S.W. 
Castle H. J. 5 Soathampton buildings, W.C. 
Cathedral Surveyor's Offlce, 68 St Paul's churchy. 
/Chinuock & Galaworthy, II WaterUio pi, S.W. 
Chapman Or. 3 Cannon tow, SW. 

Cheffini C. F. and Som, II Sonthunpton bdgi. 

Chancery iane, W.C. 
CUrke W. D. 47 Bbckmui sL Borough, SJL 
Clarkson Q. 8 Old Bood ctiMt, E.C. 

iCotttes W. 47 Up. Berkeley street west, S.W. 
Cobb H. & B. L. 10 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 
/Collingwood J. F. 13 Old Jewry chamber*, E.C. 
GomriB A. 9 Duke street, S.W. 
ConataatinB T. W. 8 New Ormood st. W.C. 
Ccxiper C. B. 34 Bedford row, W.C. 
ICociMtt, W. T. 9 Canonbuty rt. Mingtoo, N. 
Corderoy W. & S<ni, 98 High st Ma^lebonB, W. 
Cornell S, Co. 2 High rt. Newington Bntta, S. 
Cotton H. C. 109» Long acre, W.C. 
Crawler H. fun. and T. 6 Bedford row, W.C. 
Crocker B. W. 28 Southampton st. W.C. 
Crook C. 14 Alfred place, Bedford sq. W.C. 
rClunningham R 44 Frederick pi. Hampst«ad rd. 
Cutten & DaTis, 21 Coleman st. E.C. 
Dninea J. C. Sherborne lane, E.C. 
rfDaTiea J. 18 Bloomsbory sq, W.C. and 1 Stepney 

green. E. 
fDcath J. Gairaway's, E.C. 
Dent & Son, 34 Great JamSE Street, W.C. 
Denton J. B. 52 Parliament slreot, S.W. 
DirJcson and Darenport, 23 Bncklersbory, E.C. 
Dobbin Chss. 3 Hichmonl street, Baraabury, N. 
Dobson J, n. 11 Park street, S.W. 
Dodd M. 29 New Broad strsat, E.C. ■ 
B/roonaldson T. L. 4 Pelham sL Brampton, S.W. 

Diver S. & H, C. 6 Wliitehall, S.W. 

Dudley J, 17 Ironmonger laos, E.C. 

Danning C. 89 Torriano ter. Kentish town, N.W. 

DymoDd B. 4 St John's hill, Waadawortb rd. S.W. 

Dyson C. Grove, Strattocd, S. 

Edsall, 9 Martha ter.Bei«afordBLWalwortI«rd.S. 

Edwards F. 10 Frederick st Caledonian toad, N. 

<'Elkington Q. 19 Cannon st west, E.C 

/Ellis IL and Son, 19 Fenobntch rireet, E.C, 

«Ellison W. 13 Fenchnrch building (see tufoJ.) 

Evans M. 7 John street, Adelphi, W.C. 

/j'arebrother, Clait & Lye, 6 LaiicaBter pi. W.C. 

Farey S. High street, Bow, E. 

Feiiton E. 101 St John street Sniithfield, E.C, 

Finliison A 69 Warren st. Fitaroy sq. W. 

Fisher J. C. le Pinnar'a hall, E.G. 

Fleinining H. H. 8 Hawley rd. Kentish t»wn, N.W, 

Forster R Barker's coSee hoose, Cbangs alley, 

E.C. and Tottenham green, N. 
Fowls C. 22 Sonthwark bridge road, S.E. 
dFowler C. 69 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C, and 13 

Fucnival's Tan, W.C. 
Fowler John, 3 Mitre court, Fleet rt, B.C. 
Francis and Son, 6 High st. Kingsland, N. 
French W. 6 Bridge si Westminster, S.W. 
oFuller & Withall, 21 Parliament st S.W. 
Gardiner & Bell, 6 Montagu st. Buisell sq. W.C. 
Gardner J. & Co, 1 & 2 Southamptm place west, 

Camberwell, S. 
Gibbons G. 20 Old Cavendish itieet, W. 
Gillatt Samuel, 31 S King's road. ChdMi, S.W. 
Giuiingham W. B Qtotc road, North Brixton, S. 

adOvoi J, H. 75 Hatton garden, E.C. and 04 
PopUi High street, E, ' 

Ooodall John, 10 Paoton sq. HaymaAet, W. 

Grem C. A. 36 Failivnent street S.W. 

Greenwood T. 82 SontJuunpton row, Rossell sq. 

QriffiUi B. W. 11 Southampton street, W.C. ] 

dGatch George, Poiteos houses 24 Fortens roa^ 
Harrow road, W. 

oGwyther W, W, 12 Beaufort bdga. Strand, W.C. 

dEikewea E. C. 6 South Molton street W. 

Hall J. ai King William street, Oty, E.C. 

i/Hammon H. J. 7 Finsbuij square, E.C. 

Hammond E. 43 Hamilton street, N.W. 

Harding J. High ib'eet, Deptford, S.E. 

eHamess J. McNair, 40 Parliament street, S.W. 

Harland J, 2 Gt Eandolphst Camden twn, N.W. 

eHairis J. 38 St George's sq. PinUico, S.W. 

Healh Wm. H. 19 Spital square, N.E. 

HeiseoH. 133 Chancery iane, W.C. 

rfHeskeUi R 32 Bennondsey sq. S.E. and ST 
Esses street Strand, W.C. 

Hey W. 6 West square, Sonthwark, S. 

Heyton J, D, Effra road, Briiton, S. 

Hicks Bobert, 11 Dowgate hill, E.C. 

JHill C, Hamer, 8 Osboni st Whitechapel, N.B. 

Hill Wro. Herbert bouse, Brixton hill, S. 

Hine Ueuiy, 9 Hereford terrace, Bajswater, W. 
Hiscocks A. S. SouUifield, WaodiworUi, S. 
eHitchcock Q. 16 Queen's row, Walworth com. S. 
Hoard W, H, 48 Charing cross, S.W. 
Hodge Heoiy, 7a Caimon row, Westminster, S.W. 
Hodgson R J. 13 Frederick st Gray's Inn id. W.C. 
Hodsoll Thos. 26 Great St Helena, B.C. 
Hopkinson J. T, 43 Fore street, Cripplegate, E,0. 

and 115 Nichols square, Hackney road, N.E. 
Horn T, W. Doke street, Adelphi, W.C. 
Home J. E. 9 ElizabeUi ter. Islington, N. 
Homer C. 15 Hart at and 6 Bury pi. Bloomabmy' 
oHovenden T. H. 7 Gt Winchester street, KC. 
(fHowell J. 1 Ticcent square, Westminster, S.W. 
Hunt and Stephenson, 4 FaiUament st S.W. 
Hurley H. E. 24 Canterbury row, Kenningtoa rd. 
Hnrst Wm. 48 Bedford row, Bloomsbnry/W.a 
Hyde, Smit^ and Lewis, 24 Guilford st W.C, 
a^l'Anaon E, F.G.S. 9 LaureiuM Pountney lane,' 
E.C. and 5 The Terrace, Clapham axanmn, S. ■ 
Ifold & Hnghes, 33 Manchester sqnai«, W. 
Isaac Lewis Henry, 2 Vcrulam buildings, W.C 
James John, 4 Battersea square, S.W. 
rf Jairis Henry, 29 Trinity square, Boro', S.B. 
Jenkins Albert, 22 Bairington crescent S. 
[f Jennings Joseph, 11 Langham street, W. 
Johnson C. W, 65 Manor street, Claphim, S, 
Jury James, 38 Dowgate hill, E,C. 
Jones Brothers, 1 1 Exeter hall, W.C. 
Jones John, 11 Eietor hall, W.C. 
Eelsey John, 72 Paradise street, BotherMthe, S.E. 

: (f Keudal H. E. 1 Spring gardens, S.W, 
d Kendall Henry E. jun. 83 Brunswick >q. W.C. -. 
King Chartas, 24 DniTersity street, W.C. 
Knight J. Town house, Boadside, Mile tntd road, B.' 
Lanadown J. C. 84 Bedford pL Bnasell sq, WX!. 
a dhego G- 1* Wertboume pL Eaton sq. S.W. 
eLeifiAild Wm, G- 62 MoorgaW st E,C, 
Leonard W. S, 5 Wellington sq. King's rd. CbOaa 
Liddiard W. Back Choreb lans^ WhnKliapA £. ^: 



LitUenood S. K. 26 ParlkmeDt street, S.W. 
Loader T. B. S5 Princes street, Stamford street, S. 
Lockwood, Lockwood and Synwa, I Bnrwood pL 

Edgewue road, W. 
Long J. 29 UmoD street, Kingsland road, N.E!. 
^fiw Henry, 78 Gloucester street, Pimlico, S,W. 
Alallam E. C. 7 Horburj ter. EensiagtoD pk. rd. 
2U^lam T. B. Woodfield rd. Harrow rd. W. 
aianseU and Elliott, 13* Belgrftyo m. S.W. and 

16 Corahill, E.C, 
MarshaU Williajn, 141 Sloane street, S.W. 
Margland JameB, 64 Southwark luidge rd. S.E. 
MattbewB E. 200 Upper Thames street, E.C. 
May B. W. 61 Park street, Grosvenor sq. W. 
a ff Mayhew C. 14 Argrll straet, Hegent street, W. 
Merry W. 9 Park pi. villas, Uaida hill vest, W. 
Merrick J. 8 Bncklersbiuy, E.C. 
Millar J. 4 Wellington rd. St. John's wood, N.W. 
Milner T. 18 Queen st Cheapside, E.C. 
Milnes John William, 389 Strand, W.C. 
Mining Survey Office, 189 Strand, W.C. 
Molyaeui and Wimble, Jl Clement's Inn, W.C. 
Moon J. 8 Prince's street, Red Lion square, W.C, 
iMoreland W. K. 68 London wall, E.C. 
Moora & Bacboffner, 64 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C. 
Morris J. & Son, 1 Harlow tIIIbs, East India id. E. 
Mortimer G. iS Bow lane, Cheapeide, E.C. 
qrfMoseley A. 7 Charing cross, S.W. and Eden- 

hvuit, Broom lane, FulbaiD, S.W. 
arfMoselm- Wm. 6 Wakefield ter. Caledonian rd. 

N. and Trinity chambers, 7 Charing cross, S.W, 
d Muffins John, S St. John's grove, Bnnton id, S. 
Nadjn, John 1 33 Warwick st Pimllco, S.W. 
Wewton, W. E. 66 Chancery lane, W.C. 
Nicholson D. and Sons, High st Wandanorth, B. 
Nixon Hen^ 6 Qaeen'a road, Bayswater, W, 
Niiton W. B. 8 Hanover pi, Claphara road, S, 
rfHorth J. C. 11 Park pi. Kennmston cross, S. 
Northcroft H, T. 13 Nottingham pT. Marylebone rd. 
dOliver H. 40 Lemanst. E. and 39 Gower st W.C. 
/Opwood E, 12 City road, E.C. 
Owen H, 16 Great Marlborough street, W. 
Page P. N. 131 Leman street, acodroan'g Selds, E. 
dftiiOMJ. 10 New Street sq. Fetter lane, E.C. 
pM)k G. 1 BlomEeld tec. Harrow road, W. 
ifForkinson B. 1 Bagaet ct. E.C. and 2 Southwood 

place, Highgate, N. 
(^Parsons E. 208 Old Gresbam house, OM Broad st 
Pattison J, 111 King's road, Chelsea, S.W, 
Peacock T. 4 Clarence pL EensiDgton High sL W. 
Pearson and Dooghney, 9 John sL Adelphi, W.C. 
Pearson T, 9 John st. Adelpbi, W.C. 
iPenfold C. a Brunswick sq. W.C. 
Penmngton J. 6 Werrington it Someti ta. N.W. 
Perry 3. 7 Danvers st Chelsea, S.W, 
FhilliitB H. 10 Spa ter. Spa road, SJL 
Fierpoint J. 84 BetluuJ green road, N.E. 
Poland C, 72 Margaret st Cavendish sq. W. 
Ponsford J. B. 8 Stndley road, Stockw^ S. 
a ifPorter F, W. 5 Tavistock st W.C. 
Porter J. B. IT Sherborne at Islington, N. 
Powell H. & B. 1 Queen's road, Bayswater, W. 
PowaU G. 8 Beaufort buildings, Strand, W.C. 
oPswnaU Q. 60 Lincoln's Inn fields, W.C, 
Price and CUrk, 48 Chancerylane, W.C. 
FriekettG.£ Sons, High ft Highgate, N. 

Baggett a, P. 49 Oower A Bedford tq, tf.a 
(Otsdmaii J. B. G Welb ft WeUcloM iq. K 
Reed A, B & F. 1a Adelphi tor. W.C 
Reeves C. 4 Whitehall place, S.W. 
Richardson J. 7 Up. North pL Gray's Inn rd. N.W. 
Bicbman E. C. 2 Farm st Berkeley sq. W. 
oRoberts B. 26 Lanren^ Pountner huie, E.C. 
Bobinson A. 13 Parliament at. aW. 
ifRoper D. II Stamford st Blackfrims, S. 
Rose C. 50 SouthampUin row, BnsseU sq, W.C, 
ZRushworth & Jarvis, Saville row. Regent st W. 

and 19 Change alley, CoiDhiU, E. 
Ryde E. UpperBelgravo pL Fimlico, S.W. 
oSt Aubyn J. P. 4 Plowden bdgs. Temple, KC. 
Salter E. 133 Chancery lane, W.C. 
Sanderson C. IS Abingdon st S.W. 
Saunders E. 5 Whitehall, & 6 BessbtHo' it S.W. 
Sayec H. 13 Abbey gardens, St John's wd. N.W. 
Seace R. 37 Grove rd. St John's wood, N.W. 
Soott M. W. T. 24 Great George at S. W, 
Scrivener W, 14 Lodowick ter. Begeat^ park, N.W. 
aScuny & Wright S Salishuiy st. Strand, W.C. 

and 94 Denbigh st Pimlico, S.W. 
Sewell C. 32 Buckingham street, Strand, W.C. 
Shea J. B. 61 Moorgate street, E.C. 
fflhefford J. 18 Store st Bedford sq. W.C. 
arfSibley R L.89 Gt Ormondat W.C. & 166 Pon- 

tonvme road, N. 
SimmoodsG. H, 7 Gt Alie at. E. and 1 Elm villa, 

Bridge road west, BatterEeo, S '" 
Smithl Williams, 4' " ' ■'■ 
QifSioithG, 6« Sise 
Smith G. S. 85 Baker at. Portman aq. W. 
Smith J. A. King street Huomersmith 
Smith John M. Bokeby house, Stratford 
Smith J. 44 Bedford row, BloooMbuiy, W.G 
aSmith T, R 67 Sfrand, W.C. 
Smith W. C.E. Salisbnry st Adelphi, W.C. 
aif Snooke W. Monmouth pL Old Kent id. S.E. & 

6 Duke st London bridge, S.E. 
f Snow W. B. 47 Mortimer st Cavemlisll sq. W. 
SpeUer W. 32 Coleman st E.C. 
&St«phenB S. J. 4 and 6 Charlotte st Portland pL 
Stevens G. 36 Bridge pL Harrow rd. W. 
Stevens J. Clapham C«mmen, S. 
Stevens J, SI Jermyn st St James's, S.W, 
Strodwick J. H. 1 Old Palace yard, S.W, 
Tuperell A- 37 Moorgate st E,C, 
Taylor A- E, 22 Parl»ment st S.W. 
rfTaylor J, H. 22 Parliament st S,W, & 7 Priuces 

pL Keauiagton rd. S, 
Taylor J. T. 21 Lincoln's Inn Selds, W.C. 
Tamonth W. 66i Bartholomew close, E.C. 
iTarry J. E. 17 Oxford rd, Caledonian rd. N, 
Thomas R 33 Wellinglon rd. N.W. 
iTincUey F. 88 Granville sq. Pentonville, W.C. 
Todd W. jun, 24 WeUington rd. St John's wood 
Toplis, ScMi & Harding, 16 St Paul's churchyard 
(Topljs and Tortis, 2 Omduit street, W. 
rfTrebanie W, J. 199 High Holbom, W.a 
[f Tniner J. 16a Wilton ^ Belgrave sq. S.W, and 

8 Dneidin villas, ToUington pk. Homsey rd. N. 
Veltman Henri, 51 Crutehedbiars, E.C. and 62 

King William street, E.C. 
Vino Wm. a 4 Spring ter. Wandsworth road, S. 
Wagstaff Jamet, 176 Upper street, IdingbA N, 


BLOWBb'u DlB£l.T01tY P 

WiOm & Sparka, 8 QL SL Eden'i, B.C. 
Wales O. E. CaEsland id. South EockDe^, K.R 
Waid Wn. 88 Pu-liament street, S.W, 
/WarrenM. Ill Wmchest«r etreet, Kmlico, S.W. 
rfWartou Bobert, Si Old Street road, E. C. 
Welch & Atkinson, 10 Lancaslflr pi. Strand, W.C. 
odWhichcord John F.B.A- 16 WalbrocA, E.C, «ad 

ie Douelas St Dcptfotd, SJE. , 

White SQd Anson, G8 Chancery kne, W.C. 
White E. 12 Holbora hars, E.C. (see adat.) 
Whitty J. 1. L.L J). 35 ParliainBiit St. S.W. uid 

IG Eennetta et. Dublin (see adsl.) 
Widnell and TroUope, 2 Up. Charles st S.W. 
Williama A. 4 Polham it Brompton, S.W. 
rfWilliami O. B. ii Frederick pi. Old Jewry, E,C. 

and 35 Barrage rd. Flumstead, S.E. 
Williams, J. 1a Liverpool st BishopBgata, E.C 
Williams, J. 12 Montague st Russell sq. W.C. 
Wilson A. 20 King's rd. Bedford row, W.C. 
Witty Joseph, I lUchmond grove, IsUoBton, N. 
Wood John Maaser, 77 Horsefeny rd. S.W. 
ci/Woodthorpe E. 2it Basinghall st E.C. Is 

Stepney canseway, E. and Old Crouch hill, N. 
Woodward J. Park house, Thoruhill rd. Rims- 

bnry park, N. 
Woodward R. 10 Highbury villas, Islington, N. 
Woodward W. 1 Fumival'B Inn, E.C. 
Wright, J. 1 King's rd. Bedford row, W.C. 
Wnght W. H. 46 West sq. Eunthwui, B. 
rfWjatt T. H. Church «L Hackney, NJI. 
WylsOD J. B3 Norfolk st Sraad, W.C. 
rfTonngD. W. 2 Oak ter. Bridge road, Battersea 
iYonng G. A. 3* Eagle st Bed Lion bo. W.C. 
if Young John, SG King street, Cbeapside, E.C. 


Arley Pottery and Fire Brick Co. 23 Lodgaie et 
E.C. Arley wo^ near Bewdley and Union pas' 
sago, Birmingham (gee oditeriistment) 

Blanchard and Ca. 74 Blackfrisrs road, S. 

Blashfield J. M. l Whari. south side, Paddiogtoa 
basin, W. 

Bourne Valley Pottery Co. 8 Belmont place, Nine 
EliEls, works near Poole, Dorrct 

Donlton H. & Co. 63 Lambeth High street, S. 

Famley Iron Co. York chambers, York buJldingB, 
AdeSphi, W.C. and 296 Euston road, N.W. 

Peaks T. 2 1 Wharf, Macdefled st. nth. City basin 

Richards J. 76 Princes street, Lambeth, S. 

Singer A. Vaoxhall High street, S. 

Smilii T. 71 & 72 Prince's street, Lambeth, S. and 
Old Ford road. Bow, E. 

Stiff J. 39 High street, Lambetli, S. 

AgerB John, Jamaica coffee house, E.C. 

Booth F. 9 St Benet place, E.C 

Churchill, Macmillan £, Co. 20 Cannon st KC. 

Chnrchill and Sim, 39 Old Broad street, E.C. 

mEdwaids T. i. Son, 15 Pinner's ball, E.C. 

Freeman H. & Co. 3 Crooked lane, E.C. 

Lawrence &Fry, 10 New Broad street, E.A 

wiLeaiy C. & Co. 26 Old Broad street, E.C. 

irtBoberts T. 9 Bilhter street, E C. 

titSbadbolt C. & 0. 8 Lime street, sq. E.C. 

SimsoiL & Maioii, St. Peter's chunhers, ComhiU 


Maiksd m an UiUioccaj HcTcbanti. 
Acock* S. Horseferry branch rd. K 
Alloway J, J. 65 Iiower Queen st Sotherbitbe, S.E. 

and Chester wharf, Edward st Regents park 
Anyakt J. 27 Tottenham st. Fitiroy sq. W. 
ntAnslow T. 17 Marlborough st Btackfrian rd. S. 
Apedaile W. 18 Chorchway, Somers town, N.W. 
Applebee J. 6 Brighton pi. Hackney rd. N.E. 
niArteiJ Mrs. E. 14 Queen's gardens, Brompton, 

S.W: & Lower North rd. Chelsea, S.W, 
Artor O. 2a Hark pi. Kennington cross, S. 
AthertoD and Co. 3 Crooked Sue, City, E.C 
Atkins G. Boxborough, Harrow 
Atkins T, Edward st. Regent's park, N.W. 
Bagnall J. S3 Ciiarles st Eampstead rd. N.W. 
Bamberger D. 3 River st Middleton sq. E.C. 
Barnes E. II Litchfield st Soho, (see advert.) 
Bair W. and Son, 16 and 16 Curtain rd. E.C. 
Bair O. 3 Batemau's row, Shoreditch, E.C. 
Birtlett J. and Co. 62 Waterloo id. S. 
BarUett J. Briiton hill, S. 
Basham Jolm, John st Shoreditch, E.C. 
ntBateman H. 60 Old Bioad st E.C. 
mBeal W. 1 1 Broad st Golden sq. W. 
Bearer W. Gt College st Camden tov^^ N.W. 
Bee Mrs. S, 28 Up. Ogle st W. 
BeU W. F. 64 Curtain rd. Shoreditch, E.C. 
mBemiett G. T, 127 St John st Clerkenwell, £C. 

68 Tottenham ct rd. & 11 John st. Fitzroy sq. 
Birch J. Edward st Begeot'e park, N.W. 
Bouhwtt J. and Co. Narrow st. Eatdiff, E. 
Boulloo S. B, 2 Charlotte row, E.C. 
Bowler W. O. Jamaica wharf. Up. Ground st B. 
Braoscombe J. 2 Singleton st south, Hozton, N. 
Bridle J. 3 Canning g. St. Luke's, E.C. 
Brown G. Lower rd. Hotherhithe, S.E. 
Brown W. G. 64 and 2 1 6i Evelyn st S.E 
mBrowningJ. and H. 36 Little Windmill st S.W. 
Browning W. Suspension bridge whf . Belvedere rd. 
Buckney Mrs. E. M. & Co. 66 Baukside, SX 
mBulmer E. S. Westwood whf. West India dock rd. . 
Burch C, 40 Brill row, Somers tovra, N.W. 
Burton John, St Michael's house, Comhill, B.C. 
Cain E. 32 Fendall street, Bermondsey, SJE. 
Csjler A. Old Bethnal green rvad, N^. 
Castle H. Crescent road, Millhank, &W. 
Chalk J. 48 Cannon street road, E. 
Chamber C. & J. 24 Portobello ter. Portobello rd. 
Chesterman P. & J. 41 North 8tManchB8tersq.W. 
Cheswright, Sheffield & Co. 6 Adam's ct. City, E.C. 
Christie W. 73 Lambeth Lower marsh, S. 
Churchill a T. 9 Great Bush lane, RC. 
Clait W. JE Son, I Sonthwark hrdg. rd. (tee advO 
Clark P. A. Uarlboro' wharf. Hammersmith, W. 
CUrk W. jun. 2 Hall pi. Low. Kennington la. S. 
mConmbe J. &. Co. 112 Old st St Lute's, EC.. 
Coumhe J. S Lady Lake's gr.Mile end Ka.(see advt.') 
Cox T. & Co. 27 Laurence Poontney lane, E.C. 
mCrace C. 17 Weston street Somers town, N.W. 
Crayford H. York street, Walworti, S. 
Cripps A. Warner place, Hackney rowL NX. 
CroM S. J. 11 Feaflierstone st (% ri K.C. 

Crow W. B. 6 Benjanlin rt. Cow cros* rt. E.C. 
Crowhunt S. ipn. 11 HauOTer street, Walworth, S. 
Dallas R IT Pownall roacl, Dalston, N.E. 
Davj J. S Iiimgate wharf, Faddin^n buin, W. 

and ei Hanow road, W. 
Deacon W. Bond street^ Vanshall, S. 

Dili W, 17 Friar street, BlackfrjaiB id. S.E. 

Mioii B. W. Norway place, Limehouso, E. 

Dowliog X. 40 Oresbun boiue, Old Broad Bt, KC. 

Downing W. 6S Qaeea Etizalietti street, S Jl. 

mDowBon J. & Co. Prince's whf. Commercial Td.S. 

Drew Q. IT Mount pleasaat, Qraj'i Ion la. WC. 

I>nce W. Qoeen's road west, Chelsea, S.W. 

Dunning J. S2 Jolm iti««t, Hackfriara rd. S£. 

Djall J. 20 Hoot lane, Cripplegate, E.G. 

I^ken F. 24 Broad street buildings, E.C 

Eades J. Begent's wharf, MiUw^ E. 

Edwards P. and Sons, 58 Lambeth Lower Marsh 

EldridgB and Tonngmau, Qrangs id. Bermondse; 

mEUaton T. W. 109 Snow's flelds, Berroondsej, 
S.E and 206 Tooley street, S.E. 

Emanuel H. 14 Crown stteet, Soho, W.C 

Esdailc, Senioi and Co. Begent's canal, Ci^ rd. N. 

Erter W, 0. 2 Guadon pait nmd, N.W. 

Fit2 Qerold J. Conunercial road, Lambetli, S. 

>'orman T. 1 Walnut tjee walk, Lambetli, S. and 
WalcotplacB west, S. 

MtFossej W. Millwall, K 

Fowlei H. & B. St. Saviour's dock, Soothwsi^ S.E. 

France W. P. 20 Wharf, Paddington basin, W. 

Freeman T. Spa toad, Bermondeej, S.E. 

raFumaui J. West India Dock road, E. 

mGabriel T. & Sons, Commerciai id. Lambeth, 5. 

Gale W. 16 Harcourt st Marjlebone road, W. 

Oeere T. Btratford load, Stratford, £. 

Oibbs J. J. and Son, 61 and 63 Poplar Hi^ st, E. 

OUder F. R 4 Church ct. Clement's lane, £.C. 

Gog«n J. 6S Begent stj-eet, W. 

Qoodman R. and Co. 41 Compton sL Cleikenwell 

Oieen J. C. 11 The Change, East road, N. 

Giissell, Bros, and Co. 2 nojal Excliange bdgs. 

Gumej H. 83 GrBoachurcli stieef, E.C. and Globe 
whurf, 104 Botherhithe street, S.E. 

Hall F. 36 Chester street, Eenaiagton cross, S. 

Hancock W. Millwall, Poplar, E. 

Holding H. W. and Co. 83 Oraoechurch st. E.C. 

Harding and Son, 65, 66 and TO Fore street, E.C. 

Hannan J. Maiy st BhodesweU road, E. 

Harpham M & Sons, 9 King st derkenwell, E.C 

DiHarria J. and Sons, 33 W^soa street, Finsbutj, 
E.C. and Orange street, Sonthwark, S.E. 

Harris J. 23 Earl street, Finsbniy, B.C. 

Har»ey and Co. Whitefriars, E.G. 

tnHajne H. U Londtm street, E.C. 

mHayne H. W. 20 Long lane, Smithfield, E.C. 

Harversoa T. and W. ITl Church st. Shoreditch 

Heam T. 12 King street, N.E. and 10 Scarlet 
street, Bethnal green, N.E. 

Heasman J. York street, Lambeth, S. 

Heaver E. Son" ' ' 

Hiokniott J. J. 

HoUand J. 248 Enston road, N.W. 

Howcatt J. Southampton stieet, Camberwell, S. 

Howell Mrs. S. Bridge road, Battersea, S.W. 

siBudBon B, J. 40 Gt. Peter street, Westminster, 
S.W. 21 Bndell street. Long Acre, W.C. Nor- 
way whaif, Millbank st S.W. & 4 Millbank st 

6Byde'B ^. NJL & ISd^ChuKh st Shoreditch 

Hussey W. W. Paik place, Old Kent road, SJL 

Ingram B. 38 Beech street Barbican, E.C. 

Johnson W. Kentish town wbf. Kentish town rd, 

Jones L 27 Canterbury pi Old Kent road, S.E. 

Jupp H. Pioepeet place, Mile end road, E. and 
Bow common, B. 

Kelson T. B. 1 Brook street, BatcM, E. 

Kent E. Three Colt lane, Betbnal green, KJB. 

King G. R Brook row, Bagnigge wells rd. W.C. 

raKing G. 139 Gt Saffron hill, B.C. 

King B, 6 Albion sq. Dalston, N.E. and Bridge 
wharf, Kingaland road, N.E. 

Lacey J. & Sons, 37 Curtain road, and 236 &, 258 
Bethnal green road, N.E. 

Lambert & Chapman, PimKco whf. 31 Low. Belgr, 
pi S.W. & 41 Op. BelgTave pi. Pimlico, S.^ 

Langton J. & Co. Greenwich road, S.E. 

Longton & Bobinson, Belvedere rd. Lambetb, S. 

Langton W. Belvedere road, S. 

Tjiiining T. I^Dsdown yd. Guilford st W.C, 

mLatchlord W, H. 61 Wardonr st W, 

Leonard T. 2S Store st Bedford sq, W.C. 

Leonard W, 85 Enston sq. N.W. 

Latellier A. and Sons, ITi Old st B.C. 

Levey A. Baven row, Spitalfields, N.E. 

Little B. 3 Edward's pi, Eaciney road, N E. 

Loader J. 64 and 65 Tabernacle walk, E.C. 

Locks S, 40 Bacon st Bethnal green, NJl 

niLocks W, 5 Hoxfon Old town, N. 

mLookei J, 29 St George's rd. S, and 3 Unioa st. 
London road, S. 

Luck, Pearce & Luck, Acre whf. Belvedere rd. S. 

mMarshall J. Montagu st Bethnal gieen id. N.E. 

Marshall L, 12 OosweU st ISJamessL St Luke's 
E.C. and 10 Suffolk st. Holly st soatl^ N.E. 

Marsliall M. Pageant's wharf, 148 Botherhitlie st. 

Marshall W, Sanh pL Old st road, E.C. 

Martin D. 81 Jamaica row, Bermondsey, S.E. 

Martin F, S. Broadway, Stratford, E. 

May B Acorn whf. & Park rd. OH Kent rd. SJI. 

Mews J. & Co. Queen's whaif, Botherhithe, S.E, 

Merritt W. 11 Addicgton st, Lambeth, S, 

Metropolitan Wood Paving Works, BelgiaTo fac- 
tory, BaneUgh rd, Thames bank, S.W. 

mMitcbeU J. F. 121 Curtain road, EC 

Moore G. Norway whf, 29T Botherhithe st SJL 

mMoore J. A. 110 Paul st Finsbury, E.C. 

Moss & Co. 45 Leman st Goodman's Selds, R 

mNewton R T, & Son, 101 Paul st. Finsbury^E.C. 

NewsMi J. 10 Bloomfield ter. Pinihco, S.W. 88 
Grosvenor mews, Berkeley sq. W. 50j Weat^ 
bourne st S.W. Grosvenor row, S.W, A'Bloom- 
field whaif. Commercial road, Pimlico, S.W. 

Nokes 6. & Co. Cambridge st Old St, Pancias rd, 

Norton D. 23, 24 and 25 Wharf rd. City rd. N. 

Nntman R. High st Netting hill, W. and T The 
MaU, Kensingtau, W. 

mOliver W.and Sons, 120BuiihiU row, E.C, 

raOliver W. and Wm. B9a John st Pitaroy sq. W. 

Oliver J. 26 Worahip street Finsbniy, B.C. 

Oliver W. 7 Store street Bedford square, W.C 

Oppenheim H. 100 Bunbill row, E.C. 

1 ISflO. 

Oppenheim H. kL IS HnWt utrMt, Boston, N. 
Owen J. 176 Pentoniills rood, N. 
Owen J. 23 F^imp row, Old sbeet id. K.C. 
Paiili&LMoelic 41 Charlton iL Old rinotrd.E.C. 
nFirgiter O. TO B(M at Shoieditch, NJL 
Puker J. 1 BritaonU ftieet, Qnfi Inn id. Vf.C 
nfeortB. 1 Ooldniuth^ HacWr ioad,N.E. 
Philip D. Uppei Mkll, EMnmenmiUi, W. 
Pontei & Son, 18 St Owage't pL Bwk id. K 
Pools S. 8 Windmill bL Lambeth, S. and 14 

Chester iL Kennington ooa, S. 
BiPutaer 8. 97 Boro' id. S.£. and IS Elio «t 

Qnya Inn lane, W.G (lee advaiitanaU^ 
Pje T. 19 Qoeen rtreet, Chelsea, S.W. 
Bawliu« A. IT Bankiide, S.K 
Bichea B. U New Inn jard, Shonditch, E.C. 
Bogeis J. So} Qoeen Elizabeth street, 8JB. 
Bogen S. Ta CleTeland it Fitznij sq. W. 
Borers W. Toik id. Cammercial id. east, ES. 
mBolfe A. B DorrinKton st Cleikenwell, W.C. 
nRolt P. & Co. &t Michael's aUev, Ccm^ E.C. 

Accm whaif , Botherhitike, S.E. and Wertnrood 

wharf, West India Docks, E. 
Boee J. 88 Soatlisimpton st. CamberweU, S. 
BostinK A. & Sons, 16 Builuide, 5JL 
Bngg J. & Co. Conant place, Limehoose, K 
Butt S. 36 Bear lane, BlockMan id. S.E. 
Butty J. 2 Whaif side, Paddington baun, W. 
Saegecs Q. Gl. 16 Great Dover it^ S.E. 
f a&mun E. 162 Shoreditch High street, N.E. 
Sampson T. &. W. IS Eingslaud rd. N.E. end 14 

Wade place. Hackee}' road, KX 
Sampson J. Bese street, Shoreditch, N.E. 
mSandeU J.-T2 and 148 Waterloo road, S. 
Sanndeis T. 9 Alfred mews. Tottenham ct id. W. 
mSaiton N. 80 Upper Oroond street, S. 
Searle H. and Co. 1 Hoxtoa Old town, 

Eheffiold E. Colchester st WhitechapeL 
Sliepherd B. 1 Wenlock baan, City road, N. 
Sinmu E .232 King's road, Chelsea, S.W. 
mSkeen A. West India Dock road, E. 
Bnmlllield,MillB &. Neame, 55 EingWiUiam stE.C. 
Emee W. & Sons, 6 Finsbmy mTem^nt, E.C. 34 

Lit Mooifields, E.C. and 73 Cbiswell st. KC. 
Smith H. and Co. 97 CnrtaiQ rd. Shoreditch, E.C. 
Smttli C. 11 King Edwud st. Westminster rd. S. 

and Hercules boildings, Lambetli, S. 
Smith Q. I Mount st BeUual green, NJS. 
Smith J. Mansfield st Borongh id. 8 Jl. 
Smith J. Southampton st CambeiweU rd. S. 
mSmith J. 28 Hatton gaiden, E.C. 
Smith B. 8 Harmood pi HampatW rd. N.W. 
Smith Wm. 97 Cnrtain id. Shoreditch, KC 
Smith W. H. 12 Spital sq. Spltalflelds, N.E. and 

Hart's lane, Bethhal men, VJE. 
mSnewin C. 1 1 Back hill, Eatton garden, E.C. 
Epniles J. Conunerual id. Lambeu, S. 
DiBtallebrass T. 9 Manchester st Waterloo to. N.E. 
Steel A D. Printer's pL Bennonds^, SX 
Sweeting S. 11 Speoceiid. Kixtonid.S. 
BiS7kea,^on and Slee, S5 Son st Bidtopsgate, E.C. 
Tappiu 0. 2a. EdwBidiL EingsUnd nt M. 

TenrJ. auidSon,109BoioTighrd. 8. ■ '■ 

Thomas J. 150 Old st St Luke's, E.C. 
niThomaaon J. 18 New Montague st N.B. i 

mTnily G. B. Bridge wharf, 85 Whwf id. Oto**J 
Tumbull T. 32 lo 85 Lower William stieet NjW.- 
Tonier T. 35 Usaoo grove Maryiel>one nL N.W, ■■ 
Tyler J. 5 Buck st Camden town, N.W. 
Vallance P. 1 Daviea st. Berkely sq. W. '■ 

Vigeis E. 25 Upper Lisson st N.W. -: 

Tigers B. Clapbam rd. place, Kennington, S. 
Vince B. W. 11 Qneen st, Batcliff crass, K 1 

Walker Wm. Bailway aicb, 148 Newport st & 
Wallen E. Britamiia wharf, Sahnou U. Limehoas* 
Waller W. Boioagh rd. S.KandUan^eldst S.B1 
nWahint & Fancy Wood Cd. 21 Wilson st E.C. '-' 
mWard R & Son, 8i Oxford st W. and 101 Bai- 

mondsey New rd, S.E. 
Watkins J. 5 Eatl st London rd, S.E. 

Webb H. W. 6 Hackney road, N.E. 
Welch Wm. East India rd. Poplar, E. 

mWest J. B. 11 Orntcheddiars, E.C. 

White E. and Co. 74 Bankside, Soutbwark, S.E. 

Whita J. 48 Baker st Clerkenwell, E.C. 

White J. W. 10 Church st Shoreditch, N.E. 

White J. Qeorga st Stepney, E. 

Wilde J. & Co. 74 Curtain ri & 12 Worship !t E.C. 

RtWilkinson O. H. 1B6 Stiore^tch. N.K 

mWilson T. C, IB Greek st Soho, W. 

Winch W. 26 Montagu st Bethnal sreen rd. N.K 

Winn C. New Crane wharf, Shadwell, E. and 
Greenwich Saw Mills, SJl. 

mWintei W, B. Wert India Docks, Poplar, E. 

Wisking T. 16 St Johnst Bethnal green, N.E. 

mWoudham J. 248^ High Eolbora, W.C. 

Wootton & Hounakiw, 140 ffld st KC. 

Wright G. 1 King st Hackney road, N.E. 

Wrndbam, Penroddocke & Co. 2 Bopi E 
buildings, E.C. 

Tates J. 15a C^neen st Gcosveoor sq. W. 

Amor T. 7 Osbom st WMtechapel, K 

Barralet J. and T. 7i Holywell row, E.C. 

Beard &. Dent, 21 Newcastle street, Strnd, W.C. 

Bolding and Sons, 19 South Mollon street "W. 

Bonham B. iO^ Oxiord street W. 

Batten C. & Son, 10 Crawford passage. Bay stre«t, 
ClerkenweD, E.C. (lee advertinemfnt) 

Bramah & Co, 1 at PiccadiUy W. & 25 Down st W. 

Bmmett J. and Co. 17 Queen stCbeapside, KC 
and New Cross rd. Deptford, S.K 

Dale R. F. 8 and 9, Shoe lane, Fleet et KC 

Doidton and Watts, 28 Lambeth High st. S. 

Downlon J, 4 Conant pi. West Ind. dk, rd. E. 

Frasi H. G. ISiWoodbridge st Clerkenwell, KG. 

Fyfe and Co. 46 Leicester sq. W.C. 

Jeffery Wra. 4 Ann st Pentonyille rd. N. 

Jennings G. 6 BoUand st Blackfriais, S.K (set 

Lambert T. and Son. 16to20 Short st Blackfrian 
rd. S. & 28 to 31 Chalcroft ter. New cut Lam- 
beth, B. (JM aJvl.) 

MeQiereU J. 47 Carey st Lincoln's Inn, W.a ■ 

MUlicbamp E. 65 Princes st Lambeth, S. and 
Commercial wU. Commercial rd. last, K (sm 


1 puaajnmr n^ ISO. 

Palmer G. *0 Boral st Idmbeth, S. 

Patten Wm. 22 Old Fieh Bi E.G. 

Pontifex S. W, and Wood, Shoe lane, E.G. 

B^T"' ^' 'W. 95 Old GniTel lane, E. 

Sinpaon T. J. 53 Faol at. Fiasbnrr, E.G. 

Smith T. Tt ajid 72 Fiinces st. Lambetli, S. and 

Old Ford row, E. 
Stone J. Deptford High rt. S.E. 
Siurej Metal Compaq, (Limited) W. Dock and 

Wiboo, Managing Pirecton, 83 London rd. S. 
Tjler Hajwaid and Co. 95 Upper Whiteccoss et. 

E.C. {ste add.) 
VfleiJ. and Sons, Warwick lane, £.a 
yi.axnm: J. & Sons, 8 Jewiu crescent, E.G. 
Wiss B. J. 87 St Martin's lane, W.G. 

BrowD J. B. & Co. IS Cannon st E.G. & 81a Ot 

Bnah lane, Cannon st. E.G. 
Christie and Co. 64 Bonktide, S.E. 
Doulton H. & Co. 63 High st. Lambeth, S. 
OuieTB] Iron Foundry Co. (limited) Lyon's wharf, 

43 Upper Thames st KG. 
Hogarth J. B. & Co. Thamea Tonnell Iron wluu^ 

Botherhithe at. S.E. 
Hood S. & Son, 68 Up. Thames st E.G. 
Lambert T. & Son, 28 to 31 Cholcroft ter. Hew 

cnt S. & 16to20ShortetBlackfriarard.S.CaM 
■ advertisement') 
MiUicbajnp H. 65 Frincaa st Lambeth, S. and 

BnmtOD a whaif potterf , Commercial rd. eastE. 

(saa adverlitement,) 
Tjlor J. and Sons, Warwick lane, E.G. 
' Wliite L. Old Barge house wharf, Up. Oronnd st 
Baker S.F. 175 Blaekfriarard.S. 
ffroom A. 7 Union ter. Clereland at Mile End rd. 
Clark I, 6 Amndel st Strand, W.C. 
Denning L 12 Lowden pi. Bow High at. E, 
Docwra T. BaU'a Pond rd. Ldingion, N. 
Boharts F. 3 St John at id. E.G. 
Scott G. 163 Newport st Lambeth, S. 
Speller W. li & ISTork st Blackftiarsrd. S.E. 
lltompBan O. and Sons, Eccleaton st east, S.W. 
Tickner H. Ta Mintem at. Hoxton, N. 
Worsencroft W. Black's rd. Hammeramith, W. 

wamcw GLASS merchants Am) 


Uuked { are Lud If erduintK 
Marked c an Culoor Ueiclianla. 
Adam* E. *1 Upper Thamea atrart, E.G. 
Akers K 109 Crawford at Fortmon «q. W. 
Aldenon, Douglas & Co. 1 BlenbeimBL Oxford si 
AnMU G. W. 7 Whitmore place, HoitoD, N. 
Attwood and Smith, 25 New Bridge street, E.C 
cfBorangsr J. 11 Hampstead road, N.W. 
j^fuier Mrs. &. and Co. Ellia street, S.W. and 

162 Sloane street, Chelsea, S.W. 
BerioD B. E. 8 Bishopauta without, E.G. and 103 

Sathnal green road, N.E. 
iBrown Mrs. M. 6 Parsonage row, Newington. S. 
fflrowno M. & J. a Middle row, Kentish tn. N.W. 
Brown P. 8 Poddinglon green, W. 
(fiuckmaster J. G. IT Bread stieet Mil, E.C. 
Chance, Broa.ond Go. 2 Colemoo at Udgl, E-C 

/cChater J. and Son. 24 St Duiutui'a hill, E.G. 
K:huck, LocketC and Co. 3 Spital «q. SM. ODd 10 

Norton folg«t«, N.E. 
Glaudet and Houghton, 89 High Holbom, W.C. 
fClajton J. Wah street, Notti^ hill, W. 
Cohan M. 177 High Holbom, W.C. 
cCbntIs J. S. & O). 14 Laurence Ponntoey lane* 

E.C. and 139 Upper Thunos street, E.C. 
tlarsh gate lane, '""""""'' " 
.fray's IJID lane, ^ 
Droragole J. 30 Barbican, KG. 
DuTBteis F. 8 and 4 Caatie street, W.C 
Eade L 128 High Holbom, W.G. (mo adBi.) 
ZFaxmiloe G. and Son, 118 St John street, B.C. 
Farmiloe T. and W. 12 Rochester row, S.W. 
French W. 24 Whifechapel High street^ E. 
Qoslett A. 26 Soho sqoare, W. and Goorge yard, 

Crown street, Soho, W.C. 
Cray W. G Jamaica tet. West India Dock rd. E. 
GwUliam S. 300 Buaton road, N.W. 
Gnst C. 47 Chiawell atraet, E.G. 
{HaU J. m London road, Sonthwork, S. 
HartleyJ.andCo.igEarlstreet^ Blackfriais, E.C. 

and Gt Northern Boilwaf depot, York road. 

King's cross, N. 
Harverson A. 18 Blockman street B.E. 
2HarveraoiL J. 6 Beaavoir pi. Kingsland, NX. 
Harverson J. 42 Hackney road, NJl 
Hely A. and Co. 296 Onford street, W. 
Hetlev J. & Co. 86 Soho aq. & 14b Dean at W. 
Batley H. 13 Wigmore st Cavendish aq. W. 
lEioke H. 32 King David's lane, Shadwell, E. 
Holahon J. 5 Waterloo ter. Commercial rd. eas^, E. 
/Houlder W. 3 Church at St Saviooc's, S.B. 
Jackaon W. H. 315 Oxford street, W. 

Tottenham conrt road, W. 
Old st. St Luka'a, E.C 
iLamb B. 86 Crown at Soho, W.C. 
/Laftwich G. 21 Munrter st Begent's park, ^f.W. 
LovaU J. & B. 58 Bed Lion st Holbom, W.C. 
Mobany T. G. 2 Comburypl. Old Kent road, S.E 
Malcolm H. 32 Long acre, W.C. (a« tuhl.) 
Mettam B. 30 Princea at Soho, W. (hc tubit.) 
Miles J. IB Church at Shorediteh, N.B. 
fcMillington T. A. 87 Bishopsgate without, E.a 

(see a3aertiienKnl) 
Mor™ a 20 Barbican, E.C. 
icNiaiolla Brothers, 283 4 285 King's rd. Chelaea 
fflicholson J, ft Co. 9 Cousin lane, E,C. 
iObbard & Co. 2 Crescent, Bridge st E.C. and 240 

and 241 Upper Thames st E.C. 
iJage H. 196 Whitechapel road, E. 
Palmer P. 118 St. Martin's lane, W.C. 
Parker J. E. 50 Kingsland road, N.E. 
/Patten J. J. 24 Park pL MUe end road, E. 
/cPatteu W. 22 Old Fish st E.C. 
Phillipe J. and Co. 180 Bishopsgate witbont, E.C. 

and 14 Peerlesa pool pi. City rd. E.C. 
Phillips and Co. 164 Edgeware road, W. 
PoulsoB G. 28 New Church street west, N.W. 
/Phillips J. 90 Crawford st Portmon sq. W. 
( c Bobertaon W. &.Co.Falcon whf . Holland at S.B. 
Samuel S. 29a St John st ClerkenweU, E.C. 
Smith J. & Son, 12 Duka,st Tooley at S.E. 
/SpenEely J. 2S1 Whitechapel toad, E. 
Stevena D. 68 Old atreet rood, E.C: ' 


144 bloweh'ii Din 

Srer A. S FMrtimvilU rond, K. 

■liylor Wm. U Oraat St Andrew bL W.C. 

Ward Joe. 25 Qaeen sL Pimlico, S.W. 

f cWataou Mn. K C. & Co. It Clo^ lane, E.C. 

iWest W. 38 Great Castle A Begent at W. 


Buker R, 29 Cross st. Tslingtoii. N. 
Banks C. W. 7 Old Manor rd. Stepnej, G. 
Bates S. 3T Nobta et. Qonrell st E.C. 
Benhuiia & Frond, 40 to 43 Chuidoa it W.C. 
Beny Mrs. M. i Church lane, E. 
Boddy T. 6 Belvedere pi. CambridlgB rd. N^, 
Bose & Co. 28 Martin's lane, E.C. 
Bniby P. 35S and 360, Euston rd. H.W, 
Brent B. 3 Smith's bnildinga, Graj's Inn id. W.C. 
Brown E. Diapason row. Stoke NewiDgUm rd. N. 
Borrage H. 15 Plaraher's row, City road, E.C. 
Bye E. i BromeU's rd. Chipham, S. 
Can J. 2 Cottage pi. Newington bntte, S. 
Carter B. S Colfoge tor. Chelsea, S.W. 
Cash C. & Sen, 74 Whitechapel rd. E. 
Chahot C. 21 Lloyd m. PentonviUe, W.C. and 9a 

Skinner st Snowhill, E.C. 
Cockfell A, 1 & 2 Salisbury court, Fleet st. E.C. 
Collins J. & Co. Catnbrige «t. Old St. Pancru id. 
CracUey J. Watt's ter. fnlhara road, S.W. 
Curtis Jaines, 298 Euston road, N.W. 
Dagley J. 18 City ter. City road, E.G. 
Davis O. 3 Francis place, Hotloway road. N. 
Dench W. 3 John street, SI John's wood, N.W. 
Doues J. 4 Baron street, Pentonvilie, N. 
Dore J. 1 J Esmonth street, Clerkenwell, W.C. 
Douglass S. 156 Princes street, Lambeth, 

Druitt C. 49 WeUington place, St^ney, E. 
Dyson H. 12 Bowling neen walk, Pitfield st. N. 
Edward O. 10 Little J^wport street, W.C. 

raC. B. 21 While Hart St. KKenningtonlsi. 
IStart Mrs, H. 346 Enston road, N.W. 
Foster J. IG Portland ter. Portland road, W. 
Francom H. 8 Union pUce, City road, B.C. 
Friend W. H. 1 James St. Buckingham gate, S.W. 
Gamble O. li Oumberlsjid row, Islington, K. 
Gamer C, and J. P. 77 Queen st, Cbeapsida, E.C. 
Gates H. W. 67 Bridge road, Lambeth, S. 
Goes J. London road, Southwark, S. 
Gray T. Stratford nwd, Stntford, E. 
Gray W. 3 New King street, Deptford, S.E. 
Oreaiorex H. 281 King's road, Cnielsea, S.W. 
Green H. J. 11 Harford place, Walworth road, S. 
Oreonhalgh J. BaTenscourt cotlagec, Uammersiuith 
Grisbcook T, 5 York pi. Kenniagton road, S. 
Gnst C. a Melbourne pi Cambridge road, N.E. 
Grist G. W. 49 Junaica st Commarcial rd. east, B. 
Guy MiB. A. 32 Up. Boaoman st Clerkenwell, KC. 
Harland F. 37 Portsmoatli pi. Lo. Eennington la. 
Earmar W. & Son, 19 Bomney ter Hcnrseferrj rd. 

S.W. and 1 New Peter st S.W. 
Hartley J. Q. West India Dock road, B. 
Hakey W. 17 Old street road, E.C. 
Hayward D, 97 Blackman street. Borough, S.E. 
Helsdon & Maynard, 26 New Church st west, N.W, 
Helsdon I. 26 Liason grove, N.W. 
Haoiborow G. 22 Stangate, Lambeth, S, 
Heweteon J. 102 Euston road, N.W, 
Hockett T. Devonshire street, Mile end, N.E. 

Hoe B. 44 LeadenhaU st and Bury st E.C. 
Holmu W. 21 Bedcrosi si Borough, SJl 
Home J. 2 Haje's place, Kingslud road, N.G. - 

HorBfieldC.21BGrangerd.BenDODd»ey, S.E. 
Hewlett G. 3 Surrey place, Newington Butts, S. 
Habbuck T. & Son, 157 Fencburcb it E.C. 25 

Lime si B.C. & Broad st BaieM, K (ms adel.) 
Hubbnck, White & Co. Grand Snrrer docks, S.E. 
Jackson W. 69 Crown st Finsbury, E.C. 
Kennard E. W. & Co. 67 Up. Thomas st E.C. 
Sing C. & H. 9 Southampton pL CamberwelI,S. 
Lawrence J, 20 Gt Charlotte st S. 
Lock E. James st. Lorkboll lane, S. 
London Zinc Mills, Wenlock rd. City rd. N. 
Longbuist J. and E. 30 Hackney road, N.E. 
Mai^lelow T. 3 Cumberland pL Newington Butts 
Mastennan W. 3 Neckinger id. Bermondsey, S.E. 
Milton Bobert, Kinagton street Lambeth, S. 
Minard James, 12 Triangle, Cwnberwell, S, 
New bold D. 94 Euston rd. N.W. 
Norris Q. 89 Milton st Finsbury, E.C. 
North T, 131 London rd. Sonthwark, S. 
Perry R 39 Frederick pL Hampstcad rd. N.W. 

andeiManiaenrow, N.W. 
Pinnell C. 21 Duke st Chelsea, S.W. 
Pinnell T. 77 Davies st Grosrenor sq. W. 
Pontiles E. & W. & Wood, Shoe lane, E.C. and 

Garratt, Surrey, S.W. 
Fritchard William, 254 Euston id. N.W. 
Prosser S. 1 54 Upper Thames st KC. 
Hiley Brotbeis, 7 Cambridee pL south, N.K 
Kiley Enoch, U York pL Kiogsland road, N.K 
Buwnson, Draw & Co. Paul's wharf, &.C. and ai7 

Upper Thames street, B.C. 
Bummens Francis. Phcenii pL raerkeQwell, E.C. 
BusseU Wm. 185 KingsUnd rd. N.E. 
Skinow Wm. 198 Upper Thames st E.C. 
Somerville J. 3 Stockwell com. South Lambeth, S. 
Spedding Mis. H. 14 High rd. Enight«bridge,S.W. 
Spill G. 65, 66 & 67 St George street, E. 
Snow T. 60 Millbank st S.W. and T Providenea 

teiraca, Vaoxhill bridge road, S.W. 
Stephens E. 60 Old street St Luke's, E.a 
Stevens T. 68 High st. Marylebone, W. 
Street J. 27 Chapel street, PentonvUie, N. 
Surrey Metal Co. (limited) 83 London rd. S. 
Tathom J. 1 6 Gibraltar walk. Bethual green, NJL 
Tolley M. 56 Lisson grove, N.W. 
Treggon W. T. & Co. 22 & 23 Jewin at B.C St 

Qracechurch st E.C. and 66 St John st E.C. 
TDmer W. 6 Silver st Kensington, W. 
Tylor J. and Sons, Warwick lane, E.C. 
Vavasscur & Co. 9 Sumner at S.E. (see adet.') 
Vemey H. 376 Euston rd. N.W. 
Wade G. Townshend rd. St John's Wood, N.W. 
Wade Isabella & Son, 7 West pi. Islington, N. 
Wade Wm. High st. Stratford, E, 
Warner J. & Sons, 8 Jewin crescent, E.C, 
Watts B. R. 190 Albany road, S. 
Watts Mrs. S. 7 Burlington pi. Old Kent id. S.E. 
Webb J. 49 Tothill st Westminster, S.W, 
Wetheretl G. and H, 7 Boadside, Mile end rd. E. 
White C. W. 23i Grosvenor row, Pimlico, S.W, 
Wilson J, H. 3 Norfolk pi. Marlborough rd. S.W. 
Wilson W. 16 Prince's st. High Holbom, W.C. 
Winget Jno. 1 6 Upper Freeling st. Caledonian rd. 
Zobel Julius, 60 Mortimer st, Caveudish sq. W. 


To AioMteets, Bnildera, fto. 

DAitP AND DRA.ITQHT effectn&Dy excluded tram the bottoms of French Cuenwnt* 
By T. Smitli'B Improrsd Self-aotrng Water Bar. 

idal can oe leen at the Manufiictoiy, 14, QUEEN STREET, OXFORD 
BT, near Bbqhnt SraiBT, oi & Sketch will be sent on applicalian. 

Iron (Bid Brass EaFAQNioLGrr* BOLn of a superior gualitji at reduced prices. 


Builder*, Contractors, and others supplied with Nails, Iron and Iromnongery, of every 
description at the 
A compleU List of which will be forwarded on n^^catioi) to 

FEAHCIS BIAHCHI (late Blyth asd Bianohi), 

Nail Uanufactnrer and General Factor 
BIRMINOHAlf ; and 16, Qbbshui STanr, LoimoN, E.C. 

To Testriu, Board* of Works, Somyon, Contraotors, and Other*. 

JOHN L E W 1 S, OF 46, Kent Street, BoaouGH, S. W.^ 

Hu ilxain b Lurga Stoek of BASS BSOOUB ud Bradia of it» beat d«Kriptlon, of hli own EuuiD&otnre. nMlj 

Bir dallrery. SGAV£H0ER'8 BBOOHS soppliBd bf eontnct ThsTndeuidShlpiHTKDppUed. Brooms foi Ex 

ponsdoiL J. L, cut nier (o Mfsnl Vtalrlu and DlilriM Bo«d( wilta whom he umtncti. 

of the finest Manofs£tni«. SCALES and RULES for all pnipceea. Doublet's ImproTsd 
HEASURmG STAVES, Donblet's Improved MEASUBING tAfES, DoubUt's ImproTed 
LAHD CHAINS. Wamnted not b) Streteh, am be selected from the highlj-finisbed Slock of 
T. and H. DOUBLET, Ho. 5, CITT BOAB, Kear Fintbury Square, London. 


A Jatft and well selected STOCK in all the Tarions Marbles ore on view at the 


marble Gallery, IXEillbank Street, 

tVftich./<ir Slylt of Exeevtion, mm can excel. 


K3.— EsthuatM eiTen for ereir daicriptlon of MARBLE and STONS -WORE., 




Nos. 1 & 2, GT. CHARLOTTE ST., 

BlackMars Boad, 






Estimates Given for Every Description of 
Oas Fittings. 







Can BDduMIn to eunita imr work 1m Aq)hilM of tlM mj flonl S«r*Hl qwiU^, u wellu Tilodid ibA bAH 

PREPARED /or every daeriptum of Building, Railway, and Agricultural Work. 

TEMFBKBD tOt trarjr pnipoH. ritutimi, wd eipmt to IHC7 diBiilo. 


Tbg Tnda lappUed OD idTUitigainu tersu, and uUmitu glT«o for workKTuj nufnUnda; titotcr 

cnr OFFICES, 19, london street, b.Ct oppositb theblacewall railway 

126, BUNHILL ROW, E.G., 

Tlurteen Yeui vrith the 


C. W. Waterlow and Co. 







And Every Desoriptioii of Joiners* Work. 




H lbs pBbUa ta u UupaetlBi of Ui luo tKok d UOHDXEHTB, TOMBS, 4ft,wbkh wU te 





121, Buirani sow, nHSBUitY, e.c., 


niuttrated Littt of Joinery ^ MOULDINGS foneardtd 
Oa Heoelpt of One Stomp. 







Th* Sole Manufaeturert. A Sample Peal cf Eight Bells at the Works. 

W. H. TOR^ 



UlllHUe SUle Nalli, Hsna N^ TOu, Ensia, Pols Ctuiliu, Coach Bollx. AxIh, RItsu, Bum and Iron 
Bcmn, fntl»HipplrcifBiii1dm,C*rpmMn, Smllba, KngUiegn, Coach aud Omalbiu BuUden, •od ih* Tmie la 
4l*winL Uat ofpikea on aji^latloiL 



a<e, S1DS3BS smiEieir, fimura. 

pnUlsBiilldiinPlUMiit W<iiili4>. 3i«iKili,Ac, Saftl;, Efflcimtl;, & B<MiuimiaiIl7ntl»l.~>E>tliiut«f<raa. 


Order* hy Post promptly atlemUd lo. 

, Google '■* 


Hare submitted to their notice these rery reduced piicee, the lowest coneiitent -with . 
re&llj ugeful qualitiea. All Sawn goods cturiage free within three milei. 

f-iach Flooruig (well prepared), lis. 6d. : lin. do. 13b. per bq. . 
Yellow Deals, sound and good. £l9.108-perl20, or3fd.perft. 
Spruce Deals „ 1610s. ,. 2fd. „ 

Yellow Battens, excellent Quality 11 10b. ,, 2a. „ : 

FineFlankB,dry,12ft. 3m.l]yl2ft. 21 „ 3s. 6d. ea. 

Seasoned Mahogany, plank and board, 6d. per foot 

A very large stock, ready sawn and seasoned. 

AI.FRED CAHTER, Old Bethnal-green-rd., IT.E. 



Fine Planks . . .... 36 

Yellow Deals . . .... 3 6 

Spruce Deals . . .... 29 


Floor Boards at Loio as Advertised. 


{Jordan and Iroing's Palentt Combined) 

Patent Wood and Stone Carving, 


-n7A-DrTrnTTRi7s I 28, & 29, Southampton Street, Strand. 
WAREHOVSES, J 43; ^ 44 ' jjaiden ttne, Covent Gardea 


Gibbons and White's Improved Iron Bath. 

fotm wlUi tlH len 70B. 


bUlty gruL 

BBUders BBd tlu Trade Bnpp]l«d on VlHdHiile Xenns. 



I, lUKTMro^*, AXD maunBK'a DiKXctMr. 






Q no 






of g 


-^ M 

m iM 

Ed" n 

bg oa 

■"« s 






I BiaWTOfcT. 





Now miiTersally in 

use throughout 

Okb&t Bbjtaik, 


Ba:Ti9H Colonies, 

Frioe 28s. Each. 




Warranted, and kept in repair for 7 years, either on Private or Public BuildingB. 
Also the Ltout, Eleqant, and Ddsablb 


At 75b., in Malleable Iron. 

Sole Fropiietor of Haigli's Greatly and Jnstljr Approved Hottisiiig, BriUing; 

and Boring lEacliiiie, 

Price £16, Complete, witlj Set of Chisels and Core Driver. 










Are eullf Hied (bj mwiB oT an Eje oi Hook st each end) nu^ beitrElcligdto bIi tlinM the length of the Rubber 

withont breeWiiK— will work op » J.600 jiorl ilrotM per minute— «e nude of eny powor, uul (a •trstchlo mj 

length required. Tbe BDRnna of a Spring can be iItod to 


By mewii of the AannnnliitcrB. For driving Maclilzier;, BoaU, ijglit LivinnotiTeg, Ac. ; for Cable ind TowlDr 
epiingN the Aecumulatora ue sIhi lenluable, udtbrprarontlngjei^jol^lar, abock, udvlbnUw. 

DOOR SFEING-S. {A DUcount to the Tra^e.} 

sue A. la.; B, li.3d.i C, In. M. MCb. Bni:ketairhesreqDlt«d,M, ed.,iiiid lad.eaob, eitia. 


For Doon which open both tcays. 

Prices 149. for liliL; HH. forUn, : and Sua. br alio. Single Dooniud doable price fbr Doable Doora. Eulljr 

fLiad, snd when the Bubber Sprinj i> worn odC. > new one Bm l« npf Ued in u inslut 

Warehouse of the Patentee — 44, Sodthampton Row, Kussbu, 




Office for BritiBb & Foreign Patents and the Registratioo of Designs, 

All Btuhuu Tdaiine to Britiih and Fonien LOUn Falnii nay In tratuactnl at Mt (ffflcc. 
Patoita BoUdlcd. FroTtaloiul Proteutlan obtained, BeArCh» made Tar Bp«daeationB, and Abatraeta of Copla 
lupEJied Spuci]l<Htloiifl drawn or revlKd. Uachlnery designed, and I>nwlnEa made by otnnpfltent draughtaman. 
FnAingadou ana CentlrmuiDiia loUcilsd. SlaclalmerB entered. Adrice on the F&Ient Lawa. Opfadoin on 

._»j .. jiie NoTBlty o( Initntlona aaoorlalnBd. Ornamental Deaigni, Devlcea, and Pattenia, and tha 

soDflgtinttlon of Artlclea of Ttlllly protected comjiletely or prorlalonaSy . 

ToEKOTNiEia&imOTHna.— Thla Office ott^s peculiar adyantageata Mechanical InrentoTBdOBinHia of aecnHng 
tbeir Inrenllnu bj LtUeie Patent, It being niider the direction of an eminent Cnnsolthig Engineer, of great prac- 
tical eipgrtsnce la aclanUlio Patent malten. Itpanseuea alio tlie adiantago of haviHA the as^atance of an eminent 
Practioal Chemiat; there li abo a Raff of experienced Meclianloa] Drauglitanen, uopper-plate EngrKren. and 
Utho^k|iblc Artleti open the uemlacs. 

A Otnnlar of Inlbnnatioii, oonlaining foil partlcuiara aa to tbe coat, fee, of BiitUh and Foreign PaUnti, the 
Dealgna Act. Ac, will be fMwuded upon applliaillon. 

The ChatgeotUda OfflcafOrtbePraiidDoalPtatectlODOf anInTenllon(mid«tthe IB A lel^et a. U),lnelnding 
Ooremment Stamp. Agency, Ac-,lg £10 iOa. 

ArUiaiu >i«vii« ImfentloiM of merit niU be tKM«d Ubendly and adTantageonaly ai to psymenla. 

Address to the Proprietor—'' THE ARTIZAN" Patent Office, 


Free by Post for Two Stamps, HINTS TO INVENTORS intendiag to obtain Lelien 
Patent for their Inventiojis, by an Eminent Patent-Law Harrisler, 

TB> AMHmot'B, BDiLDBfi'i, atTxTXTOR'a, AND ai<ontHB&'* DiuonntT. 

London ft Westminster Marble Works, 



B^H to inform Architects, Bmldera, ftc, that he cm supply 



And erery description of 


Twentj per Cent Cheaper than any other House in in the Trade. 



Bilmmdn, GupICali, Tnuwa, Termlulg, Fonntiliu. and Vbh; b1». EnuDellgd BtoDB CUmlwy-plHU, oTgreit 

Bnal; ind NorBlly at reduced pricu. Svrry ileJcri;>Cwi ^ 0ra» Sttnia, JTmumsUol or Mural Uttnatiali, 

Spaa Marker*, and IndicaUm, for Crmtttna, tbe- 


IntaluHe In Its qipUcBtlaii toPnbLk BdlAoM nod Prltate RealdeDcn. BjttiU piocen ifat KtMX ud moit 
ftUiila SWm wi ba Tcodand Iiomuini ud Ihfbubulb. Dfo^ U obm umted ud prerenud. 


K*mifhDta«dfiir«ei7PjintaorI>aiBenisPiiR»w,t»rKwiU!lvHotlM.FDtdkiCa^ Btmml 

BimdredTlHBMiidOiiOcauorWiiM in ratsndDKUrbTlUiiwHna'i Patent StoDsnilaiDitailM tatOa Town 
.^SonthiaptaD. TbB]' hare alK bau adopted b^r the AdmlnJcr, iha Board or Otdnanca, «£■ CakHdal Latidand 
EmlgnthHi CoounluioiHri, ihe CItjr of Bslterdain, and otbupubllobadSeB for NrBrtd years, iritli the most Hrftct 
aaogm For nmtier putkiilin. ipednuaa, lUutratlasa. aiid Bgenclae, appl/to Mr, Fr«dk. Ranaoow, Whlt^iall 
yibtlt, CaiuHM Bow, Westmlnatar ; or PaHot SVaie Wbrks, Ipawliih. A Ubeial Dlvnont dloHed lotbe Tmda 
or to Shlppan. 



LINSEED OIL, la. 4d. ; 


CARRIAGE COFAL, per gaUon, 14b. 

DryandOnntndColoun, Bruihn, ^e.,for Cath 


Every article regui*ite/or the Trade at the Loviett Price, 
N.B. The above Pricea Bubject to the alterationof the Hgrket. 





Steam Removed from Shop and all I a Contracts given for Ventilating Churehet, 

Windows. fe -s Hoipitalf, Greenhouses, Stable*, and 

and III EfecU Removed. | 




Patent self skadawed Glass Church and other Windoms, tfC. fc- 









SpecimeuB at ATchitectand Exhibi- 

Carpenter, Joiner, and Undertaker, 

All kkidg ot BUnds Uade, find ud BaptJrad, Cupsti t>k«n np, batt ud nlild. 

Packing Casts made on the shortett nottce, 


Grey Lime, White Building Lime, and Chalk Lime 

or Sapulor QruUty, fur BnOtUng, Ou FuiiC|in|[» And AgilciJdml Pnrpom, 

KINQ'S GROSS STATION, LONDON, or any other Station on the GREAT 

OrdAn m enqoLrlei tddimmi to 







ByHerKajoBty's ^Am|^^ Boyal Letters Patent 


For all Ootiun«'cial, Kannfactnrisg, Railway, and ISmiiig Uses. 












Hobb's New Mortise Locks, lOs. 
Hobb's 2-Lever Mortise Locks, 6s. 6d. 

Hobb's Night Latches, 2 keys, 10s, 
Hobb's Drawer and Cupboard Locks, 

From 28, 6d. 



" ENGINEER," &c. 31iii,3s.6d.aiidSs. 12m. 5s. 

Lnproved Drawing Instrumeiits, Scales, Curves, &e. 

Emn uscnniM v amKnia ismuiran, 

See Stanley's New Drawing Pen. 

WILLIAII F. SIANLET, aate Stanley and Bobinson.) 

Manufactory — 3, Great Turnstile, Homobn, 



Clarence Wharf, Addington Square, 




Wholesale and RRTiui,. | PICKLING TROUGHS, &c., ke. 

SLATE ROOFING af every deicription executed with dispatch. 

*,* Ezpehenc«d Workmen aent to any part of the B^ingddm. 

On Hand, 29 lin. SL.iTE STEPS, principally Winders, Grooved for Risers. To be 

Sold a BargtuD. 


Aleo Pieeeifir TRUSSES, MORTARS, ^e., at reduced prices. 


248, CIIY ROAD, E.C. 




8BLLIK0 of HOUBEB, BtUta. CDontiT BenUsooss, Biutnea PnmlHi, ud ilK foi Ctis 
sa ud nunifsnent ot ERMM. CoUeolliiy KMiu, Ae. ViluiUnaa liir l^ncj, pnbMa nod 



and KO RBHT to pny. AppljM thcoffluiiif UuiBlBKBECK fiUILDINC) 

^ =._... .._ iniijiim Ctinowy L-uir. 




unptDn Bidldlng^ Ohuioen Ijub, Prosnll oT Sodatla— Hnmban esrolkd, £1,000. Stunt Innid, £3,I0a 
Adnnnd to Hemben on land. CU,OOD, Adruxitd to Hemlnn oo M HD1IH^ i:i1,ma. ToUl Amonat 
noelved, Clll.ixia. A bduU Ptuophlat, ooohdidiif sll psrtleului, iii*;)>o obUlned gntli, or Hnt pun ln» on 


BIRKBECK BANK FOR SAVINGS. Deposits reoiived. Five per cent. 
lBl«rut. Offloe;— LmdoD Kectunia' loWltntlaii. 3a, Soathunpton Bnlldlngi, Chuntcr Luw. OfflM 
lumnfhHD II tUlOd^y, udoa Haaday udftuiirdATETeDiiigifrom T Ul]9r Fkahcu RAVDncBorr, Huiab:u. 




UonamsnMlWoikln StnuindHiirtile. Uodeli fSr Inn Work ««D(cd In Wood Mid Pluler. ArcblUctlml 




■sqniUllt Pfimnu In the ibore Tnda tbU he bu an buid ■ qouully of Bluk or Orey-FKad FUnU n> 
- " — -" ■" — olK OniinnwiUl FUntj tOr Iawu and Pleamre GronmiB 

BaihUnp ForpoMfl, ._ ^ ,_.. , 

ud cu Mivly unr vwnllty tat Potteiy Pnrmiwi, 

GK. P R 1 S L K Y, {From the Surrey Metal Company, London Road,) 

Tin, Tin Plate, Zinc, Lead, Wire, Stub, and General Ketal DetUera, 

Hunbetann of BToy DtHrlptlon of Plmnben' BnH Work ud Ou ntten' FKtlnti, Ao. Ou FlUlngi Repaind 
and BnUvmatiti. Old U«U1 tikv In Euhasga. 



ALL sorts of Chairs, Sofas, FanoT 'I'ables, Music Stands, Stools and Scraens 
mad* to Order. AU urti of Old Cuijnn Mule Va utd Kap^red. Ceblnel, Oul end Spin! Turnery in 
«U lu bnnDba. I«dlea' Needlswoik MeUly Kounlcd. Fumllore SenOj Bepalred. Brench Poliihbig, kc 



Civil £iigiiiaer. Surveyor, and Ordnance Kap Agent, 

Hasbedilea the taaul Stock. " LOKDOH," on §10 ataeeli; "IRELAND," tie. 
Utbogrvphy, FrlnUng, Drawlo^, Copying, Ac, executed- 


CIvjI Engineer, Bnrreyori ud Valuer to the Ijinded Eitetee CovtB, Ordnenoe 
Printing end Utbognphy axeeuted. 
3S, ParHmmat Str«tl, London, OML \5, Henriettoritrttt, Dublin. 

, acitDBR », eiTHTBYoa a, 




For Mar'ait and othtr Steam Enginti, Cravk Ska/ii, Railaay Axki, Shipi* Kneu, and 

Hammered Iron o/every description. 

HuwaiB) »uns or luiis up n 40 fit la ibhtr, 

All kinds of Railway Ironwork and Smithi' Work of all deacriptiotiB. 
Ironfounders, Agricultaral Implement, and Iron Fencing Manufaeturert. 



FOR covering TLAT ROOFS, PAVING and FLOORING of every deecrip- 
[hm. Mp«lall5 Iti places inblnt to Dmmii Mid Infutsd with Tennia, Tlili Aqihatta li naw attadnlf 

I pnTdDdDir ttie eeaentlDa of 
FILKIKGTON. IS, Fira STun Sul, Li 


« MaDufuturer of Im^vAd Wrougbt-lniii Flre-proof Boom*, Ztfyt, Door*, GhoatA, Dc«d 80x01,^,0111 
le lowest poBitbls lermt. The Trade supplied. 


of wall-Hoaoned nutulali uil nperlor noitiDaiiBhlp, Fopplled it Ihg lowen pmdble prtca, bj 

J. HILLS, 110, Broadwall, and 7, Prinoei Street, Stamford Street, 

(LM* Bbap Foruun to Uessi. LswiwiDe and Sana.) B; cacloabieiFoilses SUmpiruUllBLttf PrivaDlB 

DRAUliHTS and Dl'ST round Doors nnd Windows effectually prevented by 
aKEENWOOD'8 PATENT raDIA-SCBBEH MOUIJJINGS. tte nulfal, mort ilmpla, kH 
-«--tu»l meUiod of iDiklDg alr-tighl JolnU 10 Jolnera' or CsblnM Work, 6ld or 
V. Self acting Spring Stops, rCir the boltoma of doors. The moat Imperfect door 
IS made alr-Ught without re-huiglng The Trade nippUel on llbenj tSnu. 

10, Arthur Street West, LoTubm-bridge. 


.D, Manufacturer of 

IVAT0RIS3. Church and 
ly deaf^. CaSQiDeiiLa and VcDtllaUire of erery defcrlpdoiL Fanlight Lampt 
mada and filed. Air Cspi flied In Bkjllgbti. Caeemenia fitted In aaabsi. Zinc Work to Ords, 


Qu Lantami aopplled to tba Trad* loirer than any Hooaa In London, 100 alnya on Stock. UatotFrtoea 

fumlataed and Kit P'^et tm. BURROWS. No. 37. St. John'i Lmm, West Smlttifidd. 

URBINES.— WILT,1AMS0N BROTH KRS, Canal Iromwokks, Kemdal. 

ECLanntaatun PATENT TUSBINER adapted for any power or Iielgtit of bD. and ponenlnc r*It adian- 

to ba one of ihe rnaat nsefnl and eOdeiit ln™nttons for hatif Ing W Indow Satlle^ of any weUhl, uf 
AlubUKegliUmdCJidln, ftirLumpe, Chanrtelicia. *& Soldby eTetjre«pect«1)lelronmongmlntl»l 

), buildkb'*! bdbtbtob'i, 


Albion Wharf, Holland Street, Black&iars; and Eingaland 

Basin, Kingsland Bead, London. 

^^z^^^z::^ ^^3^^n 

Omsuusui. Ton 10 u uuhid » Oioomi Bmoi 


Albion Wharf, Holland- street, Blackfriaxs. S. T. ; Hillbank-street. Weet- 

minster, S. W. ; Eingsland BaBin. Eingstand Road, H. W.; Limekiln Hill, 

limebonse, E. ' 

Mbsbhi H. ft Co. mh prompUj eiooolfl from Uia 


Channel Bricks and Cltakem, »Uo Duloh CUnkors. 

qualily, orders for Iha (oUo-ing BniWlJig MwerUU; 
Orey Stone, Chalk. Flare, snA Blue Liu Lima. 

Yorkshh^ Puillk*. Plain Ulo, Bldge TOea, and Farias 

Bomim, Pontand, Kceue'i, UuUn'a, and FotlHii 

Terra-cotla, Cement, and Bed Chimney- pole of Tariom 


Cgirtey and Kent BrloXs. 

Bed and Olawd Htonewnre DHdnpir** Ti»pa, Ac, 

White anil Bed Suffolk Facing Briokn, Door Jambfc 

and g)<l»B. 
Yellow and Pale Halm CntUn, PlcUngi, Farion, and 

and Tiles of every descHpUim and Hie. 

EneUsh and Dutch While Olued lU.i for lining 


dairies and lardeie, flre-f.Hces, 4c. 

Garden border Edsines in Bed ware, and In Terra- 

Sand, Baltasl, and other b£ldia| mawrialL 

buff colour.. 

Wito T«To MatBlllc Rooflng Tiles or rarloB. de BlRT. : 
TailoQ-.adapIed A'TIberoola of buildings In IheGotblc 

•,• OooJj/CTTiPanirf 6^ Jtolhwy HiA ditpaUl: 

ityle of uchlticlire. and for ohurches c epKliilly, 

WorlB. Chalk, Filol, uid Ballart Wbirra- 

Mr. 0. Bro-n> Red and Green Mdging, wMi iham- 
i™dere.n,krpl In Slock. 

Theodolites, Levels, OircnmferenterB, 
,HatheinaticaI Drawing Instnunents, 
Ivory and Bosewood Scales, Tapes, 
Chains, Levelling Staves, T Squares, 
Bnles, Fentagraphs, Telescopes, Micro- 
Boopes, Protractors, &e., &e. 



Near the New Wettmnater Bridge Work*, 

Resfbotfolly calls the ftttention of ProfcMional Oentlemea and the Public generally to 

hii Stock of New and Seumd-hand Instnunenta of all kixda, the latter by the most 

eiteemed Mahera. 

An IlbittraUd Price Lilt fonoardei bij Pott, free on applieation at abovt. 






Price Lilt *ent <m receipt of Pottage Stamp. 

OAS! G AS!! G AS!!! 


22 & 23, NEW CUT, LAMBETH, 

Splendid Cat GUm Three Light Chandeliers . . . . . £3 ID 

Ditto Two Light ditto . . . 2 10 

Handsome Cut Qlaaa Brackets . . 12 

Chandelien and Biackets in Brass, &o. 

A rery Handsome Three Lirht Cbaadeliei, (to Slid*) , . . 2 

Ditto Two Light ditto . . . . 10 

Telescope Single Lights . . . , . .060 

Brackets, Tery Handsome, from 3a. Gd. upwards. 

Very H«ikdBome Stained Qlass Hall Lanterns . . . . 116 


GAS APPARATUS, for Boiling Kettles, ftc, . 4s. 6d. 


.Chandeliers for Front Room, Two Light, Sliding; ditto. One Light, Sliding, for Back 

Room; Bracket for Bedroom ; Haip Light for the HaU ; BwingLighl for Kitchen; fixed 

witli Glasses, all complete for £3 10s. 


DAVID BLISS, 22 & 23, New Cut, Lambbth.' , 

ASCHmOt'B, ■eiLDSk'B, ■VKTBTOA'a, AND BMaiNBItt'l sntMnDKT. 



Maniifaetvrer of all kind> of 



T. P. mpectftilly hiTttu Iha UlsaUon ul Aichil 
BOILER, br which ■ S'fMt Iialh, pHpertj sliugsd. 

Aichiteot^ Bidldai, ud gltitn, to big PATENT OAS BATH 

pnilKiMcifmniUiMtlluMi, ud bM ■ piunt •■Id( bunm, ta'tnni ontmKli, fortl^Uuc » 
- -■ ~ ■ thleTOHxKki, longalatetluiDra^or wUer, Wtuhsd, and Fi 

!b Uoea WMmar , 

Uoen Wumn-. £ 

Ou Btovei from ISi. CoAlne AppirUU frDm £1. tot BouUog. BaUig, Ac BiUi, CaoMmtailu. Fnblio 
Buildings Aj:;, heated by piu fir boL ntter. B4(>ib enoued In maboffuiy, plain wood, oi oik, uid fliod od 
r«uoubL« Mnni In uiypul oftlw oonntiy. Ealoiatet ■»] pUniglTOZL A pnMpfietiw 1901 Frw by put 
M.B, — Eraj utklt wunnled. 

Glazed Stoneware Pipe and Fire Brick Works, 


Bemored from 48 to 29 Tetter Lane, near Fleet Street 


(Siuxtuor to J. WADE.) 



Mannfiicturer of Hall find Table Lamps, Olass Chandeliers, and. 

Gas nttings of Every Description. 

Brati Worker in General. — 0/rf Work Cleaned and Lackered, 


^fltitan anlr ^ortlanir Cements, 



Can be had in any quantity, Wholetale and Retiiil at hia Wliarf, 

6, Upper Thames Street, London; 


N.B. — These Cementt supplied for ihipment, on adTsntageouB tenni. 








wallacIe works, 


To BrassfounderB, EngineerB, Beflners, &c. 


HAVING completed the ealargement of their premises, bep 
to caU the attention of all users and Bhippera of MELTING POTS 
to the great supeiiority of the PATENT CRtTCIBLES, which have 
been used during the last three years by some of the largest meters in 
England and abroad. In addition to theii capabilities of melting an arer- 
age of from thirty-fiie to forty pourings, the^ ore unaffected by change 
of tepperatore, never craok. but canbe used till worn out, requiring only 
one annealing for several days' work, and become heated much more 
rapidly than ordinary pots, Meeting thereby asaving of more than fifty 
p^ cent, in time, labour, fuel, and waste. The I'atent Plumbago 
(^cible Company also manu&ctnre and import clay crucibles, muffles, 
portable furnaces, sublimate pans and covers, glass-pots, all descriptions of fire standing 
ttooAt, and every requisite for the assayer and dentists. Tor lists. Testimonials, ftc, 
't BatUTsea Works, London, S.W. 





113, & 114, BLACKFEIAES EOAD, S., Near the Magdalen. 



CHESS TABLES, SL.^BS, and ORNAMENTS, &om the Serpentine of the Lizaid 

Rock, Cornwall, and everj other descriptiou of Maible and Stone. 


London Offioe-9. BSOAD STBEET BtriLDINOS, CUT. 



PERSONS about to decorate should inBpect SILAS TUCKER'S splendid 
MioniBSDt <f Fapei-tauigingi, u hia nmnhoiue, 134, High HoUnrn, IS doaRnM ot UUlaQi ' ' 

LoDdDD. EiUiDBtcfl Urga for bvqt^ kind o( deoontloD^ Hlao for geneial np^in Ln Town oi 00 

Mil. WILLIAM NAISH, of Newport, Monmouthshire, Inspector of Hails, 
beg* moat ieHp«ctliilly to u^tulat Meicbanu, Bioura, Englae«n,uid othen CDnsHtod with thoBriUali 
Icon Tnde, Ihkt he lUn unllnnfa la Eiecnla Orden oT Inap«tlon Uiioujb tha tMou dWHeu of Bonth Wiila 
uidadjuent Ifonworlu; tod confldfintlr rofsn to tho uUttectlob whLcli hia lapenijLon tau giTOn during the 
lut thlrtein ?cin te eiponen of nil* I» tha CulMd awMa and tlie Cuiadu. niwtUBllo CooHngnUJ Esrope, 
H ft proDi of the fidelity, unnilneu, und pnmplltndo at Ui iupMUou*. H. B.— Chldn, BjAkM, (od nMr oUw 

ram axchttbci'i, mnvBTtn't, BtnLmB*!, Aim ■nonxnt's 




















The Sets, which hare for ten years been eitcnsivelr uecd in Uanchester, Bristol, Leeds, 

Hull, and oth^ laige towns, comhine, in & higher degree than anj others, the qiuilitiea of 

roughnesB in wear and durability, 






WB. solicits the mspeetion of ARCHITECTS, BUILDERS, &o., to his 
• Great Improvement in Enamelled Glass. Any sized aqnare can now be done to 



THB ISCHrmrr'S, flUKVKTOB'B, BCILDm'B, UTD kkoinkkb'b disbotoht. 





BEG to call the attention of the Building Trade to their exteuBive and varied 
atock Dt IicmmangBv. ud BeU Huglng UUeiUlL FlfH, Oatl«n. fei.. Ac. al Wboltuta Priota 
■ "----'-- — — — - ..... Patent Em*.. 

pufiikn nldectlolbe uUon of U» Are. and im » Hiuged that tlieir an be eudiyrqAusd: tnt moaomj nt 
Itaal It bu na <au«1, ud Uis VsoillMion of ths Oieo it perteet ; ll can M bul from 3-CMt B to l-feet 6, with OTUi 
and boUer, oi i-laiit i u> 6>hM wllli 3 oroiu ud back IwUsr 3-fHt 

atock Dt IicmmangBv. ud BeU Huging UUeiUlL Flpca, Oatl«n. fei.. Ac. al Wboltuta Priota 

' " ■ ' nblcb CUD fia had on aj--"— " — *- -.i^-i-- - — -> .._...__ ,...,_ - 

PanlaUir Cloie. or Open _. 

ODDt All In act In ■ Are plioe, or Id tha 0[>eD air, Ihe Boat beli^ perfsOlj (oi 




And Blue and VhiteLJ as Lime BnmerB. 

London and West of England Cement Works, 



Tha moat durable Hydraulic Cements and Limes in the Maiket. 

FSItX'S Patent Fiie-ResiBting (212°) and Buiglar-Fioof 







ILI.II8TBVTED FsicB LisTS & Testiuontals &ea on application. 


Aid 1, Cutle Street, ■•liMn, E.C., 




(Ftrioiitalllaiati) Aactim/^Priiftrly 1^ ait diieriplimectrynTK Wt^i aitB/trOu^^tttitf 
MiMdiBiiBcnu ud HonseboU ElIMi, v^ SbXJkB In TruWnflaTI kinib- 

Cuh Advanced to aii7 Amount.— EDWIN WHITS, Proprietor. 





Hann&ctoier of eveiy description of CastingB, 





Cjionklira, Imn)r0, ^eniioiria, 33toclttte 




iaia«n,aiEn,pausiiEDPun PATBniigiiBiiiinHi>uiE,cou)iiiiED,ioiguHEnu 


Builders Sashes. Primed and Glazed from Bd. per foot. 



Glass Shades and Stands, Aquariums, &c.. &c. 


32, LONG ACRE, LOKDOIT, W.O. oc^lc 

■ laOOITHn'B, STBTnOK'l, w 

IK 1, AiTD maiim i 




SUCCESSOR to Charles D. YOUNG and Co., MaDufecturer of IRON and 


1 to 6fL, plBln fV BklfUllHd. 




" SlabU Fittingt of the Mont Approped Comtruction" 

R. B.— A Lhk* ud roll; Ehutnted CaUlogiie U nov nMj, and iHll be mt fr« «i AppBaUoB. 




i, Sippng nnii fitting ItlBtalif, 





121, DBnSY LANE. 


or dtaigruJumitAed/or the tame. ' 8 

D EiatNBm'g DisBcrosT, 


Door Aethm Clooet Idunbert'i Ball Vain. 


Fatenttts of the Migli-preMure Valve Cockt, 





THE CONSERVATIVK LAND SOCIETY.— Freehold Plots on the followine 
Tduble EiUtn ■» now on Sale, the tufcor of uch Plot Twlnj allowed to bmnur tena-ttAOM of t£ 
; Toltenhamj Enfldd^ Brlgbton: TimlntilcB W^Ui FOnM 
; Beidlngj Wajmouthi HslieniHUI; TunioD; LwdLMid 
jrTd. by I'oBl. will bo MDt toBUMrtof HidTnttedKliiitdom. 

ANTONIO AND LOUIS CAPRONI, Moulders and Figure Makers 
No. 19, ORAT'S INK LAME,HOLBORN,I.ONI>ON. Ptairo. for UithU imd G»rdm* Flmi™ P^m-J 
«Hl Bioo«d, M«k. Uk«i ecom Uio Living ud Dad, CoonBy OrES^i^^ C^ wE^^^^SJS^ 

TEE jjui axvBJi 'a, edbvetob's, Bciuns'B, un> bnoinbh'i muotost. zzm. 




u fued Gd. na Inch a 

The; are wamnted tigbt under any pnrauie mch articles are wuaUy mbjected to, and an 
rapidlj' coining into general nsa. 


All sizes from 2 to 12 inches Icept in Stock. OtlieT bIhi on tlie Shortest Notice. 







Coloiu., P.Iiit., ud YuiMial, ta Swt Fukuc., ftn EIporOtlH). For mnplM. UM of utldu, He Put OOc 
lAndm ulrecttry of Itii, 2149, 



Ttiese Gtuf es are now in use for the following purpoeea : 

Heating stoyes of Bla«t Fumacea, Boiler Flnea, Marine and LocomotiTe Smoke Boxes, 

Supeibeated Steam, Chemical Works, Oea Works, Gunpowder Mills, Baker's Ovens, 

Annealing Ovena, Candle Workl, Sugar Ke&neries, Hop and Malt Kilns, &c., Ac, &c. 

This Heat Qnage may be had with a Recording Apparatus, by which the Temperature 

down continaoualy by a pencil on a slip of paper. 



write* down the Temperature of the Atmosphere, in Dwelling Rooms, Out of Doors, 
in Hot-houses, &c. 

Patentee— W. H. GAUNILEIT, 







EARNESTLY eoKcit the continued aupport of their numerous 
Friends, Agrieulturiata, Shippers, and OtliarB ; tlie additions made to their Worka 
during ihe present year, in the erection of new sets of Workahops, fitted with the best 
mechanical appliance* for producing Machinery of the most improved c 

expeditiously and ecoaomically, juatifles their wlicitJng increased snpport, while their 
leading reputation as Inventors and Uonufacturers of Fibst Clabb Agricultur^ Machine^, 
is a Bofflcient guarantee that every Hachine supplied from Le'atoa. Works will prove to 
the entire saCisfactioa of the purchaser. 
B. G. ft S. aM now manufacturing the following Machinec and Implemenli, irhich. 
they guantntee to be thoroughly efficient in erery respect .-~ 

From 4 to 40 Hoiie Power, suited for erery kind of work to which Steam 
Power is applied. 


SAWING MACHINERY, from 4 to 20 Horse Power. 

PORTABLE AND FIXED MACHINERY, far Thmshmg and DrasiDg Com. 

CORN DRESSING MACHINES, fot Hand, Horse, Wster, and Steam Power. 

CHAFF CtmERS, ibc Hand, Horse, Water, and Steam Power. 








Of which full detailed particnlara will be found in R. G. & SONS' iLiiUBTKAnm 
Cataloodb, sent postage free to any addieas, in English, French, or German j and 
any of the above MAcHines will be ehown in operation at R. G, & Sons* Farm, near 
the Works, on their receiving a few days' notice, 
A Copy of R. Q. & SONS' new Colonul List will he forwarded free to «nv of the 
Colonies, and Shippers will be supplied with these lists, with their names andaddressea 
printed on, free of charge, by maiing application for the same. 









Improved Boman and Portland Cements 

3, Canal Road, Elngsland Bridge. 



Orel/ Sfone and Chalk Lime Supplied Fresh Jrom the Kiln. 





Manor Street, King's Boad, Chelsea. 


THE ahchubci'b. 



77(6 only Blind Maker in London working exclusively for the 
Trade is 


1, Rutland Street, & 6, Oheval Place, Brompton, 



Conserratory Awning, Horizontal and Outside Shop Blinds 

executed on most Approved Principles, lower than any other 



A List of Prices forwarded, Postfree, on application. 
^riwrs from aU parts of i\t Country ««(utt!& luit^ inspatcl^. 

To prevent appHcafiimtfrom private indiKiduaU, or ptrtotu unconnected rcith any branch 

in Ihe Tradi, J- W. most regpentfully informt Ihem he cannot execute (heir ordert, hit 

buniteit being txcluahely ipith the Trade. | , 

rsK MMcamct'a, builpbr'i, 







To which they beg to cBll the 

lie generally. . _ 

aimplicily every other of iti kind ; at the 
' same time it lemoves those difficultie* in iha 

patenu. This is effected hy to making the 
under rose that it can he detached, (see 
Fig Sands). 

Lock Furniture of every deacriptioit and 
quality, IB Qlau, Ormolu, China, M'ood. 
&.C., can be obtained, with thes-e I'atent 
Mountings, at the Warehoutea, 5 & 6, Broad 
SUeet, Bloomabury, W.C. 


Are the Only london Agtaata fi» a 



The advantage of this invention is that it 
is Self-taatenine, and cannot be un&stened 
I'rom the outside, tbua aflbidiiig perfect Be> 
curitj against robbery and accident, to both 
of which the use of Uie ordinary coal-plate 
frequently leads. 


Also JDTlta Ulsnthin tottulr aioct oF 



Wlilcli IncdiidH erery uUda fOi Stable hn. 


Keep in Stock Wrou^ht-Iroit 
Flitches for Building Purposes. 




XXVIII. TKM Amosmcn'B, siriLSKa'i, bdbtktob'i, akd BMatNnt&'i vibsotost. 



New List of Reduced Prices 

b now readj, and maj be Iiad on application. 

Sheet QUas. fouitha, in 200 feet caae8, at 2Bb. 6d. pet case. 

„ diiida „ 34i. 6d. „ 

„ lecond* „ 60«. „ 

'„ beat „ SOs. „ 

Boxes of 100 feet each, at IOb., 12a., 14s,, ot 16a., aceotd^ to aize. 

2IoE., 2S0E., 31az,, and 42aE., in Tarious qualitiea. 


I6oE. and 21oi. Ground Iilatted GIbbs of varioas Patterns, and Coloured Glass; British 

Plate aiasa. Patent Plate, Cast and Rolled Rough Plate, from l>Sth to 1 inch thick. 


Qenuins White Lead, 32a. 6d. ; Second ditto, 30b. ed. pei cwt. Linseed Oil, Boiled 
ditto. Turpentine. Pale Oak Varniih, 7b. 6d. ; Carriage ditto, lOs.; Copal ditto. Us. per 
gallon. Dry and Oround Colours, Brushes, &c. 

TJ^ aborepiicea aubjectto ibe fluctuation of the markets. 


Liji Pump§ and Pumps /or Deep Well* ; PlainandSun/cffandle Water- Cloielt. 

Cocks and Valves of erery description. 
Hilled Sheet Lead and Pipe of all sixes. OldLeodboughtor taken in exchange, 

T. lOLLINOTON, 87, Bishopegate Street Without, Loudon. 

Eilabluhed apwards of Oik Himdred Year: 



|nra furWes, iates, |rira & Wm Jfnra«, 

And even/ description of Wirework on the lowest terms. 


BUILDEBS anpplied with all sorta of 

Wire Work Sieves, Screens, & Window 
' Blinds, 


ittndi, Cinder Rocfeen, 

NuT8ffl7 Fenders.— Corn, Lime, Malt and Feather Screens.— Chair, Solk, and M attress 
. Springs. Manufacturer of eyery description of Wire Work and Wire Oooda, Useful or 

nn UMHiTKi^B, Btnuira'fl, imTSToa'i, Aim moimaa'B d imuhjm t. xzts. 

iimniif imio to ni rctuc. 

Bttt TnTdwM Bum OB Easy nmi of 

B. JOHNSON, (from Broadwood's), 


'With Matallic PlaW and Sikipended Soundin; Boards, rendering them fit for aity extreme 

cliniBte, and which may be teen manufaatured on the premiseB, aa aboTe, thereby eiubling 

B. JOHNSON to wartuit them for any length of time. Price, from IS OumBae. 


raiHiciiniB vxms wtixm, MRmtswrn, 



Ever; dtacription of Ornamental Gate ot other Fancy HinRea, Oothic, Mediteyal, Bliza- 

bethaa, or made to imj deiign. A^ kind of Loclu made to Fatteni. Engineering, 

Turning, Boring, Screw Cutting, Haning, Shaping, Punching, Sec, to the Trade. 




No. 70, Great Portland Street, Oxford Street, 

Where you can Beleot irom the Laigast and Most Extensive Assortment in the Kingdom, 

Thirty per Cent. Cheaper than any other House in the Trade. 
BttUderi, Decorators, Dealers, ^ Large Conmmeri miU do leell to vail this EsUAUshmeni. 

To Architects, Bmld«rB, Iromnongers, &c. 

Wood, China, OlasB, and Brass Letter Manufacturers, 

For Fixing on Fronts of Houses, Public Suildinga, Shop Fronts, ftc. 


For Casters, Patterns, Tomba, Uonuments, Alt«i-Pieces, &c 

Co Ogle 


(iale of At Firm of S, Bxehardt j- Co:) 





Iron Pails, Lighter Locks, &o. 


Observe the Address — 
Opposite the British Plate Glass Companjr. 


The attention of AKCniTECTS, BUILDERS. &c., is invited to 

"THE mhiH" "-4 "C8STERN" FILTERS, 



They are acknoirledged by all who have tried them to be the bent Filters evei pio- 
dnced In use at the GoTerrment Establishmenta, and of the East India Company, the 
Flee Drinking Fountains, &c., &c. 


Either fur Engineers' and Smiths' wort, following Whitworth's thread ; or for Qas and 

Hot Water Work. Four and even mnie eiies aie cut with one pair of die:-, no matter 

what Oie vatiation in pitch of thread. The time sived is immense. No loose dies to get 

lost or damaged, 

Frospeetuses and prices furwar.ledon application to the Patentee, 


Manttfacturer of all Jdnds of Stocks and Dies, Gas Tongt,Plitrs,^e.,^c., 

70, HATTO\ GARDEN, LONDON. £.0. , 




British and FatMit Plate, Crown, Sheet, Horticnltural, Stained, 
Coloured, Ornamental, Gronnd, Fluted, Bough Plate, Photo- 
graphic, and every description of Glass. 

Estimates and Price lAsts forwarded free on receipt of business 
card, addressed to 






Large Slocks of Looking Glasses mid Silvered Plates, 

(Belgian and Frencb,) always on lumd, 

Wabehouse— 3 6, STRAND, LONDON. 

The attention of Architeets and BuUdert is moti retpect/ully nailed lo 



Ackiiowledged to be the best far theii UTeial purpose*, andtootMerre that tlie Name and 
Addreu is stamped on each, thu^- 

" Smith, Patentee, 69, Princea-gtreel, Leteeiter-iqmre, London," 


;, Google 





Mm (DimiEX IBillKSlEB, 



109, Borough Bead, Southwark, S. E. 



Price Litti on Application. 



{Late Foreman to MeMr$. Uinton (r Co^ 


Floors and Walls of ChnrcIiES, Halli, C<«MrrBtoriM, Vsatibnlee, Area*, Dairie^and 

Botcbers' Shops lined with MomIc and Eucatutic Venetian and Patent Compreaaed Tilea, 

N.B. A Choice Collection of Specimen* on Vtete. 

S. BABNETT, Engineer, 


, . . .'. br more 1 

NOi 1 SODA WATER MAGHINEl Foriiw«UhUie3-U«»lDiTlngUKUi». 

The iLLrsTBATED AKD Descbiptivb Catalogue of eUher Branch forwarded 


Evtry deaeriplion of Frame supplied to 




At ManufEictarer'a Prices. The Trade Bupplied. 

Observe— 59, Vych Street, opposite the Olympic Theatre, 
Strand, L<mdon, W.C. 

N.B. A choiet teUetion of OH Pamtingt and Engravings always on hand. 





AH kinds of Ornamental Work supplied. 



D. PALMER, (fbom Eveeed's ) 
German Silver, Brass and 6hm Uetal rounder, 


Culer'g VulvcB. Judkin'a Patent Gob BeffUlatofB. Bnira Tube, Blain and Twiited, Com* 

pOBiUon Pipe and Iron Bairel. 1' iniahed Qaa Work — Lacquei and Bionze. Old Brasa 

and Coppar Botiglit 



Ever; deBCtiption of Marble and 8loiic Work executed on the thoitest notice and mOBt 


AlwajB on View. Estimates given to any amount. The Trade supplied with Slab, fcc. 

Proprietors, BEEVES BROTHERS. 

The ot^ White Zinc Work* in the Kingdom. 

Hubbuok's Patent White Zinc Paint. 

Mart Falnlsn ud Decontura bara narer Ken raallf good Zinc Pilut, or tbey •waa'A not dbo ao^ aOur Fiilat 
ri>r th^ beM work- The ailulter&lixl artTcJe bean Docomparlwn wlUiUie ^eouiDe- 

Hiune Paint Orinden idulUnle Zbio wllh BuljrfiaU of BuTtea, em to tb* eilent oT tnent; at tbirty pn cent. 
Wbuber»ld u "Iioprored Zinc Pi^t," oi cwidiOly ull^nd u Dumber Two m l^ins qu^Ulei, ttae workman 
will Dalurall/ coodcmD aunh Point alloBotber. 

Hubbock'fl Patent pnoeu oompleteljr ntfafj London atmcapbere, bUge wiitef, lad %w ander everj form. 

Baeh Caek is Stamped " HuBBncK, Lokdow, Paikwt." 




Beit Cut Claap nnd Kose NftlU. BeEfHer Btorea tnm 41d- pe' Ineh. 

IJ-lOCh, Itimh. a-tadl. SJIn. S-Icoh, Ditto, wllh Fancy Brackot Hob>, from Ed. per inch. 

\!a Ifii. lU 19*. lli.peiowt ElUpCleBtonia. wlUil>(Hib]eBaaka.2ia.i)erliicb. 

Bert Sheet Floor Brada, lla. par owt. Self-acting CctUge Bangei, with Oren vid Uidls'. 

Best CntLMh Nalli. 19^ percwt 30-ln. I4l B3-la.16> M-In. !«>. 3e-ln.Sto 

6-bich Bim LookL wUb bttt Amdtnre, 6fl. per dona. Beat Baagoa, with Wrfaicht Ban and Brlglrt FLtUnga. 
e-incfa Solid Wsid Uonlse Locki, with do. 31i,do. U-lo. Ma. SC-lE.»6g. 38-ln. eSa. 41-iD,eOB. 

Cast Rain-water Flp«.—Z-bidi. zl-inch. 3 inch. CutOntten — (-bmh Bd. 41 Inch lOd. per raid. 

M. lid. IB. Id. per yd. GalTanlaed FuniacePana, 7^. pergaOoii. 

Price Lists Bent Co Bullden. &c., on receipt of postage atamp, iucloaing a cord. 

SELECTED STOCK of BLOCK STONE, of aU kind*, ia at the VICI'ORIA 
STONE WHABF, MillwaU, Poplar ; Architects, BuilderB.and Masons, are requested to 
call and examine ^le qual ity. 

SAMUEL TBICE^TT has plenty of stones that ar e good building stones, and requue 
no INDURATION, yet they are onifoim in colour and good dnt. Parties would do 
weU to see his Stock ; also NOTE, delifered direct from the Quarries to all parts of the 


Address, SAMUEL TRICKETT, Isle of Dogs. E. 

A large quanUty of Sawn Headstones for Sale. A Two-ton Crane for 5fdj(^ 




8, Albion Place, Blackfriars Bridget 



CoLi.1118 aad Qbbbk invite the attention of AncHitBOn and Boiuiaaa te theil Stock 

of MABBLa CtiiuBBi P1BCE8 of gvot; deacription, botli of ttieir oim and of Foreign 

Hanu&ctuie, and adaptod to ereiy range in pnoe. Pricee of eren deacription of Haible 

SVotk wiU be found tile Loweat compatible witii Qood Woikmanahip. 

Drawing Boom Statuary Chinmey FiecoB from £7 10s. to 

100 Ghimeas. 
Dming Koojn in Rouge, Greotte, Vert di Corgi, Sienna, Broca- 
tella, Jaune Fleuri, Black and Gold and otiier Elegant Harblee. 





8, Albion Place, Blackfriars, Bridge, S. 






J. C. inviteB espectal attention to the above New aniJ Beautiful Draning-room Qralc, 

being a combination of Glass and Iron, the most pca^cct in action as well an the most 
biiUiant in appearance of any Stove yet introduced. 

t'*, BUILDIb'h, lUBTBtaK't, AND EHalNEBu'l 





Manufacturers of Wood Hoopa, Truss Hoopa, Riddle and Sieve Rims, Maat Hoopi, lea.. 
Spade, ShoT«l and Fotk. thafti, Gubmg Took, C\aj Spodei, 


Everr DeecriptioA of Hafta and Handles suitable toi Edge and other Tools. All kinds 

of Plain and Ornamental TnmeiT, in Wood, Itott, Brass, &c. 


Briuhmakera' supplied with ever; desciiptian of Turner j Work, ftc. A large asKiTtQ.ciit 

of Wood suitable fbi Caachinakeis, Wheelwrights, &c. Boards and Dij Cask St&Tes, 

Sec, always in Stock. Chareoal. 


As arranged in his 


Would, he thinks, he fouud woithj of inspection. Particulam of hia improTements in 

Sluice Valves, Hydrauts or Fire Cocks, Pumps, LavatoriEa, Cloaets, UtinalB, Drain Pip«S, 

Ail Chamber Smoke Flues, Stoneware Aii Biicks, &c., caa be bod on applicalioit to 





Brick, Tile, Lime, and Cement Merchant. 

Toikshiie Pan, PUui, and Paring Tiles ; Rre Brickt^ Lnmpe, IVea, and Clay ; Slates, Stone- 
ware Dmin Piijea, Bed and Terra Cotta Chimney Pots, Thames Sand, Laths, Hair, Whiting, 
PUster oi Paris, and other Building (3oods. 


And eveiy description of 



BELVIDERE COTTA0E (near the Moulding Works), BELVIDEEE ROAD, 

Lists of Prices *ent on receipt of a Postage Stamp. q\c 

THR ABOHitaor'i, ■guTLoa.'t, BvavKTOB**, Ain> iKomraB** nnxoromT. : 


Far Xoonu, BUIii fiWdrtoiuB, ffanmitwwi, e»ti«*<^ TaUi, «&, 

CARMAira PATBUT PORTABIS. /rm lU Bek, ta tpmUioit 

IHo, ft^f^rd «tTi«, NarNf >TT*. iMdM. 

Am iliniM; ^wtrlnu, PotiM looti, fin Xollt (bhI iifUnA Bviiv 

torn' KM. astU and 0HRi( mm VKtKnr. 


SQUARE, CHARING-CR088. Printed iiuttaotiona (gratit) u to the ooat of 
TiBienU for Great Britain or foreign eoimtriB». Advice and auiitance in disposing of or 
woTklnK inTpnxions. Capital proTided. Brancli offloea and agencies in arary continentBl 
state and ui America. Eatablushed 20 years. Pull information as to expired or existing 
patents at home or abroad. Apply personally or by letter to Mesara. PRINCE and Co., 
Intent Office, *, TraflJgar-aqaa te, Charing-cross, W.C. 

A Thing of Beanty Is a Joy for Ever. 

M«bie inBU^'^ tto ui.dM;mS&n«iiwi»ri; wiiipii>ii>e: STATU AKT, Veimd, teinbdHS: 


HuSkt '»( ths undoiimenuonsd Wliri; oompriiliig STATTTAKT, TEINKD, TEKBD PAONAZZO, 
DDVlt^Kll Die prodsog if ttiidi ows <Jau>l<a U Cunn BitrdllJii. Bluok ud Oold. Blmiu. 

' Aime'B. Von du Alps*, BnccK *e.. Ac. : Vua. Oirdon and Gdaty Blatott aamltamfA In 
. „„"utaC<merm«.10riUlh8BlBveK™o(MBrbl8to«ijoiWolmiMot«dirtlJth«Tr»do. 

B. P. B. FUaSBLL, 

jumsT ON suss. 

and Heraldic Decorations, lUuminiited Writing for ComoiandmeQts, Scrolls. See. Designs 
and estimates forwarded on application. 


BRAZIER, tc. Manufacturer of Philosophtcal Apparatus, Barrels for Spring 
Blinds. Packing Caaes lined with Tin or Zinc. 



HEARL Manufacturer of every description of SUN SHADES, SPRING 
• ROLLERS CONSERVATORY and SHOP BLINDS. Builders and the trade 
generally supplied 'with first class goods on reasonable terms and with punotualUy. Tran- 
Iparenciea in stock or painted to any design at reasonable cost. 










Gat and Water IWing, OtUltring and Piping, Win Nitting, Ttlegraph and 

Fencing Wire. 






A« well aa Plana of lUilwaji and Bstatea, ftc, carefiilly DRAWN, on either a reduced or 
enlarged scale, and Lithographed oi EngrsTed on Btone bjr Artttta of ETst-rate t^eot. 

Printing done from Original Plates, 

At eztnotdinarily low price.':, at tho Lithograpliic Batabliahmmit of 

W. ZINCK & CO., 



Slate Merchants and Suilderi supplied with Plain and Ornamental RIDQE 

TILESjfrom a Stock the moet varied and exleneive in the Trade. Goods to 

Detign. Patieme and Price* by Poat,from 






Bboi to iufoTm Builders and the Trade in general th&t he tkas taken the above capocimu 
Premise*, where^in conjunction with his other established Yards in Great Peter-atteet, 
WeatminstsT, and E[ideU-Btieet, Long-acre, he is always readj to aupply from a large and 
well-assorted stock, Uahogony, Waingoot, Birch. Beech, Oak, ^la. Timber, Deals, 
Seasoned Flooring, Matched Boarding, and Mouldings, as low as any adTertiaed house in 

Haboganv, in 1(^ from Oa. 6d. I Pine Flank fium 3a. 6d. 

„ „ board .. .. „ 6 Yellow Deals , . .. ., .. „ 3 3 

SpruMDeals ..2 9 | Yellow and White Battens.. „ 111 

Prepared riooring:— White, |in. 12b; lin, 16b. Gd. ; Yellow, IJin. IBs. 
Timber and Deals Lightered, Laaded,'and Carted. 

;, Google 




In any Fart of the Coimtry. 
Pricei and Illutlraled Catalogue on application to 

J. JONES, 6, Bankside, Soutiiwark, London. 


Is the Best and Cheapest Uateiial for Flooring 

WarehouBBB, Bailway Flatfomui and StatioiiB, FootwayB of 
Streets, Bridges, &c., &c. 

For TANKS aad other Hydraulic Constmctions, for PIEBS, BREAKWATERS, and 

SEA or RIVER WALLS it is ths most durable and perfect material that can be used, m 

the Mxuctui'e, however extensive, forms a perfect monolith when completed. Vidt Testi- 

moniala bom the most eminent Engineers and Architects of the day. 


Adapted to «I1 deecriptions of Engineering and other Wwka. 

Offloes— 86, King William Street, London, E. 0. 
Works— Phoenix Stone Works, East Ch^enwioh, S. R 


Manufacturer and Contractor. 







Has the satisfiietjcn to inform those Directors of Oas Companies who have fnvoured 
him with their Ocders for his Patent Improved Wet Meters — of which he has sent out 
upwards of 80.000— that they will not require any alteration under the proviaions of the 
Sale of Gas Bill ; whereas the Common Meters in use in the United Kingdom, which 
have been proved so susceptible of error in their meaauiement, are required to be taken 
down and altered at considerable eipcnae. 

THOMAS EDGE begs to state that he is prepared to supply his Patent Meters, which 

meet the requirements of the Act, to any Company at the present time ; and, so soon as 

arraugementa are made in London to have Meters tested and stamped, he will then supply 

them to Country Gas Companies with the Legal Stamp affixed, ready for use. 


Seyssell-Frangy (Savoy), Seyseel-Volant-Perrette 
PBIZE HEDAL, (Savoy), Maesta & Montoria (Spain), Bastenuee GOLD *^^^*T-, 

(Landes), &c. 



18SL ..iTOTicHmB. o. 1544. 




Memler of Ihe New Society of Pamturs in Water Colours, ^, aad so long facaarably kaman 

to ArcMtectt of the first eminence. 
Again offers his aorrices in Tinting Backgrounds, Landscapes, and Perspectives. From the many 
years' experience hs has had on snoh subjoots, he is fully aware of the points essenliaily netes- 
saiy to be attended to. 

AddreaB— Mr. BOYES, 68, Albany Street, Event's Paik. 






Price iistn and SampUf forwarded fm. 


67, New Compton Street, Soho, W, C. 




nrill '^'^^'t°'' street. Chancery Lane, 


On the Shortest Notice, and at the Lowest I'rieee, Packed 
and Foricarded to All Parle of the Country. 

Lists of Prices and Estimates forwarded on application. 









Chmka, Balls, SAopt, Offica, and ScAoab in partiaiiar. 

I OT without a Chimnej. PriM f 
prka, will be forwaided on reeei] 


r J.— Ho ootmection vith and otiker hooie. 

ErtaUiahed 50 yean. 





Tee Squares. AnsleB, Curves, Psrallel Rules, MarquoU Scalee, Horse Meaiures, Standards 

for mesBuring Soldiers, MeaHuiing Tapes, and evtrj deacription of English and Foreign 

Rules and Scales made to order. All sorts of Rules repaired. 


Consnltmg Engineer*, Contracton, Patent and Machinery Agents. 

Complete Drawings and Scedflctildone made for evaj description of Engineering Wcaki, and 

Contracts for their constiuction arranged, and the work superintended. 



Is 35 per Cent, Cheaper than any other internal Cement in use. 


186, Dniry-lane, London, and Denvtnt Mill*, Derby. 




Samples at the Architectural Ehibition of Building Ma erials, Conduit-itieet, W. 




(CloHto Uiiioii Btreet,) LOHSOK, 
Ii prepued to lupp); Ul kind* of VERTICAL, HORIZONTAL, and PORTABLE 

Warthtnut, Wharf, and Portable Travelling CranM, Verttcnl and Circular 
Sawing Maehintry. HydrauUe Prttiet- SUam Hamm«rt, ^e. 

Erery kind of luge and small Lsthsfl, Drilling, Punching and Shearing, 
Planing, Shaping, Slotting, and Screving KUcbineB. 


A large assorlmenl of Engineera' Tooh and Steam Enginst alteagt in Stock, and 

ready for delivery, 

Intpcction i* Mapectfully iunUd. Wiitten communication* promptly attended to. 



Awarded a Prize at Ihe Parit Exhibtlion, Patronited 6y the English and French Govern- 

ments, at well as by the principal Nobilily, Gentry, and Hunting Establishment) in tke 

kingdom. In use at Her Majesly't SlabUs, Aldershot and Balmoral. 


WiHiLn-ntUT. W., ut Uia ortEToal 
to--t -—■'-'<>■« an Ln>n top-plate, ud formtag 

oHfnl dxloro, Imvliig C 


TAM'S PBlanl HulKlen Bilui 
CoUv Belli lUectied. vhlch ' 


TACHED DRO? COVER, tor IboBbOM.tamniMt 
^Dtua xddltion lo their tItUDea ; It It nerer in lb* 
^; can be p^Acetl und replaced In an iofltanC; 
ile Iticbeapiicu. ilmpUcit/. and utility In keeping 

B GDTTETl. with pertoated moTeftlile cover, the lua of pfaicb promita 
C0T1A«°8 CAST IRON SANITABT TRAP, from ill ImproTed Mnrtiaction, ^TOa « foil walw paaMgs, mi 

id lUbie, kept In atoek, t^tflf 

IRON BTAntCMEB, Circular and Btrajglit, 


Staircase, Altar, and Tomb Railings, &c. 

" ^ -. ..L --- -|apiirjit*Uthograpklciheetionappllcfttli». 

of HottlcuTcunl 
Bunding and - 
l-lamimta- 1 


TSB arChiTict'i, B1 

I niBacTOKT. 



New 'Works c 
juid Approved □ 

^ r RUsaELL , 


n Bnginenrlns. SurvsyiiiB. 

mot. Fortbe qh of tbeeDglneer 
itudBDt; de«0[lb{d^ Iba mcKt rvHnt 

> HiDI 

roui ^lats uid diag^mi. Btu, c^tb, 20a. 
SsmpMy'H Works on Bridgra. 

.ILKiBLIlKiwBminoH,- conUlnlng, Flrat SeriM,— 
The Biiunnia Bridgs oier Die Menal Strain. 
T>ie Bridge a St, Gsorgt '■ lADdlng-uue, UnrpooL 
Tbe Brid^oT^rlheTrTerTrenL, at OATaibanjugh. 

proflpecUTe view otltie BrltuiolA-brld;^ by Daj and 

^DtalDln^ StadooB, WarehoDHi, Ac i 
'Is. iejia>.i;d ByO.U.IiBiiipBBj.C.E. 
\ applied toKfUJnay9lni0turei. ThEi 
n lUmTrailuoi ut thfl appUatlDo or 

died plaisi, prl« lOi. 8d. B; Q. U. 

teit. ByG. C Dempsey, C.t 
xamplH of rnn Koo», of tafL 

IhB be« eu 

npHn. top), fo 

lo platei, tto. latter- 


l^n^^6d,^S^y ( 

D. DempMy, C.E. 

Oac« Boofc n>i 

leen. fto, 3>. 6d. 

Surreylns «nd 

Letting'' P^ 

™l PaqtlM, aolb, 

(he Sludv of the 

steam EmHne. Sad 

Hlltion. eaUictd. By W. Templetoo. EiiBHeei 

CloUi. 6l ed. 

Bridge, sad V 

HducU on the Ka 

ways of Bwltterbuid- 

Pike £i 10. 

B, Cul Von E 

IMl, C.E., Engineer, 

be Swi« Cenlml 

3L Oallcn. aod Ap- 


ay. to. 

> and Fi 

the Sawertgo Byitoo. Poldtag 
Arobitsoture. the Fine 

New Works 

and Decorative Arts. ao. 

Aichltcclun, 41lup«bDbro.lith. plalsa; haUl 
uuaU naper, £6 69. ; large pajier, £10 10a. 
A iiev Work on SpeciUcaUana, Z lola^fnlly Ulnntn 
for Archlteots, Engliieets. ConCiactDn, BuUdeia, , 

added llia Law of Conli 

ny Meun. 's& 

Ckildie! and ottu 

Cottage-Vlll^ Cnuntryl 
Schools, nith clevatioui 

nhlch I 

Modern AnditteclL.., _ 

lonog*-hon^e^ lidacf, and 

platofl, cloth, f' 

lining Tillaa. p. 

and ganlenan' collages, 1 

Cottag* Architecture. By 8. 

aitd dcAorio- 

RIylH ; Ulutntfdby ■ Mila 

U-A penpBctlTe Tlewe, wJlb ei 

tliB IMlor-ijreia By H. E. KendalL Jun 

F.S.A.. II plale«by DayaodBon. Fcdla, . 

he Ballds'i Quida ud Price Book, la Hateriali and 
Conitruetlon, byO. D.Dempaay, CJE, KeaedlUon, 
Willi SuppluiieiiC EontalolDg no lUannlkHU. olclb, 
£1 le. Yhll voit It ■ ivaetieal mannal for Iha 
builder, clerk of mnki, profMdoiuil Mndeota. and 
othtn engicBdorlntenOedliidaalnilegaiidiiiper- 
IntendlngbuiMlngirortifeDenUjiIttreau of (oun- 
datlon. maionT)>. btlck-wnrk, WDod-woik, iKm-work, 

he Supplemabt ; aontalnlnj working drawbtga, aped* 

■■« Guide," prloe 

1 baibig tin 
141. 6d. (only 

and Labourers' Cottages; with plaai 

By a. A. Deaii, agHcultniBl arohl 

.pnce£l 1lL6d. 'fliabwtworkoi 

A New Work «i BrLtlib Aflicnltur^ by'j. 
Eiq, Knlaised to 800 page^ totler-pn 
UluimtionaH ImpL bT0,c]0Lb,£3 IZL fid. 

Parish ChuTcheg, Ac -, it 

to pMn. £1 ta. 
It IConuments, Soulptur 

and Htodstosa. By 

B ABCBITECt's, Bnil.DBR't 


ForlnfltuitaneotiBly Joining Lead FipoB without Solder. 

GESiau. ViBw or Codpldiq im> Union. 

SacrnON oi Lkad ConMJSa. SnmoN ot Ibow Umion, (L) Lead Kng. 


Coaplings for Lead and Le&d, per domt. Iran UnionB, per dozen. 

i i 1 inch. j i 1 incti. 

41. 6d. 8a. tlB. 6b. Ba.ed. li». 

T^MB CoupUm/i art made in Brrat at double theprice of Iron. 


7i. 6d. 

JTifljr^ Jin, 

8k. 6d. 10«. 6 
i,i«. liin. 

Fall particulan for making Joints, with Tenns and SunplM, if Teqoired, on Bpplieation to 

3. EATON, 20, Southville, Wandsworth Boad, S. 

A Liberal Discount to the Trade. 

BAILINGtS, Patent Wrought-Iron Tubular, 


Wrought Iron Girders, and every kind of Ornamental or Comlrutlit* Iron Work, 

Designed, Estimated, and Executed. 



H. a. coo UBS, iTonfounder, &c., 

-.117, Union Street^ Borough^ LoncUm, 8 doors from Borough. 



TJNDERHAT*S Patent Regulator CLOSETS, 

Beqniring neitlLer Serrioe Boxes, CrankB, or Wires. 





And aU olher FITTINGS mnnecled icifA Wattr Suppifjl 






Near the Sn^wnsion Bridge, Belvedere Soad, Lambeth, S., 

Priced List, with every information, forwarded on recipt of One Stamp, 





1C8, Bnii7 Lane, and Vwlu alse at Spa Bead, BerHaidicj. 

Wrought Iron Oirden, Flitches and Joiete, Cotueroatoria, Verandahi, Circular Stair- 

catet, Wrought Iron Doore, Strong Boome and Iron Houtei, Iron Roofing. ^., ^. 

AlsTge Stocked Patterns for BnUding and odiei pnrpoBea, fbi tlie lue of which no extra 

chugs is made. Estuaatet oa Application. 

Whmlwrighla ft Contawtors— 1, Dean St, Oxford St, and Parlcer'slBow, 
Bwniondiey, LiOO'jIi..' 



It CMitiinwl bj hu Succasoi't, 


^VheTe tbe tritde is nupplied with the uune lupeitoT quality that made the name celebrated. 

N£.—Tht tumut of T. Ebht & CaowmH &. OuitOD an ttanmed on Iht Bmahe*. 

Also Manu&ctnma of the Fitaat India Uabbei Knife Boaida, Cocoa ffut Matting, 

U»t», &c. (See Catologne.) 




Uuu&otonn iIh of WhlM Le*d and Oolcmn, 


O^iet, 6, Gtorgt Yard, LonAard atrtiet. 

Cloggy Black Ink— Why use it! 

can WarrsMi hU IMPROVED FILTERED WBITINQ FLUID to flowfteelj, 

neTer to thicken, and will turn intensel; Black, Sold \>j Stationers and Chemista. 

Depot, 10, CoTBitor Street, Chancery Lane, EC, London. 


S-ettetr titutter antt AUnufacturer of BranOe* 

steel Stiuupa, Soap, Sheep, and Sack Muks, Stencil Platas, Cork Brands, Timber Hammen, and 
all kinds of Cutting and Ornamental Punches, &C,, 

Bell Hangup and Smith's Work in OeneraL 

coKSTTiTiva enniTSTOB, of stainbby boas, e. 

Has taken Offices at 


Where he amtimta to aduiit Builden on Sreachei of Coniroei, Di^mled Aaxmls, ^. 



6 Qcwer-plaee, EasUm-sguare, W.C. 
Plumbing, dailns, and Bepain in OeneraL BstiioateB mbmitt«d;free of Oha^W- 


^igii Mxiitt m)i MxHtx m §lms, 



AU kinds of Writing for the Trade on tht Lowtal Terma. '^ 

FiblUhed M imttlyliirmiPri w U 61 





Vols. 1 OMd 2 are eompUted. Eae\ Volame coniuts of 20 Parla (80 Plata), Price 
m lOf . In half Morocco, 3 guineat. 
"Ereij Office ahould hftve the Book," — BuiUer. 

" A. molt copioua collection of working example* such u fev office* oi workshops 
poSMflB." — Building Neint. 

" It u publiahtd at so low > ptiee that it is brought within the compiM of imy 
■■Ting workman." — Chii Engingar onrf Arc/iiiacti Jatmai. 


Fixed or Moving Head*. Warnuted to be tnie, and not to warp. 

Length of Blades, 12 inches up Co 4 feet S iuches. Price 4s. 6d. up to ISs. each, 

Hallway Curves from 3 inches radius op to 2S. 


Whole ale and Retail, 


60, Begeat Street, Londen, W. 


I>ry aadca Bitdactd Pnce$. 



Halu^any, 6d. per foot 
All other Woods equallt/ loa. 






Begi leave to infram his FrieudB and the Trade thSit having added to his Plant a Planiiio 
HicBnni, he is now preparad to entai into Contmcts for Bepain and General Work. Cjlinders 
bored op to fonr'fwt diameter. FI7 Wheels, ten feet Screw, cnttdng up to fortj feet any 
diameter. Planing up to twenty teet by three feet six inches. Prices moderate^ for Cash. 
^n ^iprzKtice WanUd. 




Beg moat respectftilljr to inform 


That they are prepsred to 

To an; extent, at llie Hhoiteat notice, in the best manner, and at very reduced price*. 
To Survevors resident in the West or London, the adTantages of their Offices being in 
theii immediate vicinity must be evident, and will be found a great convsnience where 
despatch is "required. 
Surveyors resident in the Country transmitting the Draft of Bills to be Lithographed 
by Post, can have them forwarded by the evening mail of the day following that on 
which the draft ia received, or if only a short bill on the aame day. 
Scale of Charges and Specimens foiwaided on application. 

Terms.— FoT cash within one month. Under £50 ten per cent, discount. AbOTe £S0 
and under £100 fifteen per cent, discount. 

The strictest accuracy and despatch ii assured, and the favour of a trial respectfully 

T. PETTITT & Co. are also prepared to give Estimates for every description of 

Mercantile Frintin g and Lithography. 

Including Railway Plan Work, and Books of Reference, Sectioni, Working Diawingi, 

Specifications and Plans of Estates, Fac-aimile Circulars, Forma, 

Note Headings, &c. 

T. PETTITT & Co's Catalogue of Mercantile Stationery and Printing, Copying Presses, 

&c. Post Free on application. 
Surveyor's Bill, Abstracting and Speciilcation Paper, hand, 22s. per ream. Dravring, 

and Tracing Paper. Specifications Copied 2d. per fbUo. 
Januarii 1. 1660. 



Having completed the Alleraliona and Erilargemeat of their Premiies, invite attention to thtir 

extensive Suite of SAow Booms. 

|) Stores, Fenders, & Fire Iron^i 

P The lugeBt and beat kIcccJod In LondHi. 

I Kitchen Ranges ^ Cooking Apparatia. 

' Ou Hitings. fiitbi, tt, for large « imdl 

Catlery, Dlectro-Pl&te, Iron and 
Brass Bedsteads, & Bedding, 


Medal and 3|i«lal ApprobMJim U the Qrut 
BihlblUon. I SSI. 


IMS. Itlur 

In irldUi. lulubU for large 
]la. and may be krran^ed 

oure for tmoky ehlnineya 

BKSTKAH & 80NB, 19, Wigmoie Street, Cavendisli Sqaaie, London. 

Alto in (As Sardmart Ceutl o/lht Crytai PoUh^ SydmAni^ 




with Sjphgn-Ttlp 

uerdnxet ranvuti HyplioD- j^M 



Bandi, Elbom. UiIdhIb, aully-Tnpg, tlip-TniH, Syphon- Wl, iff 

Tnpi, IM., Blwtjf. kBpi to Sm*. HI M 

Drawing and Litl of PricBf forwarded fi-ee on application. 

ImperiBhable " Terra-Cotta " Chimney-TopB of various 
Patterns and Sizes, 


At gieally Reduced Prieet, 



These elegantly eonmbined Sliding £ Folding Sashe« are 
intended (or First Class Dwellings, Sammer Kesidences, 
Coast Houaes, and Public Buildiiigs when veutilatioa is 
required and weathec- proof joints are necessary. Full 
Size WiudowB maybe seen and paiticulais obtained at 

J. HVTCHINS, 20a, Castle Street, 




And Every Description of Machinery. 

10 &11, COAL YARD, DRU K Y, ■ L A.NE, 






117 & 118, Union Street, Borough, S.E. London. 

The pecuniary and great adTanCages of this ofbn fire Range are, that in it the heat can 
be directed to fhe top of the Oven, oi equallt to Ihe Top iind Bottom at the same time i 
and in either case, the whole of the Hob above the oTen preseoW a boiling surface or 


of sufficient power to beat Steaming Apparatus, Saucepane. £ettJes, or Stenp^^^i f°^ ^V' 

ing or preaerring. The Hob maj also be used aa an 


THE BOILER is, in appearance, like that of an ordinary range, but ita peculiar ilxipe 
gives great power tor steaniing or for heating large quantities of water for Baths, hot 
water pipes, &c. &o. The whole ii easily set by an ordinary brieklajer. 

HAYWARD BROTHERS request the fayour of a visit from Aiohitecls and the 
Public, to inspect their Model Bath Room, where can be seen in use daily the above 
Range, with Bath attached ; also Bathi Healed by an independent boiler &om Che ordi- 
nary bath Moni. 



Wholesale Manufacturer of , 1 1 C 

Sheringhom's and Amott's Ventilators. 






The defect in all Covh hiilierto prodnced, vis., liability to cioz, is b; this umple con- 
trivance effectoallj remedied ; the lower portion (A) is made to slip down on the outside of an 
ordinu}' red chimnej' put, uid aupparts the centre (C) upon which the (dotted) bead revolves ; 
at each revolution the liais (B) clear it of any loose soot which may adhere to the sides or top, 
and as there is no cross bar or other obatructioD, the sweeper's bniBh may enter the head and 
clean it without injuiy Thus being at all times clear, trae passage for the smoke is ensured, 
and having its back to the wind, all downward draught prevented. 
These Cowls are made of Tinned lion, Japanned, that being much more durable than Zinc. 
Larger Sizufor Tenlilatij>g parpoia made to arder. 

Manufactured by JOHN FAULKNER, 



GRAYS INN ROAD, LONDON, manufacturers of Wet and Dry Gas Meters, Station 
Meters, Experimental Apparatnaes, &c. &c. All meters maunfactured b; Faddon and Ford are 
gnaianteed to be in etnct conformity with Lord Rodesdale's Sale of Gas Act Manufacturers 
also of Paddon't Patent Street Lamp Regalaiors, for insaiiog any required consumption. These 
Begolators are in general and increasing use, and referecces can be given to Gas Companies 
who use them fiw every lamp. Contractors for the erection oi alteration of Gas Worte, and 
every dosciiption of Apparatus required in Gas Works supplied. 

B IBCHITKT'*, WILI>»»'f, BOfcyEToa'a. 

55 &. 56, 








Etbij Article 
Made on Uie Fremius, 

Marked io FUiu Fignnt. 

The Trade Si 


tmm iBOBiTTCT a, BDtuimK ■, ■OKvaroK >, urn asaaimEmrt oiaiCTOKr. it. 


Late Barlow and Co. 

Mechanical and Architectural Draftsman, 


Provisional Protection Jbr Sij: Months from 7 to S guineas ; 
other charges equally moderate. 




And PlaiUfer. Modelling executed in the Italian ttyle*. and east in Cemtnt or 
Plasitr undercut on the most reaaonabU timu. List of Prices stnt/or evny des- 
cription of Marbles in Scagliola Work, andjinished to the highest per/tefion. 
Contracts for plasUring on receipt of bills of quantities. 

Hantifiictory AddiesB— 191, Carlisle Street, Lambeth, B. 
Besidence—4, Homer Street, Lambeth. 

Sculptors, Figure & Architecttiral Modellers. 

ABCHITBCTSuidOtlien wh(iiiui]r reiiniMnichW«bex«uted,«re reqncatel 
to ftppfjr to tbe 


Who mnild be happy to dcngn and WiA. out thsir ideu in an aitistie and epidted manner. 


Bust* Modelled and Executed m Marble and Terra Cetta. 


ToB Mmme. Willb having been appointed to imiga Mid erect Fonntaina for the London 
Drinking FoonfainAaBOciatioD, ore nowprepajed to supply fo the Prorincial Tomu a limited 
nnmberof eopm of those Art Woib in Qranito, Marble, Bionzo, Iron, and Ston^ in addition to 
wbichtheyhaToanombcrofNswDeeignebyiomo of theflist AitirtB in London, coaneuted with 
thoBoTkl Academy ot Arts, 

Xbe moit elaborate Art WorkB in Hetal Den^rned and Ezeoated in every rtyle 
at their Establishment, 



Bin. 2 bolt rim Locks, and Brass Furniture complete, 13s. 6d. 
per dozen. 


Wholesale and Retail 





Manaoeb, Me. WOODCOCK. 

Churches, Greenhonses, Offices, and Buildings of evBiy 
descriptioa warmeil bj means of a modification of the plani 
succesffolly used during the lost fire years b; Mi. &old»- 
worthy 6umey in bot^ Hoases of Parliament. 

Steam, Hot Wat«r, Oas, and in open or enclosed fire- 
pUces, Coal and Coke, are eqnally available for the pro- 

The Horticnltarelist will 
find hei«in an iiiEtnuneat 
of new and impoitant 

The Apporatne mafbe 
see n in ST. PAUL'S 
CATHEDRAL, the vari- 
ous offices of the " Depart- 
^ ment of Science and Art," 
and ia many churches and other bnildings. 
PaTtiailars and Tatimrmial* /orwarded on application. 

The Arley Pottery and Fire Brick 
Compajiy, (Irimited), 



Terra Cotta Chimney Pots, Vasee, Fedestals, Flower Pots, &c. 

Salt-Glazed Sanitary Pipes, Bends, and Junctions. 

Cane Ware, (white inside) Closet Pans and Traps, and other 


Mtairs, Strin^tld and Blyth, Bangor Wharf, Camden Town, N. W. 



(EstaMished upwaida of Sixty Yean). 


Beg to call the attention of tlie Public to thsii extensive 


Coiuistiag of 

A Selection of above One Hundred and Fifty. 

And Uuiu&ctuxed boin the 


And witli ibvt careful attention to the details and finisli bo requisite in good Marble AVork, 


Id Slataary Marble. 

!Fine Bold Chimney PieceB, soitable for Dining Kooms, Libra- 
ries, Breakfast FailouiBi VestibuleB & Entrance Halls, 

In Oriotte, Black and Gold, Sienna, Dove, St. Ann'?, Rou^e Royal, Oieen and Black 
MaibleB ; 





Executed Jrom the moat Classical Designs, 


N.S. The Trade Supplied with Blocks and Slabs at the 



Sawing 6y Powerful MfKhinety. ^-- i ^ 






LONDON : 37, Upper Baker Street, 
New-road ; Mr. W. Kelly, Manager. 

IRELAND : Sackvaie-place, Dublin ; 
Mr. Maurice Brooks, Agent. 

PARIS : 16, Cour des Petites Ecuries ; 
' Messrs. Caron and Gagelin; Agents. 

MANDER BROTHERS, having for many years 

devoted their exclusive attention to the Manuiac- 

ture of Varnishes of a high class quality for Coacb 

Builders, House Decorators, &c., can confidently 

■■ Mrfaaie A-h^^^f" awarded wcommend their productions to those who are not 

at Exposition UniverBeUe de practically acquainted With them. 

PaiiB, 18S5. 

They would especially invite attention to two articles they have just introduced — 

'' The White Coburg Varnish,'' 

for white and delicate decoratiouB ; and which for absence of colour, brilliancy 
of ssr&ce, and dnrability, is far superior to anything yet iutroducud to the 
Trade. Samples may be obtained gratis, at their Works or Dcp6ts. 

Warranted Varnish for Seats of 
Churches, &c. 

A Brilliant and durable, bard drying, and tacUessYaniiBh for painted and 

stained work. 
The great uncertainty and annoyance which have been so frequently occaMoned 
by the failure of Varnish upon the seats of Public Edifices, from its not harden- 
ing, or from its softenitig again with heat, have led Makder Bbothebb, to 
direct special attention to this article, which they have now perfected, and ior 
the security of the Trade are prepared to snpply with a wbittkh warbamit 


relying solely on the good faith of the persons to whom they may supply it : a 
security never yet attempted to be given by any other house in the Trade. 
Varnishes shipped for Foreign Countries suitablejbr the 
Climate. L.O(m^Ic 







Mannfaoturera of Patent Spindled Door Furniture, all kinds of Locks, Hinges, 

Window Faateainga, Dr. Arnott's, Sheringliam's, and other Ventilators, Stoves, 

fenders, Fire Irons, &o,, fto. 


Jfor gomtattt mil felesiasiksl fflse.„. Hmdln Knjn- PIcI,,. Loci,, Lateha, Boll,, Bdt Pull, Knooh,r, 

an,* Tomb BaU,,,. Mo„umc,l„l Bi-.,,,,, E„lnnc, O.I„. G.U, ZWn.i. 
Croaaes, Vanei, A-c., &-c. ' 

53 to 58, WYCH STEEET, STEAND. W.C..f"-.^.^,,|„ 

lUuttrafd Cr>l«IagutiJ,u en npplitation. 

SWAN NASH, 253, OzforCStreet. 



UOKOEK, 2U, Olfoid. 
MKCt, LoDdw.neuPuk- 
■treet, EMUiUibtd I7S0. 

for price ud foaJlt^. Cut- 
latj, ElAetro-plited Ooodi, 
Gu CtUDdtiUM^ A mwy 
diwtptliiB oC FnniMiiac 
InHinwoten tf ths bcM 
quality, at tlu lowtM po«- 
ilUe prlDei. 




preparFd fuel 

Ss. 3d per BoBhel. 



(Sucassorto WUUiam Peake, late Cappe ^ Co., of ih. Skinner Street, Snoa Hill,) 




Theee K«flector» never tarnish, teqnire no cleaning, and have proved themselves to be the most 
effective and durable jet presented to the Fulilio. 

The PiTESt SiLVKBaD Glabb Daylight Bbtleotobs have been fixed at most of tie Govern- 
ment Offices, at the Post Office, British Mnsenm, aad the Tower of London. Many of the West 
End Claba have adopted them, and thej are becoming general in the dark offices of tiie Merchants 
and Tradesmen of London. 

Dark Offices, WajehooBes, Cellars, and gloomy Apartments made^ligbt by this tatuable 
invention, rendering gas useless in the daytime. 

N.B. The uiaal Discount to Builders andthe Tnufc. '^O^^glt: 

I, lUILDIB*!, tVKrnOtl'l, L 






ISin. ISin. 20ui. by 15m. (egg shape.) 21in. 36iD. by ISin. (egg shape) 

2s. 3». 38. 4s. 4s. 6d. per foot 

S4iil. . SOin. by 21iiLfl^ shtipe. 30in. 36m. 24m. (egg shape) 36iii. 

6b, 6s. Sd. 8s. Sd. 9s. 6d. Il8.per£oot 

40 per cent, diseoont off ordinaiY sixes, and an extra disconnt for cash, and larger orders - also 

Address— M. B. NEWTON, Agent, 


Bonus Division. 

EsiASUSHED 1803. 

Capital ONB HXLIiION, Alt pnld-np and Invested. 


Taoitia U. Coomi, Eif,. CAairr 

, Eb^i t.%.t. 

it. Lahbut JoHEa. Ebq. 

A, Esq., JJqntfy CioimoH. 

Ed. VxsnurOTT, Esq. ; ru 

W. U. C. PLDWDlir. Biq. 

IB Kicimti, E>q. Qsoaac SACnuuiT, Eiq, 
t eLamplca otU» FrofltS loiTniiis on eiobe Partloipating Lib FoUdM andra the BONTTS 


DMenUr, la 

S8- " 








ill S 




/J'DlMa (/ Oik tg Fivt cmnpl^ Tnn Paitieipnli in Preptrtiim.) 

The sboT* Fiolti an eqnhilmt— If ftddid to ths Pollr^— toa BsnnhwBji Som U daiUi e^ial W One Fannd 

Four Shillings per Cnit- ptT unnm on theSnmtDniTedftirewiiaf t)ie somplMed rean olthe PeUcji— 

Oi. if takeo uim IiiUMdiateCkallPa7nMnt,lt ta.ataUagc^oeiuldnaliljnionUuulOluTMX'B Pianlnm- 

Tbe BoDne Fulodi an TITE ;<an, mod tba Rata ol Llie Pramliiiiu. wbetbet WWt « Wi&ovt Proltli, my 

acovomiuL Fin, ^Af^ . antit iity EnAownuoit, and Bowalonafy tnsiiiBu transaetad- 

.4»ilicitHi>M/«r ASBSCIB8 nwiMi. 




iircoRFOBi.iEi> BY 7th & 8th tict. cap. 110. 


This Inititution ia conducted on purely commerciftl principles, and combines 

every adTantage of the modem system of Life AsBarance, with perfect security 

to the assured. 


1. ACAPiTAiof £300,000 

with power of increase to £600,000 

2. Capital actually subscribed £100,000 

by a responsible body of Shareholders, numbering; - 300 

S. Annwal Ihcoxe from Policies aotuaUy in force - - - - £28,000 






During the past two months 209 Proposals for Life Assurance have been re- 
ceived ; being an average of 2S Proposals weekly, and at the rate of 1,S00 Der 
Proposals per annnm ; a convincing proof of the public appreciation of the 
principles of this Associatioo. 


1. The application of the Profits to rendering the Policy pay- 

able during the Lifetime of the Assured. 

2. The avoidance of all uncertainty or lit^tion, by twnTn'Tig 

Policies Indisputable. 

3. The assistance granted to an Assurer in the payment of 

his premium; thus averting the chance of losing the 
benefit of the Policy by forfeiture, through inability to 
pay the premium. 

4. Life Policies are in fUll force during the days of grace. 

6. Ko extra chaise for enrolment in any Volunteer Corps in 

the United Kingdom, 
6, Annuities are granted on very favourable teinu. 

Full parlicttlan of then tahabU and jx^ndar/eatwet mT/ («/)ti»^m the 


Dtetmber, 18&9. EESB.Y "LASE, Manager and Swrttary. 




81, Queen Street, Cheapside, E.C. 



Wellington Emery and Black Lead Mills, 





Agent for tile Slje of lOBSISH, SCOTCH, and TOWS-KADZ SLABS. 


PaUnt Knife Machine, India Rvltber, and Bnff Leather Knife Board. 

ZKDIA BUBBER EKIEB BOABBS, for me witli Ute above Folisb, oommendn; 

at 12a per dozen. 

Manv/aetured by JOHN OAKEY, Wellington Emery and Black Lead Millt, 

Blackfriars Read, London. 

The Largest Stock of 


Doort, ^. 




Is prepared to execute, in first rate style, every description of 


Quality &: WoTkmaiuhip guaranteed. Svery order executed witli the utmoBtpnnctuftlity. 

e, EDWUD miEEr, Bucmun maf unuFAcrmr, E2, brihiiwau. \^ 

•tnm AKOKirmor'*, smtDBK**, >nBT>TOK'a, avs ■««»■■&' 


Patent Bevolvme Iron, Wood and Iron, and 
wood Shutters, 

Wilhovt Machitury, at Ai. fer fi. i if leith Machitu Cut Serao Gearing, it. &d. 


Testinioiiisls from Aicliiteete, Bankers, &c^ of their secnrity and dnrabili^ forwarded. 

Hannfaotiirer of Xetallio Drawn Baih-BarB, Stall Board Platei, ftc. Aeeiit 
for uie Crystal Qlass FillarB and Saab Soon. 


PALE It DARK GREEN SLATES supplied direct from the Works, on application 



GILT FRAMES FOR OIL PAINTINGS, tise 24 by 20, at 198. Gilt 
Frames for Drawings, vith ornamental comraii, 16 bj 12, 4s. ; gilt frames, 18 
by 12, Is. fid. ; room bordering, gilt f^cy wooda, and cashable mouldings, the best in 
London, at the Lowest Prices. The Art Union Prints &amed from 148. ; the Illustrated 
Coloured Prints framed for Ss. 6d. the set. The Trade supplied at C. REE8', the oldeat 
bouse in the trade, the comer of Bbdid Stbset, end Dbubt Lanb (Holbom end). 

To Steam Power Proprietors. 



Lathe and Tool Maker, 

Bespectfully Bolioits the attention of Steam li oiler Proprietors to hi 

Fump Indicator & Apparatus, 

To Prevent Injury to and 

The application simple and Cost Trifling. 

Tlaning, 8crtw Cutting, Turning, Sfo., for the Trade, at uniuuallif low price/. 



And other Ornamental Metal Work ; 

Publithed Monthly, Price 2i.Jrea by pott. 

The Civil Engineer & Aidiitect's Jonnial, 

For Civil, Mechanical tf Military Engineer), Architeett, Bvilderg, Contractore, 

Sarveynm, Mathematicians, Patentees, and all Scienlijit: Men. 

Establish IB 1837. 

Tlus JoQinvl is UlnstiBtad with numerous pUtea and BngrBvinga from tlie best examples 

of Publio WoTks, Buildiagi, and HactimeTy. at hooie and abroad, forming a oompieta 

EncyclopEedia of Modem' ^igineering, Architecture and Science. It reckons among its 

contributors and supporters t£.e moat eminent members of the professions in England, 

Scotland, and Iieland ; and as a work of reference and of current infarmation has long 

been recciTcd as an authority in the United Kingdom, America, and the Continent <% 

Surope. Vols. I. tn XIV. may be had, bound m cloUi, price £1 each. Vols. XV. to 

XXII. 18S2— e}, £1 6a. 6d. each. 

TTiirty-niitlA Edition. — Price 4». {Free by Po3l) 


FOB 1860. 

A Pocket Book for the Architect, Surveyor, Engineer, Contractor and Buiider. 
Br WiLLiAu Laxtoh, Achil*et. 
Containing upwards or20,000 Prices and Memoranda, togethet with Tables for Purchasing 
Leases, Estates, and Annnilies ; Areas and Circumteiences of Circles ; Bcantlings of 
Timber ; Weighu of Iron, Timber, &c The Edition fcr I860 has been carefully levised 
and corrected throughout, twd many valuable additions have been made. 

Office.— 13 "Warwick Court, Gray's Inn, Holbom, W.C, 



Apparatus for the Frerention of Boiler Ex- 
plosions, &c. 



Ho. 1, Newport Street, & ISO, Bailwi; Arch, Lamlieth Walk. 

EalitnatM given for Engines and BoiUri, {itf ang power or principle.) 

Sluice Valves & Smoke FreTenting Furnaces 


InventionB of every description carried out 

Serpentine Marble and Stone Working 
Company (Limited,) 





From the Seipeutme of tiie Lizard Eock, Cornwall, and every other deaoriptfon 
of Karble and Stone. 


London Office— 9, BROAD STREET BUILDINGS, Ci^, 
Mr. JAMES SCABTH, Secretary. 

Works— Penzance.'-Mr. JOSEPH HARTLEY, Manager, 


rivA Kinntes from the Ghreat Northern Railway Stati<m, 

Oppotile Old Si. Pancrai C^reh. 


THESE A» Hcnnd bj 


B.«b™Aw«^ PATENTS, 

THREE (Latest 1869), 


—J^Mna. Ill HJU SEE, 





Rhoold be adopted fur tlte following reiison, viz : — 
That the BBEAKAOBS in Cast Iron FITTINGS are numeraua, nnd that one &actuiB 

from a kick, or other cause, may occaaioa an injury to a horse, nnd iniolie a lois equal tr. 
the entire expense of fitting up the Stable. The fear of this has led to tlie use of wood 
and, in the case of Cast Iron GUTTERS, to the adopUon of another and less effective 
mode of draining; while the cost is prerentadexceeding that of Cast Iron, by the emploT- 
ment of specially adapted machinery— 


The whole of which, except the Rack, being enamelled, can be kept BicleuiasaDINNBR 
PLATE. Cleanliness, Comfort, Economy, Impervionuieu to Infection, Prevention of 

Crib-biting, Sec, witH the (letter thriving of the Horse, are some of the characteristic ad- 
vantages of this invention. 

ITie Halter Ball, attached by a New Improvement, work* noiselessly on the Quide-Bar, 
and almost witliout friction. 


These Catches and Hangings work easily, ate self-acting, and cannot be put out of 
order ; by their uie all projections by which horses are often blemiahed are rendered in.- 
posaible ; advantages pecu£aily their own. 


Keep the Haruesi and Saddles in shape, and ore constructed bo as to admit the air gutting 
to the underside of them when hung up, thereby insuring a quick and perfect airing from 
any wet or moistute. They will be found jreai preKrvatnicio/ (A* Aarwtt, 

ninstrated and Priced Lists on appUeatioa.'^lc 




E. 0. 

PaUrtleet and Manufacturer of ike Continuous Principle €md Bramah'e Original 


And aU Articles necessary iai making Crated Waters ; 



Vertical and Horizontal Hydranlio Hot and Cold PresseB, 

For the use of SPERM and SIEARINE Manufacturers, Seed Crushers, Haj, Wool, 
Cotton, Cloth and Hop Packers, Printers and BoDkbii.ders. 

for Girders, ^e., and PUMPS for testing Bcilcrs and Pipes. 

I Peess PiPK and Fittings, 



On the mnst approved principles, for Locomotive!, Agricultural Engines, ife. 


For Single, Double, or Treble Bjrrel Pumps, worked bv Hand, Horse, Steam, or Waler 

Power, Buitalile foe Wells of any depth, for the supply of Railway Stations, Gentlemen's 

Mansions, &c. 


With Brass Bucket and Clack, 21*. 
The Best and Cheapest Pump Ma^.^^^ 1^, 


COPPERSMITHS, &c., &c., 
84 & 85, TTPFEB WHITECSOSS STBEET, St. Luke's, E.C. 



Improvements in Valves, 

For Regulating the Flow of Water to CIokU, ^e. 

These Valves haw bflen fined in large nmnbers 
in &11 ntuatioBS, and have given entire satisfactjon, | 
both from the facility of fixing, as &lso tbeir dnia- 
bility and simplicity of constractioii. They may ba 
attached io any closet already fixed, without re- 
moiimg the apparatus. 

Valve doset, 

With Houard's Patent Regvlat. 

Fan Closet, 

This Closet secures a most perfect Sush of 
water, and iV r^enp. Cranks and Wires, so 
tonelaDtly getting damaged are dispaaed 
with, there is only one joint to make, and as 
there is no air chamber it can be fixed to a 
closet already in use, wilhout frame or 

These Cocks ai 

I constmcted in such a 

they are shut offaian the stream, and are the moat durabk made. 

H^h Pressure Cocks and 
Stool Valves. 

that the ^ealer the pressure the more sect 

ilanujactvrtrs of 

Copper and Galvatiized Trnn Wat^. ani\ flTmnratB" ^'"' ^^^ BDppIy of Hot or 

Cold Water, an ecDnomi/^'<dM|^^^j'^^fl|p^Nt ; may be attached for 

Heating: ■